Good Trouble (2019) s03e07 Episode Script

New Moon

- Hey.
- You live here? Yeah, just moved in with my sister again, sort of.
We should get a drink.
I'm kind of seeing someone.
Whoever it is is a lucky guy.
I cannot be the man that you deserve to love you right now.
Maybe we can do it again sometime? I really need to be single for a while.
Raj, if we're questioning whether we really do want to be together, I don't think that we should be.
You called Dyonte over? I like you.
You just said you're in a relationship.
I am, but we're not exclusive.
He has a girlfriend.
And you are my one and only.
Take a deep breath in.
And hold it.
Now, exhale.
Clearing the mind and letting go of any invasive thoughts.
Do you still have feelings for Gael? I'm just saying, the best way to get over someone old is to hook up with someone new.
Or in this case, also old.
I guess what I'm asking is, do you want me to wait for you? You can love more than one person.
And you don't have to deny wanting intimate connections with other people.
So, um, I'm having, like, this new moon ceremony this weekend.
I know it's not your thing.
It's your thing though.
I want to support it.
Um, I invited Dyonte too.
I thought after two one-night stands that Ruby might want to at least stay for breakfast, but I guess she doesn't like breakfast or maybe me that much.
How could she not like you? I mean, you're so funny and kind and hot.
Come on.
You think I'm hot? I do.
It promotes self-love and healing and protects your relationships.
You think my relationships need protecting? No.
I just saw you had crystals on your altar but no rose quartz.
Mmm, I love it.
Thank you.
I need to get back into my spiritual practices.
I used to charge my crystals with the new moon.
You don't say? There's a new moon coming up.
Is this nirvana? Hey.
Thanks for coming.
Of course.
Thanks for inviting us.
It's so beautiful up here.
Excuse me.
Thanks for coming.
Yeah, thanks for inviting me.
The view up here is amazing.
Yeah, well The roof has a lot of great views.
- Gael? - Yeah.
Look who's here.
Matt! Hey, man.
Well, let's, uh, go get a drink.
Oh, no booze before the ceremony.
- Why? - Malika doesn't want anything to cloud our intentions.
What if it's my intention to drink? What exactly is this ceremony? Not really sure.
I think we're supposed to make a wish to the universe and, like rub a crystal or something.
We're not watching New Moon? The second, and some say the worst, film in the Twilight saga.
I mean, I disagree, obviously.
All of them are equally brilliant.
Yeah, Kelly, no.
We're setting intentions and goals.
I don't wanna do that.
- All right, I'm out.
- Okay.
Hey! You're both here - at the same time.
- Hey.
We, uh We rode up on the elevator together.
- Hi.
- So Hi, babe.
So, this is for you.
Yeah, I read that it's supposed to clear any negative energy and vibes.
So, here you go.
Thank you, baby.
That's so sweet.
Hey, so how long do you think this thing is gonna last? I don't know.
A couple of hours? A couple hours? Just, like, meditating? Malika invited us.
Be nice.
Raj's stuff.
He's coming by to pick it up later.
Told me to leave it on the kitchen table.
So He doesn't want to see you? Apparently not.
Um how do you feel about it? It feels kinda sad.
Like, it's really over.
I thought that's what you wanted.
It was.
You know, I I'm really happy with Evan.
It's just I don't know, I still love Raj.
It's still Hard to let go? Yeah.
- Claire wants to talk to me about Raj.
- I'm sure it can wait.
Hey! So, before we get started, I'm just collecting everyone's phones so we can stay focused and in the moment.
- Don't.
- What if something's wrong? Sorry.
You know what? Um I just have a quick, little, work emergency phone call.
Um, I'll be right back but don't wait for me.
You can start without me.
It's okay.
Matt was just saying to me the other night, how amazing you are with the kids at school, right? Oh, cool.
Uh, right.
Phones, please.
- Oh, yeah.
- Yes.
Oh, and Gael is also a very talented artist.
I mean, you like art, I'm assuming.
Uh, I do.
You guys have so much in common.
