Good Trouble (2019) s03e10 Episode Script

She's Back

1 - Tommy? - I didn't do it.
CALLIE: If we can't delay this trial, we're gonna lose the whole case and this poor kid is gonna go to prison - for the rest of his life.
- Sorry.
If we can find any discrepancy, then we can build a novel defense off that.
CALLIE: My photo's time stamp.
Tommy was at the liquor store longer than we thought.
I need a damn spoon.
Only chopsticks.
SCOTT: Showcase is in three weeks.
So your goal is to sign with CAA by intermission.
I don't think that it's fair for me to ask you to wait.
I'm ready to move on.
This is not what I asked you to paint! PATRICK: What's it setting us back? TRICIA: 50,000.
He just has to sign it.
What are you doing here? MALIKA: I do want to pursue a relationship with Dyonte.
And I want to stay in my relationship with Isaac.
I did some digging and I found out Kathleen Gale is being investigated by the FBI.
Everyone, this is Tony.
- Uh, we work together.
- Hi.
Hey, nice to meet you all.
Better make a move before someone else does.
The guy from the DA's office, Jamie, there's still something going on there? I don't want to think about him or anyone else tonight.
(SULTRY ROCK MUSIC PLAYING) Everybody knows you're toxic Everyone keeps telling me to run All I know somehow I like it Why don't you want me? Why don't you need me? ISABELLA: If you're looking for Mariana, she's not home yet.
I'm her new roommate, Isabella.
(SCREAMING) Ay-ay-ay-ay-ay MARIANA: Now that I look back on a lot of things, I'm pretty sure you let him fall for you.
ISABELLA: Maybe you threw him at me so you wouldn't feel so bad about being hot for your boss.
Ay-ay-ay-ay-ay, ay-ay-ay Ay-ay-ay-ay Addicted to the game Maybe it's not me Maybe it's you Addicted to the game I don't think this is a good idea.
Back to toxic back to toxic Addicted to the game addicted to the game Pa-pa-pa pa-pa-pa-pa-pa Pa-pa-pa pa-pa-pa-pa-pa Then we'll find our peace of mind You and me, bel ami Pa-pa-pa, pa-paaa The more I've thought through this situation, the more I realize I didn't think through this situation.
Sounds on brand.
Go on.
Okay, I know I promised that after we got our app funded, I would tell the girls about me and Evan.
But even if we do sell the pitch, and it softens the blow slightly, there's no way that they're gonna find out I'm dating Evan and be like, "Oh, cool.
Moving on".
They really hate him that much? Yeah, well, hate's kind of an overstatement but Resentment? Check.
Dislike? Sure.
Distrust? Definitely.
Well, you can't keep your relationship a secret forever.
What about you? Big day in court? Kathleen is presenting our novel defense argument to get a continuance in the Sung murder trial.
The novel defense that you discovered.
Well, it's a swing, but Kathleen could sell sand in the Sahara.
Look at us, smashing it like boss bitches.
- Good luck today.
- You too.
(MUSIC PLAYING) I know what you think I know what you see Wicked spots all around The spotlight is on me Oh, oh Ah, ah (PHONE CHIMES) I can feel - Ta-da-da, ra-ra - you and me I breathe out, you breathe Crashing waves on the sand come crashing into me Oh, oh - Ah, ah, oh, oh - Can you feel it too? So I texted you back last night.
I'd gone to bed.
Did you want to talk about something? I figured it out.
So what are you doing today? Uh, quitting my internship.
what I really want is to be in a relationship with you.
- Hey.
- Hey! So we should talk about your text.
Uh We don't have to talk about it here.
No, of course not, and I'm I'm busy tonight, but I I do want to talk about it.
SCOTT: All right, attention, my little diversity comedianettes.
Hi! Oh, we got a big run-through today.
And I need you to give 110% because we have a very special guest.
One of our most famous, one of our most successful alums is here to watch and mentor you.
Can I hear it for Margaret Cho? (ALL EXCLAIMING) Oh, my God.
Margaret Cho is, like, my idol.
Oh, I'm so excited to be here with you today.
And if you don't know who I am, you're probably a cis white man.
(ALL LAUGH) Hey! You know who I am! Excellent! I can't wait to see what you have for me.
