Good Trouble (2019) s04e08 Episode Script

I Don't Belong Here

1 You sublet my loft without my permission.
Margaret had to cancel her tour - 'cause she booked a movie.
- I know you quit the tour.
Why did you lie? Just because we're not together, it doesn't mean that you don't have a committed partner too.
I'm holding auditions for a new dancer tomorrow.
Does it have to be a woman? I'm a dancer, or I want to be.
How long have you been homeless? Since I was 14.
No one really comes down here.
You're sure you guys ain't gonna get in any trouble for this? It's just temporary until we figure something else out.
If I buy Revitalize from Jackie, then you could merge them with Bulk Beauty and then be free from your non-compete contract.
They would never go for it.
I went to them first, and they said yes.
Impress me.
All of you.
I'm going back to Bulk Beauty, - and I'm taking Ava and Raisa with me.
- Jen and I dated for a few months, but it was a mess, all we did was fight.
- I haven't seen her ever since! - You left her in the middle of nowhere? I had no choice! She's crazy.
My mom thinks that she's dead.
I'm I'm really worried that something horrible happened to her.
Maybe you should reach out to the police.
What am I gonna tell 'em? That my mom didn't get a postcard from my sister on her birthday last year, so I think her ex-boyfriend might have killed her? No, I just I would I would need something concrete to get them to even take this seriously.
Okay, well, then let's do a deep dive on this ex-boyfriend.
Check his socials, reach out to friends.
They must've known your sister.
Maybe they can give us something to go on.
Us? Well, I'm happy to help.
If you want it.
I'm not finding any pictures of Jen on Chris' socials.
It's almost like he erased her.
Well, I wrote a program at MI that tracks any mention or image of another user across social media platforms.
I'll run that and see what we can find.
But in the meantime, I think that we should DM Chris' friends and see if they've heard from Jenna.
What? You went to MIT? Oh, is that hard to believe? No, it's just Smart girls don't look like me.
- No, there's just more to you than - Meets the eye? Are you gonna finish all my sentences or Sorry.
What I was gonna say was that there's more to you than I gave you credit for.
And I'm sorry if I was kind of an asshole when we met.
Kind of? Hey.
Your sister's out there.
She's just really good at hiding.
Hopefully, not in a shallow grave somewhere.
Don't go there.
She's alive and well, and we're gonna find her.
- What's wrong? - This was a bad idea.
Having lunch with your parents? No.
I mean, yes, that's never a great idea.
But having you come.
No offense.
I thought you wanted me here for moral support.
I changed my mind.
Okay, do you want me to leave? No! You can't leave now.
Just pretend you don't see them.
I changed my mind about letting them know I quit the tour.
Why? They finally get what I do.
But you don't wanna do stand-up anymore.
I know, but they're also finally proud of me.
Okay, look, they just can't know I quit the tour.
Oh, shit! Dad's on the move.
Pretend you see them.
I do see them! Okay, I got it.
I won't say anything.
Sumi! This is your own flesh and blood standing right here.
Aw! Hi.
Didn't you see me waving? Uh No.
You were waving? - Okay, watch it.
- Sorry.
Yeah, maybe we should've just ordered this online and had it delivered.
But then we wouldn't have got our ten-cent meatballs.
- Or got to play in the ball pit.
- I love a super store.
I know.
Me too.
All right, so all we gotta do now is put it together.
How hard could it be, right? Famous last words.
Ah, jinx! Now you can't speak until I say your name.
And if you do, I win.
Wow, that is a lot of pieces.
Uh, read me the instructions.
Uh, okay.
So you want me to read them? Fine.
"Position short-head cap rail above short head assembly.
" Insert those Allen head bolts up top.
No, the Allen The Allen head bolts.
This is the wrong way.
Wait, you you need the dowels No, no, no.
That's the head.
"Attach stationary posts S and by inserting nuts H into the back face near the top end of the stationary side.
" This is a little harder than I thought.
Meatball break? If you can catch a meatball in your mouth, you win and you can talk.
Ready? Bravo! We are halfway to our baby not sleeping on the ground.
Okay, fine.
- Gael.
- Hah! Loser! I win! Okay, I see how you are.
Next time, I will show you no mercy.
I need some more meatballs.
You can have the ones you let drop on the floor.
- Come on, share them.
- No! You can have the rest.
They're all gone.
It's Dr.
How are you? Is everything okay with the baby? And five, six, seven, eight.
And one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight.
One, two, three, cross, four.
Five, six, seven, eight.
One, two, three, step, four.
Five, six, seven, eight.
One, two, three, down, four.
Five, six, seven, eight.
