Good Trouble (2019) s04e11 Episode Script

Baby, Just Say Yes

You can just stay with me in my loft.
We'll figure something out.
I hope you're here to stay.
If you'll have me.
Seeing you brings up a lot
of the old bad feelings.
I'm sorry.
The Bulk Beauty app officially launches.
This is Davia.
She's gonna be your homeschool teacher.
I just wish I could find a manager
who really believes in me.
I believe in you.
Why not let me be your manager?
Come on, what do you have to lose?
- Ooh.
- Oh, God!
Oh, it's happening!
You know you don't have to do it.
Yes, I do.
Do not try this at home.
Oh, that smell!
Okay, okay. Are you ready?
Three, two, one,
Damn! She's putting it down fast!
I once drank a bottle of cow's blood
at a Twilight cosplay party.
What? Like that's weirder than ketchup.
It's very weird. Ooh.
- Chug! Chug! Chug! Chug!
- Finish it!
Oh, no!
- Not on me!
- Aah!
Go outside!
Hold it in! Don't do it. Breathe.
Keep it cool.
- I'm good.
- You're good?
- I'm good!
- Oh, thank God.
She's good! She's good!
You're up early.
- Hey. I hope I didn't wake you.
- Mm-mm.
I'm just trying to get some of
my own work done in the morning.
It's beautiful.
I could see it on display at The Broad.
I don't know about that,
but thank you.
It feels good to paint something
I can put my own name on.
What do you mean?
I've been I've
been painting for Yuri.
His concepts, sort of.
A lot of mine too.
Like, you've been painting the pieces
and he's been signing his name on them?
Yeah, but I get 10% commission,
which, you know, considering
how much his paintings sell for,
it can be a lot.
I I'm sorry. Is that legal?
I mean, it's certainly not ethical.
It's a paycheck.
It's Yuri's signature
that gets them sold.
Because he's established
and collectible.
Okay, but I feel like you're literally
selling your soul to this guy.
Hey, it's It's not forever.
But we need the money for the baby.
Look, I'll get my work out
there and get established myself,
and then we won't need Yuri's money.
Well, how're you gonna do that
if you're always painting for Yuri?
Especially when the baby gets here.
I'll get up early.
I'll stay up late.
I'll get it done. Okay?
And I'm trying to get
this piece in a group show
that's coming up, so
I'm sure you will.
It's beautiful.
And you're so talented.
- Thank you.
- Mm-hmm.
Okay. I'm gonna let
you get back to work.
I don't wanna distract you.
Hey, how are you settling in downstairs?
Um, uh, great. It's, um, really quiet.
I'm sorry you're on the couch.
No, that's fine. It's Thank you.
Good morning.
Um, I should probably
get ready for work.
What's going on there?
- Nothing.
- Morning, earthlings.
Excuse me.
Did someone eat my blueberry yogurt?
You guys know that my gut health
relies on morning probiotics.
Um, I think maybe I did.
Davia said I could have her yogurt.
I just got it from the top right shelf.
Uh, that's my bad.
Uh, my shelf is the bottom left.
I should've been more specific.
No, no, it's It's my
fault. I I should've asked.
I'm really sorry, Alice.
I will I'll replace it.
Oh, I'll just replace
it right now, it's fine.
What? Strawberry?
Is my favorite. Yay!
Look, eating someone else's food
is a common occurrence around here.
Don't worry about it.
Okay. Can you please stop that?
How else are we supposed
to get rid of these?
Puncture, don't poke.
It'll make less noise,
like a gentle "eeeeee."
It's a Band-Aid. You
just gotta rip it off!
Stop! Stop!
What's going on?
Oh. These are seriously
high-end balloons.
They're still full of air.
Hey, what happened to you?
You left the party
without saying goodbye.
I was just tired.
Didn't wanna ruin the fun.
I'm really sorry that Evan didn't stay.
So there's nothing
happening between you two?
Um no.
We both decided to keep
things professional between us.
I just hate thinking
that you went home alone
and sad.
It's okay, really.
Well, I hate to be
the bearer of bad news,
but I think I know why we're not
getting more traffic on the app.
