Good Trouble (2019) s05e15 Episode Script

It's My Party, I Can Die if I Want To

DAVIA: Do you suspect
that your tenant is queer?
And are you now crushing on him?
Just crush curious.
Are you planning to ask Riley out again?
I'd definitely like to.
EMILE: Twist. He's got a
girl, and it's not you.
He has no idea that you're into him.
If you want him to, you
better make a move soon.
Oh Oh!
We might have to rethink the lift.
What are you doing?
Brayden tried to kiss me.
Were you ever gonna tell me?
I was in rehab.
MALIKA: What about your family?
ISAAC: They wouldn't be on board
with me taking antidepressants.
And I do not want them to know
I was hooked on Xanax.
Hello, Mariana.
I'm sorry to show up unannounced.
Silas was in your loft?
MARIANA: I might've
imagined that he was there.
Let's see if Silas touched the doorknob.
No match.
We wanna take Silas down so badly
that we're making up all of
these conspiracy theories.
There's no evidence that he was here
or that he has anything to do
with Madison's disappearance!
I'm done with this.
And And I think
that you should be too.

Why did you stop looking for me?
Because you don't wanna be found.
How do you know that?
You really think I sent my parents
a letter after all this time?
Joaquin, please don't
stop looking for me.
KELLY: You are cordially
invited to my birthday party!
Please research your character
and wear the costume inside.
Yes, it's mandatory.
Pa-pa-paa, pa-pa-pa-pa-pa ♪
Pa-pa-paa, pa-pa-pa-pa ♪
Then we'll find our peace of mind ♪
You and me, Bel Ami ♪
Pa-pa-pa, pa-paaa ♪
I thought we were invited
to a birthday, not a funeral.
Okay! Yes!
Who are you two supposed to be?
Oooh! We are Nick and Nora,
a rich, wisecracking, married couple
who solved murders in
the Thin Man movies
- from the 1930s.
- Who are you two?
We're Rick and Ilsa from Casablanca.
- MARIANA: Ah! I knew it.
- JOAQUIN: Oh, yeah.
ANGELICA: The star-crossed lovers.
- MALIKA: Angelica?
- Hey.
Oh, the birthday girl
hired me to bartend tonight.
Would anyone be interested
in her signature cocktail,
The Dead Kelly?
Yes, please.
Uh, Angelica, this is Isaac.
He's staying here at the Coterie
while he's between places.
As a friend.
And I'm crashing with Mariana.
Hello, party people!
Ooh, nice!
Oooh! You must be the femme fatale.
Talk about typecasting.
Yeah, and he's the private dick!
Escaped prisoners here.
- Yeah.
- Yeah, well.
[GASPS] Ooh! Let me guess.
Jay Gatsby.
- Yes.
- Where's your Daisy?
Wow, you look amazing.
I guess Riley was busy.
Oh, no. I wanted to invite you.
One more, please.
- Sure.
- Thank you.
Should you be drinking?
Drinking wasn't my problem, you know?
And I need to take the edge off, so.
I'm sure it's your worst nightmare,
having to be handcuffed to me.
Why would you say that?
[SIGHS] Because when I
brought up moving into one loft
to save money to buy a house,
you totally changed the subject.
Not true.
Are those lilies this time of year?
What a bloom!
Are you gonna be on
that thing all night?
Just because the
restaurant is closed today
doesn't mean there aren't
a million things to do.
Okay, well, can you stop obsessing
over the restaurant for one night?
Seriously, it's becoming
all you ever talk about.
Gael! Who are you?
[GERMAN ACCENT] My name is Max.
I was Madame Kelly's
loyal servant for 20 years.
[SOFTLY] Okay, well, someone's taking
his character a little seriously.
- Oh.
- That way.
Thank you all for attending her funeral.
- What?
- What?
MALIKA: Kelly, what the hell?
Hey! It's my party. I
can die if I want to.
Oh! That's true.
You've all been invited here tonight
to find the person guilty of her murder.
Ooh, I love a murder mystery party.
Someone in this room is her killer!
- Oh!
- Ooh!
Inside these scrolls
is your first riddle
which will lead you to your next,
and ultimately, to your final clue,
which will reveal who is the murderer!
- We have so got this.
- In the bag.
In your bag of dreams!
- This is fun, right?
- I think the butler did it!
- It's always the butler.
- Mm.
- MALIKA: Hmm.
- The first team to return
and secure the name of Madame's killer
- will be the victor!
Avenge me!
She looks good.
The vibrato!
"Find your sleuthing sidekick
in the room where clowns cry."
This has to be it.
