Good Trouble (2019) s04e10 Episode Script

What I Wouldn't Give for Love

Luca, what happened to you?
LUCA: Um, this guy on the
street's, like, been harassing me,
you know, just, like,
trying to shake me down.
DAVIA: You can just
stay with me in my loft.
We'll figure something out.
Please don't leave town.
I think I have to.
DAVIA: I realized that
my fear is most crippling
when I don't face it.
And I didn't dance for anybody but me.
So what did you really think?
That was the most Goddamn-Davia-Moss
thing you could've done.
I will have to buy both
companies to merge them,
but you four will remain as
the board and sole partners.
I'll make the offer to Jackie.
CLAIRE: If you still
have feelings for Evan,
we don't want to be
standing in the way of
- RACHEL: True love.
You're never gonna have peace
unless you know what
happened to your sister.
- Jenna!
- Go, go!
I think I'm in love with you.
I love you too.
We decided to buy you a condo.
We do have one condition.
Give the baby up for adoption.
ISABELLA: I'm her mother,
and I am keeping her.
GAEL: How did dinner go?
DENNIS: I gotta admit
I'm a little nervous,
this being our first official date.
- Well you know what we need then
- DENNIS: Hmm?
to break the ice.
To just get this over with.
Hearing your heartbeat drum ♪
But you can't take it with you ♪
Even though we're on the same street ♪
MAN: Davia?
It's so nice to meet you. In person.
Internet introductions
can be so awkward.
Yeah, they are.
Well, come on in. I'm glad you're here.
I see you all alone ♪
Eyes aligned with no one ♪
In your car I will remember ♪
Not hearing my heartbeat drum ♪
But you promised.
I changed my mind.
But you can't take it with you ♪
ALICE: Hi! So I'm back in LA
after being on tour with Margaret Cho.
So are you looking for a
closed or an open adoption?
I think I would like to meet the couple
who's going to raise my child.
So open.
Okay. Great.
Pa-pa-paa, pa-pa-pa-pa-pa ♪
Pa-pa-paa, pa-pa-pa-pa ♪
Then we'll find our peace of mind ♪
You and me, Bel Ami ♪
Pa-pa-pa, pa-paaa ♪
So how does this work?
We swipe through baby names,
and it'll notify us
of those we match on.
Ooh, I've always really
liked the name Genevieve.
But then people will
just call her "Viv."
Yeah, that's a good point. Mm.
Oh, okay, Estelle?
That sounds too Golden Girls.
Yeah, it kinda does.
Hey, guess what?
We're having a baby in eight weeks.
I know! (LAUGHS)
now that you're not
seeing Dyonte anymore
I have more time to see you.
I do love it.
- Mmm.
- Hm-hmm.
But I do have a question.
Does this mean that you're
open to another relationship?
I guess if I met someone
I was interested in,
I might be open.
What are you thinking?
You need to get to work!
But I don't want to get up!
You have to.
Hey, I thought you were leaving town.
Hey. Hey, um
I am as soon as I get
enough for a bus ticket.
Ivan's looking for you.
Thanks for the heads-up.
You've gotta stop doing that.
Sure, if you promise
not to bounce your knee.
Guys, I'm sure we're
gonna hear from Evan
about Revitalize soon.
Have you heard from him,
like, personally at all?
Uh no.
You don't think he
changed his mind, do you?
Ladies. Uh, women.
Where have you been? I
never heard back from you.
Uh, we haven't heard.
- Is everything okay?
- What did Jackie say?
- Did she accept your offer?
- Is it bad news?
The news is good.
Major points of the deal are closed.
Oh, thank God!
You had us scared.
Not hearing from you.
I'm sorry, I've been busy.
Well, thank you, Evan.
- GINA: Yeah, thank you.
- RACHEL: Thank you.
You don't have to thank me.
Bulk Beauty is a good investment.
Excuse me.
You never responded to
my texts about talking.
About us?
I don't think it's appropriate
for there to be an us,
now that we're working together again.
If I'm gonna be
hands-off, then I should be
entirely hands-off.
Well, it's a little different.
But I guess you're right.
Hi! Sorry, I'm late.
My Coche driver wanted
to try a shortcut.
You're doing me a solid
subbing in for Isabella,
so it's okay. Suit up.
Happy to help.
Looking forward to seeing you in action.
Come on.
So what did you really think?
That was the most Goddamn-Davia-Moss
thing you could've done.
