Good Trouble (2019) s03e06 Episode Script


1 - I like you.
- You just said you're in a relationship.
I am.
But we're not exclusive.
So the real question is why have you been flirting with me? CLAIRE: We should talk about money.
How long can everyone last until we have to get another job? RACHEL: Three weeks.
Maybe we should have pitched the game.
MARIANA: That pitch was good today.
We can't quit after one pass.
I really want you to kiss me right now.
But no one can know.
How long you been fly-fishin'? Never.
I need job for divorce my husband.
- Ha! - You killed.
- Thanks.
- You're lucky.
You have your ethnicity to fall back on.
CALLIE: Did you really quit your job? JAMIE: Pretty much forced to negotiate my exit.
This was a mistake.
It should never have happened.
JEROD: I just need to know when I can go home.
What does the big lawyer say? What is your real best offer? Three months plus time served.
Thank you, Marc.
But we're gonna take this one to trial.
Your bail's taken care of.
JUSTINE: Malika asked us to use the funds to bail out some of the other women she's in holding with.
Dyonte and I were talking about how women with family in prison don't have enough support.
What if we could fund a childcare program? I love it.
Run with it.
I have a couple of therapists' numbers for you.
Thanks, but this campaign is gonna be all the therapy I need.
(SHOUTS): I am not shouting! I forgive you for doing what you think you had to do.
- Stop! - Mom! And for all the pain it caused me to lose my babies.
- Do something.
- What? (CONTINUES SNORING) (BOTH WHISPERING) I have to be up in two hours.
Okay, okay.
(LOUDLY): Rachel! Pa-pa-pa pa-pa-pa-pa-pa Pa-pa-pa pa-pa-pa-pa-pa Then we'll find our peace of mind You and me, bel ami Pa-pa-pa, pa-paaa Who's the show-tunes enthusiast that's been using all the hot water? Oh, that's probably my friend Rachel.
My cards are maxed out, and I don't have next month's rent.
So I talked to my parents, and I'm gonna move home to Indiana until I can get back on my feet.
But what about Bulk Beauty? Yeah, I mean, this whole thing was your idea.
You guys can pitch it without me.
No, that's not fair.
We need you.
And I need a place to live.
So Well, you can stay with me.
What about Callie? She won't mind? Uh You know, just a few nights.
Her place is getting tented.
Tell her to take shorter showers and stay out of my stall.
Oh, I'm sorry.
Which one is your stall again? Like I'd tell you.
I was in there with Isaac this morning.
Seriously? Is she staying with us until you get an investor for your app? And no offense, that might take a while.
It's not gonna take a while.
We just need to get a pitch meeting.
Which could take a while.
Okay, Debbie Downer, thank you for the support.
Well, I'm sorry, but I need sleep.
(PHONE CHIMES) - (GASPS) - Who you texting? - Oh.
- Oh, my God! Is it a new boy? Uh, no, it's It's no one.
Sure! No one! Oh, uh By the way, we're out of shampoo.
Oh, good morning.
You guys have to pick a less expensive way to kiss my ass.
How did it go with the new ADA? Do you two know each other? Um Yes.
Maybe we should step out for a moment? Yeah.
Excuse us.
You're working here? As a Deputy DA? - Yes.
- Why? I needed a job, and a friend from law school recommended me.
You're a corporate lawyer.
Yeah, well, the offers weren't exactly pouring in after I lost the Anwei account.
Why didn't you get reassigned when you saw I was the attorney on this case? I was handed this file five minutes ago.
I Uh Why don't we reschedule? And, uh, I'll get someone else assigned.
I can't make my client come back here again.
- Let's just settle this.
- Okay.
I'm authorized to reduce the fines to 30% and community service to 50.
She's a single mom working multiple jobs.
She doesn't have 50 hours to pick up trash by the highway.
- How about 10? - This is our last best offer.
Are you going to enjoy doing this? You're punishing poor, powerless people.
Your client broke the law.
'Cause she didn't pay her parking tickets.
Adams Foster? I thought that was you.
Uh, you I don't know.
Jamie Hunter.
Just started here.
