Good Trouble (2019) s03e15 Episode Script

Lunar New Year

1 I bought it.
This is my new passion.
I'm gonna cook for people.
Oh, wow.
There's nothing going on between me and Dennis.
Are you still sorting out your feelings, if you're just friends? I feel like all this is happening a little faster than I'm ready for.
And this isn't just a new relationship for me, it's a whole new love-style.
Meeting Tanya, I didn't feel ready to do that.
Then why did you do it? I didn't want to do poly wrong.
What if I take a break from work on Saturday, and we spend the whole day together? I'd love to, but I have this parenting class with Isabella.
I should go.
I have drinks with Ruby.
Wait, I thought that wasn't happening anymore.
It's just casual.
Friends I think.
You talk to your brother? I'm gay! You knew? We knew for long time.
We've just been waiting for you to tell us.
Of course, no one in the family can know.
Everything must stand up to the white-glove test.
No dirt, dust, or dirty socks under the couch.
Not a speck of grease or grime.
We have to clean all the bad luck away so all the good luck can come in.
You're all doing great.
You shouldn't breathe the fumes.
They're toxic.
We need more red lanterns for good fortune and joy.
You're killing it! Oh, hey, Isabella, don't climb.
I'll do that.
No, no, no, no, no.
The fu is supposed to be upside down, so we can invite the blessings in.
Woah, Isabella! That's very sharp.
Here, just Just let me do it, okay? The tablecloths are here.
Finally! Okay.
These aren't red.
They're pimento.
- It's okay.
- No, it's not! Everything needs to be perfect.
So the comedy program is going really well.
I think I have a good shot of getting my sketch into the showcase.
And that means getting an agent maybe and even a $70,000 talent deal.
That's nice.
Did David tell you he got a promotion at the bank? No, but you did.
Several times.
He even got his own parking space.
Look, he sent us a photo.
Lucky number eight.
Very auspicious.
And he just bought a condo, 1200 square feet, two bedrooms.
And he offered to host the Lunar New Year party this year.
Guess he won't be getting a red envelope anymore.
Since he's a real adult now.
You You know what? Why don't I host the party? The Coterie is, like, 3000 square feet, way bigger than David's little starter condo.
I don't know What's to know? It's settled.
I'm hosting.
And no red envelopes needed.
I'll be giving 'em out this year.
Are you sure? Positive.
Everything will be perfect.
It doesn't need to be perfect.
Yes, it does.
I need to prove that my brother's not the only one who can do everything right and that I'm not just the funny one who fails.
Okay, breathe.
Remember, it's bad luck to have unhappy thoughts around Lunar New Year.
You're right.
I need to calm down.
Where are the red envelopes I ordered? We can't do this without red envelopes! Why am I destined to fail? I feel like this fish is fighting back.
Because you're basically attacking it.
Just be gentle.
Here, let me show you.
Hope I'm not too late to get in on the action.
Uh, you've got this.
Wow, that's a whole fish.
A whole yu symbolizes the wish for abundance in the coming year.
That's about all the Chinese I know.
But I brought oranges for good fortune.
I'll take those, and, uh, why don't you help Alice with the fish? I'll be happy to.
The balls have arrived! Thank you.
I'm here.
It only took two and a half hours and four bus rides, but I made it to Monterey Park and back, and here it is, soupy rice porridge.
No, no, no, no.
I asked for soupy rice balls.
Tang yuan.
The traditional Lunar New Year dessert.
Oh, my God, I'm so sorry.
- Now we only have 15 dishes.
- Is that - It's fine.
- Bad luck! Dennis, can you drive to Monterey Park and pick up tang yuan? Soupy rice balls.
Emphasis on the balls.
Like right now.
A year's worth of luck and my friendship with Alice depends on this.
Say no more.
I got it.
Mother The food truck won't start.
So take your car.
Sold it to buy the food truck.
Oh, no.
The place closes in 20 minutes.
You know what? Uh Never mind.
I have an idea.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Thank you.
You are literally saving my ass right now.
And the Lunar New Year.
Um, happy to help.
What's all this? I brought a little food just in case.
Sumi! Hey, sis, thanks for hosting.
Go get the rest out of the car.
Wait, no, Mom.
We have enough food.
I can see that.
We can save these for dogs.
Uh, sorry.
I'm trying to close a 50-million-dollar deal.
Wow! 50 million dollars! So exciting! Dad, I'm giving out the red envelopes this year.
But you don't have money.
I have credit.
Plus I'm about to get discovered.
Oh, that's the spirit! Thank you.
Are you married? Uh, no.
