Good Witch (2015) s04e05 Episode Script

Written Like a Merriwick

1 Previously on Good Witch.
We Merriwick women just know how to make things - happen the way we want them to.
- Good for you.
- It's the easier way, isn't it? - Easier than what? - Than doing the real work.
- I know it's hard, but after a breakup, what you need to do is get right back up on the horse.
And it does feel good to know that there are options out there when I'm ready.
Finally seeing the value in some of my natural remedies? - No, I'm sticking with science.
- (CASSIE CHUCKLING) I just thought it'd be a good idea to combine - our different perspectives.
- It's a good thing we did.
Ah! Good morning! I have some fresh muffins! I know! I followed the scent all the way down the stairs.
What are you working on? An assignment for my creative writing class.
(ABIGAIL) You want to read me what you have so far? I would love to, but I haven't been creative enough to do any actual writing.
- She's looking for some ideas.
- What about a romance - with all sorts of adventure? - Ooh, or a really good mystery.
Yeah, but a mystery about what? And an adventure about who? If this is what writer's block feels like, then I don't think I'm ever gonna make it as a writer.
Or a block.
Sometimes, inspiration arrives when we least expect it.
Well, let's just hope it arrives before tomorrow because that is when this assignment is due.
Anybody order an old trunk? Ohhh I was wondering when that was gonna get here.
- Well, it's here.
- Where is this from? The Art Institute in Chicago called me a few weeks ago and said that they had this on loan so long, they didn't even know where it came from.
But the last known address was Grey House; they asked if we wanted it back.
People used to use these old steamer trunks as luggage back in the day, which is even before my day.
I don't think they would allow that as a carry-on anymore.
Imagine trying to slip this under the seat in front of you.
- (LAUGHING) - Let's see what's inside.
Oh! OK, how does it open? Some latches here, but it looks - complicated - (CLATTERING) Well, just like that.
Well, it looks like whoever owned this did not pack light.
Ooh, but they had good taste in clothes.
This dress is beautiful! Oh, someone looked adventurous.
- (MAN CHUCKLING) - I do like that.
Although I can't say that I share her taste in shoes.
This wouldn't go with anything in my closet.
Who do you think all this stuff belonged to? Probably whoever lived here in the 1930s.
Elizabeth Merriwick lived here then.
- You think all this was hers? - It sure looks like it.
She travelled all over the world and did all sorts of different things.
- - And she looked - amazing while doing it.
- That would look good on you.
- Really? - Mm-hmm.
Wearing that would be like wearing a little piece of history.
(MAN CHUCKLING) That's what's so great about vintage clothes: you never know what exciting events they might have witnessed.
It's like they each have their own story to tell.
- Cassie.
- Some nice work, isn't it? - It is.
Yeah, the artist who took these made an excellent living capturing the perfect moments in time.
Hmm He really did.
Are those headaches still bothering you? Yeah.
The peppermint tea you gave me, it didn't make them any better, but I did learn I like peppermint tea.
Well, that's something.
Did we try lavender oil? - We did, but - There's one more thing in here that might help make things better.
- What's that? - Hello, Sam.
- Hi.
- We were just talking about you.
- We were? - I've been trying to help Andrew with his headaches he's been having, but I think it's time to get a doctor's opinion.
- You want a doctor's opinion? - A certain doctor, yeah.
Although I was hoping to find a more natural solution.
I'm not anti-natural.
No, and Dr.
Radford has been pretty open-minded - since he moved to Middleton.
- Happy to run a few tests if you want to discover root cause.
And in the meantime, I'll get you started on some other aromatherapies.
But first, I've got to help the Mayor.
- Oh, is the Mayor here? - Wait for it.
- (WOMAN): Yoohoo! - (CASSIE): Excuse me.
Haha! Cassie Cassie, I need - your undivided attention.
- How can I help you? I need a grand-looking picture frame, something to showcase an item of great importance.
