Good Witch (2015) s04e00 Episode Script


1 (CASSIE NIGHTINGALE): Halloween has always been the most exciting day in Middleton.
It all got started 150 years ago with a man named Cotton Perriwood, one of our more "interesting" inhabitants, for a self-described alchemist who used his deductive powers in a way that some people thought was magic.
He lived alone on the outskirts of town but caught the attention of one lady, the mayor's daughter, who also happened to be a Merriwick.
The two were engaged to be married until Cotton used his advanced scientific skills to predict the Middleton Bridge Collapse of 1886.
Some people thought that Cotton Perriwood's magic played a part in causing the disaster, so he was banished from Middleton forever, chased off one stormy Halloween night, which means he never saw the woman he loved again.
Cotton vowed revenge on the town, leaving behind a written prophecy that said Middleton would suffer a great curse.
And ever since then, everyone has wondered: "Is this the year that the prophecy comes true?" He cursed the town all because he was in love with a Merriwick? But he couldn't be with her, so he wanted everyone in Middleton to feel as bad has he felt.
What do you think the curse said? I don't know, but the Merriwicks have always wondered if we fit into it.
Well, it'd be a little spooky if we did.
(CASSIE CHUCKLING) Maybe so, but a little spooky keeps life interesting.
How about we put this right here? Uh, let's keep that spot open.
I have Jared looking in the basement at City Hall, and I wanna leave a spot - for whatever he finds.
- OK.
How about I put these empty bins away? You're sure they're empty? Wow.
Oh my gosh! There you are! Aw, I remember when you made that when you were 8.
Can I put it on the mantel? Why don't we stick with our tradition of setting it last.
- We light the candle together - Mm-hmm.
On Halloween night.
- Hi, Sam.
- Morning.
- So, what do you think? - I think anyone who looks at your house and then looked at my house would know Dright away that two very different people live here.
Wait, you're not putting anything up? Oh, I think you've got enough decorations for all of us.
(CHUCKLING) I better get going.
I have some guests arriving that I need to check in.
But I didn't see any guests.
(ENCHANTING MUSIC) Still a little bit spooky when you do that.
Well, that's what makes life interesting.
Welcome to Grey House.
- - I've set you up - in the honeymoon suite.
- How did you know we were on our honeymoon? You were both playing with your new rings.
- We got married last week.
- Just came back from Hawaii.
We were going past Middleton and thought, hey, we could spend our first Halloween together here.
You can come in.
We were just about to.
Your house looks amazing out there.
Thank you.
My daughter and I decorate it together.
Yeah, we heard how all out this town goes for Halloween, so we just decided to check it out for ourselves.
- For our anniversary.
- Oh, how long have you been married? - Fifty years last Saturday.
- We got married last Saturday! Really? Congratulations! Room available if you're looking for a place to stay.
- We are, and we'd love to.
- Yeah.
- Right this way.
- After the honeymooners - (CHUCKLING) - Oh, thanks! What's all that? That's the last of my Halloween decorations.
I brought all my old stuff over to the second-hand shop, then I found that box that I forgot to bring.
- Aren't you putting anything up? - Yes, but I hired a company that is gonna bring everything I need and do all the work for me.
Just as soon as they can fit me - into their schedule.
- (MAN): Hmm? Can I help you? Oh, I was just curious to know when these would be displayed.
Well, I'm not sure if they are.
But if you stick around for a few more days, you can see this place come completely alive.
That's something I'm most interested to see.
I don't know why you wanted anything dug out of storage; you already have Middleton's most decorated house - regardless of the holiday.
- I just wanted to add a bit of Halloween history to what I did this year in case we found something unique.
- And it looks like you did.
- Does it? It's just a bunch of old junk.
Look at that, it looks like sort of a gargoyle.
And looks like there are three more just like it! - Oh.
- You know what? There's writing on this.
Oh, my goodness! Will you look at that.
I thought - this was lost to the ages.
- What is that? It's the Perriwood prophecy, written by Cotton Perriwood himself! Is that the guy that was in love with the Merriwick woman? It was, except hardly anyone's ever read exactly what he wrote.
Well, then I think a Merriwick should be the first to do it.
Hmm right.
Well, it's kind of hard to tell what it says.
It's written in some sort of verse.
"In the hall of sustenance found, the Halloween faces stare up from the ground.
" I wouldn't know what a Halloween face is, let alone why one would be staring up at us.
Oops! - Halloween faces.
- That's probably - just a coincidence, right? - Probably.
Or maybe Cotton Perriwood wants this to be the most magical Halloween of all.
(THEME MUSIC) - Good morning, Nick.
- Hey.
- What's all that? - Just a few decorations in case anyone around here wanted to use them.
Aaah Cool! I bet I could freak Dad out with this.
Good morning, Sam.
Well, hi! That's a pleasant surprise.
- Hi.
- Ooh, what'd you bring me? Just something to help you get into the Halloween spirit.
And by Halloween spirit, do you mean scaring small children or giving them a week-long sugar rush? I mean decorating and being with family and friends, like we're gonna do on Halloween night.
- Oh yeah, your big party's coming up.
- Mm-hmm.
Speaking of which I've got to wear a costume for that? Some people dress up, but you don't have to.
- Could I come as a doctor? - Yeah, that sounds perfect.
See? I can get into Halloween thing almost as much as you.
Think that's regular or decaf? You didn't even flinch.
You never flinch.
- Doesn't anything scare you? - Uhhh, nothing I can think of.
- So, what did you find out? - Not very much.
Well, I thought you were supposed to be an expert in matters such as this.
That's why I wanted you to take the prophecy home and study it.
I did, I read every page.
"While others pass to get their sleep, within the fount, the creatures leap.
" And then, there's this, "Behold the rare foreboding sight, the chilling horde that soars by night.
" Leaping creatures? Soaring hordes? Sounds more like the 12 days of Christmas than anything I can get our small business owners excited about.
I'm not exactly sure why we would want to make this the year of the Perriwood curse.
The last page predicts what might happen.
Friendships will be tested and we'll all be thrust into darkness, and love - will struggle to survive.
- Oh my! But until any of these other things start happening, we don't - need to worry about that.
- Then we won't.
Jared, put out a press release about the document being found.
150 years old, magical predictions, blah blah blah.
Just don't say anything about the curse.
- Yuck! - Yes, Madam Mayor.
"Yuck!" In the meantime, I suppose we should all be on the lookout for anything that leaps or soars, just in case.
Although, that would make Middleton's Halloweens even more famous than they already are.
Hahaha! - Come, Jared.
- - (DOOR CHIME) - Thank you.
How goes married life? So far so good.
It's so weird to think that three months ago we didn't even know each other, and now here we are, about to spend the rest of our lives together.
I didn't realise you got - married that fast.
- Well, can you blame me? - It was love at first sight.
- And then I got to know her and found out that we like so many of the same things.
Well, if one of the things you both like is a good restaurant, you should try the Bistro.
I think there's some things on that menu that you will both like.
- (DOOR CHIME) - Thank you.
Hey, it's starting to look great in here.