Well, can I be of some assistance? I was just telling him that 50 community service hours is egregious in this case and is setting my client up to fail.
May I? Yeah.
Yeah, well, I see what you mean.
How's 20 hours sound? I think that sounds reasonable.
Thank you.
DA MARC: You're welcome.
And speaking of reasonable look, if Kathleen thinks that we're suddenly gonna drop the charges in the Jerod Murphy case and award some big cash settlement, she's dreaming.
The only one who's getting hurt is your client.
You gonna get me fired from this job too? They cut her fees and agreed to 20 hours of community service.
Oh, from 350? Nice work.
Oh, and I did that research on Deputy Gaffney's social media accounts.
Great! Give me five minutes.
Bring it to my office.
That's impressive.
- Thanks.
- (PHONE RINGS) ROWAN: Law office of Kathleen Gale.
Wrong number, I guess.
You know, there's no reason we all need to work out here in the bullpen when there's an empty office up for grabs.
So you want to draw straws? I mean, we could, but it depends if you're someone who wants to rely on chance or skill.
Uh, skill.
I'm not a lucky person.
- What do you have in mind? - Darts.
I know a bar downtown.
We can have a drink and throw for it.
Why do I feel like I'm being hustled? - I am a novice.
I swear.
- ROWAN: Sounds fun.
We haven't all had a drink together yet.
Sounds like a good bonding opportunity.
Why not? What's this? A couple PD overflow cases I was thinking you could take off my hands.
Why would I do that? So you can have drinks alone with Callie tonight.
It's pretty obvious you have a crush on her.
You know, unless I'm misreading your intentions, in which case All right, you all auditioned for the writers, and the writers have written.
Kwan, you are in all three of them.
That's more than anybody.
Great job.
Here you go.
Thanks for the last-minute appointment.
(IN HEAVY ASIAN ACCENT): You want me bedazzle you nail? Make you sexy, like a stripper.
(ALL LAUGHING) That's the damn exit.
Where exit? Oh, there exit? - They're gaining on us.
- ALICE: Run! Run! Run! - I make a U-turn.
- You're gonna kill us.
Where did you learn to drive? "Fast and Furious: Tokyo Drift".
How 'bout massage? Uh, no, thanks.
You like.
Happy ending extra.
(ALL LAUGHING) - How much extra? - That depend.
Are you the top or the bottom? I can't I can't run anymore.
I save you now.
(LAUGHING) Enter the dragon.
I'm sorry.
It says right here that I do martial arts.
Are we talking karate, kung fu, jujitsu? That's, yeah That's so funny.
That's hilarious.
Write that in.
Literally ask that in the scene.
But use the accent.
(WRITERS LAUGHING) When they sent my husband to prison, we lost his income.
I couldn't pay the bills.
By the time they released me from jail, CPS had taken away my kids.
(SHOUTING) WOMAN 1: I ended up winning my case, but I lost my family.
I started drinking just to take the edge off.
WOMAN 2: I served my time, but when I got out, no one would give me a job or a place to live.
We ended up homeless.
My kids had to grow up without their father.
If I'd just had childcare, I could have worked.
You end up going back to jail because you have nowhere else to go.
If the idea is to keep families together, why don't they help mothers keep their children? Give us the support we need.
If I could have just gotten some help - Help.
- Help.
- Help.
- Help.
Thank you for telling us your story.
Thanks for taking the time to listen.
Of course.
(EXHALES DEEPLY) That was rough.
Uh You okay? I'm fine.
You'd think these guys would get enough of guns on the job.
Yeah, and each other.
They're together constantly.
Yeah, well, these guys hang out in packs.
You know maybe you were right.
Maybe we should interview these deputies after all.
How's your lead on reaching out to the assistant to the VP's assistant at Tech Team? I DM'ed her Instagram.
No response.
I cracked the business domain of the VC that funded Coche.
Sent a bunch of cold emails, but the only responses so far are bounce backs.
Yeah, and all I've gotten out of my contact hunt are three date offers.
Why is this so hard? We just need someone to give us a chance to pitch our idea.
Seriously, I'm almost through my savings.
Me too.
If we don't get funding soon, we're all gonna have to get day jobs.
