Gossip Girl: Acapulco (2013) s01e02 Episode Script

El reencuentro

Hi, Barbi
I must've blanked on the part where I invited you to my house.
I need to talk to you.
Of course, the concept of an invitation goes way over your head, huh?
Tell me. Who the hell do you think you are to ruin my relationship, my 18th birthday party?
And now my breakfast. Are you drunk?
You know, with all your faults, I always knew you were a slut.
But you've thrown me for a loop by adding bad friend, cheater and liar to the list.
If you've got even a grain of decency left in all that baggage
Get out now before you bring out the worst in me.
Watch your step, Sofi. Like those berries, today's words are just the appetizer.
Listen, are you really okay?
Are you serious?
Daniel, I was fine when we got home from the party, I was fine this morning
When I was brushing my teeth, I'm fine now. Ok? Just relax, I'm good.
It's your call if you want to talk to someone who's not your brother!
Daniel, instead of suggesting I dial 1-800-almost-raped
Why don't you worry about your new nickname: Tyson the beach bum.
What Gossip Girl says is of little concern to me.
What else does it say? No! Don't tell me. Besides, "Tyson" is a terrible nickname.
Well, at least it's better than "kitty nic," a girl with feline aspects who ruins even the best parties.
Don't read that!
This is the worst thing that's ever happened to me. You see that, right?
Stop torturing yourself with that.
She's not answering my calls, Jenny!
Maybe she's busy.
Maybe. Or she thinks I'm an dumbass!
(Your fault!) You're so dramatic.
This can't be.
They canceled your class?
Everyone's invited to attend the presidents' assembly this afternoon.
Everyone but you? Can't catch a break.
And here I thought I didn't do so badly in the interview with the vocational counselor.
My family's always on tour because my parents are musicians and
Well, I guess you don't care about that. Back to my topic
In the short time I've been here, I've strengthened my integrity.
And as an older brother, I've learned responsibility than one needs to have (Time!)
Yes, that's exactly what my grandfather said when I was born and
It's hard to imagine any career other than law, given that I'm surrounded by politicians and lawyers.
Why am I worthy of being a part of the presidents' ceremony? Because I'm Maximiliano Zaga.
That's so infuriating!
The worst thing of all is that Barbi obviously got in, so I can't apologize to her!
This is terrible, Daniel!
I know my brother. Being cooped up here will just depress him more.
Meanwhile, my mother's instinct says Eric's not ready to leave yet.
Are we talking about him or you?
Eric, what are your thoughts?
I'm allowed an opinion on my life?
Of course you are.
That's new. Thanks.
That's not funny to me.
(Mom!) We're worried about you is all.
If you think it's time for you to come home, just say so.
I don't know.
We could spend the day on the yacht.
I know, Mom. But that's afternoon.
There's time to, I don't know, [go to] the island.
Eric, what do you say? Want to say goodbye to me and go home?
Well, what do we have here?
Baby, I was thinking about us and
I want to ask you something.
Sounds scary.
I doubt it.
We have friends in common, we go to the same school --
-- So what?
Isn't that too much? It's like me asking you not to talk to, I don't know
Max, for example, because I don't trust him.
Who does?
Hey, Mom!
Have you landed in Paris?
I'll really miss you at tonight's evening.
Can you wait a second? You're cutting out, and I can't hear you very well.
I think I just heard something crazy.
Are you being serious?
Tell me I amaze you.
She spent a year in rehab not boarding school, and kept it from me? She's pathological.
I still haven't heard my name in the midst of this excitement.
Maximiliano Zaga, if you weren't such a pervert, I'd recommend you to the CIA.
You're phenomenal!
You haven't seen anything yet.
So Now what?
Now, you let me do what I do best: ruin her.
Good luck.
(Lopez) Oh, yes.
She's stepped out, but you can wait for her if you like.
How long will she be?
One time she left and came back 365 days later.