The hyperlink our
marketing service sent out
is directing people
Not thebulkbeauty.
Bluk? B-L-U-K?
Should we have them send another email?
No one's gonna read a second email.
It looks bad! And really
unprofessional right off the gate.
What if we buy blukbeauty
and re-route the traffic ourselves?
- That's a good idea.
- Gina! Genius!
Uh okay.
It's not available.
Who would buy blukbeauty?
Okay, so this problem asks you
to find the missing exponent.
Elliot, please put down your phone.
I'm not doing anything on my phone.
Well, you're not paying attention.
Fine. The missing exponent is three.
Great. Good job.
Okay, now let's show your work.
But I already did it in my head.
And that's great.
But showing your work
helps to identify the error
if you get a problem wrong.
Elliot, put your phone away
or I will take it from you.
I don't mean to hurt you,
but I don't wanna have a relationship.
I'll respect your boundaries.
I love you.
So now that I have your
Squarespace site up and running,
you're gonna be booking
gigs left and right.
See, it has all of your stand-up clips,
social media links, contact info,
and there's a tool where
anyone can book you directly.
- "No gig too small"?
- Mm-hmm.
Doesn't that make me
seem a little desperate?
Not at all.
It's all part of our strategy
to say yes to everything.
Assuming it's not illegal, of course.
And what's the point of all this?
Maximum exposure.
Saying yes is the key to success.
I don't know.
Come on, it's so much
easier to say yes than no.
If it's so easy, why don't you do it?
Fine. I will!
I will say yes to
anything you ask me to do.
Hug Kelly.
Wa What are you doing?
Are you trying to lift my wallet?
Now confess the craziest
thing you've ever done.
One time I asked the cashier at
Chipotle to give me a water cup,
but then, I filled it
with root beer instead.
I've never told anyone that story,
and the guilt has been
eating me alive ever since.
Wow, not cool.
Root beer with Mexican
food? You're sick.
It felt so good to
get that off my chest.
Thank you, Alice.
What's next?
I'm not feeling the grief in this blue.
It needs more, uh, emotion.
Hey, I was thinking,
we should have a show.
What exactly would that
arrangement look like?
Just like the one we have now.
It's working out fine, yeah?
How many pieces are we talking?
- Ten should do it.
- Ten?
Not enough for a big show?
All right, 12.
What do you say?
Hey. Um
So listen, about the other night
Yeah, I had fun and it was great.
But, um, I'm not really looking
to get involved with someone
that I practically live with.
Coterie relationships can
get kinda messy, you know?
Uh, no, I don't know.
I thought what happened between
us really meant something.
I'm just kidding.
We're on the same page.
Oh, good.
- Oh, no!
- What's wrong?
We're trying to buy this domain
name It's a long story.
The owner wants $50,000 for it.
He's totally holding it hostage.
Can we find an address for this owner?
You helped me find Jenna.
And people can be more reasonable
if you confront them face-to-face.
I feel
guilty that Gael's making
all the real sacrifices,
and I'm only working part-time.
And I'm scared he's
eventually gonna resent me.
leave me.
Not the baby. He wouldn't
He would never leave his child.
That makes sense.
It does?
It makes sense that
you would feel that way
based on how your parents abandoned you.
That wound is deep, Isabella.
And I'd expect you
to project those fears
onto the people closest to you.
What you have to be careful of, though,
is making it a self-fulfilling prophecy
by finding ways to
push Gael out the door
because you expect him
to leave you anyway.
He's just giving up so much to
take care of me and the baby.
Well, maybe Gael is choosing
to do what makes him
feel able to provide.
Maybe that sense of
security means more to him
than having to paint for Yuri right now.
Look, what's most
important is communication.
Tell Gael what you're feeling
and let him answer for himself
instead of imagining what
he's thinking and feeling.
But back to your parents
have you heard anything from them?
I haven't heard anything.
Okay, so you toss the apple in the air
and you try to stab it with the fork.
Okay. Sounds fun!
We'll see. I'm gonna post it on TikTok.
It's so dusty down here.
Yeah, it's been a while
since I've cleaned.
- Oh, oh!
- You almost stabbed me!
