Gossip Girl: Acapulco (2013) s01e03 Episode Script


Dad? What are you doing?!
How dare you walk into my office without knocking?
I was looking for a pen!
Well, take it and get out of here.
What's wrong with you, Dad?
I can't stand this little game of detective.
What's with the drugs?
This doesn't concern you.
If you don't want me to get nasty, you better leave.
You're an addict!
Tone down your angry wife act, ok?
You're not walking out until you tell me what's going on.
Since when are you my boss? I'm the father here!
In my house, I do what I want. Even this.
What are you yelling about?
I just found your precious son with this.
Your call will be connected after the following tones.
Daniel, what's up? Sorry I missed your calls, I was sleeping.
Hey, I heard you hit Max.
I guess it was cuz of some dumb comment he made. He's like that.
I just wanted to tell you not to get hung up. It's not worth it.
Anyway Well, that's all I wanted to say.
We'll talk later. Call me.
I knew you'd be here.
You always come to this spot when you're sad or out of sorts.
You want to fight again?
Humiliating me in front of the school and half of Acapulco wasn't enough?
Do you remember coming here as kids?
It wasn't always a better hiding spot than Dora's room, don't you think?
I'll read you an email I wrote after you left. I wanted to send it, but I couldn't.
How are you, Sof? I hope you're ok, though I don't know where you are.
It's been awhile since I heard from you, and I'm getting really nervous.
My life's spiraling, and you're the only who'd understand.
My dad left my mom for someone much younger.
A model. Male model.
I'm falling apart. I don't have anyone to talk to.
You're supposed to be my best friend.
Please, give me some signs of life. Anything.
I miss you so much.
I'm so sorry, Barbi.
I didn't know how to be your friend after what I did to you.
I've been hurting, too. It's been awful.
I know. Daniel told me about Eric.
I'm sorry your family's having a rough time, too.
Looks like Acapulco will get back to normal now that these two powerhouses are BFFs again.
The world is full of hyphenated names, but Barbi-Sof has to be one of my favorites.
God creates them, and they join together. Wow, so classy.
Seems the sun's burning everything in its reach, and it's fried more than a few brains.
What's up with this duo?
Max Zaga, mingling with the common folk? Daniel Parra, rubbing elbows with royalty?
What's up?
Not much. You?
I don't want to be nosy or anything, but are you ok? You seem different.
Different how?
Like mad.
Let's say your face looks like ass.
Really? (Really.)
Damn. Well, thanks.
See? You look much better like this.
So you're friends with my girlfriend?
(Yup.) And what's your name?
Jenny Parra. Nice to meet you.
You too, Jenny Parra.
Excuse me. (Sure.)
Are you flirting with my boyfriend, too?
No, not at all, I swear.
Liar! Confess. I'm used to it by now.
No, I just introduced myself. And now I have to go to Physics. Do you know where it is?
It's on the right.
You just threatened her, didn't you?
That girl doesn't know what she's getting into, Sof.
Ah, the sun's come up. (Don't start, Max!)
Don't be gross, Max.
Relax, Parra. It's just for today.
How are you girls?
I've been better, thanks.
Ouch. That hurt even me.
Can you give us a few moments alone?
Calm down. Don't get agitated. Look. Inhale, exhale. Inhale, exhale.
Can you tell me what I did?
You know I hate Max! And now you're hanging out with him?
Like you don't even care that he hit on your sister and me?
(No, listen!) I mean, first you attack him and make a huge scene
And now he's suddenly yout best friend?
Are you trying to drive me crazy?
Relax, calm down. I'll try to explain.
No, you know what? You're both exactly the same.
The same?!
Sadly, every fairytale has an ending. Luckily for my tweet, this one isn't so happy.
What do you recommend, then, Doctor?
The same as I did a month ago.
Confront reality. If you like, I can refer you to two specialists experienced in dealing with parents whose kids are depressed.
No, Doctor. Thank you.
With all due respect to your colleagues, I feel that medicine has already surpassed psychology.
Well, that theory's debatable.