It's gonna look even better when I'm done with it.
Well, then, maybe you can use what I brought.
My mom thought it would look good in here, if you have room of course.
I think I dated him in college.
Really? He didn't mention it.
Gargoyles don't kiss and tell.
- (CHUCKLING) - This will look good in here.
It's a shame all these decorations go up and then a few days later they all have to come back down.
Halloween never lasts as long as I wish it would.
Nobody remembers all the hard work that goes into making - places like this look so good.
- Yeah.
Unless they did remember I assure you, Mrs.
Monahan, there's nothing to worry about.
I've seen the prophecies myself and there isn't a word about anything happening to your parakeet.
No, you're most certainly welcome.
- Mayor Tinsdale? - Grace, come in! OK.
So, I know it's late and you're probably getting ready to go home, but I had an idea that I want to talk to you about.
I hope it's OK because I want to get started on it, like, right away.
Grace, I always have time for you, dear.
So just don't rush.
Please, sit.
- (PHONE RINGING) - Oh, I'm sorry, I should get that.
Ahem! This is the mayor.
- Oh! It's your mother.
- Hey, Mom.
What?! Outside where?! That's so weird! How would they have gotten here? I have no idea.
You know, there's a pond on the other side - of those trees maybe.
- Yes, but there's no way - for them to get up that high.
- (FROGS CROAKING) You don't think they could have just fallen out of the sky, do you? Oh, I really hope not.
(CASSIE): But it is just like the prophecy said.
- (TINSDALE): Hmm? - "While others pass to get their sleep, within the fount, the creatures leap.
" This was one of the things Cotton Perriwood predicted? It is, which makes me start to wonder what's gonna happen next.
This meeting of the Middleton Small Business Owners Association will now come to order.
Oh, I'm just so excited I'm gonna break with parliamentary procedure and go straight to new business.
All those opposed, say, "Goodbye.
" - (INDISTINCT CHATTER) - Now, as you know, your mayor has found the Perriwood prophecy.
And though I'm not one to "leap" to conclusions, it appears that the first of these prophecies has already come true.
I'm not counting those jack o'lantern faces on the ground, that was simply due to Stephanie's clumsiness.
Aww! We've put out a press release which will bring even more attention to Middleton this Halloween, which means all of our shops and storefronts need to look their very best.
And to encourage that, Miss Grace Russell - has an idea.
- Thank you, Madam Mayor.
- Up-up! - Oh, right.
So, I started volunteering at the children's ward at the hospital, and the moment that I got there, I thought, "Wow, this place would be "a whole lot more cheery and child-friendly if there were toys to make it, uh, well - more cheery and child-friendly.
" - (LAUGHTER) So I thought, what if this year we held a contest for the best decorated business in Middleton? We can sell ballots, and anyone who votes can choose who they like best, and the money can go to buying toys for the kids.
So we'd all be the judges? Exactly.
And then on Halloween night, people can go from place to place and mark down their choice, and we can announce the winner at Grey House, - at my mom's party.
- Which would be a good way for everyone to know who's the best.
It's really more about getting into the spirit of the holiday and - helping out the children.
- Thanks, Mom.
- Mm-hmm.
- Well, I think it's a wonderful idea.
A "Halloween crawl" through Middleton showing off the best that this town has to offer.
I just got a big shipment of decorations at my store, everything from arachnids to zombies, - whatever anybody needs.
- Perfect! So don't hold back.
Let's make Cotton Perriwood proud! Oh, and speaking of him, I want everyone to watch out for anything odd.
(SCREECHING NOISE) Madam Mayor, if I may Sir, this is a business owners meeting; It's not open to the public.
Um well, I'm just curious, you know, when you might start talking about the specifics of the Perriwood curse.
Well, the prophecy wasn't clear about exactly what that curse is.
You're the Merriwick.
There are actually a few of us who live here.
Well, then, you must be especially concerned about the town splitting apart, falling into darkness.
(WHISPERING): How did he know? If these prophecies are starting to come true, then this is the year ominous things happen.
Not just for the Merriwicks, but for everyone in the town.
Well just something to think about while you get back to your business.
(INDISTINCT WHISPERING) Does anybody know who that guy was? It's probably just someone who's curious about how we celebrate the holiday.
Which is a very good reminder about all of the other tourists we're going to have in town over the next few days.
So, let your Halloween spirit shine, everybody.
Let it shine! Yay! Well, don't just sit there, - let it shine.
- Oh yeah.
- (INDISTINCT CHATTER) - (WOMAN GASPING) No, no! Don't go in here, Jimmy.
If this door closes, - there's no way to get out.
Here you go.
- Thanks! Dr.
Radford should be ready for you in a moment.
You can get this prescription filled at the pharmacy right down the street.
Thank you so much.
I can't believe I forgot my allergy pills.
I'm just glad we didn't - forget Pete's heart medication.
- Especially at Halloween with all those monsters creeping around, scare a man half to death.
I've got a feeling it's the monsters that should be worried.
- (LAUGHING) - Well, hello! - Did you get everything you need? - We did.
Now we can take a walk through the hay maze without me puffing up like a pot pie.
If you get lost in there, you should call Sam to help get you out.
He's an expert with hay mazes.
I blocked out that entire experience.
- We should go.
Thanks again.
- No problem.
This looks nice! (DOOR CLOSING) Sam lets me put up a few decorations every year.
As long as there are no paper skeletons.
Yeah, he gets distracted if they don't have the right number of ribs.
The lung capacity of a human being needs a certain amount of negative space to - Forget it.
- OK.
Jimmy, let's go weigh you for your check-up.
Oh, I put a new lab coat for you in exam room two.
- There's a stain on the sleeve.
- Really? - Where? - Just put on a new one.
You're the boss.
So, we're still going to the movie tonight? The original Phantom of the Opera.
Although I was gonna ask if I could invite a couple that's staying at Grey House - to come with.
- Double date? I just thought they'd enjoy it.
They got married last week.
So you and I could get an idea what married life would be like.
Um, well, I think it looks pretty good.
Invite them along.
- OK.
- I'll see you tonight.
- Yeah.
- AAAAAH! - (SCARY MUSIC) Oh, hey, Nick.
Uh don't forget to do the dishes when you get home, OK? (GENTLE MUSIC) - Looking good, Harvey.
- Oh, thanks! Figured I'd spruce the place up before too much shopping begins.
Plus, people were starting to trip over this root so this'll at least keep them away from it.
- Hey, Stephanie.
- Oh! Hi, Cassie! Is that all you're getting? Yeah.
Just a couple decorations for home.
I actually hired a professional to do the Bistro this year, so this'll probably be the last you'll see of me.
Well, if anything changes, I'm the only place in town that offers one-stop shopping for all your Halloween needs.
- Yeah, of course.
- Thanks.
See ya.
Do you need something inside? No.
Just checking out the competition.
Looks like I've got my work cut out for me already.
I've been scoping out what other people are doing and it seems like you're gonna be the one that's tough to beat.
- What about Stephanie? - What about her? - She's hiring a professional.
