Gordon Ramsay: Uncharted (2019) s03e02 Episode Script

Portugal's Rugged Coast

Ricardo: Gordon
Gordon: Never turn, gotcha.
Gordon: (bleep).

Gordon: I'm off the
coast of portugal,
In south western europe I'm
starting my journey in nazaré,
Close to where
over 500 years ago,
Portuguese explorers set sail,
forging a vast global maritime
Empire that
monopolized the spice trade.
That was insane,
I'm here to meet, kiko martins,
A talented portuguese
chef who's had
Quite the journey of his own.
Now, he's gonna
introduce me to this lush,
Rugged, incredible country,
and get me up to speed with
The food and spirit that this
beautiful land has to offer.
Where is he?
There he is. Kiko.
Kiko: Gordon.
Come on in.
Gordon: Born in brazil,
to portuguese parents,
kiko martins,
Studied at the famous
cordon bleu, in paris,
Before honing his
skills in michelin star
kitchens across europe.
He returned to portugal
where he now celebrates
The simplicity of the
country's ingredients.
Gordon: Kiko.
Kiko: Gordon.
What took you so long, man?
Are you okay?
Gordon: Oh my god.
Good to see you, all good.
Kiko: All good, really?
Do you know, this
is the biggest waves
in the world, man.
Gordon: Seriously?
Kiko: Really.
If you come here
in the wintertime,
Between November and
February, this will get,
Like, 80 feet,
like 25 meters big.
Gordon: Mad.
So today I'm lucky.
Kiko: You are in
my country, so,
You are a lucky bastard.
Let's have a seat and I have
something prepared for you.
Gordon: First real
time for me in portugal.
Kiko: You'll love it.
Gordon: This week for me is
crucial to get to the true
dna of portuguese cuisine
Because they've always been
overshadowed by the spanish.
Kiko: It's good that you are
speaking about the spanish
Because we are definitely
different from the spanish.
The ocean plays a very
important role in our culture,
Community about food.
Portugal is a
country about simplicity.
And the quality
of the products.
Even for this,
this is barnacles,
And look at the size of this.
Gordon: So that's the?
Gordon: Percebes.
Kiko: Percebes.
Gordon: Percebes.
Kiko: Almost perfect.
I'll be your
portuguese teacher.
Gordon: Look at the size
of these, like elephant
toenails, they're huge.
Kiko: Huge.
Gordon: They're ugly,
what's so special about them?
Kiko: It's like a dip
into the sea, you know?
You can't get anymore sea than
this and the way I recommend
To eat this, like,
to dig into it, like,
You open it, and then the
big thing, look at this size.
Gordon: And what have
you just cooked them in?
Kiko: I just cooking them in
the water that they were in,
No butter, no cream,
no béchamel, nothing.
Just simple and then
the way to eat is, like,
To get, like, a
shark mouth, you know?
Like a, mm.
Gordon: A shark.
Kiko: Good?
Gordon: Wow.
I mean, they are delicious.
Kiko: Delicious, yeah?
Everything that comes from
this ocean, it's amazing,
That's what makes portugal
so special, you know?
Gordon: Do you think it's good
enough to compete with the
French and the spanish?
Kiko: Of course, for sure.
I love to beat them.
Gordon: Where does this
competitive streak come from?
How good are you on a
scale of one to ten?
Kiko: I'm around 9.9, maybe.
You'll tell me in the end.
I want to challenge you.
Gordon: Right.
Kiko: In the last day here,
in portugal,
We'll cook together for a
very important person here,
The mayor of nazaré.
Gordon: Seriously?
Kiko: But here gordon,
michelin stars don't
count here, okay?
Here, what counts is
what you're going to
learn in this week,
Just the
flavor of the food.
Understand the simplicity,
don't get too flash.
Gordon: So, keep it humble,
don't over complicate the
Kiko: Exactly.
Gordon: Right.
Kiko: And make it pure, yeah?
Gordon: That's so good.
Kiko: Stop eating this,
man, you have to deserve
to eat this, you know?
Gordon: I'm sorry.
Kiko: You have to go
to the ocean and find
this how to get this.
It's not an easy job.
Gordon: This is gonna be a
journey and a half and I'll
See you at the
end of the week.
Thank you for
lunch by the way.
Kiko: You're welcome, man.
Be courage.
Gordon: Kiko is
a tough cookie,
He's a strong,
strong, strong chef.
You gonna kick my ass?
Kiko: Over there.
Gordon: I'm gonna
kick yours too.
And then, the double
jeopardy, we're cooking
for the mayor, okay?
Not our purveyors,
not a fisherman,
But the mayor, so,
yeah, so he's set me up,
So, first off, percebes,
percebes, barnacles.
Man, those percebes
were absolutely amazing,
But, super simple,
now, according to kiko,
They're not simple to get.
He's arranged for me to
meet a very talented local
sea barnacle harvester,
Who'll show me how to really
get these prize assets.
Ricardo: Hey, gordon.
Gordon: Hi bud.
Ricardo: It's amazing today.
Gordon: Good to see you, bud.
I'm so happy to be here.
Ricardo: All good?
