Gossip Girl: Acapulco (2013) s01e05 Episode Script

Fuera máscaras

It's a miracle! How are you?
What? Why do I still not put sunblock on my back?
What's wrong with you? We don't speak for years and that's the first thing you say to me?
How are you?
It's just that if you don't, you'll get more freckles.
Give me a hello, at least.
What a surprise. What're you doing around here?
Nothing, I just convinced my mom to let me come live here.
On the condition that I go to college next year.
Oh, so then you're living here?
Yeah, starting today.
Wow, that's
It that cool?
It's cool, of course.
I was so nervous, Danny.
You, nervous?
Not so much because of..
Meeting again?
Right. More for your face when I tell you you'll be seeing me more often. Here.
Here, right.
In Acapulco, exactly.
There are plenty of parties in Acapulco, but only one masquerade where Barbi Fuenmayor reigns supreme.
And Jenny a simple handmaiden.
And here they are.
Tonight's very important, and she'll flip out otherwise.
How exciting. Which one's yours?
No, I'm actually not invited. I'm just helping her out.
What do you think of this bracelet?
Looks like an invitation to me.
I couldn't.
Sound good?
Since preparing for the ball is an event in and of itself, queens invented handmaidens.
Good morning, Dad.
Good morning, Max.
This is Suli. My son.
It's a pleasure.
Maybe I speak with you in private?
Tell me here. I trust Suli.
Maybe later, don't worry about it.
Should I leave you two alone?
No. Don't make our guest feel uncomfortable, Maximiliano. Just tell me now.
It's about a cabaret, Dad. It's a goldmine --
A cabaret? You want me to lend my hotel empire's good name to a brothel?
No, it's not like that.
Look, here's the business proposal.
Listen to me - this could make a million dollars in a year.
Let us work, will you?
I'm so stressed! The big day's here, and I still don't have everything ready.
I hate social pressure!
Ok, who am I kidding? I love it.
Did you order dresses with custom-made lace and corsets?
And Venetian masks! So romantic.
Of course, that won't be the only romantic thing happening tonight
Since it's a masquerade, no one will recognize me.
So I'm going to leave clues for Nico to find me.
If he does it before midnight, when the masks come off, well
But it is romantic.
After everything that's happened, I want our first time to be special.
Are you sure you want me to go?
Yes. In fact, I want you to give Nico the final clue.
It's time for a blank slate.
You're going with Daniel, right?
Tell me, what's been going on with you? How was Argentina?
Bit of a touchy subject around here.
Why? Is Alicia not coming back from Buenos Aires?
Let's say we're putting some distance between us.
3500 miles' worth.
What about the hotel? Wasn't that your --
My dream? Yeah.
Your obsession.
Let's just be thankful they left it 'Boca Chica' and not 'Hotel Alicia.'
Good point.
And Jen? Where is she?
She's helping her friends with some dance or other.
I don't think so, Dad. We've only gone out a few times.
She doesn't have to invite me to everything.
He's dying to go out with you!
To a masquerade? He's not the type.
He'd probably wear my mom's bikini if it meant being with you.
She's got him wrapped around her finger.
So amazing, she'd make him go to a masked ball.
Whoah, a masked ball?
I know, you don't like that stuff.
Better, since no one will be able to see him.
It could work. The mask would shield him from the kids that hate him.
The fact that she hasn't invited me shows she knows me.
She knows what I'm like, and she respects that.
If you wanna go out with her, why don't you just call?
It's a little late for that, Dad.
The party's tonight.
I insist.
Who is it?
This is incredible.
Hey, what's up?
Hey, Daniel. (Do it!)
I wanted to see if you had plans tonight.
No, not at all. Why do you ask?
There's something I want to invite you to, but you'll think it's stupid.
No, I won't. Tell me.
Danny, I'm gonna shower. I stink.
Who was that?
My sister. No one. You were saying?
Barbi, I brought everything you asked her. Hey, Sof!
I'm so glad you're vindicating yourself again.
I sent you an email with a list of things to do. Check it, ok?
Sof, are you there?
Yeah, sorry. I got distracted.
You were saying something about tonight?
No, nothing. Forget it. Let's talk later.
So? Do you have plans tonight or not?
I think I need a date.
It's not the right attire, don't you get it?
What, do I need a designer or something?
But you'll look fine in either one.
What are you talking about? Look at this! The color's all wrong.
Good morning, Nico. Don't be scared.
Sometimes parents take off their masks even if they're not attending the ball.
