Good Witch (2015) s04e01 Episode Script

With This Ring

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Looks like you could use help.
The realtor gave us the wrong combination.
Tried it about - a dozen times, it won't open.
- Maybe 13's the charm.
Give it a try.
13's been a very lucky number for me.
This was my dad's coat.
Forgot I ever put this in there.
- That was your father's? - Yeah.
And when he wasn't wearing it, I would put it on and run around the house pretending it was a fancy gown or a cape.
I just want to make sure Ben knows how extra-special he is to me.
As long as we're together tomorrow, - then that is perfect for me.
- I mean forever, Cassie.
- Will you marry me? - Yes.
Courtney needs to know that you want to break up with her! Nick, is that true? Are you breaking up with me? Now, we need to tell Nick and Grace.
How could you say that knowing - Courtney was standing there? - What's going on? I guess negotiating the rules of this engagement might be harder than we thought.
- That gave you second thoughts? - No second thoughts at all.
I guess we should put a ring on that finger, so everybody knows it's for real.
Well then, I'll keep this space open just for you.
Got some yogurt and granola next to the eggs.
- Ah, you can help yourself too, Sam.
- (SAM CHUCKLING) - Good morning.
- Morning.
You know, I'll be glad when we're finally married so I can stop sneaking over here and pretending to be a guest just to snag breakfast.
You can help me make it instead.
What? I didn't know that was part of the deal.
Well then, we're gonna have to renegotiate.
As soon as I find the right ring for you, we'll make this official.
- Tell our kids.
- (YOUNG WOMAN): Tell us what? Just You know, We were just talking about Work.
Doctor stuff.
Uhhh huh.
Nick should be ready to go to school in a minute if you want - to wait up.
- Hmm Actually, I have to leave right now, so Hmm How long do you think our kids can go without getting along? I don't know which one of them is more stubborn.
Good question.
Is stubborn passed down by the parents? - It definitely is.
- Well, in that case, - the answer is both of them.
- (CASSIE CHUCKLING) (INDISTINCT CHATTER) Mix the vanilla rooibos in with some black tea from Sri Lanka and give it a hint of caramel.
- I think you'll love it.
- Thank you.
Good morning! It isn't yet, but I'm hoping it will become one.
Martha is on one of her quests.
I want to declare a new location as Middleton's most romantic spot.
Now I now we have Grey House and the Botanical Gardens, but I'm looking for somewhere new to add to that exclusive list.
I don't think that you can just decide a place is romantic.
I think it has to earn that for itself.
Yes, but we have a new tourism brochure being printed next week, so romance is on a bit of a deadline.
If I think of anything new, I will let you know.
Where are you two off to this morning? Hoping to get a few minutes of alone time with the Mayor.
Except I'm drowning in requests.
I'm hearing a presentation by city council at 10, and then I have to listen - to a proposal on new road signs.
- (MAN SIGHING) Well, I hope you get some time to stop and smell the roses, - or hear the bird sing.
- Oh, please! Who has time for birds and roses? I have a city to run.
- Oooh! What's that? - Oh! Well, this is just something I was gonna take over to Don Pryce at Pryceless Jewels, see if there's anything here he wants.
- Those look nice.
- Yeah, I picked these up - a few years ago in Andorra.
- Oooh Those would look nice on you.
Well if my husband has an opinion on jewelry, they must be good.
Aw Well, go ahead, try them on.
Oh! I suppose I might as well.
Now let's see.
(MARTHA GIGGLING) Ooh! Yeah, he's right: - they do look good on you.
- Perhaps I should listen to him more often.
Haha! You know, I have a moment to sit down and have a quick chat, if there's something you'd really wanted to say.
- I'd like that if we could.
- Ah, but I probably shouldn't wear something this dangly all day.
City council will accuse me of taking advantage - of my feminine wiles.
- I could take you out - for coffee if you'd like.
- What? Oh, I'm sorry.
That's gonna have to wait.
I'm sure I already have a whole lineup of people outside my office just waiting to talk my ear off.
Pay the woman for the jewelry, would you, dear? Oh, I was getting rid of those anyway, you can just keep them.
I hope you enjoy those earrings as much as your wife.
(DOOR CLOSING) Thank you, Cassie.
(INDISTINCT CHATTER) - Sam! Where are you headed? - Back from lunch.
You? Oh, I was just gonna drop this off - to a jeweler friend of mine.
