Gossip Girl: Acapulco (2013) s01e04 Episode Script

Un nuevo amor

I've spoken with Leonora Fuenmayor, and she won't be pressing charges.
Sounds good.
Thanks so much, Officer. Your help is much appreciated.
No problem, Ms. Lopez-Haro. It's the least we could do for you.
And don't worry, this won't happen again. It was a childish game, nothing more.
Next time, think before you act.
I assure you there won't be a next time. Thanks.
You and I? Are going to have a talk. And you're grounded until you're 30.
Better you don't say anything. I'm not happy with what you did. You're grounded, too!
What are you gonna do, Mom? Leave him in the clinic another month?
Oh, so it turns out she runs the lives of everyone in Acapulco?
Tell me what you presume and I'll tell you what you lack, Marcelo.
It's not classy to put your kids on the spot.
Especially when their flaws are as easy to spot as fake Louis Vuitton.
Good morning!
It's time to get up.
You think I'm gonna let you sleep in? I'm not amused by what you pulled yesterday.
Please don't torture me, Dad.
It's not torture. Just accept that you deserve punishment.
What I did is something every girl my age has done.
You don't say?
Like sneaking someone out of the hospital, or getting caught breaking into a store, yeah?
I'm sure if you go to juvie, all your friends that've done the same thing will be there with you.
Fine, not every girl. Sit down, Dad. I'll try to explain.
Yes, please try.
If I want to be happy here, I have to integrate myself into a group.
I don't know if you've noticed, but I'm the new girl in school.
So if I don't do what they want, then I'm kicked out. Get it?
The one who's going to kick you out - of school - is me if you keep acting this way.
In the meantime, you're grounded.
So get proactive. You're going to be helping out around the hotel. That's final.
I'm serious, Jenny. You're grounded. You can't go anywhere.
I got it, Dad. I understand.
You really made him mad.
I hope you won't judge me, too.
Of course not! On the contrary, I'm worried.
Don't worry, it's not a big deal.
Of course it is. The way they treat you isn't normal, Jenny.
They want to humiliate you, clearly. And you're making it easy for them.
That's called bullying.
They screwed me again.
She has everything to do with it! She's the center of attention in Acapulco.
I don't know what to do!
I know what you can do.
Find friends who respect you.
Please, sis.
Everything in life has its price. And being part of Acapulco's elite is rather expensive.
Bad copies are immediately recognized. Don't let them see your stitching, Jenny!
Good morning, Max.
Come in.
Mom, what's wrong? Why are you yelling?
How could you disappear after what we've just been through?
You have me very worried.
Don't exaggerate.
For the love of God, Nico. Hurry up and change, because I'm not leaving without you.
I'll wait outside.
Alright, I'm coming.
I think this was your best sleepover ever, Barbi.
You think? I know it was.
Of course it was. Don't lie, Vivi.
How about Jenny Parra? She gave the best show ever.
Hey, girls.
Hope you slept well.
I brought some cupcakes, so I hope you haven't had dessert.
And I also brought you this. As a present.
I'm sure it'll be of use in the coming year.
You want something to eat?
No, thanks. No time, I've got plans.
Jenny, dear, I'm so sorry about what happened last night.
I hope you don't hold it against any of us.
Of course not, we were playing around. All for the show, right?
That's right. Hope you had fun.
Yeah, I had a lot of fun.
I brought this, too. But that's something I'm keeping.
Want me to walk you back?
I know the way.
I feel so bad for how I treated Jenny last night.
And I feel I deserve an Oscar for my performance.
Ok, these go over here.
Hey! Who gave you permission to leave?
I just went to the store.
Let me remind you that you're grounded. Meaning you can't go anywhere.
Dad, enough. Don't be like that. Forgive me.
Isn't what you did enough?
Are you serious? I said I'm sorry a thousand times.
You need to say it three thousand more.
You can't lock me up. My social status is at stake!
If I'm left alone and without friends, it'll be your fault.
So maybe next time think before you act.
