Good Trouble (2019) s05e12 Episode Script

With a Little Help From My Friends

WOMAN: We wanna renew Ferrets & Friends.
We want you to run the writers' room.
What if I say no?
Then, I guess there's no show.
I was in rehab.
MALIKA: Why don't you
move into the Coterie
while you're in recovery?
What about your family?
They wouldn't be on board with
me taking antidepressants.
And I do not want them to know
I was hooked on Xanax.
PRESIDENT KIM: Motion does not pass.
Welcome to politics.
Maybe politics aren't for me.
I need time to think
about maybe quitting.
- LADLE: How was your date?
- LUCA: It was good.
EMILY: Our daughter, Madison,
lived on the farm with Silas for a year.
Maybe you could help us find Maddie.
Silas is hurting people and
he's getting away with it.
All right, I'll tell Adam
to tell you everything he knows.
My mother is dead!
This is all your fault!
- JOAQUIN: Hey, Viv.
I need you to look into a recent death.
I need to know if it's being
investigated as a murder.
RANJIT: No, no, no. I bet the money.
Shit! It's gone, man. It's all gone.
What is wrong with you?
Look, you need to get out of
business with Ranjit immediately.
- Evan.
- EVAN: I'm back.
Thank you for everything you did
while I was incapacitated,
but I can handle it from here.
Take care, Mariana.
The good news is I can
come back to Bulk Beauty.
Don't you think that you
should take a little time off?
MARIANA: I went to therapy today.
How have you been
taking care of yourself?
Come on, guys. Push, push, push, push!
Luca, move!
- Something is burning!
- LADLE: I need my dough, anybody!
I got it. I got it.
LADLE: Dough! Where's the dough?
EMILE: It's coming, it's coming.
We're so behind.
We can't fill all these orders!
Everybody is hungry.
What are we gonna do?
The flatbreads in the
oven still aren't done.
- I told you we needed to cut out the flatbreads!
- I know!
- I mean, really hungry!
No. No. No!
Pa-pa-paa, pa-pa-pa-pa-pa ♪
Pa-pa-paa, pa-pa-pa-pa ♪
Then we'll find our peace of mind ♪
You and me, Bel Ami ♪
Pa-pa-paa, pa-paaa ♪
So what do you have planned for today?
Oh, I have a full day
of absolutely nothing to do.
You miss Speckulate?
I miss having a job
to go to and a purpose.
A lot of that was tied to feeling guilty
over Evan being shot.
My therapist is trying
to get me to accept that
I'm not responsible for Evan
choosing to go to the farm.
And I've paid off my debt to him,
so I have to take care
of myself right now.
Your therapist is right.
You have to do what's good for you.
- What's your day look like?
- MALIKA: Well
I'm telling my boss I'm resigning today.
What? Why? Because your
women's center didn't pass?
Because I had to push my proposal
entirely up the hill
practically by myself,
and after all the work I
did to get it to the floor,
self-interest and
dirty dealing killed it.
The world of politics just isn't for me.
Are you sure about this?
Hey, try to give yourself permission
to just relax today.
- ISAAC: Hey.
- Hey.
How you feeling?
Nervous but clear.
How about you?
Really good. Yeah.
- Just ready to get back to work.
- Okay.
- Well, let's do this.
- ISAAC: Okay.
Mm, you're up early.
Yeah. Gotta get to the restaurant.
We are opening tonight.
Did you figure out the lease?
- What is this?
- Let me make this right.
Um, I got some new investment dollars,
you know, enough to cover
the lease and get the doors open.
That's amazing! Why didn't you tell me?
Oh, you were already
asleep when I got home
and I didn't wanna wake you up.
So are you ready to open tonight?
I have to be.
Still need to pay back my dad.
All right. Love you. Gotta run.
MORRIE: the onion bagels!
What about the onion bagels?
MURRAY: There's no bagels
already, so that's a problem.
But the coffee, that could
be better too, you know?
Whoa! Whoa! What's all this about?