I might have something like that right over here.
Good, because I have a VIP guest visiting this week from my alma mater, and I want to frame my diploma and hang it on the wall - to show my school spirit.
- Why haven't you framed that before? Oh, because in my day, a Everhill degree hardly met a thing.
I mean, they just used to let in anyone.
But since then, they've turned into a very well respected school.
And you're one of its most noteworthy graduates.
Well, I don't want to brag, but I certainly wouldn't stop you from doing it, so keep it up.
Really, I mean, keep it up.
Oh, well, um, let's find something that shows off what a distinguished alumni you are.
There you go.
Oooh! It looks great on you.
It fits kind of perfectly too.
Why would Elizabeth Merriwick have a jacket like this? Maybe she was an aviation pioneer, like Amelia Earhart or Beryl Markham.
Who's Beryl Markham? The first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic - from east to west.
- How have I not heard of her? History's full of remarkable women whose stories never got told, just like Elizabeth Merriwick.
I bet she had some really good ones to tell.
And I finally figured out what I want to write about.
(THEME MUSIC) Oh, I remember when this picture was taken.
You suggested right where we should have the photographer set up.
Everything looked so different back then.
We all looked different back then, but I remember having such a wonderful time and I can't believe it's taken us all these years to get back here.
Is your daughter here with you? Not yet, but she's getting in later tonight and then, hopefully, we'll have some good mother-daughter time before she has to rush back to work.
Hmm Well, I hope your memories of this trip live up to what you remember about the last one.
Oh, George, did you want to see what the garden in front of Grey House used to look like? I do! Oh that's before the evergreens grew in, and I transplanted these rose bushes around the other side of the house.
- They still bloom, don't they? - Practically all year.
It's like there's some magic in the soil.
Hmm Maybe we can put things back the way they were when this pic was taken.
You want to re-landscape? Just so Joanna and her daughter can take a picture - like the one they took before.
- Oh! - I've heard of people doing that.
- Yeah, I can help you move the small trees out of the way, and we can put these flowers - back in the pots.
- You know, I think we still have those pots back in the shed.
Um, that's a good thing you saved them then.
You are the one who told me, "Make sure you don't toss those out.
" Was I? And they have an international dorm and integrated study programs, and they even let you design your own majors.
This is Everhill we're talking about? I know! Until I visited, I didn't even know.
But I thought you want to go somewhere farther away - from Middleton.
- Yeah, I did, - but now I don't.
- Sounds like it would be - a good place for you.
- It would be perfect for me.
Do they have a good creative writing department? They have a good everything department.
OK, I wasn't even thinking about Everhill because I wanted to go out of State, but now I'll want to give it another look.
Except the deadline for trying to get an interview is past.
I'm still waiting to find out where mine is, but they've already told me it's happening for sure.
Well, I can still visit you after you get in.
Uh, if I get in.
Oh, come on, you're one of the most qualified college applicants that I know.
Between your volunteer work, good grades and extracurricular stuff, you totally deserve to go there.
Tell that to the interviewer, OK? I'm just I'm sure that they're going to make the right choice.
Turkey sandwich for you - and spinach quiche for Eve.
- Thanks.
And will I be seeing you for breakfast tomorrow morning? - Maybe.
- Why not? - I said, "Maybe.
" - Yes, but you didn't say "for sure.
" Is it because you don't like the eggs here? The eggs are fine.
They taste like eggs.
So they're not "a tad dry" like someone posted on my website? Oh, that's what this is about.
"The scrambled eggs were a tad dry," "the blueberry muffin too sweet and the latte too frothy.
" That's what Gourmet Eater 428 thinks about this place.
Then, they rated me one star out of five.
Well, they clearly know nothing about fine dining.
(SIGHING) Sam, a bad review like this could really hurt my business, which is why I need to find out who wrote it.
And everyone is a suspect.
How do you even know - that your food critic is from here? - Oh, they're from here.