Yeah, for real. And you're getting off easy, you know?
Mind your own business.
Tone down your attitude.
You don't want someone to steal her from you.
Go change and come help us, please.
No, I don't like them.
Let's see. How about these, for example? I love them.
I'm not making myself understood, Isabel.
These girls are lovely, great models.
But they're all well-known.
What I want is someone new, different. To mark my designs as something special.
My brand is going to sell in Paris, in New York. I don't want the same old thing.
Don't take this the wrong way, but you're right. I don't understand anything.
Fine. I'll explain it the hundreth time.
I want someone fresh, young, new, classy of course
But with that Mexican seal that will give my brand the oomph that it's missing.
Dora said you'd arrived, and I wanted to come visit you.
Yes, I arrived this morning.
What's with the mess?
Congratulate your mother. I just closed a deal to open stores in New York and Paris.
That's great! Congratulations, Mom!
Put that down, you'll get fat.
You should congratulate me, too. I lost 2 pounds.
That doesn't mean you stop watching what you eat.
If you're hungry or nervous, eat fruit.
Mom, I could easily fit into any of your designs.
Hike it up a little?
Let's see this color on you.
I think you'd be perfect.
You said you wanted fresh, young, glamorous, right? There you have it.
She was my first dress model, you know.
She looks beautiful. I think she'd be a hit.
We've got it!
I'm super nervous.
No! Don't worry, it'll be fine.
And if they don't like me?
How can you say that? They're gonna love you. You're beautiful!
I swear, I almost wanted to vomit.
What, did you relapse?
Enough with your commentary.
Just a joke to help you relax!
Don't worry, okay?
You ready?
You look lovely.
Just relax and enjoy the session.
The only thing you need to do is follow Lorenzo's instructions. He's the master.
I'll be waiting.
Ok, everything's gonna be fine.
I can do this! I'm the best, prettiest, with the hottest boyfriend and best stylist connections
I'm a success.
So breathe in deep and try to enjoy yourself, okay?
Let's do one more take.
Everyone take a break. Octavo, bring the shade.
The girl's like a piece of furniture.
Leonora! Be careful what you say about her daughter.
But she's stiff, like cardboard. She doesn't know how to let loose.
I think she looks gorgeous in those clothes.
To my eyes, a goddess. But the camera doesn't love her.
No, it has to work.
You look so great!
I know.
Just try to relax a little, so everyone can see that diginified neck of yours.
Am I doing ok?
Yeah, yeah, you're incredible!
No one can do it better, so relax.
I think it's time to make our relationship official.
It anyone else said this, I'd believe them. But you, Emiliano Zaga?
It's hard for me to trust.
My reputation's that bad?
Everyone knows the only ones you're loyal to are your businesses.
That frightens me. I don't want to make another mistake.
Those are only rumors others invent. I don't have to explain my life to anyone.
At this moment, I'm sure of what I what.
And that's to be with you.
I don't know how my kids'll take it.
I don't know what they'll think
It's normal for them to not accept us.
But with time, they'll get used to it.
In any case, I have to talk it over with them.
So that's a yes?
I like you a lot, Emiliano.
You indulge me, and I have a great time with you.
We're adults. Let's try it.
The worst that can happen is we break up and move on with our lives.
Yes, let's try.
It suits you.
Try it on!
No, I can't.
Really, I want to see how it looks.
You're serious?
Of course.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
She needs a bright color, to bring her out more Wow, you look great!
Thanks, it's incredible.
And with your skin tone? Lovely. Let's get to work, people!
What's up, Sof?
Hey, glad you made it. What's up?
Not doing so hot.
You know, family stuff.
Is everything ok?
I actually went looking for you, since I was kinda down and wanted to chat.
But I couldn't find you.
Aw, are things better now?
No, I don't think there's a solution. But, oh well.
Sorry, I have to help her.
Don't worry about it. Tell her I have to go, I'll talk to her later.
But how can you leave?
I gotta go.
Please concentrate. Let's take a break.