- It's from the network.
- What?
- They picked up our show.
- What?
Ho-ho! That's great!
Yeah, I guess the video worked.
- Well, that's amazing!
- I can't believe it!
Was there, like, a card?
Uh, no.
No, uh, Karla, the network executive,
she told me when she delivered these.
- You just missed her.
- 'Cause we should say thank you.
Wait, wait. That's it?
We're just picked up?
There's no conditions?
Um, well
there is one condition.
- Uh-huh. Uh-huh.
- Yeah. What?
Um, that we just keep killing it.
Okay, well, that's great.
- We can do that. Yeah.
- Yeah.
Well, that's easy!
Yeah, baby!
- Yay, us.
- Yeah, we did it.
- We did it.
- MURRAY: Woo-oh!
- What are you wearing?
- What are you wearing?
I'm dressed for the office retreat.
Oh, my God. I forgot.
- Wait, that's today?
- TRACEY: Yes.
LUCIA: All right, everyone,
time to flex those teamwork muscles.
Hey, can I actually talk
to you for a quick moment?
- Sure. On the bus.
- Oh Wh
You brought sneakers, right?
But I, um
Hey, Viv.
Hey, um, so I did some poking around
about Andrea Miller's death.
Uh, an autopsy is being done,
but the coroner says it
looks like a heart attack.
So no evidence of foul play.
So as of right now,
they are not looking
at this as a homicide.
Uh, okay, thanks.
Uh, so a about about dinner,
um, I'm crushing it on the dating apps,
so I'll have to text you when I'm free.
Okay? Bye!
- Hi.
- Hi.
MARIANA: Come on in.
EVAN: What is this place called?
The Coterie.
You live here
with other people?
MARIANA: Yeah. Uh, so
why did you wanna see me?
It seems, uh, the other day
I might've been a little
The culture at Speckulate
has has changed so much
from what I remember.
It's overwhelming
stepping back into a
company that is so different.
And you were right. I'm not 100%.
I should've listened to my doctors.
And you.
Plus, the staff grew quite fond of you
when you stepped in.
Are you trying to ask me something?
Would you consider
coming back to Speckulate?
I need your help, Mariana.
So are you planning
to ask Riley out again?
It went really well, so
I'd definitely like to.
LADLE: Cool.
That's great.
Yeah. Um, do you have any other
ideas for where I should take her next?
If you really like her, why don't you
put in a little effort on your own?
Big news.
We're opening to the public tonight,
so let's prep and get moving.
Well, don't just stand
there. Get to work!
STEVE: Okay, come on over.
[CHUCKLING] You might have to
swim. It's so rainy and wet.
Just kidding.
- STEVE: Yeah!
Sorry about the weather, you guys.
Now, these next few hours
will go far beyond
regular team building.
You're going to learn
how to surrender the me for the we.
- Are you ready? [LAUGHS]
Uh, I forgot to mention,
no cell phones today. Yeah.
So why don't I just
hold on to that for ya?
Some of our team-building fun-tivities
can get pretty intense.
Are those the shoes you're wearing?
Yes. Yes, they are.
Great. [SCOFFS]
WILL: You're going down, Morales!
Team Will! Team Will!
Okay, okay, okay. We got this!
Yeah! Team Lucia! Team Lucia!
STEVE: Okay, on your marks, get set, go!
Oh, here comes yellow.
Oh, purple's not far behind.
Here we go. Wow,
what a limber group of people.
Great job, Team Will.
Team Lucia, you're catching up.
Great teamwork.
Okay, here we go. Uh
Oh-ho-ho! Team Lucia is disqualified.
LUCIA: Okay. Okay, no worries.
We'll win the next one.
- STEVE: 30 seconds left!
- WILL: Come on, Team Will.
STEVE: Nice!
Get it. Get it on!
Look, I have balloobs. [LAUGHING]
Come on! Faster!
- Oh, shit!
Ooh, that's an automatic
fail for Team Lucia.
Team Will wins again.
