Good Trouble (2019) s03e09 Episode Script

Driver's Seat

1 The show's in a few days, so I need you to paint that for me.
You want me to paint a whole piece? I guess I've never been the one in the driver's seat in any of my relationships.
Take the wheel.
Are you free later tonight? Sorry, I have a date.
If you're dating someone in the program and me, it's it's bound to get messy.
So I think we should just take a break.
So what's going on with you and Dennis? Do you want me to wait for you? I don't think that it's fair for me to ask you to wait.
I was wondering if those drinks are still on the table.
- Yeah, if you'd like.
- I would like.
Do you still have feelings for Gael? Maybe he was the right guy all along? Callie's single again.
Just send her a "You up?" text, and you're in.
Tommy Sung.
19-year-old, high school, star quarterback.
Best friend winds up dead.
I am pursuing a novel line of defense.
What is this novel line of defense? I have no idea, but we're gonna have to come up with something so I'm not held in contempt.
No, no, no, no.
Huh? Ha! Ha-ha-ha.
All right! I'm so drunk.
Ah! So close.
- Four! - Oh! All right, one, two, three, four.
I landed on a coyote? That means you're thriving.
Pull a reward card.
Coyote? 'Cause, you know, the coyote is the most thriving urban predator in North America.
Yeah, sure.
"It's your birthday!" "And you're one of those annoying bitches who forces all their friends to make a huge-ass deal of it.
Collect $50 from every player".
This feels a bit pointed.
Wait, wait.
If I'm still stuck at the Walk of Fame 'cause my cousins are in town, do I have to pay? You pay half.
You can't go, but you feel bad, so you Venmo her for a drink.
Wow, Kelly, this game is really Really specific.
- Yes! - Thanks.
It's been a real passion project.
Yeah, well, not to be an "annoying bitch", but some of you haven't paid me for my birthday.
- Yeah, pay the woman! - Thank you.
- Cough it up.
- Speaking of birthdays, I got Mom our gift.
A year's subscription to a candle-of-the-month club.
Non-toxic, soy-based, and there's a new fragrance every month.
Uh, why didn't you ask me first? What about an electric mug that keeps her coffee warm? No.
CBD lotion for her back? No.
Sorry, uh, the candle place was having, like, a one-hour pop-up sale, and I didn't want to miss out.
Hey, um, sorry.
Did you call? No, I just, uh I found a spot out front.
Thought I'd come and check out this place.
- It's very cool.
- Hi.
Uh, yeah.
Everyone, this is Tony.
- Uh, we work together.
- Hi, Tony.
Where Where you going? What Uh, I got to do real life.
- Bye.
- Hey, nice to meet you all.
What? Better make a move before someone else does.
Well, the rules say when a player leaves the game early, all their money goes to the person with the most piercings, - which is me.
- There's no way that it says that.
Actually, yeah, it does.
Right here.
And so much for my night off.
What? Why? What happened? - Yeah, uh I'm sorry, I have to go.
- What? - You get his money too? - Oh, no.
Oh, shoot! So, what are we thinking? Guilty or innocent? Guilty.
- Innocent.
- Undecided.
The other lawyers were incompetent.
They never believed in Tommy.
Just wanted him to take a plea deal.
Tommy, I have to be honest.
Prosecution has motive and opportunity on their side.
So you're sure you don't want to explore a plea? No, he doesn't.
My son is innocent.
Do you mind if your son answers for himself? I didn't do it.
I didn't hurt Zack.
How did you feel when he replaced you as starting quarterback? I was angry.
College scouts were about to come watch him.
His whole future was on the line.
He needed Zack out of the picture.
You were angry? With Zack? No.
With myself.
I lost the spot because of me, because I didn't play my best.
It wasn't Zack's fault.
I have four depositions from kids at the party who saw Tommy and Zack arguing that night.
Well, that's three too many to impeach.
No, we weren't arguing.
We were just horsing around.
- Like we always did.
- I buy it.
Straight guys are always horsing around.
It's the only way they're allowed to show affection.
I think we need to punch holes in the time line from that night.
I think that's our best bet.
I left the party a little before 11:00 for a beer run.
And when I came back, I didn't see Zack.
I was with Katie the whole time.
And after a while, some people started looking for him.
I I couldn't have done it.
I wasn't even there.
The security camera footage showed Tommy leaving the liquor store at 11:09.