So have fun.
Oh, my God! (CHUCKLES NERVOUSLY) I'm so nervous.
We're performing for Margaret Cho! Yeah.
I wonder what she's gonna think about the "Alice the Dumb Asian" sketch.
You are early.
Listen, Yuri, I wanted to talk to you.
All right then.
Oh, but before I forget, this is for you.
What's this for? It's your cut from the painting I sold.
5,000? Only fair, seeing as how you lent a hand.
I'm sorry, "Lent a hand"? I painted the entire piece which you ripped to shreds and didn't even give me credit for.
Yeah, well, there's no accounting for taste, is there? And you didn't get credit because it's my name in the corner that got it sold.
But there could be a whole lot more of those checks in your future, if you wanted.
Trips to Europe, access to my professional network, while getting paid to make art.
It's the dream, innit? So what d'you want to talk about? MARIANA: In today's competitive landscape, we need to find creative ways to reach our savvy female consumers.
CLAIRE: Amidst a sea of marketplace choices.
Bulk Beauty will partner with zero-waste brands that are Cruelty free.
- Vegan.
- Sustainable.
The products that they love and can feel good about.
And can share with their friends.
"Check this new app out, BB".
ALL: Bulk Beauty.
Ah-ha-ha, ah-ha-ha Ah-ha-ha, ah-ha-ha, ah-ha Ah-ha-ha, ah-ha-ha Ah-ha-ha, ah-ha-ha, ah How did I wake up surrounded by walls How did I break all my bones? Keep banging the concrete to blow up these halls Falling nirvana the staring abyss I know that you know I'm tumbling and slipping I'm moaning, I'm tripping I cannot explain what I mean Pharaohs, witches and queens JUDGE MARTIN: Defense counsel, you ready to present your argument? Yes, we are, Your Honor.
Excuse me, Judge Gutierrez, Agents Nunn and Haverman with the FBI.
We apologize for the interruption, but we need to make an arrest.
JUDGE MARTIN: Who are you arresting? Kathleen Gale.
KATHLEEN: Uh, don't worry about it.
I will straighten this out.
Uh, Callie, you make the argument.
I can't.
You found the novel defense.
You watched me prep.
You can do this.
You have the right to remain silent Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah.
I waive my rights.
And those are not necessary, unless you plan on buying me dinner first.
So how would the defense like to proceed? I will be presenting the argument for the defense, Your Honor.
Why don't you cut your teeth on this one? - Uh - Show me that you can do it.
I'll be responding for the prosecution.
I love it.
We'd love to fund your app.
Ladies, I'd like you to meet our CEO, Vincent.
I just bought a fantastic app from these women.
Can't wait to hear about it.
I'll be in touch with the details.
Talk soon.
(EXCITED CHATTER) Welcome to the Great Al Qaeda Baking Show.
(ALL LAUGHING) My pronouns are "they/them".
My adjective is "illustrious", my adverb, "swimmingly", and my favorite interjection is "bazoonga".
(ALL LAUGHING) (IN ASIAN ACCENT): Suddenly I so popular.
Yo, move your arm, homie.
We can't see the paper.
Ooh! Joke's on them.
I not so smart.
(ASIAN MUSIC PLAYING) She wears glasses but fails her classes She's all heart but not that smart Can't ride a bike Her brain's on strike She's Alice, the dumb Asian One of a kind Always behind Drools in her sleep Thoughts ain't that deep (SONG FADES) (SOMBER MUSIC PLAYING) She's Alice I'm Alice The dumb Asian Wow! You guys killed it! This is one of the best showcases I've ever seen.
SCOTT: Oh, great job, guys.
(ALL APPLAUDING) MALIKA: After the new moon ceremony, Isaac asked me if I wanted to be in a relationship with you.
I told him no.
But then I took him to therapy with me to tell him I lied.
I do want to pursue a relationship with Dyonte.
Not that I'm assuming the feeling is mutual.
Come on.
You know it is.
And I also told him that I love him and I want to be with him too.
DYONTE: Of course.
So what did he say? I can't deal with this.
I haven't heard from him since.
The truth is if he can't do this then neither can I.
We will show that the time code on the security system at the liquor store, placing the defendant there at 11:09, was five minutes slow.