Or we can all move in with Mariana.
(FAKE LAUGHS) How's that going, by the way? Oh, it's great.
Right? Yeah.
CLAIRE: That's great.
Sounds fun.
(COMPUTER CHIMES) - You just get a message? - No, it was nothing.
You know what, I have a really sensitive nose, and your pudding is kinda You know, uh Do you mind just joining from your computer? Yeah.
Yeah, sure.
- I just invited you.
- (COMPUTER CHIMES) Another message? Guys, I think Mariana has a new someone.
Oh, my God, you do? No, I don't.
Then who are you constantly texting with? My brother, Jesus.
He's going through a hard time.
- Oh.
- I'm sorry to hear that.
So, you and Kathleen seem pretty tight.
We're just working on my client's case.
You still not sure if you can trust her? I never said I didn't trust her.
You didn't have to.
Look, I think skepticism is a good trait in a lawyer.
It's prudent to question people's motives.
Where's Rowan? (PHONES CHIME) TONY: Oh! - Too bad.
- Well, I guess we're left to "bond" on our own.
Can I buy you another drink? I'm good.
Um, I actually need to use the restroom.
You know, I had a blind date say that once.
She never came back.
I find that hard to believe.
Did you just give me a compliment? Balsamic vinaigrette? I think so.
Which means I did this at lunch.
Salad dressing is a silk assassin.
As if eating healthy wasn't punishment enough.
I never leave home without one.
Keep it.
I've got a few to spare.
Thank you.
I'll, uh, pay it forward.
- Hey.
- Hey.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Uh Nicolette, this is Callie.
We met in the bathroom.
HOSTESS: Your table's ready.
Thank you.
Well, uh, nice to meet you.
You too.
Maybe I will have another drink.
Um You wanna take a break? Grab some food? No.
Too much to do.
You go on.
Are you sure? - (WHISPERS): You need to eat - I'm fine.
I'm sorry.
Are you sure we're okay? I didn't mean to cross the line with you the other night.
We're good.
This just means a lot to me, and I want to stay focused.
No problem.
Uh - Don't stay too late.
- I won't.
So, I guess you were right.
- About what? - Me falling back on my ethnicity.
I opened this Pandora's box to Asian stereotypes.
I never should have done my mom.
I'm sorry.
I shouldn't have said that.
You have every right to do your interpretation of your mom.
Problem is we don't control how people appropriate our humor.
So, as a non-binary comic, as an Asian comic, we're doing jokes about how people don't understand our pronouns, or how much our mom hates how loud our dad chews.
But, uh to some people it's laughing at the queer freak or the Chinese lady who talks funny.
So what do we do? We show them that what makes us funny isn't just what makes us different.
(SNORES) (CONTINUES SNORING) Come on! Who's hustling who here? - It's beginner's luck, I swear.
- Oh! Wait, so, uh, what's the deal? Uh, whoever wins takes Rowan on for the office? Feeling confident, are we? Want to know the rules.
You don't seem like a rule follower to me.
Oh, you think you know me? What can I say? I'm intuitive.
- Jamie Hunter.
- Tony Britton.
Uh I just wanted to apologize for the other day.
No worries.
Well, uh don't underestimate her.
Who's Jamie Hunter? Uh, he's just a new DDA I had a case with.
It's late.
I should go.
Can I give you a lift? Ah, no.
I can walk.
- Well, can I walk you then? - No, thank you.
Um Thanks for the drink.
See you tomorrow.
How long do you think Rachel is going to be staying with you? Who knows? We can't even get a pitch meeting with an investor.
- You know, I could help - No.
- But - No.
- Just get your foot - Stop it.
- in the door, a door.
- I mean it.
I love you.
- You love me? - For wanting to help me.
But I don't want your help.
Well Just think of it this way.
I'm not helping you, I'm helping me.
Because I'm tired of you having to sneak out to come see me.
So I'm strictly acting in my own self-interest.
It's very selfish of you.
Plus, it would just be an opportunity to pitch your idea on its own merits.
I wouldn't be helping you sell it.
- So, it's really a win-win - Still helping.
But, no, thank you.