All their other reviews are of Middleton's businesses too.
And everything that they write is a complaint about something.
Well, that's easy.
Just check your credit card records for who signs their name Gourmet Eater.
Oh, you're right, probably not their legal name.
(CHUCKLING) Did you read it? I did.
And then I read it again.
- Then I read it one more time.
- What did you think? - I loved it.
- (GRACE SIGHING IN RELIEF) - Really? You think it's good? - It's really good.
And you're not just saying that to be nice, right? Have I ever said anything just to be nice? The part where Elizabeth Merriwick is flying across the Atlantic and about to run out of fuel is so exciting.
And the romance with the navigator? I've never used the word "spoonworthy" before, but I might have to start.
- Well, thank you.
- That aviator jacket - must have really inspired you.
- Yeah.
I think it did too.
I put it on, and I couldn't help but wonder where this jacket has been and what was going on when Elizabeth was wearing it.
Well, you had me believing every single word.
So, would you be interested in reading one more story if I wrote one? Another Elizabeth Merriwick adventure? - Mhm.
- Absolutely.
Good, because I've already got an idea for my next one.
All right! Aaah, good morning! Hello.
Sorry I got in so late last night.
I had so many things to finish before I got here.
I'm just glad that you did.
- How are you enjoying the room? - Oh, it's OK, but do you have one with a workspace? Oh, you know, those were already booked.
Oh, well, I guess it's OK for while we're here.
(CHUCKLING) - This is starting to look good! - Yeah.
Yeah, it's sort of like taking a trip back through time.
If only my back would go there with me.
Is this where we took the picture? You were both standing right there, - each holding a bouquet.
- You spent so much time digging around in that garden, and I spent just as much time pulling you out so you wouldn't get the dress dirty before the photographer showed up.
I was wondering if you might be interested in using the same one.
He closed his studio, but if you give me some time, I might be able to find out where he lives.
- That would be great.
- Oh, and there are some boutiques in town where you could probably find outfits like the ones you were wearing back then.
Oh, I didn't realize we were gonna do everything so exact.
Oh, it doesn't have to be exact, just close enough to how things used to be.
Can you use a couple of helpers to get these trees out of the ground? Anyone's welcome to pick up a shovel.
And then we can set that arbour back up if you're willing to give me a hand.
I wouldn't mind at all.
You get started with this tree, and I'll get started on the other side.
And this time, get as dirty as you want.
Well, the good news is you're in nearly perfect health.
The bad news is I don't know what's causing your headaches.
Your EKG, blood pressure, cholesterol are all within range.
I was hoping you'd have some answers for me, you know.
Got even less sleep than normal wondering what might be wrong with me.
You've had a change in your sleep pattern? I guess.
From not much to hardly any.
Any big changes going on in your life? Are you experiencing any stress? Not really.
I mean, I got a promotion at work, but I'm not moving offices for another two or three months.
- What kind of work do you do? - I'm an accountant.
Ah! Well, seeing a computer all day, the eyestrain could be a contributing factor.
Cassie suggested I take a break for a few minutes each hour and go out and enjoy the nature around us.
Cassie suggested that, huh? That's actually pretty good medical advice.
But I'd still like to run a few more tests, find out if it's anything more than that.
I'm glad she recommended I see you.
Kind of surprised too.
Hahaha! Well, Cassie has become more open-minded since I moved to Middleton.
- (BOTH LAUGHING) - - Mayor Tinsdale? - Grace! Come in! Uh, you wanted to see me.
- Hi, Grace.
- Mrs.
Kline! - What are you doing here? - Your English teacher was just telling me about the wonderful story you wrote.
- You liked it? - It was one of the best things any student of mine has ever written! (MAYOR): Apparently, you have quite the gift for prose.
I didn't know that I did, but thank you.
She told me what the story was about, and I was on the edge of my seat just listening.
Can you send me a copy to read? I can email you one, sure.
