Good Trouble (2019) s03e16 Episode Script

Opening Statements

1 I feel like this fish is fighting back.
Just be gentle.
Hope I'm not too late to get in on the action.
I think I'm scared to get too close to Dyonte, not because this is new or because I met you, because I got really hurt in my last relationship.
Tommy Sung.
Coach replaces him with the backup quarterback who also happened to be his best friend.
A few days later, best friend winds up dead.
CALLIE: What do you know about what the FBI has on Kathleen? They think the wife was murdered.
Tommy is not the only one whose fate is on the line here.
If we lose this case, Ken Sung might not tell me where his sister is.
SCOTT: We must weed out the problematic sketches.
Because of her, all our work is being thrown out.
Gallop into the sheets and ride it to the finish.
I haven't seen this sketch before.
Actually, I wrote it.
I'm sorry, the sketch is out.
Alice's sketch deserves to go to the next round.
You're dating Evan Speck? Is that why you broke up with Raj, because you've been cheating on him? You've been lying to us this whole time.
We don't need any of that in our business or in our friendships.
There's literally nothing for me to do at the office.
I could forward all the calls to my cell.
And what if the killer comes in and I'm all alone? You can't be answering calls in court.
And who's gonna supervise the painter? What if the painter is the killer? Working on a murder trial is making you paranoid.
- Hey.
- Hey.
- Hi.
- Hi.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Uh, so, um how are things going at Bulk Beauty? - It's going - Great! That sounds amazing.
(CHUCKLES) Will do! Thank you! So they passed? Yep.
What are we doing wrong? Our presentation is super solid.
There's no one else like us on the market.
Okay, we're too busy coding.
We need to all be focusing on locking down brands.
There's no app without code.
And there's no app without product partners.
We have more brands signing on than we know what to do with.
How about you? How are things? Oh, God, so good.
Ha, you know, I've actually, uh, been working at Callie's law firm.
- Oh! - Doing what? So much.
(UP-TEMPO SONG PLAYING) Last week, I was gathering intel for jury selection on a major murder case.
And I've been spearheading investigations.
I'm actually thinking about starting a true-crime podcast.
- Mm-hmm.
- That's great.
- Yeah.
Um, you know, actually, we're due in court, and I don't want to be held in contempt.
- Hmm.
- So Okay, well, see you.
Uh, good luck.
True-crime podcast? I don't know.
- (PHONE CHIMES) - I can't believe they're doing so well without me.
Maybe they never even really needed me at all.
Maybe answering phone calls and watching paint dry is really all I'm capable of.
Pa-pa-pa pa-pa-pa-pa-pa Pa-pa-pa pa-pa-pa-pa-pa Then we'll find our peace of mind You and me, bel ami Pa-pa-pa, pa-paaa (INDISTINCT CHATTER) Lindsay! (MUSIC PLAYING) Hey! I mean, uh, how are things? How are you? Fine.
How are you? Good! Well, not too good.
I mean, whoever kissed Whoever is, whoever is.
Not "kissed".
I have a cavity right now.
So, meh, not for me.
(CHUCKLES NERVOUSLY) Hey, how are you? All right, coming through.
I have here the list of the sketches that will be in the showcase.
As you know, the show can only be 45 minutes long.
So we had to make cuts.
Let's all just be gracious and professional about it.
- I haven't seen the list.
- Yeah.
No way mine made it in.
Uh, yes way.
The unicorn sketch is in! - Wait, really? - SHAUN: Yeah.
And mine made it too.
Yes, "Pronoun Lowdown" is in.
So we all got a lead in a sketch? - DEREK: Not all of us.
- MAGDA: What? "Conspiracy Theories" got cut.
Oh, man.
We'll work you into more of our sketches.
What's the point? I'm screwed.
Thousands of women who have yet to be convicted of any crimes are being held in jails for weeks or months, awaiting trial, and they need more than just child care.
I want to expand my campaign.
You know, I want to make it bigger, offer more services, but I need to raise more money.
Can DPN help? No.
We're stretched as it is.
But I just saw a grant that you could apply for.
But the deadline is coming up soon.
I can do it.
- Okay, I'll text you the info.
- MALIKA: Okay.