- Oh, well, I've got a few minutes, I could go there with you? Well, you're in luck because we're right here.
- Cassie! - Hello, Don! - Have you met Sam Radford? - I don't think I have.
I've never actually been in here before.
Well, don't get too used to being here because I'm closing the place down.
- What?! - Yeah.
Going to finally retire.
I poured so much of my life into the jewelry business that I never had time for anything else.
So, I thought I'd slow down and just see what the rest of my years have to offer.
When's your last day? Just as soon as I can sell off the rest of this merchandise.
Well, I guess you won't be wanting to add to it.
Hahaha! I'm afraid not.
Oh, but, uh do you have any use for extra display cases at your store? Or maybe something for your countertops? Everything must go.
You know, there might be something in here that I want.
Well, take a look.
Help yourself.
Thank you.
I have some wonderful engagement rings in case you happen to be in the market.
How did you know that Cassie and I were getting married? I can tell just by looking.
Any couple that comes through that door.
You know, I might want to come back and talk to you some time when she's not here.
To surprise her.
That's nice.
Easier said than done.
- See anything you like? - Yeah, there might be some things I'll take off your hands.
- Good! - What were you talking about? I was just congratulating Don on what seems to be a great business.
It's been nice to bring so much happiness to people's lives.
Oh yeah, I can imagine there are a lot of different stories that have come into this place.
Lifetime of memories.
Oh, I gotta be back to work.
Nice to meet you, finally see inside the place.
- Come back anytime.
- And I'll see you tonight.
(STORE BELL RINGING) That young man is gonna make a fine-looking groom.
Yes, he will.
For sure.
(THEME MUSIC) - Hello! - Good morning! - Morning.
- Hey.
- Ooh, what's this? - Hmm I was gonna take that to a jeweler friend, but he's closing down.
You can take something if you see anything you like.
Hey, I like this.
Yeah, and maybe it will inspire me to give a better performance - during drama class today.
- "All the world's a stage.
" Are you OK? Uh I don't know, I was just thinking.
"Polluted though I am, none shall suffer for my crimes, but I alone.
" And that was a part of my monologue for today.
So I guess this pin is working already.
You see something that looks good? Maybe There's someone I know who seems to be going through a lot; I wonder how this would look on her.
You know, the first appearance of that heart was on currency in the Greek city - of Cyrene.
- Is that where you got this? No.
I got that at a craft fair in Blairsville.
Oh! So not quite exotic.
Well, it was exotic for Blairsville.
Good morning! Did you enjoy your rooms? (INDISTINCT CONVERSATIONS) Oh my! Oh! Stephanie, I just love - what you've done to this place! - (LAUGHING): Looks good, right? I just felt it was time to make some changes.
It's perfect timing.
Out with the old and in with the better! Just like our new most romantic spot in Middleton.
- Ooh, where is that gonna be? - I don't know, that's what I came to ask you.
Where do you and Ben go when you want to gaze into each other's eyes - and whisper sweet nothings? - You know, I don't know.
But there is a beautiful spot out on the lawn where they take pictures during wedding receptions.
Which means that it's photogenic and would look good in a brochure.
Spruce it up so it's looking its best, and I'll put it in the running! - Great! - Stephanie, I brought something for you.
It's from Cassie actually.
So you're giving me gifts now? I just thought it'd look good on you, that's all.
(SMALL SIGH) Thanks.
Aren't you going to put it on? Hmm not right now.
I just don't want it dangling into the food or anything, so Maybe later.
Hi, Sam.
- What? Oh! Hello.
- Where are you headed? I told a guy I would meet him at a place.
Is something going on? - No.
- You do realize you're speaking to a Merriwick? Right.
I'm going to the jewelry store to try to find an engagement ring for Cassie.
You're gonna ask her to marry you? I already did, but we don't anybody to know until we tell Nick and Grace, so don't say a word.
- Have I ever shared anyone's secrets? - Ha! - I mean accidentally.
- Oh.
Just keep it to yourself.
What kind of ring are you gonna get? - I have no idea.
- Then I'm coming with you.
I'm a big boy, I can do this myself.
And I'm a girl who knows exactly what her cousin likes.
- You can come with me.
- This is gonna be so much fun! Don't think I've ever seen you so excited about anything.
It's because I get to think about making a lifelong commitment without actually having to make - a lifelong commitment.
- Ah! What style of ring do you think she'd like? Not sure exactly.
