Gordon Ramsay: Uncharted (2019) s03e01 Episode Script

Texas Throwdown

Let's do it.
Now he's staring at me.
You're gonna have
to get closer than that.
But you just wanna
secure the part that bites.
Right behind you Gordon.
He's angry now.
Watch out, watch out,
watch out, watch out.
Texas, the Lone Star State.
Famous for its oil,
cattle and searing heat.
My journey starts 90 miles
south west of Houston,
in Markham, a
vast rugged area.
Larger than most
countries in Europe.
They say every
thing's bigger in Texas.
And I hope to find out
what that really means.
I'm here to
meet talented chef,
Texan born, Justin Yu.
And he's gonna introduce me to
this incredible hearty land,
so I can really dig deep and
experience all
it has to offer.
What the hell?
Justin, good
to see you bud.
What a pleasure.
You sweating already?
I am
definitely sweating.
About to
put you to work.
Welcome to Texas.
Houston native, Justin Yu
was raised on Texan classics.
This award-winning chef
sharpened his skills in
Michelin star kitchens in
Europe and California before
returning to his roots.
At city favorite Theodore Rex
his acclaimed dishes show case
the freshness and
exciting variety of
local Texan ingredients.
What you doing?
cutting mesquite here.
Mesquite is the
hardest wood to ever cut,
but it's got the best flavor.
Texas chainsaw chef.
I'm from
Houston originally.
But my
family's from Hong Kong.
But that's the
thing about Texas.
There's a lot
of flavor going on.
And I'm
part of that flavor.
I thought we were
gonna have a little bite
to eat and sort
of get up to speed.
No, no, no, no.
You gotta work.
I got a chili going.
Can we
taste the chili first?
No, no, no.
You can take
down all of this and
then we'll pull
it out together.
We'll build a fire and
we'll have that chili.
You started
one of those up before?
Ah, yeah,
yeah, yeah, yeah.
Come on.
Come on.
Pull, pull.
What the (bleep)?
Get your safety off.
Alright that's good.
Let's go grab some chili.
I am starving.
One last thing.
If you're gonna be in Texas,
you gotta have a hat.
Oh come on. Stop it.
really, seriously?
You're in Texas.
It's, it's a rite of passage.
What'd you think?
You look
terrible in that.
Thank you, exactly.
You're gonna
have to earn that.
Here we go.
Let's do it.
I've got a hat
and no horse.
Made with venison
instead of the usual beef,
Justin's signature chili has
a reputation that precedes it.
More importantly, it tells
me that Texan cuisine has
room for interpretation.
I can't wait to taste it.
Oh boy, now that
smells delicious.
pretty simple overall.
There's no rice.
No beans at all.
It's getting
thickened by the spices.
No beans?
In a chili?
In a chili.
This is no filler I mean
Wow that is delicious.
That is so spicy.
Oh my god, I'm sweating
big time now, honestly.
Well, you're gonna
sweat a lot more after this.
Man, what I'm
experiencing early on is that,
there's a toughness to Texas.
There's a
definite toughness to Texas.
You definitely build
a level of character.
I grew up cooking in
kitchens like yours.
And being able to take
that kind of beating on
the day to day on the kitchen.
Because I'm from Texas
I was able to take it.
Now that you're here
I really want you to
experience Texas, you know.
I want you to
meet the characters.
I want you to hunt, I want
you to, uh, go to the ranches.
I want you to go see the
people who make the food,
what it is and give
it all the character.
How about we cook a little bit
for everybody that you meet?
Maybe we'll call
it a throw down.
Show me all that flavor
that you learned from Texas.
So start off where?
Where do you wanna send me?
I'll send you to a
ranch to herd some cattle.
And don't forget your hat.
Texas throw down.
Texas throw down.
I'm not a
big fan of a cowboy hat.
I don't look like a cowboy.
But I tell you what, I better
get my shit together and
get as tough as a
cowboy, you know,
for the final cook at
the end of the week.
My first stop in Texas,
Justin's sending me to meet
a lifelong rancher, who's
gonna show me what it takes
to wrangle cattle in
the Lone Star state.
Good morning.
Nice to
see you, you good?
Clint Radley.
My goodness what an
amazing drive that was.
nice to meet you.
Maddie likewise,
good to see you.
nice to meet you.
Good to see you too.
Maddie and Meredith's hats,
boots and giant belt buckles
show me they definitely know
their way around a steer.
I just hope they
aren't into chef roping.
They say you've
got the best beef
We got some.
Anywhere in Texas.
What's so special about it?
It's tender,
it's juicy.
Tastes amazing.
We gotta
go gather 'em first.
Right, okay.
You gonna
help us with that?
Ah, yeah, what
just run behind them and
shoo them up?
Yeah well,
they'll be on horses.
We're gonna put
you on a horse.
And then I'm gonna get
on my horse over there.
So a little different style.
