Good Trouble (2019) s05e16 Episode Script

One Way or Another

So let's look for this lipstick.
Check Mariana's nightstand.
Did you find anything?
MALIKA: Wait, are are
you sure you want that?
It's, like, your third drink.
I didn't move into the
Coterie to be micromanaged
or watched by you, so back off!
How's parenting going?
It takes a village, and
we definitely have one.
I haven't really had the time
to think about all that
being a trans-parent means.
I think you know I still love you.
I think you still have feelings for me.
Can I think about it?
The bad dream that I had,
I thought Silas was in my loft.
I might've imagined that he was there.
JOAQUIN: Where does that lead?
Just to our fire escape.
JOAQUIN: Any cameras out there?
KELLY: Nope.
VIV: That's a hit.
Gary Brecker aka Silas
Thompson was definitely here.
Good morning.
Good morning.
Listen, I need to tell you something.
I have proof that Silas
was here in the Coterie
and in your loft.
Hello, Mariana.
CALLIE: Silas was here?
In your loft?
Pa-pa-paa, pa-pa-pa-pa-pa ♪
Pa-pa-paa, pa-pa-pa-pa ♪
Then we'll find our peace of mind ♪
You and me, Bel Ami ♪
Pa-pa-pa, pa-paaa ♪
CALLIE: Okay, so you
had an anxiety attack,
and you thought you just
imagined Silas being in your loft?
I was imagining other things too.
Why didn't you tell me?
Because you're here for work.
You're You're busy.
I knew you would just worry
and tell me to go to
therapy, which I am.
We need to take that
evidence to the police
and try to get them to press charges.
Yeah. Yeah, maybe I can get
the detective handling Evan's
shooting case to help us.
(ECHOING) shooting case to help us.
SILAS: So many suffer from
being abandoned by a parent,
like you must have felt,
by your birth mother.
He knew about about me and Jesus
and about Anna using drugs
and and then, how she left us.
Ho How did he know all of that?
Hey, hey. It's okay, it's okay.
Mariana, just breathe,
all right? I'm here.
MARIANA: Wait No Excuse me.
What is that?
Um, my my therapist
prescribed them for anxiety.
I haven't taken any yet, but
It's okay. You should take them.
(SOFTLY) Here.
- I got you.
- Thank you.
Hey. Hey, hey, breathe.
You are okay, all right?
We are gonna make sure that
Silas never comes near you again.
I promise. Okay?
You're all right. You're okay.
Hey, so my friends wanna
meet up at Douro tonight.
- That sounds fun.
- I mean, you should join us.
Dom's gonna be working,
and the girls would love to see you.
I mean, no pressure at all.
Yeah, I know, Malika. It's okay.
You don't have to walk on eggshells.
I appreciate the invite though.
But I'm just gonna
kick it here after work.
Yeah. Cool.
Thanks for meeting me.
You look good.
How are you?
I'm great.
Or better actually. (CHUCKLING)
Um, I just completed an intensive
in-patient therapy program.
- Really?
- Yeah.
Unpacking my attachment issues,
mostly with my parents.
I I still have a lot of work to do.
But I got a job as a receptionist,
and I'm training to teach yoga, so
Isabella, that's amazing.
How's Lyric?
She's a ball of joy.
Like, seriously, so sweet.
Giving her up was the hardest
thing I've ever had to do.
I know.
I'm sorry for taking
her when I got scared
and God, for that
emotional rollercoaster
I put you through when
we were together. You
You were always so kind
and patient with me.
Hey, it's okay.
We had our good times too.
There's actually something
else that I wanted to ask you,
but I I'm not sure
how you're gonna respond.
I was wondering how you would feel
about me being part of Lyric's life.
I'm not asking for custody
or visitation rights
or anything like that.
Just the ability to see her
every now and then maybe.
(EXHALES) Look at us,
getting the script in early.
Wanna grab an early
bite on the way home?
Oh, I can't, it's laundry night.
What am I? Chopped liver?
Well, your house is in the
exact opposite direction.
Yeah, yeah, but my car
goes both ways, you know?
MORRIE: All right, well,
you wanna get some Chinese?
- ALICE: See you tomorrow.
- Uh, uh, Alice, can I ask you something?
Um, something personal?
Of course.
Do you know where a man my age might go
to meet other men my age?
Oh. Um, I hear volunteering is
a good way for seniors to meet.
Or lawn bowling. You know,
but you have to wear all white.
No, no, no. I don't mean men as friends.
I mean men to date.
Oh. So you're asking for a friend.