Got everyone mesmerized ♪
Highschool jewel ♪
You're the curse
now and the prize ♪
good night.
Good night.
Put worth before your purpose ♪
But some things ♪
- GAEL: Okay, so what happened?
- I don't know!
You know, he walked me to my door
and we were just making
eyes at each other,
and then all of a sudden,
he said, "Well, good night."
Maybe he doesn't want
to be with me anymore.
I did choose somebody else.
Okay. Relax.
I don't think that's true.
But, Davia, you need to
tell him how you feel.
Okay. Yeah. Yeah, you're right.
I'm gonna do that. Today.
Okay. Hey, don't forget that.
DAVIA: Thank you.
- Oh!
- Oh, my gosh. Wow.
Wow, forgot how tight it is in here.
You get used to it.
So I was actually wondering
if, um, we could talk.
After work, if you're not busy.
Not at all.
Uh, so what is all this for?
Oh, check out this review.
"Top ten pretentious food
trucks LA never needed."
Yeah, look at number one.
"I might have forgiven the
completely bougie toast concept,
had the food not been so
mediocre and forgettable."
- Oof!
- DENNIS: Exactly.
So I convinced this dude, Ryan Jones,
to come back today.
So everything has to be perfect.
- WOMAN: Excuse me!
- Hi, what can I get for you?
I'm actually here to meet with
Dennis about a review I wrote.
I'm Ryan Jones.
Not a dude.
DENNIS: Okay. First
up, the vegan cashew.
Not bad.
Better than last time?
If you insist on hovering,
the least you can do
is sit down and join me.
I saw that smile. I saw that smile.
It's a solid seven out of ten.
Ooh, tough crowd!
Uh, how long you've been a food critic?
Only a few months.
Spent most of last decade
working as a corporate attorney.
Yeah, just woke up one morning
and decided I couldn't
spend the rest of my life
chained to a high-rise in Century City.
That sounds familiar.
Hence, the toast truck.
Let me Let me top you off.
- I think she's liking the food.
- DAVIA: Oh!
I think she's liking more than the food.
Margaret absolutely raves about you.
I have your entire career laid out.
First, we get you on the
biggest stand-up stages.
Second, commercials to
get your face out there.
Then, a comedic
sidekick role in a movie.
Finally, we parlay that into
your own stand-up special.
How does that sound?
- That all sounds great!
- Great!
I'll start by hip-pocketing you.
Uh, what does that mean?
Oh, it just means I don't have
to get the entire company on board
- and hold up the process.
- Mm.
This way, we can start making
things happen right away!
Okay. Amazing!
I'm excited to be in your pocket!
Should I crawl in now?
Which pocket wants it?
You're so funny!
Hmm. I have to admit,
I was too harsh before.
I will make an addendum to my review.
Much appreciated. Thank you.
Still think the truck is pretentious.
Well, as long as you like the food.
Well, all right.
If you need anything else.
Wow. Looks like you won her over
with your charm and your food.
And she gave you her business card,
so she obviously wants you to call her.
She does? For what?
For a date!
Come on, don't be coy.
You obviously liked her.
You should call her.
- Why not?
- Hey, what was it
you wanted to talk to
me about after work?
Oh, just, um, you know,
what I'm going to do next,
work, career-wise.
I've just been looking for a job.
It's not a big deal.
ISABELLA: Thank you for meeting with me.
Malika speaks very highly of you.
Well, I appreciate that.
What brings you here today?
I'm just going through a lot.
Um, the pregnancy
And my parents aren't supportive.
Why aren't they supportive?
They don't think I'm fit to be a mother.
And why do they think that?
(SOFTLY) I don't know.
At first, they insisted
I get an abortion.
And now that it's too late for that,
they want me to put my
baby up for adoption.
What matters
is what you think.
Do you think you're
ready to be a mother?
- JOAQUIN: Come in.
Haven't seen you up in
The Coterie in a while.
Yeah, I have been busy.
Any update on Jenna?
What's there to update?
I think she was pretty clear
when she said she didn't wanna see me.
And when she did, she ran, so.
Okay, well,
what if there was another
reason why she ran?
Like what?
I dunno, maybe she's in trouble.
You know, I I just
can't keep speculating
on what's going on with Jenna.
You know, she wants to cut all ties
from a really painful
past, and I get it.
Okay, but if that were true,
then why would she send your
mom postcards every year?
- And why did she stop?