We need to do this on our own.
- (PHONE CHIMES) - Okay.
- Oh, shit! - You gave me the wrong order, man.
(IN SPANISH ACCENT): Man? You sayin' I look like a man? Don't make me take out my hoops! LINDSAY: I meant "ma'am".
But I ordered a taco, you gave me a burrito.
Burrrrrrrrrito? You sayin' I don't know the difference between a taco and a burrrrrrrrrito? Don't make me take out my hoops! Great! Great job.
Nice, nice.
Come on, down.
Okay, who is up Kwan, you said you had something? Chop, chop.
"Don't make me take out my hoops!" (SCOTT LAUGHING) Hi, everyone.
In addition to all the hilarious sketches that the writers wrote for me Thanks for that, by the way.
So grateful.
Um, I thought I'd try out some new characters for you all today.
(WHOOPING) Oh, my goodness, hi.
My name is Chrysanthemum, hail from Milwaukee.
I'm spiritually vegan and dietarily fluid.
I guess you could say I'm emphatically omnivorous.
So, what are your hobbies? This is Obama doing an impression of DJ Khaled.
(IMITATING BARACK OBAMA): Another one, another one.
Let me be clear, another one.
This is Cardi B directing traffic.
Okurrr, kurrr, kurrr (LAUGHTER, APPLAUSE) Wow! Good morning, ladies.
Good morning, Marc.
This is Nicolette Baptiste, my second chair.
This is Kathleen Gale and her associate, Callie Adams Foster.
We've met.
Good to see you again.
So Deputies Gaffney, Ross, and Fernandez are here with their union rep waiting for you outside.
Well, we appreciate you making them available for our questions.
I was surprised you wanted to give us a preview of your case.
Well, we'll try and keep the surprises coming.
So, uh, who'd you want to talk to first? Uh, we'll begin with Deputy Ross.
(CLEARS THROAT) Did you get the stain out? I did, thanks.
I didn't realize you were in the DA's office.
I'm Jamie's supervisor.
Who's Jamie? Uh, he's the new Deputy DA they put on my case.
DA MARC: Deputy.
(EXHALES) Uh, Deputy Ross, I'm Kathleen Gale, and this is my associate, Callie Adams Foster.
She's going to be asking the questions.
Are you sure I should be asking these questions? Yes.
They won't take you seriously.
No offense.
Well, they'll be more likely to let their guard down.
And don't worry, when the time's right, I will jump in and cut them off at the balls.
(CHUCKLES) Uh, Deputy Ross, could you state for the record how long you've worked with Deputy Gaffney? DA MARC: Uh, there is no "record", for the record.
This is an interview, not a depo.
Of course, I'm sorry.
- Over a year? - Yeah.
Two years? About a year and a half.
So you do have some idea how long, then? Do you socialize off the job? Sure.
Sometimes we grab a beer.
And would this be one of those times? It would appear so.
And are the other men in this photo also sheriff deputies? - I believe so.
- You're not sure? - Would you like to look again? - Yes, they're deputies.
You want me to name names? No, that's okay.
We know who they are.
Um, Deputy Gaffney, why don't you tell us what happened with Jerod Murphy? Uh, the inmate wouldn't come out of his cell.
We tried to approach him, he started swinging.
He punched me in my temple.
We pepper sprayed him.
- And when did you beat him? - We didn't beat him.
- We restrained him.
- How did you restrain him? Um, well, I arrived later, when they had him down on the floor of the cell and were cuffing him.
Did you punch him in the face? - No.
- No.
So how did he get these bruises to his face then? Those were self-inflicted wounds.
Due to his resisting.
Did you see them kick him when he was down on the floor? Like I said, when I got there, they were cuffing him.
- We never kicked him.
- So, how did he get these bruises to his body then? Those were also self-inflicted.
Self-inflicted wounds.
I don't know.
Do you have any tattoos? - What? - KATHLEEN: Ink.
You have a tattoo on your calf? Yes.
Does it look like this? - No.
- Are you sure? Because you already said this is you.
I am assuming that the leg is also yours as well as the tattoo on it.
