Gordon Ramsay: Uncharted (2019) s02e06 Episode Script

India's Spice Hub

That's the native
chili, called the "kandhari".
I told you it's a surprise!
So generally
we use a lot of coconut
which is like
pluses and minuses.
One is very hot
and one cools down.
So, nature has given
us more spices
because of the
climatic conditions.
Start off with
the coast experience.
Then go to the mountains.
And you have to do
the most tough part
please the women.
Come help us.
Start pulling!
Tell him to go in front.
Keep going!
Go a little far!
Spread out!
Come on! Come on!
Give him the rope!
It's a little
too spicy for him.
There is a way
to make it less spicy.
Don't dance!
By evening we
can taste this thing!
Now it is done correctly.
I'll pour the coconut
milk into the bowl.
That's enough.
Just, you know,
accelerate a little bit.
Not artificial.
Is that hitting you?
Are you going to cry?
Just 15 minutes.
It is ready to serve.
What happened sir?
This is not hot!
Next I would suggest
this is my favorite.
Watermelon juice, please.
One glass.
It balances
everything out.
And eventually
we all have
ginger beards.
Fire will gone!
This is ancestral.
We all grow coffee since ages.
Come, we're making
some pandi curry.
This is Sarsu.
In this region,
Coorg pork is very famous.
A lot of people travel
to Coorg to try pork.
It's the pork, which we have
marinated with salt,
chili powder and turmeric.
We need to cook it
for like one hour.
We love to
use our fresh spices.
It's all grown in and
around the estate
so that it gives
you better flavor.
That's enough.
The kachampuli and the
black masala will balance it.
She has got
a secret ingredient where you can balance.
She needs us to
get the bitter lime.
So this is where we have the
bitter lime for the pandi curry.
He's asking
if he can taste it.
Yes, okay.
Because she's
the main lady for who
you are cooking for.
They are
all local ladies.
Yeah, they are
perfect in cooking.
We love sweets.
We expect some
sweet dish from you.
I'm making
coffee liqueur right now.
Help me to grind this
make it roughly done.
Coffee decoction.
And light brown sugar.
Half of it.
Now you have
to pour vodka in this.
Pour this.
Half of this.
You can't
have right now this.
You have to wait up to
two months to have.
Two months.
No, I have
it already done here.
This one.
Try this.
Forty percent.
Really good.
Yeah, ice creams.
Especially it's very
good with ice creams.
All Coorgi
people love this.
And we cluster
ladies are into all this.
Naturally we preserve,
with brine solution.
And we make jams, jellies.
See, this is all jelly.
This is all our jams.
Bamboo shoot pickle.
And this is
bitter lime pickle.
And onion for pickle.
This is banana pseudostem
which is very
good for health.
He's pretty
adept at this.
You take this.
He's going to try
and hold the nest.
Throw it near him.
drop it down!
And if you're not going to please
them, I'm going to be very upset with you.
Only then the
flavors come out.
You are doing it a little
messy. That's why I came.
You have to
literally char them
remove it
take the pulp
and we'll be
adding jaggery
and a little
bit of chilies.
And make a
pickle out of it.
No, not the kachampuli.
The lime
you will only add it
after switching off the gas.
Make a note of it if you want.
Maybe stop
talking for five minutes.
Only then the
flavors will get released.
I'm going to
make a pickle out of it.
Instant pickle we call it.
It is cooking it that minute
and eating it that minute.
Better not fail.
If you fail, I'm
a bad teacher.
And a little bit
more pepper required.
It's a great thing
here in the meal today.
The fish is good.
Because we
are all spicy ladies.
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