It was actually 11:14.
Objection, Your Honor.
We have no idea if the equipment changed or if someone tampered with it.
It's a signed affidavit from the owner of the liquor store - Your Honor - stating that the security system in place is the same one from the night in question.
The people's case doesn't depend solely on a timeline.
We have compelling evidence regarding motive.
Motive alone can never result in a conviction - as a matter of law.
- We also have eyewitnesses who will testify that the defendant and victim were in a heated argument shortly before the murder.
Again, relates to motive which is meaningless Your Honor, there is nothing novel Excuse me, I'm speaking.
Meaningless unless they can prove that my client was at the party at the time the victim died.
I'm sorry, are you finished? Probably not.
Your Honor, these are the same stall tactics former counsel were employing.
The victim's family deserves better than to be taken along on another fishing expedition while justice waits to be served.
Our client deserves a fair trial.
All right, all right.
I'm going to grant defense's request for a continuance, but only two weeks.
And then this trial will commence.
Great job.
Look, don't worry about it.
Two weeks is nothing.
Besides, Tommy Sung will probably be looking for yet another attorney.
Maybe that will finally motivate him to take the plea deal.
- MATT: Hey.
- Hey! Just, uh, dropping this off.
Well, thank you for dropping off this important document.
We should probably explore a private meeting place on the premises.
You know, the library closes early on Fridays.
- Hm.
- Mm.
MAN: Andre Johnson? You're supposed to be in math class.
Tibbets sent me here.
He has permission to be here.
Andre, this is your third strike.
Let's go.
You're not taking him out of this classroom.
- Step aside.
- I don't think so.
So now what? We should probably just go home, wait to hear from Kathleen.
I'm sure she'll sort this out.
You're right.
I bet she'll be in bright and early.
Business as usual.
JAMIE: Callie.
Uh, go ahead.
I'll catch up.
Rothman asked me to take the response.
- It wasn't my idea.
- I'm sure it wasn't.
He knows you're my ex, and he's using you to get under my skin.
How would he know that? Maybe your new girlfriend told him.
Think about it, Jamie.
You just started at the DA's office.
Why would they put you on a big murder case? Callie.
I know you don't wanna You don't want to hear this right now, but your boss is in serious trouble.
I'm not interested in anything you have to say about that.
DAVIA: Andre didn't cut class.
He's doing what we told him to.
He shouldn't be getting a third strike.
I agree.
If anyone's to blame, it's the teachers who decided to go behind my back and implement an unapproved program.
We were trying to show that restorative justice can work in our school.
The kids are really responding, especially through art.
That's all fine but we have the Common Core tests coming up which determine how much money the school districts get and how resources are allocated.
We need to be preparing the students for those.
JORDAN: We agree.
That's why we think that this would make a great after-school program.
After-school programs cost money.
I can get supplies donated.
Who are you? He is our art teacher.
I can also donate my time as well.
- So will I.
- Me too.
Okay, guys, we still have to pay for utilities and and extra janitorial hours, and overtime for these guys.
JORDAN: Look! Look at some of the art these students have made.
We can replace punishment with encouragement.
We can build up self-esteem instead of tearing it down.
I'll approve it as a pilot program for now.
But if we don't improve our test scores, I'm not gonna be able to justify keeping it.
Thank you.
And don't go behind my back again.
You're all on thin ice as it is.
Andre, that goes for you too.
Now get to class.
DAVIA: I can't believe we did that! (ALL CHEERING) JORDAN: What a great idea.
Yes! Finally! Hey.
You were so funny.
Wow, uh Thank you.
Coming from you I mean, when I was nine, I had Notorious C.
on, like, a continuous loop.
Well, I apologize for corrupting your youth.
And in exchange, if you ever want advice or have questions, Scott has my number.
Seriously? Thanks, so much.
Actually, can I ask you one right now? Yeah.
When you did the program, did they make you lean into being Asian? It was actually way worse.
But we kind of leaned into the stereotypes ourselves.
One difference is we were writing it.
So it felt like we were in control.
If you were in control, why go there at all? It's what the network wanted.
And we wanted money and agents, and when you make it, you can change things.
But your one job now is to play the game and get past the gatekeepers.
