Gossip Girl: Acapulco (2013) s01e01 Episode Script

Buenos días Acapulco

Have you ever asked yourself what kind of life the privileged class leads?
Well, I'm going to tell you. Because fortunately I'm one of them.
I'm not talking about celebrities or geniuses who make their money inventing things
I'm talking about those of us who have it all without having to work for it
We were just born lucky
Welcome to Acapulco
Where my friends and I study, party and celebrate with a Sex on the Beach.
Our parents are never home, so we're blessed with both luxury and privacy.
Our sins are precisely what my Twitter account is for
It's where I gossip about the day's news
Here's the latest:
The whole port is talking about her mysterious and sudden arrival
Which certainly hasn't failed to surprise poor boys like this one.
Don't get stuck, what's-your-face. Our experience with high society tells us she'll never notice you.
Thanks for the photo, Pauchis. I'll retweet it immediately.
You two have gotten so big!
And that voice?
That's what I've been saying.
She sounds like a baby!
Nu uh! Just a little bit.
How's your mom?
I'm really hungry! (Hey, how's the hotel coming along?)
So that's how we're going to play it. You didn't evade the question, and I don't care either way.
I almost didn't miss you. Ingrates!
We didn't miss you, either.
We all know about the feud between them, and even if her boyfriend Nico denies it
He's always liked them both.
What's up? Is everything okay?
Yeah, everything's perfect.
Shut up, Max!
It's cuz the cherry on your sundae just returned, huh?
What's he mean?
Ignore him, he's drunk.
If Gossip's not lying, she looks more delicious than ever.
Come with me?
Where to?
My room.
Yes, Mom?
More sunblock, sweetie. You know there's nothing worse than a girl with freckles.
With or without sunblock, you always look like a princess to me.
Isn't that right, son?
Of course, Dad.
Thanks, Captain. It's an honor to have you both at my party.
The honor's all ours, Barbi.
No problem at all, precious. Have fun!
Please excuse us.
Take care of her, pup.
Why'd you bring me here?
I don't know, I thought you'd want to get me alone to
Uh huh, to what?
Give me my present.
What did you think I wanted, Nico?
It's wrong of you to do this to me.
And how about what you do to me? You know I hate surprises.
Don't compare. Mine's a physical pain - a strong one.
Don't start.
Well, why are you being so difficult? I mean, it's been three years. We can take the next step already.
I want to be the mother of your children. I'd be nice to know you respected me until our wedding day.
It'll be years until then.
I thought you wanted a little sneak peek?
Sofie, princess, what a pleasure! Welcome.
Thank you.
Why haven't you changed?
I just came from the airport.
Yes, exactly.
Hey, where's Eric?
Thanks, Leonora, but I can't stay. I just wanted to stop by.
You have a visitor.
Way more than one, Dora. And if you don't stop bugging me, you won't get paid this week.
Ignore her, she's drunk.
Let's go see!
Happy birthday, Barbie!
What is this hag doing here?
Response to @ndygirl: No, we don't know if she spent the last year in jail.
Sources say she left to become a mother. But the important thing is to find out why she's back.
(And who am I? That's one secret I'll never tell, unless you've already watched me in English.)
Good day, kids! How was your morning?
Good morning, Dad! D'you want breakfast?
Yes, thank you, son. Here's good, guys!
That's for another day's work. But it's coming along.
Good morning, little lady. How are you?
Good morning, Dad.
Wow, what a nice uniform for Hotel Boca Chica [Little Mouth].
Keep dreaming.
It's already done. I guess you didn't sleep?
Did I hear right? Since when are you so generous?
Let's just say I'm being paid in friendship and, hopefully, an invitation to her 18th birthday.
It's an honor for her to even look at you the first week of school.
Now, if she invites me I won't have anything to wear.
Jenny, don't start, please. You started school two days ago. Two.
Dad, are you serious? I can't show up in some old rag. You don't know what they're like.
Yeah, Dad! You don't know!
Jenny, do me a favor. Look around. All my money is invested in this hotel - all of it.
I'm going to need you both to be patient, please.
Welcome to Harold's, where all of tomorrow's leaders go to school.
Of course, the Lopez-Haros do and go where they want. Unlike the Parras.
I don't have photos of the new students, but I doubt anyone cares.
Sof. How are you?
After the other day, I'd rather not talk about it.
Of course.
Hey, you're staying at the Hotel "B" Pichilingue Your mom told my parents.
Yeah, you know, she wants to avoid legal problems with her ex, with the house. She's lazy.
No. For you.
I've been thinking I have to talk to her.
No! Are you crazy?