No, dear, I need it on paper.
I love how you captured the time period of when the adventure took place.
You must have done hours of research to get all the details so right.
No, I sort of just made it up as I went along.
That's because the Merriwicks all have such active imaginations.
I never know what's gonna burst forth from any of them.
Well, your accuracy was stunning.
You have real talent, Grace, which is why I wanted the Mayor to know about your story to see if she could get you an interview with the representative from Everhill.
Ooh, I thought it was too late to sign up for one of those.
Well, certain prestigious alumni might have some pull in the matter, which means that you might be displaying your diploma someday just as proudly as I display mine.
As soon as Jared puts it in the frame that I bought.
Are you working on anything else? Well, I had an idea for a story about Elizabeth Merriwick on a jungle safari.
Ooh, I'm already intrigued! As soon as you're finished, I'll show both stories to the interviewer and see if she can fit you in the schedule.
For how long is she here? Only until the day after tomorrow.
So I hope you can finish that story just as fast as Elizabeth Merriwick flew across the sea.
(SIGHING) I hope I can too.
Andrew! Hey, how did things go with Sam? Dr.
Radford? Oh, he's great.
I mean, he hasn't figured out what's causing my headaches, but he did suggest that same thing you did - about looking around at beauty.
- That's what he said? Well, the words he used were ocular rejuvenation.
Ah, that sounds like Sam.
He said I should think about rescheduling my lunch hours so I can get away from the desk, starting with today.
Well, you can get away to here anytime.
I was wondering if you got any new works in, like the one I was looking at - the other day.
- I did put some new things on the wall, and I will show you.
Mmm! (DOOR CHIME) I could actually eat a whole other bowl of that.
What is it? It's chicken noodle soup from the Bistro.
I've never tried that there.
Well, next time you're there, you should.
That stuff is excellent for your taste bud rejuvenation.
- (BOTH LAUGHING) - (ABIGAIL): Awww! So Cassie tells me you want - to recreate this photo exactly.
- Just as much as possible.
We got the garden at Grey House looking it used to, and when we're done here, we're going shopping for outfits that match what we wore that day.
I can't remember the last time you and I went shopping together.
I guess it has been a while.
Where did you get these bouquets? Mary picked those flowers herself.
I followed around in a field for I don't know how long, and she would get down and examine each one before she picked it because she wanted it to be just right.
Well, these are daisy mums.
See how yellow the centre is and how light the petals are? - Mm-hmm.
- This is a gerbera.
It's bigger, it will show up better in the photo.
Except we're trying to make everything as it was back then, as much as possible.
Mom, she said the gerbera would look better, and it looks like she has plenty of them right here.
Well, it's just we're trying to recreate the picture.
- When are you taking it? - Sometime tomorrow, I guess, because I have to leave the day after that.
She's got quite the busy life.
Let me see what I can do.
Daisy mums are basically weeds, so if you picked them in Middleton all those years ago, there might still be some growing around here.
And if there are, I will find them.
That would be perfect.
Hey, Courtney! Come on, wait up.
OK, you are never going to believe what just happened.
What? I just got an interview with Everhill! - You got an interview? - Yeah, I know! Isn't that amazing? - Congratulations.
- Just think about it.
If we both get into Everhill, then we can be roommates and we can take classes together We're not both getting in.
Why not? The recruiter just left me a message.
That interview they said I was gonna get, it's not gonna happen.
Why? She didn't say, but it's kind of obvious.
They gave my spot to somebody else.
So? It's good.
It's really good.
(LAUGHING) Now how long have you been coming in here and you have never ordered the chicken soup? A long time, but now I don't think - I'll ever order anything else.
- Well, that is so nice to hear.
Haha! But could you put that in writing? - On my website? - Oh, sure.
Great! And could you use words like "best ever" and "absolute perfection" and "if could give this place six stars, I would"? OK.
Haha! Excellent! Haha! - Liam, how are you? - Good.