That's your horse?
A helicopter?
It's faster,
doesn't eat as much so.
And you want me
on a saddle next to you?
With them.
How old were you when
you first got on a saddle?
Ah, three.
You'll be good.
Just don't get
bucked off, easy as that.
As in don't get
thrown off the horse.
my horse's name?
Come on, six foot two,
225 pound on a good day and
now I'm sat on a mouse.
Have you
got a hat by the way?
It's sunny.
Yeah listen, I
know I look like an out
of place Brit, but trust me.
It's alright.
That'll do.
It is a little
bit too clean though right?
It looks a little bit too new.
I'm sure it'll fall
off in a minute or something.
It will.
Some point.
You sure
you don't need any
help in that helicopter?
Nah, I don't
need any help up there.
I'm not
that good on horses.
You'll learn.
You'll learn.
Ladies let's go.
Let's go, let's go, let's go.
Right ladies, we set?
You don't need gloves.
We are but what
are you doing with the gloves?
it's a horse right?
No, you need
to get some man hands.
Some man hands, okay.
Right so this is Mouse.
That's right.
Just try and keep me
on this thing will you please?
Don't fall off.
Come on.
Hello. Left, left.
Oh kick, thank you.
Thank, let's go.
Turn, thank you.
There you go.
Okay. Oh.
There you go.
Well you just
gotta feel the rhythm.
Feel the rhythm.
Don't be tense.
Be loose.
Feel the
horse, the horse can
sense if you're nervous.
nervous the horse is
gonna act all jittery.
It's impressive that
Mouse can sense my fear
but I'd be more impressed if
he could sense which direction
I'm trying to go.
Where we going?
Fortunately, Clint and
his team are on the way with a
pair of helicopters to help.
Justin said search
for the best beef.
I'm getting a newfound
respect for that level of
search because I've never,
ever gone this far for
such amazing beef.
Okay, where are the cows?
So, in here.
in this brush.
Are we
going in the bush?
Yeah, just make sure
that they don't come back over
on this side.
So make sure they
don't come back this side?
keep 'em in the middle.
He's gonna
push 'em out to us.
Oh my God.
look cow, cow, cow.
There, there,
there, there, there, there.
Alright so Gordon.
You don't wanna
get in front of 'em.
You wanna stay behind 'em
so you can push 'em.
Gotcha. Oh shit.
Come on Gordon.
Ladies wait for me.
Whenever we are pinning cows,
you know we only get one
shot and then that's it.
wait for me please.
I ain't
waiting for his ass.
You know I didn't
wanna leave him but I took off
and had to do what
needed to be done.
There's two
back there Meredith.
Yeah. Yes sir!
Have any
idea how hard this is?
Huh? I swear to God.
Go on.
They make it look
so easy, cowgirls,
buckle, huge hat,
belt, jeans etc.
But underneath all that you
know it's a tough process.
Okay yeah. Wait, wait, wait.
Wait, wait, wait.
Mouse man.
Maddie help him.
My God.
That was crazy.
Gordon, you good?
Bloody hell.
Coming now.
Wait, wait, Mouse, Mouse.
How we doing?
No, not very good.
Not very good?
No, he threw me off.
But I think the
helicopter spooked him.
He just kept on
spinning round.
So just follow us.
Alright you see Gordon.
We're all going over there.
Out back there,
there's a lot of terrain and
it's uneven and brush etc.
And yeah I'm on with a
flimsy pair of trousers
and a cowboy hat, trying
to blend in with the locals.
I stood out for all
the wrong reasons.
Gordon what happened man?
She went crazy.
Huh? Okay.
You ready? Let's go.
All good, yes.
Let's go.
may be useless on a horse,
but thankfully
Meredith and Maddie,
along with
their dad in the sky,
get the job done.
Come on momma.
Are they all in?
Yes sir.
You did pretty
good for a first-time cowboy.
That was
crazy, seriously.
Honestly well done.
Now comes the hard part.
What'd you mean?
That wasn't it?
No that was part of it.
Oh my God.
I'm in Texas and have
just herded cattle
in exchange for some top shelf
steaks for my final cook.
But apparently
I'm not finished.
Now comes the hard part.
That wasn't it?
No that was part of it.
just hope the hard part
she's referring to doesn't
involve another saddle.
My swollen bollocks are a
testament to the saying that
every thing's bigger in Texas.
So the
next thing we'll do,
we'll bring the
cows back here.
We'll bring 'em in here, we'll
vaccinate 'em for diseases and
parasites that we
deal with down here.
Put it in their mouth,
shoot paste down their throat.
Kills the parasites.
It's like a worming.
What you're gonna do
Make sure
it's in their mouth and
then you're just
gonna squeeze it, once.
We're behind you.
Yeah and you
gotta make sure that
they swallow it.
Oh man, all
I want is some beef.
All I want is a T-bone,
a tomahawk, a fillet.