- Yeah, so she's not eligible.
I haven't heard that's part of the rules.
Wait, so I have to compete against all that and you? I'm not competing.
I'm just doing it for the fun of it, not for any award.
But if she were decorating, that'd be a pretty interesting contest, between you and Stephanie.
That's a good point.
Beating her would mean I really was the best.
Whoever wins will have certainly earned it.
I'm just gonna grab that table in the back.
Thank you.
Everything looks so good.
What are you gonna have? I think I might just get a hamburger.
A hamburger? They have a chicken risotto that sounds amazing.
- Is that what you're gonna have? - I think so.
- (INDISTINCT CHATTER) - That does look good too.
Yeah, OK, but I need you here this week.
Well, when can you get here? That's the day after Halloween! (SIGHING) OK, you know what? Forget it, I'm just gonna have to figure something else out on my own.
What's wrong? Oh, I hired this company to come decorate the bistro and now they say they can't do it.
That is a shame.
What do you think you're gonna do? I don't know.
I guess I'm gonna have to put up my decorations from last year.
Except I gave most of those away.
- Hmm, yeah, that is a problem.
- (CELL PHONE RINGING) I don't know this number.
You should probably find out who that is, though.
Hello? It's me.
Earrings? And $85? OK, yeah, I'll come pick it up.
- Who was it? - That was the second-hand store where I took my Halloween decorations.
They say they found a pair of my earrings in one of the boxes.
So, that's good news.
Yeah, and apparently I left a jar of tip money in there too.
I don't know how I'd forget about that.
Well, these things just sometimes happen.
But that means you can go get all your old decorations and put - them up like you did last year.
- True.
And maybe even try and win that award.
You think I'd have a shot at it? You'd be in the running.
Plus, it's for a really good cause.
It's true.
Yeah, you know what? - I'm gonna give it a shot.
- Great.
- So the competition is on, then.
- Oh, it's on.
- It's on for sure.
- (ABIGAIL CHUCKLING) - (INDISTINCT CHATTER) - (MAN LAUGHING) Hey, thanks for inviting us out.
- Yeah, it was fun.
- I just like old movies better than new ones.
I don't even know why they make new movies anymore.
- Hi.
- Hey, Pete.
- Are you eating for two? - Uh, no, no, no.
Alexis and I found a little park bench, left her there, and then hunt for ice cream.
Better get it to her before it melts.
I will.
I'll see you all later.
- See you later.
- See you later.
Ice cream sounds kind of good.
Did the two of you want to come get some with us? Oh, why don't you two go on your own.
Let the newlyweds have some time together.
Cassie's right.
It's your honeymoon.
Have fun.
- We will, thanks.
- OK.
- OK.
- Goodnight.
So, who decided the way to improve The Phantom of the Opera was to turn it into a musical? Because that made it more romantic.
Oh, because people can't just say how they feel, - they have to sing it? - Sometimes, words just aren't enough.
(BOTH LAUGHING) That movie we just saw didn't even have words.
You know, sometimes, two people can be in love and just not have to say a thing.
See? Haha! You know, I'm really glad we invited Brad and Marinda along.
- Yeah.
They seem nice.
- Yeah, they are.
I really think that they're discovering - things about themselves.
- (SCREECHING NOISES) - What's that? - I don't know.
- (BATS SCREECHING) - (SAM): Are those bats? (CASSIE): Yes, they are.
Ah, that's weird.
Or predicted.
"Behold the rare foreboding sight, the chilling horde that soars by night.
" What does that mean? It means another one of Cotton Perriwood's prophecies just came true.
I just wish we knew what it meant.
Frogs in the fountain and bats in Middleton? I mean, - have you ever seen bats in Middleton?! - No.
Well, and if someone like you hasn't, I can't imagine anyone else has.
(GASPING) Does this mean that the curse is happening? Well, if that means we're looking at this town "splitting apart" and all of us being "thrust into darkness," that's just something I don't think any of us can endure.
It's hard to know exactly what's gonna happen.
But if it did, you're a Merriwick, so you could stop it, yes? I'm not always sure how things work.
Well, then, keep at it, let me know what you learn.
- - Can I help you? - Help who? - Oh.
Uh, why, I just wanted to say I share the mayor's concerns.
The curse could be something that threatens all of Middleton.
- Now, you see? - He agrees with me.
And who exactly is agreeing with me? Oh, it's just an interested visitor.
One who's seeing the predictions come true and is eager to see what happens next.
- Well, that was rude.
- (DOOR CHIME) - He didn't even buy anything.
- (DOOR CLOSING) Alright, so make sure to bring the ballot back to Grey House at the end of the night after checking out all the decorations.
And you can wear a costume for Halloween, if you want.
Oh! Hey, George! Can I get you something? These cinnamon rolls look pretty good.
Well, it just so happens that I have a deal today: free cinnamon roll for all of my favourite customers.
Just as long as you buy a ballot from Grace and promise to think about me when you're filling it out.
That sounds like a pretty good price.
(LAUGHING): Enjoy.
- Hi, Grace.
- Hey, Grandpa.
- You want a ballot? - (GEORGE): Yes, please.
- (GRACE): Pay up.
- What was that all about? Oh, nothing.
Just hoping a potential voter will notice all of the work I've done.
Well, I'd say you're in the running for a solid second-place finish.
Except I've just started.
In fact, I'm headed over to Harvey's later, and I may just buy that whole place out.
Hey, Grace, could you help me put these scarecrows up - on the wall? - Oh, yeah, sure.
Wait a minute, so you have - an assistant, too? - Whatever it takes to win.
Grace, what are you doing when you're done here today? Oh, I was just gonna help put up some more stuff with Mom.
Why? She doesn't even care about the competition.
OK, how could somebody not care about the competition? Because she likes to make things look nice for Halloween.
Me too.
I just like to be rewarded for my efforts.
So I'm gonna need your help today and tomorrow.
And I'm gonna need your help when you're not helping her.
Yeah, you know, I guess I could help the both of you.
Great! Let's get started.
Because these scarecrows are not gonna hang themselves.
It'd be extra-spooky if they did though, right? I'm gonna get to work.
(SAM): Did they ever figure out where those bats came from? No.
There doesn't seem to be an explanation.
Maybe it's just a bunch of bats with a broken GPS.
I know you don't believe in this stuff, but there are a lot of people who are starting to get scared about that curse.
I just don't understand how anybody can believe something like that.
Well, stick around.
It's something you might learn.
Hey, I saw the poster for the movie they're showing tomorrow night: Abbott and Costello meet Frankenstein.
Wanna go? Uh Abbott and Costello? Well, I was afraid you might not be into that.
I always thought those guys were funny.
There's a monster in it.
You know that Frankenstein was actually the doctor? I know.
I don't think that guy was board certified.
Even if I wanted to go, my friend Margo is having a pumpkin-carving party and she wanted both of us to go, but I don't think you'd be so into that.
I I just feel strange cutting into something without a surgical team next to me.
But it sounds like fun, you should go.
Yeah, you should go to the movie.
- I think I will.
- OK.