Oh, Nick and Nora's
sidekick was their dog, Asta.
Yeah, I'm not seeing
anything dog-related.
[AS NORA] What's that
man doing in my drawers?
It's a line from the movie.
[SIGHS] Can you focus, please?
You're in a mood.
Can you have a little
fun? It's just a game.
Yeah, it's a game I'd like to win.
So can we solve the case?
[AS NORA] All right. Go
on! Go ahead! See if I care!
But I think it's a dirty trick
to bring me all the way to New York
just to make a widow of me.
I'll solve the case myself.
[SOFTLY] Just like I thought
I should in the first place.
[GASPS] A honey badger!
JOAQUIN: [SIGHS] It's not a dog.
But it was Madame
Kelly's favorite animal.
There. I found it.
"Flock to the room where flowers bloom.
"Whoever killed me was
counting on one thing.
That skeletons all look alike."
What's that mean?
It just hit me.
- What hit you?
- The last martini.
But also the answer to this riddle.
Come on. Get a wiggle on.
"You have knobs to make
me turn colder or hotter.
Nonetheless, I always manage
to keep my head above water."
Ha! Found it!
[AS FEMME FATALE] Hey, private dick,
I need your help. I'm desperate.
I didn't kill Kelly. I'm being framed.
Give me that!
- Come on, Davia.
- Who's Davia?
Some cheap dame with a
sexy chassis you picked up
for a couple of clams on the boardwalk?
I'm a woman in distress, and
I need your help. Read this.
"The femme fatale has all the gifts,
but is she capable of
pulling off the lift?"
Wait Lift?
How does Kelly know about the
whole lift thing from the play?
Maybe because that's all you talk about.
Okay, what is going on?
Are you still mad that
Brayden tried to kiss me?
I'm mad that you didn't tell me
until everyone else found out.
Okay, I just didn't want to upset you.
Just like how you didn't tell me
that you were back in business
with Ranjit until I found out.
Let's just play the game.
No, this game sucks, and you're no fun.
Take this. I need a drink.
me the hell out of here!
I'm getting claustrophobic!
[AS MAX] Yes, Madame.
You can just be Gael.
- Just get me the hell out of here, okay?
- Oh. Okay. All right.
Holy oxygen!
Yes! Woo-hoo!
Hoo! Baby!
Thank you.
I'm actually glad to have you
alone. I wanted to talk to you.
I'm freezing my eggs,
and apparently, they're
more viable or whatever
if they're fertilized first.
So I was just wondering
if you'd be my sperm donor.
You don't have to answer right now.
Just think about it.
You know, we could move in here.
I have space for another dresser.
And, oh, we could put a desk over there.
It's kinda dark and depressing in here.
All the heavy curtains.
My doctor says I have
a vitamin D deficiency.
So I need sunlight.
It's not dark in here.
"If you wish to break your
chains before you go loca,
flee to where the psycho
sleeps with tapioca."
My boba pillow!
Uh Hey!
Can you stop jerking me around?
"Gatsby and Daisy return to
West Egg to toast a libation."
- West Egg is where Gatsby lived.
- Mm-hm.
So this must mean your room!
What's wrong?
Actually, I don't have my own room.
So where do you sleep?
Hmm. "A kiss is just a kiss."
"A kiss is just a kiss."
Where's that from?
The movie.
I didn't see it.
You were supposed to
research your character.
Come on. You have to participate
if you wanna get out
of the slump you're in.
Okay. Yeah. Uh Yeah.
Wh What's the story between
these two star-crossed lovers?
[AS ILSA] We fell in love in Paris
during World War II.
ISAAC [AS RICK]: Of all the
gin joints in all the towns
in all the world,
she walks into mine.
Oh, Rick, I'm sorry.
I never told you I was married.
I thought my husband was dead.
I found out he was wounded.
I had to leave Paris to go to him.
I tried to stay away.
But if only you knew
how much I loved you.
How much I still love you.
ANGELICA: Sorry to intrude.
Here's your drink.
Oh, yes.
I appreciate it. Thank you.
How's it going?
Well, we're trying
to decipher this clue.
"A kiss is just a kiss."
Maybe lipstick?
Good idea! Thank you.
My pleasure.
Speaking of stories,
what's the one there?
- We dated for a while.
- Mm.
But me being poly was too painful.
I told her I'd be monogamous, but she
I I guess it was too late.
Sounds familiar.
So let's look for this lipstick.
Um check Mariana's nightstand.
And I'll look through the dresser.
Uh You sure that's okay?
Yeah, it's fine.
It's not her vibrator drawer.
I'm kidding.
But it's not.
MALIKA: Did you find anything?