- Look, I know you're trying to help,
but I really need you to let this go.
A And I'm sorry I kissed you.
I shouldn't have done that.
Oh! No, that that was
I'm fine.
I just hope that's not the reason
why you've been hiding out down here.
I miss running into you.
Hey, you! How was prenatal yoga?
Uh good.
Did you have a chance
to swipe through any more
baby names on the app?
I didn't see any more matches pop up.
Yeah, I did.
Weird. How can we still
not have any matches?
You didn't like Eloise?
It's just a little precious, right?
I mean, wh what about
something more neutral like Jessie?
Oi, Jessie was a mean
girl in high school.
Got it. Jessie is out.
What about the main character
of your favorite movie?
That's your favorite movie?
I mean, one of 'em.
Why? What's yours?
Probably The Matrix.
I've never seen a Matrix movie.
Wow! Okay, so we have
absolutely nothing in common.
I mean, you got to admit,
"Trinity Martinez" does
sound pretty cool, right?
It's kind of bold of you to assume
she's gonna have your last name.
Oh, hey, I I'm sorry. I was just
It's fine. It's fine.
I'm just I'm tired.
And maybe we shouldn't talk
about baby names right now.
Okay. Sure.
All our brands are in one place.
We've implemented in-app analytics.
RACHEL: And provided an
in-app feedback channel.
And conducted a beta test.
MARIANA: And instead of Counter Pro,
our user interface is called BB Me.
We've also added an
option for our customers
to connect virtually with
skincare and makeup experts.
I'm impressed.
Do you have any feedback?
None. You seem to have
covered all your bases.
And like I said, this is your app,
I trust you completely.
Did you get the invite
to the launch party?
I did.
Thank you.
So you didn't say whether you're
coming to the launch party.
I'll be there.
You promise?
I'm tired of waiting ♪
I promise.
Living a lie they're keeping me high ♪
She's keeping me vacant ♪
Thanks for the water.
She said that she made me
and so she could break me ♪
I know you try pull
wool over my eyes ♪
Since we was acquainted ♪
I'm sick of the same
sh stuck in the matrix ♪
No, no, no! No, no, no!
- Come on!
- Yes!
Victory! Yes!
And the victor demands
the rest of the fries.
Ooh, speaking of fries,
do you wanna try that new
fusion spot on 5th this Saturday?
'Cause I hear that their
curry fries are incredible.
Ah, I can't.
I actually wanted to
talk to you about this.
I have a date.
A date?
I I just figured that,
you know, since you're poly,
that you wouldn't really mind.
But I think this is a
little different, though.
Like, if at the end of the day,
you wanna be in a
monogamous relationship,
then you dating someone else
could mean that we would
have to end at some point.
Yeah, I guess it's a possibility.
But, hey, it's just a date.
It's starting to rain,
so we should get inside.
- Like I said, it's great to be back in LA
where a million dollars
gets you a second bedroom.
Thank you, Santa Clarita!
I I'm Alice Kwan.
That was fantastic. Loved it.
And this is for you.
Uh, wait. Um, what is this?
WOMAN: Your payment.
We went ahead and we
waived the adoption fee
and the cost of neutering.
But you're gonna wanna get
that respiratory infection
checked out right away.
- This is my my payment?
- I love you. I love you.
I can't believe we finally made it!
I think we should probably
cue up the launch soon.
But has anyone seen Evan yet?
Yeah, we shouldn't officially
do it until he's here, right?
He said he was coming.
RACHEL: I'm sure he'll be here.
- Yeah.
So, um, where's Angelica?
- Workin'.
- Hm.
And seeing other people.
Oh And how do you feel about that?
I can't really ask her not to.
I'm just I'm afraid I might lose her.
Well, then don't sit
back and let that happen.
If you want to be with her,
you gotta go fight for her.
Oh! So how did the gig go?
I've left three messages
for my new manager,
and she hasn't called back!
So just call her again.
No! I already feel like a stalker.
She represents you. It's her job!
Actually, she hasn't signed me.
She's just hip-pocketing me.
What does that mean?
I'm beginning to think it means,
"I don't really wanna represent you,
I just did Margaret Cho a favor."
I just wish I could find a
manager who really believes in me!
I believe in you.
Why not let me be your manager?
You're a dental hygienist.
That's your passion in life.
Look, Kwan, all you really need
is someone who believes in you enough
to take calls and not
take no for an answer.
