Gordon Ramsay: Uncharted (2019) s02e03 Episode Script

Louisiana's Bayou Cuisine

I can't see it.
Hold on tight. We're gonna jump
that land right there.
No, so I've been flying
since like 1973.
Grew up in a seaplane
charter service.
And this is all of the broke
up marsh and everything.
And that's what we're losing, all of this
stuff down here, you know?
It's a shame. The islands
are taking a beating and
I had no idea it was
this fragmented.
When you see it from the sky
Oh, yeah.
it's really in a bad condition.
These islands that we going to
Chandeleur chain,
after Katrina, these islands was
underwater for like
two or three weeks.
Totally underwater!
This marsh over here
you had 24 foot waves that
came through here from the gulf
that took this marsh,
right here and it just
rolled it like you take a piece of
carpet and flipped it upside down.
24 foot waves?
This bar down here is virtually
underwater already.
But there's still a
good playground right now,
so we gonna go
take advantage of what we got,
you know?
This is North
Chandeleur Island.
Thank God you read
that book last night.
Right, let's catch some fish.
They ain't here for any reason
other than they got food here.
They gotta have something
around here.
We call it the Viet Cajun.
There's a bunch of stuff I want
to show you.
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