Oh! Hey.
Did you have fun - on the hay ride? - Yeah.
We did.
Would you like some tea? - No thanks.
- That'd be great.
You can go up.
I'll be up there - in a little bit.
- Oh.
- Night.
- Night.
So, it seems like you two are having fun together.
- Does it? - Cassie's right.
Seemed like you both enjoyed the movie.
Brad liked it.
- I fell asleep three times.
Well, it looked like you were into it when I invited you.
I'm sure it did seem like that When I heard that The Phantom of the Opera was playing, I thought it was the musical.
Thank you.
But Brad knew it was the black and white version, and I could tell he was really into movies like that, so I just pretended like I was too.
There's a whole list of that: restaurants, books I've never read I don't think you need to pretend to be someone you're not when you're with a man who obviously loves you very much.
He loves the woman he thinks I am.
(SOFT MUSIC) The Stantons have been married for 50 years, and they seem to have so much in common.
And the two of you, you're just so "right" together, you know? But Brad and I we're not like that, - - I'm beginning to wonder What? Maybe we never should have gotten married at all.
I didn't think you ever got out of bed this early.
I saw this in a movie, and I for sure - thought it was gonna work.
- Well, it might have if I hadn't seen that movie 14 times.
Jamie Lee Curtis could really - handle a knife.
- Nuts! Hahaha! You want me to help you decorate a decorations store? Ironic, I know, but I could really use someone like you.
Except I'm already helping two other people.
I just need you for a little bit over the next few days.
And I promise, when I win the award, I'll say that I couldn't have done it without you.
You know, having another strong competitor on the contest would help us sell more ballots, which would mean more toys for the kids.
- See? So it's a win-win-win.
- I'm in.
Ah, Grace, I'm glad you're here.
Can you help me find some cobwebs? - They're on aisle two.
- OK, thanks.
But we're all sold out.
- Someone bought all your cobwebs? - I sure did.
(STEPHANIE CHUCKLING) OK, well, - how about the headstones? - Aisle three, - but I bought all of those, too.
- Right.
I have a couple of dozen plastic mummies - if anybody wants those.
- (WOMEN): I could use those.
- Fifty dollars apiece.
- Fifty dollars?! Last week you were selling them for five bucks.
Supply and demand.
Oh! And the "Perriwood Prophecy" t-shirts are going fast, so you'd better snatch those up before their price goes up, too.
"They stumble where the pumpkins set and purchase not their fair regrets.
" What does that even mean? I don't know, but I have it in extra-small up to triple XL.
Not fair: you own the store with all the stuff we need.
Yeah, how are we supposed to compete with that? Well, I guess you should have thought of that before you opened up a restaurant and a flower shop.
- Oh, boy.
- And the award for best Halloween decorations goes to me! Hahaha! Wow! (DOOR CHIME) - - Brad.
Are you here by yourself? Yeah.
Marinda just wanted to hang out at Grey House.
Are you looking for something special? I don't know.
Just something to remember this trip by.
Well, let me know if there's something that you and your wife might both like.
(ENCHANTING MUSIC) I found this in Fiji.
It looked beautiful on the white sand.
Honeymoon Beach.
Huh I really like it.
Although I'm not sure a seashell is the right way to be reminded about Middleton.
But you'll remember finding it here, and what it means to both of you.
We'll take it.
There has to be some more information about Cotton Perriwood down here, something to help us figure out what he meant by that curse.
Gather up some more of those photos.
I'll look at them in my office.
Perhaps I'll discover something new about Middleton's history.
- AAH! - And perhaps its future as well.
My goodness, you have a habit of showing up when nobody's expecting it.
Really? Hmm.
I didn't realize I could be so surprising.
This area is not open to the public.
Well, I hope you can make an exception.
I wanted to get some insight on the town's history and how it affects it today.
Such a fascinating man.
So many secrets to tell.
And a beautiful woman.
It's a pity the two of them were never able to be together.
- (PHONE RINGING) - Oh! Excuse me.
Hahaha! Ahem! Hello? Harvey, what can I do for you? Well, if it's a regulation I'm not sure that I can Yes, yes, fine.
I'll be right there.
I'm so sorry, but you'll have to excuse me.
I need to speak to a small-business owner.
What do you mean, we can't go in? Look, this competition is only a couple of days away and I don't have everything I need.
Well, don't blame me, blame the politicians.
- Oh, look, there's one now.
- What's going on? Well, I came back from lunch and I found this notice on the door and all of this blocking the way.
The city is shutting me down.
They said that this root is too close to the entrance and it's a hazard.
It's all because of this old tree that they planted, and now I can't do business until they dig this root up, but they can't do the job for another two or three days.
- Which is after Halloween.
- Well, it looks - like the ordinance is clear.
- So there's nothing you can do? I only have so much power.
What's going on? Well, I'm closed because of that.
"They stumble where the pumpkins set and purchase not their fair regrets.
" - That was written on a t-shirt.
- Yeah.
It's a Perriwood prophecy.
- Now it's happening right here.
- Abigail's right, which means that Cotton Perriwood has been right three times in a row now.
And he could be right about everything.
Frogs and bats.
And now pumpkins! Everything is happening exactly the way that Cotton Perriwood said it would, which means this is the year that the curse is going to happen too.
Well, the future isn't always written exactly as it seems.
That's a very good point.
It could be even worse! No, what I meant is that the Merriwick women aren't ones for just letting things happen.
Does that mean you've figured out a way to stop the curse? - I wasn't saying that exactly.
- But what if you could? What if there was something in these pages that could tell us how to stop the worst things - that are yet to come? - I'll re-read the prophecy again.
Maybe there's something that I haven't noticed.
- We have to find out if there is! - Yeah.
Excuse me.
- But, uh - (DOOR CHIME) Can I help you with something? Hi.
This is lovely.
It's an antique.
Here is your ballot, and we will see you for the Halloween crawl in just a few more days.
- - (ELECTRONIC DOOR CHIME) Here's your free box of chocolates and a rose.
Give them to someone you love.
So it's true.
We heard Abigail was giving away free stuff to influence voters.
Oh, I wouldn't know anything about that.
Here is your free box of chocolates.
All buttercreams because I know they're your favourite.
And I taped a ballot to the box to remind you who to vote for.
- Thank you.
- You know, if I could take back that free cinnamon roll, I would.
Or you could give me another one, so I remain impartial.
My decorations can speak for themselves.
Well, they certainly are loud and obnoxious enough.
Can we please stop? Look, I know that we're all a little stressed out because of the competition and the prophecies coming true, but I think it'd be good for us to remember that we live in this town together we have history with one another.
And when people walk through our town, seeing all the decorations, that is what they should be thinking about: our friendships, how we care about one another.
Because if that is not who we are, then maybe we do deserve whatever evil curse Cotton Perriwood put on all of us.
Grace what are you doing at Abigail's now when you're supposed to be helping me? Helping you.
She's supposed to help me! How is she gonna decorate a store no one's allowed into? Because I'm decorating the outside.
You guys, I can still help all of you.
- Fine.