I mean, if we keep playing the game, aren't we part of the problem? Maybe as someone who's made it, you could help change what it takes to get where you are? Okay, now, now, let's break this up.
You have got to share her, Kwan.
Come on.
Margaret, tell us stories.
Margaret Cho, ladies and gentlemen.
Sorry I walked out of therapy.
I wasn't expecting you to say all that.
I'm sorry.
And I didn't mean to corner you.
I just felt like I needed to be honest about how I was feeling.
But if this is too much, then we can just stay monogamous.
I don't want to lose you.
Yeah, but you don't But you don't really want that.
And I don't want you to put your feelings aside just to keep me.
Plus, if we're being honest, knowing that you have feelings for a guy you work with, that you're seeing every day, I'm just always gonna wonder what's going on.
I would never cheat on you.
I know that.
Look, if this is who you are, I don't want to change you.
So I guess the only option is if I don't want to lose you is to find a way to accept this.
I love Margaret Cho, but I can't believe she said her year was even worse.
MAGDA: And they wrote that kind of shit themselves? Why should we be complicit? Just because that's the way it's always been? - Preach.
- STACEY: I'm tired of putting this stereotypical bullshit out there.
Yeah, we all are.
SANJANA: Scott told me today he's worried I'm not Indian enough.
- Ew.
- Gross.
And my neck is killing me from all that snapping he got me doing.
If he makes one more "It's Pat" joke, I am gonna grin and bear it.
I'm not gonna do anything.
(ALL CHUCKLE) Why should we have to, you know, grin and bear it? What if we just said no? - ALL: Yeah.
- What are they gonna do? It's way too late to recast us.
They need us more than we need them.
- Mm-hmm.
- If we stand together, - they got to listen to us.
- ALICE: True.
We have power in numbers, right? Yeah.
Seven people is not a lot of numbers, you guys.
And we can demand that we write our own material.
- Oooh! - If not now, when? Let's take our power back.
Yes! Yeah! You're the place I go to Tonight, tonight The face I tell it all to Tonight, tonight I was listening to love songs no one listens anymore I thought of who you were Beneath the clothing that you wore I tried to tune you out But you can never be ignored You can never be ignored Tonight, tonight Wow! I wanted to take you out to celebrate, but since we can't be seen in public Thank you.
I mean, this is incredible.
And thank you for setting up the pitch meeting.
Never would've happened without you.
All someone had to do was open the door.
You walked through it.
I, uh, also got you this.
BB, for Bulk Beauty.
I got it on Etsy.
I hope you like it.
Yes, it's so thoughtful.
The woman who made it said it was sort of goth.
I love you.
I love you too.
Tonight, tonight You're the place I go to Tonight, tonight The face I tell it all to Tonight, tonight So, when are you gonna tell the girls about us? I'd really like to take you out for a proper celebration.
- Uh - (PHONE BUZZES) (GASPS) It's Jackie! Hi! Um, Jackie, how are you? JACKIE (OVER PHONE): I'm okay.
Uh, listen, I've got some bad news.
Vincent passed on the project.
But I thought you said that it was a done deal.
JACKIE (OVER PHONE): I thought it was.
Usually, he just signs off.
Okay, well, maybe if we could just pitch it to him? I'm sure if he saw your enthusiasm, uh, but, unfortunately, he doesn't hear pitches.
I'm sorry.
It's a good idea.
I'm sure it'll land somewhere else.
Best of luck.
I'm so sorry.
How am I going to tell the girls? This is all my fault.
How is it your fault? They quit their jobs because of me.
And now they're all running out of money.
Well, you can have your old jobs back at Speckulate.
No, that's not what we want.
We wa We want to create something new, put something good out into the world.
Not have to answer to a boss who refuses to shut something evil down because it's bad for business.
Is Is that how you feel? No, but it's it's what they'll say.
(SCHOOL BELL RINGS) Please study your Common Core worksheet for tomorrow.
- GAEL: Hey, Davia.
- Hey.
What's up, Andre? I just wanted to thank you again for standing up for me with the cops.
That was dope.
Of course.
And we're all really happy with the RJ after-school program.
But what we really want is to get the cops out of our school.
We all want that, Andre.
I know, but nothing's been happening.
So me and a few of the other RJ kids decided to start this petition.