Where are you going with this, Kathleen? Does your buddy, Deputy Gaffney, have the same tattoo? - Do I have to answer that? - You will in a court of law.
Have you seen any of the deputies you work with, with this tattoo? Um I don't know.
Ma Maybe.
How many guys in this picture have the same tattoo? I I don't know.
A few, maybe.
A few deputies with the same tattoo.
Are you guys going steady? - It's a brotherhood thing.
- Like the Aryan Brotherhood? I think we're getting far afield from the issue at hand.
I agree.
If you have no more questions about the incident or the charges against your client, - I'd say we're done.
- I just have one more.
Aren't you and Ross in a deputy gang called the Headsmen, and wasn't the beating of Jerod Murphy an initiation ritual? This interview is over.
Let's go.
What the hell was that? Oh, don't play dumb, Marc.
LA county has had a gang problem in the sheriff's department for five decades.
And in spite of you paying out over 50 million in tax payer dollars to settle use-of-force complaints, you still turn a blind eye while these guys are beating up inmates, having ink parties, celebrating police-involved shootings, and intimidating other deputies to speak up.
Like Fernandez.
How long do you think it's gonna take for me to flip him? - You have no proof.
- Oh, don't I? I am going to argue in court that Deputy Gaffney earned his ink by attacking my client.
And if I have to, I will drag in all of his buddies, and I will have them take their pants down in front of the jury and show their brotherhood tattoos.
Well, good luck getting a judge to let any of this in.
Yeah, well, we'll see how you feel when I try this in the court of public opinion.
Well, I hope you liked the preview.
(CHUCKLES) Wait till you see the movie.
(SIGHS) WOMAN 1: When they sent my husband to prison, we lost his income.
I couldn't pay the bills.
WOMAN 2: The harder things got, the more I would drink.
WOMAN 3: When I got out, no one would give me a job or a place to live.
WOMAN 4: It's the kids who suffer the most.
WOMAN 5: I couldn't afford a lawyer WOMAN 3: I was living in the streets - WOMAN 1: We ended up homeless.
- WOMAN 2: Started drinking WOMAN 4: They took my kids while I was inside.
KEISHA: And I'm sorry you had to be the mother for us both.
I needed help.
WOMAN 1: I needed help.
- WOMAN 2: I needed help.
- WOMAN 3: I needed help.
- WOMAN 4: I needed help.
- WOMAN 5: I needed help.
KEISHA: I needed help.
(SOMBER MUSIC PLAYING) (INDISTINCT CHATTER) For what it's worth, I thought your new characters were great.
Apparently, the writers didn't think so.
Listen Scott decides whose sketches get into the showcase, and they know what Scott likes.
It's very obvious what Scott likes.
I don't want to play a bumbling jihadist any more than you want to play a tiger mom.
But these people are the gatekeepers between us and our careers.
We have to learn to play along until we can get through.
I think you're really funny, and I asked one of the writers to write a sketch for us.
Do you wanna take a look? Sure.
I have all this compassion for these women, but I never had any compassion for my own mother.
(SIGHS) I had this dream that she was shackled and being taken to Lynwood, instead of me.
Maybe you realized your mother was a victim of the system.
If the system actually worked, I mean, if she was able to get the help she needed, maybe our lives would have been different.
And maybe she would still be here today.
I thought I could heal if I was helping make other people's lives better than the one I had.
Well, this work can be very healing, but only if you're honest with yourself about how much you can afford to give without burning out.
(QUIETLY): Thank you.
DA Rothman on line two for you, Kathleen.
This is it.
Let's see if we did our jobs.
I'll take it in my office.
What do you think? Not sure.
How was last night, by the way? - Fine.
- Good.
So, who am I playing for the office? I don't think we really determined a winner.
So, maybe we should draw straws? - Sure.
- Why not? I think we have some in the kitchen.
(KATHLEEN SPEAKING INDISTINCTLY) (MUFFLED) Or you want to just settle this right here, right now So, that guy from last night.
He just a Deputy DA that you know? Well, uh, he is my brother's brother-in-law.
And my ex.
So, that's why you were flirting with me? I was not flirting with you.
I just want you to know that I'm not offended that you used me to make your ex jealous.