Great game, everyone.
In your face! What? What? [LAUGHS]
Why are you half-assing this?
Honestly, I was planning
to turn in my resignation today.
Are you serious?
You made me care about this job
and now you're just gonna quit on me?
So Evan came to see me.
He wants me to come back to Speckulate.
What'd you say?
I can't.
I have to think about
what's best for me right now,
and part of that is
returning to Bulk Beauty.
I can't drop everything
to help you again.
I said no.
- Good for you.
- Yeah.
- Putting yourself before Evan.
- Finally.
Well, like I told him, I'm super
excited to come back to Bulk Beauty.
As you know, I'm in therapy and
ready to get back to work.
But are you?
Like, really?
You just started therapy.
Yeah. You need more time.
CLAIRE: Yeah, you know,
forget about Bulk Beauty
and just focus on you.
Kinda starting to sound like
you don't want me to come back.
- No.
- Not at all.
- That's not true.
- No, no, no.
You've You've just been gone a while
and, well, we're in a groove
and, uh, we just don't
want you diving back in
until we're all sure you're ready.
Okay. Will, if you don't mind,
- can I have you stand in the
- WILL: Yes!
Center of the circle.
Now, Will is going to share
a personal fact about himself
and if that personal
fact pertains to you,
leave your spot in the circle
and run to find another.
Whoever can't find a spot
will stand in the center
and share their fact.
- Got it? Okay.
- Yep.
Okay. Well,
I appeared in two episodes
of Fresh Prince of Bel Air.
Will, it's supposed to be something
that you could have in common
with the rest of the group.
Right. Right. Um well, I like
taking lavander baths.
Lavander? What's that?
Do you mean lavender?
STEVE: Okay, Malika.
Looks like you're up.
I had a proposal I really cared about
die on the floor
it tore me up inside.
You stabbed me in the back,
you little weasel. Ah-huh.
Et tu, Brutus Ferretus?
- Ooh! Ooh, oh!
Stop trying to kiss me.
[IN NORMAL VOICE] Ooh, wait, wait, wait.
it was you, Ferreto.
You broke my heart.
don't call me Mata Hairy for nothing.
- MORRIE: Quit messing around!
Just tell me what you
wanna have for dinner.
Traitor Joe's closes in 20 minutes.
Ooh, oh, yeah.
MORTY: Oh, yeah.
Um I'm sensing a theme here.
Everything okay?
Mm, all right, fellas,
we've had our fun and it was fun.
Alice, we know that the network
put you in charge of the room.
We read the cookies
card before you got here.
- MORRIE: Yeah.
- And to be honest,
we're hurt you didn't tell us.
- MORTY: Yeah.
- MURRAY: Yeah.
I'm sorry.
I should've told you.
- Yeah.
- ALICE: Okay. I just
The network said if I
didn't agree to run the room,
then they weren't
gonna pick up the show.
But I promise, it's just a formality.
- I mean, who was even running the room before?
- Me!
- I did!
- What are you kidding, you?
- Of course.
- You can't run a bath.
MORRIE: Please, I have seniority.
- Morrie, I'm the guy.
- MORTY: You're just old.
What's the matter with you?
Okay, look! See?
Nothing has to change!
You know, all that matters
is that we weren't canceled,
and we still have jobs, right?
- She's right.
All right. All right, all right.
- MORTY: Yeah.
- MURRAY: Yeah, that's true.
These network execs are ageist.
MORTY: Yeah.
They think they need
young people to run a room.
Yeah. Let 'em think that.
That's a great idea, Alice.
Nothing needs to change.
- Yeah.
- Except the kitchens.
- Except more bagels.
Yeah, yeah. Oh. We need
something gluten-free.
Okay, you should all have
your scavenger hunt clues
and your new partners.
- So good luck.
- I love this game.
- Yeah?
I was the junior champion
at the Bell Gardens Scavenger-Fest
three years in a row.
They used to call me
the Ravager Scavenger.
Did they? That's fun.