Have a prosperous and lucky new year.
Thank you! Well, I should probably go.
No, stay.
Besides, It's bad luck to receive a red envelope and leave.
I don't want to tempt fate.
Woah! Plus leaving this party could be a serious financial mistake.
See? Uh, Matt brought the rice balls.
You saved the day.
I live near Monterey Park.
Anyone up for a baijiu cocktail? Yes.
- Great! - Thank you.
Aiyaa! Pimento.
Hmm, these are delicious.
Ooh, and strong.
Oh, that's the water reminder.
Only 48 more ounces to go today.
Got it.
That's a lot of water.
Yeah, pregnant women, they It's always good to stay hydrated.
Yeah, especially with that Ox baby in there.
What? Hello, your baby will be born in the Year of the Ox.
Which is a good thing, I guess.
They tend to be honest and earnest, like this crowd.
So how was the the parenting class? Fine.
Oh, it's Jazmin.
Hey, you mind if I call you back in a sec? Okay.
Everything okay? Yeah, yeah, all good.
Um, I'll be right back.
Uh, what were you gonna say about pregnant women? Uh, that they just need between 64 and 96 ounces of water a day.
Also, you should consider wearing red underwear every day until you (POPS).
For good luck.
That's actually not a bad idea.
- Would you like a refill? - Um, sure.
- Yeah.
- Thanks.
Just turned on my phone but can you come over I'm ready you know So Matt's here.
He brought the rice balls.
- It's a long story.
- Okay.
I'm so confused.
How much longer can I keep both Matt and Dennis in the friend zone? Why do you have to? Maybe you should consider polyamory.
So I date them both and they just date whoever they want too? That's generally how it works.
And it really doesn't bother you that Dyonte has another girlfriend? No.
In fact, I invited them both here today.
And that's not awkward? Not at all.
We brought Chinese whiskey.
Chinese whiskey, yes.
So good Ooh.
Yeah, that's not awkward at all.
Mom, Dad, these are my friends from the comedy program.
I'm gonna need more envelopes for all the new guests.
Dad, I told you, I got this.
So giving red envelopes with money to friends and family is a tradition that symbolizes good wishes and luck for the new year.
Oh, sure.
Oh, just a heads-up.
Uh, the ink might not be completely dry.
You know, had a little issue with the ATM this morning.
So those are crisp IOUs and some Woke N' Broke bucks.
I'm good for it.
I promise.
It's done.
I closed the deal.
That's my boy! You make us so proud.
I understand that Isabella's pregnant, but I'm pretty sure she can keep track of her own hydration.
And why is Gael suddenly so afraid to say the word "pregnant" around me? I mean I wonder if maybe he's having second thoughts about our relationship.
Or maybe he's just trying not to overwhelm you with too much talk about the baby.
Why would he think I'm overwhelmed? I haven't said anything.
Hey, can I ask you something? Sure.
Callie's been so understanding about all of this.
But is she really okay? Well, and I don't know this for a fact - Hmm? - but if it were me, I maybe might not want to hear every little detail about you, Isabella, and the baby.
I might have advised him to dial it back on the baby talk.
Why would you tell him that? So Gael and Isabella are taking parenting classes.
Oh, wow.
They're really doing this.
I mean, together.
Well, yeah.
I mean, it's what they should be doing.
It's just all getting pretty real pretty fast.
Well, I know you're being supportive, but it must be hard.
A little.
I think maybe if he told me a little less, that might help.
I told him that because that's what you said to me.
To you.
Not to him! Okay, well, maybe you should say it to him.
I think you need to be honest.
Let him know how much you do and don't want to know.
What if I don't know what I do and don't want to know? Well, then you need to figure it out.
I think what I need is another drink.
Or maybe you need a water reminder.
No, I am fine.
I am under a lot of stress with with work and and now this, so what I need is is to unwind.
And I don't need you monitoring my drinking or my hydration.
Thank you.
To the Lunar New Year.
To you, Malika, - for inviting me.
- Aw.
- Thank you.
- Of course.
Alice said to bring friends and, you know, we're all friends.
So to friends.
Oh, my God.
Wow! That burns.
Hmm, burns so good.
Oh, wow.
How about another one? - I'll get it.
- Okay.
He's been fasting for the big feast.
Hmm, you sure? Um, I can hold my liquor.
- I don't know that to be true.
- Yeah, we'll see.
All right.
- Cheers.
- Cheers.
So should we wake him? Maybe wait until dinner is served.
I think he needs food.
So So where's this pool Dyonte has been telling me about? Hey, I hope it's cool that Matt is here.