How are you? - Good! - Can I get one of those cinnamon rolls I like so much? You sure can.
- Extra frosting? - You know me so well.
(STEPHANIE CHUCKLING) Do you have any reviews on the microbrewery's website? - Yeah, of course.
- What do you do about the trolls? I try to avoid poking around under bridges.
(LAUGHING) Come on, you know what I mean.
Uh, if they write something bad, but they have a good point, I see what I can do, but if all they're doing is spewing negativity, I mostly ignore it.
Well, I have this Gourmet Eater 428 who writes something negative every day after they come in here.
Like this morning, they wrote, "My scrambled eggs, muffin and latte "tasted like something that would be served "at a school cafeteria run by substitute cooks who used to work in a prison.
" (SNIGGERING) - Sorry.
- But I have figured out that they order the same thing each day, so now all I have to do is wait until they order it again.
Look, you know what famous chefs say is a sign of a truly great restaurant? "It's where other restaurant owners go to eat when they're tired of their own food.
" Thanks for this.
(SIGHING) (DOORBELL RINGING) Grace, you would mind getting the door? Yeah, OK.
- Hi! - Hi! Is this Grey House? - It is.
- This was supposed to be delivered with an earlier shipment but it got left behind.
It's from the Art Institute of Chicago.
- Have a good night.
- You too.
Hmm! Hey.
What's that? This was supposed to come with Elizabeth Merriwick's trunk.
Oooh! Do you think it's hers? (GRACE SIGHING) I think I should talk to you.
I don't understand.
The story is exactly the same as the one you wrote about Elizabeth Merriwick.
Everything is the same.
I even talk about the same kind of plane that she flew and how the weather was when she almost ran out of fuel.
How could you possibly have known that? I don't know.
Read the next one.
It is exactly the same as the story that I wrote this morning.
About her excavating a pharaoh's tomb in the Valley of the Kings.
And you didn't know about that either? No! But everything I wrote is in there.
- This is very weird.
- How is it that I came up with the same stories that were written in that journal, like, a hundred years ago.
Are you sure you didn't read a different version of this journal or hear - the stories from someone? - No.
All the things that I know about Elizabeth Merriwick were things that my mom told me, and none of us none of us have ever seen that.
There has to be an explanation.
Oh, please, I am waiting to hear it.
You're a Merriwick.
- (GRACE SIGHING) - You are related to Elizabeth, you are connected to and inspired by her, you started wearing her clothes, and the stories just "suggested" themselves.
So I cheated? All you did was put on a couple of jackets and a pair of boots.
But I got the Everhill interview that Courtney should have got because of the stories that I wrote! Everhill wants you to go there? I just I don't even know if I deserve it anymore.
Why not?! This! - This is why not.
- OK did Elizabeth Merriwick's ghost type those stories for you? - No.
- Did she shape the dramatic effect? Draw out the suspense at all the right moments? Tap you on the shoulder and tell you what words to use? No, I came up with everything on my own, but Then I don't see what the problem is.
Yes, it's weird, but that doesn't mean you cheated! I just I feel like I had an unfair advantage.
Of course you had an unfair advantage, you're a Merriwick! Grace, are you really gonna say no to every opportunity just because you happen to be related to some amazing women? I mean, I'm talking about Elizabeth, but there's also me and your mom.
(CHUCKLING) When Elizabeth lived, women had to be brave and creative and take advantage of every situation, which we still have to do today.
So, do you want to be like her or are you gonna let someone else write your story? (SIGHING) So I understand you've been prescribing chicken soup, Andrew said you sent him by the Bistro to try it out.
Yeah, that wasn't for his headache, that was just 'cause I thought he'd like it.
Ah, good! Because that stuff ever passes for medicine, you're gonna put me out of me business.
You know, studies have shown that certain ingredients in chicken soup have medicinal value? You know what else has medicinal value? - Medicine.
