Good Witch (2015) s04e04 Episode Script

Family Time

1 Previously on Good Witch.
Maybe Nick and I have just kind of moved on.
And Grace isn't someone I get along with anymore.
So I guess he and I - are sort of done.
- Abigail, you're just bursting with good ideas, almost like Cassie herself! It's like you and I traded places.
- Sort of looks like it.
- I am going to look at a lake house.
- You wanna buy a lake house? - Well, yeah.
I thought it'd be fun to have a vacation place for the weekends.
When I was little, we spent summers at a cottage on the lake.
Some of the best family memories I have.
(UPBEAT MUSIC) - Grilled cheeses are up.
- Who are you talking to? - Uh, Noah.
- Yeah? How's he doing? Smiley face.
- Well, hello there.
- Oh! I thought you'd be at Grey House.
Yeah, my guests had to leave early, so I decided I'd let someone else make the tea for me this morning.
Thank you! Ooh, those muffins look amazing.
- What can I get you? - Uh Nothing.
I think I'm just gonna head to school.
Grace is headed that way too.
Yeah, you guys should walk together.
- Oh.
- Yeah? - Yes.
- Have a nice day.
- Mayor Tinsdale.
- Hello, dear.
It's so wonderful to see your children getting along so well.
Yeah, they really do seem like they are, don't they? Oh, you two will have no trouble blending your family when the time comes to put it in a blender.
By the way, when is that time coming? - We haven't decided on a date.
- But you'll be the first to know.
- Oh.
- Second.
Top 10.
Well, if you want me to sing at the ceremony, let me know so that I can get my contralto back in shape.
Oh, yoo-hoo! Ahem.
Now, our kids are gonna have to start getting along for real if we hope to make this work.
I never thought this feud would last so long.
Maybe the four of us should spend some extra time together.
- As a family? - It's gonna happen eventually.
What if we go up to the lake house this weekend? - Ooh! I would love that.
- There's room for all of us and living in the same house, Nick and Grace would have - to figure out how to get along.
- Yeah, it'd be nice to spend - some time together as a family.
- Yeah.
What're you drinking? Green tea with honey and almond milk.
Exactly why you'll never hear me say I'll have what she's having.
- Is that all you're taking? - Uh, I think so.
Clothing, toothbrush, charger and a cell: everything a girl needs.
Well, I was hoping that we might be able - to unplug a little this weekend.
- What, you're not bringing - your phone? - No, I am, I just - hope I never have to turn it on.
- Well, then, it's a good thing - that mine never goes off.
- (CASSIE SIGHING) What time are the guests arriving? - Right around noon.
- Wait, you're letting Abigail - take care of the house? - I think I can handle a few people for two days and a night.
Yeah, it shouldn't really be any problem.
They're just here signing some merger papers and they thought Grey House - was the perfect place to do it.
- Why did they pick here? I never know why people come to this place.
I just hope they leave here feeling that the trip was worth it.
I will make sure that it is.
Well, we'll be back tomorrow, sometime after dinner.
- Have fun.
- Thank you.
- Thanks.
Oh, who's driving? - Sam, and then you and Nick can sit in the back seat and play the license plate game.
What? We are not playing the license plate game.
- I thought that's what kids do.
- Yeah, when we were 6! Hmm.
They grow up so fast.
(BIRDS CHIRPING) I had forgotten how beautiful it is up here.
It is a great place to escape.
Is there any Wi-Fi anywhere? Yeah, sometimes you have to walk around until you find it.
Yeah, or you could just talk to the people who're right here.
I thought that's what the car ride was for.
What's that? It's, uh from the Homeowners' Association.
Where's Turtle Point? Uh it's at the other end of the lake.
Well, apparently too many people have been hanging out there after hours, so it's closed to the public, but we won't be going there.
I was hoping we could just stick around here anyway.
I love what you've done in here! - Oh, thanks.
Do you like it? - Yeah! I've made some upgrades to the kitchen and got some new furniture.
Did you get cable yet? Uh next week.
So what are we supposed to do until then? Oh, sit around.
Wait for the cable guy.
What's the Wi-Fi password? RaDford329$! Seriously? Nobody's guessed it yet.
Where do you want me to put my stuff? I thought the girls would stay upstairs and the boys - would stay downstairs.
- Fine with me.
I'm gonna download an update for my phone.