Of course.
He saved the day.
How could I not be cool with that? More baijiu for my boo.
Thank you.
So I date them both and they just date whoever they want too? That's generally how it works.
Getting more baijiu.
Delish baijiu.
Just dump it on ya.
I'm actually a teacher in this school.
Okay, so it's not yours from middle school? No, I didn't, like, steal it.
Okay, okay, okay.
Yeah, no, I teach there.
I teach, uh, English and Algebra.
- Oh, Algebra! - You like Algebra? God! I can't get over this view.
And this pool! I want to move in.
Maybe that might be a little too close for comfort? Yeah.
So Dyonte was telling me that you asked to slow things down with him.
And I don't want to pry into your business, but I was just wondering if that had anything to do with meeting me? Uh, no.
I mean You know, not specifically.
I think this whole thing is just new to me, and I was feeling a little Overwhelmed? - Yes.
- I get it.
I've been poly for a while now and still it at times has its, uh, challenges.
To be honest, when I met you and I realized how much time you and Dyonte were spending together at work and after work, I think I felt a little insecure.
Really? You always seem so confident.
I wanna be you when I grow up.
I'm just good at hiding it.
But I guess what I'm trying to say is the more I've gotten to know you, the better I'm feeling about everything.
- Me too.
- Oh, good.
I don't want to be responsible for you pumping the brakes.
You're not.
Or for being a buffer.
Like, don't get me wrong, I I really appreciate you inviting me to this, but I was kind of wondering if I'm here to keep some distance between you and Dyonte.
Well, look who woke up from his nap, Mr.
Okay, maybe not on an empty stomach, but, uh, what What's going on here? Just some girl talk.
Just some Dennis, is that your roach coach outside? You mean my food truck? Yeah, yeah.
Why? The alley is a tow zone, dude.
You got to move it, ASAP.
I can't.
It won't start.
Then say bye-bye to your roach coach.
I know a little about engines.
Happy to take a look at it.
No, uh, thanks.
I got it.
Oh, so you'd rather pay to get it out of impound? All right, you can take a look at it if you want.
- Sure.
- I'll come too.
- No, thanks.
- No, we've got it.
Thank you.
Excuse me.
Okay, well, it's not the battery.
So, uh what kind of food you planning to serve? I don't know yet.
I, uh, kind of bought it on impulse.
You're spontaneous.
That's great.
How How'd you learn about cars? Oh, my dad.
He, uh, loved fixing up old beaters.
He even He did some amateur racing.
- Hmm.
- Terrified my mom.
Oh, I used to have a motorcycle.
My ex-wife hated it.
What about you? You into racing? Uh, no.
No, I'm kind of risk averse, which probably makes me a little boring.
Not necessarily.
Impulsive people can get pretty boring too.
I don't know.
Some people need an element of surprise, you know, to keep it interesting.
Why don't you try to start it now? Yeah? Dumplings, jiaozi, are the same size and shape of the small gold ingots that were used for money in ancient China.
So eating jiaozi satisfies the desire for wealth.
Oh! Well, I need to start eating more of these then.
- Right? - Facts.
Shaun, that is a very good seal.
Oh, thank you.
Uh, my mom's Chinese, so she taught me well.
I tried to teach Alice, but she has foot-fingers.
Good for farmer.
Bad for pleating.
What's wrong with my pleats? David always made perfect seal.
Oh, yeah.
Why don't you jump in here, bro? Just got my nails buffed.
Everyone knows that you used to pass off Auntie Lou's dumplings as your own.
Not Mom and Dad.
You're lucky I'm still not a tattletale.
Na-na-na-na, na-na-na.
So annoying.
Do I have foot-hands? No.
And I've always loved your hands.
This was supposed to be my party, and now my mom's taking over.
Let her cook.
You did all of this.
With a lot of help.
And don't forget, we're going to surprise everyone with our lion dance after dinner.
Your family will love that! True.
They can't take that away from me.
Surprise! I hired a professional lion dance troupe.
Or maybe they can.
What are you doing up here? You should be hosting your party.
This isn't my party! This is your party and David's party.
He's been upstaging me since the day I was born.
He walked sooner, talked sooner, never pooped in the yard.
Because that's what you did with the dog! And I was two.
The point is, I want to make you proud, and I don't know how.
You make us proud just by being you.
I tell my friends at Mahjong all about my son, the banker, and my daughter, the building manager.
You do? Of course.
It's a big job.
Even if this place is in such disrepair, but your tenants seem happy.
The disrepair is what makes it cool, Mom.