She's awful, look at this.
What do you suggest, Lorenzo?
Get someone else! Now.
I think these two are good
Nico had to go, he said he'd call you later.
Asshole. It's like everyone wants to screw me over today.
No, don't say that.
Sof, I brought you here for support.
Not so you could distract me by flirting with my boyfriend.
Not at all! He just wanted to tell me he had to go.
I'm sorry, I'm stressed.
Don't worry, just relax. Remember when we were little and pretended to be models?
What did you imagine?
Being on the boardwalk.
Exactly! And you didn't have any hangups, you were confident and sexy
I remember doing a pose like this.
It's like a bird, opening its wings.
Yes, just like that!
Like a puppy, a sad puppy.
Love it, now stick out your butt!
Like a ballet dancer, doing pirouettes!
Barbi knows a picture is worth a thousand words, which is why you have to have on your best face.
I haven't felt this good in a long time, I swear.
Yes, I noticed. Escaping from the clinic, getting into trouble, surrounded by girls
What's important is that you're okay, which makes me happy.
Eric, I can discharge you, but you'll have to visit once a week.
I'd love that.
So that's your final decision? You're ready to go?
More than ready.
Alright. Then you're officially discharged.
Thank you for everything, Doctor.
Thank you. May I stay and chat with Eric for a moment?
Of course you may.
I may be sending you home, but you won't be rid of me that easy.
You still have something very important to discuss with your mom.
Remember it's not good to hold things in.
Thank you.
I didn't know what to do.
We were looking over the photos, but we can't use them.
I see that. But we only need one.
Not a single one.
What can we do?
Presentation's two days from now, and we need to make a good impression.
Suggestions, please?
We have a very good idea.
It's a little different from yours, but I think it works.
It's great.
Show me.
I like it.
She's elegant, refined, classy, young. Did you talk with her?
We wanted to check with you first.
Send out the proofs, I'll talk with her.
Don't we need her permission?
Yes, but I'm sure it won't be a problem.
Don't worry about that, either. I'll talk to her.
Hey, baby. How are you?
Good. You?
Were you looking for me?
Yeah. What's up?
Why the long face?
Seems you're not happy to see me.
I am.
So smile!
Don't you love me?
Of course I do.
Wish you had stayed to give me a kiss yesterday.
I was an amazing model, and you missed it.
I know. I'm sorry.
Look, I'm sorry to be like this, but --
Hey, Nico! How are you?
[If we don't say these things, the world implodes]
Such a pleasure. How have you been, Leonora?
Great, thank you. Just busy with work.
Glad to hear it. We actually have a lot to discuss. When can we meet?
How about dinner at our home in a week? Let Ana know.
That sounds great! I'll let her know.
I don't know if I can.
Please, son. Just cancel whatever you've got going on.
Sorry, Captain, but I don't know if I can either.
Now that I'm a model, my schedule depends on my manager.
I probably have a photo shoot that day.
I doubt it, sweetie. But if that happens, we'll reschedule.
Great. So do we have a date?
That's right.
Perfect. Excuse me, kids.
Go out with glad hearts, and I'll see you tomorrow. Thank you!
Daniel, come here, please.
I'm glad to see you make progress controlling your aggressive impulses.
How're feeling?
Wonderful. Well, my doors are open. You can come back anytime.
But to complete the transaction, I have your letter.
I just need you to bring it back signed by Max Zaga.
And after that, you'll be done with the assignment.
I really need Max's signature?
Yes, it's indispensable to the letter's validity.
Ok. I'll get it and bring it back.
Thank you. And good luck, Daniel, really.
Hey, handsome!
You're talking to me?
The one behind you.
I'll go get him.
C'mon, idiot.
How are you? (Good and you?) Good.
Congratulate me.
What for?
I finished my anger management sessions.
Wow, congrats!
Where are you taking me to celebrate?
There's one detail left before we can celebrate.
What is it?
Minimal. Insignificant. I need Max's signature.
Oh, no. I take it back. Return my hug.