I don't want to be rude, but can't you give me a pharmaceutical solution? Anti-depressants? That sort of thing.
[A lot of work you've got there?]
Boss, it's not easy. Better to have knocked this hotel down and built a new one.
D'you know why I bought it?
This hotel is a classic landmark of Acapulco. Even Elvis stayed here.
Elvis Crespo? (Crespo! What?)
Elvis! The King?
Forget it, Pancho. How much will that cost to repair?
I don't know how much the materials run, and it's not the only thing that needs fixing.
We need to redo the bathrooms, they're all broken. Everything's broken!
Well, order whatever material's necessary.
How can I, boss? They need an advance. Wouldn't give me my order last time.
Fine. Work with what you've got, and I'll see about this.
Food, drinks, bed, PJs and gorgeous accessories are just a few of the ingredients that make up this sexy event.
That goes over there!
I can't believe you're not here helping me. I've been at it all day.
I'll come running now, if you want.
No use now. Just tell me your dress size and favorite color.
Truth is, I can't for the life of me guess what the lower classes are into.
I mean, YOUNGER classes in school, of course.
I like pink and turqouise. But anything you want, Barbi, really.
I don't know if you're aware, but at my parties, outfits are custom made for each guest.
So, please, tell me your size and color. Because after we meet at my house, we're heading to [the bar].
I doubt they'll let you in, but you never know.
Ok, so turquoise! Otherwise pink?
Don't be rude, the turquoise is already taken. See you tonight!
And get here early, sweetie.
Cotton candy has too many calories, and my friends and I are dieting. Remove it, please.
What terrible taste! Who put that there?
Can I help you, sir?
For Ms. Lopez-Haro?
You'll have to announce yourself at reception. (Ok, going.)
If you're looking for Max, he's in the master suite.
No, I'm not looking for Max. I've made incredible plans for us.
Make plans with your friend.
He's not my friend! Come, sit. I'll explain.
As you've noticed, I'm a little aggressive sometimes. I have to work to control it.
At the last school event, I hit Max again. They were going to expel me.
The only way to avoid it was to go into anger management, with him as my supervisor.
Are you serious?
I was saved from expulsion, but now I've got to suck it up and listen to that asshat all day.
No, that's horrible! What a punishment!
I know. But to make it up to you? I've got a great surprise.
Will Max be our chaperone?
No, I doubt it. Can I pick you up at 7?
One important thing. Three rules: first, comfortable clothes.
Second, bathing suit. And the third No questions.
See you at seven!
Hey, you're not expecting me to dive in too, are you?
No questions. Seven!
There he is.
So glad you're here, dear.
Come and sit.
We need to talk to you.
Grandfather! So good to see you.
Hello, son. Please, sit here.
You know how much we all love you. How we work to give you the best of everything.
Your father and I have decided to call the family together
To talk about your drug problem.
After discussing it with your dad, and thinking of what's best for you, of course
We've decided to send you to a clinic.
Mom, you're right. This problem I'm dealing with has to end now.
So it doesn't get the better of me. Right, Dad?
I'll pack up my suitcase, and we'll go check me in!
No, son. You're not going anywhere. Sit down.
I'll have to ask you to consult with me before pulling something like this.
Darling, I'll have the chauffeur get ready to take you home.
You've got better things to do than listen to this nonsense.
Nico, this is intense. I don't know what to say.
Why didn't you tell me?
We'll talk later, when you've calmed down.
I have to run, because I've got a sleepover planned at my house.
[all the lovely things we say upon departing, even when the situation's super awkward]
Ana. Nico. Leave us a moment.
You! Get over here!
Those are the kids I told you.
Do they always have beach parties? (Yeah!)
Let me take off my shoes.
Yeah, you'll be more comfortable.
Tradition! We have a tradition here.
It's very simple. New kids have to dance for us.
Oh, yeah? (Yeah.)
What? Did you think I'd be embarrassed?
Yeah, I see you don't get embarrassed.
Thank you.
Welcome to my home.
Why the long face?
Don't joke. I need to talk to you.
