Gossip Girl: Acapulco (2013) s01e06 Episode Script

Cara a cara

Every day, in the beatiful Church of the Breezes
And each day, one of those 4 hours is spent listening to the most devout of all.
Father, I need your help. This is an emergency!
What can I do for you today, my child?
Can you turn back time, Father? What I'm about to tell you is very serious.
Where do I start? How about when I saw my boyfriend kissing a shining example of low class.
Or when I joined in carnal pleasure with a being so disgusting that God himself would reject him as a son?
This one isn't, I swear. If I could just have my chastity back
Unfortunately, child, that's impossible.
What should I do, Father?
Drag myself across Acapulco on my knees?
Or just wear a chastity belt for the rest of my days?
Let's start with staying away from the one who led you to sin.
You can be sure, Father, that I plan to never see him again.
Isn't this going a little overboard?
It's a program for single mothers, not for you.
But any help you give them will be greatly appreciated.
Not all of them were born with your luck.
Ok, thank you, Father.
Go with God, child.
Why don't we discuss it over wine? Your selection.
I trust your taste more than my own. It's more refined.
Except - wait. Remember that one time, years ago?
Got cut off.
How'd it go?
Vanessa went to the party.
Oh, no! A disaster, then.
That's right.
Tell me something. Did I do the right thing, asking her to stay with us?
I was the one in the wrong - for not talking things over with her.
What will you do?
Though she made it very clear yesterday that I'm free to do what I want.
Son, things always happen for a reason.
I know, Dad. But I also know she's worth it. I have to fix this.
[Go get 'em, Tiger.]
I've gotta go! See ya later, ok?
Breakfast? Feel free.
Telling Him how you got to know me in the biblical sense?
What are you doing here, Max?
Dora told me where to find you.
Don't you feel your feet burning?
You realize you're standing on holy ground, right?
This scenery suits you.
You look almost virginal.
What do you want, Max?
A repeat of last night.
Are you insane, or is that the drugs talking?
I asked the priest for a membership card, so you don't have to wait in line for the confessional.
I have a feeling you'll be coming often.
Get this through your head, Max.
Last night was a mistake that will never happen again.
Nico is the love of my life.
Oh, really?
I don't know how I got the impression he preferred working class girls.
Maybe you forgot that he didn't even come after you.
Hello! That was a misstep.
Tonight is our engagement dinner, meaning the De la Vega ring will be on my finger.
Everything will be right in the world again.
That's so moving. I'm counting down the hours.
Well, don't. Clearly, you're not invited.
Careful, Barbi. They say party crashers always have the most fun.
Since when do I need an invitation?
Can I sit?
Look, Jenny, I want you to know that what I said at the party
And the kiss?
I was drunk. I wasn't thinking.
These are for you.
I wanted to apologize. It wasn't like me.
How'd you know I loved alfajores? [sweets made of flour, honey, almonds, hazelnuts]
See? I did my homework.
Promise me you won't say anything.
To who? Hi, sweetie.
Hey, how are you?
What's this?
It was a surprise for you, but Here, take it.
Alfajores? Really? You know I hate dulce de leche.
What are you doing here? I didn't ask you to stay.
Come by my house this afternoon. We have plenty to discuss.
Everything ok?
I hope you know I saw you yesterday.
Though your behavior leaves much to be desired, I forgive you.
The drugs are making you addicted to women.
I'll help you, ok?
You serious?
Of course, dummy. I'm your girlfriend, aren't I?
Well, I have to go to class.
I'll see you tonight, Nico, and please wear the vest I got you.
Sof, wait. Please.
What do you want, Daniel?
To talk to you.
I already told you I don't need explanations.
It's not like a kiss means anything.
Stop tripping out. You can do whatever with whomever.
That's exactly the point. I didn't do anything.
Why didn't you tell me you were with your ex?
Because I wasn't thinking at the time - too surprised by her return.
Ok, whatever.
Look, Vanessa is my best friend, nothing more.
And I am?
I thought that was clear. I'm head over heels for you.
Well, if that's your way of seducing me, it's not at all romantic.
I dare you to let me keep trying.
How will Acapulco's royalty react? Say 'cheese!'
How do you like yours?
Medium rare.
Hey, family!
C'mere! Guess who's on Gossip Girl today?
Who is Gossip Girl?