I'll take the flank,
I'll take the hoof.
Give me something! Please.
Man, this
beef better taste good.
Watch the
ones with horns.
Watch the ones, oh okay.
You'll get hooked.
giving the cows their medicine
Clint assures me
they're used to the process,
and it's painless.
Apparently they
just don't like me.
Oh Shit.
All I want is some beef.
That's what I, girls.
You gotta earn it.
Down the hatch.
There you go,
there you go.
Good job.
Yes gotcha. One in.
I think when it
comes to wrangling cattle,
I think Gordon should
just maybe stay a little,
little farther away
and back into the kitchen
rather than in a saddle.
So how do you like Texas?
Could we not
just feed them a tablet?
Give them a little
tablet in their hay?
Here you go.
There you go.
Yeah Gordon.
That's crazy.
Please, I beg you, can I
have some beef now? Please?
Do you
think he's earned it?
Yeah, you
can have some beef now.
I think so.
Yeah? You
girls are strong man.
Oh my God.
That was a
challenge and a half,
let me tell you.
There's a price to pay for
the most amazing beef and
I think I just paid it.
This is one staple
that's gonna feature
across the final cook.
Now Texas is known for
its beef, pork and barbecue.
But today I'm after
a different protein.
That's right, rattlesnake.
Now I know Texan's
are tough but come on,
this seems downright crazy.
Come on, seriously?
only three days until I
face off against Justin,
I'm heading west to the
rolling hills of Runge,
to meet Bob Hansler.
Nice to see you. You good?
Glad you made it.
A survival expert and
former biology teacher who,
along with the help of
his trusty dog, Huck,
can apparently
catch a rattlesnake
with his eyes closed.
I'm after an
alternative protein,
a protein that's
close to your heart.
What's so special
about the rattlesnake?
Well it's a
good cut of meat.
Is it that good?
Do they taste that good?
They taste amazing.
And Texas has plenty of 'em.
And within
striking distance,
the safest sort of,
you're what?
Two thirds of a
length they can strike.
And that's typically
about 175 miles an hour.
That fast?
That fast.
So they have the rattle,
the rattle goes off,
that's your warning.
You keep going
expect to get bit.
Right, I'm happy to
stand by, you're the expert.
So what I'll do, I'll stand
about a meter behind you.
That's, that's
not gonna work man.
I'm, I'm legally blind.
Sorry just help
me out one more time.
You're what?
I can't see your face
but I can hear a rattlesnake,
I'll, I'll tell you
where I hear 'em.
But you're, you're the
man with the stick today.
So you're blind?
Yes sir.
This eye is completely dead.
This eye is pretty shot.
And you're
still chasing snakes?
Well I've
got you to do that.
You haven't got any in
the freezer I can just nip up
to the house and try?
No such thing,
you got fresh meat today.
you're a tough cookie.
Where do we start?
Western Diamondbacks
are abundant in Texas.
And normally it's
best to steer clear if
you stumble across one.
Despite playing a key
role in this ecosystem,
many people think
of them as pests and
every year thousands are
killed and thrown away.
But if you were in
dire need of food,
this is how you'd hunt one.
This looks like a, uh,
little ravine down here.
This is a den.
Down here?
So watch your step.
Walk through.
Just watch out
for the fire ants,
the centipedes,
the vinegarroons,
the scorpions, all that stuff.
So first you
need to look around.
All these holes that
you just stepped over,
these are all egress points
where that snake can come out
and mess with you.
Right so even
stepping over that there
could have been
one under there?
Absolutely, it's a
perfect rattlesnake habitat.
What about
that down there in there?
That's what
we're going for.
Under that sandstone.
Do you hear
anything Gordon?
Yeah, my
bum's twitching like a
rabbit's nose right now.
No I
can't hear anything.
Take your
snake stinger there.
Bang it around.
See if you can't
upset something.
If they're not in there we're
gonna have to go hunt down
a few other spots.
Yeah, let's
go try, plan B.
I got another spot up here.
It works out.
Let's go Huck.
I've got plan C.
It's called the
You hear that?
Can you hear that?
We've found our rattler.
Now the only thing that
stands between me and
lunch is an angry
venomous snake.
Even I can smell my own fear.
At least I hope that's fear.
It's up to
you now Gordon.
You're gonna have to
get closer than that.
That's your job.
I can hear him.
I can't see what
you're seeing though.
Just be safe.
Now he's staring at me.
Right watch yourself.
Look around before
you step in there.
Bloody hell.
How am I gonna get
it round the neck
if the body's in the front?
You're gonna have
to make that call Ramsay.
As long as you're
calm about it.
Sometimes they'll let you,
sometimes they won't.
You can go up to
about six or seven inches
behind the head and be safe.
But you just wanna
secure the part that bites.
And make sure it
can't come back on you.
You have 40 inches
on your pole.
That's all you got.
Let's do it.