I'm hoping I'll know it when I see it.
Well, I have all sorts of cuts and clarities, - new and vintage.
- He'd like to see them all.
I would, actually.
Yeah, this is nice.
Where?! Sam my face is pretty much on it, and I can't even see the stone.
You're gonna have to get something way fancier than that.
I have larger diamonds over there in that case.
- Oh! He'll be over there then! - (DON CHUCKLING) Yes, ma'am.
Huh! - This is kind of pretty.
- I've always thought so.
- Does it open? - No.
A woman brought it in a few years ago to be fixed.
We sort of hit it off, but I never got her name.
I kept hoping that she would come back so we could pick up where we left off, but she never did.
And I cannot get that thing to work.
- Is it on sale? - Everything is on sale.
Well, I've been one to turn down a bargain.
(DON CHUCKLING) - See anything you like? - Not really.
But that might be because I'm blinded - by the size of these rocks.
- You know, I've known Cassie for a long time, and she's more into classic look.
I have a collection - of vintage rings.
- Oh, show me what you got.
Sam, you don't want to put something old and used on your fiancée's finger, do you? I'm hoping to find something that fits more with who Cassie is.
Here we go.
Hmmm - Well, what's this? - I don't know how that got in there.
I'm sorry, um, that's not for sale.
It's really interesting.
Where did you get that? In an estate sale here in Middleton.
It was the first thing I bought, it got me started in the jewelry business, which is why it's the one thing I wanna keep when I'm done.
It's a gimmel ring from around the Renaissance.
There might be a piece missing that makes it all fit together, but I've never been able to figure it out.
- - Still, I want to keep it to remember.
But you came here for what you want.
I did, but nothing's jumping out.
Tell you what.
Why don't I go through the rest of my collection and find some other options for you to look at.
That would be great.
- Oh, thank you.
- What did you buy? - Just this locket.
- What's inside? I don't know, but I kind of like the mystery of it.
- Plus, I saved 60%.
- Congratulations.
- Goodbye! - Bye! - Thank you.
- Have a great day.
(CASSIE): How big do you want these carrots cut? I don't know.
About the size of cut-up carrots? OK, but you want 'em diced or sliced or chopped? Does it really make that much difference? - Yeah.
Depends on what you're making.
- Thought we're making carrots.
- Hey, I was right! - Hahahaha.
- Oh, hey, Nick! - Hi! Uh, can I take the car over to Jeremy's? Oh, yeah sure.
They keys are What if I'd said no? I was gonna throw the keys in the bushes.
- Uh-huh.
Be back at 10.
- 10:30.
9:45! It's so strange not having Nick come over to see Grace.
I know.
What are they fighting about anyway? Well, whatever it is, it's not getting any better, so I think we need to talk to them.
Well, yeah.
Otherwise, at our wedding when they get to that part where they ask us, "Anyone know why this man and woman should not be wed" our kids are gonna stand up and go, "I've got something," and then "No, me first.
" - OK, I will speak to Grace.
- And I'll sit down with Nick.
- Hey, Dad? - Yeah? All your stuff in the back of the car, do you need it? Uh, yeah.
Yeah, I'll get it out.
- I'll just be a minute.
- (DOOR CLOSING) - Did I hear Sam down here? - Oh yeah, he'll be right back.
We have a minute.
OK, I probably shouldn't tell you this, but I helped him go ring shopping today.
He told you we were engaged? Please, I figured it out with one guess.
But I want to make sure he gets you exactly the ring that you want.
So what kind of ring do you want? Well there is a certain ring that I've always sort of wanted.
It was passed down through all the Merriwicks for hundreds of years.
A Merriwick ring? I never knew anything about that.
It's said to be kind of magical.
It's supposed to bring everlasting marriage full of happiness to any bride who wears it.
- Well, where is it? - Nobody knows.
Lost to the ages.
Might have been accidentally sold at an estate sale.
But the way it was described to me, it is just beautiful.
It's an interlocking gimmel ring with three pieces, with the delicate diamond loops on either side and a larger diamond in the middle that holds it all together.
Wow, that would be pretty amazing if anybody found that.
Really, it would be something any Merriwick woman would want.
I couldn't understand why.
(KNOCKING ON DOOR) Hey, got a minute? Sure! What's going on? Well, um, I just wanted to talk to you about Nick.
- Ooh! - I don't really have that much to say.
