Good Trouble (2019) s05e11 Episode Script

I Am Doll Parts

- I like you.
- I like you.
Some unexpected costs have come up.
- What do you need?
- $50,000.
You bet the money that my
father gave us to pay the lease?
RANJIT: It's gone, man. It's all gone.
MALIKA: Why did Jack Hauss
vote against the women's center
when he told me, to my face,
that he would support it?
Welcome to politics.
Maybe politics aren't for me.
You need to be with us.
Why don't you move into the Coterie?
Just while you're in recovery.
GAEL: I've been painting for Yuri.
His concepts, sort of,
and a lot of mine too.
MAN: I think it might
be your best work yet.
YURI: Hmm.
Silas is getting away
with hurting people.
All right, I'll tell him
to tell you everything he knows.
Thank you for everything you did.
I can handle it from here.
I can come back to Bulk Beauty.
Don't you think that you
should take a little time off?
I'm sorry. I think I'm gonna go.
Let me Let me walk you back.
I kinda just want to be alone.
My mother is dead!
This is all your fault!
- GAEL: Oh! Shit!
- Whoa, whoa, dude, you okay?
- OFFICER: Police. Don't move!
OFFICER: Put your hands
in the air! Do it now!
Hands in the air!
Keep your hands where I can see 'em.
Hello, Mariana.
Don't be frightened.
I'm sorry to show up unannounced.
I've just been wanting a chance
to talk to you, in person.
And say I'm sorry for what Adam did.
I'm not a bad man, Mariana.
I'm only trying to help those women
who seek refuge at the farm heal
from their childhood traumas.
So many suffer from being
abandoned by a parent.
Like you must've felt,
by your birth mother.
How terrifying that
must have been for you
and Jesus as toddlers.
Hungry, while Anna's
out looking for drugs.
But that initial trauma
it doesn't ever go away.
Does it?
It just keeps growing inside
until a tragic event happens
like Evan being shot.
And that brings it all to the surface.
You're not okay, are you, Mariana?

My only intention in coming here
was to say that I see you.
- JOAQUIN: Mariana?
- You in there?
- Joaquin?
Did you see him? Is he still out there?
No one's out here.
What are you talking about?
No one. I
I was asleep. I must've had a nightmare.
Um, why why were
you pounding on my door?
Um No, I was just
I was worried about you
after you left the party.
You okay?
I'm fine. I'm just really tired.
Thanks for checking in on me.
Okay. Good night.

Oh, thank God, you
made it! Are you okay?
I thought you got arrested.
I thought you got arrested!
I almost did.
OFFICER: Hands in the air! Do it now!
Get down!
OFFICER: Hey! Go, go,
go! Move the truck!
I barely got away.
[PANTING] My, uh My
heart is still pounding.
Oh, my God. Dude, I'm so
sorry. I feel terrible.
No, no, it's It's okay.
That was just a little
It was a little too
much excitement for me.
Yeah no, for sure.
[CHUCKLING] But hey, man, we did it!
Oh, God!
But please
Please tell me you are
not gonna do that again.
Seriously, man.
No, yeah, you're right.
That was That was way too dangerous.
- Hey. Good morning.
- Morning.
MALIKA: So, listen, I wanted
to ask you a big favor.
Isaac is coming to stay
in my loft for a few weeks,
and I was wondering,
any way I can crash with you?
Woo! Yes, okay.
Okay, let's do this.
Move this table out of the way.
- All right. Yeah?
- Yeah.
You got it, you got it.
- Turn right for me.
- Turning, turning, turning.