[GASPS] Found it, found it!
Let's go! Come on.
All right, Mr. DeMille.
I'm ready for my close-up.
Okay, let me see it.
Oh! Damn, I'm hot.
On second thought, maybe you
shouldn't be my sperm daddy.
Do you ever notice how two
hots usually make an ugly?
It's fascinating.
Are you serious about becoming a parent?
Deadly! I want to produce an heir.
Don't get me wrong, it's not
like I particularly like children.
Then why do you want a kid?
So I won't be alone.
The whole reason I threw this party
is because I realized that if I did die,
no one would come to my real funeral.
[SIGHS] See? Uh, not really a room.
More of a nook.
I love it.
It's so nice and cozy.
I don't even have a door. [CHUCKLES]
You used to not have a roof.
Look at you now.
Is this why you invited
me and not Riley?
You didn't want her
to see where you lived.
I mean, I invited you
because I trust you.
And, yeah, I knew you'd have fun.
And you don't trust Riley?
Or is it she's just no fun?
I'm not sure if I trust that Riley
would react well to my situation.
- Because?
- She drives a BMW.
You know, her family supports her.
And I'm pretty sure she's
never even spoken to anyone
who's lived on the street before and
Who's judging who here?
Sounds like you've made an
assumption based on a stereotype.
Look, you'll never know who she is
if you don't give her
the chance to show you.
"Reserving judgments is a
matter of infinite hope."
That's from The Great Gatsby.
[AS GATSBY] I didn't realize
just how extraordinary
a nice girl could be.
[AS DAISY] I wish we
could just run away.
[CLEARS THROAT] Um, sorry.
We probably should find
the next clue, yeah?
Absolutely. It's a
competition after all.
Yeah. I mean, it's gotta
be around here somewhere.
"Flock to the room where flowers bloom."
So what are we doing here?
Flocked wallpaper, darling.
All we need is to find a skeleton.
Drinks, anyone?
What do you think?
- So how's it going?
- Terrible.
I must've gone to bed sober.
Oh, I'm good. Thanks.
Don't mind him. He's a sourpuss.
Can you just try to take this seriously?
What is wrong with you tonight?
JOAQUIN: Nothing's wrong with me.
I just like to finish what I start.
Is this about Madison?
Is this what you "should've
solved by yourself"?
No. I gave up on Madison.
Just like you told me to.
I didn't tell you to do anything.
I just pointed out that you're
obsessing over this because
JOAQUIN: Because what?
- [SIGHS] Never mind.
- No, please. Go ahead!
Because maybe you're an angry person
who's addicted to drama.
Oh I Me?
I'm the dramatic one?
You're one to talk.
[MOCKINGLY] "Oh, Evan needs
me. Evan doesn't need me.
Oh, wait, let me drop
everything, Evan needs me again."
You know what?
You wanna solve this by yourself?
Go ahead.
[AS PI] Can I get a little
of that giggle water?
So, listen, the minute
you walked into my office,
I knew you were trouble.
But what can I say,
I'm a sucker for a lady in red.
So tell me, how did
you know Madame Kelly?
gold-digging flapper with great gams,
which she used to snare my ex-husband.
You never told me you'd been married.
- Didn't I?
- I didn't catch your last name.
It's Murduh. Mrs. Murduh.
Sounds a lot like murder to me.
On the level.
Did you have anything to do with
the demise of your ex-husband?
Maybe you were jealous.
Maybe you killed him and Madame Kelly!
I didn't bump off anyone!
My late ex-husband died
in an elevator accident.
Now you're on the trolley!
That's the answer to our clue!
The lift is the elevator.
Aces! You're right!
I guess we could move into your loft,
but we'd have to redecorate.
Why would we have to redecorate?
What's wrong with my loft?
Well, one, the creepy, crying clown!
If we're gonna buy a house together,
we need to combine and
compromise our styles.
And yours could stand to be
a little less Arrested Development
and a little more grown
woman in her mid-20s.
thing arrested in this room was us
before we got tossed in the big house.
Fine. We don't have to live together.
in the skull would do ya some good.
A dame with curves can
always find an angle,
even in jail.
Well, then read the next riddle, sucker.
"Go on an upward spiral if you're keen
and find the spot where you are seen."
I got it!
That's psycho killer loft of Joaquin's!
Follow me!
Wha Aw! Do I have a choice?
[GASPS] Escaped convicts!
Stand behind me. I'll protect you.
Make any funny moves, I got
a shiv with your name on it.
You a copper?
Experience has taught me
never to trust a policeman.
Just when you think one's
all right, he turns legit!
I'm a private dick looking
for clues to solve a murder!