- Good.
Let's get back to work.
- - (INDISTINCT CONVERSATIONS) Do you want to share dessert? Something chocolate? Sure.
You can pick.
Oh, and I forgot to show you what I got at Cassie's shop.
I hope you like it.
(CHUCKLING) I love it.
It got me thinking about our first real date.
The day we went to that beach.
Yeah Oh! Hi, Sam.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Aren't you supposed to be carving pumpkins? - Not until after dinner.
- Ah.
Well, I was gonna eat before I go to the movie.
Do you want to get something? Sounds great.
Well, well, well.
So this is where all the young people hang out, huh? You keep calling us "young people" and you're gonna have a free room the next time - you stay at Grey House.
- Oh, we'll be back - for sure.
We love it here.
- We're gonna make Halloween in Middleton one of our new traditions.
- Oh! - Ah! Those two would make a good advertisement for being married.
Yeah, they really do seem right for each other.
And it looks so easy, at least the way they do it.
I guess some couples have to work harder at it than others, but I always thought it was worth it.
There you are! I have some very disturbing news about what I read - in the prophecy.
- Oh, you read - the prophecy? - Yes, I Oh.
Well, it just sort of "fell" into my hands, and Oh, anyway.
Yes, I spent the entire afternoon - poring over each and every word.
- Well, what did you find? Well, you were right about the curse.
It's very clear: all divisions and darkness and - blugh! - "Blugh"? That's one of the predictions: "Blugh"? And here is the most frightening thing about the last page: it isn't there.
I counted all the lines in the prophecy and I realised that there's a pattern to the way it was written.
Now look, you can see it right here.
Each couplet is part of a larger section, and each larger section is 14 lines.
And that's disturbing because? The last section only has 11.
So you knew it was incomplete.
- Why didn't you tell me?! - I didn't want you to get all worked up about something we didn't even know.
But now we do know.
Except we don't even know what we don't even know, which could be worse than what we already know! We need to find the last page of this prophecy.
And stop the curse or else everything that we have come to love about Middleton could be lost.
Forever! - Hello, Stephanie.
- Hey I was hoping they were gonna let Harvey open back up.
Not for a couple more days.
I still have a whole list of decorations I need before Halloween.
I'm sure you'll be able to come up with some creative ways to use what you already have and anything else that you might be able to find.
Well, I guess I'm gonna have to.
Hey, that gargoyle's kind of cool.
Yeah, I brought it over from my mom's.
She's still got two more just like it at home.
Do you think she'd let me borrow one for the Bistro? I'm sure she would.
- I'll bring one over.
- Awesome! Hahaha! Your work is making the town look especially festive.
Ah, it's you.
You know, I think Cotton Perriwood would be proud to know that his tradition of decorating has so endured.
Yeah, it seems like that guy was really into Halloween.
And with the day approaching, I'm becoming especially curious about the predictions on the undiscovered final page of the prophecy.
- - There's a final page? Oh, there is indeed.
And its discovery could make all the difference in the world.
(STEPHANIE): How did he know that? (CRICKETS CHIRPING) (DOOR OPENING) Hello, Sam.
I, uh, saw your light was on, but what are you doing home? I thought you'd be at that pumpkin-carving thing.
Hm, I decided to stay home instead.
- Hmm! - Aren't you missing - the Abbott and Costello movie? - I've seen it before.
- Whatcha working on? - Oh, Grace made this when she was little so I'm trying to make it last as long as it can.
It's always the last decoration we put up and then Grace lights the candle.
It's a nice tradition.
Cassie! Cassie! It's my husband! He grabbed his chest and he just collapsed! - Mr.
Stanton? - I'll call 9-1-1.
(AMBULANCE SIREN BLARING) Your husband had what's called a paroxysmal atrial flutter.
His doctor's been concerned about his heart.
I've already consulted with him about the episode, and we agree it doesn't portend anything worse.
(SIGHING IN RELIEF) Oh, I'm just glad you were - at Grey House when it happened.
- We'll keep him here another night or two but should be OK pretty soon after that.
- He needs to spend the night? - He's gonna be fine.
He's in great hands.
It's just that we've hardly spent any nights apart since we got married.
Neither of us gets much sleep when we do.
I could ask the nurse to set up a cot - in his room if you'd like.
- I know my husband will - sleep better if I'm with him.
- Well, a good night's rest - is good for the patient.
- And for the patient's wife.
- (LAUGHING) - Can I see him? Sure, no problem.
- Good morning, Nick.
- Hey.
- Can I help you find something? - Maybe.
I'm still looking for something to scare my dad with.
No matter what I do or where I am, he always seems to be expecting it.
Hmmm, I'm sure there's at least one thing your father's isn't expecting.
Something that, if it happened, he would say it scared him a lot.
Yeah, whatever that is, he's never admitted it to me.
Hmm That is so weird.
- What's it do? - Turn the crank and see.
(WAILING NOISE) The early settlers in Middleton believed that that light and sound could ward off evil spirits.
That would scare me a little.
You wanna take it and see if it scares anyone else? Thanks, Cassie.
Well, hello.
- Did you enjoy Middleton Gardens? - Eh, it was OK.
But there was a wedding reception there, and they asked us to join in the toast.
Well, how did it feel to be veterans in a room with two people who have been married less time than you? Oh, well, we're not really experts on any of this.
Haha! But just think, one day, the two of you will be the ones with years of experience, and you'll be able to talk about all the things you've shared.
What do you think? I had to be very creative and use everything I already had.
I think it looks really good.
And I brought you this guy.
Ohhh, he is gonna look great somewhere - on something.
- We'll make sure to find the right place so it's sure to get noticed.
Oh! Hi! Make sure that you buy a ballot and vote for the Bistro.
- OK.
- Yes, and any donation will be used to buy toys for the kids in the hospital.
- Oh, thank you.
- All the fun starts tomorrow night at 9.
- See ya.
- Thanks.
- It's great.
- I hope you're not helping Stephanie more than you're helping me.
- I'm helping anybody who asks.
- Great, because I bought a bunch of stuff at Harvey's before it closed and I need - your help putting it up.
- You bought stuff at Harvey's? - Mm-hmm.
- So that was thinking ahead.
Whatever, I don't know.
Just come by later.
And I'll need you tomorrow as well up until the very last minute.
Oh, and by the way, - those flowers are dead.
- I bought those from you this morning.
It's a shame how some flowers just don't last.
(SIGHING) It's so wonderful to get a look - at all this Middleton history.
- Except I'm not thinking about our history; I'm thinking about the now, figuring out where the last page of this prophecy might be and stopping the curse.
- And what have you found? - So far, clues but no answers.
If only this mysterious fellow could speak to us.
Perhaps tell us some of his secrets.
I'm sure he would have a lot to say.
- Excuse me.
- AAAH! I was hoping I might be able to converse with the mayor.
What? Right now? - JARED! - Madam Mayor? What are you doing here? Oh, I just wanted to acquire some information about Middleton and share the reason for my visit.
Well, the mayor is not available right now.
