Gordon Ramsay: Uncharted (2019) s02e05 Episode Script

Guyana's Wild Jungles

Would you like a little snack?
I have a secret here.
We've got some cassareep here, too.
Let's do this.
There's off the beaten path
and there's this.
Honestly. It definitely feels
so uncharted.
I haven't seen a house, a building.
All I can see is hundreds of
square miles
of the most amazing dense forest
and some incredible rivers.
Right now
I'm flying over an incredible jungle.
There's no highway
there's no store,
there's no hospital
but I can guarantee you, there's
lots of things down there
that can eat me.
Welcome to the jungle!
I have a
fishing pole here.
I know you are used to
the spinning rod, but
this is our spinning rod here.
So, the way it works here is like
slapping the water attracts
the piranha. Like that.
So, that's one of the techniques.
The other technique
is using the hand line.
In the boat, in the boat, in the boat.
I got one.
A small one.
This is how it's done.
A little bigger.
That's a different species
from the piranha.
Good bait.
Just bad luck, I guess.
Still small.
Careful of the teeth.
In the boat, in the boat.
That's a catch.
Mine's bigger.
I think we're even.
Small ones and big ones.
Uh, that's mine. Mine's bigger.
Then you open up.
It all comes from the parents
sharing their ideas.
The open part.
It roasts more faster.
It's a Goliath bird-eating spider.
They're in the holes.
Let's check out some holes.
That's what we call snacks.
I think he sees some white meat.
The meat part.
It's a quick char.
She is used to it.
So, the grated here goes
into this matapee.
So you've got to fill
in the whole matapee.
It's right at the bottom there.
In the water.
And now you can sit.
Otherwise you will take long
to get the cyanide out.
Look how fast it's coming.
As soon as you got off from there, it
slowed down.
Yes, it's dangerous, but you've
got to boil it for three hours.
It turns thick
the color turns dark, black looking.
So once you see that, it's ready.
We gotta sneak in very slowly
pile in
then get close to them, get in
the water
and use your hands
to grab around its neck.
So the spectacle
eyeshines are like orange looking
while the black caimans'
are super red.
You see the eyeshine?
Yeah, they have a bright eyeshine.
It's like eight-footer.
Should we jump out?
Is it the same?
Is it shallow all the way out?
Yeah, it's shallow all the way out.
Make sure you shuffle your feet
because stingrays are here,
freshwater stingrays.
Yeah, here in the shallow water.
We've got to keep looking
for more eyeshine.
Yeah, he's moving right.
Okay, here you go.
Got him?
Take your time getting out.
There's a lot of branches here.
So I'll get
a bigger one than this
and this tail here
will have nice meat.
Good steak.
Good barbecue.
The eyes are why they're
called the spectacle.
So we have the fire here.
If you look, it's bent.
So what we do here, it's very hot.
We straighten.
So now, points.
Twist and push.
Check the straightness.
Make sure it's straight.
The barbs are ready.
In my village,
you wouldn't get any woman.
You might get divorced.
We're gonna sneak up very close,
to the branches.
And just take your time to
shoot the fish.
Make sure you aim
straight on the fish.
He's gone.
It came off.
Find the bow!
Find the bow!
No, they gave us a lot of chances,
it was us. Not too accurate.
This has got to go in early?
Okay. How are you doing?
Pass me the dumplings, Dennis.
Hey, Clarise?
Which fish do you like? Piranha?
It's nice. Tasty.
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