It's about a 10-minute drive back.
Puts him at the party around 11:19.
Uh, the medical examiner's report lists time of death at 11:25 p.
, when the heart monitor on Zack's watch showed him flatlining.
Yeah, six minutes.
Plenty of time to kill Zack.
Plenty of time? Remember, we don't have to prove innocence.
We just create reasonable doubt.
So I'm gonna need the three of you to drive the route to and from the liquor store and time it.
If we can find any discrepancy, then we can build a novel defense off that.
Here we are.
Nine minutes and 58 seconds.
Confirms the time line.
So far.
A minute, 20.
I have to make the transaction.
- Oh.
- Would you mind carding me? Can I see some ID? Oh, sorry, we're not really gonna buy the beer.
We're lawyers recreating a time line.
Okay, uh But We'll we'll buy these.
Anybody want a Tic-Tac? No, thanks.
Nineteen minutes, 56 seconds, round trip, plus a total of two minutes in the store.
So basically 22 minutes.
Just like they said.
Well, doesn't prove that he's guilty.
You know, just that we can't poke a hole in the time line.
And we've got no novel defense.
This is definitely where they had the party.
Oh, yeah, there's a trail over there.
Be careful up there.
This looks like the crime scene.
Plenty of rocks around here he could have picked up to hit Zack over the head.
Or he fell.
Hit his head on a rock at the bottom of the ravine.
Toxicology showed that he'd been drinking.
06 blood alcohol level.
It's not like he's hammered.
Why do you think Tommy is innocent? Hi.
Uh, they said I could get some water.
Yeah, of course.
Sorry my dad's so intense.
You know, he's just scared.
Well, you must be too.
It's okay.
I don't know.
Just my intuition.
Thanks for coming down.
Come here.
What the hell is this? It's the piece you asked me to paint for your show.
No, this is not what I asked you to paint! Look These colors, they're all wrong.
Well, I just went with slightly bolder And these circles, who asked you to paint those? I thought asymmetry would Would ruin it.
Would completely ruin it.
Why would you take such liberties when we have a deadline? Yuri, I'm sorry Clearly, you just don't have the right sensibilities for this.
And I think I placed far, far too much faith in you.
All right, stick it into storage.
I guess I'm only gonna have four new works.
Thanks to you.
It's a street sweeping parking ticket.
This game is rigged! You're the one who created it.
I'm broke.
You win.
Happy? Yay? Rich people suck.
Well, congratulations.
"You're woke, not broke".
Are you okay? You seem a little down tonight.
I'm fine.
I mean, I suck at life and relationships and board games.
Wait, so things with Ruby are Over.
I guess.
It's just she's always in the driver's seat.
You know, like everyone else in my life.
And I tried to take the wheel by pretending like I was dating around.
And it was working, like I totally had her in the passenger seat.
But then all of a sudden, she says, "Things are too complicated", and she bails.
Now we're both driving but in different cars.
And mine is headed off a cliff.
I don't know how to do this.
Okay, uh, well, first of all, you have to know what you want and ask for it.
That's a thing? Okay, what are you doing tomorrow night? Nothing.
Great, 'cause you're taking me out on a date.
Sometimes all I think about is you Late nights in the middle of June Heat waves been faking me out Can't make you happier now Sometimes all I think about is you Wow! Look at you.
I can say the same for you.
Yuri's got a show.
I asked Callie to come along as a - Date? - Friend.
We never think about you and me But today I see our reflections Clearly in Hollywood Wow! Haven't seen you this dolled up in a while.
Hot date? Gael asked me to go to his boss's art show for moral support.
Apparently, he's a real asshole.
Well, that is the sexiest moral support outfit I've ever seen.
Now, why are you playing coy? You know you want it to be a date.
Yeah, I just don't know what she wants and to be honest, I don't really feel like getting hurt again.
Yeah, but how do you know that Gael isn't just using the art show as an excuse to ask you out? I don't think he's, uh, interested in me like that anymore, so But what if you're wrong? If I'm wrong then I will keep this shade in my purse.
Well, no risk, no reward.
Sometimes all I think about is you Late nights in the middle of June Did I tell you that you look absolutely gorgeous tonight? Did I tell you? Hmm, so? So, yeah, I'm kind of freaking out.
There's a lot of major players here.