I have you set to meet with the town's archivist to discuss the whereabouts of that missing page.
- It's important business.
- (JARED): Hmm So I shouldn't stand in your way.
Well, my apologies for the interruption.
(WHISPERING): Madam Mayor.
I'll return later at a more, uh appropriate time.
(CRICKETS CHIRPING) (MAN): Thanks for dinner, that was great.
Yeah, that's the nice thing about having you over, Liam, - you are easy to please.
- That's true.
Hey, are you going to Cassie's Halloween party tomorrow night? Yeah of course.
Everyone who's doing the Halloween crawl is ending up there when it's over.
I didn't know you were part of the competition.
I'm not.
But with so many people going around checking out the decorations, I thought I'd set up outside and sell "bat wings" and "zombie flesh sliders.
" Uh, chicken wings and pulled-pork sandwiches.
- Ah.
- You're decorating?! Oh, Cassie brought that over.
I don't know if I've ever seen you put up an actual decoration.
I usually don't.
But now you have a festive side? This stuff means a lot to Cassie.
But you do know they're supposed to come out of the box, right? Yeah, I know how it works.
See you tomorrow.
It's a real nice hospital you work at there, Doc.
No offence, this Grey House place is a whole lot better.
Just don't let me catch you running up and down the stairs.
One more day of rest and you can have your life back.
And we'll try not to make too much noise at the party tonight.
Oh, don't worry about making any noise.
- I love the sound of a party.
- We both love being in a house full of people.
I have never known two people - that enjoy so many of the same things.
- (MR.
STANTON LAUGHING) You're really lucky you found each other.
STANTON): Except it wasn't always this way.
- Haha! - When we first met, the two of us disagreed about everything.
We hardly could find anything we ever liked.
But I was fascinated by the way he looked at the world.
And she was just different than any girl I'd ever known.
And 50 years later, we've had a lifetime of discovering new things together.
Which no one would have ever predicted right after we met.
Well, they say that opposites attract.
Once they're together, nothing can pull them apart.
- Oh! - Oh! Oh! Haha! Hello, Martha.
Oh, George, I am so, so sorry.
I've had my mind so focused on the Perriwood curse and how to break it that I've hardly noticed anything else.
That's OK.
I'm thinking about the decorating contest just as much.
Everyone in town really wants me to pick them as the winner.
Now I hope you're not allowing people to buy your vote.
George O'Hanrahan can't be bought! However, if you'd like to rent my opinion, I'd be willing to negotiate.
Haha! Well then, I'll see you tonight.
Judging starts at the Bistro, and then we hit the streets from there.
Oh, don't forget to bring a jacket.
It looks like it's gonna be a windy one tonight.
- Really? - "And the winds of change shall blow that night" I've read that in the prophecy.
It's all coming true.
(GASPING) - - Happy Halloween! (SAM): I called in Mrs.
Garza's prescription, but we might need to modify it, so that she has more than one refill.
(WOMAN): I'll let the pharmacy know.
(SAM): Well, I guess that does it.
We might as well try to get home before it starts getting dark.
Hey, if you do that Halloween crawl tonight, you should stop by Liam's for some bat wings and zombie flesh.
Trust me, it's good stuff.
Where'd that come from? Oh, Cassie dropped it by this morning to add to the Halloween spirit.
(SAM SNIGGERING) You know, you actually did a really good job decorating the place.
It was fun putting stuff up.
Ah there you are! I just have a little bit more to do, but if you want to help me finish, we can put your black cat on the mantel and light the candle.
I wish I could, but I promised Abigail and Stephanie that I would help them out with some last minute decorations - before the judging starts.
- They both really want - to win, huh? - Yeah, a little too much.
Because nobody is getting along, at all.
Maybe this town really is cursed.
- - I think by the time the winner is announced, the two of them will feel like this competition was worth it.
And how can you be so sure of that? Because they have a Merriwick woman helping them out, and that means that there's always more to the story.
Where did you get this? Oh, from the attic.
It's a little wobbly, but No, no, it is the perfect size for what Stephanie needs at the Bistro.
- Then you should take it.
- Thanks.
- Oh.
Hi, Sam.
- Trick-or-treat! (WOMEN LAUGHING) Oh, that reminds me, don't give away all the candy.
Oh, I got some extra just for you.
- Happy Halloween.
- Mm-hmm.
You know, the party's not for a few more hours.
I know.
I'm going to have dinner with Nick first and then I thought I'd come over after.
- Mhm! - But first, I wanted to come see if you could use a hand putting up decorations.
Hmm I always save the most special ones for last in case anyone wants to join in on the fun.
Well, then, I'm just in time.
- - Hey! - What are these? - Movie tickets.
Abbott and Costello Go To Mars? The theater's having a revival next week.
I thought we could go together.
I hear they're really funny.
- Thank you.
- (CASSIE CHUCKLING) Where does this go? Over here by me.
(CASSIE LAUGHING) - (INDISTINCT CHATTER) - Yoohoo! - Happy Halloween, everybody! - (PEOPLE CHEERING) Now, make sure you buy a ballot the more judges we have, the more toys that we can buy for the kids and then make your way through our windy little town until we all meet up at Grey House for the announcement of the winner.
Let the judging commence! (INDISTINCT CHATTER) So, what do you think? - I like it.
- (STEPHANIE LAUGHING) Interesting choice to use dead flowers instead of fresh ones.
Yeah, I wanted to do something different with those, but they died right after I got them, so I had to improvise at the last minute.
Well, they're perfect.
It's all dark and Halloween-y.
- - Yeah kind of all worked out.
(BOTH LAUGHING) I suppose I should tell you, "Time's up, no more decorating," but I think I can look the other way for one more minute.
Thank you.
I just have to set this little guy here and then I'll all done.
I don't suppose that gargoyle mentioned where the last page of this prophecy is, did he? - Not to me.
- Well then, I'll just have to keep scouring these pages until I figure out a way to stop this curse before it's too late.
There you go.
All set.
(GASPING) - Mayor Tinsdale? - Grace? Where are you going with that? I need that.
- I do too.
- For what? Because I think I know what happened to the last page of the Perriwood prophecy.
If I can find the rest of it.
It's too windy to keep these out there, but I hope you all saw how awesome they looked before I took them in.
So you can just write Abigail's Flowers on your ballots because there's really no reason to look anyplace else.
I've seen these weird little guys all over town.
Yeah, these weird little guys are popular.
Hey! What are you doing? I'm putting together a puzzle.
And I just need two more pieces.
Ah! - - (WIND BLOWING) Oh, I was just bringing this up for your husband.
It's Gabaron oolong tea, and it's good for circulation - and lowering blood pressure.
- It smells delicious.
It is.
And that's why there's an extra cup for you.
It's hard to say where my husband got better care, here or at that hospital.
Well, the doctors and I may offer different kinds of treatment, but we're just as interested in the patient's well-being.
- I can take this.
- Let me know if you need more.
Uh am I the first one here? You are, but everyone should be getting here very soon.
I had all this food set up outside the brewery, but it started getting too windy, so I thought I'd bring it here for the party.