Some girl who has nothing better to do than make up rumors.
Please just guess who's on GG!
The pope?
Come see.
Wow, you're kissing a Lopez-Haro.
Kissing? More like vacuuming.
Vanessa, come here.
No, you don't have to say anything.
I get that we're just friends.
It's Lopez-Haro.
Where's the ketchup?
Right here. (Thanks.)
The only thing I don't get is how you can like that world.
You used to hate it, now suddenly you like Gossip Gal.
It's Gossip Girl.
Ugh. I knew you'd be different, but I never thought you'd become one of them.
Vanessa, listen. I'm the same guy as before.
With a millionaire girlfriend eats caviar and champagne for breakfast.
Just get to know her.
Ok. I'll give her the benefit of the doubt.
So we're good?
No. We'll be good when we go surfing.
Or do you play golf now?
I do, actually.
I don't believe it.
Want tea or something?
No, thanks. I just had tea with the sisters at the convent.
I was giving money to the single mothers.
Especially not to fallen women.
I'm learning not to judge people by their actions.
Yes, and you were my main inspiration, dear.
Wow, thanks. I feel your good samaritan vibes from here.
Well, don't take it the wrong way. I did it for Dora.
But Dora can't have kids, I thought.
No, but a friend of hers got pregnant.
She was alone, she had no one.
Dora told me the story, and it really moved me.
So I just wanted to pitch in where I could.
Ok, let's stop talking about women who can't eat sushi for 9 months.
What do we know about Vanessa?
Turns out she's Daniel's ex girlfriend.
Rule #1: never trust an ex girlfriend.
Rule #2: that bitch needs to leave Acapulco now.
Here, let me call.
Hey, guess what? I was just thinking about you.
Oh, yeah? And what were you thinking?
That I really want to see you. Where are you?
First good deed of her life, you mean?
Are you gonna talk or are you gonna surf?
What're you up to?
With Vanessa, we're surfing.
Sof, you still there?
We'll just go in for a few hours.
Didn't you want me to meet her? This is the perfect place.
Don't worry, I'll teach her.
You wanna come surf with us?
It's Daniel. He wants me to surf.
He's with Vanessa.
Then of course you have to go!
Ok, I'll see you guys soon.
I have a feeling someone wants to see her sleep with the fishes.
Eric! What are you doing here?
I wanted to thank you.
Me? Why?
For bailing me out of the clinic. I needed it.
How're you doing now?
Living in a hotel is a bit weird. But I guess you get that, huh?
Oh, yeah, sure. With all that staff around?
I think we live in two very different hotels.
Anyway, here's my thank you.
So you can escape in style.
I can't believe it!
Is this for real? It's too much, Eric.
I'd love to have Gucci in my closet, but no. I can't take these.
Based on how much you're drooling, I think you can take them.
Take them, please.
It's just that my dad'll kill me if he learns I accepted such an expensive gift.
Well, who's gonna tell him?
No me! (Me, either.)
Eric, honestly, this might be the best day of my life.
Now comes my favorite activity of the day!
What, mocking my lack of surfing skills?
No, that's my third favorite.
My first is seeing you.
I almost thought you'd ditch us.
Let's go get your surfboard. Vanessa already got you one.
It's for beginners. Easier to use.
Aw, thanks, but I'm so dumb, I forgot the wetsuit.
Don't worry, I've got an extra. I'll go get it.
Relax, Vanessa's a pro on the waves.
Vanessa's teaching me?
Yeah, no worries. Just have fun.
You go. We'll have a practice class and then catch up to you.
Yeah, go! We'll see you in a bit.
Alright. Have fun!
Vanessa, these are shorts.
I'd let you borrow this one, but it's impossible to get on wet.
Looks like Vanessa struck out early and got beat on her own turf.
I have to say, Jenny, I've never seen such good Gucci knock offs.
Who'd you steal them from?
One of the girls INVITED to my party?
You forgot something.
I don't know if you've noticed, dear, but I hate disobedience.
Just like I hate dishonesty.
That wasn't my intention.
Oh, really? Well, from my point of view, you didn't just crash my party
You rubbed your cheap lipstick all over my boyfriend, too.
Then who?
You're early. Did you come with your parents?
No, he came with me.
Max, what a surprise.
I didn't want to miss my chance to congratulate you.
I thought I told you to get out.