- And, Dyonte - Hmm? I know we've been pulling you into a lot of other projects, but you've got to decide on your mini campaign.
I got a couple of ideas.
I'm not trying to pit y'all against each other, but the internship is about to end and we can only hire one of you for the full-time paid position.
I'll nail it down this week.
MARC: Ladies and gentlemen, first off, I want to thank you for being here today, doing your civic duty, serving on this jury.
It's no small thing.
So let's talk about this case.
The opening statement is when jurors often make up their minds about a case.
They pick the side that tells the best story.
So prosecution will start with an emotional one-sentence theme that grabs their attention.
This is a case about competition, jealousy, and the loss of a college scholarship that erupted in a drunken rage and ended in a violent, grisly murder.
Then they'll follow with a riveting story about the case that will have the jury sitting on the edge of their seats.
Tommy Sung, starting quarterback for his high school team.
He's getting recruited by Big Ten colleges all over the country.
And then along comes Zack Smith, the victim, and he yanks that all away from Tommy.
They want the jury to feel like they were there.
MARC: We're at a keg party, Griffith Park.
You got that beautiful LA skyline twinkling in the distance.
To feel the horror of the crime.
MARC: Tommy saw an opportunity.
Tommy picked up a rock.
And in the darkness, Tommy snuck up behind him, and he reached back with that cannon arm of his, and he bludgeoned Zack with a blow so brutal and vicious, it cracked Zack's skull.
And then when he saw his friend on the ground, when he saw the blood, when he realized what he'd done, you know what he did next? Pushed him.
He shoved Zack over the drop-off where he fell to his death.
Then they will tell the jury how they plan to prove it.
Now, our witnesses will tell you that they saw a violent altercation between Tommy and the victim that very night.
Tommy says he was never at the drop-off point, yet a beer bottle with his fingerprints all over it was found right at the spot.
And in conclusion, they'll tell the jury what they need to do, what they must do.
You must make sure that Tommy Sung pays for letting his best friend bleed to death while he went on a beer run, like nothing ever happened.
Wait a minute.
Did he just change their timeline? Yup.
My photo's time stamp.
So the security camera is five minutes slow, meaning that Tommy was at the liquor store longer than we thought.
So he wouldn't have gotten back to the party until one minute before Zack's time of death.
Only you can make sure that Zack's family gets the justice they deserve.
Thank you.
Now they're saying I did it before the beer run.
What's our defense now? The same as it's always been.
There was no murder.
This was an accident.
Their timeline is irrelevant.
JUDGE: All right, we'll take a short recess and then the defense will give their opening statements.
Hey, don't worry.
All of their evidence is circumstantial.
Kathleen is the best there is.
You'll see.
So Hmm? What are these ideas? You heard the lady.
I'm your competition.
(CHUCKLES) Shut up.
You helped me figure out my mini campaign.
Okay, well, um, as a part of our wellness initiative, I would like to do a mini campaign about rest.
I don't know, but it sounds a little trivial - compared to what you're doing.
- See, that That's exactly the problem.
See, we think rest is trivial, but it's all about self-care.
You know what people really need is - Permission.
- Exactly.
That's what I want to do.
Like raise awareness that rest isn't a reward.
It's It's a right.
I love it.
You do? Yeah, yeah, me too.
How can I help? I need to figure out how to fund it.
Oh, well, I just so happen to know of a certain grant.
Nah, nah, nah, nah.
That's yours.
- No, it's not.
Not yet.
- Yes, it is.
I'm probably not even going to get it.
I'm sure they have hundreds of applicants, but if we both apply, that doubles our chances of the money coming to DPN.
- You sure? - Yes, I'm sure.
Come here.
Come here.
Wanna have a grant-writing sleepover? Mm-mm, I'm gotta work.
You're working a lot.
Yeah, I got behind with some bills.
Yeah, I know how it is.
How How are you getting by? Tanya's supporting us while I do this internship.
Hmm, okay.
- Lucky you.
- I know, right? She's very supportive of the work I'm doing here.
- That's great.
- Yeah.
Okay, I have an announcement.
I have been given permission to add five minutes to the showcase which means, Derek, your sketch is back in.
You're welcome.
(ALL CHEERING) Oh, and, uh, last night, the writers and I took a sensitivity pass at all the sketches to make sure we're presenting the most woke and unoffensive showcase.
