Good Trouble (2019) s03e08 Episode Script


1 - Hey.
- Hey.
- Hey.
- Hey.
I just want you to know that I'm not offended that you used me to make your ex jealous.
That pitch was good today.
Think about how much better it'll be next time when we're actually prepared.
Congratulations! You're part of the CBTV comedy diversity workshop! GAEL: I'm helping out a friend, teaching restorative justice through art.
Well, I could talk to the kids if you like.
JAMIE: Your new boss, Kathleen Gale, is being investigated by the FBI.
In order for this to work, Callie, you're gonna have to trust me.
- You called Dyonte over? - DYONTE: I like you.
You just said you're in a relationship.
I am.
But we're not exclusive.
You interested in being in a relationship with Dyonte? Have you ever noticed that some of these diversity programs are run by clueless white dudes? (LAUGHS) So, we've all had crazy bosses, right? And my last boss asked me to lick her muffin.
Just to see if it tasted funny.
And then she ate it.
True story.
There are two kinds of women.
Women like me who tell you how it is.
- Are you out of your mind? - Girl, what is wrong with you? And then there are other women who have friends.
Great job on the pitch.
Oh, thanks.
I I don't want to hurt her feelings.
Do you guys know what's great about having a crush on someone and not knowing where they stand? So, you free later tonight? Nothing.
So, I ran into my ex the other day, although I didn't realize she was my ex until I saw her making out with my roommate.
I have feelings for someone else.
Yeah, game night's gonna be rough.
Exes, you can never really lose them.
Because they're everywhere you don't want them to be.
The grocery store, the park, your Pap smear.
White people used to exclude us, and now they include us by crafting racism for the new generation.
(SCOFFS) I mean, I Seriously, the people who create these diversity programs think they're opening doors.
And they are to the 1950s.
(SCATTERED LAUGHTER) Pa-pa-pa pa-pa-pa-pa-pa Pa-pa-pa pa-pa-pa-pa-pa Then we'll find our peace of mind You and me, bel ami Pa-pa-pa, pa-paaa (INDISTINCT CONVERSATION) - Hey, Ben.
- BEN: Callie Adams Foster.
Good to see you.
How are things at Legal Aid? Good.
Uh, how are things in DC? Are you still clerking for the federal appeals judge? Yeah.
Yeah, it's going great.
He loves me, of course.
(CHUCKLES) So you said, in your email you need a favor.
Yeah, um I was wondering if you could use your judge's connections to see if this attorney we're working with is being investigated by the FBI.
Who's the attorney? Kathleen Gale.
I'll see what I can find out.
Okay, you can leave it right there.
- Thank you.
- DELIVERY MAN: You're welcome.
Ah! The suspense is killing you, isn't it? We have a new client.
Tommy Sung, 19-year-old, high school star quarterback.
On his way to have the pick of college scholarships, until he has a few bad games.
Coach replaces him with the back-up quarterback, who also happened to be his best friend, right before college scouting season.
A few days later, the best friend winds up dead at a keg party in Griffith Park.
Apparently, the kid went to pee, fell into a ravine, and cracked his head open.
Prosecutor alleges our client did the cracking first with a large rock and then pushed him over.
- Shit.
- KATHLEEN: It gets better.
Tommy's family fired their previous legal team and, uh, we go to trial in a week.
A week? Not to worry, I am filing for a continuance.
But, in the meantime, we have a pre-trial conference with the DA this afternoon.
So take some boxes, get to reading.
I'll join you in a minute.
Our first murder case.
This is big.
We should get a picture to remember the moment.
Okay, let's not forget someone was murdered.
Yeah, but what if we find the real killer? What if our client is the real killer? Come on.
Get in close.
Get in close.
Oh, we're really doing this? Yeah and, uh, we're gonna take a few, so, uh have fun with it.
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I love Gina, but her pitching Is awful.
I know.
Okay, Gina sucks at pitching.
We've only got one shot.
We've got to say something.
I have an idea.
What if we get someone else to give her honest feedback? MARIANA: So, Kelly, what did you think? Don't hold back.