No, I'm asking for myself.
For you?
Are you saying you're bi? Curious?
guess technically yes.
But if I'm honest with myself,
I think I've always been gay.
But you've been married. Three times.
What can I say? I'm not a quitter.
Uh Uh, things were so
different when I was young.
And I always tried to be
what was considered "normal."
But seeing how happy you are with Sumi
and how out and proud you
both are, it inspired me.
And I thought
maybe it's not too late.
Yeah. Well, the out and
proud wasn't overnight.
And it's never too late.
I I I'm just
tired of being lonely.
I want to be my true self
with someone I could really love
and have all the feels, as they say.
Wait, do Morrie and Murray know?
No, no. And I don't want them to.
Uh, I don't wanna lose them as friends.
Morty, I'm sure you won't
lose them as friends.
No, it's gonna complicate things.
The dynamic we have, it it works.
please don't tell 'em, okay?
Okay. You have my word.
So, uh, this will be the
first of three home visits
before your home study will be complete,
and your application
and our recommendation for
approval goes to the court
to consider your legal
adoption of Lyric.
We are so excited to
get the process going.
Okay, uh, so why don't we
start with medical histories.
It says here that you began
transitioning six years ago, Jazmin?
Um, yes, that's right.
Yeah, I'm I'm so curious.
Did Did you always
think you were a girl?
Yes, I always knew I was a
girl since I was really young.
But I tried to suppress those
feelings for a long time.
And how do you think the
trauma of transitioning
will affect how you parent?
My transition wasn't a trauma.
I am so much happier
and more of myself
than I've ever been.
Uh, so, Spencer, do you identify as gay?
No. I'm a heterosexual man
married to a heterosexual woman.
Well, then, you know, that
leads me to my next question.
Are you satisfied with your sex life?
- Yes.
- I'm so sorry
what does that have to do
with our ability to be parents?
Just wanna make sure
your marriage is strong.
Especially considering the
extra challenges you face.
Spencer, how do your
friends and family feel
about you being, uh, married
to a transgender woman?
- They're supportive.
- Really? Everyone?
Oh, nice.
Who dusted for these
prints and did this report?
Uh, it's a friend of mine.
She works in LAPD's
Forensic Science Division.
She just did me a favor.
A favor?
So this isn't even official?
Well, no, but it it proves
that Silas Thompson broke
and entered into the Coterie.
Nothing's missing and no one was hurt.
You'll be hard-pressed
to get LAPD involvement
under the circumstances.
The circumstances we've got
are a predator with a
prior criminal history
committing felony burglary,
aggravated trespass,
- and felony stalking.
- Yeah, exactly.
And since you already know
what happened at the farm,
maybe you can help
us explain to the LAPD
- the situation.
- Silas is a convicted felon,
clearly trying to harass my sister,
who is a state's witness in an
active attempted murder case.
We have a confession from Adam Miller.
Silas wasn't charged in that.
What reason does he have
to harass your sister?
Uh, because
Because he he knows
that we're looking at him
in the disappearance of a girl
who used to live at the farm.
Madison McClain. I talked
to you about her already.
- Right. And how's that going?
- JOAQUIN: It's going slow.
But Adam knows something.
It's just Silas doesn't
want him talking.
Look, the best you can do
is file a request for a
civil restraining order.
That's it?
When When are you gonna
do something about Silas?
When another girl goes missing
or someone else gets shot
or even killed next time?
Until you bring me some evidence
that's not tainted by
amateur fingerprinting,
there's nothing I can do.
Like, Lika, you know my game be tight.
I don't know, my mojo
was off that night, okay?
But hold on, hold on, hold on.
Speaking of game,
uh, so what's going
on with you now, huh?
Are you all in on the ladies?
Uh, I'm in the dugout,
not playing the field at all.
Isaac is staying with me.
I'm sor I'm
I'm sorry, what do you mean,
Isaac is staying with you?
Yeah, uh, talk about burying the lead.
- Y'all not back together?
- TOLU: Because that is a slippery slope
No! We are not back together.
I am crashing in Mariana's loft.
It's just for a few weeks until
he gets back up on his feet.
And he's just been going
through some emotional stuff,
and I wanted to be there for him.
YARI: Oh, well, you know
what? I'm proud of you, Lika.
Good for you.
Okay, so what was that
longing look about?
Yeah, does she know that your ex
is staying in your itty-bitty bed?
She does.
I don't know.
I kinda called her out
for friend-zoning me
because maybe she's afraid
to get what she really wants.