Just FYI.
And you have a pool.
Very auspicious.
And I'm also funny.
And I want you to be proud that I got into this comedy showcase and I might get on TV.
It's just hard for us to understand because only famous people get on TV.
TV is what makes them famous, Dad.
They weren't born that way.
Hmm, I guess it's the chicken and the egg.
We love you, whether you're the chicken or the egg.
Then why are you always saying things like, I have foot-fingers? And why are you so afraid to tell the rest of the family that I'm gay? I mean, does David even know? It's not our job to tell David.
Are you afraid to tell him? No.
And we're just making jokes about your little hands.
Now I have little hands? Aiyaa! You being always so sensitive.
Just like me.
When I was young, my mother tried to toughen me up.
We just want you to have thicker skin because life can be hard for someone with a sweet heart like yours.
Well, I am getting tougher, and I'm learning how to stand up for myself.
I don't want you to make jokes and cut me down, 'cause that doesn't build me up.
Doesn't make me feel good.
And that's the only way a sweet heart can survive in this world.
That is very wise.
Sounds like something I would say.
You're right.
Uh, from now on, I'll try to keep my jokes to myself.
And now let's have some happy thoughts on New Year's Eve so we don't have a whole year of bad luck, okay? Okay.
We love you.
I love you too.
I'm sorry to interrupt, but the oven's not working.
Is this part of the cool disrepair? I think the ancestor smoke clogged the gas lines.
What are we gonna do? How are we gonna cook all this food? Dennis! We need you and your food truck.
No, it's not ready! You have to caramelize.
Adds flavor.
And you should cut your hair.
It's too long for cooking.
Very unsanitary.
See? It's cooked.
And it's just hard, you know? 'Cause Gael is crashing in Dennis's loft, his baby mama is living in his loft, and I am living with my single sister who is just always home.
Just can't get any alone time, you know? Yeah, honey, well, the solution's obvious.
The solution to our problem is obvious.
What problem? Our living situation.
Guys, okay, I have a proposition.
So Isabella will move in with Mariana, Gael will move back into his loft, and I will move in with him.
What do you think? It's so obvious, right? - Um - I guess.
- Yeah.
- Sure.
Great! It's settled then.
Legend has it that long ago, during the age of great floods, there was a vicious monster named Nian, which means "year".
Whenever the 30th day of the last lunar month arrived, this monster would rise up from the sea, killing people and wreaking havoc in their fields and gardens.
The people would bar their doors before dark and sit up all night, coming out the next day to greet their neighbors and congratulate them on surviving.
Eventually, the villagers decided to fight back by creating a beast of their own.
So they made a lion's head of bamboo and a body of colorful cloth.
When Nian appeared the next year, two men wearing the lion's costume came charging out, while the rest of the villagers created a racket by banging on their pots and pans.
The startled Nian fled and was never seen again.
Now the lion dance represents joy and happiness.
It brings good fortune and chases away the evil spirits to assure prosperity and good luck for the upcoming year.
We love you, Alice! I want to thank you all for coming.
And And Dennis, for being my mother's sous chef and cooking all the delicious food.
You saved the day! You know, I thought I wanted to have this party to prove to my parents that I'm an adult.
But I think what I really wanted was to share a piece of my culture with everyone.
Sometimes it's hard to balance keeping Asian traditions alive and also trying to feel American.
My comedy program folks and I have been through some tough times recently, being forced into a stereotypical box.
I realize that everyone's experience is different, no matter what you look like.
Celebrating and understanding those differences goes a long way.
Tonight was healing for me, and I hope, in some way, for all of you.
I've never been prouder to be Chinese.
And I'm just so proud to be able to call all of you family.
So are you and Alice still a thing? Uh, we kind of were before the program.
Then we weren't.
But I'm working on it.
Sorry about the dance troupe.
I didn't know you and Sumi had your own lion dance planned.
It's okay.
Only thing better than one lion dance is two.
That's the most Chinese thing you've ever said.
So is, uh, everything okay between you and the folks? Yeah.
Don't worry, I didn't take your job as golden boy.
You think I like being the golden boy? I've had nothing but expectations placed on me since I was born.
I mean, you get to be whoever you want to be because I'm the one who has to fulfill all their dreams.
Could you imagine if I wanted to be a stand-up comedian? No, because you're not funny.
You know, all they ever talk about with me is you.
Get out! I mean, it's not all good stuff but Ha-ha! See? I'm funny.
But not like you.
I mean, you're always the really funny one.
And your friends in the comedy program, they told me how you stood up for all of them.
It made me really proud to be your brother.
