Good Trouble (2019) s05e13 Episode Script

Hanging by a Moment

ETHAN: There's something
we need to talk about.
Malcolm and Julian want me to
cast an understudy for you.
Does this have anything
to do with the producers
not wanting me in the first place?
Not at all. You're still our Darla.
MALIKA: All the other council members
who are supporting the women's center
have already agreed
to adding a provision
restricting increased police patrols.
I just need you on board.
You have my vote.
- KIM: Motion does not pass.
- MALIKA: Who flipped?
- Jack Hauss.
- MALIKA: What?
ALICE: The network said if I
didn't agree to run the room,
then they weren't
gonna pick up the show.
It's just a formality.
Nothing has to change!
I picked you because the show
needs a fresh new voice.
And this, the same old
tired jokes, is not it.
Do your job, which is also on the line.
What are you doing?
I'm sorry, I I don't know, I
I had too much to drink.
Would you consider coming
back to Speckulate?
- I need your help, Mariana.
- On one condition.
I want my title to be co-CEO.
Co-CEO it is then.
And we are also down 8.9% in
overall crashes for the week,
which is good, but we're
still trying to improve.
- MARIANA: Are we at user
- EVAN: How is the
- You go.
- Nope, you.
How is the user rating
implementation going?
We're on track.
Uh, should it update after
every ride or just once a day?
- MARIANA: Every ride.
- EVAN: Once a day.
So the customer has the
most up-to-date information.
Which puts more strain on the app.
We'll get back to you.
Okay, so Blue Team, please
be prepared tomorrow
to update us on the latest for Wezap.
- Wezap?
- [SOFTLY] It's our video sharing app.
Right, right. Of course, Weezer.
Zap. Wezap.
should we report to
with questions about our projects?
- EVAN: Me.
- MARIANA: Both of us.
I mean, we. Us. Both.
We will be covering everything
together as co-CEOs.
Pa-pa-paa, pa-pa-pa-pa-pa ♪
Pa-pa-paa, pa-pa-pa-pa ♪
Then we'll find our peace of mind ♪
You and me, Bel Ami ♪
Pa-pa-pa, pa-paaa ♪
So I've got the studio for
another month and a half
and I'm looking to split the space
with somebody for 250 a week.
Cool. Very cool.
And would it be okay
if I lived here too?
Yeah. I don't mind bathing
in the in the sink.
I can only paint in the nude.
My nipples are really responding
well to this energy.
Well, one of 'em is. [LAUGHING]
The water pressure is fantastic.
[WHISPERING] I insist on complete
and absolute silence at all times.
- When you're
- [WHISPERING] Starting now.
- Shhh.
All I'm looking for is
someone who is chill,
doesn't paint nude, or
need absolute silence,
or want to live here.
And pays the rent on time.
[CHUCKLES] Um, I don't
have a problem with that.
And, uh, I can pay the
six weeks in advance.
[SIGHS] That's great.
It's yours.
- Yeah?
- GAEL: Yeah.
- Cool.
Mort, what about SB44?
Buy it. Buy it.
Seven words.
- An island invaded in 19
- Jakarta.
- I'm so poor.
- Good morning!
I have some news.
Empathy is a choice.
It's a vulnerable choice.
- I can be vulnerable.
- Hey, how was your day?
The network threw out our script.
Too many gout jokes.
And I tried to tell the guys,
but they're very stuck in their ways.
And now, if I don't learn how
to lead by tomorrow morning,
we're all gonna get fired.
Okay. Well, what have
you learned so far?
To rumble with vulnerability,
live my values,
and brave trust to make
them listen to me
because I'm an empathetic
learner, not a knower.
Okay! Good luck with that.
ALICE: [SIGHS] Pray for me.
Oh! What's the good news?
Oh, I didn't I didn't say good.
I didn't say good news.
Um, but first, I'd like to say
I'm feeling very vulnerable.
I don't pretend I have
all the right answers.
And some of my values
are loyalty, kindness,
and I bravely trust in all of you.
What's wrong with her?
Are you okay?
What's the bad news?
There's no bad news.
Or it doesn't need to be bad,
because it's important to
develop failure resilience.
- Well, who failed? Morrie?