- Oh, I know that's right.
- You know what?
I'm proud of you, Lika. Good girl.
Now what does she say?
That she would think about it.
Okay, so not a no.
So we still in play, it's good.
Hey. I get off at 10:00.
Could we talk then?
Of course. I'd love to.
- Hi.
- Hi.
Ooh, I like her. (CHUCKLES)
Looks like Miss Angelica's
done thinking about it.
Hey, it's on and poppin' tonight ♪
CALLIE: Here's the restraining order.
Just take a look before I file it.
Thank you.
So what's the deal with this, um
this missing girl that
you're looking for?
Uh, she lived with, uh,
Silas on the farm for a year.
One day she called her parents
and said she was leaving,
and they never heard from her again.
So they asked me if I could
look for their daughter
'cause the police
obviously don't give a shit.
They asked you to look for her?
And so why did you say "we" earlier?
Mariana, are you involved in this?
- I was
- So this is why Silas is showing up in your loft?
'Cause you two won't stop
kicking the hornet's nest.
Why do you keep roping my sister
into these dangerous situations?
I can't control her actions
any more than you can.
Well, you can keep your amateur
detective business to yourself!
Okay, can can you please stop
talking about me like I'm not here?
Silas is responsible
for Evan getting shot.
I couldn't just stand by
while he got away with it.
He needs to be held accountable.
What are you doing here?
You didn't come in today, and I
You need to sign these.
This is Joaquin.
You went to the farm
with him to look for me.
And this is my sister, Callie.
Have we met before?
I'm sorry, I I don't remember.
It's okay.
Uh, come on. Let me sign those papers.
Yeah, you didn't need to bring these.
You could've just emailed them.
It was on the way home.
So who was that person
you were talking about?
The man responsible for me getting shot.
The man who shot you,
Adam, worked for him.
I don't need you to avenge me, Mariana.
Especially not with a man
who seems so dangerous.
You need to be safe.
Hey, I need you to be safe.
For the company and, uh
your family.
I never wanna be responsible
for any harm coming to you.
Uh, well, thank you
for bringing these by.
Hope to see you at work tomorrow.
You will.
Where did you hear
about this place again?
I've been here with
friends, mature, gay friends.
Look at that man's talent.
Makes me kind of regret
not working out in
the past three decades.
Tell me about it.
Ooh, everyone here is so
young and buff and half-naked.
AWKWARDLY) I'm overdressed.
- Oh!
- The clothes are coming off.
Hi. Is Is that real?
SUMI: You can go ask him.
- I'll take it off. Help me.
- Okay.
- The vest?
- Yes, the vest.
- ALICE: You sure?
- MORTY: Yes. Yeah.
Are you sure this is a
a place for men my age?
Yes. There's some older
gentlemen here too.
MORTY: Oh, I don't look good in leather.
It's very unforgiving.
Morty, you just need to
get a drink so you can relax.
That could be you after some shots.
(CHUCKLING) Oh, okay.
All right, liquid courage. Good idea.
Uh-uh-uh-uh. This way.
Absolutely not.
Isabella relinquished
her parental rights,
and she cannot just
change her mind again.
She's not changing her mind.
I mean And I don't see the
harm in letting her see Lyric.
Have you forgotten that
she took off with Lyric
for three days
with no word at all?
You give her an inch,
and the next thing you know,
she's suing us for custody.
She won't do that.
Gael, I love you,
but sometimes you are so naive.
Always willing to give everyone
the benefit of the doubt,
even when they don't deserve it.
You know what? You are the
one who gets screwed over.
- Hey, ladies.
- Hey, Dom. What's up, brother?
DOM: Good to see you.
Uh, is Kendy gonna be
joining you all tonight?
(LAUGHS) I don't know.
You You tell us.
Why do you care if Kendy's coming?
(SCOFFS) We're friends. Um
- Another round?
- Yes, absolutely. Please make it strong.
- TOLU: Keep 'em coming.
- I'll get those drinks for you.
- What's good, y'all?
- TOLU: Hey, King!
- Look at who it is!
- How you doing?
I thought you were staying in.
Yeah, just changed my mind.
Decided to come out after all.
If the invite still stands.
Yeah. Of course, it does.
(MOUTHING) Invite?
- Oh.
- Dom, what's up, man?
What can I get you to drink?
I'll just take a beer, whatever you got.
- You got it.
- Yeah.
Um, don't worry, I'm just having one.
Oh. Sure, whatever.
Not up to me.
Are you okay?
