Gordon Ramsay: Uncharted (2019) s02e02 Episode Script

The Wilds of South Africa

Jump out and swim.
That's the only way it's gonna work.
They're huge, that's why I can't
land on the beach.
OK, let's go and look for the earthworms.
Those are the boys. They are playing.
We can carry on looking
for the earthworms.
When it's wet, they come out.
The dropping of the rhinos
they are also good fertilizer
for the earthworms.
You see,
this is the big droppings of the rhinos.
They can poo ten kilos of droppings.
No, not a day. At a time.
Ten kilos, one time.
Yes, yeah. We are still fine.
We can go look for earthworms here.
I'm sure. You see,
they are not worried.
They will give a warning sign
if ever they are worried.
You see now they are just relaxed.
When they get up,
then you see that they are worried.
Now they are not even worried.
Look at what we got.
These are good for fishing.
Yes, we can get a lot of
good tilapias from these ones.
I'll tell you when to run away.
No, she's fine.
She was just checking.
Yes, that's why you see
the baby is still sitting down.
If they are worried more,
she will ask the baby to get up
so that they can be ready to run away.
She cannot just charge
while leaving the baby there.
The baby has to be ready as well.
It's just to discourage the poachers.
That horn, it grows back again.
It's just like our nails.
Now baby's up
so let's walk this way
so that we don't disturb them.
Let's move this way
so that we can be hundred percent safe.
There is hippos here.
They are the worst human killers
in the African continent.
But this is the best dam for fishing.
Let's just fish.
This is the best dam for fishing.
It's a mother and a calf
and when they have got babies,
that's when they become
very much dangerous.
And they can attack
without any warning sign.
Very fast. They run up to
thirty-five kilometers per hour.
Thirty-five kilometers,
regardless of their body size.
This one is good for the chief.
If you see them yawning
then you know that they are no longer
pleased with your presence.
She's not happy.
She's not happy now.
We have to be ready to run.
Can you hear that beast?
I'll tell you when to run.
He's going to be happy, eh?
You are cooking for a chief.
Gordon, that's not gonna happen.
We can't land on the beach.
It's impossible.
It's too windy.
It's way too windy.
You can do it.
You're a tough guy.
Jump out and swim.
That's the only way it's gonna work.
We both are fishermen.
You've got to anchor your feet.
Yeah, big sets
Brace yourself on the rock.
They're crushing a lot of bones.
They're mixing all together,
and they crush it
to chase out the bad evil
when you can't sleep at night.
This is skeleton of horse.
Chase out the bad evil.
Hi, how are you?
I'm doing well, thank you.
He'd like some medicine for good luck.
For who, himself?
Here's some.
Put it in water,
then use it to bathe with.
After that, you can bathe your body.
Bathe with it three times.
How are you?
We are well, thank you.
How are you today?
In fact I am ready.
I hope it's not too spicy.
Chief, we'd love to know
what you thought of the meal?
Starting with the beef,
it was delicious.
The fish and the ushatini were lovely,
and not too spicy.
I give you hundred percent.
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