See this woman with the blue pom-pom earrings? That's Nicki Hong, and she basically reinvented mixed media.
And that guy over there, Lucas Blix.
He's got galleries here and in New York, and he's known for breaking out new artists.
So, it's So you should go introduce yourself.
Callie, what am I supposed to say? "Hey, I'm Mr.
I'll go with you.
I can pretend I'm, uh, your super fan.
Like you'd need to pretend.
- Hi.
- Mm-hmm.
I've been spotted by Mr.
Brace yourself.
- Gael, there you are.
- Yuri.
And who is this work of art? This is Callie.
It is a pleasure.
Hey, Nicki.
Come meet my new assistant, Gael Martinez.
Oh, nice to meet you.
It's very nice to meet you.
I'm a huge fan.
Gael is also a very talented artist.
Oh! I'd love to check out your work.
Duoro? Why'd you choose this dump? Oh, sorry.
So unoriginal.
Ugh! I should have picked a new place.
You're right.
That was your first test, - and you just failed.
- I'm being tested? We're here 'cause you want me to teach you how to be in the driver's seat, right? Well, tonight, I am not Mariana.
I'm your date.
Consider me your driving instructor.
First lesson: Confidence is sexy.
- So I was gonna ask - Have you ever seen I'm sorry.
Go ahead.
No, you.
Where are you going? - Oh, I have a date.
- Oh! - With Matt.
- Oh, nice! What about Dennis? You guys still talking? Yeah.
I mean, I feel like I have to check in on him and make sure he's okay, but I'm ready to move on.
Well, I was just gonna ask if you've ever been to Redwood National Park? No, actually, I have not, but I do like trees.
Especially live ones.
Uh, have you ever been to the Redwood National Park? Uh, yeah, actually.
It's amazing, um Tallest tree there is over 370 feet high.
Hey, do you need to get that? Actually Yeah, if you don't mind.
Um, you know, I just want to make sure there's not a marmot loose in the Coterie.
Yeah, of course.
Vicious creatures.
I'll be right back.
Then my mode goes on I am so ready Well, I hope you give Matt a chance.
He seems like a really good guy.
- He does, right? - Yeah.
- See ya.
- Have fun! You too.
It's just a way that I feel I don't know how I feel Hey, sorry about that.
Uh, oh.
I ordered us calamari.
No tentacles 'cause the texture freaks you out.
You remembered.
Of course.
So, uh has the crisis been averted? No emergency infestations in the Coterie? What? Oh, yeah.
False alarm.
I'm all yours now.
Oh, my God! You know what would be so cute? Let's take a couples pic.
Ha! So cute.
I'm tagging you on my story and my grid.
Not okay! Look, if you must document the first date, take the pictures on your phone.
That way, you can delete them if the date went badly, or text 'em later to the girl if it went well.
Either way, you are in complete control.
- Got it.
- Have you ever considered side-swept bangs? No.
Ah! Much better.
- It is? - No! It's never all right for someone to try to change your look.
Do I even have a look? So I do stand-up.
I'll probably be pretty famous soon.
Might get into acting, sitcoms.
- Emmys - Okay, stop.
I haven't even been paying attention to you.
Do you even like this person or do you just want them to like you? What's the difference? Oh, my God.
I've always dreamed about flipping a house with someone.
We should totally buy a fixer-upper.
Oh, and you have to come with me to my cousin's wedding in Oklahoma.
Oh, I hope I catch the bouquet.
That sounds fun.
I mean I can't go to Oklahoma with you.
Why not? Uh, because there's a warrant out for my arrest.
Cattle rustling.
Okay, you need to learn how to say no without lying.
Where did that get you with Ruby? Wait, so if you're from Mississippi, where's your accent? Oh, I worked hard to lose it.
But anytime I go home, it finds me.
Okay, well, let me hear it.
- No way.
- I dare you.
You have to.
Come on.
I will not do a Southern accent for you, Miss Davia.
Oh, my God.
That's amazing.
Even if you are pretty as a peach on a warm summer day.
Well, I do declare.
Yes, ma'am.
I was brought up to be a proper Southern gentleman.
So toxic masculinity wrapped up in a slim-fitted suit? Well, we in the Deep South prefer the term "chivalry", but yes.
Always open doors for ladies, never walk ahead of a date, hold the umbrella when it rains.
We learned it all at cotillion.