The woman tried to kill me.
Okay. Oh, my
Uh! I thought this would be easier.
- Make it stop!
- Only if you admit
that not everything's
worth saying yes to.
Aah-ha-ha! I did it! Did you catch that?
Oh, the thrill of trying some
new hard thing and succeeding!
What a rush!
Your task, should you
choose to accept it,
is to detonate ten kindness bombs.
What's a kindness bomb?
Aggressive compliments
to total strangers.
- What?
- You can always say no.
I love your sweater!
It's got a great pattern!
Louder next time.
Your skin is glowing.
This is easy!
Who's next?
You have the most beautiful bald head.
Better than Dwayne Johnson.
Thank you.
Very smooth.
Your eyes are hauntingly beautiful.
Oh. What a lovely thing to say. Oh, my.
This is amazing!
Hey! I haven't seen you around.
Hey! Yeah, I, uh
I got a place to stay.
Well, that's cool.
So why are you out here?
Ivan Ivan's still
shaking people down.
I need the money,
but, uh, I'll I'll keep my eye out.
Well, congrats.
Getting a roof over
your head's a big deal.
As long as it lasts.
What do you mean?
You know how people are.
They try to help you,
but when they see how much
you actually need, you know,
they realize maybe they took on
more than they want to deal with
and ask you to leave.
I guess so.
- Take care.
- You too.
Um hi. Is Brian Lewis home?
I'm Brian.
Uh, we're journalists
investigating the website
as a potential cover domain
linked to alt-right
extremist message boards.
Is it true that you own the site?
Uh, yeah.
And what's your connection
to white supremacists?
- None!
- North Korea? Russia?
What about the flushing of White
House documents down the toilet?
I don't know about any of that.
Okay, my mom got an email
from some beauty company,
and the hyperlink had
a typo, so I bought it,
hoping I could sell it
to someone. That's it!
Well, I'm afraid you've
entered dangerous territory,
because as long as you own blukbeauty,
you're gonna be linked to these groups.
And, I mean, if we found
your address this easy,
then anybody on the dark web can.
The dark web?
Good luck.
And thank you so much
for talking with us.
Okay, you are good!
You remind me of myself.
- Toiletgate was a nice touch.
- Thank you.
This is good. Really good.
Thank you.
But it feels derivative
of Yuri Elwin's new work.
I think maybe
you're subconsciously
mimicking his new style.
Or maybe Yuri's mimicking my work
since I'm the one who's doing
all his painting for him!
Maybe you're subconsciously
mimicking his new style?
Thanks for taking a look.
How was the show at the gallery?
He said my painting is
derivative of Yuri's new work.
Which is your work!
That is such bullshit!
Sometimes I wish I'd never taken
this job with Yuri in the first place.
Well, why don't you quit?
I can't quit.
Yuri wants to do a show. Twelve pieces!
That's a lot of potential commission.
I just need to make sure
my own work is more distinct
from what I'm doing for Yuri.
I'm so sorry.
What can I do for you?
Nothing. It's okay.
Hey, did anyone notice
that Luca was carrying all his
stuff with him this morning?
- Yeah, I saw that.
- Me too.
Maybe he's afraid someone around
here is gonna steal his things.
I know one of you thieves
stole my black designer glasses.
Mmm, you mean the ones on your head?
Aw, it's a blessing. Thank you!
Guys, Luca's lost his things
to street sweeps before.
It's It's probably just
instinct to him at this point.
- Luca. Hey!
- Hey.
Hey, I'm making dinner. Are you hungry?
No, I, uh, I I just
wanted to tell Alice
that I replaced your blueberry yogurt.
Oh, you didn't have to
do that, but thank you.
Yeah, no problem.
Well, how about a glass
of wine or something?
Uh, I'm good, thanks.
I wish he felt more at home in here.
I'm glad it's not me this time.
It worked!
The kid sold theblukbeauty
to us for only 100 bucks.
Thank you so much for helping me.
You're welcome.
Turns out we're a pretty good team.
Like Turner & Hooch.
Except neither of us is a dog.
Anyway, uh, I should go.
So is that all you
came down here for?
Well, yeah, I thought it
was in-person kind of news.