Yeah? What do you call a public dick?
Indecent exposure.
- Oh.
- Wait! How many clues have you found?
- Uh, three.
- You?
- Only two.
- Ha! We're winning.
- Damn it! Let's go!
"Olive your clues have led you here.
So find something dry and dirty,
and let's get flirty."
Wait, uh, are you sure you want that?
It's like your third drink.
You counting my drinks now?
I mean, even if alcohol
isn't your problem,
it can weaken your resolve
and lead to a slip with drugs.
I'm drinking to keep the edge off
because you pushed me to do this.
I I I didn't move into the Coterie
to be micromanaged or watched by you.
So please, please hear
me when I'm saying,
just back off!
I'm sorry
that I'm having a hard time
letting go of looking for Madison.
Do you really think
that she wrote her parents that letter?
I guess I need to believe it
because this is all getting
to be a little overwhelming.
I'm sorry
I said that you're an angry person.
[SIGHS] Well, you aren't wrong.
You know, I think when
you get hit a lot as a kid,
you you've a lot of anger inside.
Maybe that's why I want
to take down Silas so bad.
Because he reminds me of my father,
hiding behind this twisted idea of God
to justify hurting people.
I'm sorry your father hit you.
You know, the worst part
was when he hit my sister,
and I couldn't protect her.
I mean, you got Jenna away from Silas.
What about all the other women?
Madison You know, what if
What if she's dead?
Or Or he's holding
her against her will?
I understand, but
there are so many what-ifs.
We can't fight everyone's battles.
we can find out who killed Madame Kelly.
[AS NORA] You know, that
sounds like an interesting case.
Why don't you take it?
[AS NICK] I haven't the time, dear.
I'm far too busy seeing you
don't lose any of the money
I married you for.
MALIKA: I know I shouldn't
have pushed you to come tonight.
I went off my antidepressants.
Cold turkey? Why?
'Cause I was feeling better.
You were feeling better
because of the meds.
- There's no shame in needing to take
- Yeah, I know. I I know.
It's just very hard
for me to accept that.
I wish I knew how to help you,
how to be the friend
that you need right now.
I mean, what can I do?
Tell me what happened
with Rick and Ilsa.
want to stay with you.
ISAAC [AS RICK]: You can't.
If that plane leaves the ground
and you're not on it with your husband,
you'll regret it.
Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow,
but soon, and for the rest of your life.
Oh, Rick.
We'll always have Paris.
MALIKA: And in real life?
I'm so sorry that I hurt you.
ruined what we had.
I I know
you wanted to go back
to how things were.
But I let my ego get in the way.
And I hurt you too.
It's obvious you and Angelica
still have feelings for one another.
So why are you letting her slip away?
She thinks I work too much.
Maybe she's just making excuses
because she's scared to
go after what she wants.
God knows I've been there before, so.
Wait, are you sending me off on a plane
with another woman?
We'll always have Paris.
Okay, uh, "Where you meet your demise,
you will find your final prize."
Okay, wait. In the end, Gatsby
was found dead, shot in his pool.
Is one of us supposed to get that?
Leave it to Kelly. Of course.
Keep your fancy suit on, Gatsby.
I'll handle this.
The spotlights turn to point at you ♪
In my rom-com daily deja vu ♪
Always been the best of friends ♪
Now I'm not sure how it ends ♪
Has it always been you? ♪
I guess it's my turn
to make a move, yeah ♪
I never thought I'd
feel a thing for you ♪
But there's a change in the air ♪
And you're giving me something new ♪
It's a thing, it's a
thing It's a thing now ♪
I don't know what's coming over me ♪
But I can't stop ♪
Hey, do you really think no
one would come to your funeral?
I mean, everybody came
to your birthday party.
Because I invited them.
A funeral is optional.
At least if I have a kid, I won't
die alone or be instantly forgotten.
Kelly, I don't think anyone
could ever forget you.
Yeah. You're right.
But I'm not talking
about all of my fans.
You know
I think we have this idea
that a child or a relationship
will make us whole.
Like, why am I obsessing over this guy
who's renting space at Yuri's studio?
Because he's hot, I'm assuming.
Yeah, but no.
- It's because I'm
I'm looking for someone
else to make me happy.
But I need to stop obsessing
and trust that if I
stop looking for love,
it'll it'll find me.
And it'll find you too, Kelly.
You have a good heart.
And you are loved.
I promise.
And I'll stop obsessing
too about the fact
that nobody's wished
me a happy birthday yet.
Oh, God. I'm sorry, Kelly.
Happy birthday.
Thank you, Gael.