Gordon: Ricardo
cosme is a percebes harvester.
That does not look easy, okay?
He forages year round
for the barnacles
And knows the waters here,
Like the back of his hand.
Look at those waves.
Ricardo: It's gonna be rough.
Gordon: Percebes.
Ricardo: Percebes.
Gordon: Percebes.
Ricardo: Yeah, almost, almost.
Gordon: Let's go.
Wet-suit on?
Ricardo: Yeah.
Gordon: Is size
important for you?
Or thickness? No.
Ricardo: We're
talking about the percebes?
Gordon: We are
talking about percebes.
Ricardo: Of course,
of course he is.
Gordon: The
thickness, or the size?
Ricardo: Both.
Gordon: Both.
Ricardo: Two centimeters and
like thickness of a finger,
Those are the ones perfect.
They will cost roughly
90, 100 euros kilogram.
Gordon: 100 euros a kilo?
Ricardo: Yeah, because you're
risking your life doing this.
Gordon: Yeah. (bleep), I'll
just check on my insurance.
Percebes are even harder to
gather than to pronounce.
Each year in portugal,
a handful of people die
Collecting them.
Hopefully, the ocean isn't
hungry for a new victim.
Gordon: Gotcha, captain.
Man, like spiderman,
seriously, can you slow down?
Now we're slowly starting to
see the size of those waves.
Ricardo: Time to get wet.
Gordon: (bleep) me. Really?
For a veteran like ricardo,
This is a walk in the park.
But it makes me wish
I had a stunt double.
Gordon: (bleep)!
Gordon: Finding the
right size barnacles
takes incredible timing,
Great strength and
just a touch of crazy.
This is not like
foraging berries,
This is foraging on steroids.
That is amazing, bloody hell.
They are beautiful,
they're really beautiful.
Gordon: Is there really?
Ricardo: Look.
Gordon: (bleep).
This is mad. That's strong.
Ricardo: Careful. Gordon
Gordon: (bleep).
Gordon: (bleep) (bleep).
Gordon: With the final
cook in a few days time,
Failure is not an option.
So ricardo suggests we try
our luck in a different spot.
Ricardo: Try to catch
those ones, come on.
Got them?
Gordon: You start to
realize the danger when you're
Chipping away, with
the waves come in,
You let go, do you
let go of the goods,
Or do you save onto your life?
Ricardo: Woo-hoo.
You did it.
Gordon: 100 euros a kilo, one of
the most expensive shellfish
Anywhere on the
planet, I see why now,
Because they're
the most dangerous.
Ricardo: Let's go.
Gordon: Amazing.
This confirms how
rugged, but stunning,
This country is, especially on
the coastline because look at
It, to the naked eye
it just looks like,
You know, waves
pounding the rocks,
But there's so much
activity under there
and it's incredible.
Good job, well done, honestly.
Ricardo: Well done, gordon.
Gordon: Amazing.
Adventurous, dangerous,
stupid and delicious.
With only a few days
until I face off against kiko,
I'm heading inland to meet
german ex-pat, jürgen strayer.
To meet a farmer who
raises, what he claims,
Are some of the happiest
pigs in the world and
happy pigs he says,
Makes for the best pork.
I can't wait to taste it.
Jurgen: Good morning.
Gordon: How are you, sir?
Good to see you, man.
Jurgen: Yes.
Gordon: What a
beautiful place.
Jurgen: Yes, it's the
paradise for the pigs.
Gordon: What is the
secret behind the pigs?
Jurgen: Space and conditions.
In a conventional pig
you have 1 square meters,
Our pigs have 1,000
square meters and the
pigs running a lot,
That means we have a
very good muscles.
The meat is red like
beef more or less.
Gordon: That's
amazing, fit, posh pigs.
Jurgen: Yes, exactly.
Gordon: Wow, you
seem very connected,
Very passionate
about the pigs,
But, where are they?
Jurgen: Come with me,
I show the pigs.
Gordon: The pigs jürgen raises,
Are called, porco preto
or, portuguese black pigs.
This is the team here, right?
Jurgen: Yes, my colleagues.
Gordon: Today, we'll be
weighing the fattening pigs
to track their size.
Helping me will be
jürgen's farmhand,
Simon, his daughter isabelle.
Good morning.
And another farmhand, francisco.
Where are these pigs?
Jurgen: Swinies!
Gordon: Swinies.
First, we must corral the pigs.
Unfortunately, no-one
explained that to the pigs.
Jurgen: You have to run, run.
Hut, hut.
Gordon: Hold on, hold on.
Where are you going?
Jurgen: Hey, hey, hey.
Gordon: Swinies you little
bastards, come here.
God, they're not
small are they?
Watch out, watch out,
This is not gonna work is it?
Hey. Man, it's crazy.
Watch out,
isabelle, watch out.
No, no, no, no. (bleep)!
Hey. Isabelle, help me.
I'm in portugal, attempting to
corral the world's fittest pigs.
No, no, no, no.
Who are proving that
pigs can, in fact, fly.
Isabelle, help me.
Nice and gently.
How does the smallest
person get them rounded up?
Man, she's good.
Really good.
Bloody hell.