Oh, I have to go talk to Alice about something.
Ladies' stuff, sacral chakras.
But you two get to know each other better, okay? - She's great.
- She really is.
Why are you staring at Callie like that? Good morning.
Good morning.
Sorry, I, uh I didn't mean to stay the night.
It's okay.
You want to stay for breakfast? Breakfast comes with a certain implication.
That toast is delicious? That this is more than casual, right? Totally.
Breakfast smells and tastes like commitment.
Well This is fun.
Yeah, a blast.
Come in.
You okay? - I guess.
- Convincing.
You wanna talk about it? Can you keep a secret? Well, it depends.
How juicy? Yeah, fine.
Go ahead.
I think I'm in love with Callie.
Hey, what's wrong? Is Raj okay? No, he's fine.
I just um, wanted to tell you that Raj and I have kind of been talking.
Talking? Yeah, you know, like texting occasionally.
Um, visiting each other's Animal Crossing islands.
Oh, so you two have been dating? No! No! That's why I wanted to talk to you first, before anything happened.
Because I would never go there without your blessing.
Uh, sorry, Claire, I got to go.
Oh, hey.
Sorry, I was just on my way out.
Oh, that's okay.
How are you? Anything new? Uh not really.
You don't have my NASA shirt? Uh No.
That must be at your place.
Well Thanks.
Did you hear that? No.
What? That! Okay.
I'm sure it's nothing.
- What was that? - What was that? So, we're going to start by smudging ourselves.
This is to cleanse the environment of negative energy.
- Just like - Mm-hmm.
Cleanse this space.
Remove ill will.
Bless us all now.
Let love and light fulfill.
No one's answering.
All their phones are in a basket.
We have to warn them that that thing is out there.
What was that thing? A rat? It was way bigger than a rat.
Maybe it was a werewolf or a goblin.
I I always knew that this place was haunted.
We should call Animal Control.
Or Ghostbusters.
The Ghostbusters catch spirits, not mythic humanoids.
Except on the '86 animated series.
But I don't know anyone who thinks that's canon.
Pretend you didn't hear that.
If everyone can join hands.
I hope I didn't make things awkward between us.
Not at all.
The new moon is a time to renew our commitments, a chance to let go of anything that is no longer in alignment with our path, our purpose, or our dreams.
The new moon reminds us to check in with ourselves and to identify our heart's true desires.
Must be a good text.
My girlfriend.
She's giving me shit for finishing This Is Us without her.
Okay, I don't blame her.
That is some serious betrayal.
It is not my fault she fell asleep halfway through the finale.
So, what's her name? Tanya.
And it doesn't make you jealous that she has another boyfriend? It did.
At first.
But therapy's been good for that.
It's helped me realize you can love more than one person.
And you don't have to deny wanting intimate connections with other people.
Once I got that, jealousy went away, and actually our relationship got deeper.
So are you interested at all in having another girlfriend? I might be.
We gotta get some work done.
This is the time to ask for what we want and to give ourselves permission to have it.
Do you still have feelings for Gael? Maybe he was the right guy all along? Okay.
Um Now it's time to write down our intentions for this moon cycle.
Keep them simple but specific.
Um, I should go check on what's keeping Mariana.
Should I come with you? No, that's okay.
Callie's single again.
Just send her a "You up?" text, and you're in.
Yeah, I doubt that.
I just wonder if we'd been friends first, and sex wasn't our only connection Maybe that's why she chose Jamie.
I don't know.
I just want somebody who's nice and chill, who knows who they are and what they want.
What's the story with Matt? He seems like a good guy.
- He is.
- And cute.
You think? I'd hit it.
As I said to the last person I was talking to, we don't know what kind of animal Maybe a feral cat.
Yeah, uh, maybe it was, like, a bobcat.
I heard people like to keep those as pets.
It wasn't a bobcat.
Or maybe a coyote? It wasn't a coyote.
Whatever it was, it was, like, four feet tall More like one foot tall.