Seriously, thank you.
Yeah. Of course.

- Ha!
- Ha!
The killer is Dennis?
No, it's Alice.
It's Gael!
We We're pretty sure Malika did it.
Okay, okay. Who Who is it?
words, words, more words!
Well, you've made a rope of words
and strangled this business!
Before the talkies,
we didn't need dialogue.
We had faces!
- Huh?
- What?
I'm not sure what that means.
the killer isn't a person.
It's a system.
- Hm.
- Ohh.
I was killed by the
collective unconsciousness
of the ego-driven masses
that's leading to unbridled consumption,
climate change,
and the destruction of our planet!
- Hm.
- Oh, wow.
Sure, sure.
And you know what?
We're all complicit.
So we all killed you.
We're all killing each other, baby.
What a fun party, right?
ALL: Happy birthday to you ♪
Happy birthday to you ♪
Happy birthday, dear Kelly ♪
Happy birthday to you ♪
You guys got me a cake?
- Of course!
- Girl, we love you!
Uh, well, I, uh Thank you, everyone.
Thank you so much. This is amazing!
And I bet it tastes
just as good as it looks.
Can we eat it now?
Thank you. Yay! Kelly!
I think you know I still love you.
And I could be wrong,
but I think you still
have feelings for me.
And I wonder if maybe
you're making excuses
for why we can't be together because
you're afraid to have the kind of
love and commitment you truly want.
Um, like I said, I could be wrong.
You could be right.
Can I think about it?
Yeah. Sure.
Okay, okay. I'm ready
for my present now.
Davia, Dennis?
Another bride ♪
Another June ♪
Another sunny honeymoon ♪
Another season ♪
Another reason ♪
For makin' whoopee ♪
A lot of shoes ♪
A lot of rice ♪
The groom is nervous ♪
He answered twice ♪
It's really killin' ♪
That he's so willin' ♪
To make whoopee ♪
Picture a little love nest ♪
Down where the roses cling ♪
Picture that same sweet love nest ♪
Think what a year can bring, oh ♪
He's washing dishes and baby clothes ♪
He's so ambitious ♪
He even sews ♪
BOTH: But don't forget, folks ♪
That's what you get, folks ♪
For makin' whoopee ♪
ALICE: [CHUCKLES] That was fun.
You know, it's not that I
don't want to live with you.
[SIGHS] I think
what's really freaking me out
is all this talk about buying a house.
That would mean leaving the Coterie.
And I love living here with everyone.
I guess moving in together
just feels like it's one
step closer to it all ending.
Well, we have a lot of money to save up
before we can afford to buy a house.
So that wouldn't be anytime soon.
Let's do it.
But first
- Oop.
- [AS ESCAPED PRISONER] That jail couldn't hold us.
And it couldn't hold
our love either, doll.
one day they'll catch us.
But as long as we're on the lam,
let's make hay while the sun shines.
Thank you again for coming out tonight.
I had fun. We make a great team.
I'm, uh, kinda sorry
that the night's over.
Thanks for a memorable evening,
With bated breath ♪
And a stormy head ♪
Up all night ♪
Filled with dread ♪
Hanging onto every single sound ♪
Walking paranoid,
checking who's around ♪
What's it gonna be? ♪
How's it 'bout to go down?
How's it 'bout to go down? ♪
I'm holding my breath ♪

Waiting for it ♪
Waiting for it ♪
Waiting for it ♪
JOAQUIN [AS NICK]: That was fun tonight.
MARIANA [AS NORA]: Oh, it sure was!
Take care of yourself, Nicky.
Why, sure I will.
Oh, don't say it like that.
Say it as if you mean it!
Well, I do believe
the little woman cares.
Oh, I don't care.
I'm just used to you, that's all.
I I can't do casual with you.
Not as long as you have these
unresolved feelings for Evan, I can't.
I can't do this again.
Of course.
Good night.
- KELLY: Son of a
Getting some fresh air
after being in that coffin?
Oh, I'm just having a little
celebratory birthday weed.
Where's that lead?
Leads to our fire escape.
- Any cameras out there?
- Nope.
It's a perfect place for a murder.
[CHUCKLES] Or smoking weed.
- Pretty much just that.
- Hmm.
- Good night.
- Good night.
A cry for help just
echoes back at me ♪
Oh, it's such a lonely sound ♪
I'd do anything to get
back where I used to be ♪
Before the life I know
just turns into a memory ♪
Spinning oh ♪
Spinning oh-oh-oh ♪
I'm falling in slow motion ♪

That's a hit.
Yep. Gary Brecker, aka Silas
Thompson, was definitely here.

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