You don't have to worry! Everything will turn out perfectly.
Perfect? What are you talking about?
You need to shine, pup. Shine!
Is everything ok, Mom?
Yes, dear. He's just nervous.
This is what I missed most about Acapulco.
You can't find decent coconut ice cream just anywhere.
You wanna go to the movies with me?
I mean, do you feel like doing anything, or?
Or is it too weird that I'm back?
Weird? Why would it be?
Because the night you left, you said a lot of stuff.
Yeah, and that stuff doesn't matter anymore.
Because you cheated on me, Vanessa.
You know I'm sorry about that. That's why I'm here.
Well, that stuff doesn't matter anymore.
It does matter! That's why I want us to talk about it.
Please say yes. Let's go to a double feature, ok?
But nothing with --
Tom Cruise, I know.
Here, have some. (I'll buy the tickets.)
Who does that ass Daniel Parra think he is?
Nobody ditches my bff.
So now what?
We have to help her find someone.
To help her forget about that pauper.
But it's late, and the good ones are all taken.
If he's got plans, he'll cancel them. Girlfriend? Break up with her.
If he lives far away, he better hop on a plane and come get her.
Just make it happen!
Better hurry. No one wants her to keep kissing frogs.
How about I send a chauffeur around 8 tonight?
Hey, Max.
A moment alone, please?
Let me tell you.
Dad's making love - minus the love - to this Asian chick.
I propose a million dollar business to him, and he ignores me.
Even makes me look bad in front of his latest conquest.
I'll get this. It's my turn.
Don't complain, Max. Wish those were the kind of problems my dad and I had.
Yeah, yeah. Wipe your tears.
What you don't get is that dads need to be taught lessons, too.
What're you talking about?
The call I'm about to make to Liliana Lopez-Haro.
Just to let her know her boyfriend is dining out.
You should think about doing the same.
What, rat out my dad?
To who, the police?
I'd be more elegant about it, but everyone's got their style.
Sir? Your card was declined.
Can you try it again?
That's ok. But thanks, anyway.
I'm going to the cabaret tonight to scout the merchandise.
Give me a call if you wanna join.
Liliana? It's Max. Hope I'm not disturbing you.
Who's this?
What's up, Mom?
Everything okay?
Just a call. Not important.
Are you going with Daniel to the masquerade?
No, he's busy.
That's strange. Who are you going with?
With Pedro.
Why'd you put Jenny and Dan in such a preppy school?
I thought you were a rocker.
And proud of it.
The best legacy I can leave my kids is a good education.
He's changed a lot.
Danny doesn't worry me in the least.
Jenny, on the other hand? Concerns me with her attitude lately.
Why's that?
Playing someone's servant to get invited to a party? Please.
Hey, careful what you say about servants.
And what's your plan?
For now, get a job.
And a place to live. Most important.
Have you found anything?
No, but something'll turn up.
There's work here, you know. A roof and food.
Salary's not too great, though. Whaddaya say?
Toldya something'd turn up!
They say a handmaiden's work can seem tough.
But not as tough as a Queen's. She's always got to be a bitch.
And not everyone knows how.
I've done everything you asked.
Jenny, how cute!
That must be worth more than your house.
Where'd you get it?
The jewelry store owner lent it to me.
Oh, honey. He probably thought you were invited.
You didn't think you were, right?
I thought maybe after everything --
Jenny, no. You're too young, and no one knows you.
And no one gets last second invites, how tacky.
If it's from the party planner?
You'll have your chance next year.
Give these to the girls. They're clues for Nico.
It's gonna be a great night.
You just keep helping.
Hey, Dad. Have you been moving around my accounts or something?
I just had to make some adjustments.
But why? I'm zeroed out.
I'll put it back in a few hours.
Now quit bugging me. Someone in this family's gotta work, right?
How could you ignore all these statements?
They're going to throw you out in the street.
These people aren't playing around!
That's not going to happen.
Do you know how Cesar will react when he hears this?
Jenny! You'll never guess who's back.
Call me old school, but shouldn't her white knight ride in on his horse already?
Or are friends going to have to find a man for the hottest girl around?
Hey, Nico.
Can I come in, Sof?
What happened?
Nothing, it's my dad.
I don't know what he's gotten himself into. Money's moving out of my account
My grandad's all over him. I caught him doing drugs!
I told my mom, but she won't do anything.
I have to get ready. I'll see you soon, ok?
Yeah. See ya, Sof.