But you're back!
Yes. But I didn't come back for you.
So, please, let's act like nothing happened.
She's back and better than ever, huh?
That level of perfection needs to be violated.
You're seriously damaged, you know.
You know I'm right. You're saying that if you had the chance, you wouldn't take it?
I have a girlfriend. I'm not like you, Max.
No, you could be worse.
You've been together since birth, and she still hasn't let you pluck her flower?
You gotta sow those oats, man.
Did you just say that? For real?
What's your problem? Are you following us or something?
No, but I'm Daniel Parra. A pleasure.
Like I care. Who are you?
Ok, then. And you're the only guy who wears pink shirts at this school, right?
The scholarship program needs to be more selective, don't you think?
These are awesome! You should sell them or something, Barbi.
I'm having mine imported.
Ugh, don't be tacky.
D'you like it?
Not bad. Print one out for yourself. Now turn that off, quick.
Hey, I couldn't find you guys anywhere.
I know. I mean, hi! I'm Jenny Parra. Delighted.
Same here. So, when's the party?
And you're not invited.
Jenny, don't you have a lot to do?
Bye, I'll see you later.
Bye! I thought you had enough the other day.
It's not like I'm UN-inviting you.
No, I know.
Until 48 hours ago, all of Acapulco thought you were in I don't know, rehab?
Besides, the tables are all full. We didn't calculate enough alcohol for you, and you know it'd be a ton.
Ok, whatever. Can we meet this afternoon to talk? Alone.
I doubt it. I have to meet Nico.
How about after? Around 5?
Which of the two has the stronger will? The Queen of the Hour? Or the Queen of the Town?
I think I can do half an hour.
How sweet. Thanks for making the time.
Cross your fingers there won't be a catfight. If there is, use those fingers to tweet about it.
+1000 to whoever shares the evidence.
I was at boarding school.
I know, it was a snap decision. Don't you remember the state I was in?
Sure. But now that it's my birthday, you come back to be the center of attention, right?
I swear that was a coincidence.
Please. You were a trending topic!
So what? Are you really not happy to see me?
No. I was finally free of you, and everything was going perfectly. Starting with my relationship.
Seriously, you're wrong --
You're here to steal Nico from me. You've always liked him.
How can you think that?
Besides, if you're worried about that, I'm already dating someone.
With whom?
With him. Hey!
Come here!
Daniel and I are going out. We met at the airport.
Yeah. In fact, we have a date today.
Not today. Tomorrow.
Alright. I'll see you tomorrow, then.
Wait, did you change your number? I've been trying and it won't go through.
Yeah, yeah. I, er - I changed it when I got here. Let me give it to you.
Beginner's luck? Or a fool's bravery? Say goodbye to that newbie's heart.
I'll call you in a bit.
Ok, bye! (Ok, bye!)
Are you for real?
But luck isn't always on our side. If you don't believe me, ask Daniel.
I love that I'm finally going to my dream school!
And I love those shoes.
How could her number have washed off? This is grade school bullshit.
You know, these would go great with that yellow cloth. You know the one I mean?
I had a chance to go out with her, and I blew it.
Stop self-flagellating, okay? Just ask her for her number at school on Monday.
I can't, Jenny. The date was today, and I don't know where she is.
Would you give me 850 pesos if I tell you where to find her?
She's behind you. Seriously, turn around.
Hey, what's up? This is Jenny. I'm her brother, the one with the broken heart.
Wow, are you always this dramatic?
Do you always ask strangers out?
Of course not!
I know you don't. I'm going to ask you out, but I need your number.
(Yes.) Ok, but three strikes and you're out.
Whoops. Guess I just tripped you up, huh?
Not at all. But I'll trip you up if you stand me up tonight.
That won't happen.
I love how you think, Sof. I doubt this stranger can be worse than the guys you know.
Why'd she leave? Why'd she return? And who really believes she's changed?
Because Amanda Bynes said the same thing, and no one fell for it.
I don't know why, but I suspect a big scandal is brewing
Eric! I'm sorry, they wouldn't let me in yesterday.
Don't worry about it.
How are you, handsome?
Well, you know
Sorry, dumb question. I just never thought I'd be so happy to see those pink cheeks.
I'm happy to see your Tory Burch shoes? From LAST season?
It makes jokes! Bad ones, as usual, but hey.
What do you think?
Honey, that's not right.
You think I'm being ridiculous, don't you?
This [outfit] belongs to the devil, especially if you're sharing it with Nico.
I know it's 'nice' to wait for my wedding. But trust me, this is an emergency that I know God'll forgive.