I just decided I didn't want to hang out with her anymore, OK? All because you got in a fight over how you broke up with Courtney? It's not just about all that.
He never thinks about people's feelings, and he doesn't take life seriously, at all.
All she does is tell me how I should be doing things and the way I should be living my life.
You need to think of what Nick was going through.
Courtney was the first girl he ever broke up with.
Except he took forever to do it.
And I was stuck having to pretend like everything was fine - when it wasn't.
- Well, couldn't have been easy for Grace, being stuck - in the middle of that.
- The only reason she was in the middle of it is because she put herself there.
Maybe Nick and I have just kind of moved on from being friends.
And Grace isn't somebody I get along with anymore.
So I guess he and I are sort of done.
I'm sorry, but that's just the way it is.
- Hello, Martha.
- Oh! Abigail! Good! Does this setting put you in the mood for romance? I guess it would depend on who I was here with.
I want to benefit our tourist trade, so I'm looking for a new place to name Middleton's most romantic spot, and I think this might fit the bill.
There used to be a gazebo right here where some of the earliest Middleton marriages took place.
So I'm thinking of putting up another and then watching the money just pour in.
That would be good for business.
He's been trying to get ahold of me all morning.
- Aren't you gonna answer it? - I wish that I could, but I'm on such a mission I simply don't have the time.
Now you let me know if you happen to stumble across a place that just screams romance, - hmm? - I definitely will.
Tata! So I've talked with Nick - last night.
- And I spent time with Grace.
I think I get what's going on between them, and I have to say, I don't blame Grace for keeping her distance.
Nick shouldn't feel he has to live up to her standards.
Oh, but he didn't do right by Courtney.
And he does need to start thinking about somebody other than himself.
Yeah, well, that doesn't mean that he has to do things exactly the way my daughter says he should.
Well, I'd be fine if Nick thought about life as seriously as she does.
And I wouldn't mind if Grace showed people a little more grace.
(BOTH CHUCKLING) Either way, they're not getting along.
And I don't know when they're gonna start.
Well, maybe we should lay back and just trust that they will work things out.
Or forever hold your peace.
I've got to go.
I've got to do stops on my way to work.
- Ooh, what are you doing? - I've been thinking about something that you don't really need to know about right now.
Which makes me wonder even more what it is.
It's killing you, isn't it? - (INDISTINCT CHATTER) - Nick! Hey, uh I was just getting something to eat.
Yeah, sure.
Ummm I'm gonna skip the coffee, but you guys go on without me.
I'll meet you at school? - OK, sure.
- Bye.
Oh! Hey, Grace! Hey, Stephanie! - Why are you gardening? - Oh, it's for the Mayor.
She's looking for the new most romantic spot in Middleton.
- (CHUCKLING) - I already planted a few flowers, but I was just trimming some things back so that everything looks like it really pops, you know? - Yeah.
- (STEPHANIE LAUGHING) Oh! OK, you dropped something.
Oh! Did Abigail give this to you? Yeah, and I think she got it from your mom.
You know you should put it on.
Oh, I just, uh I didn't really didn't really want it getting in the way while I was working.
Oh, it won't.
There you go.
Thanks! - You're sure it looks OK? - Oh, it looks great.
You know what? I don't know if I really wanna be a part of the Bistro being declared some sort of Middleton romantic landmark.
But I mean, it looks kind of pretty back there.
I could see couples standing there taking pictures.
(STEPHANIE SIGHING) It's just a fountain and some flowers next to a fence.
(STORE BELL RINGING) You're back sooner than I thought you'd be.
Yeah, I was thinking about the ring that you had.
You know, - the two pieces hooked together? - The gimmel ring.
Um, I just can't get it out of my mind.
I figured I could have a piece made to go in the middle.
- Except, uh - I remember you said you wouldn't sell it, but I think it's something Cassie would really love and I was hoping we might be able to make a deal.
Somebody already did.
I don't have it anymore.
- What?! - Well, they came in here - and they really wanted it, so - You said it was priceless.
I happened to get the right price.
So it's just gone? I'm sorry, Sam.
But how long have they been there? Yes, all right.
I'll come by and see.
I don't know! Somebody who knows how to wrangle chickens! - Hello! - (TOM): Cassie.
Solving another local crisis? - The city never sleeps.
- She's been on that thing all day.
I've been following her around waiting my turn.