Right behind you Gordon.
Once and done right.
He's angry now.
Watch out, watch out,
watch out, watch out.
Let's do it.
I'm in Runge, Texas,
trying to catch a rattlesnake
with the help of a blind man.
Holy shit.
This could literally
be a meal to die for.
You can scope under him.
But once you clamp down,
the rodeo begins.
Got him?
He's angry now.
Bring him on out.
Bring him out.
You're gonna start
pulling him out Ramsay.
You got him?
Do you have him?
I've got him,
is he clipped at the end?
I can't see
what you see man.
As long as the
body end is secured.
I can see some white flashing.
It looks like
you've made him angry.
Coming out.
Watch out, watch out,
watch out, watch out.
He's going mad.
He's going mad.
There you go.
quick flick of the knife and
the head is off.
But we're still
not out of danger.
Alright you got the head.
Holy shit.
And, uh,
that is still moving.
Still full of venom,
it can still do you pain.
And they will
still strike at you.
Even without its body.
That's yours. Well won.
Man you're insane.
Heck yeah.
I swear to God.
Oh, that's a
nice-looking snake.
hell man.
Look at that.
Man, shall we
Let's go cook it up.
Bloody hell's bells.
That has to be the most
insane thing I've ever done.
Because one wrong move and
that thing's coming at
you at 170 miles an hour.
And trust me, I'm fast
but not that fast.
Beautiful skin.
And rattle, excellent.
That is insane.
Head off, skin off, guts out
and it's still moving.
It's crazy.
A little
bit different eh?
Alright, so the
cactus pad here.
Again things that
wanna hurt you in Texas.
This is what we're gonna
use to cook this snake.
We need to take
the thorns off.
Alright so I'm gonna
hand this over to you.
You're gonna
use the flame and
you're just
gonna rotisserie it.
So it's like
singeing the hairs off a duck.
Very much so.
This is like
nature's tin foil.
You take that knife and
you're gonna make a vessel.
A pocket for that
snake to go inside of.
What a great idea.
Cause it's so wet inside, so
it's gonna keep that moisture
in there as well.
And it's still fighting back.
With the rattler coiled
into the cactus pad,
next Bob has me bury
the cactus in the ashes.
Keeping it away from
the open flames and
cooking the snake
to perfection.
That is incredible.
What an amazing way of
steaming a rattlesnake.
Woo! What a job.
45 minutes in the hot ashes,
and it's time
for my first ever
cactus cooked rattlesnake.
Already that smells
delicious do you know that?
Absolutely right on top of here.
Bloody hell.
There's steam coming off.
look at that.
Oh my lord.
So it's got the
texture of a sort of
beautiful delicate chicken.
The back strap on
either side of the backbone,
she's a really long
excellent piece of meat.
My God.
This is incredible.
Really good indeed.
You know, rattlesnake
as a star dish? Maybe not.
But as a specialty yes.
I don't think Justin is
planning on rattlesnake.
So another secret
weapon up my sleeve.
At this point
I'm gonna hand you off
to my daughter, Bree.
Right, where is she?
Yeah? Oh God.
not thrilled with the idea of
hiking further into
this snake infested brush.
But Bob has assured
me that Bree is an
avid outdoors woman,
who can show me some
of the edible jewels this
back country has to offer.
Hey Bree.
Hey Gordon.
Good to see you
my darling, you good?
Yeah I'm great,
how are you?
Oh man,
that was insane.
Really? How'd it go?
Bob's incredible.
Now he said there's other
excitement in this forest,
little trinkets, little gems.
There's so many things
out here you can use and eat.
Man I feel
slightly over dressed.
You've got shorts on girl.
And I've got trousers on.
I have an extra
pair you can borrow.
You honestly wanna
see me in a pair of shorts in
the middle of this forest?
Why not?
I do feel
slightly awkward.
I've got gloves,
a knife, trousers.
And she's there like
she just auditioned for
the Dukes of Hazard.
So what is that?
So this is
the Texas wild pecan.
Is it really?
They're so much smaller
than ones at the store,
but they're so much sweeter.
Gordon you can just do this.
beautiful, so small.
How does it taste?
Really good.
Very sweet huh?
These would be nice on
like a pecan crust right?
Or roasting them.
What else is here?
We have some
wild onions coming up.
Where would you find
You see
the little flowers?
These are wild onions?
Man she
knows her stuff.
You know to my naked eye,
and to her eye walking
through that forest,
I mean she's
spotting everything.
Mmm, that's lovely.
That's sweet onion.
The onions, that was
a fascinating thing.
Cause those tiny little
onion flowers leading to
this little bulb.
But so sweet and delicious.
We're on to
the prickly pear cactus.
Oh my God,
look at those, man.
in the spiny interior of
the prickly cactus, Bree
shows me the well-guarded and
tasty fruits known as tunas.
And if you have
some seeds it's okay,
just don't chew 'em.