Wow, good job, boom,
good job, well done.
That's hard, huh?
Jurgen: And the
first one please, yes.
Gordon: One.
Jurgen: One, only one.
Gordon: How do we, how
I've never weighed a pig.
Jurgen: 163.
Gordon: 163 kilo?
Jurgen: 163 is blue.
Gordon: Blue.
Gordon: Their
weight is indicated by color,
I am literally
putting lipstick on a pig.
Jurgen: Perfect.
Next one. Okay?
Gordon: Happy pig, happy face.
Jurgen: Now we need more.
Gordon: Come on. Please.
Jurgen: This is a
very heavy pig.
Gordon: Red?
Jurgen: Red.
Okay, now.
Gordon: Lunch?
Jurgen: We have to work.
We cook soup for the pigs.
Gordon: Hold on a minute.
We're gonna cook
food for the pigs?
Jurgen: Exactly.
Gordon: You've
lost the plot, kid.
You've gone bananas.
Lunchtime for the pigs.
Jurgen: Exactly.
Gordon: Lunch for
these happy pigs is an
Enticing blend of
onions, carrots and potatoes.
Bloody hell.
All combined in a
pressure cooker.
Next you'll be telling
me you like them peeled.
Jurgen: A little bit more.
Gordon: Oh, man.
Jurgen: Okay. Ah, perfect.
Now we feed them.
Gordon: Hells bells.
Jurgen: Please.
You drive the machine?
Gordon: I've never driven
one of these things before.
Jurgen: I help a little bit.
Gordon: The tractor
engine is like a lunch bell.
Look at them running.
And whips the pigs
into a feeding frenzy.
Oh my god.
To make sure they eat equally,
The food must be spread
evenly along a 100 foot trough.
Jurgen: Push.
Gordon: Bloody hell.
Jurgen: You can drive.
Gordon: Wow.
Jurgen: Drive more.
You can drive. More.
Gordon: Oh, (bleep).
Jurgen: It's all on
the same place.
Now we have to spread this.
Turn the machine off.
Gordon: Off?
Jurgen: Turn the machine off.
Yes. You can go over this.
Gordon: We climb over?
Jurgen: Be careful.
Go in the middle and
push the material.
Gordon: Go in the middle?
Jurgen: Yes, no problem.
Gordon: Like a pig in (bleep)?
Jurgen: Yes.
Gordon: (bleep) hey,
excuse me, hey, excuse me.
How do you get in the
middle of these things?
Jurgen: No, no. Exactly.
Gordon: What a way to live,
what a way to farm ethically,
incredibly correct.
Honestly, the amount of
graft he puts into those pigs.
Jurgen: Pigs are very heavy.
Gordon: What a process.
Happy pigs, happy chefs,
happy customers.
Jurgen: Now let's taste, okay?
Gordon: Please.
Jurgen: Okay.
Gordon: Dirty work done,
I finally get a chance
to taste the porco preto.
Jurgen: Yes, we have
here different cuts,
The first is the most
famous cut, the secretos.
Gordon: Yes,
which is the skirt.
Jurgen: Yes, you cut
this normally on this way.
Gordon: On the bias.
Look at the fat in
there, that is incredible.
This cut is what?
Jurgen: Yeah, this is praisa.
Gordon: Praisa.
Which is rump?
Jurgen: Yes.
This is amazing,
it looks amazing.
Gordon: Oh my god.
That's what you want,
that's the marbling.
Jurgen: Yes, this is.
Gordon: That is beautiful.
So, can I throw
that on the grill?
Jurgen: Yes. Yes.
Gordon: A dash of salt and
90 seconds on the grill.
My god.
Is all it takes to
achieve perfection.
Look at that. Mm.
Jurgen: We'll start
with the secretos.
Gordon: The skirt.
Jurgen: Yes.
It's amazing, no?
Gordon: (bleep) hell.
I never thought
I'd kiss a pig,
Literally, I wanna
kiss the pigs.
That is incredible.
Shall we go for the rump?
The flavor inside,
that marbling, amazing.
And it feels
like I'm in japan,
I'm not, I'm in portugal.
I've had the most
extraordinary wagyu,
The most amazing
japanese kobe,
But this is on a
different level. Mm.
It's a melt in the
mouth experience.
If I can start combining
the sea here, with the land,
You know, I could be onto a
winner for the mayor of nazaré.
The best pork I've
tasted in my career.
I never thought I'd
say this to a german,
But, I love you.
Jurgen: I love you too.
Gordon: Doces, or desserts,
are a big thing here in
Portugal and kiko told me
about a dessert that literally
Dates back to the late
1800s, and get this,
It was actually a
mistake, that's right.
A delicious mistake.
How can a mistake
become so legendary?
I can't wait to find out.
I'm here to meet helena castro,
The owner of the bakery
that's been open for
nearly a century.
Gordon: Good morning.
Helena: Hello.
Gordon: Nice to see you.
I'm a massive fan
of desserts, doces.
Helena: We have the
best doces of the world.
Gordon: Doces, I
can't wait to taste them.
Helena: So, let's go and see.
Gordon: Hello ladies,
god, the smell is beautiful.