Hmm Martha, have you worn those earrings you got from me? You know, I haven't, but I'm glad you reminded me because I know the perfect top - that they'll go with.
- Oh! Is it a big shopping day at the Bell, Book & Candle? You know, I actually haven't had time to look.
But there's so much to discover.
What's that? - I don't know.
- You know, sometimes, at my own store, I find things - I hardly even knew were there.
- (MARTHA): Ohhh Oh! It's a scrapbook from a Middleton wedding.
There's photos and all sorts of memories from the bride.
Ohhh "Our wedding day, October 30th, 1926.
" Yeah, but the bride looks like she was - a descendant from the Merriwicks.
- And look at that.
It has a description of exactly where it took place, outdoors! Maybe this is the romantic spot - that I've been looking for.
- I would love - to come check it out with you.
- We could do it tomorrow.
- Great! - Well, you can keep that to help you find your way.
Well, this has been another successful shopping day, which is only one of the many reasons that I keep coming back.
- (CELL PHONE RINGING) - This is the mayor! What do I owe you for that scrapbook? Oh, consider it a gift.
You give so much away I don't know how you stay in business.
- Volume.
- (TOM LAUGHING) Uh, sorry, my dad's not home right now, but I can - let him know you stopped by.
- Would you? I was going through my inventory and I think I might have found some good options for what he's looking for.
Have him call Don Pryce at Pryceless Jewels.
He's buying jewelry? Why is my dad buying jewelry? (KNOCKING ON DOOR) Come in! Nick? Your mom told me you were up here.
Yeah, I am.
What's going on? Uh, we need to talk.
OK This is the place where that Merriwick wedding happened! Right here! It's just as it was described in the book! It really is beautiful, isn't it? Oh, yes! And you get such a sense of all the history that's happened just standing here, which is what I was looking for all along.
I'm gonna get the city's photographer out here this afternoon, so we can put it in the new brochure.
And then, here come the tourists! Nice place, isn't it? - Oh! - Yes, and it's about to become very popular.
Yeah, we're just surveying the land in case the new owner wants to put anything up.
"New owner"? I didn't realize that this land is privately owned.
Yes, but it would still be great for tourism, right? Yes, but who's the new owner? (BEEP!) "Abigail Pershing" (MARTHA GASPING) You own this land! I might have recently decided - to make an investment, yes.
- Since when did you become - a land baroness? - I used the money - from the sale of my ad company.
- So leading me here is an extreme conflict of interests.
It was that book that led you here.
Yes, but who knows what spell you cast to make me find it in the first place? You! You tell whoever is head of your department to call the mayor first thing in the morning.
I'm sure there are plenty of regulations that forbid buildings out here.
But if there aren't, we'll write some until there are.
(ABIGAIL SIGHING) So Nick and I had something we wanted to tell you.
We know we haven't been hanging out as much as we used to.
Because we haven't really been getting along.
But after you guys talked with us We kind of started thinking about our friendship.
We've known each other for a long time.
Yeah, we're practically like brother and sister.
And yeah, sure, we might get on each other's nerves every now and then.
- Which will happen a lot.
- Oh, tons.
But that doesn't mean we're not friends.
And we always will be.
Well, that's good to hear.
Sounds like you really figured things out.
- Oh, we did.
- Yeah.
So, uh yeah.
- All right then.
- Thanks for telling us.
Yeah, we just wanted you guys to know, so - Mhm.
Uh, Grace? - Yeah? Um, your pin looks like it's a little loose.
Oh! No, it's fine.
Oh, you just wouldn't want it to fall off.
(GRACE SIGHING) So that was harder - than I thought it would be.
- We did fine.
Maybe you did, but I don't know if they believed me.
They believed us both.
Do you really think this is gonna work? It already is working.
Look, you and I don't have a lot of time until we graduate, and then we will both be out of the house.
If we fake a truce while we're with our parents, then they can at least get on with getting married, which is - obviously what they want.
- Fine.
As long as that's the only time we have to be together.
- It's all I'm planning on.
- Me too.
Cobb salad, no egg with extra avocado on the side.
Except that I ordered an egg salad with a side order of avocado, toast.
- Really? - Mhm.
I I swear you said Cobb salad.
Ah, you know what? You would just be better to go into the kitchen and make it yourself.
- Are you all right? - I am fine.
It's just What's wrong, dear? OK.
Ben and I broke up.
Oh, I am so sorry.