You know, now that I have you on the phone, is it true that snakes live in the sewer and come up out of the toilet? - Mariana! - What? Fine! You come talk to them.
Hurry, hurry, hurry.
Hi, hello.
Uh, whatever it is, it seems aggressive and possibly rabid.
Uh-huh, okay.
Thank you.
- What'd they say? - They're sending someone over.
But it might be a couple of hours.
What are we supposed to do in here for a couple of hours? I should probably go back to my stall.
No, no.
I feel safer with you in here with me.
So Nothing new to report? Uh, no.
Just looking for a new job.
Sprucing up the old resume So are you seeing anyone? Why? What have you heard? Nothing.
I'm, I'm just curious.
Well, actually, I am seeing someone.
What's her name? I'd rather not say.
Why? Because you might know her.
You know what? It is kind of cramped in here.
Maybe you should go back to your stall.
- Yeah, like, now.
- Okay.
Mariana? Mariana? When everyone's done writing down their intentions, we'll burn them to release them into the universe.
I forgot to get a metal pot to burn them in.
Hey, that's all good.
I'll get one from the kitchen.
Okay, thank you.
You and Gael are both writing a lot of intentions.
It's just another thing you guys have in common.
Help! - Callie? - Gael? Hey, it's just me.
Is everything okay? Something is under Mariana's bed.
What do you mean? - What was that? - I don't know.
Some kind of animal? Do you have your phone? No.
Even when her eyes are closed, Malika's third eye is always watching.
Okay, we have to do something.
What if someone else comes down and and and that thing gets them? What if it got Mariana? Who's calling you? Uh, no one.
Now's not a good time.
I swear I'm not dating Raj! - Did I hear my name? - No! Okay, well, then who else would he be seeing that I might also know? His words.
He's seeing someone else? Is it serious? I don't know.
Could you ask? Okay, so, um, this girl that you're seeing, that I may or may not know, is it serious? - Wait, Raj is there now? - Shhh.
Are you sure you're not talking to someone? No, uh, I'm I'm watching a YouTube video.
So? So, um, it's new.
I wouldn't say serious.
Did you hear that? Could you ask if they're exclusive? Uh, so is it exclusive? No.
You know, I wonder what's keeping Gael.
It's okay.
Um, we can burn our intentions later.
Did everyone remember to bring a favorite candle, crystal, or meaningful object to connect their intentions to? I You know, I actually think I left mine downstairs.
I thought you brought this? No, that was just That was a joke, Matt.
Um, I'm just gonna go grab it.
I think I have an extra crystal that you can borrow.
- If you wanna come with me.
- Oh, we have Uh, we'll be right back, I promise.
Uh, we have plenty of I promise, right back.
Two seconds.
All right, cool.
What are you doing? And what are you wearing? Wild animals are loose in the Coterie.
Yeah, so you should go to your loft - and stay there until we trap them.
- Yeah.
Wait, we're trapping them? I assumed.
You were going to kill them? No! Of course not.
Okay, this is Downtown LA, not the Outback.
It's probably just a fat squirrel.
This is exactly why you are not supposed to feed them.
Oh, my God! No! No, no, no, no.
We're safe in here.
I'm not so sure because they said animals.
- Plural.
- Oh, my God! I'm not sure we're safer up here since raccoons can jump.
Okay, you know what? My door was closed.
So, um, there's not very many places that one could be hiding, right? Except Except under the bed.
Someone there? Ah! Yeah.
Yeah, it's Gael.
Oh, thank God.
Raj? Hey, man, I missed you.
Yeah, me too.
Okay, wait, we don't have time for a reunion right now.
What is going on out there? Uh, there's at least two raccoons on the loose.
Of course.
That makes sense.
In what world do raccoons in the Coterie make sense? It makes more sense than goblins.
Wait, is that my jacket? Uh Yeah, I guess.
Callie and I thought we should layer up, as, like, body armor, you know, in case we get bitten.
"Raccoons are common carriers of rabies and other serious diseases.
If you are scratched or bitten, seek immediate medical attention".