Helena: Yes, thank you.
Sylvia, this is gordon,
gordon this is sylvia.
Sylvia: Gordon, bom dia.
Gordon: Bom dia.
Yes, nice to see you.
Sylvia, the head baker,
Has been making these
cakes since she was a girl.
Gordon: And this is the cake?
Helena: Yes.
Gordon: And what's
the actual cake called?
Helena: Pão de ló.
Gordon: Pão de ló.
Helena: Yes,
it's a sponge cake.
Gordon: A sponge cake.
Helena: Yes.
Gordon: Amazing and so,
who created the recipe?
Helena: It was the nuns
from the cós monastery.
Gordon: Right.
Helena: King carlos came here
and the ladies were so nervous
Doing the cake for the king,
that they took it from the oven
A little bit earlier.
Gordon: So it was undercooked?
Helena: Yes.
The king found it delicious so
they started to do like that
Instead cream inside.
Gordon: Wow.
The ingredients for the cake are
As humble as its origin, a
combination of eggs and sugar,
With a shot of
portuguese liquor.
Just one for my grandma, next.
And lemon peel, all
mixed with flour, in a
machine from the 1940s.
Bloody, (bleep) what was that?
Helena: She's old, you know?
Gordon: Me or the machine?
If I'm still working in the
kitchen when I'm 80,
I'm sure I'll be making
some odd noises as well.
Helena: That's okay.
Gordon: Okay, next?
Just like I used
to do with mom,
just lick the spoon.
Helena: Yes. My god. Gordon.
Gordon: Right, next?
Helena: Now, you are
going to put it two thirds.
Gordon: Two thirds full.
Helena: Yes.
Oh, enough.
You are ruin me if
you put so much.
Now to the oven.
Gordon: Okay.
The tins bake for
approximately 15 minutes.
Mm, smells good.
Sylvia has perfected her
technique for over 30 years,
But I think some parts
of the process could
use a few updates.
She doesn't even
use an oven cloth,
She just uses pieces of paper.
Stop it, really?
The techniques are insane, it
was coming out undercooked,
It's all liquid
in the center, so,
It's a difficult dismount.
I have to be so
careful doing it.
Helena: See, easy.
(speaking native language).
Gordon: Oh my god.
Let's try, okay. (bleep).
Helena: Yes, oh.
(speaking native language).
I'm in a portuguese bakery,
Going head to head
with a scorching pan.
So far, the pan is winning.
Helena: Yes. Oh.
(speaking native language).
Gordon: Damn.
(speaking native language).
Helena: You see, the boss
is not paying that at
the end of the month.
Gordon: (bleep),
I need an oven cloth,
We can't do this with, like,
bits moving, no oven cloths.
Taking those
things out of the oven,
Trust me, it's difficult.
Oh, (bleep).
Any other paid chef in
the country would have
oven gloves, oven cloths.
Helena: Argh, my god. Gordon.
Gordon: This lady's got
two bits of cardboard.
Helena: Wait, wait, turn it.
Yes. Yes.
Gordon: Bloody hell.
Man, okay, slow down,
slow down, slow down.
After a few failed attempts,
I finally get the hang of it.
Now we're rolling.
I started off bad, I'm
gonna finish strong.
Oh (bleep). (bleep).
Damn it. Not easy.
Before I do anymore harm
to a national treasure,
Helena wisely distracts me
by letting me taste one.
Helena: This one was
made by sylvia yesterday.
Gordon: It's still
liquid in the middle.
Helena: The one of the
day before is better.
It gets creamy, see?
Looks creamy.
Gordon: Creamy.
Helena: Some people think that
we inject the cream inside,
But it's just the
cooking process.
Gordon: Hm.
Sylvia: Delicious.
Gordon: That is delicious.
That's one the most,
you know, difficult ways
of making a cake, ever.
Pão de ló, I mean,
it looks so simple,
But trust me, the
techniques are insane.
Helena: Thank you.
Gordon: Weirdly creamy.
Helena: That's why
the king like it.
Gordon: Yeah, I can see.
Lucky king.
Thank you very much, honestly.
She's a master, a
true master, sadly,
I think I got more on
the floor than in the box.
I'm dying to beat kiko,
But a great chef
knows his limitations and,
Since I can't talk sylvia
into being my sous chef,
They'll be no pão de ló
in the cook off.
With only two days left,
the hunt continues.
I'm headed back to the ocean
in search of the most
Beloved and iconic fish
in portugal: The sardine.
Joaquin zaror has been fishing
these waters since he was a boy.
Gordon: How are you, sir?
Joaquin: You alright?
Gordon: What an accent.
How are you, captain?
Joaquin: Not too bad.
Gordon: You good?
Joaquin: Yeah.
Gordon: Now that's
a northern accent.
Joaquin: Yeah, I was
living in England.
Have you ever been fishing?
Gordon: Many times.
Always with a rod and line,
never with a net.
Joaquin: You like
to go with a net?
Gordon: It's too easy,
fishing with a net.
Joaquin: Is it?
Gordon: Yes.
Joaquin: You wanna find out?
Gordon: I'd love to find out.
Joaquin: Come on then.
Let's do it.