Just swallow 'em.
Taste like pomegranate, right?
That's delicious.
You do know your
way around a forest.
Hopefully it was helpful.
Beyond helpful, well done.
Thank you.
I don't think Justin's
gone off the beaten track
the way I have.
I may just have the edge here.
There are two days left
until the final cook
and I'm still looking
for a main dish.
And since I'm in
Texas I wanna go big.
I mean really big.
So I'm going
hunting for feral hogs.
meeting up with Rick Rosser,
a local hunter.
Good to see you bud.
Glad you
finally made it.
Here ranchers don't
have rat problems.
They have pig problems.
Rick knows just where these
wild hogs like to congregate.
I just hope it's not
around rattlesnakes.
Desperate for a big
meaty protein ahead of
the big cook.
They say you've
got the best hogs,
feral hogs, uh, in the land.
Uh, and I can't wait,
fingers crossed
to get my hands on them.
I've got some nice
size roasters out there.
This time of year the
fat is just right on 'em.
Love that.
Beautiful legs.
I see ribs.
Now what's so special
about these feral hogs?
They are an
invasive species down here.
They tear up acres upon
acres of land every night.
Farmers can't catch up on
planting sometimes because
the hogs come in at night or
even sometimes during the day,
and just tear the crops up.
They come in, they get in,
they root with their nose,
watch out, what, the
mosquitoes get you brother?
Yeah they are,
they're eating me alive.
You know let's get
momma's recipe vanishing cream
on ya and let's
get you a new shirt.
And you're gonna be
right as rain okay?
Okay, what is it?
Like a
Well let's just
call it all natural.
All natural? Mhm.
Better you
not ask questions.
Turns out Rick's all
natural mosquito repellent
will also help
cover my human scent.
And attract the hogs.
A pig cologne if you will.
Close your mouth.
Don't wanna get your mouth!
That smells like piss.
Don't worry about it.
There might be some of that.
It helps the sting go away.
What is that?
It's momma's recipe.
Momma's recipe.
What we shooting with?
Shooting with
a replica golden boy,
45 long Colt.
Cowboy gun, lever action,
real John Wayne style.
Pigs out there, when
we see 'em, you know,
it's not that, uh,
they're gonna charge,
but if they do we
definitely wanna be
ready with something close.
Yes sir,
let's do this.
Let's go.
It's gonna be great.
Alright now remember,
we're gonna walk in and
we have to be quiet.
takes me to a blind near
a clearing where the
hogs are frequently seen.
He also says I
need to be patient and
as silent as possible.
This could be my
biggest challenge yet.
You think the pigs
coming across that
This green tree
right there, you'll see
them running in that brush.
And if you look in that tree
line you'll just see a blur.
waiting is excruciating.
is trying to stay quiet.
Not to mention that
I smell like hog piss.
Is this about
the time now? Dusk?
7:16. Every day for
the last 5 days they've been
here starting at 7:23 to 7:25.
Suddenly there's a
rustling in the trees.
I'm hoping it's the hogs
we've been waiting for.
Come on, baby.
nightfall in Texas and
I'm hunting for feral hog.
I can hear the hogs
and I can smell the hogs.
I just can't see them.
Come on, baby.
Oh well. That's hunting.
That's so
annoying because we're
perfectly set up for it.
And you even
smelled good too.
Time's like tonight
you can never underestimate
the intelligence of a hog.
They are clever animals.
One smell or
waft of a shampoo,
you know even your
voice crackling.
That moment's gone.
Is there any chance
you can get me some hog for
the end of the week, please?
I think I can
talk to some friends. Maybe
some family can help us out.
Thank you. Damned
frustrating. Good job, bud.
Tonight wasn't our night.
But he's assured me
he's gonna get me some.
So they say it's that good,
I've gotta hold on to that.
But I just don't like
going home empty handed.
GORDON Because
we're so close to the border,
I want to add some Tex Mex
flavors to my menu at
the final cook.
I'm about to meet
an expert who still makes
the traditional
corn tortillas today,
which may just give me
that edge over Justin.
how you doing?
Very well
thanks bud, how are you?
I'm great.
Welcome to Texas.
Oh my lord,
good to see you my man.
Emanuel Chavez is a local chef
whose life is
fueled by his passion for
the traditional tortilla.
Super important.
You can't come to Texas
and not represent the
other side of the
border and I'm gonna
show you how to do it.
gonna do it together.
please, please.
GORDON Emanuel
starts with a lesson on how to
make the perfect masa,
a dough made from corn.
So right
here we have cornico.
It's a native
seed from Mexico.
This is our base
for our tortilla,
which turns into masa.
So the idea
now is to grind it?
So it's a blue?
It is a blue corn,
it stays blue.
It's gorgeous.
We're gonna make
blue tortillas,
shall we start?
Yes so
So you're
gonna grab a little
handful of these cornicos.