One, two, three, touch, four.
Five, six, seven, eight.
One, two, three, up, four.
Five, six, seven, eight, and one! - Nice! Come through! - That was fantastic! Luca, I'm so impressed with how quickly you picked up the choreography.
You are a beautiful dancer.
Gorgeous! Seriously, mad props.
Thank you.
You've all been so welcoming.
And it just feels so good to be here.
Well, we're thrilled you've joined the team.
I'm honestly blown away by all of you.
You should be proud of yourselves.
Which reminds me, I need your guest lists for the show.
You each get two comps.
And our first dress rehearsal is Friday, so be ready.
Great rehearsal.
You really are killing it.
I got a great partner.
You're so nice.
Yeah, well, let it in.
You deserve all of it.
You know, I was, uh, I was gonna tell you, you can have my comps for the show.
I'm not gonna invite anyone.
Thanks, um, not really sure I'm gonna invite anyone either.
You think? Why not? I've been keeping all this sort of on the down-low.
It's more something that I'm doing, you know, for myself, for my confidence.
I remember you talking about how you feel like your life lately hasn't been going, like, that great.
What is it? Well, for one thing, I was fired from my job for posting this "Fat Bitch" video a while ago as, like, a clap back to someone who called me fat online.
But in all fairness, I was having an affair with her husband, so I guess I deserved the "bitch" part.
Anyways, I've just always struggled with the way that I felt about my weight.
So I did this to sort of stop myself from going into this shame spiral, you know, about my body.
And I also got dumped.
So I guess I just wanted to feel empowered and sexy too.
Well you are sexy and so powerful and beautiful any way you are.
I actually, um, sent you some pictures of you rehearsing.
You looked amazing.
And I just I hope - Hope that's okay.
- Yeah.
Oh, you're right! I kind of do look amazing.
Your fetal DNA test shows your baby is high risk for Trisomy 13.
What's that? It's a chromosomal condition associated with severe intellectual disabilities and physical abnormalities.
I read sometimes these tests can show a false positive.
They can.
And let me be clear, this is a screening test, not diagnostic.
So there's another test? - An amniocentesis.
- Which is dangerous.
It comes with a less than 1% risk of harming the baby.
But it's the only way to know for sure if your baby has it.
And, well, what if she does? More than 90% of babies with Trisomy 13 die within the first year.
Many are never able to leave the hospital.
Oh, my God.
How much do these tests cost? We We don't have insurance.
We have to do it, whatever it costs, right? So how's the tour? Great! Busy.
Your father and I are looking forward to your LA show.
Actually, Alice isn't performing with Margaret in LA.
Yeah, Margaret already booked comics for her LA show.
Does this have anything to do with what happened? No.
Cheers! Wait, what do you mean "what happened"? Nothing.
Did something happen on tour? Well Please.
Alice, tell me.
I know something's wrong.
It's It's not a big deal.
I was on stage and then there was this guy So I recently got a friend request from my high school bully.
She was always criticizing me, so I messaged her back.
"Dear Mom " "We are not friends.
I am your daughter.
I don't think you wanna read my posts about how to keep your hair out of your mouth when going down on your girlfriend.
" "P.
Please send money.
" Hey, how do you keep your girlfriend's hair out of your teeth? Sir, it's clear that you've never gone down on a woman.
If you're using teeth, that explains why you're here alone.
Never had any complaints, actually.
Or second dates! You suck! You suck! I think that's part of your problem.
No woman wants her clitoris vacuumed.
Deep down, you don't want Hoover.
Sir, why don't you take a seat? Or are you already sitting? Can we get this man a booster seat? Better yet, maybe a taxi back to his apartment in his parents' basement.
You're not funny.
You're the joke.
Dumb ching-chong bitch.
I'm so sorry.
Did you tell anybody? The police or Margaret? Uh, we we told her not to.
As long as she wasn't physically harmed, there was no reason to make waves.
I'm sorry, I don't understand.
She was assaulted! We may be Chinese-Americans, but this country sees us as Chinese first.
Even if we are citizens, we're still treated as guests here.
We've survived this long by keeping our heads down and not attracting attention.
Going public could make things worse, make this man more angry.
And this time, it was a soda, but next time, he could have a gun.
We love Alice.
We wanna keep her safe.
It's not a big deal.
Okay? It's over.
I'm fine.
I'm fine.
Should we finish it? Why? There might not even be a baby.
Isabella, don't say that.
The doctor said we wouldn't even be able to bring our baby home.
That's if the baby has it, - but we don't know that yet.
- We don't know anything! We should've never started putting that crib together so soon.
- Hey.