Gordon: There are
the boys, hi guys.
The sardine is, hands down,
The country's most popular fish.
To catch them,
you need a boat,
A big net and, apparently,
a bunch of grumpy old men.
I fit in perfectly.
Joaquin: This type of
fishing is beautiful,
I love it.
Gordon: How old is the boat?
Joaquin: The boat is
about 40 years old.
Gordon: 40 years old?
Joaquin: Yeah.
Gordon: That's my age.
How far we going out?
Joaquin: Five miles.
Gordon: Five miles?
It's gonna take all week.
Can this boat go any faster,
I can (bleep) swim faster
than this.
Joaquin: Yeah, is small but.
Gordon: But they're sardines.
Joaquin: Yep.
Gordon: But is that enough
to drop the nets or not?
Joaquin: We need
to find some more.
Gordon: Gotcha.
It's funny out
fishing live for sardines,
When I grew up with
sardines on toast.
Joaquin: Yeah.
Gordon: But all my
sardines were from a can.
Joaquin: I've
got some in here.
Gordon: Seriously?
I can't serve them
to the (bleep) mayor.
Oh, is that a big
one here, coming here?
Joaquin: Yeah,
it's getting more.
Gordon: So a much
bigger bundle there.
Joaquin: We'll try,
it might come in.
Gordon: Exactly.
(speaking native language).
Gordon: The race is in
to surround the school
of fish with the net.
Wow. What a performance.
Before we're able to
close the net from below,
The sonar identifies
we aren't the only ones
after these sardines.
Gordon: (bleep).
We'll have to work quickly
to close the net and
Pull the sardines up, out
of the reach of the dolphins.
Is there an easier
Joaquin! (bleep)!
Joaquin: Come on, gordon,
you said to me this is gonna
be easy to catch sardines.
Gordon: Maybe not so
easy now, trust me.
Gordon: (bleep)!
Joaquin: Come on, gordon.
Gordon: Struggling
to secure the net
And pull our catch clear
of some hungry dolphins.
Joaquin: You said to
me, this is gonna be
easy catch sardines.
Gordon: Maybe not so
easy now, trust me.
Joaquin: Hey,
gordon, is easy cooking?
Gordon: No, well
yeah, you're right.
Joaquin: I tell you
what, get your jacket.
Gordon: A jacket?
When it's not raining,
And someone tells you
to grab a raincoat.
Where we going?
And head to the
other end of the net,
You know what's next is
not gonna be pleasant.
Oh (bleep).
Joaquin: Okay.
Gordon: I can't see.
(bleep) (bleep).
(bleep), seriously?
There's no (bleep) fish.
There's no fish.
Sardines, sardines,
where are they?
While a typical haul can
contain up to 60,000 sardines.
One sardine?
Nature doesn't always
play ball and
Sometimes, you can
wind up with nothing.
(bleep) me.
I only wanted 12 sardines,
and all that for two.
Man, that was insane.
Come here you little bastard.
When the last bit of the net is
finally pulled aboard,
It seems I've got just
enough for the cook.
Joaquin: This is the best
sardines because they
are the small one.
Gordon: Well I
underestimated that,
let me tell you.
Next time I see a sardine,
I know how hard it is to
Get them on board, bloody hell.
All that (bleep) work
for a dozen sardines.
I was expecting, you know,
buckets full of sardines.
Joaquin: Is that
easy to catch sardines,
Like you said before.
Gordon: No, it's not.
I apologize.
Last time I'm gonna open my
big mouth before I board,
Saying how easy it is
fishing with a net.
What a (bleep) idiot.
Now I've gotta
do these justice,
Keep it simple and let the
ingredients speak for itself.
It's the day before
I go head to head with kiko,
In the final cook and
I'm meeting with helder cunha,
The man responsible
for making one of the most
unique wines on the planet.
I'm hoping to find the perfect
pairing to the amazing seafood
And pork on the menu.
Helder. How are you, bud?
Helder: Great to see you.
So, you found this vineyard?
Gordon: Yeah, finding a
vineyard in this is crazy.
Helder: This is it.
Gordon: This is it here?
Helder: Yeah.
Gordon: Stop it.
It looks like rhubarb,
it's all in the sand.
Helder: Yeah.
Just laid on the ground.
Gordon: Never seen
grapes embedded in sand
and so low as well.
Helder: Sand makes
all the difference.
Gordon: Wow.
So, how old are they?
Helder: Around 200 years.
Gordon: 200 years.
Master winemaker, helder,
Brings me to meet señor gonzalo,
a man who has spent
His whole life tending
to these unique grapes.
Ahh. Okay. May I?
My god, so they're
all embedded, oh,
but in the sand.
Helder: They are.
They need to get that
heat from the sand
to really mature.
Gordon: And they stay in
the sand throughout the
whole growing process.
Helder: They stay in
the sand until today.
Yeah, so you came
in the perfect day.
We need to put these
grapes out of the ground,
So they get some air, and dry.
Gordon: Bloody hell,
what a process.
Where's the trellis?
Where do we?
Helder: No,
there's no trellis.
Instead of a modern trellis,
Señor gonzalo crafts simple
lifting posts from the reeds
That surround the vineyard.