Besides, I'm doing it for love, and
Why am I even explaining myself to you? Hand me my cellphone, please.
Listen, Father, it's just that
It turns out that Dora has recently had some unpure sexual thoughts.
Mmhmm, yes. She's having them right now.
She wants to know if that's a mortal sin, or if that's something people say to control Earth's population.
I've been in isolation for a month and am so behind on gossip.
I'm sure there are a thousand rumors about your return.
Sure, some. But none mention you.
Lucky for Mom.
What about me?
What's up, Mom? Tell me there's a change of clothes for Eric in there.
No. What for?
So we can go to breakfast.
Brownies! Much better than jello, agreed?
I also fixed up some chicken for later.
Excuse me, I'm going to the bathroom.
Are you serious, Mom? Your son tries to kill himself and you lock him up here with chicken and jello?
Can I at least know what story you invented? Was he at boarding school, or at --
-- At your grandma's home in Mexico City.
That's horrible, Mom.
Don't judge me or the doctor's decisions. Why don't you apologize for leaving him instead?
Step forward a little, Emerald.
For me, more is better.
I'm talking about the necklace.
Diamond, take off Emerald's necklace. But do it slowly.
C'mon, Max! I don't need the show, ok?
Calm down, dude. You don't have to front with me, I'm your best friend.
Okay, let's just go with the emerald, then.
I have things to do, Max.
You're leaving me alone with all these jewels?
I could smell you a mile away.
I've missed your charm.
Let's catch up. Why don't we take our clothes off and get in the jacuzzi?
I have a date. Plus, the chlorine ruins my hair.
Of course not. See ya, I have to get ready.
I'll go with you.
What're you doing?
Hope it's not too much.
I wanted it to be special.
Barbi, we have to talk.
What are you talking about?
What about? Last new year's.
I'm not surprised you ran away.
I saw it all.
[sexy things I can't make out are happening]
Since then, I've felt like an awful person.
But that was it, right? Just one kiss?
I knew she was all over you, but I never thought you'd do this.
I waited because I thought it was important to you.
Get out.
Get out!
I don't want to see you.
I hate you!
I hate you both.
The boyfriend and the best friend. That's low.
That was a mistake.
No, I don't think so.
In fact, I recorded it.
Whenever I missed you, I just watched your video
Well, I've changed.
But why? You were perfect that way.
So: my suite or yours?
You don't look very elegant - it doesn't even fit right!
Thanks a lot.
First week of school and you're going out with the hottest girl.
And I'm going to the party of the year. We're aces.
Who are you and what have you done with my son?
I found it in your boxes. Not bad, huh?
If anyone asks, it's vintage.
Who's going to ask?
The princess I'm taking out tonight.
He's taking her to Zibu, Dad!
Don't even say they won't let me in, because my agent --
That would be me.
-- Already got me a reservation.
That place is really expensive.
The truth is I can't afford to give you cash.
Don't worry, Dad. I have my savings, remember?
What you're saving up for the surfing championship?
Nothing I can't make up later.
You've been saving for months.
You can't spend it all on a meal, that's ridiculous.
Why don't you invite her out for, I don't know, a coco--
-- You better mean Coco Chanel, because nothing else makes sense.
Whatever, a movie and ice cream, what do I know?
A movie?! Please ignore him. She probably has a home theatre.
She lives in a hotel.
In a hotel, dad!
Please. You don't have that kind of money.
Dad, I'm going out with my dream girl!
Tonight I'm going all in.
The date came about by accident and, no offense, it's unlikely to happen again.
Unlikely? She won't even remember you the next day.
Don't wait up for me!
Always a pleasure, Mrs. Lopez-Haro.
Yes. Are you classmates?
Something like that. Daniel Perra, nice to meet you.
-- out to eat.
I'm Liliana, her mother. The one who decides if she can go.
Did you say Parra? Like the singer?
Yes, that's my dad.
No! How funny. My mom was a huge fan.
No, I wasn't invited. And even if I were?
Shall we go?
Nice to meet you, and good afternoon.
I doubt it'll be good for me.
Don't listen to her.
Ready to order?
Yes, thank you. Tom yum soup and the lobster tail, please.
With pleasure, miss. And for the gentleman?
How's the mango shrimp?
Splendid, sir.
And the Cari Gay?
It's Karl Gal. Unparalleled, sir.
I see. What exactly does it have?
It's a green Thai curry with coconut milk and a pinch of herbs that --
No, no. Sounds too exotic. Do you have some simple, like chicken?
Of course. Would you like an appetizer, to go with the lady's?
Uh Tuna salad. Why not?