- No, I'm just I'm just tired.
I wanna be by myself.
Hey, has anyone noticed that Davia's lost a lot of weight? Yeah, actually.
It's been kinda gradual, though.
She looks the same to me.
Well, she posted on her Insta, and she's got a lot of comments.
Looks like her last post is about her slipping back into her eating disorder.
- Should we be worried? - Should we say something? I have noticed her sneaking out of here with a gym bag, but I just thought she was laundering money or something.
Really? You thought she was laundering money? Yeah.
What's so crazy about that? I just wonder if these are some red flags.
Oooh, red flags? Are we talking about toxic exes? 'Cause I got some stories.
What's in your bag? Uh, clothes.
Okay, what's going on? Nothing.
Whatever you say, weirdos.
Yeah, definitely not clothes.
- Thank you.
- Of course.
I'm sorry I snapped at you earlier.
I'm just so scared.
I know.
I am too.
Not knowing yet is so hard.
Yeah, I know.
I can barely breathe.
Then why do you want to keep putting the crib together? An act of faith, I guess.
I gotta hold onto hope that our baby's gonna be okay.
And building this is my way of not giving up on her.
That's beautiful.
I wanna have faith too, but Isabella, that's why you have me.
To lean on.
I've never been able to lean on anyone.
My My parents, they were never there for me.
They'd always leave me with babysitters.
And it was just like they were so in love with each other.
But there was never any room for me.
No matter what I did or who I tried to be, I could just never make them love me.
Your parents suck.
You know, I'm not just here for the baby.
I'm here for you too.
If you believe the baby's gonna be okay so will I.
Let's finish this thing.
- Let's do it.
- Okay.
Okay, well, how do you know that it's actually from Jenna? Exactly.
It could just be Chris trying to throw us off so we stop looking for her.
Have you tried calling the number? Yeah, just goes to a voice mail that's not set up.
You know, what I'd really like to do is go back to Chris' house and beat the truth out of him.
Okay, well, let's file that under "terrible ideas.
" Getting arrested isn't gonna solve anything.
Just try texting back and asking something only Jenna would know.
Like what her favorite childhood scented lip gloss was.
What? Mine was Butterfly Boo.
Um What song was it? I got the joy, joy, joy, joy down in my heart ♪ - Where? Down in my heart ♪ - Where? It's It's It's a dumb church song, but it made us laugh for some reason.
Well, let's hope she answers.
It's the doctor.
I'm not sure I can handle this.
Bailian, it's it's Gael.
I'm here with Isabella.
Yeah, we're ready.
Yes, thank you! Yeah, that's that's great news.
She doesn't have it.
She's gonna be okay.
Our baby's healthy.
Woo! Slow.
And hit, hit, hit.
Wooo! All right, all right, take five.
Hey, so I need the money for your costumes.
Uh Yeah.
Yeah, how much was that? Uh, $200.
And you need it by? Tomorrow, if that's okay.
Yeah, no, um, no problem.
Okay, great.
So, um I think I have to quit.
Why? I just I can't do this.
Does this have anything to do with the reaction to the Instagram posts? I saw the comments.
Come on.
Take a seat.
Come here.
I've also been through recovery from an eating disorder.
It's part of why I wanted to do this show with dancers of all sizes.
Recovering isn't just about restoring your mind and your body.
It's about restoring relationships too.
And regaining the trust of others starts with trusting yourself.
Hiding from the world, quitting, that's not what people who trust themselves do.
Just think about it.
Are we even? You're a bit low.
Can you go up? Not unless I have a late-stage growth spurt.
Rachel, can you come down? - Yeah, I got it.
- Thank you.
I can't wait for you to hear Raisa and Ava's app idea.
I promise, joining forces will make so much sense once you do.
Oh, they're here! Welcome to the OG Bulk Beauty! Oh, sorry.
Was that too much? - We're just so happy that you're here.
- Yeah.
- It's not - That.
- We have some - Bad news.
We can't join Bulk Beauty.
Why not? Well, remember how you told us to hold off on telling Liza about our idea for the app? Yeah.
I got so excited, I sort of told her anyway.
Well, that's okay, 'cause she's coming over here too.
Actually She's not.
After you invited Liza to join Bulk Beauty, she told Jackie everything.
And Jackie says since Revitalize Beauty owns every idea we've had since we've worked for them, we can't take any of those ideas with us if we leave.
We don't like Jackie either.
And what she did to you was horrible.
But we truly love and believe in this idea, and we can't leave it behind.
We're sorry.
- So sorry.
- Really I I think you should leave.
Hey, Mariana, it's okay.
No, it's not okay.