Wait, where is Callie? Was that something? I'll check under the bed.
No! What if it claws your eyes out? Maybe if we jump on the bed, we'll scare it out of hiding.
- Mm-hmm.
- Yeah.
- And then what? - I have no idea.
All right.
I haven't done this since I was a kid.
- I know.
It's kind of fun.
- Right? Oh! Well, it's obvious everyone bailed, so we should just call it.
We're here.
Yeah, what are we doing next? This is my first new moon ritual.
So don't leave me hanging.
I mean, we were all gonna do a cleansing ritual in the pool, but we're not gonna do that, just the three of us.
Why not? We brought our suits.
Yeah, let's finish this thing.
Really sorry about the way things went tonight.
I was hoping you and Gael could get to know each other better.
He seems like a great guy.
How long have you two been a thing? Oh What? - We're not a thing.
- Oh, uh I just I thought you said you were seeing some guy you live with.
Oh! Yeah, that's, uh That's a different guy.
He's actually away on this, like retreat kind of thing.
But Gael is single.
Oh, cool.
And he thinks you're really cute.
Well, that is That's really nice of him.
And he's also bi.
Also? Um I would like to form an LGBTQ+ student affinity group at school.
It's so hard to come out at this age, right? And for students who are fluid or bisexual, I know from personal experience, it can be especially hard to just find a space where you feel you belong.
- So - Is Matt bi? I guess so.
Huh! Bisexual as well.
Uh, I'm actually not bi.
I'm not that interesting.
Oh! At the committee meeting, you said you personally know how hard it is to come out.
Uh, yes.
Um My twin brother is queer.
And I watched him go through a lot.
- You're a twin? - Yeah.
Huh! So did you invite me tonight to - set me up with Gael? - Yeah.
Ah! No, but, I mean, I I really like you too.
I like you as well.
Where are you, you little trash panda? Are you in there? What the hell? Have you been bitten? - Scratched? - By what? Raccoons.
No, no, no.
Um, so what's going on with you and Dennis? And this retreat kind of thing? I guess what I'm asking is do you want me to wait for you? Because I will.
I just As long as I know that this is something that you want.
Yeah, I do, and I love you.
But I I don't I don't know how long it's gonna take me to feel whole again.
I I don't know if I will ever feel whole again.
And I just I don't I don't think that it's fair for me to ask you to wait.
You know, I'm actually not really sure what our deal is.
Or how long he'll be on this retreat.
You know, it's funny, uh, the word "retreat" actually has such opposite meanings.
As a noun, it means refuge or haven, but as a verb, it means to run away.
Okay, guys, we need something to catch the raccoons in.
Got it.
From my softball days.
I'll trap them with my bare hands.
- No.
- Fine.
What about my laundry basket? Okay! We got a basket! All right, on three.
I can't let you go out there alone.
- One.
- I have Gael.
I can protect you too.
Sorry, I jumped the gun.
All right, we need to find how to corner them.
- How? - No idea.
Sorry about all this.
You know, never a dull moment here.
I I remember.
But I've missed it and everyone and you.
I missed you too.
What are you doing? I thought you said God, I'm bad at this.
Remind me again why we're not waiting for Animal Control? Because we don't have our phones to warn everyone else.
I should have brought my mitt.
Maybe we could wait for it to get drunk and start singing Boyz II Men until it passes out.
How are we gonna get close enough to catch it in that? I got it! Yeah! Showed him.
Oh, God! We gotta put something heavy on it.
Got it.
What are you guys doing What Why is everybody freaking out? - Raccoons! - Loose in the Coterie.
Raccoons? Uh-oh As far as we know, no one here called about any suspicious animal activity.
- Yeah, we're really sorry for the inconvenience.
- Yeah.
All right, well, have a good night.
- You too, have a good night.
- Thanks.
Thanks for covering, you guys.
Now, I just need to find Lucy.
You guys! There's a raccoon in the pool! Oh, that's where she is.
What is going on? Oh, well, Lucy and Ethel are the stars of a performing animal troupe.