When we're upset, it's easy to get confused.
Don't give kisses that don't belong to you, Nico.
You'll just make your prey flee.
As you can see, the room's very comfortable.
A little cold, though.
We'll take out the extra junk.
No, it's perfect! I'll take care of it. It'll look great.
Need anything else?
Well, I don't want Daniel to think I'm intruding.
I know it might be uncomfortable at first, but you're both very mature.
You've been friends since childhood! You'll be fine.
I hated being away from him. You don't know how much.
Did you tell him?
No, not yet.
But I will. phone rings Speak of the devil.
Where are you?
At your house.
Did you pick a movie?
That's what I wanted to talk to you about.
We can't watch a Tom Cruise movie, or any movie.
I forgot that I have a school project due. Sorry, I'm an idiot.
I'll make it up to you later.
No movie.
Where've you been? I've been looking everywhere.
What do you need?
Nothing. Don't talk to me.
Ok, this is officially not my problem. Excuse me.
What's wrong, Jenny?
Problems with the masked princesses?
I got her underwear, her masks. I gave out cards so she could sleep with her boyfriend tonight!
What more does she want?
Let's talk about this.
Wait up!
Max had no business telling you those things. He doesn't know anything.
But he did. And worst of all, it didn't surprise me one bit!
Please, Liliana. Suli is important to me As a business partner.
She and I are working on opening a chain of hotels in Asia.
How appropriate.
The only woman on my mind is you.
Got it?
You followed her like a servant, and didn't even get invited to the party?
Hey! I'm not her servant, I'm her handmaiden.
Besides, she never said I was invited.
Don't defend her, Jenny. You deserve to go.
Especially after working so hard all day, Cinderella.
Because I know who to call in times like these.
Are you serious?
Of course.
But what about the invitation, dress, mask - everything?
Jenny, one step at a time.
I'm not a millionaire, but I can get my friend into a rich kid's party.
It's a masked ball.
You're right! Now call.
In the beautiful port of Acapulco, appearances can be deceiving.
If you pay close attention to friends and hair color, there's still more than meets the eye.
I owe you one.
Here, let me put on your mask!
Please take care of yourself.
I something happens to you, your family'll kill me.
Thank you so much!
I think your bag fits me better?
[Apparently her wallet and personal items do as well?]
You look beautiful. Have fun! (Thanks!)
Where's Nico? I've been waiting for hours.
He's knows that if he's not with me by midnight, there's no surprise.
Who chose your mask?
What about yours?
What sucks is taking off the girl's mask only to find out she's ugly.
I can't believe he'd rather be with Max than me!
Not at all, he definitely wants to be with you.
Don't worry, we'll fix it.
Alright, you know what you have to do.
Run along!
What's going on with Nico? He should already be here.
I could've found you just by your scent.
Ok, Max. I get that you're a total dog.
But can you please go tell Nico to hurry up?
I could, but I'd rather other men find their own meals.
Who's that girl?
No idea. Someone from Mexico City, probably.
Max, will you go get Nico, please?
Barbarita, first things first.
And if Nico can't find you? He doesn't deserve your gift.
Just don't forget I know how to open presents.
Hey, which way's the water?
I think it's that way, man.
Are you going to be using this, Carlos?
I'm not Carlos. I'm Pablo Sandoval.
Pablo Sandoval.
Come on in.
Your princess is closer thank you think.
Her dress is blue, and her mask has diamonds.
If you find her in time, you'll get a surprise.
He's not even paying attention!
What did we say about appearances? Oh, right. They can be deceiving.
But most of the time, what you see is what you get.
You have one that's red, and the other is a paler red. They're both classics, though, right?
I've actually got a really nice sports car here. I'd love for you to take a ride with me.
Can you excuse me? I'm going to the bathroom.
I'll go with you!
I'll be back. Don't worry.
Did you hear? We're changing partners.
Daniel! What're you doing here?
I came to rescue you.
I don't need rescuing, thanks.
No? You were yawning in his face.
Did you see the girl I came with? I accidentally got her house keys!
I haven't. There's a lot of people.
Thanks, anyway.
Looks like tonight's my lucky night.
Beautiful, and with good taste.
Not enough. I'm talking to you.
You're making me nervous. Care to dance with this poor fawn?
Why dance when we can talk?
I'll get the champagne.
Daniel, why'd you come?
Why'd I come? You serious?
I don't know, I trekked across town.
Got this suit so they'd let me in, stole a mask that makes me look like Zorro.