We just got to the point where it was like where are we going? Are we gonna get married eventually? And then we both decided, no.
That's why I've been making so many changes around here: to keep my mind off things.
I guess it's hard to cover up how you really feel.
Or the pain of a broken heart.
- (MARTHA CLEARING HER THROAT) - Is everything OK? Not really, no.
Ben and I decided that the two of us are done.
Oh no! - Are you doing all right? - Not yet.
It's just we've been together for so long, and eventually you start to think, "Maybe, this is the kind of love that's gonna last forever.
" How often does that really come along, I guess.
Well, just because it didn't happen with him doesn't mean it won't happen with somebody else.
- Martha's right.
- Maybe.
(COUPLE LAUGHING) I hope couples like that realize what they have.
I don't know if anyone who's truly in love appreciates what a rare thing that can be.
Yeah, but when it does happen, I hope they celebrate it and let the whole world know.
(CRICKETS CHIRPING) So Nick said that jeweler stopped by last night.
I'm thinking we might want to head back over there and find something new.
Uh yeah, that's kind of why I'm here.
There's been a lot of talk of romance lately because of Martha's big search, and I just found out that Stephanie broke up - with Ben.
- Oh, that's too bad.
But it got me thinking about me and who I'm gonna end up with and if I'm ever gonna find someone I want - to be with forever.
- I'm sure you will.
Maybe, maybe not, I don't know, but I do know someone who has found that person.
And I'm not supposed to tell anybody, but her boyfriend already asked her to marry him, which is why - I wanted her to have this.
- How did you get that? And it's got the middle piece that goes with it! I didn't know that that ring went with anything until I saw the other two pieces.
Where did you find it? Well, my father had it, but it was almost lost forever.
Cassie was cleaning out the front closet, and my father's old raincoat was in there.
So I put it on and found something in the pocket.
It was a pawn ticket.
So I called the shop and could not believe that they still had what it was for.
And they sent it to me.
I didn't know anything about the ring or why my father had it, but it just seemed too special to wear so I hid it away.
And then when I was with you at the jewelry store and I saw the other two pieces, I realized all three of them go together.
But the jeweler said he would never sell it because it meant so much to him.
Which is why I had to find the one thing he wants more than anything else: the one thing that maybe - he would trade the ring for.
- How did you get that open? I worked on that as often as I could, and it felt like it was welded shut.
- Have the magic touch, I guess.
- (DON CHUCKLING) It had these initials on the outside and a photo of a little girl and her grandmother in front of their house.
So I was able to get the address and figure out that her name is Susan Becker.
"Susan Becker" I guess there's no point in wondering if she ever thought about me.
Well, I have her phone number right here if you wanna ask her.
Of course, I want that.
I wonder if you have anything that I want just as much.
- It's yours.
- I was going to keep that ring for myself, for when I found someone to give it to me.
But you and Cassie have each other now, so I decided you should give it to her.
Thank you.
- Now, how does it go together? - I don't know, but they're all there.
- Cassie's gonna love it.
- I hope it leads to a lifetime of happiness.
For both of you.
- Good morning.
- Hey! - Is Grace around? - No.
She already left - for school.
- Well, I was gonna offer her and Nick a ride.
Now that they're getting along, I figured they wouldn't mind being in the same car together.
Hmm it might need a little more time before they start acting like the friends they used to be.
Huh! Hey, since I'm here, there's something I want to give you.
Oh, what is it? Ah! Hmm put a keypad on the garage door, so in case you ever want to get in there, you can just - put in the code.
- 13-13.
I thought I should write it down in case you forgot.
Hmm Yeah, that's a moment that I'll remember for the rest of my life.
You were so helpless when you got here.
- Is that your only memory? - Until I get a new one.
I'll see what I can do.
- Bye.
- Bye.
Well, I think your idea sounds wonderful.
Tell the city manager I like what I heard and you can get started immediately.
Bye! - (SIGHING) - (KNOCKING) Hi! Jared said you had a few minutes to spare.
Oh, well, more than a few actually, yes.
Then I was hoping we might be able to talk.
Of course! Come, sit.
Do you remember a couple of years ago when my friends from college started that company in Chicago? Yes.
I think it had something to do with old factories.
Repurposing for housing and shopping and entertainment.
Sounded like an interesting idea.
They've asked me if I'd like a job helping them out.
Consulting on layouts and tenant relations.