I'm just watching them while their trainer is out of town.
I Woke up with a vague memory of unlocking their cages and setting them free and I totally thought it was a dream, but now I'm guessing it's not.
Well, apparently, they can swim.
Dude, they totally drown their prey in shallow waters.
- You didn't know that? - Not-so-fun fact.
No? Okay.
Here, can somebody take Ethel? - I'm gonna pray for you.
- Well, okay.
I'll pass.
I'll pass.
Dude, come on.
She's totally - Oh, wow.
- Thanks, I'm gonna go get Lucy.
All right.
Oh, my gosh! Look, he has your eyes.
I'm sorry I tried to kiss you.
I guess I thought all those questions about who I was dating meant you were jealous.
There was a little part of me that was.
I think there will always be.
Speaking of, I know that you and Claire are talking.
Just as friends.
Well, in case you're interested in being more than friends, I'm pretty sure she is too.
Setting me up.
I guess we really are over.
You know what, um, I think I forgot to look in this drawer for your shirt.
Let me see if it's here.
Not in this one.
Found it.
I'll see you around, Mariana.
I hope so.
I can't believe you armed yourself with Mariana's heels.
You could have gouged its eyes out.
Hey, I was just trying to scare the thing.
Stilettos are intimidating as hell.
You and I make a pretty good team.
We do.
It's fun having fun with you.
- Well, I'm ready for bed.
- Yeah.
Raccoon hunting is hard work.
- Yeah.
- Oh, boy.
- Have a good night.
- Good night.
I just wonder what a raccoon encounter on a full moon portends.
Maybe an unmasking.
Or maybe it means you need to drain and refill that pool.
Yeah, definitely.
- Yeah.
- Somebody needs to do it.
It's too bad your girl missed out on all the fun.
Where Where's she at? Yeah, she's with her other boyfriend.
- You said, "Other boyfriend"? - Mm-hmm.
So you're in an open relationship? No, poly.
- Poly.
- We're totally committed, but we give each other permission to explore other committed relationships, openly and honestly.
Hey, so, uh I'm sorry again about tonight.
It's okay.
I had fun.
Sorry I broke your bed.
Oh, it's all right.
I needed a new box spring anyway, so - Okay.
- Hmm.
I'll see you at school.
Hey, um I was wondering if those drinks are still on the table.
Uh, sure.
Yeah, if you'd like.
I would like.
Good night.
Good night.
What are you doing? Cleaning up raccoon scat.
So why do you think you're in love with Callie again? You okay? I guess.
You wanna talk about it? I'm fine.
What's up? Um I'm a little short on rent this month, um There was a problem with my check at work, and I didn't want to ask Mariana for help 'cause, you know, she's unemployed.
No worries.
I know you're good for it.
So just get me the rest when you can.
I really appreciate it.
Then I fell back asleep and dreamed that we did talk about Ruby, and Callie kissed me.
And it felt so real and hot.
People rarely represent themselves in dreams, right? So they represent feelings or something you're trying to work out.
So what kind of woman does Callie represent to you? Well, she's aggressive, definitely a top, and a really good kisser.
In real life.
I guess a woman who's unattainable and intimidating, - who's - Ruby? Well, maybe.
A little.
She's definitely in the driver's seat.
Okay, so maybe your dreams are telling you that you're tired of being the passenger? I guess I've never been the one in the driver's seat, in any of my relationships.
So take the wheel.
And then you'll stop having sex dreams about Callie.
At least I hope so 'cause I'm all out of car analogies.
You're right.
But I also might be in love with Callie too.
I'm going to bed.
Maybe I can pick up where the dream left off.
Alice is in love with me? So, uh, raccoons aside, what did you think about the new moon ceremony? I found it, uh illuminating.
In what way? You didn't seem too surprised when Dyonte said he was in a poly relationship.
You knew? Yeah.
I mean, it's no big deal.
Why didn't you say anything to me then? I didn't think there was anything to say.
So in the spirit of being open and honest are you interested in being in a relationship with Dyonte?
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