Gotcha. May I?
What a technique.
The secret is not
to break the vine, right?
Helder: No, if you break,
there's no grapes.
That's perfect, that's perfect.
Gordon: Bloody hell.
Now they're starting to
hang though aren't they? Look.
Helder: One thing
you should know,
All these grapes, all these
leaves is just one sole vine.
Gordon: Stop it. Really?
Helder: Yeah. It's true.
Gordon: Some more
batons please, captain.
Thank you.
Thank you very much.
Helder: I believe he's afraid
that you ruin something.
Gordon: No, trust me,
I wouldn't ruin 200
years of history.
One mis-step, and I could
Accidentally destroy one of
the oldest vines in europe.
Helder: Please
don't step on them.
Gordon: Be careful.
Helder: Don't ruin anything.
Please, don't.
Gordon: Bloody hell.
Helder: Ah.
Helder: No please, don't,
ah, don't ruin anything.
Gordon: I'm in portugal,
attempting to lift grape vines
Out of the sand they're
grown in, in an effort
to dry the grapes out.
What a process.
I've never seen this
before, you know that?
Helder: This is the
only part in the world
that you see this.
Gordon: Wow. One huge
vine and one sore back.
Helder: So now
Gordon: Good?
Helder: So, it's time
you get your treat.
Gordon: Oh (bleep).
The family jewels.
The family jewels,
mr gonzales. (bleep)!
Oh (bleep).
Bloody hell.
Helder: So this is a 2009.
Gordon: 2009 wow, and how
many bottles do you produce?
Helder: It was a
very good vintage, 700.
Gordon: Wow.
Only 700.
So this is
This should be unique.
Thank you, that's
perfect, thank you.
Oh my god, look at
the color of that,
Syrupy isn't it?
Helder: Yeah.
Gordon: God,
that is delicious.
I've got this saltiness.
You don't get the
hit at the beginning,
That's incredible.
Helder: It's because of this
influence of the atlantic,
The sea breeze coming up and
dropping in the vineyards.
Gordon: Really beautiful. Reds?
Helder: Let's go for the red.
Gordon: The real
standout is the 2009 ramisco,
One of only 30
bottles still in existence.
Gordon: Oh my god.
I mean, that is
beautiful, really beautiful.
Oh my god, from here.
Helder: The same vineyard.
Gordon: But it feels like
I'm in the middle of burgundy.
I mean, that is incredible.
What a treat.
Helder: Thank you.
Gordon: This tiny vineyard
producing such magnificent wine,
Tasted like one of the
most expensive burgundies
Anywhere on the planet.
That for me is one of the
best kept secrets in portugal,
honestly, what a joy.
Thank you, man.
Helder: Thank you.
Gordon: A welcome
gift for the mayor, definitely,
But it's too good
to cook with.
I think we need to
serve that with, maybe,
One of the main courses,
or some of that pork.
I'm definitely using
that in the final cook.
What an incredible week.
My portuguese adventure
has been truly amazing.
Now I'm heading back towards
nazaré because today is the
Big cook and I know
how competitive kiko is,
And trust me, that guy
wants to kick my butt.
This is gonna be one
hell of a showdown.
Kiko: Good.
Gordon: Good to see
you again, my man. You good?
Kiko: Of course.
Good to see you back.
Gordon: What a view.
Come on.
Kiko: What a view and,
thankfully, no waves today,
So we can speak better
because if there was waves
We could not be speaking
with the sound of the waves.
Gordon: Crashing.
Kiko: Yeah.
Gordon: That's exactly what
you've been doing in about an
Hour's time when
I finish cooking,
You'll be
crashing on the floor.
Kiko: The way
you're feeling too.
Gordon: What an amazing week.
Kiko: It was good?
Gordon: You said,
understand the beauty,
The ruggedness, I get it now,
the power of the sea.
Kiko: You start by that,
you can maybe you can
have a chance to beat me.
Gordon: Well, are you ready?
Kiko: I was born
ready for you, man.
Gordon: Here we go, right.
Kiko: What are you cooking?
Gordon: I'm gonna
do a beautiful pork,
Peppers, garlic, onions, yes?
Clams as well.
Kiko: So you get
everything through my culture.
Gordon: Are you using
that whole loin of pork?
Kiko: I'm just taking
like a kilo from here.
Gordon: Gotcha.
Do you know what
I'm gonna use?
Kiko: What?
Gordon: The skirt.
Kiko: Secretos.
Gordon: Secretos.
Kiko: Really.
Gordon: Now, I think
I've done something that
you've never done.
Kiko: Tell me.
Gordon: Have you been out
here and fished for sardines?
Kiko: No.
Gordon: No.
Kiko: Never.
How was that?
Gordon: Amazing.
Kiko: Good sardines.
How many?
Gordon: 12.
Kiko: Just 12?
Gordon: There were
dolphins in the water.
Kiko: Oh, that's.
Yeah, I think they
call it in english,
an epic fail, yeah?
Gordon: Yeah, you're right.
It was worth it.
I totally get what you're
saying about the humble,
Rugged approach,
nothing flash, okay?