DAVIA: Are you kidding me?
Look, you need to get out of
business with Ranjit immediately.
It's not that simple. He invested
$250,000 in my restaurant.
And gambled away the money
your father had to lend you
because Ranjit lied about
paying for the opening party.
- You can't trust him!
- I know!
Okay, well, maybe you
can find new investors.
Look, I'm in default on the lease.
Who's gonna invest in a restaurant
that's already going under?
Well, maybe you could ask
your dad for more money.
No, no, no, no. That's not an option.
He's expecting to be
paid back within 30 days.
How am I gonna open a
restaurant and make that happen?
God, I am so angry with Ranjit!
I told you there was something
about him I didn't trust.
All right, FYI, saying I told you so
doesn't really help right now.
Hey, great party.
Trouble in paradise?
Um, no, Dennis is having
a cash flow problem
with the restaurant.
- He's a little short on the lease payment.
- How short?
Geez! [SCOFFS] What do
you call a lot short?
I just wish there was some way
I could get my hands on some money.
Actually, maybe there is a way.
I've cleared some space for you.
Where is all of your stuff?
In Mariana's loft.
Hers is huge. Don't worry!
We're gonna have a
great time as roomies.
Sorry, you're stuck with your
feet hanging off of my twin bed.
All good.
More room without you in
it, kicking me all night.
[SCOFFS] Wait, I do not kick.
I dance in my sleep.
Oh, that's what it is.
- Uh-huh.
- ISAAC: Got it.
I I don't wanna hold
you from any work, so
Oh, you aren't.
I'm taking a few personal
days I've racked up.
Oh, uh, how is your new job?
- It's good.
- ISAAC: Yeah?
Yeah, it's good.
All right, well, I'll
let you get settled in.
Mi casa es su casa,
so make yourself at home.
Thank you.
So who was your friend at the party?
My friend?
Dark curly hair,
kissed you in the alley?
Sorry, I was taking out the garbage.
Uh, no, that was, um
[CLEARS THROAT] That was Riley.
She is a girl in my dance class.
Are you two dating?
Uh no.
To be honest, I can't really
afford to take her out.
You don't have to spend a lot
of money to have an amazing date.
There are a lot of
affordable things to do in LA.
Um, like what?

Thank you for seeing
me on such short notice.
I'm glad I had a cancellation.
From what you told me over the phone,
it sounds like you've
been through quite a lot.
Can you tell me more about
what you've been experiencing
since your friend was shot?
Well, I guess I've
been feeling anxious.
And I haven't been sleeping great.
Having dreams that feel real.
[ECHOING] Hello, Mariana.
Has this anxiety been
disabling in any way?
Have you ever had an anxiety attack?
Not really.
Sounds like you've been taking
care of your friend, Evan.
How have you been
taking care of yourself?
What do you mean?
I I wasn't the one who got shot.
No, but you did get shot at.
That must've been pretty terrifying.
Uh. It It all happened so fast.
I don't remember most of it.
You know, just
being scared for Evan,
getting him to the hospital,
praying that he didn't die.
The way that I took care of myself
was taking care of him.
Yuri, critics are hailing you
as one of the top 10
visual artists living today.
You've been active in the
art scene for years now,
always pushing the boundaries.
And your newest work is
simply on another level.
It's your best yet!
Well, I I don't know what to say,
but I agree. [CHUCKLES]
Nah, I mean, yeah, as an artist,
I'm always looking to be challenged,
to evolve myself and my work.
It's my work, you [GRUNTING] asshole!
a whole new journey