Let's get started.
"What has a face but can't frown?"
You know, speaking of frowning,
I know how hard it was for
you to lose the women's center.
But as you saw, we've all
lost projects we cared about.
But being part of a team
took the sting out of losing.
And you You sort of went it alone.
WILL: For what it's worth,
I have yet to get my proposal
to require mandatory magic
classes in public schools.
Sleight of hand is a
valuable life skill.
But you can't win 'em all.
Madison says she's safe and happy,
but she's asking us to
please stop looking for her.
ADRIAN: Yeah, she
says, in order to heal,
she needs to cut all ties with her past.
And you're sure this is her handwriting?
Yes. Um, she gave me this
a couple of years before she left.
The The way that she writes
her A's and signs her name,
it's her.
We've been so terrified
that we'd never get to
reconcile with Maddie,
that we ran out of time.
[SIGHS] At least now we know
our daughter's still alive.
And I hope, one day, we can
make things right with her.
In any case, we, uh
We appreciate everything
you've done, but, uh
you can stop looking for Maddie now.
- Okay.
- EMILY: Thank you.
ALICE: To Brie or not to
Brie, that is the question.
JOAQUIN: Yeah. This food is so good.
- ISAAC: Yeah. Amazing.
- DAVIA: Mmm.
Well, Dennis is a talented chef.
ISAAC: Mm-hm.
Well, this isn't
necessarily a bad thing.
A slow start gives us
time to work out the kinks.
Look, I'm sorry it's slow,
but everyone thinks the food is amazing.
And at least you have some customers.
Because I'm sure you invited them.
Thank you.
This is Haven. How can I help you?
Uh-huh. Can you hold on a second?
A group of 50 people
from some convention
wanna come in right now.
Yes. Tell them yes.
Well, I sent home the
waiters and bartender.
I have no help.
Yes, you do.
No, we can't serve 50 people.
Especially if they're
seated all at once.
We have to. Is it gonna be perfect? No.
But we have to rise to the
challenge. We could do this!
Fine. Then no flatbreads.
And we give 'em a fixed menu.
We don't have time for that.
Full menu, flatbreads included.
They're here, and they're zombies, so
They look hungry.
Okay. Well, uh, welcome to Haven.
Why don't you seat yourselves?
Oh, and humans are not on the menu.
That's a little zombie humor.
Ooh! Did you see that?
This is some weird shit.
One cheese, two prosciutto,
one smash burger,
one Reuben, two mac and cheese.
- Who plated this?
- I did.
It looks like shit. Do it again.
Whoa Hey! Don't
talk to her like that.
Oh, feeling chivalrous tonight, huh?
I don't need you to defend me.
I can take care of myself.
I'm so sorry, we're out of
the prosciutto flatbreads.
But we still have the Romano.
Actually, we're out of the Romano.
Yes, we still have the fig jam.
Nope, no more fig jam. Sorry.
Can I interest you in a free drink?
- A free drink?
- Free drink?
Okay. It's, uh, 1-1/2
ounces of bourbon.
- Okay, yeah. Bourbon.
- Bourbon.
Oh, that's good. That's good.
Okay, uh, one sugar cube.
- Sugar.
- Sugar Sugar cube.
Okay. Two dashes of bitters
and a few dashes of plain water.
- Oh!
- I'm sorry.
- Where's my old fashioned?
- Uh, here you go. Here you go.
- Woo!
- Oh, wait!
Oh, don't forget the orange zest.
Orange zest. Orange zest.
- Oh
- You kidding me?
You gotta be kidding
me. That's disgusting.
Nobody saw any
Checking in on food
for tables 5, 7, and 10.
[SCOFFS] I told you we
weren't ready for this!
Well, maybe if you'd
stopped yelling at me!
- You're burning the garlic.
- Back off!
EMILE: Let go!
- DAVIA: Hey! Stop it! Hey!
You wanna do everything yourself?
Fine. I quit.
Okay, let's get those orders out!
Well, silver lining.