What you doing with
that pork by the way?
Kiko: Same thing as you,
it's like a surf and turf.
Made with peppers, garlic,
a little bit of wine and salt.
Something very
typical in portugal.
Gordon: Have you ever
gone for those barnacles?
Kiko: No, never.
Gordon: So, hold on
a minute, hold on.
Let's get one thing clear.
That's two things I've
done that you haven't done.
I'm more
portuguese than you now.
Hey, no?
What you doing
with your sardines?
Kiko: Very simple,
as I told you before,
posh sardines.
Gordon: You're going posh?
Kiko: I'm doing
that in your honor,
Your three michelin stars.
Gordon: Stop it.
Kiko: Now I'm taking out the
fillets from the sardines.
Gordon: You're taking
off the bone as well?
Kiko: Of course.
Gordon: Kiko, no.
Kiko: I told you.
Gordon: You said,
keep it simple,
don't go fancy, right?
I don't know why
you're doing this.
Kiko: To beat you.
Gordon: Kiko may be going posh,
but I'm using whole sardines.
But first, I need to cook the
skirt for my own version of
Spicy pork and clams.
Look at that, oh my god,
Pork that actually
tastes like a fillet steak.
How beautiful is that.
Kiko: Look at this,
posh technique.
Piece of paper, look like
we are working in a three
Michelin star
restaurant, yeah?
Gordon: Kiko tells me, at
the beginning of the week,
Keep it straight,
keep it simple,
Keep it humble.
He's filleting sardines.
Are you sure
you're portuguese?
Kiko: A little bit.
Let me call my mother. Mother?
Gordon: You've
gone all la on me.
I think kiko may be
trying to trick me
To gain the upper hand, but,
I'm not exactly sticking to
His advice either.
Kiko: How are you going
to cook the barnacles?
Just simple water?
Gordon: I'm gonna sauté them.
Kiko: Really? Okay.
Gordon: He can
act as if dressing up the
Barnacles is the
wrong approach,
But he's not
gonna trick me twice.
Kiko: I'm almost done.
Gordon: Stop it, I'm one
dish in for god's sake,
I've got two more to do.
Kiko: If you need a pair
of hands, I'm right here.
Gordon: Watch out.
This is how you
cook a sardine. Man.
Kiko: Don't cook it too much.
Gordon: I feel like
you're giving me a
cookery lesson as well.
Kiko: I love this,
they are beautiful.
Gordon: With the
guests arriving any minute,
Kiko is way ahead of me and
I'm feeling the pressure.
Kiko: I'm going to
plate my posh sardines.
Gordon: Oh (bleep), my
sardines are burning.
It's on fire.
Kiko: Keep it simple but
don't burn anything, okay?
Gordon: (bleep).
Kiko: Your sardine is burning.
Gordon: It's on fire.
Kiko: Keep it simple, but
don't burn anything okay?
Gordon: (bleep).
Kiko: Oh the mayor.
Mayor: Boa tarde, chef kiko.
Gordon: The mayor
has arrived with his family
And his fisherman father.
Gordon: Welcome.
Nice to see you.
Mayor: Welcome too.
Gordon: Thank you
so much for coming.
I hope they'll all
appreciate the work
that's gone into this meal.
So, we got that beautiful
pork from the amazing
portuguese black pigs,
And then the clams and there a
little bit of surf and turf.
The percebes.
I actually got them myself.
Mayor: Yeah?
Gordon: I've done
something today that he
hasn't done in 20 years.
I've dive for percebes and I
went fishing for sardines, so.
Fingers crossed you'll
taste the essence, yes?
Kiko: Don't trust him.
Okay, don't trust him.
Gordon: Your
clams are burning.
Kiko: Really?
Gordon: Yes.
I can't cook your food as well.
When you've hand
fished a sardine,
They just taste
completely different.
The black pig, stunning.
The clams, amazing.
My beautiful base layer of
flavors that absolutely hit
The right notes and a
big learning curve for me.
Right, two dishes done,
how many have you done now?
Kiko: I'm good.
Gordon: (bleep),
are you serving up?
Kiko: I'm serving up.
I'm ready.
Gordon: Last dish,
the most dangerous one,
Kiko: Okay, I wanna see that.
If you pass that test, you
get the portuguese culture.
Gordon: Excuse me, I
bloody risked limb and life
for those bloody things.
Kiko: Beautiful.
Gordon: Kiko's
posh take on traditional
Sardines features de-boned
fillets on toast and he's made
A traditional pork and clams,
alentejana style,
Using porco preto.
Kiko: I'm going to start
drinking my champagne just to
Admire my moment
of happiness here.
Gordon: In
an effort to stand out.
Kiko: Lemon zest
with percebes?
Gordon: Yes.
I've taken the percebes
to the next level,
By sautéing them
in onions and white wine,
And finishing them
with garlic chips.
Kiko: Garlic chips?
And you were talking me that
I get posh and you are using
Garlic chips, man?
Gordon: Fried.
Fried, fried.
Kiko: Come on, man.
Gordon: Now that looks
portuguese, come on.
Oh man.
And boom.
He said, keep it simple,
and you did the opposite, man.