- You can set it up in the dining room.
- OK.
- George! - Is it party time? - It's just getting started.
- In that case, I'll get my costume on.
If this curse happens, I want to be dressed for the occasion.
Uh, those are for trick or-treaters.
- You're never too old.
- Ha! - (GIRLS): Trick-or-treat! - Hello! Here you go.
- Happy Halloween.
- (GIRLS): Thank you.
Jeremy? Hey, this is Sam Radford, Nick's dad.
Look, Nick was supposed to meet me at home hours ago and he's still not here and he's not answering his phone.
Do you have any idea where he is? Well, when was the last time you saw him? (SIGHING) No, if you hear from him, just tell him I'm looking for him, OK? Yeah.
(WIND BLOWING) - (INDISTINCT CHATTER) - Happy Halloween! These bat wings taste like chicken.
That's 'cause they're chicken.
(WITH A DRACULA ACCENT): If you say so.
- Hey, Sam.
- Hey.
- Is something wrong? - Don't know.
You've seen Nick? - No.
Why? - He hasn't come home, and he usually lets me know where he is.
I'm sure he's all right.
I hope so.
I still have a few places to check.
Do you want me to come with you? - Um No, that's OK.
- Call me when you find him.
I will.
Who did you vote for? It is a secret ballot.
You can show me yours.
It's OK, we're married.
So, we disagree about that.
It was really hard to decide.
Excuse me! Coming through! City business! - Hey, what's going on? - I've figured it out: how to stop the curse.
There are confusing references to branches and vines all connected to the woman that Cotton Perriwood loved.
Just as you're connected - to her as well.
- Because we're both Merriwicks.
And when I reread this part, it all became clear.
"From the healer's hands, all hope shall be brought as, thus intertwined, all secrets be taught.
" And you know what that means? It's obvious! It's you and Sam that's the key to breaking the curse! Don't you see? His are the healer's hands which need to be intertwined with yours at midnight, the very moment that Cotton Perriwood was banished from Middleton.
Everything is so clear and written right here in black and What would you call that? Beige? Maybe a light tan, I suppose.
So all we need to do is hold hands and that will break the curse? Well, I'm sure it's a lot more complicated than that, but let's start with what we know and move on from there.
Where is that handsome man of yours? Oh, he went looking for Nick.
You mean he's not here? But he has to be here! You two together are the only hope that Middleton has of not splitting apart and living in darkness and Oh, my goodness, what horrible things might happen to love?! Is everything all right? The mayor looks troubled.
Martha is concerned about the future of this town.
Because everything that Cotton Perriwood said was going to happen has come true.
First with the frogs and then with those bats.
That's where it all started and then it just kept going from there! Except I'm the one who started it.
I'm sorry.
What? I put the frogs in the fountain.
That prophecy was you?! And the bats, I did those too.
Well, why would you do such a thing?! I suppose it was for you, Martha.
To attract some well-deserved attention to our town.
Well, news of the prophecy has been awfully good for tourism.
Yes, but now that the tourists are here, who knows what might happen to them? Who knows what might happen to any of us? But you already admitted yourself that all the prophecies weren't real.
The first two, no, but I had nothing to do with Harvey's store closing down.
And then these "winds of change" started blowing.
I'm starting to wonder what kinds of horrors are gonna - happen next.
- What kinds of horrors? - (PEOPLE EXCLAIMING) - (MAYOR): OHHH! (WOMAN): What was that? Everything is OK.
Probably the sub-station at the end of our block shut down because of the wind.
Yeah, the whole neighbourhood is out.
Well, at least we have light in here.
But we've been thrust into darkness, just like the curse said.
Cotton Perriwood said that this was going to happen, and it did, just like he said it would! What if that means he's going to return in the flesh - to seek his revenge?! - (MARTHA GASPING) Do these people actually believe something as crazy as this? Oh, that's right, you haven't lived here that long.
I let myself in.
- (WIND BLOWING) - Oh, my goodness! It's it's It's him! Hello.
Welcome to Grey House.
- - (WIND BLOWING) Let's try to be welcoming - to the strangers among us.
- I suppose we have to.
Ah, excuse me, sir, of course, anyone is welcome in our town, but why have you come? Here and now? Well, for the same reason everyone else is.
To experience the magic of the Middleton Halloween.
Well, that doesn't sound like such a horrible curse.
(CHUCKLING) I'm Wil Fuller.
Writer for the Midwest Monthly.
The travel magazine? Mmm-hmm.
See, I came here to write a story about the lead-up to the holiday.
And then the curse happened which, well, it made the story even bigger.
So I decided to stay for the week.
Unfortunately, the prophecies were Jared's doing.
Well, I will tell you, it got me and my editor very interested.
We had heard how the spirit of the season becomes so fully alive around here, and it is true.
- I've seen it everywhere.
- Well, I'm afraid the ending to your story could be a bit of a let-down.
You see, the prophecies weren't true, and I don't know whether the curse is going to come - true either.
- I'm not so sure that's true.
The darkness and the winds were predicted to happen.
And just because someone caused those other things doesn't mean Cotton Perriwood wasn't right to say that they would.
A self-fulfilling prophecy is nonetheless fulfilled.
I don't think we'll know what's actually in store for us until midnight finally arrives.
So I hope we're all together when it does.
(WIND BLOWING) - Sam?! - Hey, Grace.
- Have you seen Nick? - No.
- I've been looking everywhere.
- Uh, I could text him.
No, I already did, I got no response.
I don't know where else to go.
Is there somewhere that he might hang out that he's never told me about? Other than your office, your house, the Bistro? - No, I-I don't know.
- OK.
Well, you should get home out of this wind.
Already seen a few neighborhoods without power.
Yeah, I will.
I just have one more place to go.
- OK.
- Hey, Sam.
Just let me know if Nick's OK.
- I will.
- Stephanie? (WIND BLOWING) Hi.
I was just seeing how many people - were here voting for you.
- Not many.
I figured they were all over at the Bistro.
I had a few that came and went.
Heard a lot of people saying how good this place looked though.
Really? Because all I kept hearing was how great the Bistro looked.
Ugh, hardly.
I had some really big ideas, and then Harvey's shop got shut down, and then I didn't know what to do.
Yeah, that was sort of my plan.
Your plan? I was the one who reported Harvey to the city, so that no one could buy anything and you wouldn't be - such strong competition.
- But you were the one who wanted me to compete in the first place.
Because I wanted the award to mean something, so I could say I beat the best in town.
And you thought that was me? It's absolutely you.
Especially after I saw what you did with those jack o'lanterns.
That was just sort of a last minute decision, which I sort of stole from you.
After I saw what you did with the flower pots - on the wall.
- So I guess we inspired each other.
Yeah, I guess we did.
You know, I have a couple of cakes left over that I was gonna use to bribe every persuade everyone to vote for me.
And I guess these flowers have served their purpose So, what do you think we should do with everything? (INDISTINCT CHATTER) Are there any more plates? Oh, here you go.
The city got that tree root dug up right before the wind started, which means I am open for business again.