You know how hard I've tried to win your trust back? And I failed over and over again.
Just keep screwing everything up, and I'm sorry.
You did not screw this up.
- And we do trust you.
- Completely.
You don't have anything to win back.
We know you never meant to hurt us.
We overreacted.
And we're sorry.
It's not all on your shoulders to save us, Mariana.
We love you.
And we're all in this together.
Thank you.
What are we gonna do now? We go to Evan.
Him buying Revitalize is our only option.
Thank you all for coming to the intervention I'm assuming you all think I need.
Whaaaat? Listen, if you're laundering money, we can help launder it.
- I have friends.
- Kelly! No.
I'm not laundering money.
But thank you.
Clearly, you saw the comments on my Instagram post, which is why you were all acting really weird last night.
- We're here to help.
- Yeah, whatever you need.
That's the thing, though.
I don't need help.
I need trust.
For years, I felt like I had to prove that I was in recovery by keeping on weight.
I mean, God forbid I eat a salad, because then I was afraid that everyone would think I was in trouble.
But sometimes a girl just wants a beautiful, crisp Greek salad! So I ate them in secret.
Which felt lonely and somehow wrong, like I was out of my eating disorder but still letting secrecy and shame control my life.
Yeah, I understand.
Not the shame.
I've never felt that way.
But I too love salad.
- Can you please let her talk? - Have some respect! Anyway, I know that I am happy and healthy in all of my choices.
So in that spirit, yes, I have lost weight, and yes, I have been keeping a secret.
But it's not what you think.
Uh, I've joined a burlesque group, and we've been rehearsing every week.
And it's been really empowering for me.
And I'm inviting you all to the show.
So I hope you will come celebrate me celebrating myself.
Can I say something now? - Please.
- Yes.
I think you're bad-ass, Davia.
- Mm-hmm.
- We all do.
- Come here.
- Oh, you guys! It's the coolest thing you've ever done.
Here you go.
I hope you like almond butter and jam.
I need to go shopping.
Um, thanks.
You're welcome.
Okay, what's going on? I don't have that, uh, that 200 bucks for my my costumes.
Oh, that that's that's no problem.
Look, I'll cover you, and you can just pay me back later.
No, no, no, no, please.
Um, you have You've already done, like, so much for me.
It It's just that I I don't, um, feel very comfortable, like, depending on anyone.
In my experiences, when something seems too good to be real it usually is.
It's like I'm not even, uh, supposed to be living here.
No, I understand that.
And I'm gonna work all of that out.
I just need to talk to everyone and see if we can find you a permanent place here.
I know once everyone meets you, they will all welcome you.
And as far as depending on anyone, at some point, we all need to accept help.
Look, I promise you that you are safe here.
And you can trust that this is real.
Hurry up, dinner's getting cold.
- Thank you.
- Of course.
By all means, please take a seat.
I know you're not fine as a woman, as a proud Asian, and just as a human being.
What happened to you was terrifying and humiliating.
Can you move now, please? And though I don't agree, I understand the advice your parents gave you.
I've never shared this with anyone, but in high school, I joined the cheer team.
I was the only Asian, and the other girls gave me the nickname Sushi.
I hated it, but I didn't say anything because I wanted so badly to be their friend.
But one day, I just couldn't take it anymore, so I complained to the coach.
My friends were reprimanded and then they stopped being my friends.
No more sleepovers or sitting at lunch together just because I spoke up.
What happened to me wasn't as scary or violent, but I understand there's a price for speaking out.
But then, no one ever called me "Sushi" again.
And even though I wanted to, I didn't quit cheer because I really loved it.
All I'm saying is giving up something you love is too high a price to pay for the ignorance of others.
Thanks for sharing that with me.
Of course.
Are you warm enough out here? I have extra blankets.
Well good night.
Come in.
Everything okay? Oh! Oh, wow! Oh, God! Oh! Oh, ho, ho.
So did you come down here just to tease me? That and to say that I'm proud of you.
I can't wait to see your show.
Aw, thanks.
But don't make me regret inviting you.
So, um, Isabella and I had a scare with the baby.
- Oh, Gael! - No, everything's fine.
But I realized when I was terrified about losing her, I was also really scared about losing Isabella.
What do you mean? Like, if there is no baby, there'd be no "us," right? And I realized I can't imagine my life without her now.
So what does that mean? Are you saying your feelings for Isabella are deeper than just friends? I think so.
Oh! Oh, I I'm so sorry.
I did not mean to scare you.
Get the hell out of here! - Just gonna grab my things.
- You can't squat here, man! No.
No, no, no.
I I'm going.
And don't come back! I'm I'm going.

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