Perfect. I'll wait ten or fifteen minutes, thanks.
Nico! So nice to see you. What are you doing around here?
She just left, but I'll see her soon.
I'll let her know you stopped by. She'll be happy to hear that.
I don't know if she'll be that happy.
Why do you say that?
I know my daughter. She loves you a lot.
Should I wait for her?
Of course. Make yourself at home.
There's a line.
You're Daniel?
I don't know when she'll be back.
Then do you know where I can find her?
Yes, ma'am. Have a nice day! (I'll see you later!)
It's hot out, huh?
Yeah, it's mad hot.
Yeah, I was in the neighborhood and thought it'd be a good idea.
I wasn't anywhere near the neighborhood, but I also thought it'd be a good idea.
I'm not very brilliant, clearly.
Are you two going out?
Well, I don't know.
What are you doing with him?
Waiting for you!
Who gave you permission to be here?
What, is it your hotel or something?
Actually, yes.
It's not just a hotel. It's a residence for the higher class.
So if you don't have a good excuse for being here, why don't you go somewhere you'll be wecome?
Like maybe on the street, with the rest of the trash.
Listen, man, aren't you taking this class thing a bit far?
I'll mess you up.
Max, please, let's go.
You've more reason than anyone to wanna kill this idiot.
He's not worth it.
This isn't over.
Tell me when you want me to blacken the other eye.
Go on in.
Barbarita, someone's here to see you!
I told you I didn't want to see anyone, Dora.
Excuse me.
What're you doing here?
Max was chatting with me, and then he suddenly came onto me.
Of course.
And you know, at first, I didn't want to say anything or make a scene --
(Uh huh) -- Really! Then Daniel came and went crazy, as usual.
I nearly died of embarassment, I swear! You have to believe me.
You were super sweet, inviting me to your party, but now GG is making me out to be a psycho.
I promise the last thing I wanted was to ruin your party, but Daniel
My brother's crazy!
He's your brother?
See you later, Dad!
And what are you doing here?
Well, my classes were canceled.
Come, sit.
And that face?
Later today is the event for all the heads of Mexico's best universities, and
I didn't make the cut.
We just don't mesh with the generous benefactors of the parents' association.
No, you can't afford to miss out on these kinds of opportunities.
It's the only way you'll be recognized as worthy of a scholarship. As intelligent, prepared, successful --
-- Dad, I did all I could! I talked to my teachers, they all said the list was full.
It's all been a drag, and I'm really stressed out. I need to surf. See you soon.
First things first: I assume you're here about the tweets.
Don't get it twisted, love. Let's say you were a surprise.
The real topic of conversation here is me.
Yes, of course. But did you see the nickname she gave me?
'Gatita Nic.' Get used to saying it. What GG calls you, so will the world.
No, Barbi, please.
Unless I'm more generous than Mother Theresa- more indulgent than Jesus- and forgive you.
Would you be willing to do that for me?
Of course. You're new here and don't understand our world.
And trust me, GG may seem a bitch, but she loves me. A lot.
But didn't she practically call you a loser?
Hello? If anyone feeds off us, it's her.
Yeah, poor thing.
Duh, it's her way of asking me for more rumors.
Plus, if you're forgiven, my party's drama will become history.
Do you like my house?
Yeah, I love it. It's divine.
I don't usually do tours, but I'll make an exception.
What are these flowers? They're beautiful.
They're called Hydrangeas. We always have them.
And that's how two enemies make amends.
You still hit like a girl.
You didn't say that you the guy who hit your eye, though.
Wait till I catch him alone. There won't be enough therapy in the world to help him.
What, are you an assassin now? Do you strangle people with your neckerchief?
Don't mess with my fashion, ok? It comes with the pedigree.
Well, that'll teach you not to prowling after little girls who have brothers.
I told you, he caught me unawares.
Besides, I'll take this over a broken heart anyday.
Isn't it time to eat already?