Excuse me? What's cotillion? Oh, they're like these etiquette-slash-ballroom dancing classes that middle-schoolers are forced to take, and it culminates in this big, fancy dinner where you're basically just showing off your Southern charm.
Uh, so, there's eating, there is waltzing, and there's secret Schnapps drinking in the bathrooms.
It's tradition.
I have so many questions.
Do you like comedy? No.
Well, comedy is kinda my life.
So this was nice, but I'm gonna get the check.
I'mma go get make it rain so crazy Everybody say, oh, you make it look easy You know what? I like my hair the way it is.
I have a nice forehead.
Why hide it? Oklahoma sounds nice and landlocked, but I think I'd like to just start with drinks tonight.
See where things take us.
Ah! I think my job here is done.
- Should we order some - Excuse me.
Uh, we'll get a round of the swing-set cocktails.
It's bubbly.
You'll like it.
Wow, I'm just ah, so proud.
So, can I get you something to drink? More wine, water, tea? You know, if you'd like to learn the proper way to drink tea, I am happy to share my cotillion skills.
So those ballroom lessons come in handy or is it more like cursive? It's mostly like cursive.
Except I did waltz with my mom at my brother's wedding.
I don't even know how to waltz.
It looks very romantic in movies.
Uh, well, it's just a simple box step, really.
I could teach you.
When I look at you So just follow my lead.
- Mm-hmm.
- So, left foot back.
One, two, three, four.
- Sorry.
- About what? Oh, we're moving! Okay.
Look at that! You really do know what you're doing, huh? Okay, are you ready for this? Oh.
And I'm falling Again I'm so I'm so sorry.
- It's, um - No, it's it's fine.
It's actually getting late.
Maybe I sh should Thank you for tonight.
It was - Really nice.
- Super nice.
Okay, I'll see you at school.
- Good night.
- Good night.
Again When I look at you Wow! Is that over ten bucks? Yeah, I feel like celebrating.
I cannot believe how many people I met tonight.
Gregory Rousseau gave me his card.
I'd love to see your work.
He basically discovered Christina Quarles.
And now she shows at MOCA.
And also I can't believe Yuri was so effusive, especially after he went off on me.
Meltdowns aside, he seems to sincerely believe in you.
It made that internship all worth it.
And now next steps are to actually get him to see my work and like it enough to write me a letter of recommendation, so I can get into a show.
No, he'll love it.
Thank you.
And thanks for coming tonight.
I know that I was off so much talking to people and That's the whole point.
I had fun, you know.
I was talking to people too, so I mean, like you said, he's moody, but he can be charming.
It's going great.
People seem to be responding to the new work.
A couple of pre-sales already.
That's awesome.
Congrats, Yuri.
Now, she is delightful.
Yeah, she is.
- She your girlfriend, yeah? - Uh No.
Uh, was sort of.
We're friends.
Well, in that case, mate, you don't mind asking if I can get her number, do you? So Yuri asked me to ask you if, um if he could have your number.
Um Well, would you be cool with me dating your boss? I mean, if that's what you wanted to do, um I mean, I wouldn't want to stand in the way.
Um Yeah, I'm just not really interested in dating right now.
Oh, yeah.
Work's really hectic, so Yeah, I hear that.
Speaking of, I have work to do tonight.
So I should probably go.
Thanks again for coming tonight.
Of course.
I'd ask how it went with Gael but since you're here working and not naked in his loft, I'm guessing not great.
He tried to set me up with his boss.
I mean, it's pretty clear he's not interested in being more than friends.
Or maybe he's just not sure that you're interested and he's playing it cool.
It's a nice try.
Anyway, I have to work.
If we can't find some reason to delay this trial, we're gonna lose the whole case and this poor kid is gonna go to prison for the rest of his life.
That's a lot of responsibility.
Tell me about it.
Um, how was your your date with Alice? Fun.
If I've taught you one thing tonight, it's that it doesn't matter what other people want.
If you truly want to be in the driver's seat, you can't play games.
You have to stand up for yourself and what you want.
You're right.
You're right! You're so good at this.
- Not always.
- Really? Is there a relationship where you're not in the driver's seat? Uh, it made me realize that there's something that I need to talk to you about.
I lied about the candle of the month present for Mom being on sale.
I paid full price, and it was really expensive.
Uh, why did you lie about that? Because you're always in the driver's seat of our relationship.