- Hey!
We failed to deliver a script
that the network felt was, um
This is a good time to say
that clear feedback
is an act of kindness.
And they, the network,
just wanted fresher jokes.
You know, more modern,
less ailment-oriented.
Just to draw in the TikTok
audience, you know?
[CHUCKLING] I love that script.
- Me too.
- Yeah.
If you don't laugh at the gout, it wins.
- MURRAY: Right.
MORTY: If gout's not funny
- MURRAY: Eczema.
- try eczema.
- Colonoscopy.
- MORTY: Osteoporosis.
- MURRAY: Oh, I like that a lot.
- MORRIE: Staphylococcus.
JACK: Malika.
I'm glad to run into you.
About that proposal of yours
The one you lied about supporting?
First of all, I didn't lie.
I changed my mind
based on new facts that
were presented to me.
When you've been in politics
for longer than five minutes,
you'll understand that things
are constantly shifting
behind the scenes.
And keep this in mind.
In politics, calling someone a liar,
especially someone who you
might need down the line,
is a foolish and dangerous thing to do.
WOMAN: A world awaits
outside those doors ♪
An open heart to what's in store ♪
I've never felt so certain and so ♪
Insecure ♪
So I'm running away ♪
It's what I do when it's hard ♪
I'm on a rollercoaster of emotions ♪
What if you're just
my habit to break? ♪
Okay, that's great.
Davia! There's our star.
Uh, Davia, this is Serena.
Uh, your understudy. [CHUCKLES]
It is so nice to meet you.
You too.
What are Jack Ass' chances
of becoming City Council President?
Uh, it's inevitable
from what I'm hearing.
So he will control everything
that gets to the floor.
This is a disaster.
We have to stop him
from getting elected.
Well, we aren't on the city council,
so we don't have a say in the vote.
Okay, well, what if we can expose
where he really stands on some
of the issues of policing?
Get voters to call their council person
a and pressure them
not to vote for Jack.
Yeah. Okay, and and
how would we do that?
Don't you have a friend
who works in his office?
Can you get his schedule?
Find out where he's speaking next?
- Probably. Why?
- MALIKA: Okay.
I really like that top.
Thank you.
Yeah, I've had a really hard
time finding rehearsal outfits
'cause if it's cute, then it's itchy,
and if they're comfortable,
then they look like a
LuLaRoe fever dream.
- Uh-huh.
Listen up, everyone. This is
Norah, our choreographer.
Hello. I'm excited to work with you all.
Okay, let's get into places.
We're gonna start with Once a Cheater.
Please tell me you don't hate me.
I don't know why I tried to kiss you,
and I know it was
extremely inappropriate.
I don't want things to be
awkward between us.
Like, I I genuinely
want to be your friend.
Apology accepted.
But that can never happen again.
No, it won't.
Hey, did you guys know that
Serena was a child star?
She was the lead on Me and Melody.
She has nine million
Instagram followers.
Wow. That's impressive.
- Non-monogamous Polyamorous ♪
Maybe glamorous, go ahead ♪
You doth protest I find it humorous ♪
Just how dubious you can get ♪
Lipstick stains that aren't mine ♪
I hope that you had a good time ♪
You want me back? Well, get in line ♪
- You'll never change ♪
- She'll never change ♪
- No matter how hard ♪
- No matter how hard ♪
- You try ♪
- DAVIA: Oh Oh!
- Sorry. You okay?
- Yeah, I'm still fine.
All right. H Hold on.
We'll, uh, work on that later.
- Okay?
- DAVIA: Okay.
Let's just break for
lunch and come back.
Sorry. That's my fault.
I lost my balance.
No, I'm sorry. I need
to work on my core.
- All right. You okay?
- [SIGHS] We might have to rethink the lift.
I'd really like to keep it.
I think they can get it.
- DAVIA: No worries.
- You're okay?
DAVIA: I'm fine. Okay.
Hey, do you wanna grab lunch together?
I don't eat lunch.