Yeah. No, I just
(CHUCKLING) I don't know how to be.
I I don't know if
I'm supposed to, like,
dress a certain way or something.
Morty, that guy over there,
not the leather one but the other guy.
I think he's checking you out.
Oh, my God. He totally is!
You should go talk to him.
- Yeah?
- ALICE: Yes!
- No.
(LAUGHS) Okay, but first I'm
gonna see a man about a horse.
I think he's warming up.
We've got a runner.
You okay?
Yeah, I'm fine.
I'm fine.
It's nice to be out.
I'm glad you made it.
So, Lika, listen,
you didn't hear it from me, aight?
So, your brother and Kendy
aren't exactly just friends.
- (SOFTLY) What?
- Yeah, they more like
friends with occasional benefits.
Okay, Dom. Where he at?
- Did you know about this?
- Um
- Okay.
- Maybe.
But I'm not responsible
for Kendy's behavior.
They're grown-grown.
Friends with See,
friends with benefits,
see, that's something that
we we've never tried.
No, you're right. Never.
- Oh.
- Oh!
- YARI: Shoot.
- Okay.
Oops. (CHUCKLES) Sorry. I'm sorry.
Uh, I'ma go to the
bathroom and clean this off.
- Okay.
- MALIKA: Okay.
Hey, what's going on
with him? Is he drunk?
I mean, he hasn't even
finished one drink.
Oh, 'cause you're counting?
Okay, maybe he pregamed
before he got here.
No, I didn't smell anything on him.
And you're smelling him too?
Girl, are you sure
you're drawing boundaries?
You can't be saving him.
I know! And I'm not trying to, but
Okay, what am I supposed to
do? Just turn my back on him?
Oh, well, we not saying that.
We just trying to make sure
you taking care of you, Malika.
- Okay, shh.
Uh, there was a line.
So still a little wet.
Okay, I think we should go.
I have an early day tomorrow.
No, stay, Lika.
Let me say good night to Angelica.
Okay, Angelica.
You need some water.
- Can we
- ISAAC: I'm just tired.
Could we maybe talk some other time?
I think Isaac's had
too much to drink, so.
I'm really sorry.
It's not that I don't understand, I do.
But maybe
I'm not the only one
that's putting up obstacles.
I'm sorry.
I know you tried, but that's
that's a young man's game.
Don't be sorry. It's my fault.
You can't toss a baby in the deep end.
Next time, we'll dip
your toes in a dating app.
But please don't give up.
Okay? You don't have to be alone.
Okay, you wanna know the
real reason why I ran off?
It's because I saw someone I knew,
some guy that I worked with
in the Murphy Brown room,
like, 400 years ago.
ALICE: You saw him at a gay bar.
Odds are he won't be judgmental.
Yeah, I I must sound
ridiculous to someone your age.
You were raised without stigma.
Someone says they're queer now,
it's, like, cool.
I think your generation
is is fearless.
That's not totally true.
I was terrified to
come out to my parents.
The first obstacle, which,
is the biggest, I think,
is the shame inside.
- You know, the fear of anyone else finding out.
- Yeah.
That's not just a generational thing.
Okay, so what do I do now?
Maybe you can start by coming
out to people you trust?
Like Morrie and Murray.
Oh. Oh, God, I don't
think that is a good idea.
What Why not?
You guys share everything
about yourselves.
Your lives. Your wives.
Yeah, it's That's different.
I understand your hesitation.
But they love you.
Maybe trusting them will help
you love and trust yourself.
But you shouldn't do
it unless you're ready.
And if and when you are, I'll be there.
I'll be your coming-out wingwoman.
Jazmin thinks I'm too naive.
I don't know, maybe she's right.
Maybe I do let people walk all over me.
I don't think that about you.
I mean, look at my trail of
unsuccessful relationships.
- No offense.
CALLIE: No, none taken.
Gael, you are a wonderful person.
I don't think there's anything wrong
with being able to have forgiveness
and compassion for Isabella.
Yeah. Yeah, I know.
It's just gonna suck telling her.
And I don't want to be in the middle.
Why do you have to be?
Come out, come out wherever you are ♪
Come out, come out wherever you are ♪
Come out, come out wherever you are ♪
They won't find you ♪
No one knows you're gone ♪
Silas took your doll.
The The Callie doll.
It's been missing since he was here.
He probably went
through all of my things.
And he he must've
researched everything about me
to to use against me.
To scare me. But
I'm not scared anymore.
I'm angry.
And that's totally fair.
Your space was violated.
But you need to let this vendetta go.