Can you tell Dora to bring me a tea?
You can do that, right?
Why do you insist on torturing me, Max?
Because I know that, deep down inside, you think the opposite.
You're so wrong. This was the biggest mistake of my life.
All I want is for you to disappear forever.
I wonder what Nico will think when he finds out his present is a hand-me-down.
[Let's get together & get it on. Let's get those clothes off Sorry, I thought the song was playing.]
You're leaving?
Yeah, I'll see you two after dinner. At Baby to celebrate?
Can you wait outside?
Yeah, I'll wait.
[Literally every polite greeting ever. If you don't say them all, there's hate in your heart.]
Come on in, make yourselves at home.
So gracious, Leonora. Thank you.
[I clearly lied. We're not done yet.]
It's such a pleasure to have you here.
On the contrary.
Really, the pleasure's ours. Especially on such a momentous occasion.
Good evening.
Hey, princess!
[I'm so sorry. It's happening all over again.]
Wow, you two make a beautiful couple.
Once you two have kids, even Windsor royalty will look ugly.
Let's not get ahead of ourselves, Captain.
Excuse my husband, Barbarita. But really, you two are divine together.
Do you know what school you're applying to yet, Nico?
No, I'm still going over my options.
Very good.
Of course he knows. Law school.
His grandfather was governor, and he'll be a politician, too.
I'm sure there's time to discuss it, Captain.
Leonora's right. That's family business, and we can discuss it privately.
Well, we practically are family, aren't we?
Every time I see the De la Vega family ring
Nico, why don't you give her the ring already?
Right now?
There's no hurry, really.
That's why we're here, isn't it?
Of course, but it can wait until after dinner.
Yes, dear. Don't pressure us.
Who's pressuring you? I just want to see how it looks on her.
Thank you. Nick, son, go ahead and give it to her.
Wow, it looks incredible.
It looks tailor made for you.
It's very beautiful, thank you.
Leonora, I think this merits another bottle of Crystal.
To celebrate this moment.
Honey, I don't think it's wise to keep drinking.
Mind your gastritis.
Don't talk nonsense, alright?
Excuse us a moment.
It really is beautiful, Nico.
Yeah, amazing.
How dare you embarrass me like that!
What's wrong with you?
Don't ever touch my mother again!
I fell. He was just trying to help.
I'm sorry, ok?
That's fine, but --
We'll talk later.
No, Danny, this place is always full.
Even if she is girlfriend, I doubt they'll let us in.
Ouch, it still hurts.
C'mon. Excuse us! Thanks.
I'm going for a beer. (Get me one!)
Tell me how it feels to be the future Mrs. De la Vega!
Wow, it's amazing!
You realize the beach party's across the street, right?
Barbi! This is Vanessa, Daniel's friend.
I don't know when you last looked in a mirror, but
You look great!
What is Daniel's ex doing here?
He wants us to get to know each other, become friends.
It'll be fine. This is my domain.
You truly sicken me.
Whereas you drive me crazy.
By the way, where's your future husband?
Or is he already regretting his decision?
In your dreams, Max.
Accept it. It'd be the best thing that could happen to you.
Marrying someone who doesn't love you is a little tragic, isn't it?
You sound like a jealous boyfriend.
You wish, Princess.
Max. Do you like me?
Seriously, Max.
Do you like me?
I don't know. Define 'like.'
No, no, no! This can't be happening.
How do you think I feel?
I - I can't eat. I feel things in my stomach.
Max, you know that as a devout Catholic, I love all living creatures.
But those butterflies need to die.
It wasn't that good, anyway.
Jenny, what's up?
You know they're not going to let you in, right?
You're too young.
But we can say I'm with you.
Yeah, we could. But you know what?
I'd actually rather not go in.
I'd rather do something else.
Like what?
I don't know
Take a walk? Come with me.
[Shipping it like Fedex.]
Hey, did you see that one movie Alejandro movie?
What'd you think?
So good.
The one about the sacred mountain?
Loved it.
Too lazy to dance, huh?
No, we're --
C'mon, let's go.
I hope it's clear that you can't win here.
I don't know what you're talking about.
You're pretty. But not enough to compete with a Lopez-Haro.
I've heard that you can't, either.
Isn't that right?
I think he stood you up.
Why would he ditch me after giving me this ring?
Maybe he thought it bad form to wait 5 years just to leave you at the altar.