- Hey.
- RILEY: Hey.
Wow, um, you look really nice.
Thanks. You too.
So, what are we doing?
I thought it'd be really
fun to try this thing out.
I have always wanted to do this.
- Really?
- Yeah.
Oh, my God, I've never
done it before, so.
And then, LA has a lot of
really great street art,
and I thought it'd be fun to
take, like, a walking tour,
see some of my favorites.
I I should've told you
to wear comfortable shoes.
- We can just do something else
- No, it's fine.
If I can dance in them,
I can walk in them.
It sounds really fun.
All right. Well, after you.
Let's see how this goes ♪
Tellin' me I'm gonna fall for you ♪
So it's, uh, right over there.
But you came and you
saw and you waited ♪
I love this intimate
moment between two people.
And it it's cool 'cause
they're corrugated metal,
and it reflects the light,
making it feel alive.
It's beautiful.
Wasted, tangled ♪
Caught up in you ♪
It was a saga ♪
This one is called "Love Each Other."
They look sort of sad.
I wonder what they're looking at.
Maybe humanity.
Maybe they're angels,
you know, just wishing
we could love each other.
'Cause I know I shouldn't ♪
Be playin' with you ♪
No, I'm fine. I'm fine.
Wasted, tangled, caught up in you ♪
That is a beautiful mural and message.
I wonder how the artist
got up there, though.
It was not easy.
I mean, I, uh, I assume,
like, it would not be easy.
Hey, oh ♪
- Now y'all ain't got nothin' to say?
- What?
- Okay.
- Right?
Oh, hey, your meeting with the network
is tomorrow at noon.
I don't feel right
going without the guys.
Why don't they want them there?
You won't know until you go.
I would like to raise a toast to Isaac.
- MALIKA: Mmm.
- It is so great having you here.
- ALICE: Welcome home, Isaac.
- SUMI: We missed you.
- Cheers.
- Cheers.
So, um, now that you
guys are back together,
do I hear wedding bells?
- Bing-bang-bong!
- Uh, we're not back together.
Okay, Monica and Chandler.
Look at his face!
It's all over his face.
- ALICE: Isaac is always blushing.
- It isn't anything like that.
So, Malika, what's next
with your women's center?
Um, nothing. It's dead.
- Dead?
- What?
You can't try again?
It was crushing, seeing
you blindsided like that.
[SOFTLY] Thank you.
Blindsided? What happened?
A city council member,
whose name shall not
be spoken in this house,
gave me his word he would
vote for my proposal,
and at the last minute,
he switched his vote and killed it.
It's so gross. I mean, who does that?
A politician.
So, where is our chef Dennis?
Is that why we eatin' takeout?
Oh, he's busy at the restaurant.
Mm, okay.
Hey, that party was frickin' awesome.
The food was great. He's gonna kill it.
So, speaking of Dennis,
he needs our help.

RILEY: So, tell me,
what were you like in high school?
What do you mean?
Well, you weren't a jock,
or a nerd,
and you don't have stoner vibes.
I know.
Strong, silent type.
Keeping all the girls guessing.
Something like that.
You keep surprising me.
How's that?
Well, most guys,
they take you to dinner or a movie.
But this date
was so thoughtful.
It was so perfect.
I had no idea there were
so many beautiful things
right in front of us.
Well, there's beautiful things
all around if you just
take the time to notice 'em.

So, these personal
days that you're taking,
have they anything to do with
this blindsiding by this asshole?
- I need time to think.
- Mm-hmm.
maybe quitting.
If there's one thing you're not,
it's a quitter.
I know, but
I don't know if I'm wired
for all the dirty dealing
that comes with politics.
I mean, this shit is cutthroat.
Maybe I should go back to
activism or take a break.
- Yeah.
- Wait, speaking of work, how's yours?
Do they know you've been in rehab?
Mm-mm. Mm-mm.
They think I'm dealing
with a family matter.
Okay, well, I'm glad that you're here,
letting us love and support you.
And I I really appreciate this,
more than you'll ever know.

So maybe we should talk ground rules.
I mean, as much as I
hate to disappoint Kelly.
- Yeah.
- You're here to heal,
and I think the only way that works
is if we're just friends,
without benefits.
Yeah, nah, I I feel you.
I agree.
- Okay.
Hey. You You busy?
Uh, no. It's okay, come in.
ALICE: Cool.
So, um
everyone's been really good
about paying their dues,
which I've been really good at saving,
even though we really
do need a new oven,
which you know, Mr. Chef. [CHUCKLES]
Anyway, I, uh, have been
saving up to pay you back
for the deposit you put down
when we had to renegotiate
the Coterie lease.
And I don't have the whole amount yet,
but I thought I'd give you the
first installment of $5,000.
Bros before stoves!
Trying to get fresh with me?
Did you tell Alice about the restaurant?
That I need money?
Alice saw you leaving my loft upset,
and she asked what happened.
And you told her?
Davia, that's my private business.
No, no, no. I didn't
give her any details.
She just knows that you need
some money for the restaurant.
So So where did the 5K come from?
And don't tell me dues,
because I know that nobody
pays their Coterie dues.
When we told everyone what you did,
they wanted to help pay you back.
We just contributed what we could.
I never wanted that money back.
No one was ever supposed to know!
I was just trying to help.
I didn't ask for your help.
Did I? Did I ask for your help?
Never should've told you.