We can take it.
RACHEL: Yeah, be brutally honest.
Oh, um You guys are done? Yes, we're done.
We're trying to get your feedback.
Oh, sorry, I wasn't listening, but, um you guys look like super-nerds.
And I'd totally give you money for What are you selling again? - Never mind.
- Can I go now? Yes, please.
Well, I thought you guys all did great.
Any feedback for me? Uh You know, you were so great.
Um, it's just maybe next time just like a little bit more energy? - Energy? - Yeah.
Okay, yeah.
I can work on that.
GAEL: So, Yuri's work is considered modern abstract.
I don't get it.
It just looks like a bunch of lines.
And blobs.
ANTHONY: I could do that.
Yeah, like, what's the point? Well, the point is that art is subjective.
And Yuri's paintings are in major art collections and museums.
So even if you don't get it, it's important to be respectful of the artist.
And especially as guests in the artist's studio.
So is Yuri here? (SCREAMING): This is not a stiff-bristle brush! It's like your limp little Uh Yuri's kind of in a mood today.
He's got a private showing coming up, and he's, like, beyond stressed.
I tried talking him out of canceling, so he might not even show up.
Welcome, welcome.
I'm Yuri Ellwin, and I'm delighted that you're all here.
I thought we might make some art together, yeah? Here, grab a corner, lay it down.
I'm feelin' myself, ooh I guess I'm here because everyone thinks I need to talk to someone.
Who's everyone? Well, um my boyfriend, Isaac, and a friend at work.
And what do you think? I think I'm a little confused.
ISAAC: You interested in having a relationship with Dyonte? No.
Dyonte is my friend, and that's it.
You are my man.
And what are you confused about? Why I'm trying to blow up my relationship.
Excuse me.
Can I have a spoon? No.
Um, how am I supposed to eat soup with chopsticks? Stacey, uh, can you do it just a little sassier? Do it like, uh, you know, one of your homies from Crenshaw.
How am I supposed to eat soup with some dang-on chopsticks? I need a damn spoon.
Only chop-a-sticks.
Say Say "chopsticks" again.
- Go on.
- Why? Because it's really funny.
Chop-a-sticks! Chop-a-sticks! All right, great.
House lights, please.
Oh, magic.
Guys, huddle up.
Come on down.
Well, we are getting down to the line.
Showcase is in three weeks.
So your goal is to sign with CAA by intermission.
Okay? It's what I did during my showcase.
And there's only one talent deal that's $70,000.
So it's Hunger Games.
This is survival of the funniest.
Okay? It's Hollywood.
And to keep things interesting, we are going to cut one person this week.
Who will it be? All right? So I need you to bring it.
A-game only.
All right? You can't be too over-the-top in this program.
Except for you Derek.
Your characters, you just need to ground them in some semblance of reality.
Okay, that's a wrap.
Good night.
Guys, remember when comedy used to be fun? ALL: No.
Hey, guys, it's open-mic night at The Laugh Co-op.
We should all go, do our own material.
Try to remember why we love this.
And get drunk.
Oh, that goes without saying.
- SANJANA: Yes! - MAGDA: You're welcome.
- I'm in.
- SANJANA: All right, sweet.
(CONVERSATION CONTINUES INDISTINCTLY) Uh, I'm gonna go to the restroom.
Excuse me.
I wasn't expecting that.
What can I say? You're sexy when you're funny.
So you free later tonight? She's definitely in the driver's seat.
Okay, so maybe your dreams are telling you that you're tired of being the passenger.
I guess I've never been the one in the driver's seat.
DAVIA: So take the wheel.
I have a date.
Oh! Really playing the field.
Well, you know me.
Anyway Okay, well Don't forget about me.
(IN LOUD MONOTONE): providing today's eco-committed consumers with a guilt-free, one-stop shop to receive their favorite hair and skin care products ethically and efficiently.
How's that? Better? Oh, yeah.
CLAIRE: Yeah, that was great, yeah.
I loved the energy that time.
(EXHALES IN RELIEF) You know, I just have a couple thoughts on some edits.