Okay, so take a look and have a great run-through.
Coming this fall to CBTV, "The Very Successful, Not Angry, Black, Female Lawyer".
- Your Honor - Excuse me, ma'am.
You're standing where your attorney should be.
(SOFTLY): Don't get angry.
Your Honor, I am the lawyer.
You're defending yourself? (SOFTLY): A little angry.
A little angry.
My fiancé and I would like a traditional Indian wedding.
Hmm, those are my specialty.
But we want to keep it simple.
No more than, say, 800 guests.
and for the baraat, five white stallions or a herd of elephants will do.
If you're gonna scrimp and cut corners like this, you might as well just drive to Vegas and elope.
A unicorn fetish pig incoming.
God, I hate those porkers.
(SNORTS) What's up, unis? Looking good.
Are you two twins or just friends? We're not related.
Not all equine-sapiens look alike.
- Coming this fall to CBTV, - "The Lawyer".
MAGDA: All rise.
Objection! Sidebar! You can't handle the truth! I'm sorry.
It's my first day as a lawyer.
I am bridezilla! I crush your puny, little wedding.
This is my day! My day! Well, we finally have the answer to what happens when a horse walks into a bar.
Ha, ha, ha! Ah, just kiddin'.
Why the long faces? Ha, ha, ha! Oh, it's so good.
So now you're arguing Tommy killed Zack before going on the beer run? I guess that's to be expected since we shredded your original timeline.
The medical examiner never said he died instantly.
So he laid there dying before Tommy went on the beer run and died a minute after he returned.
"With the LA skyline twinkling in the distance"? I hope you didn't write that line.
Yeah, Rothman writes his own opening statements.
Well, no one likes bad acting.
I think I actually saw some of the jurors grimacing.
Oh, really? Yeah, they looked pretty engaged to me.
Well, when it comes to putting on a show, he's no match for my boss.
Oh, you're still under her spell.
Oh Have you heard from the FBI lately? No, I haven't.
I guess they don't have a case.
She keeps you on a short leash.
I started working here because I needed a break from the tech world, but classic air sign, I just can't stop to breathe, you know? (PHONE CHIMES) Sorry, I got to go.
I'm needed in court.
Uh, mobile pickup for Mariana? Mm-hmm.
Oh, I don't think that these are mine.
(GASPS) - Oh! - Mariana.
RACHEL: What are you doing here? I can't believe how well they're doing without me.
- (PHONE CHIMES) - Maybe they really didn't even need me at all.
Maybe answering phone calls and watching paint dry is really all I'm capable of.
I think we're supposed to be having coffee.
Scott took all the substance out of our sketches.
And all of the funny.
A week ago, he thought racism was hilarious.
Now we can't even mention anything cultural.
We can do these jokes because they're our experiences and our risk to take.
No offense, but you told us to give him another chance.
And for what? Honestly, I just want to quit.
Don't say that.
I know I did say we should give him one more chance.
And he said he was open to having hard conversations.
So let's just talk to him about this.
It's not gonna do any good.
We don't know that.
Maybe we should just do the sketches how he wants and get the exposure we need.
But we've come this far, you know.
I think we should fight to do the showcase that we want to do.
I don't think we should give up.
And I can get Elise from HR to facilitate the conversation.
Just trust me on this, please.
(ALL AGREEING) Yawning is never a good sign at the start of a shift.
Figured you could use some caffeination.
Oh, thank you.
I'm Angelica.
Just started here as a waiter.
Welcome to the Douro fam.
Are you in school? No, I'm applying for a grant for an organization I run that helps women who are caught up in pretrial detention.
- Wow! - Yeah.
It's part of my other job as an intern for an activist organization.
Hence, the yawning.
I get it.
I work two jobs too.
Oh, I better get back to my side work.
But it was nice meeting you.
Glad to know I'm working with cool people.
Oh, I'm sorry to mislead you.
I'm actually really lame.
Oh, I seriously doubt that.
I just wanted to say hi before your shift.
What are you doing? DYONTE: Working on this essay for this grant.
Yeah, me too.
Well, I'm trying to.
DYONTE: Nah, come on, you got this.
You're so much better at words than I am.