- Here you go, man.
- MAN: Thank you.
LUCA: No problem.
MAN: Hey.
Don't I know you?
You used to handle on
the corner of 6th Street.
No. No, that that wasn't me.
MAN [LOUDLY]: God bless you!
- Hey.
Have you heard back from Adam's mom?
My mother is dead!
Uh No.
How are you feeling?
I went to therapy today.
Going back tomorrow.
That's great.
Yeah. We'll see.
You know, for therapy to work,
you gotta really commit, tell the truth.
What's that supposed to mean?
You just like to be in
control of the narrative.
Wow! Look in the mirror much?
You know what? Maybe
you should go to therapy.
Talk about how you think you
know everything about everyone,
which you don't.
Hey, roomie.
Okay, what're you planning
on doing with all of this stuff?
Because you're only crashing
here for a few weeks.
Did Did you really have to bring
every single thing that you own?
You know You know
what, speaking of clutter,
can we please keep the common
spaces clear of all of our shit?
MALIKA: Okay. Hey, hey,
if if this is a hassle,
I can figure out something else.
No. I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
I feel like I'm losing it.
What's going on?
I left Dennis' party
the other night because
I was having, like, a panic attack,
and I almost didn't make it home.
When I opened the door,
Silas was here.
Silas? Was here?
I don't know if he was really here.
I was having hallucinations.
I mean, I I told him to get out,
and then, a couple seconds later,
Joaquin was at the door,
and he said that he didn't see anyone.
I must've imagined it,
but it felt so real.
Well, you don't have to guess.
I mean, there's one way to find
out for sure if he was here.
Those security cameras in the lobby.
I'm sorry about the way I reacted.
I was embarrassed.
I don't want people looking
at me like I'm a failure.
Nobody thinks you're a failure.
I know I was taking on a
lot opening a restaurant.
I just wanted to prove
that I could succeed at
something I actually love.
Don't do this to yourself, Dennis.
Ranjit is the one who
got you into this mess.
And you cannot push me away
when I'm just trying to support you.
I know you don't like it when I bring up
how you bailed on me after
the first time we got together,
but every time you pull away
or storm off after an argument,
it just makes me scared
that you might not come back.
And I never wanna feel
that way, ever again.
You're right.
You're right. I won't
do that again. I'm sorry.
whatever happens
with the restaurant, or anything,
I am on your side,
always and forever.
I know.
You're sure this is from
the night of Dennis' party?
See, there we are,
leaving for the party.
No sign of Silas.
MALIKA: Okay, there
you are, coming home.
ALICE: There's Joaquin,
walking. [CHUCKLES]
Sorry, not the time or place.
Wait, can can you scroll
forward a little bit more?
MALIKA: So he was never here.
That's good news.
Yeah, but the bad news is
I really am losing my mind.