You gotta start from the top.
You gotta do so
almost like a pasta motion so
with your wrist you're
gonna roll forward and
then roll backwards.
There you go.
There you go.
Oh my God.
Wow! They're incredibly,
uh, powdery now isn't it?
That's the, that's
the masa coming out.
That's the starch.
The starch.
You're doing great.
The challenge
for me was the, the grinding.
So you're sort of
rolling and spinning,
rolling and spinning.
It's all in the wrist.
Man that's incredible.
Grab a little bit
and just make it into a ball.
Like a little ball.
It looks dry but
it's actually quite wet.
Oh no, it's perfect.
It's a perfect masa.
That's lovely.
You did a great job.
GORDON Masa made
and with Emanuel's brisket
already simmering I'm
dying to make a tortilla.
But we're not done.
Before we
finish our tacos we
need one more ingredient.
One more ingredient.
I'll show
you where it's at.
The Pequin pepper.
Pequin pepper?
The national pepper from Texas.
Bloody hell. Are they
Texas Longhorns?
Absolutely yeah.
Stop it.
They're gorgeous huh?
Oh my goodness.
Man, they are beautiful.
Look at those.
How majestic are they?
They're big boys too.
Okay, let's
not get them disturbed.
Let's go.
Oh okay.
Where are those peppers?
They're right
there in that corner.
That's them there?
That's it right here.
They're gorgeous aren't they?
incredible how they just
grow wild like that huh?
So red and green?
Red and green yeah.
Red super-hot right?
Yeah, I'm
gonna try a green one.
Just to be safe.
Go from there.
Yeah. Oh.
Texas right there.
So the idea is
to lightly press them and
then finish them in the stew?
That's what we're gonna do.
Man, excellent.
All of them in there?
Peppers crushed and
added to the brisket,
it's time to finish
making the tortillas.
That should be fine.
Yeah there?
That's beautiful.
Actually you have done
well today, that's perfect.
Man look at that.
Yeah you got
it on your first try.
Wow. Wow.
And straight into the skillet?
Yeah, and you're
gonna do one motion.
Don't toss it,
just gently love it.
Make love to it.
There you go.
Wow look at the
color of those things.
As soon
as you see the edges
start to cook a little bit,
like that one,
I give it a flip.
Just flip
it with your fingers?
Yeah just ready to flip.
Tortillas finished,
it's time to taste
the fruits of our labor.
Oh my God,
that is incredible.
Wow, what a
delicious combination.
But it starts with the base.
The foundation of
the Tex Mex tortilla.
Nothing's disintegrated, and
I was slightly nervous about
how thin it was.
It's so pliable and the
starchiness is absorbing all
that incredible
flavor from the brisket.
Getting to grips with
a authentic tortilla for
me makes that dish
transform into something
even more delicious.
I'd love to use these
for the final cook.
Would you mind?
Not at all.
You're a star.
Thank you.
Thanks bud.
Good luck.
This week's been incredible.
And Texans are
definitely tough.
They're a gritty
bunch and trust me,
Justin's been satisfying
their palettes for
all his cooking life.
So this could be one of
my toughest cook offs yet.
Gordon, welcome back.
Watch out for the cow patties.
Bloody hell,
what a week.
How was Texas?
Did Texas kick your ass?
It did more
than kick my ass.
You good bud?
I'm good.
Oh my goodness me.
Oh, you feel tougher.
Now three
amazing dishes.
One incredible week.
Fancy a bet?
Always down for a bet.
So not a
big fan of the hat.
If I win, you
get to wear a kilt.
If I lose I'll keep the hat.
Then you're totally
gonna be wearing the hat cause
there's no way in hell
I'm gonna wear a kilt.
Dude I'm gonna,
I'm gonna kick your butt.
You ready?
I'm ready to go.
Let's go.
Yeah there's
no way I'm losing to you.
deep in the heart of Texas,
where chef Justin Yu and I are
battling the heat to prepare a
meal worthy of
the Lone Star State.
What a week.
Crazy but good.
Good, did
you see any hogs at all?
Ah, do you
know what, we heard them.
It's interesting you can
actually smell the hogs right?
Because they've got their sort
of musky sort of smell of
Yeah they're mean.
They're mean as hell.
But he
doused me in hog piss.
When you live in
Texas you end up being covered
in hog piss every
once in a while.
GORDON If being
covered in hog piss is what it
takes to get a beautiful pig
like the one Rick brought me,
then I think I've
found my new cologne.
So I'll do a rib.
How can I not?
Unfortunately, Justin's also
using pork but this time
in his signature dish.
Kind of
like a pork chili,
as opposed to the venison
that we're normally used to.
We got this,
still got the hoof on.
I'm gonna cook down some
of these jalapeño peppers,
Fresno peppers.
All that spice is a
little much for you, uh.
But you're gonna need
it since you're gonna
be wearing that hat.