Got a good thing going on ♪
La-la-la, la-la-la ♪
La-la-la, la-la-la ♪
La-la-la, la-la-la ♪
La-la, la-la-la, la-la-la, la-la ♪
Every day waking up
feeling blessed to be here ♪
'Cause it's another day
I get to chase my dream ♪
Vision in my head
never been so clear ♪
Yeah, I got a good thing going on ♪
Glowed up, loving my life ♪
'Cause I know every little
thing's gonna be all right ♪
Nothing's gonna shake my vibe, nah ♪
Got a good thing going on ♪
Got a good thing ♪
Got a good thing, yup ♪
Got a good thing going on ♪
Got a good thing ♪
Got good thing, yup ♪
Got a good thing ♪
Got a good thing, yup ♪
Got a good thing going on ♪
La-la ♪
La-la-la, la-la-la, la-la ♪
La-la-la, la-la-la, la-la ♪
La-la-la, la-la-la ♪
Got a good thing going on ♪
So how are you all settling back in?
- G Good. Yeah.
- RACHEL: Mm-hmm.
It It is a little strange being back.
Like, attending staff meetings.
With you as co-CEO.
I know, right?
But this is good for us.
And I want you to develop
other apps for Speckulate.
Uh, there is one thing.
Well, we couldn't help
but notice some tension
between you and Evan.
Are you sure about you both
making every decision together?
RACHEL: Maybe you divide and conquer.
You know, like we all did.
- Have your own responsibilities.
- Yep.
So you're not stepping on
each other's toes constantly.
Well, we're co-CEOs.
So we have to weigh-in equally.
Don't worry. It'll be fine.
Sorry. Do you have a sec
to look at the new UI layout for Wezap?
Wh Who told you to change the layout?
Uh Evan did.
You told the Blue Team to
change the UI layout for Wezap?
I did.
I thought that we agreed
to make decisions together.
Yes. But I can't run
every little thing by you.
Why not?
We're co-CEOs, and you're
not up-to-speed yet.
Mariana, thanks for the feedback
on the Digital Travel Wallet app.
- We found the bug.
- Oh, great.
So, you gave notes without me.
It was one small note.
And, again, it's something that
you weren't up-to-speed on.
Well, part of your job is
to bring me up-to-speed.
Which I am doing.
But if we're gonna make this work,
we need to be on the same page.
Uh, I I forgot to ask.
Uh, do we want to integrate
GPS into wallet notes?
- EVAN: No.
MORTY: Okay, I think I got it.
All right, uh, um
"If you pretend you're asleep,
"he'll leave you alone.
It works with my husband all the time."
Yeah, that that's pretty good.
Pretty good. Pretty good.
Um, what if we try to think a little
more like, um, "Hey, girl boss,
I'd love to talk to you about
these great new hair vitamins."
I know a multi-level marketing
scheme when I hear it."
MURRAY: Uh, I don't get it.
Fine. This is not my best work.
Let's just try to keep the pitches
on the younger side of things,
said with kindness and
belief in your potential.
MORRIE: Okay, well, how about, uh
"Look at me. I'm a millennial.
I'm so entitled."
"Yeah, I just wanna sit here
all day with no experience
and tell everyone what to do."
Okay. Okay, very funny.
Since I'm not leading from a place
of ego, I can laugh at myself.
Alice, the jokes that you're vetoing
are the jokes that built the show.
That may be true but, and
empathetically speaking
with no shame intended,
these are the same jokes that
are gonna cost us our jobs.
Look, why don't we knock off
and start fresh in the morning?
- Go to the grocery store.
- Yeah, all right.
We have until end-of-day tomorrow.
Have a good night!
And know that I support you!
GAEL: I rented out part of Yuri's studio
to try and make some extra cash.
And my new tenant is fricking annoying.
Well, my understudy is a huge bitch.
What's so annoying about your tenant?
The entire time he's there,
he's either, like, meditating
or laying on the ground asleep,
not painting anything, and
totally relaxed about it.
- And?
- And it's distracting.
I'm sorry, but how is him
sitting quietly distracting?
How is it not?
Why is your understudy so awful?
Well, I've been trying really hard
to be nice to her all day, right?
And I invited her out to lunch
and then she says, and I
quote, "I don't eat lunch,"
i.e., "Neither should you."
Okay. I understand why all
this is triggering if you let it,
but maybe she really doesn't eat lunch.