And I wanna text Noah, let him know that we got here.
Well, let us know when you're done.
I have some fun things for us to do while we're here.
- (SIGHING) - See? We almost spent a whole minute together.
Yeah, and we're all under the same roof.
Which I also had re-done.
Along with the oh, no! - What? - Oh, the new oven.
They said it would be installed, but it looks like it's not hooked up yet.
Well, I had some plans of what we might make for dinner, but I guess we can just improvise.
- I think I can get it working.
- No, I don't want you to spend your whole time here being an electrician.
Oh, I don' mind.
It's plugged in.
I think I just need to go turn the circuit back on.
It'll just take me a minute.
And then we'll all spend time together, as planned.
- (GRACE): Nick? - (NICK): Upper-case D! (SIGHING) (THEME MUSIC) (SOFT MUSIC) - Did you get the oven working? - No.
I checked on the circuit, but there's no power to the plug.
I have to open up the electrical panel, see if I need to replace the breaker.
- Be careful.
- Ah, I know enough about electricity not to work too much with electricity.
Does anybody wanna check out the lake? Uh, we can see it from here.
Yeah, and I wanna set up this game too.
- Those controllers have wires.
- Yeah.
This is like the final resting ground for our old stuff.
- At least I got us a new oven.
- Does it play games? - No.
- Then what's the point? This thing freezes up sometimes, but at least it's something we can do.
Maybe Grace wants to challenge you.
Hmm? Oh I'm not really a gamer.
- (KNOCKING) - Hello? - Hi.
- Hi.
Come on in.
Well, we were wondering when this place would get some use.
We bought the house next door and we have been - waiting to meet our neighbours.
- Oh.
Sam Radford.
- Hi.
- This is Cassie, - Grace and Nick.
- Hi.
- Hi.
I'm Gina and this is Cara.
- Hey.
- Do you get up here a lot? - Pretty much every weekend.
Yeah? I wish we could do that too, but it's not always easy to have somebody cover my patients - when we're away.
- Oh, you're a doctor.
Don't worry.
I won't tell you about the weird pain - in my knee that comes and goes.
- Cayenne pepper and olive oil are a great mixture to put on that.
Oh! Maybe I'll try that.
Anyway, um, my husband is grilling steaks and we were wondering if you'd like to come over for dinner.
- Oh.
- Cayenne pepper and olive oil, - good for those too.
- (CHUCKLING) Sounds amazing, but we're only here one night and we were hoping to spend time together, just the four of us.
- OK.
Well, maybe another time.
- Next time we're up, for sure.
- Yeah.
- How old is that game? I'm pretty sure it's from back when Mario didn't even have a brother.
- Thanks again for the invite.
- You're welcome.
- Enjoy your time with the family.
- Bye.
We will.
Welcome to Grey House.
Cassie said you had to sign some papers while you were here.
- It's a simple merger.
- That's right, and so far, it's been smooth sailing.
The four of us are combining our companies and opening a new store in Chicago.
We have a couple of active wear shops in New York.
- We have a few in LA.
- Yeah.
We've spent so much time in antiseptic board rooms, but I like to bring clients to a more relaxing place when they sign the final documents.
I actually grew up around here.
- Really? - I used to think this place was haunted.
Don't worry.
We've had the house tented for ghosts.
Let me get you your room keys, and I hope your time here turns out to be magical.
All we'll need is a table and some places to sleep.
- Right.
- Hello.
Welcome to Grey House.
Yeah, I did that part already.
Can I help you with your bags? Not yet.
I don't know why Cassie put you in the rooms that she did, but I think you should be across the hall from you.
And you will be neighbours with this guy.
And you get the Duchess Suite.
You can check out your rooms.
- I'll bring your bags up afterwards.
- Thanks.
Cassie always spends a lot of time thinking about who should be - in what room before they arrive.
- Well, Cassie doesn't know everything, and she's not in charge this weekend.
I am.
Did you get that oven working? - I did.
- Great! Well, maybe we have some time before dinner to do something as a family, like play charades, boys versus girls.
I'm afraid that'll have to wait.
Nick challenged me - to a video game.
- That's what you wanna do while we're here? Play video games? It's what he said he wanted to do.
Well, then, maybe we can do something together after dinner.
Yeah, if we can pry our kids away from their phones.
(DOOR CLOSING) - That could be a challenge.