Please excuse me.
Thank you.
Don't know why he acts like he doesn't know me. I come all the time.
I'll be right back.
I think the bathrooms are
Don't worry, I'll find them.
Yes, sir?
Tell me, how much is the lobster?
1700 pesos.
WOW. Can I just ask you to cancel my entree? I'll have the appetizer.
Of course. Sir.
I don't believe it. Liliana Lopez-Haro.
To what do I owe this honor?
Can you explain why your son is going out with my daughter?
She's your daughter? I didn't know, truly.
Oh, of course. There are so many Lopez-Haro is Acapulco. How could you have known?
I assure you he's more responsible than all the other boys that stop by your home.
Marcelo, listen to me. Stop him before he gets hurt.
You don't want him to repeat the same story.
You mean the story you finished.
I see that you have a lot of work.
I said what I came to say, so I'll be off.
Have a nice day, Marcelo.
Would you like to see the dessert menu?
No, we're good, thanks.
Should I ask for the check?
I already paid.
It's not a big deal, seriously. I mean, I ate way more.
And why'd you do that?
No! I didn't mean why'd you eat more!
I invited you.
I didn't want you to spend all your money on this.
And I was expecting something different.
I just wanted you to have an incredible time.
You know what? Come with me.
Applause for her return; Acapulco was getting boring.
No one's ever taken me rock climbing in heels.
Will you tone down the parody, please?
It's a joke!
I don't think it is, but no matter. We've arrived.
No kidding! Is this the ravine?
Yeah, of course!
What, it's Acapulco! Is it dumb or something?
No, no. I'm --
-- I'm going to extremes, I know.
Not at all, this is awesome. But how'd you know how to get in?
Because I used to come here every day, and I was obsessed with jumping.
And one day, I did it.
What, you don't believe me?
No way you jumped.
Are you calling me a liar?
You're insane!
So it's true, you're calling me a liar.
Don't be ridiculous, of course you didn't jump.
Hold this.
What are you doing?
Ok, Surfer. Come sit with me.
Why? You don't believe me.
I can't sit here with arms crossed when challenged.
Be careful! You could fall.
You could hurt yourself, too. I'm jumping no matter what.
I'm starting to think you're crazy.
I am, and it's your fault.
Eighteen years old and you can't beat me.
Imagine when you're my age!
So how are things with Barbarita? Did you buy her gift already?
Yeah, but I think I'll have to return it.
What? What do you mean?
We broke up. I think my present and I are officially uninvited.
Listen, son, come here. You need to lock her down.
I didn't spend 18 years building your future for you to throw it all away.
Are you just selfish and stupid?
What if I don't want to be with her?
You're fixing this problem with Barbarita.
Now let's see if you can beat me. C'mon!
And Nico?
Get a life.
Who's that babe, huh?
Thank you!
Jenny Parra.
Something about her on Gossip Girl?
Doubt it. She just came back from Argentina.
I love that acent.
Max, she barely has an accent.
But I bet she knows how to do it.
Oh, my God. I'm going to kill them!
[a song about having hurt the one you love and asking forgiveness. vair cute and full of lies.]
[still more lies]
Have I told you how beautiful your eyes are?
Maximiliano Zara.
I know who you are.
Good. What d'ya wanna drink, Nenny?
A toast to whoever thinks a night with Max is heaven.
It's Jenny. And a drink would be great, thanks.
[the lies continue]
I'm many things you don't know about yet.
Oh, really? Alright, then. Wow.
You've got something there.
Do I? Where?
What a liar! There's nothing.
No, nothing.
What are you laughing about? Making fun of me.
Of course not.
Yes, you are. (No.)
Looks like you're easily distracted. (No!)
Check it. I bet your girlfriend's worried about you.
I don't have a girlfriend. Just a sister who's
very excited to get her first kiss from Maximiliano Zaga?
Max Zaga?
Can you give me a sec to call her and tell her he's an idiot?
It's not going through.
I don't think we'll rescue her before she gets more than a kiss.
I didn't need to hear that. Let's go.
A serenade and everything? You're officially forgiven, my love.
I never meant to hurt you.
I know how much you love me.
If not, you wouldn't be here with me.
No matter what I do or don't know, I'm sorry. You don't deserve to be treated that way.
Happy birthday, my love.
There they are, c'mon!
Hey, asshole!
How are you, ok?
She's more than ok.
I forbade you from coming, slut!
Don't worry, I'm leaving.
Let's go.
No matter how exciting the party, the juciest part comes after.
And it looks like this story will keep me busy for awhile.
XOXO, Gossip Girl
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