We refuse to take the Common Core test if they don't take the cops out of the school immediately.
I'm not sure that this is the best way to do that, Andre.
Look, I'm tired of coming to school every day and being scared that I'm gonna get searched.
Or I'm gonna get a third strike and get sent to juvie.
I mean, at some point, like you taught us, we have to take a stand for justice.
For ourselves.
And if we all sign this, they can't take us all out.
And I know you're on thin ice with Solomon too, so I get if it's a lot to ask.
That kid's not selling his soul.
(DOOR OPENS) I got an idea for a new series, incorporating some of your, uh, your brighter colors.
I've been thinking about it.
I know I'm the one who encouraged you to get this internship, but this guy is toxic.
And he's taking advantage of you.
Why don't you quit? I mean, I was going to and then Yuri gave me this.
Oooh! What's this? It's the cut of the painting he sold.
Maybe I'd be stupid to walk away if he's gonna pay me.
Even if he signs his name to your work? Well, to selling our souls.
To selling our souls.
Watching you sign your name onto the pieces that I create, that's not my dream.
Suit yourself.
Oh, but before you go Did you ever ask your mate, Callie, if I could have her number? - You're not her type.
- Oh, really? And what is her type then? Not you.
- What happened? - The FBI.
Swarmed in.
Ransacked the place.
CALLIE: That was fast.
Still no word from Kathleen? She must be in some deep shit.
(PHONE CHIMES) Everything okay? CALLIE: I'm sorry.
I can't do this.
Why? Because we work together.
My life is is too complicated as it is.
Oh, this does not have to be complicated.
It could just be about this moment.
I think my heart's just with someone else.
Uh, yeah, fine.
MARIANA: Hi! Vincent.
Um, I'm sorry to bother you.
Mariana Adams Foster We met the other day.
Jackie introduced us after we pitched our app to her.
I remember.
She's very excited about your idea.
Yes, she was.
Um, you know, I think something got lost in the translation when she was pitching the idea to you.
I'm gonna stop you there.
Jackie never pitched your idea to me.
Mariana? What are you doing here? I'm sorry I lied about Vincent passing on your pitch.
I thought it would be easier than Than telling me the truth? What happened? I thought you loved it.
I did love it.
But after our meeting, I did some asking around about you and your team and found out you made everyone's salaries at Speckulate public.
But, you know, even if we had done that, it exposed the gender pay gap which, you know, I'm sure you, as a woman, can appreciate.
All we ever did was stand up for doing the right thing.
But the perception is that you and your team are trouble-makers.
And for me, as a woman, I have to be very careful where I invest the company's money.
My choices are scrutinized more closely.
I don't have the luxury of making a mistake.
- We're not a mistake.
- Maybe.
But your actions today, confronting my boss, only confirmed my concerns.
I'm sorry.
- Hey! - Hey.
Hi, Callie.
Isabella! You're back.
Hey, maybe we can talk later? Yeah, sure.
(PHONE RINGING) Kathleen? If we sign this petition, we could lose our jobs.
And if we don't, what do we lose? The kids.
Their trust.
We didn't get into this for the money.
Speak for yourself.
One more year of this, and I'll pay for my master's.
(CHUCKLING) So you're like one of those actually good people, huh? Now, that doesn't sound very sexy.
It is to me.
What's up? Shaun got cut.
What? Why? Uh, I didn't "pop".
Whatever that means.
I guess with, uh, you being the Asian one, and you being the gender diverse one, I'm just redundant.
That's bullshit.
You're more than just the boxes you check.
We all are.
Thanks, guys.
I'll be fine.
(CLEARS THROAT) Uh, good luck.
I know.
You're all mad because I'm the bad guy who had to cut your friend.
But the choice needed to be made.
Why? Why does anyone have to be cut? 'Cause every year we showcase five performers.
And, frankly, it's motivation.
Why do fear and money have to be the motivation? Because that's how the world works! And if you don't like it, you can take it up with the man upstairs.
His name is Bob Brizler, and he is the head of the network.
Actually, we'd like to take some things up with you.
We're not comfortable doing these racist and transphobic sketches.
If you want us to perform jokes about our identities, then we should be the ones writing them.
- No offense.
- There it is! The PC police.