Hey, what's going on - with the internet? - It's not working at all.
Maybe the router needs to be rebooted since I had the power off.
Well, except I did that and it still doesn't work.
I'm sure the broadband gets spotty out here.
When did you become an expert on the internet? I know about a lot of things that might surprise you.
Well, my phone didn't finish the update, so now I'm stuck on the "please wait" screen.
Well, at least mine's still working - if I can find a signal.
- Hmm.
You might be able to get better reception down by the dock.
That is where I'll be.
I got the game set up.
You ready to play? - Let's do this.
- OK.
Well, let me know when you two are done.
I will.
It shouldn't be too long.
(SOFT MUSIC) Thanks and enjoy.
How's it going? - It's really busy.
- Yeah.
Cassie thought it would be a slow weekend because of the Crab Fair in Blairsville, but that was - canceled because of a sinkhole.
- Well, one more reason - never to go to Blairsville.
- Yeah but it looks like everyone decided to come here instead.
Do you want me to help out? - That'd be good, actually.
- Sure! And there's your first customer.
Oh! Hello, Brandon.
Where's Cassie? Uh, not here.
Can I help you? I don't know how.
I have a slight pain right here.
Oh, wait.
Actually, now it's over here.
Well, wherever it is, Cassie always seems to know exactly what I need to cure what ails me.
You should try some spearmint tea.
Well, now, how on earth would you know something like that? Well, I lived with Cassie while she was married to my dad.
- Of course, you're family.
- I could go fill you up a bag - if you wanna keep shopping.
- Well, I am a bit of a browser.
Oh! - I know.
That's weird, huh? - Well, I just don't know what you would use all these spaces for.
As near as I can tell, that thing was made to hold shampoo bottles, and - I don't know, shoelaces? - Hmm! Cassie's had that box sitting here forever, - but nobody wants it.
- And neither do I.
Oh, look! There's Brandon with my bag of tea.
You know what? I'm feeling better already.
(SOFT MUSIC) I thought you were playing games with your dad.
We were, but it got kind of embarrassing.
I was beating him so much, so I'm giving him some time to practice until it's a fair fight.
Yeah, well, I don't have any reception, so Noah probably thinks that I died or something.
Is your internet out too? Cara.
Yeah, it barely works for a few hours at a time.
It's like living in the Dark Ages out here.
I don't know how anyone survives.
Yeah, we have to find a couple different things to do.
Like, a few of us are going to Turtle Point in a bit.
Do you guys wanna come? I thought that place was closed.
Yeah, which is perfect, 'cause that means we'll - be the only ones there.
- I don't know.
I think Mom wants us here for dinner and to play some games after.
We could probably make it back in time.
Hey, we can take our boat if either of you want to go.
- In a half hour? - Maybe - Sure.
- OK.
Oh! Ha ha! I got a bar! Ha ha! - Well, say hi to Noah for me.
- What? No.
You tell him.
Except my phone is still updating.
Here, just - Nick, give it back! - Hey, Grace! - Nick, it's my phone! - It's only for a second! Let go! Oops.
(SOFT MUSIC) (BIRDS CHIRPING) I assume everyone had a chance to peruse the agreement.
It's all pretty basic, but I should explain the final changes to the deal points before you sign.
Just in case you're still in here later this evening, I hope none of you are - bothered by the noise.
- What noise? There's jazz in the park down the street, so you might hear the music when it starts up.
That's not a bother.
I love jazz.
- Oh, me too.
- Really? What a coincidence.
And I don't wanna be stuck here for too long anyway.
I mean, I'd at least like to experience something - of what this town has to offer.
- Well, I hope you get out, because there's lots here in Middleton that I am sure you're gonna love.
(SOFT MUSIC) OK, dinner is here.
- Hey! - Oh, you guys still at it? Oh, yeah.
Nick wanted to play a tournament.
- Oh.
Where's Grace? - Mostly thinking of new ways - to be mad at me.
- Nick threw her phone - in the lake.
- I was reaching for it, and I said I was sorry like eight times.
Ninth time's a charm.
Well, I could use some help in the kitchen if anybody wants to.
- Um, I can give you a hand.
- Except we're in the middle - of the game.
- Um, can we have - a minute to finish this off? - Sure.
- How long is that going to take? - I don't know.
- What level are we on? - Four.
- How many are there? - 17.