MALIKA: Uh, I don't know about that.
I think you're a pretty smooth talker.
DYONTE: Do you now? Listen, if you want, I can take a look after my shift.
Nah, you got your own essay to write.
No, it's okay.
Just send me what you have later and, you know, I'll just take a quick read.
- DYONTE: You sure? - Yeah, I'm sure.
DYONTE: Okay, uh, yeah, I'll send it over.
All right, I'll talk to you later.
Well, prosecution wove quite a tale, but that's the problem with their case.
It's a made-up story that actually didn't happen.
They have zero evidence that this was a homicide.
All of the actual facts point to this being a tragic accident.
Our job in our opening statement is to point out that their case is entirely circumstantial and to remind the jury the burden of proof is theirs.
A beer bottle found near the drop-off doesn't prove that Tommy was at the drop-off, and the rock that they would have you believe Tommy bludgeoned Zack with doesn't have prints or DNA from Tommy on it.
The most important thing is not to promise the jury something that you can't prove or that will be disproved.
They'll remember that, and they'll hold it against you.
And this rumored fight between Tommy and Zack, in truth, it was just them horsing around, which our witnesses will tell you they were always doing.
We will show you a case about a young kid with a promising future who had too much to drink, wandered out in the dark, and fell off a steep drop, hitting a rock on the way down.
It is horrible and heartbreaking, but there was no crime here.
It's just a tragedy.
Zack's parents lost their son.
His sister lost her brother.
And Tommy lost his best friend.
So I am asking you to perform your solemn duty as the jury and make the only decision that the evidence will support, and that is a verdict of not guilty.
Thank you.
(WHISPERS): Good boy.
He's really selling it.
JUDGE: Ladies and gentlemen, I need to address something in another case.
Prosecution will begin their case tomorrow and court is adjourned for today.
Straight out the jar? Nice try, by the way.
We were supposed to be meeting a coder here for an interview.
"Ana Mira".
Raj thinks he's so clever.
I guess Callie was in on it too.
So, um, you guys are hiring? Yeah.
Uh, well, um good luck and sorry about all of this.
Really glad to hear how well BB is doing.
(EXHALES) I'm sorry.
Raj texted me that they need you.
Well, apparently, they don't think so.
What was that? Like, your way of telling me that you don't want to work with me either? No.
No, not at all.
I just I can see that you're miserable.
Well, they didn't offer me the job.
It's pretty clear that they're done with me for good.
What if you asked for the job? I mean, going from partner to employee is a big demotion.
Maybe that's what you have to do to prove you've changed, if you really want your friends back.
I do.
Well, then you might have to humble yourself.
And being a coder at BB is better than not being at BB at all.
Right? (UP-TEMPO SONG PLAYING) (MELLOW MUSIC PLAYING) Detective Beale, can you tell us why you determined this was a homicide and not an accident? It seemed unlikely that the blow to the skull was accidental.
And why is that? DETECTIVE BEALE: A rock with the victim's blood on it was discovered only feet from the body.
I found that suspicious.
And after interviewing numerous witnesses who were at the party, I learned that the defendant and the victim had been involved in a violent altercation earlier in the evening.
I see.
Uh, did you roll the body over to examine the impact to the head? No, of course not.
And are you a medical examiner? No.
So how did you come to decide that the blow to the skull was not accidental? Well, there was the rock.
Which, after impact, could have rolled down the drop-off.
Objection, counsel's testifying.
- Sustained.
- (SIGHS) If you hadn't heard about this alleged fight, would you have jumped to the conclusion that this had been murder? I don't know.
KATHLEEN: Would you say that the alleged fight was the greatest impact on your determination of cause of death? Probably.
Sounds like a rush to judgment to me.
Nothing further, Your Honor.
So you witnessed the fight between Tommy and the deceased, Zack? Yes.
Yeah, for sure.
Who provoked this fight? Tommy started it.
Definitely Tommy.
- Had you been drinking? - Yeah.
Smoking weed too? Yeah.
Drunk and/or high So is it possible that your judgment as to a fight being serious or goofing around could have been impaired? Yeah, it's possible.
I guess.
And was this the first time you had ever seen the two of them push or shove each other? No, no.
They actually did it a lot.