What if they like her better than me
and I get fired and
she gets to play Darla?
And what if I'm not inspired,
because I have nothing special
inside of me to express?
I don't believe you don't have
something special inside of you.
And I don't think there's
a better Darla than you.
Well, we just have to
believe it ourselves.
- GAEL: Mm-hmm.
- DAVIA: Okay, so here's the deal.
Tomorrow, you are going to go in
and stop putting so much
pressure on yourself
to be special and just paint.
Fine, and you're gonna love yourself
and not give into your insecurities.
- Deal.
- Deal.
How late are you planning on staying?
I don't know.
How late were you planning on staying?
I just want to be here in
case anyone has a question.
Well, me too.
I'm curious.
What happened between us?
Why did we break up?
It was complicated.
Well, what was complicated about it?
Bring me up-to-speed.
For one, we started dating in secret
when you were still my boss.
And it was hard because the culture
here wasn't great for women.
It was a big boys club,
and you didn't see that
until I exposed the gender pay gap.
There was a gender pay gap?
MARIANA: Yeah, there was.
And then my ACT-ivism app got
overrun by white supremacists,
and you didn't shut it down right away
because it didn't look
good for business.
So my friends and I quit.
I kept seeing you without them knowing.
Eventually, I was
forced to tell them when
they decided to sue you.
And it was hard
dating someone I kept
having to make excuses for.
So you
You broke up with me.
What are you doing here?
I'm here to save you from yourself.
If you directly confront Jack,
it'll reflect badly on Lucia,
and you can lose the job you just
decided you don't wanna quit.
On the other hand,
there's no reason my friend
Jalen can't confront him.
All you gotta do is text what
you'd like to ask that Hauss-hole,
and she'll do it for ya.
WOMAN: If you can take your seats,
I'd like to introduce our guest tonight,
Councilman Jack Hauss.
Thank you all for
inviting me this evening.
For the past several years,
I have ensured that you
have had a seat at the table
- in City Hall.
Your valuable ideas
for community safety,
- just policing
- JALEN: Excuse me.
Will we have a seat at the table
when you consider an ordinance
that would allow the LAPD
to use military equipment?
Well, no one has had a
chance to review that yet.
So Now, as I was saying,
these reforms have resulted
in a significant drop
in gang violence and arrests.
Haven't you already met
with several members
of the Board of Police Commissions,
pledging your support to the
police use of military tanks?
No. You are misinformed.
Now, if I could get back on topic.
JALEN: Just one more question.
Aren't you trying to get elected
city council president?
And if you are, won't you have the power
to get this and other increases
in police spending passed?
- You're still out here.
- Oh.
When are you coming to bed?
Not until I finish the
rewrite to the script.
Why aren't you letting
the guys help you?
Because they're not helping.
And at the end of the day,
as the room leader,
- the buck stops with me.
- Hmm.
Is that from the book?
I don't know.
I fell asleep last night
in the middle of the "Developing
Confidence and Curiosity" chapter,
which I clearly can't do.
The guys aren't curious
enough to change,
and I don't wanna fail.
This is my career and my reputation too.
And mine.
What? I worked really
hard to get you this job.
- And how would it look for me
as a manager if you got fired?
SUMI: Come to bed soon.
EVAN: Be sure to lift with your backs.
Wait What's going on?
I thought maybe it would be best
if we had our own spaces.
There is an office open
on the second floor.
With Accounting?
Don't move that desk!
Please continue.
This isn't about the conversation
we had last night, is it?
[SOFTLY] About me breaking up with you?
Because that might give the
appearance of retaliation,
which might get the attention of HR.
Never mind.
You can put the desk back where it was.
And please, move the turtle
to my side of the office.
Mr. Speck is no longer a pet person.
Good morning!
As you can see, I got
really inspired last night,
and I got the rewrite done.
So, yay! I hope they like it.
Hey, writers, I just wanted to pop in
and say great rewrite, fresh and funny.
We are very happy with it.
Thank you!
It It was a team effort.
You know, we we pulled all-nighters,
all of us, ooh, together!
Well, uh, keep up the good work
because we are loving it.
High fives all around!
Get 'em while it's hot!
Malika, can I see you
in my office, please?