Um I'll look for a shortcut.
Just let me know when you're ready.
Oh, no, no, no, no! It froze up.
- It always freezes up.
- Well, you were pretty far ahead, so I'll just give that round to you.
- Maybe I can reset it.
- No.
You remember last time? We had to wait for a couple of hours for the unit to cool down, so that gives me time to help Cassie in the kitchen.
- What do you need done first? - Well, you can preheat - the oven, 375.
- 375.
- Yeah.
- (BEEPING) So, what do we do while it heats up? I like to stand here, look at the view.
That lake's nice, isn't it? I wasn't talking about that.
If you ever feel a cold coming on, this stuff can make it not nearly as bad.
Plus, it's great in guacamole.
(WOMAN CHUCKLING) - Have a good one.
- I should be paying you a commission.
You'd make a fortune.
Oh, come on.
You've made a lot of sales.
No, not as many as you.
Oh! - Did a package get delivered? - I didn't see one.
I got an email notification that we were supposed to get some tape for the cash register, which Cassie will need Monday morning because we've used so much of it today.
Well, I'm sure it'll be here before closing.
- Yeah, I hope so.
- Can I help you? Oh! I'm sure you can, dear, but actually, I brought my friend here to see Brandon.
Cassie raised him as a teen, - so he knows all her secrets.
- Martha tells me he'll know exactly what I need for my sore feet.
Oh, yoo-hoo! Brandon! Now, after what he gives you, you'll feel like you're walking on air.
Excuse me, dear.
- Hi.
Is the oven all set? - It should be.
- OK.
- Oh, that's weird.
It should be a lot hotter than that by now.
I hope they remembered to calibrate it when they installed it, except without the circuit on, - they didn't do that at all.
- Yeah.
Well, is there a manual - we can use to set it? - No, I didn't see one.
Hey, but I bet I could go online and find one, except the internet - Is down.
- Yes.
Well I guess your big dinner plans will have to change.
We can make some adjustments.
Did you get - everything out of that bag? - Yeah, I think so.
Yeah? Are you sure? - Hot dogs.
- Look at that, buns.
You know, I saw some pretty good sticks out there and a fire pit we could roast everything over I'm the man to start your fire.
- What are you doing? - What is there to do? Well, I'm going to Turtle Point with Cara.
That place is closed.
I don't think you can actually put a locked door - on the water, so - OK, and what am I supposed to tell our parents when they ask where you went? Tell them it's not your job to keep track of me.
- Nick - Grace! We're at the lake, enjoying nature.
Try doing something you've never done before.
(SOFT MUSIC) Oh, are you all finished? Just about.
Annie's in putting the final revisions we made today, and printing off our agreement.
If you two are looking to wind down, I happened to make a reservation.
- Dinner for two at the Bistro? - I could use something to eat.
I just thought you might want some private business time.
- Or non-business, either way.
- That actually sounds great.
- I'll get you a car.
- Thanks.
I think I heard them starting to tune up for jazz in the park.
You could walk over there to hear it for yourselves.
- That's perfect.
- I'd like to hear it.
Let me - get my jacket, and I'll go with.
- Yeah.
Oh, you won't be needing a jacket.
I think it's gonna be a really nice night.
- After you.
- Have fun.
(SIGHING) (CARA): Look at this! We've got the whole place to ourselves.
Yeah, this is great.
How come they closed it down? Because they kept having to chase us off after hours.
So, they decided to punish everyone else, which doesn't really seem fair, but makes it easier for us to be the only ones here.
It is pretty private.
- Cara? - Justin? Oh, I wasn't sure - he was gonna meet us here.
- Who's Justin? Oh, my boyfriend.
- Hey! - Hey, you! - How are you? - Good.
How are you doing? Good! Yeah, I'm glad - you could make it.
- Yeah, me too.
(STEPHANIE): Here you go.
Sirloin steak, medium rare.
- Thank you.
- And - vegetable risotto.
- Thank you.
Now, make sure you save room for one of my special desserts.
Abigail tells me you're celebrating.
- Oh - Oh.
Uh, yeah, a little bit.
- Is it your anniversary? - Oh - No.
- We're here on business.
Oh, well, she wanted me to make sure that you had a private table.
For business.
- Yeah.
- OK.
Well, enjoy each other either way.
This looks delicious.
Do you want a bite? No, thanks.