Um You know, because it is the closing, I think it could be really fun if we each took a sentence.
So we split up my part? Well, just for dynamics.
You know, pop, pop, pop.
- Mm-hmm.
It's a great idea.
- Sounds great.
You know what? Why don't I just be in charge of clicking through the slides? Since you all have your own part.
It might be weird for me to chime in with a sentence or two at the end.
- Hmm.
- Wow.
- Sounds smart.
- That works.
Okay, good idea.
(SIGHS) Making us wait.
How original.
So we meet again.
KATHLEEN: Oh, if I didn't know any better, I'd think you were the only DA in town, Marc.
MARC: Well, what can I say, I get around.
- KATHLEEN: That's what she said.
- MARC: Mm-hmm.
Anyway, Kathleen, you've met Nicolette, and this is Jamie Hunter.
- He'll be observing.
So, Marc, tomorrow we're filing a Notices of Appearance that we are now counsel of record for Tommy Sung.
So, we have your copy here.
KATHLEEN: We're also asking for a continuance.
MARC: Oh, well, good luck with that.
Tommy's last attorney delayed this case eight months.
I think the judge has had enough.
Well, I guess the real question is how many times do you want to try this case, Marc.
I'm sure you don't want the judgment to get overturned on appeal because our client didn't have a fair trial.
I'll take my chances.
Okay, well, if I'd known you were gonna be so cavalier, I wouldn't have bothered to come all the way down here.
See you in court.
So, Jamie how'd you like to be third chair on this case? So what's the deal between you and the Ken doll? One guy said he always wanted to try a Black woman.
"Try" a Black woman! What the hell does that mean? Not date or take out, but try.
What am I, a new restaurant? See, this is why I am so happy I have my man, and I'm not on the apps.
You both don't know how lucky you are.
How's your beautiful man? I have feelings for someone else, a guy I work with.
His name's Dyonte.
And what do you find appealing about Dyonte? Hmm.
He's kind and supportive.
We have a similar story.
He just moves me.
I can't really explain it.
And I want to be close to him.
He makes me happy.
Are you out of your mind? Girl, what is wrong with you? I can't help the way I feel.
Ah, listen, I love my man.
Does that mean that I don't want to climb Michael B.
like a tree? No.
But would I actually do it if I had the chance? - No, I wouldn't it.
- Yes.
That's a damn lie.
The point is Isaac loves you and you love him, which is why you can't give in to temptation.
She's right.
Don't get greedy.
And blow up the best thing that ever happened to you.
To us.
What? We're all invested in their relationship.
We need more Black love in this world.
And one good man in your bed is worth two in your bush.
It's beautiful.
Beautiful! Thank you.
YURI: Yeah, just chuck it on.
You can't make a mistake, I promise you.
So, what made you want to become a painter? I don't know really.
I always loved to create things.
Well, if I'm being totally honest, my options were kind of limited because I really sucked at school.
But you should, uh, stay in school and, uh, listen to your teachers.
Especially this one.
Thank you so much for letting the kids come to your studio and for letting them paint.
It's my pleasure.
You have a bunch of very bright kids here.
DAVIA: I know.
I'm really proud of them.
And your work is amazing.
You're so talented.
You know who else is talented? Gael.
Is that a new painting? Yeah, I'm trying to work on my own stuff, although it is just so hard to get into a show these days.
Most gallery owners won't even look at unsolicited art.
What does that mean? It means you need an in or a meaningful recommendation.
Like Yuri Ellwin? Yeah.
It's not like I can ask him to look at my work.
Why not? Isn't that the whole point of this internship? For him to help you? Yeah, but you don't ask the artist.
The artist has to ask you.
It's just the way it's done.
I've actually never seen any of Gael's work.
You really should.
Hey, so, I know we have a lot to do for your show.
Uh, we should probably wrap up.
No, it's fine.
Let the kids finish.
In the meantime, how about you and I start cleaning up, eh? (MOUTHING) Uh, here's the draft of the continuance request for tomorrow.
So why'd you break up? You and Clark Kent.
It was complicated.
All relationships are.
It's why I never married.