And that someone is me!
Come on, what do you have to lose?
Let's get you paid.
They paid me in cat!
Aw, is she still in your loft?
No! I'm allergic.
I spent, like, all afternoon
looking for a different no-kill
animal rescue that'll take her.
Smart. You won't have time for a pet
because I got you another gig!
This one is at the Laurel Acres
Retirement Community in Van Nuys!
Isn't this exciting? Van Nuys!
- Old people!
- In the valley.
I'll be right back.
- Thanks for coming.
- Wouldn't miss it.
It's a big night for
you. Congratulations!
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
- That's a bea
- But it
- Oh, I'm sorry.
- I'm sorry. You go.
- That's a really nice dress.
- Thank you.
Oh. Uh, can you excuse me for a second?
- Where are you going?
- I can't stay.
But you promised.
I changed my mind.
So how do you feel about
Dennis' new girlfriend?
No, please!
I'd hardly call her his girlfriend.
Wait, is that what he called her?
No! But is it true that you set them up?
I didn't set them up.
I simply encouraged him to call her.
Why would you do that?
I didn't think he would take the bait!
Well Ugh, I guess it
was more of a test, really.
You know, just to see if he
was still interested in me
before I poured my heart out to him.
And he failed.
Why are you still playing these games?
(SIGHS) Because I had just
truly felt confident in myself.
And then this beautiful, charming,
age-appropriate woman
stepped up to the window!
And in an instant, I lost a
little bit of that confidence.
I just didn't want to
risk being rejected again.
Excuse me, if we could get
everyone's attention, please.
CLAIRE: Go on.
Uh, we just wanted to
say a few words to you.
Um, first off,
thank you so much for such
an amazing turnout tonight.
Yeah, it's been a long and
challenging journey to get here.
Like a roller coaster.
I mean, there were days we
weren't sure we'd make it.
But we pulled through and never gave up.
And we couldn't have done it
without the support of
our friends and family.
And each other.
I couldn't ask for better partners
or friends.
Well, let's do this!
Okay, uh, Bulk Beauty app
officially launches in
- Three.
- ALL: Two.
Hey! Come, come.
- Hi.
- Hi.
Sorry, I should've called first.
I was just, um, stopping by to say hi.
Oh, no worries. Gillian
had the same idea.
Malika, this is Gillian.
Oh, hi! It's nice to meet you.
- Nice to meet you too.
can I get you something to drink?
- Uh, sure. Yeah.
- Great.
I like your earrings.
Thanks. I like yours too.
- Hey.
You okay?
I'm good.
Just taking a break.
Taking a break? Come on!
This is an incredible accomplishment.
You should be out there celebrating.
You're right.
I mean, this is a pretty amazing party.
- JOAQUIN: Mm-hmm.
Let's get drunk.
You don't want me the
way that I want you ♪
You don't need me the
way that I need you ♪
You don't want me ♪
The way that I need you ♪
You don't breathe me the
way that I breathe you ♪
You don't love me the
way that I love you ♪
You don't want me ♪
The way that I need you ♪
You don't ♪
How are you feeling?
I'm better. Just a little tired.
How was the party?
It was nice. You were missed.
Aw. I wish I could've
been there for Mariana.
Everyone understood.
So we need to come up with a name
or we're gonna have to
call our daughter "it."
I'm sorry I assumed the
baby would have my last name.
I'm sorry I was snippy about it.
Why don't we just hyphenate our names?
Yours can go first. Tavez-Martinez?
That's a lot of "ez's."
Yeah. Yeah, I guess it is.
Or the baby could just
have your last name.
To be honest,
I don't want her to have
my parents' last name,
since they don't want
anything to do with me
or her.
What if I change my
last name to Martinez?
I I'm just kidding.
Although it it would
just make things a lot easier
if we all had the same last name.
And it's not like you'd have to
marry me or anything like that.
It's just it's it's
something to think about.
Or not even, I
No, no. Um, I think we
should think about it.
For sure.
I can't believe it.
Mariana, last night was fun!
- Did you have fun?
- Yeah.
DAVIA: Oh, good.
And how about you?
Yeah. I had fun.
Good. Glad we all had fun.
Speaking for myself, I enjoyed the swag,
but the party, not so much.
I was unhoused for
a while.
I was living in my car.
I used to park near The Coterie and
Alice got to know me
and started bringing me
coffee in the mornings.
And then she let me use the showers.