Let me advise you, as your bro: if you can't have bread, eat crepes.
We're not there yet.
The key to your enjoyment.
Where'd you get that?
Don't insult me. Wouldn't call myself a man if I hadn't had a tryst with a few college girls.
Are you joking? Our parents will be there! The college deans! I'm not doing it.
Just put it in your pocket, in case you find a use for it.
Looks like a lack of GPS didn't stop our newbie. Respect for having found your prize.
What's up? You seem --
-- Lame?
No, never. I was gonna say sad.
I haven't had the best day.
Is it because of last night?
No. My brother has a problem withdepression.
He tried to kill himself.
Oh, man. I didn't know.
No one does.
And is he?
He's ok. I mean, he's taking medicine and in a rehabilitation clinic.
How can I help?
No one's asked me that before.
No, no, don't be like that. Don't cry.
It's just that everyone's wondering, 'why did she leave? why did she come back?'
No one really cares.
Sorry, I have to get this.
What's happened, Mom?
I know, but I'm at the beach. I'll get ready by myself.
If you want. But don't be late. Are you with Daniel?
Yeah, why?
Please tell him he's on the list for tonight's event.
There was an error earlier, but it's here in front of me now. I'm confirming it, ok?
Apparently you're invited to meet the deans? There was a mistake on the list or something?
Seriously? Great, I'm coming. Let's go!
We're on our way.
The greatest businessmen in the land are born, and reproduce, with the intention of passing down connections through the generations.
Connections that serve them when introducing their children to the deans of the country's best colleges.
[no one but Daniel has their parents with them. GET IT?!]
As I was saying, thank you for honoring us with your presence.
I'm Maximiliano Zaga, and you already know my father.
Emiliano Zaga. Such an honor. We've met before.
The pleasure is all mine. Sirs.
Wait until your son hears all about the newest additions to West Hill.
You must be Mr. Ancemio?
A pleasure to meet you in person.
Why don't you come in, get comfortable. Let us offer you some drinks.
No, Mr. Ancelmo only drinks French wine.
I'd love to talk with you, Maximiliano. See what else you've uncovered about me.
Let me introduce you to Liliana Lopez-Haro.
I'm sure you've heard talk about her. She's the best event organizer in town.
A pleasure. Perhaps we can chat later?
Yes, thank you. This is Daniel Parra, a classmate.
It's not every day you meet men from the headlines of the culture section.
Or in your case, the byline on the cover of a magazine.
Congratulations on the new addition. They look like they belong in Rome.
Not that you've been.
No, true. I actually wanted to ask your opinion on the 3D world maps now available online?
Very interesting and functional.
Turns out the Parents' Association hadn't thought of the music.
I don't know how you did it, but thank you so much, Dad.
I'm willing to do this, and much more, to help you take advantage of life's opportunities.
Fine. But please don't play your greatest hits, or you'll distract everyone.
Don't worry, I haven't seen a single fan. Besides, they only had enough for one hour.
Thanks, Dad.
Good luck.
Thank you so much for your recommendation. I'll definitely be applying to your school.
And I'm sure you'll be delighted with her.
Excuse me. (Of course.)
Are you serious?
How are you?
I won't ask you because, guess what? I don't care.
I know. My mom invited her.
Well? I haven't seen you speak with her yet.
So? I haven't seen you get a life.
Oh, yeah, I totally agree with you. That law you mentioned? I'm so in favor.
Change starts with us, right? I've always said that.
As you say, son. Excuse me.
Any beauty pageant queen could improvise better than you. What a disgrace!
What about you and your gold buddy chat? That didn't help much, either.
They were all alumni of the law school! And lower your voice.
What's wrong with you? Go get into that little circle with that kid there.
But I don't get along with him.
Listen to me, boy. Get in with him and act like you know what he's talking about.
Otherwise, what are we going to tell your grandfather? That you were accepted to clown school, huh?
Barbarita, my little princess!
How's your handsome son?