Kiko: Amazing.
Gordon: I've
prepared grilled sardines
Stuffed with peppers, tomatoes,
chilies and garlic breadcrumbs.
My portuguese clams and pork,
is a spicier take and uses the
Secretos of the
porco preto and,
For extra credit, I'm
serving my sautéed percebes.
If you told me you were
gonna fillet the sardines,
I would've been here
an hour earlier.
Kiko: No, it's beautiful,
you did a good job.
You understood portuguese
cooking, definitely.
Gordon: Okay, dinnertime.
What a gorgeous view,
oh my lord.
This is it.
First of all, what a
pleasure having you,
Thank you for coming, I've had
the most extraordinary week.
He is super
competitive by the way.
Kiko: I am the
competitive one, okay.
Gordon: So, first I'd like
to tell you that I actually
Sourced my own ingredients;
I went out on the trawler for
The sardines, I went to
the beautiful pig farm,
I went diving
for the percebes,
The barnacles, and that's
the simple humble approach to
Portuguese cuisine.
Kiko: Don't get soft with
all this conversation about
Getting this own
ingredients, okay?
Be, like, honest and straight.
Mayor: You're putting
us through hell with
all of this food.
Gordon: Exactly
that, but enjoy,
And we'll be back
in a short while.
Mayor: Thank you.
Well, let's dig in.
Gordon: They seem
to be enjoying it.
Mayor: This is quite good.
Yeah, different.
Do you feel
everything on your mouth?
It's exploding.
Gordon: The old
man at the end,
He's digging
straight into the sardines.
Mayor: It's a different
way of cooking sardines.
Woman: I never tasted like this.
We are not used to eat
sardines with all this
spices, but, it's good.
It's a different way.
Mayor: The pork and clams.
Woman: This one is
a traditional way.
Mayor: Kiko is doing
the traditional way,
I used to having like that,
gordon's is a different
approach, spicy.
Woman: Gordon's.
Mayor: I love this, that
was a bit of a surprise.
Woman: I like this one
better, 'cause I like
spicy food as well.
Woman: It's a new
flavor I think.
Mayor: Which one
do you prefer, pa?
(speaking native language).
Mayor: Well, it seems
that dad prefers pork
and clams by gordon.
Mayor: It's good for wine.
Gordon: They're smiling.
Kiko: And they are happy.
Mayor: It's quite interesting
having the peppers and all of
The flavors that he
included within the sardine.
Woman: I think
kiko's is really good.
Woman: It's amazing.
This one.
Gordon: The plates
are empty though. Shall we?
Kiko: Let's go.
Gordon: Lots of happy faces.
Mayor: Yeah, definitely.
Gordon: Let's start
with the sardines.
Mayor: I love both of them
Gordon: Yes.
Mayor: But, the experience
of that sardine,
I think it's yours gordon,
I might prefer it.
Gordon: Right,
thank you, mayor.
All of you?
Gordon: You know how
powerful the mayor is, right?
Mayor: And kiko is
quite skilled by the way.
Gordon: Yes, clams and pork.
Woman: I really liked
the traditional way,
We all know it,
we all love it, but,
I really like gordon's one.
Kiko: Again, even the girls.
Come on, it's not fair.
Woman: It just, it's
different, it's really good.
Kiko: I'm getting so sad.
Mayor: And the sardines
for me was also about
the peppers and all the
Ingredients inside the
sardines, it's different.
Kiko: Where should I go?
Should I go under the table?
Should I go under the table?
Woman: I love
both of them, but.
Kiko: Now she's
trying to convince me,
I love both of them?
No, come on.
Yeah, but what about you?
Kiko: He said everything.
Gordon: I love that.
How were the percebes?
Mayor: That
didn't convince me.
Kiko: Okay, okay.
See what the man said?
Percebes didn't
convince him, okay?
Mayor: It for me, is
simple, boiling water,
salt and barnacles.
Gordon: Yes.
Kiko: I love him.
Gordon: No garlic, no
onions, no alcohol.
Mayor: No, simple.
Gordon: Mayor, I get it.
Trust me, I'm a
happy cook right now.
I may have over complicated the
percebes, but, a win is a win.
Portuguese lesson learned.
Thank you to you, for
giving me the right guidance
To come back and
kick your butt.
Kiko: Really kicked me, man.
Really kicked me.
Gordon: That was an
incredible cook off.
Kiko, as a competitor?
The guy's full on.
This week I've really tapped
into the bold spirit of the
Portuguese way,
understanding less is more,
keep it simple.
I've had a gorgeous time,
and you have one of the most
Stunning countries
anywhere in the world,
It's been a blessing,
thank you. Chef?
Kiko: Thanks to
you, man, really.
Gordon: God bless.
Wow, what a result, honestly,
portugal has been an
Amazing eye opener.
This week I've felt
like a true adventurer,
I've risked life and
limb diving for those
bloody barnacles.
(cheering, laughing).
And then, faced that amazing
ocean for those tiny sardines.
I've even found a vineyard
that grows in sand and farmed
The most delicious
pigs that literally
brought me to my knees.
But now, onto my
next adventure.
Captioned by
cotter media group.
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