But don't tell anyone, okay? The golden child bows to no one.
Seriously, we should really spend more time together.
I miss you! I'm gay.
Maybe we can grab a bite next week? Sounds good.
And I miss you too.
I was surprised you asked me to stay tonight.
I thought you wanted to slow this down.
So did I.
Hey! More baijiu cocktails? Thank you.
So We never finished our chat earlier.
Look, if I'm being honest, I really did want you to come, but I guess, in part, I did invite you to be a buffer.
I think I'm scared to get too close to Dyonte.
Not because this is new or because I met you but because I got really hurt in my last relationship.
He gave up on me and us.
And I'm scared of that happening again.
But tonight, I realized the past is like Nian.
- You know, it terrorizes you.
- Yeah.
But every new year is a chance to start over.
That's what I'm gonna do.
Well, this is a happy new year.
Callie? Are you okay? Yeah.
Um I had a bit too much to drink last night.
What about you? Are you having morning sickness again? Uh, no.
I'm actually hiding from Gael.
He's kind of been smothering me.
Yeah, I noticed that.
So, um, do you want to start the whole move thing today or do you wanna wait until tomorrow when you're feeling a little better? So about last night, I was maybe a little hammered.
The truth is, I am not ready for us to move in together.
What I want is is a little more time together.
And I could stand a little less time together.
I'm just I'm feeling a little smothered.
And it's not that I don't appreciate it.
I am so sorry.
I didn't realize Don't apologize.
There will come a time where I shouldn't be climbing on ladders and I do need that 3:00 a.
chocolate pudding run.
But that time is is not right now.
Okay, I hear you.
But I had an idea.
I was thinking maybe I could spend a couple of nights a week with Mariana so that you guys can have some privacy up here.
That is a much better idea than mine.
Um, if you're sure I am sure.
Yes, I am.
Um, okay, I'll leave you guys to it because I'm craving a bacon and cheese sandwich.
That sounds disgusting.
Isn't that a little high in Hm? Yeah, sounds good.
- Go for it.
- Mm.
Um one more thing.
I know Mariana told you to back off on the baby talk.
And it's it's not easy to hear about all of it, but it is way worse when I feel like you're holding back.
Like, um, when Jazmin called and you left to talk to her.
Was that about the baby? Yeah.
And I'm sorry, I was just trying to protect your feelings.
Why? What's going on? I'm not helping you move.
I'm not moving out.
Oh, and I took your advice and asked Gael why he's being weird.
What did he say? Jazmin and I were talking about how to tell our parents about the baby.
And I know that they're gonna want to meet Isabella.
It just feels weird for them to meet her before they meet you.
But I don't know how to introduce the woman that I got pregnant and the other woman that I'm dating.
It just It feels like it's a lot for them to wrap their heads around, you know? No, I get it.
I don't think there's a rush for them to meet me.
Just let them wrap their heads around one thing at a time.
Are you sure? Be honest.
I mean, it hurts a little, but I'm sure.
Well, it's good that you were honest.
And you're never gonna have a happy ending to every issue that you face in any relationship.
When did you get so wise? This is New Mariana.
Oh, okay.
The one that you should have listened to when I said to drink water instead of whiskey.
You were right.
Say that again.
What? Why? Because I need to record it to send to Moms.
- I need video proof.
- Okay, fine.
Fine, you were right, okay? Mariana was right, Moms.
Mariana is the new wise one.
Okay? Did you get that? Oh! I feel like I won an Oscar.
My head.
She who over-baijius does not feel so good in the morning.
What Stop! No cleaning on New Year's Day.
- It's bad luck.
- I like that rule.
Sorry, I forgot.
So how'd it go with Matt and Dennis last night? Well, after some not-so-deep contemplation, turns out polyamory just isn't for me.
I'm not the kind of person who can be with two people I love at the same time.
Hold up.
Did you just say two people that you love? So you love Matt? Oh, my God.
I think I do.
Oh, now, I'm really confused.
I hear you.
Join the club.
Why? Congratulations on a very successful New Year party.
I know you are not a child, but you are our child.
And that will never change.
Xie xie, mama, bubba.
Love you.
So what'd you get? Whoa! Hundred bucks! Now I can make good on all those IOUs I gave out tonight.
Thanks, by the way.
For being there for me.
I never could have done all this without you.
It was nice, getting to be there for you for a change.
- No way! - No way! What are you gonna do? I have no idea.
What did you do? What did you do? Your mom told me to cut my hair.
Never cut your hair on New Year's Day.
Why not? It's bad luck! Oh, shit.
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