Because there's no way in
hell I'm losing to you.
You can't see
yourself in a kilt?
You know what they
say in Scotland?
It's what we have
underneath that counts.
Now I get it Justin.
Texas is bigger, bolder
Yeah that's right.
So I'm gonna put these on a
dry rub and then just sort of
grill them and then wrap them.
They've got a smoky rub there.
A little bit of
coffee add to your chili.
Coffee as your rub.
I mean a little bit
of bitterness goes a long way.
You gonna be
cooking some beef?
I'm gonna
do a bone in rib eye.
No fancy cuts here with
tenderloins etc. I may do a,
a like a chimichurri.
You know with some
beautiful onions.
Grill the onions as well.
Maximize on flavor right?
Who would have
thought herding cattle
with two young cowgirls,
13 and 16 years of age,
helicopters flying everywhere.
It was ridiculous.
Let me tell you.
I'm gonna
also do some beef here.
I got some really
beautiful hangar steaks.
I'm gonna sear
them really simply.
We got that nice
mesquite right there.
Nice look at those.
How beautiful are they?
Oh wow,
those are fantastic.
So I've marinated
them in the dry rub.
Now just season them and
Straight on the grill.
Straight on the grill.
Can you imagine
if I put these in a
nonstick pan in front of you?
There's no way.
We chopped down
all that Mesquite.
There's no
reason we shouldn't use it.
Exactly that my man.
For the first time ever,
in my career, I got up
to speed with the
most amazing tortilla.
So good.
So I'm actually
having a little bit of
trouble coming up
with a third dish.
You have some of
Emanuel's tortillas?
You think I could
maybe steal a few from you?
Hold on a minute.
Oh, come on.
Hold on a minute.
Basically you swindled
one of my friends to get to
help you try to win.
I did
my homework buddy,
that's what I did.
Well I was
thinking about making
a tostada out of it.
And I'm gonna
need some tortillas.
Here you go.
I just need like four.
There you go.
Thank you.
This is
a tough one this one.
You know that?
It's a very tough one.
I've given up my tortillas.
But that's alright.
I'm fairly certain my ace in
the hole will be something
Justin won't
have on his plate.
Please tell me I've done
something you've never done.
Have you even gone
hunting for those things?
Every once in a while
you walk into the chicken coop
and they'll be eating the egg
and you gotta chase it down.
They meant business,
let me tell you.
But a lot sweeter
than I expected.
So what are you
doing with the rattlers?
I'm gonna
sort of roll them in a
little bit of cornmeal.
And then give
them a quick sauté.
And I think then they'll
be better in a short of
broth stroke sort of soup.
How do you think this
rattlesnake would go over in
your London restaurant?
They would be up in arms.
Yeah, look at the color
of that rattlesnake now.
Then I'm gonna put
that into the broth and
then start that lovely flavor.
Grill those onions and let
those onions sit on top.
What'd you think?
That sounds
pretty Texan to me.
You learned pretty well.
It sounds
like Justin Yu is
gonna be in a kilt
for the next six months.
I mean,
I'm telling you that's
definitely not gonna happen.
So I'm gonna
use that liver and
the heart from the boar.
I'm actually
gonna hit it with a
little bit of whiskey.
Probably take a little myself.
You want some?
You trying
to get me drunk?
Any way to win.
Oh my God.
Look at that.
Now that is a rib eye,
true Texan style right?
That's right.
So these hangar steaks I'm
just gonna do pretty quick.
But just salt and a lot
of confidence is what
you're looking for.
Salt and confidence.
Now that sounds
like Texas right there.
So these little sweet onions,
I'm just gonna hit them on
the grill for
literally 30 seconds.
Look how beautiful they are.
Those are fantastic.
You forage them yourself?
Well with
the help of Bree, yes.
So beautiful.
That foraging
honestly, pecans.
It's pecan.
It's not a pee-can.
It's not
something you piss in.
My friends from the
past week are arriving.
If past experience
is any indicator,
they'll be as tough as
judges as they are characters.
Good afternoon.
You ready to eat?
Good to see you man.
We are.
Smells good.
I hope it's good.
Okay toasted pecans.
Here we go.
Pee-cans or pecans?
alright, alright.
So defensive.
the moment of reckoning.
And in Texas that
means something.
While Justin has grown
up with these flavors,
it's my turn to show my
new friends that this old Scot
can hold his own in
the Lone Star State.
This stew looks
like it's just about ready.
gonna need to be bud.
Cause I've got that
kilt in the back of my wagon.
That cowboy hat's
gonna look real good on
you for a long time.
With a table of
hungry Texan's waiting,
it's time to see if
I can hold my own in
a culinary showdown
in the Lone Star State.
So good to see
you all, there we go.
Um, a little
intro for the dishes.
Bob, we'll start off with
that incredible rattlesnake.