I'm I'm a vegetarian.
Oh, really? I didn't know.
- Really? - What? I mean, we've eaten together I don't know how many times while we were working out this deal.
I don't really think about what other people eat.
I just thought that's something a person would notice.
Oh, right, because I'm the one who doesn't pay attention.
What's that supposed to mean? Just never mind.
Looks like the two of you are getting along well.
Does it? I just wanted to stop by and let you know that I reserved a tennis court for the two of you for tomorrow.
Yeah, I might be up for that.
- I don't play.
- You don't? But you wear that - tennis pendant.
- It was a gift from Bryce.
I figured I should wear it to be nice to him but you'd think that someone you're getting to know and going into business with would get to know you enough to ask if they play tennis but you never asked, and I don't.
So, I can cancel the tennis court for tomorrow.
- Yeah, you should do that.
- Yeah.
How do you feel about croquet? Cassie has a really nice set.
(SOFT MUSIC) You know, closing time was supposed to be 10 minutes ago.
I know, but I'm still waiting for the package.
The website says "Out For Delivery" and I don't wanna leave until it gets here.
Do you wanna put the closed sign out until it does? Might as well leave the place open.
Yeah, maybe you'll make another sale.
- Oh, hey! Just in time.
- Nice! I got the fire going and perfectly calibrated to hot - and flaming.
- We can start cooking then.
I've got us ready for that too.
You know, if I'm ever stuck out in the woods, I wanna be with you.
Well, as long as you have hot dogs, we could live forever.
Radford? Sorry to bother you.
Yeah? My husband needs a doctor.
He tripped going down the stairs and he really twisted his leg.
Well, I can take a look.
That'd be great.
And sorry.
No problem.
Just save me something to eat.
Of course.
- I hope he's OK.
- Well, he's in good hands.
I guess we're gonna have to postpone our family dinner.
- Yeah.
- Well, maybe Nick'll be back in time to eat.
Do you have any idea where he went? - No.
- Hmm Well, in case we don't get to it tonight, I guess we can always have breakfast together in the morning.
Maybe French toast and omelettes? I was thinking some sort of sugared cereal might be fun.
With like, marshmallows in it? Yeah, if that's what you want.
Can I go to the store right now? Oh, yeah.
Sam said we could use his car, - as long as you're careful.
- Yeah, of course.
I will be.
Keys are inside on the counter.
Great! I'll be back soon.
I thought you went to jazz in the park with Daniel.
We never made it there.
I started talking about Charlie Parker and John Coltrane and he hadn't heard of either of them.
I can't go out with a guy that doesn't know music.
So that date didn't work out either.
Bryce and Ella beat you home and retreated into their opposite corners.
Well, that just means I haven't found the right combination yet so it's a good thing that the night is young and that the person in charge of Grey House is me.
(NICK): Where are you going? (CARA): Justin was supposed to bring food.
(JUSTIN): I thought you said you were bringing stuff.
(CARA): No, I don't think I did.
Well, maybe you guys can drop me off at my place? So now we're Uber on the lake? We'll get food.
We'll bring it back, and then we'll take him home.
So you're just leaving me here? Blame Cara for not bringing enough life jackets.
- We'll come back in a bit.
- And if we don't, there's a road about a 10 minute walk that way.
Or or is it that way? I never know where I came from, even if I'm walking or riding in a boat.
(PIANO MUSIC) It sounds like Annie and Bryce are making beautiful music together.
Yeah, they seem to have really hit it off.
And I saw you and Daniel working on a puzzle.
Until he told me he needed to get to bed.
It's not even 8:30.
He said he doesn't really do nights.
(SIGHING) Um I kind of want to go for a walk.
How far is it to downtown? Not far, but I don't think anything's open down there.
At least it's someplace to go.
(DOOR BELL JINGLING) Hello? - Hello? - Are you open? Yes, we are.
Come in.
You have the whole place to yourself.
This place is so nice.
If you have any questions about anything, just ask my wife.
Where did you get this? Oh, Cassie, that's the owner, she brought it in, but she never said where it was from.
I used to have one exactly like this - when I was a little girl.
- Really? What was it used for? Well, I used to put my doll's clothes in here.
See, the little shoes would go in right here, and the pants and the shirts, and then the dresses could be laid out right there.
Doll's clothes would fit perfectly in there.