At least they were out-of-town zombies,
so no bad word of mouth, right?
I guess.
But I have no sous chef now.
I'm screwed.
Maybe if you grovel, he'll come back.
He's a dick.
Well, sometimes, so are you.
Said by someone who loves you.
I, um, really appreciate what
you all did for me tonight.
It's hard for me to ask for help.
And, uh, I appreciate it. Thank you.
- Of course.
- ISAAC: We got you, man.
- SUMI: We love you.
- JOAQUIN: Of course.
Mm! Where do you keep
your lost and found?
Oh, Alice.
Outside in the garbage.
No, no, no! Ugh!
Oh, good catch.
So how'd we do tonight?
What the hell is he doing here?
About, um, earlier,
I'm really sorry I said anything.
No, I'm
I'm sorry.
I overreacted.
If I lose my voice in the kitchen,
I'll never get the respect I deserve.
Sometimes you gotta
take your licks to learn.
LUCA: Yeah.
I understand that.
And I will stay in my lane.
But can we be friends again?
It was, um
a pretty lonely night without you.
And there I was thinking
I was the only one
who ever had a proposal shot down.
And my problem is
I was trying to do it pretty much alone.
And I learned today
that it takes a team to make the dream,
and I'm not giving up
until I've made mine come true.
So, not quitting?
Not quitting.
How about you? How was
your first day back at work?
- It was good.
- MALIKA: Yeah?
- Yeah.
- MALIKA: Okay.
Yeah. I I didn't go
into details about rehab,
- but the team was really supportive.
- Hm.
This is the This is the
best I've felt in years.
I'm really glad to hear that.
You know, being here with
you and and this team,
it's been a big part of that.
Well it's late.
- Good night.
- Good night.
Are they sure that
Madison wrote the letter?
Oh, it's definitely her handwriting,
but the timing feels way too convenient.
Yeah. Silas finds out
that we're looking for her
- and suddenly this letter appears?
- Exactly.
But the family feels like
it's proof that she's alive.
Now they want me to
stop looking for her.
- Are you?
- [SIGHS] I don't know.
I don't know, maybe false hope
is better than what
could be a terrible truth.
You know, if I stop looking
and Silas did have something to do
with her disappearance, then what?
The guy just gets away with it? Again?
You know, if he if he did hurt her,
then what stops him
from hurting other women?
Anyway, what about you? Anything new?
Just that the Bulk Beauty girls
don't want me to come back.
Why do you think that?
It's obvious.
They're doing fine without me,
and that's the way that they like it.
So what're you gonna do now?
I don't know.
Okay, can I just
Can I please explain?
That you lied to me?
I didn't lie to you. I
just didn't tell you
That's you took more money from Ranjit?
Money he owed me.
The owner gave us 24 hours
to pay back the lease deposit,
or he was evicting us.
So that's it? Just
the money he owed you?
Plus $20,000 to get us up and running.
Dennis, you cannot trust Ranjit!
I can't lose this
restaurant before I've even
had a chance to make a go of it!
And I don't have to trust Ranjit.
I opened new accounts.
He can't touch the money.
But as of now, he's the
only investor that I've got.
And I was afraid to tell you
because I knew you'd react this way.
Because I didn't wanna
see you get burned again!
I know.
But what I need right
now is for you to trust me
and understand that
I had no other choice.
But I don't wanna be in the
same room as him ever again
or I will literally
rip him a new asshole.
Got it?
Thanks for coming by.
Of course.
It was nice to hear from you.
Thanks for not telling
Claire that I reached out.
Something I'm sure I
will live to regret.
- How are you two doing?
- RAJ: Good.
She can be hot-tempered.
Oh, I'm aware.
So is this just a casual check-in or
I know that there's something
that the girls aren't telling me,
something that they
don't want me to know,
but I need to know.
Are they upset that I went
back to be Evan's proxy?
Is that why they want
me out of the company?
They don't want you out of the company.
Well, then, what's going on?