He's here, impressing eveyone. Even I'm impressed.
How's it going for you?
Good. I think I've spoken to everyone I planned to.
Wanna go for a drink? My throat is parched from all the talking.
I still have Tech and West Hill to go.
Tech, really?
I said the same thing.
I'll be right back, okay?
Come now, Liliana. Don't act like a petty little girl.
It's not petty. I want you to give me the respect I deserve.
I want to give it to you.
Great, then tell your little harem of escorts and 'friends' about me.
I'm trying, but it's not that easy.
I just can't announce our relationship from one day to the next.
It's terrible manners to listen in on private conversations!
I promise I wasn't. I only know that I know nothing.
Don't worry. Honestly, I don't know what you're talking about.
Hey, I need to talk to you.
I know, I'm sorry! I just couldn't keep it in.
We can't talk here. Come to the one of the rooms with me.
Are you insane?
Give me 10 minutes.
I'm not sneaking off with you!
We have to talk, Sof.
I know that, but --
-- 5 minutes, then, to check that no one's around.
What's up?
I'm so pissed she's here!
What can you tell me about her date?
He probably came to give you another black eye.
Doubtful. He knows who I am by now.
And you are you? The guy who leads my boyfriend astray?
On the contrary. I'm the one telling him to take care of his girlfriend.
To pamper her.
You know something.
Today's the day.
Your day.
And nothing makes me happier than christening it.
What are you saying?
What is that?
The key to the rooms. Take advantage, since the ladies are out.
You're beyond disgusting.
But let's leave my virtues aside and focus on you.
Take him there, and I promise you'll be seeing stars tonight.
What's up?
Do you have someone left to seduce?
Maybe me?
Now's not a good time, ok?
What, did you find someone more interesting?
Of course not, but Does it have to be now?
Or never.
Wait, wait, no.
What are you doing here?
I asked her to come to - to talk.
You promised me you wouldn't speak to her again!
Don't call her that!
Don't defend her.
I asked her to come.
Jeez, don't get like that.
What am I supposed to do if she won't get it through her head?
You know what? I've already explained myself. I'm not going to beg for a scrap of understanding.
I'll leave you two to your quickie.
The difference between us, dear, is that I don't lower myself to that sort of thing.
I came here to make love.
Right. It's so romantic with your parents and teachers outside.
Real classy.
At least I don't roll around in the sand with surfers.
Someone needs to warn your boytoy what kind of a person you are.
Will she really do it?
It's an honor for us to be here with you as well as with the most prestigious university faculty in the country.
Welcome, everyone, to Harold Institute's annual event for university faculty.
Speaking for my classmates, it's an honor to welcome your presence.
We also wanted to inform you that this year, we'll be donating proceeds from this event
To a clinic whose work we are ever so thankful for.
I'm speaking, of course, of El Reencuentro.
It's been a pilar, a home, a school for one of our most beloved classmates.
After sliding into drug and alcohol addiction, she decided to take control of her life back
In such a manner as to endear us, and make us hope she won't relapse this time.
Now it all makes sense. Only a druggie in rehab would notice a homeless beach bum like you.
Can you explain what the hell this is?
It's a letter from your school, demanding that you start anger management therapy!
You've been fighting?
They pretty much called you an animal.
"Not the first time his conduct has created an enviroment of tension and fear"
You've got to be kidding!
Who were you fighting with?
With a total jerk, Dad.
It was just two punches! I hit guy twice. Ok, three times.
I don't believe it. Again, Daniel?
Don't you see? You're about to be expelled.
That's not ok. Listen to me: I'm doing whatever I can to give you both this chance.
And you're about to throw it away. What's your mom gonna say?
Oh, no, she's going to go ballistic.
And with good reason. This is the one thing she asked of me.
Dad, you'd've done the same thing.
The asshole I hit was making a pass at your daughter.
I wasn't going to sit there and take it.
What did he do?