We're just, um very different.
Well, don't be surprised when Rothman puts him on this case.
You think he knows about me and Jamie? Of course he does.
The goal is to rattle you and weaken my flanks.
I was told you're being investigated by the FBI.
- Is that true? - Probably.
The feds don't like it when you beat them in court.
Gives them a reason to open bullshit investigations about you.
So you're not surprised? I haven't been surprised since my mom dropped dead.
Uh today is her birthday, and I am just having a little pity party.
Did she pass recently? No.
I, uh, actually was around your age when she died.
Heart attack.
Out of the blue.
I never want to be blindsided like that again.
So I expect the worst, and I'm only surprised when it doesn't happen.
I understand.
My, uh My mom died suddenly, in a car accident when I was 10.
(LAUGHS) That explains your determination, your grit, and why you have trouble trusting people.
Right? A little.
Me too.
I'm sorry.
You were too young to lose your mom.
So were you.
By the way, who told you that I was being investigated by the FBI? My ex, Jamie.
That makes sense.
And remember when they rattle you you rattle 'em right back.
As soon as this canvas dries, we'll get Gael to drop it around, yeah? Yeah.
So, who decides what art is good? Yeah, like, what gets in museums? Well, it's art collectors and curators and, uh Oh, and critics.
They got a lot of power.
So, like, they review your work? Yeah, right.
But we're all critics.
All right, tell me what you think of, uh, this piece? Go on, your opinions matter.
And be honest, I can handle it.
Uh, I guess I don't get it.
Yeah, like, what does it even mean? Huh.
See, the thing about art is it it it's not about what it means.
It's it's about how it makes you feel.
So, when you look at this, what's your emotional response? Yeah.
I don't really feel anything.
Me either.
No, no.
It's fine.
Art is subjective.
Not everyone's gonna get it.
That's why I've learned to have very thick skin.
So I'm Well, I think that we've definitely overstayed our welcome.
So thank you so much for today.
It's been my pleasure.
STUDENTS: Thank you.
YURI: Thank you.
Great to meet you.
Have a wonderful day.
Bye, guys.
Have a good one.
DAVIA: Thank you.
Yuri, that was such a great experience.
Thanks again.
Happy to have done it.
(INTENSE MUSIC PLAYING) I mean, seriously, the people who create these diversity programs think they're opening doors.
And they are to the 1950s.
Uh, okay, um, well, that's it from me.
WOMAN: Let's hear it for Alice Kwan! We're gonna take a 10-minute break and then bring up some more funny people.
Hey, so, what are you doing here? My job.
Trying to open doors back to the '50s.
(CHUCKLES) That was just jokes, you know? I know Scott's a little much, but he's got a solid track record.
Of HR complaints? Of launching people's careers.
And racial stereotypes? The truth is these are the parts out there for POC right now.
And I wish that wasn't the case but the point is to get you all working.
At least people can turn on their TVs and see diverse faces, right? Yeah, I guess.
What can I get you? Oh, uh, can I have a sour Belgian beer, please? And a Dirty Shirley.
Who's the Dirty Shirley for? Your date? Uh, yeah.
My date.
- Oh, hi, Ruby.
- Hi.
Um, I just realized I forgot to give you money for my drink.
Pfft! What are you Get out of here, I'm buying.
Duh! - Oh, thank you.
- ALICE: I got you.
- I'll just bring it over to you.
- SANJANA: Okay.
I'll see ya in seconds.
- Bye.
- Bye.
So Sanjana's your date? Yep.
- It's new.
- Hmm.
And of course, on the DL.
Well, since it's so new can I drop by later tonight? Actually, it's not that new, if you know what I mean.
Okay, well, have fun.
You too.
Okay, so what if I'm not trying to break up with Isaac? Well, you can't have a cake and eat it too.
Do you know any couples who are polyamorous? Like that guy on TLC with a bunch of wives? I mean, what's in it for the women? That's polygamy, but polyamory is when anyone feels the desire to share love with more than one person.
And I also love Isaac.
He takes care of me and makes me feel safe and cherished.
And he challenges me, in good ways.