Mm. Mm-hmm.
So good night.
Good night.
Uh, hold on.
I owe you one. Thank you.
All right.
What was that about?
I didn't tell you this,
but I met with Jenna.
Talk about in-person kind of news.
"A world of dew
And within every dewdrop
A world of struggle."
Kobayashi Issa.
That is an example of a haiku.
And now we're gonna write our own poem
using the five-seven-five
syllable structure.
Okay, I'll go first.
The day can feel long.
But school is almost over.
No homework tonight.
Okay, come on, Elliot.
Help me out here, I
need you to participate.
I cannot teach you if
you won't even look at me.
You're a bad teacher.
Why did my dad hire you?
Find a new career.
It's great. Made a haiku!
Even though the word "hire" only
has one syllable, we'll count it.
Hey! I have a meeting in Santa Monica,
but I'll be home by 6:00, and
we'll figure out dinner then. Cool?
How's it going?
Actually, we're all done here.
Great! I'll see you tomorrow.
Yuri, hi, it's Isabella.
Ah, of course!
- Look at that beautiful belly!
- Aw!
- You are glowing.
- Thank you.
Uh, Gael, he's, uh, he's not here.
Oh, I'm I'm actually
here to talk to you.
Oh, all right, uh, please have a seat.
Thank you. Thank you.
So what can I do for you?
Well, as you know,
Gael and I are starting a family.
And there's a lot of
pressure on him to provide.
And with the amount of time
he spends here with you,
he's not really able to
work on his own painting.
You know, establish a name for himself.
So I was I was thinking,
considering how much work he does here,
it might be more fair to him
if you pay him more than 10% commission
on the paintings that you sell.
Aren't you the sweetest.
You coming down here,
standing up for your man.
But there's not a chance in hell
Gael's gonna get a penny more than 10%.
We both know that Gael
is doing 100% of the work
for a fraction of the sales.
And he may need you,
but you need him too.
So I came up with a better equation.
Gael gets 50% of
everything that you make.
Or I could tell everyone that Yuri Elwin
is a fraud.
Guess I got no choice then.
Hey, uh, Luca.
Oh! Hey. I was, uh,
just trying to fix a
few things around here.
Am Am I in your way?
No, no, no. Carry on. I mean, don't.
And thank you.
But could you come with me for a sec?
We all wanna talk to
you about something.
We wanted you to have a place
that feels like yours, so
welcome to your room.
I'm sorry we don't have a
more private space for you
since all the lofts
are currently rented.
But we wanted you to know that
you are truly welcome here.
I don't know what to say.
thank you so much.
For the front door and the mailbox.
I've, like, never had a
set of keys before, so.
Welcome home.
"Dear Asher "
It's too familiar.
"Dear Mr. Bowen, it is
with great regret "
Regret? Who am I kidding?
"Unfortunately, I don't think
I'm the best fit for Elliot."
Because your son is a preteen monster.
"And I think it's better
if you find a teacher
more suited to Elliot's
learning style.
Therefore, today was my last day."
Wait, what's wrong?
- I'm here. I'm here.
- Where is he?
It's almost 7:00! He
said he'd be back by 6:00!
Look, I'm sure everything's fine.
Your dad's probably just running late.
Then why didn't he call me?
Something's happened. Maybe he's dead!
Okay, um, uh, come on.
Uh, let's let's go outside
and let's get some fresh air, okay?
Can't breathe.
Elliot, look at me.
You're having a panic attack.
Elliot, just look at me, look at me.
You're going to be okay, all right?
Breathe with me.
In and out.
That was great. Okay,
now breathe in deeper.
In. Hold it.
And out.
Okay, again. Slower.
You're doing great, Elliot. You're okay.
- Thank you for coming.
- Of course.
Um, we're out here!
Davia? Oh, thank God. Hey.
Where were you?
I am so sorry, buddy.
I forgot my phone at home,
and I didn't realize
until I was at the meeting.
And then we went late, and there
was so much traffic coming back.
You could've called me from the meeting!
I couldn't.
I don't know your cell number.
I hate you.
Um, he he just called me when
he couldn't get ahold of you,
so I just came back.