Ultimately, she split her loft
to give me a home.
What is this?
Your new home.
If you want it.
What did you do?
I just had them put up some drywall
and made a new loft.
Mine was way too big anyway.
Thank you so much.
It was hard for me to accept help.
But once I had a home
and I didn't have to spend my days
just figuring out how to survive,
I was able to get a job.
I went back to school.
I finished my degree.
I was just so
damn lucky that Alice befriended me.
Saw me, even.
Yeah, that's not the story
for most people out here.
No, it's not.
Because I said yes to being helped,
I mean, I'm thriving today.
That could be your story too.
You have a home at The Coterie.
If you just
say yes.
Listen, I'm really sorry that
I yelled at you to get out.
I didn't realize that you were a friend.
I hope you're here to stay.
- If you'll have me.
- We got you.
- Of course, we will.
- Absolutely!
Luca, please eat.
- Do you like eggs?
- I love them.
So, Kelly, how many swag bags
did you make off with last night?
KELLY: Under 20.
Speaking of under 20,
who is that oddly age-appropriate
chick you were with last night?
DENNIS: You don't get smart with me.
MALIKA: Oh, come on.
DENNIS: Luca, don't pay them any mind.
How are you?
I'm working and living on a farm.
And I've never been happier
or more at peace.
So, uh, why did you run from
me at the farmers' market?
I was just surprised to see you.
And in truth, my peace depends
on cutting all ties from the past
and our upbringing.
Hm-hmm. Yeah.
I mean, I left all that behind too.
You were the one that gave
me the courage to leave.
Do you still talk to them?
Uh, Dad, no.
Mom, it's tough.
I I try to have compassion for her.
But she she called me
when she didn't get a postcard from you
on her birthday this year.
And, I I mean, I didn't even know
that you guys still had
some type of contact.
I stopped because I realized
it wasn't healthy for me,
engaging at all.
And honestly,
seeing you brings up
a lot of the old bad feelings.
I'm sorry, I didn't
You know, I didn't
That wasn't my intention.
I don't mean to hurt you,
but I don't want to have a relationship.
That's why I asked you to meet me.
Just to assure you that I'm okay
and to ask you to stop
trying to contact me.
I'll, uh I'll
respect your boundaries.
JENNA: I love you.
And I wish you a happy and healthy life.
And I hope you find
the peace that I found.
It's so nice to meet you. In person.
Internet introductions
can be so awkward.
Yeah, they are.
Well, come on in. I'm glad you're here.
Can I get you something to drink?
Uh, water would be great.
This is my son, Elliot.
Elliot, this is Davia.
She's gonna be your homeschool teacher.
It's nice to meet you.
say hello.
He's a little shy at
first with everyone.
Oh, no, it's fine.
We'll We'll be fine.
- I'll get you water.
- Oh, yeah, thanks.
MAN: All the paperwork
is in this packet,
and I've also included some
prospective parents' letters.
So if you see something that you like,
um, I'll arrange them
to give you a call.
And if that goes well,
then of course the next step
would be to meet in person
and then go from there.
My cell phone number
is also in there, okay?
Uh, and I am available to you 24/7.
Isabella, I've been doing
this for over 20 years.
And I'm gonna be there
every step of the way.
Do you have any questions?
- No. Not at the moment.
- Okay.
- Well, it was a pleasure to meet you.
- Thank you.
- And we'll talk soon. Yeah?
- Mm-hmm.
Bitter memories, digging
up the treasure I sunk ♪
Love your enemies ♪
Maybe you can keep them in front ♪
How would you know what
I've seen, what I've done? ♪
How would you know
I'm a woman in love? ♪
Is it jealousy keeping
you from letting me go? ♪
Why's the melody ♪
Sitting like a lump in my throat? ♪
How would you know
everything I've become? ♪
WOMAN: What matters
is what you think.
Do you think you're
ready to be a mother?
I do.
I'm a woman in love ♪
I'm a woman in love ♪
I'm a woman in love ♪
I'm a woman in love ♪
I'm a woman in love ♪
I'm a woman in love ♪
And I beat every drum ♪
And I beat every drum ♪
I'm a woman in love ♪
I'm a woman in love ♪
I'm a woman in love ♪
I'm a woman in love ♪
I'm a woman in love ♪
I'm a woman in love ♪
Queen of holding my tongue ♪
Queen of holding my tongue ♪
How would you know
I'm a woman in love? ♪
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