And, by the way he marched over to introduce himself, I'd say you succeeded.
KATHLEEN: So They're dropping the charges.
And after some heated debate, they have agreed to a decent cash settlement if we sign an NDA.
That's amazing! TONY AND ROWAN: Congratulations! And since this was a pro bono, Jerod will get all the money.
Thank you so much.
You're welcome.
I mean, this is why I opened this place.
Good work, Callie.
Good work, team.
Now do you see why we followed her not so blindly? ROWAN: Told you she was brilliant.
You were right.
KATHLEEN: By the way, let's turn that, uh, empty office into a copy room.
I can't stand listening to that thing.
Short straw cleans the coffee pot for a week? Of course! Told you I'm not lucky.
(PHONE CHIMES) You guys! We did it.
We got a meeting.
- (GASPS) - What? Oh, my gosh! How? - Where have you been? - Uh the bathroom.
I looked in the bathroom.
I checked every stall.
I knocked on everyone's doors.
No one knew where you were.
You knocked on everyone's doors? Um, yeah, I was probably just sleepwalking again.
Where? - Outside.
- What if you walked into the street? Or got mugged? Maybe we should lock ourselves in at night? In any case, I'm gonna sleep with one eye open from now on.
Um an assistant that we reached out to.
I guess, we went to MIT together.
See, I knew we could do it.
Obviously, I hope we get funded.
I do have to say, I will miss being roomies, roomie.
(CHUCKLES) Me too.
You know, I've been thinking, and we've gotten to know each other so well since you've been staying with me and we've had so much fun, I feel like it would be a great team-building exercise if, you know, you got to stay with Gina and Claire as well.
You know, like, we all got a turn with you.
That sounds fun.
- So fun! - So fun! (IN ASIAN ACCENT): Welcome to Kwanto Air.
Yes, I, uh, need to check this bag.
You in possession of bag whole time? Yes.
Why you no look me in the eye? You suspicious.
You hide something? A bomb? (ALL LAUGHING) Yes! Wow! You no very good at this.
Your mother never teach you to practice? My mother left when I was a baby! Because you a disappointment.
Sit back down! Next! (ALL LAUGHING) When my father's life and liberty were taken away and he was sent to prison, my brother and I lost a provider and a parent, and my mother lost her partner.
I used to blame my mom for not being able to take care of us.
Because I didn't understand that she was a victim of a system of mass incarceration in this country that targets black and brown people.
And doesn't just destroy the life of the person that they lock away in a cage, but destroys entire families on the outside too.
My mother isn't here for me to tell her that I understand now.
That she did the best she could, and I'm sorry there was no system to support her in caring for two young children all by herself.
Please join our campaign #HelpingFamiliesLeftBehind to provide resources for mothers who have nowhere else to turn.
These are just some of their stories.
- How was that? - Powerful and brave.
Thank you for helping.
I'm sorry ab It's all good.
You know, maybe I will take that therapist's number if you still have it.
I'll always be Hey.
- Thanks for coming.
- Yeah.
No problem.
I just, uh, wanted to say I don't want to be angry with you anymore.
I I really am sorry for hurting you.
Yeah, all of this, it's just I don't even know how we got here.
Me either.
And, look, it seems like we're destined to keep running into each other.
It does.
And I just want it to be over and amicable, so we can both just move on with our lives.
I mean, uh, I don't really see us being friends.
I I do think we can be professional.
Yeah, me too.
So, is that all? No.
I also wanted to let you know that your new boss, Kathleen Gale, is being investigated by the FBI.
- How do you know that? - I'm in the DA's office.
And you're telling me this why? I just want you to be aware of something you might be getting yourself into.
Or you're trying to justify working at the DA's office by discrediting my boss and and making me doubt my own judgment.
Don't do that.
I'm just saying be careful.
My boss just saved Jerod's life.
And I'm sure the DA's office isn't happy to have to pay for the actions of deputy gang members they refuse to do anything about.
You know what? If you really do want this to be over and amicable, why don't you start by not continuing to patronize me? I'm a big girl, Jamie.
I can take care of myself.
I definitely don't need professional advice from you of all people.

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