- (CASSIE CHUCKLING) But I still haven't been able to figure out what's causing Andrew's recurring discomfort.
- You were gonna talk to a specialist.
- She came up blank.
She asked me if I thought he had a lot of stress in his life.
- I thought you ruled that out.
- Andrew ruled it out.
When I ask him about it, he didn't even think.
He just said, "No.
" You know, when I talked to him about his life, he said everything was great too.
He does have that big promotion coming up.
- What promotion? - I don't know, but he seemed to be looking forward to it.
- It's funny, he didn't tell me.
- Do all of your customers tell you everything about their private lives? Oh yeah, that's right.
Andrew's been an accountant for years, but he hardly ever talks to me about it.
You think he likes what he does? He's never said.
You know, he talks more about anything else than what he does for a living.
Hmm! I hate to admit it, but if he is stressed out about the promotion and doesn't realize it, he might benefit more from your expertise than from mine.
Hmm You're referring patients to me now? Hahaha! Somebody's gotta keep you in business.
So there's no way that I can give my interview away? After what I went through to get it for you, - I don't think so.
- They had already promised - my time to somebody else.
- Then, they must feel that you deserve it more than they do.
- But what if I don't? - Grace, you earned it fair and square - because of your stories.
- There are other people who deserve it a lot more than I do.
And it's humility like that that's gonna make you the perfect Everhill alumna.
So make sure you drop a bit of it in your interview; it'll slay.
Mom?! What are you doing here? Oh, some guests at Grey House were trying to track down a photographer.
His business is closed, but I was digging up an address.
Were you talking to the Mayor? - Yeah.
- About what? - Just school stuff.
- What kind of stuff? Nothing really.
- You ready for your big interview? - I guess so.
Don't be too nervous.
I'm sure they'll be very impressed with someone as creative and kind and considerate as you are.
I'll see you at home.
Are you sure this is the right place? It's the address Cassie texted me.
- The photographer lives here? - All she said was, "You'll find what you're looking for at 22, Olympic Lane.
" Can I help you? Yes, we're looking for Jonathan Gillespie.
That was my dad.
He passed away a few years back.
- Oh, I'm sorry.
- Was he a photographer? - He was.
- So Cassie was right.
- Oh, Cassie Nightingale? - Yes.
We're staying at her B&B.
We've been spending the last few days trying to recreate a photo your father took for us.
Well, I used to help him out as a kid.
I actually have a bunch of his equipment in my garage.
Do you have the photo? I'd love to see it.
It's right here.
Your father was very talented.
Everyone who sees this photo loves it.
Yeah, my mom always said he was a great artist but a poor businessman.
It's why I never followed him into photography.
Didn't think you could make a living at it.
I actually remember this photo.
I helped print it.
That's you.
- (CHUCKLING): Yeah.
- You just can't get this kind of classic look from a digital camera.
Do you still have the camera that your dad used that day? Sure, yeah.
A portrait like this, he'd use the same one all the time.
Would you be willing to take our picture? Mom! That's not what he does! I was just thinking.
We're trying to get things as close to how they were back then I always loved to help him out.
Would you maybe want to take a photo of us at Grey House? I could do that.
I I I'd love to do that.
- How about tomorrow? - I think I can get off work early.
Around 4:30? Oh, I was hoping to get back on the boat by then.
You just got here; can't you stay at least until the end of the day? Uh I guess I can.
- Sure.
- Wonderful! (MARY CHUCKLING) (DOOR CLOSING) Oh, good! You're still here.
I was afraid you'd changed your mind.
Are you ready for your interview? - I think so.
- You know, it's moments like these that can change a person's life.
I am certain that they're gonna be very impressed - with what you have to say.
- I hope that they are.
(WOMAN): Grace Russell? Well, looks like I'm next.
Well then, your future awaits.
"Best chicken soup I've ever had.
"Absolute perfection.
"If could give the Bistro six stars instead of five, I would.