This is everything that is wrong with comedy.
Jokes are meant to provoke, to take risks, yes? Push the envelope.
What's risky about the same lame stereotypes from forever? We can do an unfunny showcase if you want.
That's totally fine.
I mean, you'll ruin your chances of an SNL test and a $70,000 talent deal, so that you can do a clever sketch about identity politics.
Anybody else have a problem with the material? (SCOTT LAUGHING) Anybody? Anyone? That's what I thought.
You know, we don't need to do this program at all.
We're just doing it so that you get the opportunity.
And I'm sorry, Alice, if you don't want it, you can leave.
I will.
After I get my bag.
How are you doing? So what are you saying? I'm saying I have two choices.
Lose you or be cool with you seeing Dyonte.
And I'm not cool with either option.
I just I don't know how to accept this.
I need time to process all this.
So I think what I need for us is to take a break.
When we start Looking at to see how far we go to the end So Never see how far we go to the end Never see how far we go When we start Never see how far we go to the end Oh, you Why are you Why are you crying? Never see how far we go If I hadn't met you, none of this would have happened.
And I wouldn't be possibly losing him.
I love Isaac, and the only way I can prove that to him is not to see you anymore.
So, what was that kiss? That was goodbye.
- I'm sorry.
- All right.
(SOMBER MUSIC PLAYING) You took your time getting here.
Why did you call me? I want you to be my lawyer.
(KNOCK ON DOOR) Thank you for seeing me.
Of course.
So I changed my mind.
What do you know about what the FBI has on Kathleen? Officially, witness tampering.
And unofficially? Kathleen was representing a major player in the Chinese mob, Albert Chen.
He was being charged with money laundering and racketeering.
Looked like she was going to get him off, until they found out that the wife was going to testify against him.
And then suddenly the wife disappeared.
And what does that have to do with Kathleen? They believe she was complicit in the disappearance.
Or knows something about it.
By disappearance you mean They think the wife was murdered and that Kathleen might know where the body's buried.
Maybe even literally.
I find this very hard to believe.
Callie, I know that you respect her.
But regardless of everything that's happened between us, I don't wanna see you get hurt.
I know what the FBI is charging you with.
Did you have anything to do with the disappearance of the witness? Are you my lawyer? (CLEARS THROAT) Yes, I did.
CLAIRE: So, how are we going to get the money for Bulk Beauty now? RACHEL: Now that our bad reputations precede us.
All we wanted was an equitable workplace.
Instead, we got taunted about our periods.
And the misogyny and the gaslighting was through the roof.
GINA: It's Evan who should have a bad reputation.
He allowed all of this to happen while he turned a blind eye.
He's to blame for the toxic work environment.
What do we do now? We let Evan fund Bulk Beauty.
We are not pitching him another one of our ideas.
That's not what I mean.
We don't ask for the money.
We sue Speckulate and Evan Speck for workplace harassment.
It's not like we don't have a solid case.
And then when we win, we take that money and we fund Bulk Beauty ourselves.
- CLAIRE: You're right! - RACHEL: Yeah.
That's exactly what we should do.
No, we can't sue Evan.
ALL: Why not? Because he's my boyfriend.
GAEL: I'm sorry about earlier, Callie.
It must've been weird seeing Isabella in my loft.
I was not expecting her.
So what was she doing here? Uh, she came to tell me I'm pregnant.
The baby is yours and, um I'm gonna have it.
I I don't expect anything from you though.
I just I, um, I thought you should know.
What are you gonna do? If the baby's mine, I definitely wanna help.
I can't let her do this alone.
Day breaks and when I turn You're not on my pillow My head shakes and then the penny drops Still your t-shirt on my chair Penciled hearts on paper I try not to think but I can't stop Davia.
And doubt sets in like a storm I could feel it coming And words echo out yesterday Dennis, what are you doing here? Um I realized I've been an idiot.
I didn't need to leave the best thing in my life to find some light.
You are my light.
I have no right to miss you When I didn't wanna stay I'm not sure I wear it as well as you.
I have no right to need you When I knew what my heart was gonna lose I have no right to love you But I do This is Matt.
I still do This is Dennis.
And I have no right to need you When I knew what my heart was gonna lose To ask if you're okay Whoa, I still do
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