I don't know how I'll manage it.
If he doesn't wanna sign, just punch him a few times, right?
No, that's a bad idea.
Why don't you take me somewhere, and we'll figure it out?
Now what does my mom want?
Hey, mom!
Does it have to be now?
I was about to go out with Daniel.
Alright, I'll go. But only if he does, too.
Yeah, that's the only way.
Change of plans, we're meeting my mom.
And you better not say no! It was my only condition for going.
C'mon, don't be a party pooper!
Alright, fine. Let's go.
C'mon, Mom. He'll be here in two minutes. Please?
You invited that dumbass to the hotel?
Daniel's not a dumbass. For your information, he's second in our class.
Well, good for him. Just watch - they'll take away his scholarship and you'll see him selling snacks on the beach.
I don't think he's a bad guy, you know?
He's probably tied up at the pier or something.
The important thing is that the five of us are here.
Kids. Max.
All of you know that Emiliano and I have been friends for years.
His generous, chivalrous nature is precisely what made me want to be closer to him.
And so I've come to see him in a different light.
We --
We're in a relationship.
We're very happy with it, and we hope you are, too.
Isn't anyone going to speak?
If you're happy, we are too. Right?
Thank you.
Good evening, everyone. Sorry I was late.
They say family's the most important thing there is. Too bad you can't always choose who's part of it.
Although these two families joining together could form a new dynasty.
I'll make a toast, as I have a few things to say.
What's with his shirt?
Ok, someone say something. It's killing me.
Wow, I love it.
It keeps getting better.
Violence starts when words end. Though Daniel has a large vocabulary and plenty of reasons to use it
he'll have to choke down his angry words with champagne.
I'd like to propose a toast.
To the new joy in my life.
And to having new siblings.
Max as my brother? Are you joking? Out of all the available men in Acapulco?
This is just starting out. I don't know where it'll lead.
Right, just like you didn't know with your two previous marriages.
Don't be cruel.
I just don't know what to think about you being with the guy who created a jerk like Max.
If you want to talk about this, fine. But now is not the time or place. You'll have to wait.
We can talk later if you want.
But I'm telling you now I'm not okay with this.
I've always wanted an older brother, honestly.
Well, there we go. Here's our chance.
No toast for you, sis?
No, thanks. I'm not into it.
What are you into, then?
You know what? There's something I'd be into. You signing this.
What is it?
It's Daniel's letter from anger management, so they can discharge him.
No, I'm not signing that.
And why not?
Because I don't know if this guy can be cordial yet.
Or can you, Parra?
Max, they already signed it in group. It's absurd for him to keep going.
Quit clowning around, Maximiliano. Sign the letter.
We'll talk about your therapy later, right, brother-in-law?
Thanks a lot, Max.
I don't want to disturb your family gathering, so I'll go.
No, thank you. Your shirt made our night.
Yeah, it was so funny.
Thanks for everything, ma'am.
You're welcome. Have a nice night, Daniel.
Good night.
Sometimes I wanna grab his head and dunk it so far into a vat of gel that he stops breathing --
-- Hey, hey! You're making me regret getting that letter signed!
Maybe you still need a few more sessions?
No, I promise. But that guy drives me up the wall.
I know. That's Max for you.
Thank you for everything.
What do you mean?
You invited me to join your family tonight, even if it was only a few minutes.
You made Max sign that letter, you don't know the weight you took off my shoulders.
I adore you.
You awaken every one of my senses.
You drive me crazy.
What's up, Mom? Why didn't you wake me?
I've been very busy, sweetie.
But I'm glad you're here, because I have a surprise for you.
A surprise?
Come join me.
I didn't see you again yesterday, so I couldn't tell you.
We weren't able to use your photos in the collection.
I'd gotten my hopes up.
I know. But, guess what? I got you a present to cheer you up.
It's awesome!
I'm glad you like it, princess.
Is it automatic?
It has both, so you can choose which you prefer.
Everyone's gonna be so jealous.
Wow, Mom, you really outdid yourself.