Malika, did you have anything
to do with the person
who confronted Jack Hauss
at his community meeting last night?
I didn't know her,
if that's what you mean.
Was she a plant?
Sort of.
Malika [SIGHS]
I know that you are devastated
about the women's center vote
and that Jack disappointed you.
- He double-crossed me!
- Okay.
But I just got off the phone
with him, and he is livid.
He's got activists in his office
in an uproar over his
support for the police.
Look I don't hate it.
But I can't have my
Deputy Policy Director
be seen as having a vendetta
against another council member,
especially not one who's about
to become council president.
That'll hurt me as well as you.
Someone has to expose
him for who he really is
- and what he really stands for.
- He will be exposed
by the measures that he supports,
but if we don't play ball with him,
nothing that we want to get passed
will even make it to the floor.
It's always horse trading.
But what about our values?
You sometimes have to bend them
to achieve the greater good.
Hey, uh, I'm sorry. [GRUNTS]
Lying on the cool concrete
is just good for my back.
Did you paint that?
Um, it's not very good.
It's not bad.
It doesn't matter.
Just had fun doing it.
That must be nice.
I've been pretty blocked these days.
Yeah, it must be hard being an artist.
I'm sorry, aren't
aren't you an artist?
No. Uh, I'm an ER doctor.
Then why are you renting this space?
Well, uh, my job is pretty stressful.
I needed a place where I
could just be in the moment,
and I thought painting could help.
Or not.
I, uh It's hard to be in the moment
when people depend on you
and you're worried
about selling paintings.
You know, a patient of mine
once told me a story
that's really stuck with me.
So there's a man
who's being chased by a
tiger to the edge of a cliff,
and he climbs down a vine to escape.
But halfway down,
he sees that there is another
tiger waiting below to eat him.
And also there's a a mouse chewing
on the vine he's hanging on,
so he knows he's screwed.
But then,
he sees a beautiful bunch
of ripe, juicy strawberries
growing into a nook in the cliff.
And, suddenly, he just forgets
the dangers above and below,
and he plucks a strawberry and eats it,
just enjoying the deliciousness
and savoring the moment when
all is well.
I'm not sure that's where my
mind would go in that moment.
Okay. Well, that's the
point of the story, right?
Is to be present,
'cause in the present,
there can only be beautiful,
delicious strawberries.
So why not enjoy them?
I really like that.
Anyway, that's where inspiration
comes from, I think.
The now.
So I, uh, I need to get to work.
Yeah, yeah. Go for it.
- See you later.
- See ya.
Hey, Serena, how's it going?
You know, if you need any
help with any of the songs,
I'd be more than happy to help you.
I think I've got it.
So do you have a problem with me?
To be honest, the impression
that I'm getting
is that you have kind of an attitude.
the impression I'm getting
is that you're kind of fake.
Like, you're trying to
pretend that you like me.
That's probably because I am
trying to pretend to like you.
Look, if I'm being honest,
I'm just scared
that the producers are gonna
like you better than me.
You have the most amazing voice.
Ethan wrote the play for you.
I'm just your understudy.
To be honest, I'm terrified.
Okay? I've never done
a musical or a play.
And I kinda feel like
I only got this job
because I used to be famous.
I'm sorry, I've never watched your show.
Oh, thank God.
Look, I wasn't trying to be a bitch.
It's just growing up as a child star,
everyone pretended to be my friend,
but it was so competitive.
And so I I think I just
I still have a really hard time
trusting that people are genuine.
Yeah, I get that.
I mean, not the child star part,
but the whole competition
and theater being brutal,
especially between women.
And I do not want that.
Oh, I really don't either.
So I will not try to be your friend,
but if it just happens,
there are worse things.
MARIANA: [MUFFLED] Evan, are you okay?
[ECHOING] Are you okay?
Uh, why don't you sit on the couch?
Yeah. I just, uh, got a little dizzy.
You know, you can go home and rest.
- I've got this.
- No, I'm
So I was thinking,
maybe instead of trying to
make every decision together,
maybe we should divide and conquer?
You know, divvy up responsibilities.
Yeah, I think that makes
sense for the company.
I think you should be in charge
of any back-end development.