And there used to be a painting of a dressmaker on top here.
You can just barely see it So that's what that is.
- Huh.
- I used to stare at that painting and think, maybe someday, I could do that.
That's how I got into clothing design.
Is this for sale? - Of course, yes.
- Then I'll take it.
- Look at that! One more sale.
- (DOOR BELL JINGLING) Is everything all right? I saw the light on and I wondered why the shop was open so late.
We were waiting for a delivery.
Oh, is this it? It was right outside the front door.
- Why wouldn't they bring it in? - Well, the label says, "owner instructs leave at door.
" So, I guess Cassie just wanted it dropped off.
I suppose you could have closed up hours ago.
Well, I'm glad that you didn't.
Thank you.
Tara can ring that up for you.
- Yes, I can.
- Are you buying the mystery box? - Yes.
- So what is it for? Well, it's actually for doll's clothes.
Oh! (CHUCKLING) (DISTANT BIRD CALLING) Grace? What are you doing here? I'm pretty sure I'm rescuing you.
- How did you find me? - I used a map.
There's a path back there that leads to a road.
Yeah, I went out looking for that but I couldn't see where anything was.
I decided it would be better just to come back here.
Well, it's a good thing that you did.
Come on.
We need to get home.
I can't even imagine the trouble I'm in.
It's supposed to be an equal split, - Bryce, five ways.
- It can still be equal, but somebody has to be in charge.
- Wait, what's going on? - Yeah, I thought you guys - were making music.
- Bryce wanted to know if I could change some wording in the contract after it was already approved.
- It was just a small thing.
- Which would have allowed for non-unanimous control.
- That's not what we agreed to.
- So we change the agreement.
Which would require an entire redrafting.
That would leave us vulnerable to separate factions, which is what we wanted to avoid.
No, that's what you wanted to avoid.
I'm sure you guys can work this out.
I mean, nothing's even been signed yet.
That's a good point.
This agreement - doesn't mean anything.
- No.
I mean, it means something.
No, but it hasn't been signed yet, which means it's easy to cancel the whole thing.
Inform the partners I'm out.
What does that mean? It means the merger is off.
But I welcomed you all to Grey House.
Thanks for coming to get me.
I mean, I couldn't just leave you there.
You could've, but I mean, I would never.
So, why didn't you? (SIGHING) Because we're gonna be family soon.
I mean, we've known each other since we were kids.
I think 15-year-olds are actually considered late adolescents.
You know what I mean.
Look I don't care how much of an idiot you've been.
I couldn't just abandon you somewhere because you would've done the same for me.
I would've? (NICK CHUCKLING) Yeah.
I would've.
You're right.
So are our parents in there? Pretty sure.
Then I guess I'd better get this over with.
- What? - You're just gonna tell them where I was, so I might as well do it first.
I wasn't gonna say anything.
You wouldn't? I mean, what's there to tell? All I did was go and get some cereal.
(SOFT MUSIC) Ready? Oh.
Well, hello.
Where've you been? - Oh, uh to the store.
- Oh.
And I got turned around, and I couldn't figure out where I was until Grace found me.
Well, that was lucky.
Yeah, um right place, right time, - I guess.
- Yeah.
- Is that all? - Hmm? Yeah.
I I mean, that's it.
OK, then.
- I'm gonna get ready for bed.
- Yeah.
I'm probably gonna just do the same.
- Goodnight, guys.
- I'll be up in a bit.
- So, what do we do about that? - I don't know, but it looks like they're getting along again.
They're partners in crime.
Except I trust Grace to make the right choices.
And Nick never does anything as stupid as what I used to do.
- Mm-hmm.
- Oh, I grew out of that phase.
- Oh.
- Several phases.
So, we just let them think they got away with something? Yeah like brothers and sisters do.
(BOTH CHUCKLING) - Oh, sorry.
- Good morning.
I didn't realize anyone was in here.
- It's OK.
There's room for two.
- Oh.
Is that, um, supposed to be soap? Mm.
Yeah, it's all natural, made of coconut oil, almond butter, and grapefruit seed extract.
You gonna eat it or wash your face with it? You can do both.
You want a bite? Um That's OK.
I'll just have cereal.
Where are all the marshmallows? Oh, I ate most of them out of the box before you got up.
But that's the best part.
So then you gotta get up early.
Hmm! So good.