So, it sounds like you feel a desire to have a relationship with both of these men.
Yeah, but I feel like it's wrong.
Why? Because I feel like I'm being selfish.
And why can't one relationship be enough? I don't know.
Why does it have to be? It sounds like an excuse to cheat to me.
Monogamy is just a social construct.
We've been conditioned to value having one significant partner.
But for many people, consensual non-monogamy feels more natural for them.
Personally, I don't think humans are meant to be monogamous.
- Thank you.
- TOLU: But we choose to be, to keep the family together and to prove our love and commitment.
Many people believe polyamory is an orientation or identity.
Not simply a lifestyle choice but that you're hard-wired that way.
MALIKA: What if being polyamorous is just who I am? Whether it's something you choose or who you are, it all still comes down to one question.
I mean, it doesn't sound like you're confused at all about what you want, Malika.
Just whether you'll allow yourself to ask for it.
Do you think Isaac would be willing to share you with another man? I don't know.
Well, is it worth the risk of losing him to find out? 'Cause once you tell him how you feel That is a bell you cannot unring.
Yuri, I'm sorry about what happened earlier, man.
Those kids don't know anything about art.
They're right.
The piece was shit.
All my work is shit.
I haven't produced a decent painting since my wife left me, took our daughter back to Australia.
- She's beautiful, yeah? - Yeah, she is.
I admit I was a terrible husband, but I was a good dad.
Or at least I tried to be.
Having those kids here today, it was nice.
They reminded me of her.
She's my heart.
And I haven't felt an ounce of inspiration since she left.
My art is devoid of any genuine emotion.
I mean obviously you aren't.
You know, what if you put everything that you're feeling about your daughter into your work, you know? I mean do it for her? Pretty words.
But thank you.
I appreciate you trying to cheer me up.
I know I can be kind of an asshole.
Tell you what, how about tomorrow morning I, uh, come over to your place, take a look at your work? Yeah.
Are you sure? Yeah, positive.
All right.
Hey, um So what's the deal with the red-headed girl in your nerd group? What do you mean? (MUSIC PLAYING) (SNIFFLES) I pretended not to see because, believe it or not, I'm not very empathetic.
But I think it was because she was so bad at the pitch.
Wait So you did listen? Of course.
But it's not my job to tell her.
I'm not her business partner or her friend.
Or her lover.
What? I'm not her lover.
Yeah, I never said you were.
Okay, well, no one had to end up telling her after all.
She decided not to pitch on her own.
But, I mean, did she? Or she just bow out 'cause you guys made her feel like shit? Which is a valid strategy, but just, you know own it.
Have you ever noticed that some of these diversity programs are run by clueless white dudes? (IMITATING SCOTT): Drop and give me three egg rolls and one Hong Kong Phooey.
I'm so sorry.
I had two versions of that video.
I thought I posted the one without you.
It was an accident.
Well, everyone, I have an announcement.
Looks like none of you are getting cut this week since my head's about to roll.
SCOTT: Kwan! I, uh, caught your act on Instagram.
It was hilarious! (LAUGHS) It was hilarious! Look how scared you are! Guys, this is what I've been saying, all right? We have to be able to laugh at ourselves.
Sanjana, laugh at yourself.
Not Not great.
Get on stage, my little comedy ninja.
Oh, oh, let's do the Vietnamese nail salon bit.
I love it.
- Derek.
- Yeah? - Can I speak to you? - Yeah.
So, we owe you an apology.
Instead of giving you honest feedback, we cut down your part in the pitch.
Duh! How am I going to improve if you don't tell me the truth? How can we trust each other if we're not honest with each other? You're right.
And we won't be successful business partners, or friends, if we're afraid to be direct.
Okay, so how can I improve? Well, um, you're stiff and monotone.
You need to project confidence.
And enthusiasm for the product.
Maybe you all could help me work on that? - Of course.
- Totally.
You know, maybe we should go around and give each other general feedback.
Um Claire, it's hard for you to abandon projects we've moved past.
But I know it's because you're a fantastic problem-solver and you want to find a way to make it work.