" Ohhh I wonder how someone came up with words like that.
It must have just been what was in their heart.
Then I'm glad it ended up on your website.
Me too.
And I have decided to take Liam's advice about my reviews and only read the good ones instead of all the bad ones.
Ooh, like this one.
"From the attractive, welcoming owner, "to the local décor, this is the perfect place "to stop in the middle of a difficult day.
"And their perfectly mixed ice coffees with caramel really hit the sweet spot.
" That's more than just a review; - sounds like you have an admirer.
- You think? How many reviews call the restaurant owner attractive? Ah.
Maybe you're right.
And I have also decided that it does not matter who Gourmet Eater 428 is anymore either, no matter what they say about my scrambled eggs.
Good for you.
Oh! I have been on the go all morning, but now I finally have time for a late breakfast.
Stephanie, could I get a latte, a blueberry muffin and an order of scrambled eggs, please? (GASPING) - It was you! - What was who? You're Gourmet Eater 428 The one that said her scrambled eggs were too dry, her blueberry muffin was too sweet and her latte was too frothy?! Ah, I thought these reviews were supposed to be anonymous.
Martha, you gave me a one-star review! One star! You used words like "barely edible" and "in need of drastic improvements.
" Yes.
As a public service.
(ABIGAIL LAUGHING) How is trashing Stephanie's food a public service? That was meant to challenge her, so she'd keep making things better than they already are.
Oh, I love your food, - dear, you know that.
- OK, but why didn't you write that then? Because you would have rested on your laurels, but Gourmet Eater kept you on your toes.
Just like I keep lots of other businesses on their toes too.
Look at Abigail.
She was being somewhat brusque with her customers, then after I gave the flower shop a bad review, - things changed overnight.
- You were Flower Lover 644?! In the flesh.
All I know is after my review, the food here got even better, so I consider this another interweb success.
Oh, look, there's Larry the plumber.
I have been wanting him to paint his trucks, so let's see if Leaky Faucet 1-2-3 gets his attention.
(ABIGAIL CHUCKLING) I can't believe I've been all happy and smiley - with people because of her.
- Well, it probably is - good for business.
- Yeah, but you now much effort - it takes to be nice? - (STEPHANIE SNIGGERING) - Hey, how's it going? - Aaah much better actually.
I decided to take your advice about the reviews, and I think that I might actually have some admirers.
- Well, you deserve them.
- Awww! What can I get for you? I'll have my usual.
Perfectly mixed ice coffee with caramel.
It always hits that sweet spot in the middle of a difficult day.
Coming right up! - (CASSIE): How do you like it? - It looks perfect! I can't believe you got everything to match.
Cassie really wanted things to be just as they were 20 years ago.
- It looks like they are.
- And Abigail dropped these by.
Daisy mums! Just like the ones you picked.
I painted the bench green, so it looks just like it used to.
- Oh, it's the wrong colour.
- I might be able to adjust it - when I develop the photo.
- You don't need to bother.
It's just we spent so much time making everything else so right.
Which is everything I wanted.
I didn't realize it 'til we got here, but I just wanted time with you.
And if we hadn't worked so hard to recreate this photo, I don't think we would have had that.
You would have been gone so much earlier today, and the other day, we actually gardened together.
(BOTH CHUCKLING) And when I look back at this picture we take today, it will be all that time that I think about, not the colour of the bench.
Well then, I guess it's all perfect.
(LAUGHING) (CAMERA CLICK) Oh! I didn't have time to fix my hair and check how I look.
I was just testing the camera.
- Oh! - You both looked wonderful, and Andrew captured the right moment exactly, one you'll both remember forever.
(BOTH LAUGHING) - (DOOR CLOSING) - Hello, Courtney.
What did you say? What? To the Everhill interviewer.
She called and said that after her interview with you, they wanted to offer me a letter of acceptance.
- So you got in.
- Congratulations! But what did you say? Uh I just I talked.