Thanks for letting me bring them here.
I sort of forgot that one of the Bs in B and Bs - stood for breakfast.
- It's no problem.
(SIGHING) Although none of them look like they're having a very good time.
I know.
You know that thing about Grey House being the perfect place for romance? That's just not true.
I have something I need to say.
When I first started designing active wear, I was never really that excited about it.
It was just something that I did, and then I opened a store and then another one, and now, here we all are, looking at opening who knows how many.
But last night, I found something that reminded me why I wanted to start designing clothes in the first place, and who I wanna design them for.
- Who's that? - Kids.
I wanted to design children's clothing - ever since I can remember.
- So you want us to open a children's store? No.
But that's what I'm gonna do on my own.
You're pulling out of the deal? - That deal is dead, Annie.
- It doesn't have to be.
I mean, I was thinking about what I'd liked when we all first met, and it was the give and take, and last night, I tried to take more than I should have, which won't happen again.
Put that in the contract, call it the the Bryce Clause.
So you can write that up as an equal split.
And all future decisions will be unanimous.
OK, then.
What's in that omelette? Uh everything but meat.
Bryce is a vegetarian.
I know.
It's one of the many things I noticed about him the first time we met.
- Oh.
- Is everybody ready to go? - (BUZZING) - Yeah, looks like it.
What's that noise? My phone.
It looks like the internet's working, and my update finally updated.
You can text Noah if you want.
Let him know we'll be home soon.
Just tell him I said hi, and explain to him why he's been receiving selfies from the bottom of the lake.
I really am sorry.
I know, but I have to rub it in.
Is anybody hungry? We can stop on the way home - for an early dinner.
- Let's get a pizza? Pizza? I was thinking Indian, maybe Chinese? There's also a good hamburger place on the way.
Or I have an idea for something we might all like.
The future's open wide We're gonna touch the sky Just feel my heartbeat 'Cause right there, oh, I feel alive Oh, oh, oh Oh, oh, oh Oh, oh Right there, oh, I feel alive (BIRDS CHIRPING) - Oh, hello.
- Welcome back to Grey House.
- Thanks.
- This is Cassie and her daughter, Grace.
Cassie runs things when I'm not doing it.
I'm gonna go upstairs, call Noah and let him know - that we're back.
- OK.
It was nice to meet you.
So, did you get everything done while you were here? - We did more than that.
- Well, then I guess - Abigail was the perfect hostess.
- See? It's not that hard.
- Thank you, again.
- Thank you.
Come back any time.
Hey, I have a car - taking me to the airport.
- Oh, I was gonna call for one.
- Can we share? - Yeah, sure.
If you have time, there's a really good organic restaurant on your way out of town.
Oh, that sounds great.
- Yeah.
Thank you.
- Yeah.
I'd love to go there.
Oh, no.
Let me get that for you.
- So, when's your flight? - Oh, I'm on the red eye, so I have all the rest of the night.
You should stop by the microbrewery.
They have live music, and I saw a poster - for a Dixieland Quartet.
- Oh, my gosh! My dad used to play that music all the time.
- Oh, Dixieland is underrated.
- I agree.
By the way, I listened to Coltrane.
He's awesome.
So, it looks like you got back just in time to pair up all the right people.
Well, I had a feeling when I assigned them their rooms that they might each want to, I don't know, get to know their neighbours.
Yeah that is how you had things set up when they got here.
You didn't.
uh change their room assignments, did you? No.
Why would I do something like that? (TINKLING MUSIC) - So many.
- Oh, yeah.
Oh, hey.
Did you guys get unpacked? We did.
And then I took some time to beat Nick - at a new video game.
- You let him win, - didn't you? - Well, he wouldn't let me - stop playing until he did.
- Poor guy.
That was a lot of fun up there.
You know what? I am really glad that we went.
Except we didn't get to play charades.
- That's true.
- I'm up for a round right now.
- Me too.
- OK.
Me and Nick - versus the two of you.
- Oh, you wanna take us on? - Mm-hmm.
- No, we wanna beat you.
Sounds like they just threw down a challenge.
Yeah, I think they just did.
Come on.
Three words.
First word.
- Us.
- You.
Second word.
- Running, running, running.
- Marching? Going! Third word.
- Ground.
- Under? - Down.
Hmm-hmm! - You're going down.
And look at that, we're already ahead.