I've dusted it in corn,
beautifully grilled it and
I made a broth out
of all those hog bones.
And then finished it, Bree,
with those amazing sweet
onions that we foraged.
Alright so we've
got a pot of wild boar chili.
Rick hooked me up with a
really fantastic boar leg.
I just stewed it
down with just peppers.
Dish number two.
So I got the ribs, slightly
smoked and then grilled.
Finished with barbecue sauce
and then I used some of
the tenderloin and
grilled them as well.
Finished with
some toasted pee-cans.
Come on now,
get it right.
And then we took
Emanuel's tortillas and
made Tostadas with 'em.
Refried beans on the bottom,
nopales sautéed with
some poblano peppers.
And then served
with chiwawa cheese.
I had some tortillas
but somebody stole them.
Well sometimes when
you gotta win, you gotta win.
Yeah, you're
home advantage you know.
All the way.
And then the
final dish has to be some of
the best beef on the planet.
I mean just incredible.
So I grilled the rib eye, did
a dry rub and then finished
them with like a
chimichurri with a nopales,
literally marinated those
rib eye in that chimichurri.
So we took some
of your hangar steak,
grilled it simply with salt
over a nice hot mesquite fire.
We're serving that
with baked potatoes.
We took the liver and
the heart from the boar,
marinated it with
a shot of whiskey.
With a little bit of
that those wild onions
you guys foraged.
Enjoy please, cheers.
Thank you.
Thank you.
They are
tucking in big time.
I mean it looks like
they're really digging after
that beef first, I would too.
Look what,
look what Bob's doing
with that rattlesnake.
Almost eating it
like a little chicken wing.
Okay is that good?
Who do you
thinks pulling it out?
Cause I'm pretty
sure I pulled this out.
I like Justin's.
I like Gordon's.
What, the beef?
I like Justin's.
Gordon's rib eye was
really good with the flavors.
I liked the lime
and the cilantro and
all the different
things happening in it,
cause I've never
had a steak like that.
I like
Justin's better.
It's pure beef and you
can really taste all of
the amazing natural
flavors that it has.
Very rare.
Gordon's is more
like a piece of art,
but that right there,
that's Texas.
What do
you guys think about
Justin's pequin tostadas?
Think they're great.
They were so good.
We're gonna talk
about Gordon's ribs.
I liked his ribs.
I liked the
fact that they got,
Gordon's ribs, they got
a little bark on 'em.
He's got the
moisture in there which
a lot of people lose.
And he didn't just
cover it with sauces.
That's some good
pork right there.
Right looks like
they're ready, shall we?
Yeah let's
figure this one out.
Okay happy faces.
Hey, Gordon.
Are we happy?
Very happy.
Why don't we
start with the beef first.
There was
one that really just
screamed Texas for me.
You know everything
was great on that dish.
The one thing it was
it just wasn't Texas.
Texas is steak on a plate.
Gotcha. So a
little bit too much garnish?
The potatoes had
no business being there.
In Texas
the beef needs to be the
statement of the plate.
Don't go
overboard right?
Message understood
loud and clear.
Let's talk about the hog.
Man those ribs had
the bark on it, the smoke,
had the sticky so you
gotta lick your fingers
and get another napkin.
It, it was a great dish.
I, I
gotta give it to him,
he can smoke a rib.
That's Texas yeah.
Don't get excited.
We're not done yet.
I'm just saying
that dish was good.
Slow your roll.
It's neck and neck.
Justin's taken the beef
and I've won with the pork.
It all comes down to
Justin's stolen tostadas
against my rattlesnake.
Bob, did we do
the rattlesnake justice?
You took a very
unconventional meat and
you gave it a, a
very unique flavor,
it's not quite Texas.
But I absolutely enjoyed it.
And then the tostada?
Good flavor.
It's definitely
Texas in a bite for me.
I'll take the snake.
So who's got the edge?
Woo! Sorry bud.
No, no, listen.
That was a close one.
Bless your heart Gordon.
You're just not from Texas.
Yes thanks for that Bree, um.
Congratulations bud.
Justin is a talented chef.
He cooks with such bold
flavors and no frills.
At one stage it was neck
and neck but he had the edge,
because he was Texan
through and through.
Well I'm glad I
don't have to wear that kilt.
I've had
an amazing week.
Thank you from the
bottom of my heart and
I am coming
back to Texas, okay?
welcome you back.
Thank you so much.
Yes? Take care bud.
See you soon.
So long.
Bye ladies.
What a rewarding
journey Texas has been.
I knew Texan's were a breed
of their own but never in
my wildest dream did I know
they possess that much grit.
I've hunted for
venomous rattlesnakes
with just a stick.
Foraged the back country
for thorny ingredients.
And herded cattle with
the help of a helicopter.
It's true, everything
is bigger in Texas.
Everyone is tougher in Texas.
And on that note on
to my next journey.
Captioned by
Cotter Media Group.
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