It's not up to you to
get justice for Evan.
You're right.
Okay, how about you lay down?
Yeah. I got it.
I'm sorry about tonight.
It's okay.
Did you have drinks
before you showed up or?
Then what happened?
Uh, got back on my antidepressants,
and it didn't mix well with the alcohol
because that one drink
hit me really hard.
Well, I'm happy to hear you're
taking your antidepressants again.
I'm sorry if I embarrassed you.
It's okay.
I'm proud of you for taking
a step in the right direction.
Get some sleep.
- Good night.
- Good night.
Hey. How was your day?
Feeling okay?
I'm good, thanks.
Hey. Um
Did you, by any chance,
borrow some of my Xanax?
No. Of course not.
I didn't even know
you had a prescription.
Oh, well, I mean, it's just
I've only taken one,
and it seems like
quite a few are missing.
MALIKA: How about you lay down?
Sorry about tonight.
No. I didn't take them.
JAZMIN: I am so grateful to you
for trusting me to be Lyric's mother.
But, Isabella,
you relinquished your parental rights
and it's just
It's too confusing for
you to see Lyric right now.
She's a baby.
Not for her.
For me.
For us.
I need Lyric to bond
with me as her mother.
For my own sense of security.
And this adoption process,
it's been especially challenging for us.
The social workers think
they can ask us anything,
even indulge their own
personal curiosities.
Spencer and I feel like
we don't just have to prove
that we're worthy parents,
but also that our love is real.
I'm so sorry, Jaz.
JAZMIN: It's okay.
We wanna be approved to adopt Lyric.
But I had to stand up for us too.
Jazmin, how many surgeries have you had?
Are your hormone medications childproof?
Tell me more about the trauma
of being trapped in a male body.
The trauma of growing up as a boy.
What will you say to Lyric
if she asks why your body
doesn't look like hers?
I'm not gonna answer that.
I respect that you have a job to do,
but we also have a right to our privacy.
And I I hope this doesn't have
a negative effect on our application,
but I feel it is very
important to draw boundaries,
which is something we will teach Lyric.
That took some guts.
I'm so proud of you, Jaz.
With all of the
anti-trans laws popping up,
it is so
not to be afraid.
But we refuse to live in fear.
I'm so sorry. I
I hadn't thought about any of that.
I'm not trying to hurt you.
But until the adoption is final,
I just can't invite you
to be a part of our family.
I understand.
And Lyric is so lucky
to have you as her mom.
Thank you.
Thank you.
MORTY: Okay, before we get started,
there's something I,
uh, I have to tell you.
Something that I've, uh, kept inside
for a very long time.
I was ashamed and afraid
to admit to myself and to
the people that I love
Yeah, I'm gay.
MORRIE: Nice one.
A little lacking in the PC department,
but I'll bite. That's good.
No. No. I'm serious.
You're serious?
This is not a bit?
No. It's not a bit.
Were you ever, like, attracted to me?
Why the hell not?
I'm a good-looking guy, right?
Mariana's sister.
Callie Adams Foster.
I'm a lawyer.
You probably already know that.
I do.
Congratulations on your
engagement to Jamie.
What's this?
A restraining order.
If you come within 100 yards of my
sister ever again, you'll be arrested.
You know, I'm the real victim here.
Maybe you can convince
your sister and Joaquin
that I know nothing about the
disappearance of Madison McClain.
And I don't appreciate being harassed.
I just wanna live my
life on my farm in peace.
That's all I ask.
I can assure you, my sister
isn't looking into that anymore.
Or any of your business.
You stay away from her,
she'll stay away from you.
- Hey.
- MARIANA: Look at this.
JOAQUIN: What am I looking at?
Satellite photos of Silas' farm.
First photo was taken
the week that Madison
was last heard from.
Second photo was taken a week later.
Look right here.
There's, like, a structure of some sort.
And then, a week later, it's gone.
Do you think that this
could mean something?
I mean, w what are you
doing? What are you doing?
Silas never would've taken the risk
of coming to the Coterie
just to tell me that
he's sorry Adam shot Evan.
He was trying to scare
me into backing off
on looking for Madison.
To let me know that he could get to me.
But he wouldn't do that
unless he had something to
do with her disappearance.
Yeah, that makes sense. But
your sister's gonna kill me
- if we keep looking into this
- She doesn't have to know.
Silas came into my room.
He violated my space.
He tried to scare me and intimidate me.
I'm not trying to avenge Evan anymore.
I'm avenging myself.
I'm coming for you ♪
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