I hightailed it to this preppy party to be with you.
You said it was important to you.
But it wasn't important to you this morning?
When you lied to me and said you were with your sister.
Wait, I didn't lie. (No?)
Ok. Yes, I did. But I can explain.
Right, give me your best excuse.
Vanessa's an old friend who just came back.
She left Acapulco a while back, but she returned.
That's your excuse? Daniel, why'd you lie?
I don't know, I lied because I'm an idiot!
Vanessa and I have a very complicated relationship.
Or we did, until you showed up.
I didn't want any ghosts looming over us.
I wanted you to ask me here, to be with you.
I was going to invite you.
Then you're not going out with that prince?
And you're not into your friend Vanessa?
That's what I'm trying to tell you, but you won't listen.
She's homework you had to finish?
Why don't we play a game, fawn?
I'd say strip poker, but I forgot my cards.
I was thinking more hide and seek? You hide, I seek.
May I ask how you'll find me?
I don't have any crumbs to leave you.
How about a trail of clothes?
Don't know what I did to deserve it, but God loves me.
You're the last person I expected to see.
And you are?
He didn't even tell you my name?
Sof, give me a minute.
Since when do we lie to each other?
It's not what you're thinking. Well, it is, but --
That's all I am to you? A nameless person?
No, I was just telling her about you. Give me a chance to explain.
What are you doing in this place? This isn't your thing.
So what are you doing here, then? Did you follow me?
Yes, I'm so obsessed with you, I stalked you to this ridiculous event.
What's your problem? I don't get it.
I can't stop thinking about you, that's what. You're why I came back.
I know you loved me.
I thought you were different.
I thought, since you hate this world so much, you must be better.
But now I see you're exactly the same.
What's holding Nico up?
I swear, if he's not here in five minutes --
We'll find him! Don't worry. Do you want a shot?
You know very well I don't drink.
Ok, give it to me.
Fawn, I found your pants.
Keep looking, I'll tell you if you're hot or cold.
And I know what I'm talking about.
Then you'll definitely feel this breeze.
What're you doing?
Are you serious?
What's your problem?
My phone's in my pants!
Masks always give the wearer power.
They turn sheep into wolves, wolves into dogs, and dogs into foxes.
Careful, Sof.
Don't worry.
I'll probably leave in a bit.
I can't even tell you what's been going down.
Everything ok?
Yeah. Well, Daniel came to surprise me.
Daniel? Good for him!
But then some Vanessa came and they got into a fight.
It was awful.
I promise you he and Vanessa are just friends.
They seemed to be more.
Daniel's never liked anyone like you.
I mean, look! He went to a masked ball.
I think he'd go anywhere with you.
You really think?
I can't stand this mask anymore. Can't anything in it.
Wanna trade?
Why don't you put this in your hair?
What's wrong with you, slut?
Our favorite part of the dance: when the masks come off, and the truth is revealed to all.
Little Jenny Parra managed to take my pants off and have me not enjoy it.
I actually like her more now that I know how far she'll go.
Luckily, you're weren't the only horny one tonight.
Good thing someone else went up there to do what you couldn't.
You mean what we couldn't do? You and I, anyway, since Nico
Barbs, the car's here. Let's go.
What are you talking about? There's no happy ending for you tonight.
You were kissing some whore.
I thought it was you. Really.
I threw this party so our first night would be special, and you didn't care.
Can you stop thinking about yourself?
No. In fact, I can't.
Because I'm the most important thing in my life.
Too bad you don't feel the same.
Max, can you take me?
I'm not going home, though.
Doesn't matter.
Take care of her, will you?
She's had a few shots, and she never drinks.
Yeah, sure. I'll take care of her.
Though we won't always find a truth easy to accept, it's better than a lie hard to forgive.
Looks like Barbi worked on Nico's surprise just to be left holding the present.
Relax, because the night in Acapulco is just getting started.
I don't get Nico. What more does he want?
Someone who can indulge your whims.
Someone as spoiled as you.
A real man.
So this is your second home?
All that talk for this?
What about that girl dancing there?
What about her?
She's a goddess.
See how she moves?
She has no idea what it means to be sexy.
And you know what sexy is?
At least someone will enjoy what I put on for Nico.
I'm an ass!
Still think I'm not sexy?
It's the sexiest thing I've ever seen.
And I've seen a lot.
The best thing about the world of the privileged is that when dreams fade
Fantasies become reality. XOXO, GOSSIP GIRL.
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