Yeah, I should probably talk to you about why you got shut down in the first place.
What happened? Did you put a curse on me? - Hahaha! - Not exactly.
I'm here! - Oh, Grace, you got here.
- Uh, yeah.
It's a good thing I had these guys to weigh me down or I might just have blown away.
(CHUCKLING) Now I just need to match them with the fourth one.
Where is it? Hello? - (BANGING) - Hello? - Nick? - Dad? Dad, I'm in here! Dad! What are you doing? I've been stuck in there all day.
- Oh, my God! - Thanks a lot.
- Why were you in there? - I was gonna scare you.
With this.
When you turn it, it kind of sounds like a ghost.
You did scare me.
I was looking all over.
I thought - something might have happened to you.
- I'm OK.
At least, I had this thing that Cassie gave me for light.
Oh, when I I didn't know where you were, you weren't answering your phone Yeah, my phone's been dying on me all week.
Well, I didn't know what was going on, and for a minute, I was afraid that (SAM SIGHING) You were really that worried? I'm a dad, that's what I do.
So there's at least one thing that scares you.
(LAUGHING) Yeah, yeah, there is that one thing.
There you are.
Oh, hey.
- What are you reading? - Oh, just, uh something I found sitting on this table.
I was thinking about that time we went to the beach.
That was the day I realised I wanted to marry you.
When I found out we liked so many of the same things.
Yeah - except - What? I wanted you to like me so much.
So if you liked something, I just said that I did, too.
And then you married me.
Yeah - And we're getting along great.
- Except I like new movies.
And hamburgers.
And a lot of different things than you do.
But I haven't wanted to tell you because maybe that'd mean you weren't in love with the real me.
You just fell in love with the person I was pretending to be.
That day, at the beach, there were, like, a thousand tiny sand crabs.
And the tide had gone out, and they were running around on the hot sand, trying to make their way back to the ocean.
And there was no way they were all gonna make it, so you picked one up and took it over to the water.
I didn't want it to just die there.
- (SOFT MUSIC) - And then you did it again, and a few more times, and I said, "Marinda, come on, you can't save them all.
" And you said, "No, "but I can save this one, and this one, and this one.
" That's the woman I fell in love with.
And the one I'm falling in love with more every single day.
I was wondering where you two went.
I brought you mimosas.
That's what they were serving at that wedding reception.
Were they? Well, that's the perfect drink to toast to your new life together.
- Thank you.
- Thanks.
Oh, hey, Sam! - Did you find Nick? - I did.
Everything's fine.
He'll be over later.
He just decided to stay home and hand out candy.
I think, mainly, so he could eat it himself.
And I brought you this.
I thought you might want to box it up until next year.
Hmm Except I might want to keep that out just a little bit longer.
Sam! Well, at least, the two of you are together, so maybe we're not all doomed after all.
Martha is convinced that you and I hold the key to breaking the curse and saving all of Middleton.
Oh, we're still believing that, are we? - We're wondering, that's all.
- Oh! There you are! Yeah, but I didn't realize I was so popular.
Oh, Sam, hi.
I was talking - to the gargoyle.
- Ah.
Did you find Nick? - I did, he's OK.
- Good.
I'll take that.
If these go together, like I think they should, we'll finally be able - to figure it out.
- Figure what out? What Cotton Perriwood really meant and how the story ends.
- (WIND BLOWING) - Look at that.
It fits! But what does it all mean? It's the final page of the prophecy.
Pieced together on each of the statues.
- You found it? - Yeah.
They cut it up and used it to repair the base of those gargoyles.
I didn't have all the pieces until Sam brought over the last one.
"From the healer's hands, all hope will be brought" He handed it to a woman from the Merriwick vine.
That was Grace that that was written about, not you.
It's a little too dark in here to read.
"And in that year" the people shall come together as never before.
" "The gentle server will sit down "with she who sells fragrant beauty and differences will be forgotten," "fading into the light of day.
"The hands of the healer and the hostess "shall forever be entwined.
"And the Halloween spirit will last long "after the last candle has burned so bright (TOGETHER): "filling the town with all that is beautiful, "all that is true, and all that is good.
" Those weird little guys said all that? Actually, Cotton Perriwood predicted all that, including how you two would be together.
Well, in that case It's so well written, I figure we should do what it says.
I don't get it.
Why would a man who was kicked out of Middleton wish something so good for the future of this town? Because maybe Cotton Perriwood had one power we never even considered: forgiveness.
(EXCLAMATIONS) Just in time to announce the winner of the award for best decorations.
I guess it doesn't matter who wins.
- Yeah.
Maybe not.
- It doesn't really.
I told my editor that it would be impossible to pick a single victor because everyone in town showed such expertise.
So we decided to do a "best of" and feature all of the shops in the town rather than just one.
Well, then it's like everybody wins.
(LAUGHING) Wait a minute.
Does that mean my ballot doesn't count anymore? - Afraid not.
- Sorry, Grandpa.
Well, in that case, I guess it's better no one knows who I picked.
- (PEOPLE CHATTERING) - Although the, uh, Christmas decorating season is just around the corner, so perhaps you'll all get a chance to win me over once again.
- (SOME PEOPLE CHUCKLING) - Well, there's plenty of food, thanks to everyone, so please help yourselves.
- And happy Halloween! - (OTHERS): Happy Halloween! (MAN): Hear! Hear! Cheers! Did it say anything in that prophecy about this being - the best Halloween party ever? - Not exactly.
Well, then, maybe Cotton Perriwood didn't know everything after all.
(CASSIE): Now, there's only one thing left - to do.
It was wonderful having all of you here and getting you back in one piece.
Glad to be going home with my ticker still ticking.
(LAUGHING) It was so wonderful to meet you.
Yeah, my wife and I, we were talking about how we hope we could have as long a marriage as you.
I've seen how your husband looks at you; I think you're well on your way.
You should mark these two down for 50 years from now.
Reserve them a romantic room.
- We'll be here.
- For sure.
(TOGETHER): We love this place.
(ALL LAUGHING) Grey House will always be here, - and you're welcome any time.
- Thank you so much.
- Bye-bye.
- Thanks.
- (SAM): Hi.
- (CASSIE): Hey.
So, uh another group of satisfied customers? Yeah.
I'm pretty happy they were here, too.
I guess there's something to be learned from a couple that's been together that long.
- Yeah.
Even the newlyweds.
- (BOTH CHUCKLING) Can you believe that you and I are about to be newlyweds? - Hmm, I can hardly wait.
- (CAR ENGINE REVVING UP) - - Cotton Perriwood was right: the spirit of Halloween came alive that year.
In the days that followed, Middleton was reunited.
Those who had been at odds put aside their differences and began to look toward a future filled with a deeper kind of joy.
- (INAUDIBLE TALKING) - The wonder that had always been known by those who appreciated this season was shared with those who were invited to experience the magic on their own.
Hope was offered to those in need of healing, and the thanks they expressed while receiving was matched only by the happiness of those who gave the gifts away.
And the goodness, truth and beauty that was forever in their hearts shined for everyone to see.