It was nothing.
No, it's incredible.
About what?
Want me to give her a message?
No, just tell her to come to the studio. But let her know it's important.
Ok, Mom.
Listen to what you're saying! Dad, what am I gonna do with you?
[sings about how this love isn't an illusion, unlike the original D -- sorry, I'll stop]
He's the one not listening to himself.
Clearly. That was terrifying.
What's up? Do you guys have a problem?
Not at all. And obviously you don't either.
Where'd you just come from?
I just ran 6 miles, and look at me. I'm a machine!
Since when do you get up this early?
I think since he fell in love, because he's gotten weird lately.
Correction: I've been in love for years.
Oh, that's right. The difference is no one's ever liked you back. Now I remember.
Let me see if I've got this love story right.
Not wrong, daddy. You were pretty much a speck of dust in her life.
You're right. We crossed paths a few times on the beach, the pier, and she had no idea who I was.
Until she got to know this amazing guy right here, had the pleasure of kissing him
Come here!
Didn't he just say he ran six miles?
Ok, calm down.
Yes, dear. It's just a kiss --
Well, thank you, Jenny Fernanda.
Just please don't call me that in front of your girlfriend. I don't want it to catch on at school.
I really prefer just Jenny --
Hey, no. Hold your horses. She's not my girlfriend.
Yeah, keep cool, please.
We're taking things a step at a time. No pressure.
Good morning, love. Where are you going?
Are you going to be on me like this forever?
Don't talk to me that way. You should appreciate that I worry about you.
You have nothing to worry about!
Don't be rude, Nico. I'd rather worry than send you to a clinic.
Of course, that again.
Yes! I don't care if you're mad, I don't want you involved in --
Mom, I'm going to explain something to you. I'm not a junkie, okay?
The only junkie in this house is Dad.
I didn't say anything because I didn't want to hurt you.
But I'm sick of being falsely accused.
What you're saying is very serious. I don't want you making things up.
I'm not making it up! Why don't you believe me?
My whole life is a lie. My perfect family, my pseudo happiness, everything.
I'm sick of it.
Hey, Barbi. I came as fast as I could.
And your mom?
She's not here. Probably at her studio. We can go, if you want.
Yeah, I'm a little worried. Do you know what she wants?
No idea, she wouldn't say. Just that it was urgent.
I guess we'll find out when we get there.
She looks divine, no? (Divine!)
Her attitude is so fresh and youthful
I hope she accepts. Really, I like her a lot.
[everyone says hi]
What are you doing here?
I brought Sof. You needed to see her, didn't you?
Yes, but I wanted to see her. Not you.
What can I do for you?
I'd like to talk business with you.
How low.
Don't worry, I'll talk to her later.
I knew I shouldn't trust you.
I would never! I'm just as surprised as you.
Don't play innocent!
I swear I didn't know anything.
I'm so pissed. If it's not you, it's my boyfriend. If not him, my mom.
The point is you've all betrayed me. It's like a plot against me.
No, Barbi, I would never do that to you.
I promise I won't let her use my image - even if I have to sue her.
I won't sign anything.
I was so stupid to think things would be different this time.
Don't say that. Things are different.
I'm your friend, and you can trust me.
I don't want to be a model, and I never want to hurt you.
Please take me as far from here as possible.
Friendship is almost as comforting as new Jimmy Choos.
When you have either, you feel you can take on the world.
And you know they'll never let you down.
Hey, Boss. Whatcha doin'?
Cleaning the pool.
I can help.
You know, that sounds great.
Yeah? (Yeah.)
Now I have time to go to the bank.
See ya!
What a miracle! This is great, how are you?
What? Why do I still not wear sunblock on my back?
What's wrong with you? Years of not speaking, and that's the first thing you ask?
How are you?
It's just that if you don't wear it, you'll get more freckles.
Give me a hello, at least.
This is a surprise!
Give a big welcome to Vanessa, and all the drama about to unfold. XOXO, GOSSIP GIRL.
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