Thanks for doing that.
Ugh, I can't believe I
don't know his number.
No one knows anyone's number.
But he's my son!
I feel like I'm screwing all this up.
Laura did most of the parenting.
Did she
pass away?
No. No, she, uh
She ran away with a
guy she met at the gym.
Oh! I'm sorry.
In fairness to her, he
does have his own jet.
Elliot's always been an anxious kid.
And then I come home late tonight,
and he doesn't know where I am
and he can't get ahold of me.
I feel like a shitty dad.
Well, look, if it's any consolation,
sometimes I feel like a shitty teacher,
but then I remind myself
that kids are hard.
And they can make your job as a
teacher or a parent challenging.
But you're here
and you're doing the best you can.
And Elliot
he knows that, and he loves you for it.
- Thank you for saying that.
- Yeah.
And I don't believe
that you're a bad teacher
because you wouldn't be
here right now if you were.
I I'll see you tomorrow?
Yeah. See you tomorrow.
Good night.
Didn't Jenna say that
she lived on a farm?
Plates from the van she
got in are registered
to a Casey Miller at this address.
And that's the guy who was
watching you in the coffee shop?
Yeah, he sat near us so he
could hear what we were saying.
I mean, if she's so happy where she is,
then why is this guy watching her?
Like he doesn't trust her?
- Who's that?
- I don't know.
But I think we wait for
this guy Casey with the van.
Or we talk to this woman.
She might tell us more than he will.
Wow. I thought the ghost
pepper would be a deal breaker.
I can't believe you actually did
everything I challenged you to do.
It's been so amazing!
Like, doing things
outside of my comfort zone
has made me feel alive!
It's a booking request on my site!
Oh, what's it say?
They want to book my
friend Sumi from my TikTok.
"She's so funny!"
See? This just proves
my point about exposure.
Sumi, you're supposed to be
my manager, not my competition.
And this booking is the
one thing I will say no to,
because my client comes first.
All right, fine.
I'll give this "yes" thing a shot.
Great! Because I booked you
for a mortician conference.
As in, "I see dead people"?
Yeah, embalmers, funeral directors.
They want you to help
lighten up the death industry.
Oh! And I've already got a joke for you.
If no one is laughing, just say,
"I'm dying up here."
Well, that's pretty good, actually.
Okay. Death industry, here I come.
What did you do?
What did you say to Yuri?
- Ah, here you are.
- Hey.
Your baby mama
came to visit yesterday to have a chat.
Isabella? Why?
Well, according to her,
I am taking advantage of
the great Gael Martinez.
She feels that 50%
commission would be more fair.
Is that what you're thinking?
No, of course not.
But, I mean, I I
do a lot of the work.
Well, as I told her, I
guess I got no choice.
You're fired.
Gael, I am so sorry. I
was only trying to help.
Well, you didn't help.
You stepped way over the line, Isabella!
How the hell am I supposed
to support us now, huh?
I'm really so sorry.
- I
- No. I can't right now.
Uh, we're looking for Casey Miller.
That's my late husband.
Oh. Um, I'm sorry for your loss.
I'm I'm looking for my sister.
And the last time I saw her,
she was getting into a
van registered to him.
Yeah, it was a blue Ford Econoline.
Yes, he used to have a van like that,
but we don't have it anymore. I'm sorry.
Well, do you happen to know where it is?
No. I really should start on dinner.
You know That's a lovely passage.
"As for me and my house, we will
serve the Lord." Joshua 24:15.
You know it?
Of course, it was Joshua's last address
to the tribes of Israel.
It's my mom's favorite verse.
I really don't know where the van is.
My son, Adam, has it.
- Adam Miller?
- Yes.
Okay. Do you by chance have a number
- or an address for him?
- I don't.
We haven't spoken in some time.
I understand.
Um, okay, well, if you hear from him,
will you give me a call?
- Of course.
- Thank you.
I do hope you find your sister.
I'll be praying for you both.
Thank you.
Oh, I don't know wh
Well, now we know his real name.
How many Adam Millers you
think there are out there?
Adam's my brother.
If your sister's with him,
she's in danger.
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