Never gonna happen.
With a guy who's just there to save his family?
Save them from what?
Didn't you know?
Things aren't going so well for the De la Vegas.
Nico loves me.
Oh, yeah?
Then why isn't he celebrating with us, huh?
I'll make you a wager. Let's bet on it.
If he comes, I'll leave alone for good.
If he doesn't? We do last night over again.
You're deranged! I'm not betting with you.
I thought you were sure he'd be here.
As you wish. But you're going to lose.
Careful. Chances are slim that you'll beat the devil at his own game.
We'd hate for you to lose the clothes off your back.
I love this place.
Why didn't you go in?
All you friends were there, right?
Don't tell me she hated the ring?
It's that simple.
You don't love her anymore?
I don't know.
My parents put too much pressure on us.
Decide for yourself, Nico.
No one should tell you how to live your life.
I can't believe you're so wise at only 15. How'd that happen?
What you don't know is that I'm an old soul. Hence my helpful advice.
You know what? This old soul has a curfew, and I'm already late.
Thanks for listening.
All in all, I had a good time.
Me, too. Thanks.
Spotted: Nico De la Vega in the arms of who knows.
I'm fine! I just want to be alone.
What's wrong? Everything ok?
Where were you off to?
What, did you come to collect your prize?
I came to see if you were alright.
Hey, do you think we can go?
Yeah, I'm really tired. Wanna go?
You guys can go, though.
Is she okay? If you want me to stay, I will.
No, that's ok. I'll see you tomorrow.
You sure?
Yeah, no worries.
I'll take care of him.
They say even the best of friends keep secrets.
[Like an overnight Amazon.com delivery.]
What happened, son? Why are you home?
I thought you'd be celebrating with Barbarita at this hour.
I didn't go.
What do you mean, Nico?
Forget about the wedding! I'm calling it off.
Don't be selfish. I've done everything for this family.
Yeah, I've seen what you've done.
How long has he been hitting you, Mom?
What is your problem?!
I've been under a lot of pressure.
Besides, I already apologized to your mom. Right, love?
This is your family. We need you.
Just to solve your economic crisis.
Our crisis!
No. Yours, not mine.
I thought you'd be lounging around like a hippie with your boytoy.
Let me set a place for you, miss.
I wanted to spend the day with you. Croissants?
I thought you'd be in mourning.
Me? Why?
Nico and the girl on GG. Sound familiar?
I saw you with Max.
What are you talking about?
You were making out.
I don't know what it is, I can't help myself.
Max was my first. And second.
So that work with the single mothers?
Part of my penance.
I thought you wanted to lose your virginity to someone you cared about.
Let me remind you I'm not the promiscuous one in this friendship.
I'm only saying this because I care about you.
You're just jealous.
Because Max prefers virgins to sluts.
You know, one day you won't have any friends left.
You forgot something!
Thanks for letting me crash last night.
I don't know. Maybe I was too hasty, I don't know.
What, do you still love her?
I don't know. No idea what to do.
I feel bad for my parents, you know?
So your advice is just: be happy?
What's up with you, Max? Where's the guy who thinks happiness is money?
The pleasures money can buy.
And your well-being, man.
Just know I have your back.
Your parents have controlled you all your life.
If you don't put a stop to it now, it'll be too late.
That's all I can say.
You hung up on me so quickly, I don't know where we are.
I don't know how to explain this to my kids.
'This?' What is this?
Everything. Our history.
It's very easy. There's nothing to explain.
You work on your life, I will mine.
What you want is Alicia back, right?
Trust me, Marcelo. It's best for everyone if we forget about that happened.
I suppose you're right.
But I'll still help you. I have impeccable taste.
And you're not much for interior design. Actually not at all.
Is the hotel really looking that bad?
No, but A few new, good idea can't hurt.
Want a drink? I'll show you the kitchen.
Listen, Barbi. We need to talk.
What about?
Or that girl on GG?
That was Jenny!
You're cheating on me with Jenny?
I'm not cheating with anyone.
My family's in trouble. I'm just confused.
If things are so bad at home, you should focus on that.
Your family needs you.
I don't.
Can someone tell me what happened to the Grinch of the family?
Yeah, Dad, what's going on? Why are you smiling so much?
You sing, all of a sudden?
I missed you.
What are you doing here?
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