We all kind of did.
- A lot? - Yeah.
I mean, you must have all hated each other.
No, I mean, we were all just goofing off, you know? RYAN: It never meant anything.
You know, it was just guys blowing off steam.
Even after Zack took Tommy's spot as starting quarterback? Tommy actually handled that surprisingly well.
I mean They were best friends.
Nothing further, Your Honor.
Should we re-direct? No.
Let her hang herself.
JAMIE: What does that mean? It means, it's always a good idea to have a trick or two up your sleeve.
So we all feel that with some Well, really all of your rewrites, you took out the social and cultural commentary that made the sketches funny to begin with.
I I'm trying to curate, uh, an inclusive showcase that is racially and culturally sensitive.
Isn't that what you wanted? (CHUCKLES) Isn't that why you Norma Rae'd yourself and marched out of here? Yes, but we all think you overcorrected.
SHAUN: And by no fault of your own, a cis, white man can't really understand our personal and varied experiences.
Yeah, you're not really in any position to tell us what is and what isn't offensive.
I see.
It just seems that no matter what I do, I can't win.
And I am so sick of this shit.
(LOUDLY): Okay! I'm sorry! Oh, a thousand pardons! You know what? If you want the lunatics to run the asylum, then go ahead.
I'm out! - Please sit down.
- Scott FYI, your fearless leader, Alice, is only in this program because she was banging the casting director.
And still is.
Right, Ruby? (MIMICS GRENADE EXPLODING) (SCOTT LAUGHING) And I'll be taking that.
(DOOR BANGING SHUT) (SCOFFS) Is that true? I mean, we weren't exactly Facebook official or anything like that.
Wow! Now we know why she wanted to give Scott another chance.
She wanted to save her girlfriend's job.
So much for trusting you.
(CHUCKLING) You checking your e-mail? - Aren't you? - Mm-hmm.
Did you hear back? I got the grant! I got the great.
I got the Oh, a-a-amazing! - Thank you.
I - Congrats! I know I wouldn't have got it without your help.
You practically wrote my essay.
I was glad to help.
I'm really happy for you.
Prosecution, you may call your next witness.
The prosecution calls Christian Matthews to the stand.
(SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC PLAYING) Hunter why don't you take this one? So this party seems pretty wild.
Were you also drinking or smoking weed that night? No.
I don't do that stuff.
Wow, good for you.
Did you happen to also see the fight between Tommy and Zach? Yes.
And would you say they were just horsing around? Didn't look like that to me.
JAMIE: And, again, you were totally sober? CHRISTIAN: Yes.
I think Christian likes you.
So this one's for you.
Just get him to say he might be wrong.
JAMIE: Nothing further.
So tell me, how close were you with Tommy and Zack? Not very.
We were never like friends or anything.
Since you weren't that close, do you think it's possible that you weren't able to tell if they were fighting or not? I I've watched the video a bunch of times though, and it sure seems like a serious fight.
(WHISPERS): Video? What video? The one I took of the fight that night.
Objection! May we approach, Your Honor? (WHISPERS): A video! Um, the prosecution clearly was aware of this video and held it as evidence.
Prosecution's just as surprised as the defense, Your Honor.
Oh, bullshit! Counselor.
They opened the door, Your Honor.
The jury has every right to see what's on this video.
It must be authenticated.
I'm gonna excuse the jury and clear the courtroom.
We need to see what's on this video before the jury does.
ALICE: Hey! Lindsay! Did you tell Scott about me and Ruby? - Why would I do that? - Because you're jealous.
Of what? You never wanted me in the program.
Well, our talk with Scott, the one you thought was gonna be such a great idea, derailed the program.
So that's not gonna be an issue anymore.
(SHAKILY): And, uh I'm pretty sure whatever is going on between you and Sumi just derailed our relationship too.
What happened? We just broke up.
Why? Because we kissed? No! No, because I don't know, because it wasn't working out.
And I lost respect for Lindsay after they didn't have your back.
But speaking of the kiss maybe we should talk about it? Hey.
Um can we talk? Uh, sure.
I've been asked to resign.
I'm so sorry.
And Elise also told me that with no director and all of the drama, they're probably gonna cancel the showcase this year too.
I'm sorry it's ending like this.
