Gordon Ramsay: Uncharted (2019) s02e04 Episode Script

Sumatra's Stunning Highlands

Hope it fit you.
This is what
you call it, traditionally, Bajamba.
they're carrying food
and each tray for four people.
This is considered
the best food in the world.
You have to have the whole fish.
Here is a lot of fresh spices.
Potato frikkadel.
It's a grated coconut
with sugar.
This is the glutinous rice.
The baby eel.
Very spicy.
This one
is a cassava leaf
cooked in curry.
This is the
beef rendang.
You cook your style
And I cook mine
the local ways here.
But you have
to meet the King and the Governor.
Thank you very much.
May I introduce Master Chef
of the World, Gordon Ramsay.
So rice flour and shredded coconut
and also they put some sugar.
This is the king of fruit.
They keep the cattle free.
This is called Pacu Jawi.
It’s a bull run.
So they'll run, from this side
to that side
and it has to be
straight and fast.
By the way
those are the guys that are
going to give you the beef
for your rendang.
Hello, how are you?
If you try to impress them,
by trying that
he will give you the best beef.
You're welcome to try.
It's one of the main food for
the local people here in Sumatra.
Red snapper, white snapper,
trevally and tuna.
We're gonna use this small boat
and then we go to
the other fishing boat.
It's like a pirate ship.
You have to work here.
Yeah, like throwing
these fishing nets
into the ocean.
In the corners, Gordon.
Yes, I'm coming.
This is iron wood here.
It's gonna be strong.
Watch your feet.
You have to do the corners
the last one.
Yeah, you pull it.
Uh, yeah.
Keep going. Pull it.
Yes. Yes.
Don't fall. You have to keep your balance.
No, because beef rendang
can stay longer
like one month.
Fresh water prawns
like huge ones.
We can sit back down now.
They said so.
You can find
everything you need
to make a special rendang
in this market.
We can go around
to find some ingredients.
Here, galangal, this one.
Hello, Miss.
We want to make rendang.
Can we use your stove to cook here?
She said
good smell.
Not too hot?
Sir, can we take some of your yogurt?
No, with buffalo, I don't stop milking.
We need it now. Can you pick it up?
Little more pressure.
The Governor is here.
You make rendang, yeah?
Enjoy your meal.
How you judge his style of rendang?
How do you like it?
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