Where is everyone?
I don't know.
So how was your date?
Yeah, it was, uh
It was good. [CHUCKLES]
Thank you for helping me with that.
Glad I could be of service.
There was, um
There was this one thing.
I used to be
Yeah, and someone on
the street last night,
they recognized me
from this corner that
I used to beg on.
But I acted like they had the wrong guy,
'cause I didn't want Riley to know.
Why not?
That's nothing to be ashamed of.
Just afraid of what
she might think of me.
Luca, you're a person,
not a circumstance.
If Riley really likes you,
I don't see why that
would make a difference.
It wouldn't to me.
Yeah, looks good.
I like what you did here. It's nice.
We made many upgrades,
invested a lot of money in the space,
which is why I think
a six-month extension on
the lease deposit seems fair.
Uh, yeah, Dennis, look,
the the thing is, um
you're unproven.
You've never opened up a restaurant.
You're already in default.
Okay, there were
extenuating circumstances
beyond my control, I'm sorry.
But I can give you $5,000 right now.
I'm a businessman. I don't take chances.
I need 50,000, end of day tomorrow,
or you need to vacate the premises.
Maybe I'm a little too old now ♪
Did I even grow up over the years? ♪
Everyone moved out of town ♪
In my bed ♪
I don't face my fears ♪
When you call my name ♪
Call my name and I'll
just hold my hands out ♪
But, oh, you make me feel small ♪
And keep me around ♪
And keep me around ♪
MARIANA: The truth is
I did have an anxiety attack.
The other night, walking
home from a friend's party,
my heart was pounding,
and I couldn't breathe.
I felt dizzy.
And I was imagining
people saying things to me,
awful things.
And when I got home,
I imagined
that Silas was there.
And he knew so much about me.
About my mom, my
birth mom, being on drugs
when my brother and I were little.
That we were both in foster care.
[SCOFFS] I was so freaked out.
I mean, how could he possibly
know all of those things?
But now I I know that
I know that he wasn't actually there.
That I
It was all in my mind,
which I'm clearly losing.
People who've experienced trauma
sometimes process their feelings
through hallucinations,
especially if self-blame is involved.
It's not unusual.
You're not losing your mind at all.
It could mean that your mind is trying
to help you process
feelings you're suppressing,
like fear.
I felt it. [CRYING]
I I felt the bullet.
It whipped right past my ear.
I I felt the heat,
the the vibration.
If it had been an inch closer,
I would've been shot in the head.
I would've died. [SOBBING]
Hey, Viv, it's Joaquin.
Can you do me a favor?
What's in it for me?
Oh, how about dinner, soon?
Okay, but I get to pick the restaurant
because I'm vegan, and last
time, you took me to a steakhouse.
Oh, yeah. [CHUCKLES] Sorry about that.
Um, I need you to look
into a recent death.
Must've happened, like, two days ago.
Woman's name is Andrea
Miller, who lived in Downey.
I need to know if it's being
investigated as a murder.
A murder?
What makes you think that?
Well, I'm trying to get
information from her son, Adam,
about a missing person.
He clammed up.
But I got her to agree to
try to get him to talk to me,
and then hours later, she's dead.
So you think the son did it?
JOAQUIN: No. No, he's
locked up for something else,
but I think an accomplice
of his might've.
Guy named Gary Brecker,
aka Silas Thompson.
VIV: Okay. Yeah, I'll look into it.
- Thank you.
- Mm-hmm.
[LOUDLY] Bye, Mom.

WOMAN: So, Alice.
Thank you for coming in.
We loved your "Save the
Show" video campaign.
- You did?
- WOMAN: We did!
And good news,
we wanna renew "Ferrets &
Friends" for another season.
Oh, my God!
That's great!
There is one condition.
A condition?
A good condition.
We want you to run the writers' room.
I can't run the room.
Yeah, Mo Morty
Morty runs the room.
Or maybe Murray or Morrie?
Honestly, I've never been
clear on that dynamic.
Listen, I'm the new guy girl.
Exactly, we need a new,
younger take on the show,
you know, to draw in these
young ferret fanatics on TikTok.
I see. Um
I'm sorry, uh, I can't be in charge.
It's their show.
This is a great
opportunity for you, Alice.
What if I say no?
Well, if you say no,
then, I guess, there's no show.
What are you doing here?
I know. You're angry with me.
But, um, I have something for you.
What is this?
70,000 in cash.
No shit, man. What is this?
50 to pay the lease. 20
to get the doors open.
And what about paying back my father?
I am working on that.
But with this, you can
open the restaurant.
Start making money.
Look at this place, we're
we're going to succeed.
- We?
- Yeah.
I I'm still your
partner, like it or not.
And I'll get more
money, I just need time.
Where'd you get this?
It's legit.
- From gambling?
- No.
No. I swear.
I'm not gonna gamble ever again.
I learned my lesson.
And I'm going to earn your trust back,
if you could just give me a chance
to be your partner,
and your friend again.
Please, Dennis.
Let me make this right.

You didn't have to put everything away.
No, you were right.
An uncluttered home leads
to an uncluttered mind.
Well, I'm sorry.
I'm really glad that you're
staying with me for a while.
I really need you right now.
Hey, we need each other.
- Thank you.

JOAQUIN: Mariana, you in there?
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