You take control of every decision that we have to make together.
And you shot down every single one of my ideas.
That's 'cause Mom wouldn't have liked any of them.
Says you.
You act like your opinion is the only one that matters.
You always take the lead and then I always go along with it.
Okay, revisionist history much? No, who chose LA, the Coterie, this furniture without ever consulting me? Okay, because that's the only way that I'm allowed to make decisions with you.
- Oh, by lying? - Yes! You make me feel like you don't respect my opinion.
And when you lie, it makes me feel like I can't trust you.
Look I don't want to have to lie to be heard.
You know, I I want to be a team.
And teams compromise.
I will learn to compromise.
And I will learn to tell the truth.
- I will.
- Okay.
And the truth is they're pretty amazing candles - and she's gonna love them.
- Oh, my God! Ah.
I'm exhausted.
What time is it? Uh, it's 1:30.
Shit, there it is.
What? I have just found our novel defense.
"Oh, uh, tonight was just a friend date".
What exactly do you want with Ruby? I wanna be in a relationship with her.
I want to cuddle on the couch and watch seven seasons of Parks and Rec, but that's not what she wants.
Then tell her that.
"The truth is, Sanjana and I were never really dating.
I just said that to make you jealous.
Because what I really want is to be in a relationship with you".
I was just thinking about you.
You're up late.
- Yeah.
- What are you playing? I'm just learning a new song.
Okay, let's hear it.
Something always brings me back to you It never takes too long No matter what I say or do I'll still feel you here 'til the moment I'm gone Set me free, leave me be I don't want to fall another moment Into your gravity Here I am and I stand so tall Just the way I'm supposed to be But you're on to me and all over me You loved me 'cause I'm fragile When I thought that I was strong But you touch me for a little while And all my fragile strength is gone Set me free, leave me be I don't want to fall another moment Into your gravity Here I am and I stand so tall Just the way I'm supposed to be But you're on to me And all over me I live here on my knees as I Try to make you see that you're Everything I think I need here on the ground But you're neither friend nor foe though I Can't seem to let you go The one thing that I still know Is that you're keeping me Down You're keeping me down You're on to me you're on to me and all over Something always brings me back to you It never takes too long What am I looking at? My photo's time stamp.
You want me to make a wish? Okay, now check out the time stamp on the security camera footage.
So the security camera is five minutes slow, meaning that Tommy was at the liquor store longer than we thought.
So he wouldn't have gotten back to the party until one minute before Zack's time of death.
Not enough time to do the deed.
Unless the time of death's wrong.
Don't be Chicken Little, Tony.
This is everything.
Congratulations, Callie.
I see what you mean.
I made Yuri give me a preview before the show started.
This piece was tucked up in storage and I instantly fell in love.
It's a real evolution in his style.
He said he's experimenting with bolder colors and asymmetry.
What's it setting us back? 50,000.
But I think it's worth it.
He just has to sign it.
Here we are! What are you doing here? I came in early to clean up for you.
All right.
It is beautiful.
Good meeting tonight.
Oh, it was a really great meeting.
Listen, I'm really sorry about the way our date ended last night.
I'm the one who should be sorry.
I I shouldn't have tried to kiss you.
You just got out of something.
I get it if it's too soon.
Actually, it's It's not too soon.
Hey, hi.
Running late! Yo, Alice, are there any lofts available? I got a friend that's apartment hunting.
And it'll be really nice to get some more normal people in here.
Well, if that friend is a normal person who has moderate to above-average hygiene, and a steady source of income, there might be, uh, one opening up soon.
Whose? Dennis, actually.
Yeah, he might be giving up his loft, sadly.
Did you know about this? That was my first date in a long time, and I was, um, a little confused, but I'm not anymore.
And I'm really sorry that I pulled away when you tried to kiss me.
If I had a time machine, I'd go back and do it all differently.
That's good to know.
Wow! Agreed.
Ooh! What's this? A little celebration for you saving the day.
Oh, don't be stingy.
Oh! Okay.
- Here you go.
- Thank you.
Very impressive today.
- Cheers.
- Cheers.
So I know this is none of my business Nothing good ever comes after that sentence.
Fair, but the guy from the DA's office, Jamie.
There's still something going on there? No.
Honestly, I don't want to think about him or anyone else tonight.
I'm good with that.

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