Nothing, Dad. I swear I would've told you.
Nothing? They want to throw me in with psychos and you say nothing?
I didn't ask you to hit him, Daniel!
He took her innocence!
No! Dad! DANIEL!
What? Fine, you explain.
It was a kiss, Dad, that's it.
Oh, please. Sure. It even sounds romantic now.
You have five minutes to explain exactly what the hell happened before I meet with the principal.
Parra. (How are you?) Please sit.
It's a shame this is what brings us here. How's your son?
He'll survive.
Daniel's told me everything.
I spoke with him. What he did wasn't right.
What can we do? They're still green.
Yes, but given their background in hotels, this should bring them closer together.
They'll probably end up doing business together.
How is your little hotel, by the way?
It's a boutique hotel.
Already using technical terms. I like it.
It's going well, but The truth is I never thought it'd be such a hassle.
Imagine my problems, with 200 around the world.
Sorry for the wait.
It's shocking how my conscience slowly disappeared.
Every time I landed a hit, I felt free.
But later comes the remorse of having hurt a loved one.
Do you identify with that?
Why are you here?
Calm down. Why don't you count to ten?
I get that you're a masochist, but I'm having trouble respecting your agenda.
You may be suspended from school, but I can't miss the fun of seeing you here every week.
Congratulations, I'm your sponsor.
Are you shitting me?
Nope. Sorry. I'll be accompanying you on this wondrous adventure.
No way.
Who better to guide you to the path of righteousness?
Alright, everyone. Fifteen minute break.
Don't be late back, please.
This ass can't be my sponsor!
Remain calm.
Don't touch me! (Calm down, Daniel, please.)
Yeah, Daniel, calm down. I'm the best person for the job.
God, don't you see? He's mocking me!
Defy me if you want. But use your inner peace to do it.
Why don't you say it with me: "I am love."
For the love of God, Doctor!
With all due respect, it's humiliating enough being here without him as my sponsor.
Aren't I supposed to choose? I'm eighteen, God!
You're here by your school's mandate. The condition to prevent your explusion --
-- not to mention my pressing charges --
-- is that Maximiliano be responsible for overseeing your group sessions.
That's all, Daniel. Really.
So I told him, "Forget about it!"
It's all on my tab, thanks.
Ugh, I think they're coming to get me.
Who, your chauffeur?
Oh, it's your brother!
Hey, hun.
What? I've got nothing against him.
Jenny, we going?
Parra, don't you want ice cream?
No, thanks.
Quick, before I get the check.
Did you pay already?
Don't make that face. You're such a grouch.
Is there something we can do to make you smile?
Jenny, let's go!
I'm just saying goodbye.
Bye, sweetie! See ya tomorrow.
Since you're here anyway, can I borrow you for two minutes?
No, don't tell me she relapsed already?
No. She was never in rehab. It's her brother who's there.
But I thought Eric was in the capital?
Eric tried to kill himself.
Her family's going through a rough time.
Surprise, Barbi. Guess you'll have to tone down your royal bitchiness.
I need you in the outside world, you know.
That, and a million other reasons.
Don't exaggerate.
You've always been good with bringing me down to earth.
True. But I've failed you when it comes to Daniel.
Clearly he likes you.
Nah, I don't think so.
Did you get a personality transplant while I was locked away?
Because, as far as I know, everyone's into you.
Oh, please.
You know it's true.
You just need to talk to him.
Show him you're not the same girl you used to be.
That you don't wanna be on everyone's lips.
Well, don't make it sound so literal.
He hasn't even kissed me once!
Congratulate me, anyway. I behaved myself.
I'm sorry the concert check didn't go through.
I'm about to talk to those idiots at the bank.
Why don't you give me your account number, so I can deposit the amount?
One sec, I don't have anything to write with.
And anytime you think you've seen it all, that I appear, to say you haven't seen anything yet.
That's why you can't live without me. XOXO, GOSSIP GIRL.
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