About what? (SIGHING) Grace, you know I'm gonna stand here until I find out what I want.
It's true.
OK, uh I went in there, and I told her a story about a girl who was fearless and kind and full of life.
Someone that is the best friend that anyone could ever have.
And then, I told her that I was talking about you and how Everhill would be lucky to have someone like Courtney Gunderson as a student there.
You said all of that? Yeah, I mean, I added, like, some suspense and adventure, some drama, but all of it was true.
You're welcome.
So wait, does that mean that you're not gonna be going there? I don't know where I want to go.
Or what exactly I even want to study.
Hmm Well, if you need someone to tell anybody about what a great friend you are, I'll make sure that I'm gonna call you.
(CHUCKLING) OK, I should get home.
My parents want to take me out to celebrate.
- Yeah, you're - you're gonna do great there.
- Thanks.
- Yeah.
And I mean, really, thank you.
(DOOR CLOSING) (SECOND DOOR CLOSING) (CASSIE): It was an amazing thing you did.
But I didn't want to do it at first.
That's why I went to Abigail for advice instead of you.
Advice for what? When they gave me the interview, they took it away from Courtney.
And I just barely looked for a way to give it back.
But there wasn't anything that I could do.
I don't see how that's your fault.
Because they gave it to me because of the stories that I wrote, which weren't exactly mine.
Abigail knew that, and I figured that she would tell me to go to the interview anyways.
What do you mean? They aren't yours? There is something else that I haven't told you about.
(SIGHING) This is Elizabeth Merriwick's journal.
It came from the Art Institute.
Everything I wrote looks like it already happened to her.
So, you were inspired by her.
Only it felt like what I was doing was copying her, even though I never saw that journal until after I wrote what I wrote.
Then, you couldn't have known.
Yeah, but, Mom, there it is.
(SOFT MUSIC) I feel like I'm inspired by Elizabeth Merriwick every day.
There's nothing wrong with writing down whatever inspiration might come to us.
But what is wrong is that I went to Abigail because I knew that she was going to tell me what I wanted to hear.
And that you were probably going to tell me something different.
But you got to the right place in the end, and that means the right kind of inspiration had been working on you all along.
Maybe it was.
Some day, someone might write a story about you, so make sure your life is a good one.
(DOORBELL RINGING) Let me see who that is.
(EXHALING) - Andrew! - Hello! - What are you doing here? - We are going on a date.
Ohhh I think that's a wonderful idea.
I had set aside some time to be with my mother, but then Andrew called telling me about this place that serves amazing chicken soup - It is really good.
- So he and I are going out tonight and tomorrow, I'm gonna spend another day in Middleton with Mom.
Oh, I didn't know you had time for that.
- I'm making the time.
- Mm-hmm.
Mary, this is the doctor who helped Cassie figure out what was wrong with me.
I didn't realize we'd figured it out.
It was stress just like you said, about the job, but I figured out a way to get rid of that.
Are you giving up your promotion? I'm looking at doing photography full time 'cause I think I can make a living at it.
Andrew's talking about using his dad's old equipment - and opening his own studio.
- And I already feel better just thinking about doing that with the rest of my life.
(LAUGHING) But it was the two of you that got me there, so thanks.
- Well, you're welcome.
- Hmm Have a great night.
- We will.
- See you.
Have a good one.
- Looks like he's gonna be OK.
- Yeah, it does.
One thing he said earlier concerned me though.
- What's that? - That comment he made - about me being your helper.
- Haha! You caught that, huh? Haha! I didn't realize you were in charge.
Well, we hadn't really decided that officially.
So I was just your assistant.
Oh, it doesn't really matter who's the boss, does it? Wait.
You're the boss now? All I know is that we work well together.
- Uh-huh? - But, you know, I could use some help in here making some tea.
Well, just make mine coffee.
- Well, you're the boss.
- (SAM LAUGHING) That's something.