For you, too.
To be honest, I really didn't like the person I'd become at that job.
I'm sorry I didn't have your back the whole time, the way I should have.
I hope you can forgive me.
And I hope you might give me a second chance at at a relationship.
- You know, I trusted you.
- No, no, no, no.
I didn't You know, I I trusted you.
I trusted you! ZACK: Go, just go.
Go home.
Go home, okay? TOMMY: You're telling me to go home? ZACK: I'm telling you to go home.
(TOMMY AND ZACK CONTINUE SCUFFLING) Uh, Your Honor, this is improperly admitted evidence and it is highly prejudicial.
What's improper about it? It came from witness testimony.
I'm gonna take this under consideration and rule tomorrow.
But a word to the defense.
I'm inclined to let it in.
What now? Well, I promised the jury it was horseplay.
If this video gets in, we'll lose all credibility and probably the case.
Jamie! Hold on a sec.
What the hell was that? I didn't know about the video.
- Oh, you didn't know? - No! No, because you never know.
That's that's your go-to answer.
You're on the team, Jamie.
I find it hard to believe that that you're so in the dark.
Yeah, maybe I'm naive.
But at the end of the day, your side knew the witnesses were going to testify that there was a fight that night.
You walked right into the trap.
You only have yourselves to blame.
All right, well, at least you admit that it was a trap.
Now, considering your ethical fluidity, sounds like you've landed in the right job.
The flower lady's back.
What do you want to do? I don't have the heart to ask her to leave.
She's just trying to make a living.
Although it's BOTH: Super annoying for the customers.
That's what I'm saying.
Oh, it's fun to watch that awkward moment where they're like, "I'm already buying dinner.
Do I really have to buy a rose too?" Especially on the first date.
It never gets old.
Oh, my God.
Oh, hey, did you hear about the grant? I didn't get it.
I'm sorry.
It's okay.
Um, you've got somebody.
Customers can be so demanding.
It's like they think I'm supposed to be waiting on them or something.
MALIKA: Have fun, girl.
What are you doing here? I thought I'd surprise you.
I am surprised.
I know what you like.
I I was, uh, also hoping we can talk about the grant some more.
Why? What about it? I just think, maybe with us already in competition for the paid position at DPN, we shouldn't apply for any more of the same grants.
Or maybe you should just write your own next time.
So you are pissed? I'm mad I didn't get it.
You did offer to help.
And you did know I'm working two jobs while you're getting your bills paid by someone else.
(SIGHS) Okay.
So I shouldn't have taken you up on your offer.
Yes, you should read my mind and save me from myself.
I'm kidding.
I really wanted to help you.
You've been so supportive with my campaign.
But I also feel like I let down the women who need that money.
And I know people need rest too.
I just stayed up all night and I'm really tired.
And I wish I had someone to support me so I didn't have to work two jobs.
I understand that.
I have the benefit of having two very supportive relationships.
And I can barely make time for one, and I'm exhausted.
Sounds like what you could use is some rest.
How? When I have so much to do.
What time are you off? Midnight.
I don't know.
It's not much, but how about I come over to your loft, give you a massage until you fall asleep and then slip out? Really? It's so late.
Let me support you.
- Okay.
- Okay.
I got you a rose.
You caved to the pressure! No! I was trying to cheer you up.
- Thank you.
- You're very welcome.
(ACOUSTIC MUSIC PLAYING) When you gonna stop complaining And start to feel good about it From the street Modern prophets are rediscovered Hi.
Um I'm here to interview for the new coding job.
Feel good about it So good about it It looks like you're overqualified for this position.
And the money's not great.
I don't mind taking a demotion and a cut in pay, if it means that I can work with a product and people that I believe in.
Plus, I've gotten some feedback that I need to work on my code.
So this seems like a very unique opportunity to do just that.
There is nothing you can do about it We could hire Marianna.
Just as a coder, not back as partner.
It'd be a huge step down for her.
She might not even want it.
If she does, what do we do? She was our friend.
Doesn't everyone deserve a second chance? So good about it Okay.
You're hired.
Great! Um, I can start now if you want.
- Oh, uh - Oh! Actually, your desk is right there.
Well, um, just let me know where to start.
No task is too small.
Will do.

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