You know system structuring
and the technical side of
code better than anyone.
Thank you.
I think you should be in
charge of the client side
and front-end development.
I mean, you understand people
and you have really good
insight on user experience.
I also think that you should
run the weekly meetings.
The employees, they they like you.
Maybe we should take turns.
They like you too.
So it's settled.
Oh, uh, who takes greenfielding?
Well, I really like new app incubation.
Me too.
Should we flip for it?
That seems fair.
But how do we decide who
gets to call the coin flip?
Hm. Well, how about
Rock, Paper, Scissors?
Best two out of three?
What are they doing now?
Is that Rock, Paper, Scissors?
What have we gotten ourselves into?
Oh, good. I wanted a word.
I have a proposition for you.
If you agree to stop crashing
my community meetings
and spreading untruths
about my stance on issues,
then after I'm elected by my peers
to be city council president,
I'll push your women's center through.
As is, with no increased policing?
As is.
And how do I know things won't
change behind the scenes
and you'll change your mind again?
I give you my word.
But if that's not enough,
I'll put it in writing.
This is your chance to get your center
without another fight.
You back off
and you'll be up and running
in just a couple of months.
What do you say?
"The sound of your chewing
makes for some great ASMR."
Come on, help me out a little.
Why do you need our help?
Yeah, write it yourself.
Okay, I'm sensing the need
for some value supporting behavior here.
Alice, we really appreciate
that you're trying to learn
how to be a good leader.
- Speak for yourself.
- I'm speaking for all of us,
- so shut your trap.
- Yeah, maybe try some empathy.
A good leader doesn't just
take it upon themselves
to do everybody else's job.
Well, what's a leader supposed to do if,
and I'm just rumbling
with vulnerability here,
the people she's leading
refuse to do their jobs?
Just tell them to pull up
their big-boy pants
and get their shit together.
That definitely wasn't in the book.
I bet what is in whatever
book you're reading
is the fact that to be a good leader,
you have to have the courage
to have the hard conversation.
Just give it to us straight.
We can take it.
I don't wanna stay up all night
doing everything myself!
Yeah. I need support too!
And you can't get mad at me
if I don't think a joke is relevant
to the audience we've
been tasked to appeal to.
I'm just doing what the network asked.
And I need you all to get on board
and help me row this boat!
You can count on me, kid.
Me too.
Me three.
Alice, wherever you
lead, we shall follow.
- So let's get to work.
- MORRIE: Hear! Hear!
But we're old-school, so no
more of this empathy talk.
- Oh, thank God!
- Finally! Please, please.
I'm proud of you.
But let's order something.
NORAH: Five, six, seven, eight.
- You'll never change ♪
- BRAYDEN: She'll never change ♪
No matter how hard ♪
BRAYDEN: No matter how hard ♪
- You try ♪
- You try ♪
Once a cheater always a cheater ♪
- Woo!
- Very nice.
- NORAH: Get water, take five.
Hey, sorry, Serena asked me
to run the lift with her.
I didn't know what to say.
She asked you?
It's fine. It's no problem.
You think that you know me ♪
But you don't ♪
You assume that you see me ♪
No, you don't ♪
I hide myself behind a smile ♪
Behind a wing ♪
Behind an attitude ♪
I'm just wearing a costume ♪
Show your social mask ♪
Life is just a game ♪
A daily carnival ♪
Wear your smile ♪
So what do you think? Should we go home?
You hear that, Donatello? Quittin' time!
Good night.
You make me feel excited ♪
Even though I hardly know ♪
Anything about you ♪
I wanna get to know ♪
I'm sorry that you had to,
you know, make excuses for me
when we were dating.
I didn't always have to.
You're a good man.
You always eventually
did the right thing,
with or without me.
There's so much more to you ♪
I wanna get to see ♪
Oh, sometimes you can just have ♪
A feeling unexplained ♪
Oh, you've got me under your spell ♪
But I ain't complaining ♪
You okay?
I'm fine.
I wanna feel close to you, baby ♪
I wanna get to know ♪
You tell me all your secrets ♪
I'll tell you all your dreams ♪
I wanna get to know you ♪
Do you wanna get to know me? ♪
Oh ♪
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