In Chicago? I'd have to be there a lot, yes, but I'd be home on weekends and I'd be doing something that I really love, being creative in a way I've never been able to before.
You really would be wonderful - at that kind of thing.
- I think I could be.
It'd be a big change for both of us.
It would, which is why I haven't said yes yet.
I wanted you to hear about it, so that we could decide together.
) And you'd be home on weekends? I wouldn't ever want to spend more than a few days away from you.
- You should do it.
- Really? Mhm.
I wasn't sure how you were gonna feel about all this.
Well, after listening to what you had to say, how could a person say no? - (BOTH CHUCKLING) - (KNOCKING ON DOOR) Oh, sorry, am I interrupting? No! I was just about to go and make a phone call to my new business partners.
Oh! See if they can get us Cubs' tickets.
- Even I'd go to Chicago for that.
- (TOM LAUGHING) So I was going through this wedding book and I found a page where the bride wrote down some of her favourite memories, and one of them was where she got engaged.
- I didn't notice that.
- And it wasn't just her.
Apparently, there is this one place where engagements happened all the time.
She writes about a meadow and how so many of her ancestors got proposed to there, which would be some of my ancestors too: the Merriwicks.
- That would make it historical.
- It's mostly houses in the neighbourhood now, but I think I can figure out where it was based on some of the landmarks she describes.
And it's not on any land that I could buy.
Well, then this is actually selfless of you.
- Hmm, every now and then.
- Ha! - - (SATISFIED SIGH) Hi, Sam.
(SAM LAUGHING) I'll let my mom know that you're here.
Actually, I'm here to see you.
Oh, OK.
There's, uh there's something - that I wanted to ask you.
- OK - What is it? - I guess you know that your mother and I have been really getting closer.
(SMALL CHUCKLE) Sam, please, it's not exactly news.
You guys are practically on, like, billboards.
And we really weren't I really wasn't thinking about our future together.
Your future.
But we were talking and we realized that, that this is right, this is really good.
What are you trying to ask me, Sam? I love your mother very much, and I love you, and, um, I was wondering I wanted to ask if it would be OK if married your mother.
Yes, of course.
Sam, that would be great.
(GRACE CHUCKLING) I would not want to do this if it wasn't OK with you.
No, no, it This is perfect! She loves you, Sam.
I know how much you love her.
Come on, you guys are fantastic together.
I think we're gonna be really happy.
(BOTH LAUGHING) Thank you.
- So do I.
- Yeah.
Um, have you given her - a ring? - Not yet, but I did figure out where I want to do it.
I hope she's completely surprised.
Yeah, I think she might be.
(CHUCKLING AND SNIFFLING) What are we doing here? This scrapbook describes exactly where the meadow used to be, right near Grey House before all the other homes were built.
Yes, but where was it exactly? It looks like it was right - there.
- Sam's house? So that's the place so many Merriwick women got engaged? A whole lot of them, yeah.
I don't think I can declare the front of Sam's house - Middletown's most romantic spot.
- Yeah, - where would you put the gazebo? - Mm-hmm.
I'm sorry.
I really felt this was gonna be something.
But you know what is something? This entire town.
There's romance everywhere you look.
Yeah, it is a great place to sell flowers, that's for sure.
Instead of picking one spot, why don't I designate all of Middleton as most romantic and then we can leave this place to its own bit of history.
(ROMANTIC PIANO MUSIC) (BOTH): Hmm! You know, you don't have to walk me home.
I'd like to see you all the way to your doorstep.
- Which you can see from here.
- Whoever built these houses - was thinking ahead.
- I don't know what it is - Before you go, um - But I know I can't live without you I want to give you this.
She's got a way Of pleasing - It's the Merriwick ring.
- It's the what? How did you know this is exactly what I wanted? I didn't.
I just saw it and it made me think of you.
She's got a smile that heals me I thought since this was the place that we met might as well be the place we make it official.
Even I did see that coming.
(BOTH CHUCKLING) She's got a way Nobody seems to know how the pieces go together.
I don't know what it is But it lifts me up Like it was made for you.
When we are walking anywhere Wanna see how it looks? Yes.
She comes to me when I'm feeling down Inspires me without a sound She touches me And I get turned around Oh, it's perfect.
She's got a way of showing I know.
- I love you.
- I love you too.
And I find the strength to keep on going She's got a light around her Ohhh, and everywhere she goes A million dreams of love surround her Everywhere