Oh, I'm gonna be in a lotta
trouble for telling you this.
They didn't want you to know
because of all you've been through,
but they never
recovered the subscribers
after Zelda posted those
lies about the company.
Bulk Beauty's going under.
I've thought it over
and I will come back to Speckulate.
I don't know why the
algorithm's not doing
Just try it one more time.
Just try it one more time.
What are you doing here?
Uh, she means, what a nice surprise.
Yeah, sorry, I didn't text you. I
I wanted to tell you this in person.
I changed my mind.
I'm going back to Speckulate.
ALL: What?
I'm not doing this for
Evan. I'm doing this for me.
And for Bulk Beauty.
I know we're in trouble.
How do you know that?
Not revealing my source.
Look, I'll have my
own discretionary funds
and the first thing I plan to do
is infuse Bulk Beauty with enough cash
to recover from the Zelda hit
and take us to the next level.
By going back to work for Evan though?
Oh, I'm not working for Evan.
I'm working with Evan.
I will come back to Speckulate
on one condition.
I want my title to be co-CEO.
How about vice-president?
Co-CEO or nothing.
I know how valuable I am
and I won't sell myself short.
So I guess it comes down
to how much you need me.
Co-CEO it is then.
And I want you to come
back to Speckulate.
I'll give you free office space
and you'll still be independent,
like an in-house pod.
Speckulate has changed a lot.
There are more women,
and it's way more diverse.
And this time, I'll be
running it with Evan.
Together, we can return triumphant
and actually make all of the changes
that we've always wanted to make there.
To be honest, I could
really use your support.
What do you say?
Just here for my knives.
You were right.
I hired you because I knew
I needed to learn from your experience.
Last night was a shit show,
but if you'll stay, I will defer to you.
This is my dream, and I want to succeed.
And we can get rid of the
flatbreads if you want.
Don't be an idiot.
Why would you take the most
popular item off the menu?
We just need to make
them more efficiently.
We need a real line cook.
We need a waste log. We
need to season that stove.
We need quality control.
And that's just the beginning.
Come on, we got work to do.
- Hey, here for Karla.
- MAN: Of course.
- Hi.
Hey, um, thanks for the cookies.
I spent $50 on snickerdoodles,
and this is what I get?
The same old, old, tired jokes.
I counted six mentions of gout in here.
Uh, well, you know, the guys feel that
these jokes have always worked,
so why change the DNA of the show?
Because the ratings are in the toilet,
which is why I put you in
charge of running the room.
Maybe what we need to do
is fire Marty, Morris, and Melvin.
No! No, no, no.
You You can't fire them.
It's Morty, Murray,
and Morrie, by the way.
Just FYI.
Then do your job, which
is also on the line.
I picked you because the
show needs a fresh new voice,
and this is not it.
You have an opportunity
to prove yourself, Alice.
Don't blow it because
you're too afraid to lead.
You're gonna go broke buying me dinners.
Yeah, but at least
I'll enjoy the company.
So what what do you need now?
We appreciate everything you've done,
but, uh, you can stop
looking for Maddie now.
- All right.
- Thank you.
So the parents of the
missing girl I'm looking for,
they suddenly got a letter from her.
I think it may have come from Silas,
that cult leader I told you about.
Now, I have the envelope.
Can you run it for prints and DNA?
Prints and DNA?
All right. We're looking at
a a Michelin-star restaurant,
market-price truffles, and, um
Ooh, maybe a new pair of Crocs.
Whatever you want. Can you swing it?
I'll do me best.
New look, turn it up ♪
New move New step, new stride ♪
New kicks, lace 'em up ♪
Like what? ♪
Tell all your friends Tell everybody ♪
I'm bringing ♪
We're bringing the thing we do ♪
We're counting 3, 2, 1 to start it ♪
And just like that We're back ♪
- Welcome back.
- Thank you.
Where do you think we
should set up my office?
Well, since we're going to be
running the company together,
naturally, I thought we
should share an office.
Well, this should be interesting.
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