Where better? How old are you, c'mon.
I'm not a fan. Seriously.
Let's do some math: 500 plus 500? A thousand.
600 more? 1600.
Plus 1500 more from there? That's 3100.
How much is 1000 more?
And that's in under a minute. Multiply that by 12 hours.
And then again by 30 days. And you're still not a fan?
Great. So your home is a place of business.
But I'm not here to talk figures, Max.
And your girlfriend?
She's got her sleepover.
That's hot.
You're sick.
Not right now.
Jeez, what a temper.
Who said you could leave?
No one. But your friend's drunk and acting out.
I'm paying. So just sit there and don't leave till I say so.
Ok, now you can go.
Once I buy this place, they'll cooperate or they'll be gone.
Really? You're buying this place?
Alright, let's go!
You ready?
Why don't you put this on?
You crazy? I'm not swimming at this hour!
No, please. Don't get mad, but I can't.
You won't regret it, c'mon.
You go! I'll just watch. Okay?
If you're not going, I'll stay with you.
No, don't be a sourpuss.
[I'm staying!] [I'll watch you!]
Can we borrow your wetsuit?
Yeah, sure.
Seems you're quite generous, surfer.
Hey, Barbi! What's up?
We've been waiting hours. Where are you?
I know, I'm sorry! I was going to tell you, but stuff came up and I can't make it.
Don't hate me, please?
Of course not! I know well, and I'm sorry to have missed it.
But I promise I'll see you tomorrow. And we'll have the rest of my life after that, k?
Ok, but no excuses then. We clear?
Jenny, welcome.
What do you have there?
My sleeping bag and pajama, just in case.
I didn't know what else to bring.
I could just eat you up. I forgot you don't have friends like I do.
There's your pjs. You're just in time!
We're about to play Spin the Bottle.
It's super fun.
We just have to change up the rules. We play with dares.
And since I'm the hostess, I make the dares. Got it?
Girls, let's begin.
Let me think.
Hurry up, Barbi!
Ok. Kiss Nicole.
Did it you think it would really be so easy?
Perfect! Just who I wanted.
I hope you understood the plan.
Don't mess it up.
Don't worry, I won't.
HELP! Is there someone there?
I need help.
Miss, are you okay?
No. I think I went a little overboard with the drinks.
Lopez-Haro, I guess.
What is this? I don't
I'll answer!
I'm coming!
Who are you?
What are you doing?
Are you a patient?
Yes, I am! I have libido problems, you know.
Sexual problems. They're treating me for it.
Did you come in today? Why don't I know you?
Yep. Today.
Curious. I'm in admissions, and I didn't see you.
Maybe you were in the bathroom. There was this tall girl with a white hat?
Not true.
You're lying, and it's very unsafe for you to break into a rehab clinic.
No, please don't call security. Listen to me.
What if they like me? Worse, what if I like them? I told you, I'm sick.
How did you get in?
That way.
Where are you going? Come back here!
Stop right now!
Open up! Security!
Hey. Are you Eric?
Yeah. Who are you?
I'm Jenny. I was playing a kinda dirty game, but then they asked me to come get you.
I have two minutes to get you out, so please. Help me!
Okay, but first let me change.
No! You're fine like this.
This is what I enjoy most in life.
It's the adrenaline, it's so many things.
I don't know how to describe it, you have to experience it.
I've never been to something like this.
I'd love to learn.
Being a part of nature, the ocean, it's --
-- I got scared!
What a scaredy cat you turned out to be.
But, in all seriousness. You've got to try it sometime.
I hope it's soon.
I'm worried about you two. Really.
I mean, I doubt they'll let you in.
Since you're underage, it's morally wrong to get you in myself. And legally!
Don't joke, Barbi! What'll we do outside?
I dare you to get yourselves in. If you can't, we'll see out after.
They obviously won't let you in. You'll have to sneak in the back.
Get excited, guys! Don't make me feel bad.
No, I told you the girl took him.
But we didn't see anyone! Only the drunk girl.
Well, I don't know.
The only thing I'm sure of
Is that girl took the Lopez-Haro kid.