Uh, Rachel, your focus drifts in and out a lot, which means you don't always make your deadlines, but the work is without fail impeccable and elegant.
Um, Mariana, sometimes your code is a little sloppy.
You're great big picture but sometimes You brush over the details.
And make mistakes.
Yeah, maybe that's, uh, enough feedback for today.
Okay, so, do I show him this one? Or maybe just these three? - Show him everything! - No, that's not how it works.
Okay, well, if we waited for how it works, Yuri wouldn't be coming to see your art.
- Yeah.
- And you're welcome.
- Thank you.
- Mm-hmm.
(PHONE VIBRATING) Hey, you here? YURI (OVER PHONE): What? No.
Look, I've been up all night.
I'm making five new pieces for the show.
I need you at the studio now.
How soon can you get here? Due process of law mandates that every defendant be granted a fair trial.
And it isn't fair if I'm not given the time I need to prepare for his defense.
The defendant's last-minute change of counsel is clearly another delay tactic.
Speaking of delay tactics, prosecution hasn't even given me his Brady disclosures.
Gale should have got the Brady disclosures from former counsel, when she took over the case, Your Honor.
Which just further demonstrates why a continuance is necessary.
JUDGE: All right.
Counselors, I've heard enough.
Rothman, I'm ordering you to have the Brady disclosures to Ms.
Gale by the end of the day.
Thank you, Your Honor.
But I'm going to deny defense's request for a continuance.
This change of counsel on the eve of trial looks like a delay tactic.
And, frankly, it reeks of bad faith.
Trial will proceed next week as scheduled.
Your Honor, I, uh, didn't want to tip my hand at this stage, but you've given me no choice.
I am pursuing a novel line of defense, which requires testimony from expert witnesses.
It will take more than a week for me to prepare in time for trial.
I'm not going to entertain this Hail Mary.
Okay, well, then, I'm going to object on the record and file a writ.
With all due respect, are you willing to be reversed by an appeals court on this very basic issue of criminal procedure? Given it's a new line of inquiry, I'll consider it.
But you'll need to lay a proper foundation.
I want to see all parties back here in three days.
And Ms.
Gale, be ready to wow me.
Oh, I will, Your Honor.
Thank you.
So, what is this novel line of defense? I have no idea, but we're gonna have to come up with something so I'm not held in contempt and a 19-year-old kid goes to prison for the rest of his life.
- You think she's bluffing? - Doesn't really matter.
Her days in this case are numbered.
Why? Because of the FBI investigation? - So she's dirty? - Oh, yeah.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Look, I'm I'm realizing I'm getting a little too clingy, and if you're dating someone in the program and me, it's Well, it's bound to get messy.
So I think we should just take a break from whatever this is.
Okay? Okay.
You're here.
You were right last night.
The inspiration's been inside me the whole time.
I'm throwing most things out.
Starting over.
But the show's in a few days, so I need your help.
- Sure, whatever you need.
- Great.
I need you to paint that for me.
You want me to paint a whole piece? No, I want you to execute my sketch.
There's not much to go on here.
Word is that you're a very talented artist.
Now's your chance to prove it.
(ROCK MUSIC PLAYING) We should look at the witnesses, see if there's anything to discredit their testimony.
I'll just be a second.
- Hi, Ben.
- BEN: Hey.
So, I did some digging and I found out Kathleen Gale is being investigated by the FBI.
I can do some more digging if you wanna know the details.
Um, actually I'm I'm not interested anymore.
But thank you for looking into it.
No problem.
If you change your mind, let me know.
So, I've been thinking a lot about what you said in our last session.
THERAPIST: Commitment shouldn't mean suppressing your feelings or identity for fear you're gonna lose the person you love.
And as scary as it is, not being your authentic self, not asking for what you truly need that's what ultimately blows up relationships.
And I've realized that because I love Isaac so much, and I don't want to blow up our relationship, I need to tell him that I lied.
I do want to pursue a relationship with Dyonte.
And I want to stay in my relationship with him.
And Isaac, how do you feel about that? I don't wanna lose control I don't wanna lose control
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