Mrs. Lopez-Haro? I'm calling from Reencuentro. Sorry about the late hour.
You don't know how grateful I am.
Really, thanks for lending me that cash.
I'm good for it. I'll pay you Ahead of time.
Thank you. Really.
Sorry, I didn't mean to interrupt.
Why'd you come? To attack me? I don't have time, I've got enough problems --
-- I'm not here to fight. I'm not even here for you. Where's Daniel?
What do you want with him?
She's not answering her phone. Eric's disappeared, and I'm sure he's with them.
Relax. Sit down, please. I'm make you a tea, and then we'll find them.
You've triggered something in me.
I did? What?
Tell me!
It's nothing.
How is it nothing? No, it's getting good now.
You have such a dirty mind!
No, you're the dirty one. What are you talking about?
I don't know anymore. Can't remember. Idiot.
Even when you're calling me stupid, I think you're amazing.
I only say it with affection.
Thanks for a wonderful evening.
Yeah. Why?
Her mom needs to talk to her.
I'll put her on.
(It's your mom.) My mom?
What's up, Mom?
No, Mom. Of course not! Eric's not here.
The clinic called. They said he escaped, and you helped him!
I swear I didn't.
How is that possible? If he's not with you, where is he?
You're not making this a game, are you?
No, please. I'm sure he's just with some friends, don't worry. I'll investigate.
I'm sure he's fine.
I really didn't think you'd manage it.
But I think I've gone too easy on you.
Why don't we try something harder?
See that guy who just got engaged? (Yeah.)
I dare you to go over there and kiss him.
Imagine our amusement.
That's really wrong, I can't do it.
So what?
They just got engaged! I can't ruin their moment.
Are you friends with the bride or something?
No, but they're getting married and celebrating with their friends.
I thought you were having fun at my party. (I am!)
And I thought you wanted to be one of us. But I guess not.
Since I do care about my friends? I'll show you how it's done.
What's your problem, slut?
Sorry. How can you kiss me when you're engaged?!
Girls, let's ditch this party.
They're at Baby.
Let's go.
You've really disappointed me, Jennifer.
Now I'm ready to do whatever you want.
Are you sure?
Welcome. (Thanks!)
Daniel said they're searching for him.
If they don't call us back in 15 minutes, we'll go to the police.
10. I'm going in 10.
Well, where else can he be?
I have no idea! phone rings Just one second.
Eric, where are you? Don't lie. I went to Baby for you, and Mom's hysterical.
It's ok, but you could have let us know!
You're right, just don't be mad.
You know any Jenny?
I know her, and I worry about her doing dares. Where are you?
On the island.
Don't move. We're on our way.
What's up? Where are they?
The island?
Let's go.
I present Angelique. From my mom's latest collection.
It's incredible. I saw it on the runway, and I almost died.
Nicole Richie bought it in red.
I like this color much better.
It'd look good on you.
In fact, I dare you to go into the store, take the dress and try it on.
Eric, we're just having fun.
I just have to try it on, right?
Obviously. I'm not asking you to steal from my own mother.
And if they catch her?
Who, the owner? As in me?
Take a photo, please.
There he is.
Oh, thank goodness. We'll see you here, then.
They found him.
See, I told you it'd be okay.
I swear, I don't know what to do with these kids! If it's not one, it's the other.
I've had great luck. My kids are really well-behaved.
Mine are the flip side. Really, They're so complicated.
Apple doesn't fall far from the tree.
That's true, maybe. But that's why I worry so much.
I don't want them to make the same mistakes I did.
And Alicia? Where is she?
She's in Argentina. Far away from me.
And what is she doing there, in Argentina?
She's with her family.
She didn't find it at all cute that I spent all my money on the hotel.
So she left me.
Will she come back?
I don't know. I really don't.
I'm sorry. What's in this tea?
I don't know that, either.
And the real party starts in 3, 2, 1
When we want something desperately, we often lose sight of who we are.
But you can't lose sight of exactly where you're standing. XOXO, GOSSIP GIRL.
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