Gossip Girl: Acapulco (2013) s01e07 Episode Script

Rostros vemos, fotos no sabemos

If you're handsome, rich and well-connected
You'll often have opportunities to rub it in the faces of mere mortals.
Wake up, Acapulco. I hear that Hugo, Dior, Carolina and Armani
Will be showing off their latest styles alongside the creme de la creme of Mexican society.
That ring! What good taste.
Speaking of disappearances, I have no idea where my child is. Let me go look.
Alvaro, your cellphone. Quickly.
And on a day like this, there's one person you should keep your eye on.
She's always having a good time.
Drink this.
I'm not asking. Drink it.
No! What is it?
I don't remember.
You said 'hell!'
You're going there.
Look, she's coming.
Well, now that we're all here, can we start?
Photo? Really?
No, no, you get out of here!
Let's make a toast to my new dad! Huberto, was it?
No, that was the last one! What's your name?
Whatever. To Liliana Lopez-Haro's next marriage!
One more time, ladies and gents. Cheers!
Let's hope her good girl front ends quickly, because model behavior is such a bore.
Am I speaking to the surfer, Daniel Parra?
The one and only.
What're you doing, funny man?
Just catching some waves. I have a proposition for you.
I want to invite you out to eat. Not a five star restaurant, but they make the best filet.
I'd love to, but I have an interview with Gala's magazine today.
Given how I've embarrassed my mom the last few years, it's gotta be perfect.
But how about if I call you when it's over?
Ok. In the meantime, I'll send you a kiss.
I send you two back. Bye!
C'mon! Too much guitar, not enough waves. Let's go!
Finally. You'd think I asked you to make my polo outfit yourself.
A little longer, and I'd have to go in my robe.
Have you heard from my dad yet?
Not yet, Barbarita.
Call him, then.
The interview's going to be in the garden.
By the way, Atticus and Lady D?
They're on their way.
Ok, just keep doing your thing.
I love that one. Let's see how it looks.
Perfect fit, huh?
So in the future, try not to do anything that embarrasses the family.
If I were you, I'd be more concerned about controlling my need for certain substances.
What are you saying?
It's not normal to be doing that stuff at your age.
Emiliano Zaga wants a father-son day.
Well, I don't want to be late, so off you go.
Jaime, take these ladies to the kitchen and give them whatever they want for breakfast.
Who wants coffee? (Me.)
What's up, family? Good morning!
You're up early.
They were some incredible waves today, Mom.
Why didn't you tell me?
Awful. (Sorry, Vanessa.)
It's just that I'm still not used to you living here.
Or were you teaching your girlfriend not to crash into people?
It's not the first time another board's knocked you over.
That's what your girlfriend is? A board?
Anyway, she couldn't go. She was getting ready for a magazine.
Gala's! Daddy, I wanna be in that magazine!
What do you mean "why?" Because it's THE magazine!
The most important families in Mexico are in it.
I think you mean the worst families.
Jenny, since when do you care about that?
Since I started going to school with the kids in that magazine, Mom.
Just because you go to school with them doesn't mean you need to be like them.
Exactly. First the magazine, then the convertible
Daniel, you realize you know nothing, right?
Nothing? (Nothing.)
You're a loser!
She's calling me a loser!
You ready, love?
This was great. Thanks.
I do like this one.
Tell me what you need quickly. I'm busy.
Santiago, I wanted to tell you myself.
My firm and I are no longer able to represent you.
I owe you no explanation, but I'll give it for the respect I bear your wife and son.
What are you talking about?
You've been found out.
And your whole boat is about to sink.
That can't happen. I'm untouchable.
Don't forget whose son-in-law I am!
Don't say I didn't warn you.
Don't you dare hang up! Octavio!
I'm impressed with the work you've done on the hotel.
But nothing.
Alicia, after 18 years of marriage, I know "I'm impressed" always comes before "but."
I didn't want to say anything.
But I find it hard to believe you did this by yourself.
Thanks, Mom.
You know, I was thinking
This'll be the first time I don't need to read the article to know what I said.
And you don't know how proud I am of you.
Look at us! The Lopez-Haros, finally looking like a normal family.
Yes? What is it?
Miss, Mr. Zaga is waiting for you in the living room.
Tell him we'll be right there, and have Eric join us.
[Everyone says their names in greeting]
So Are you going to tell us the big surprise?
Liliana and I have been together some time.
And things have developed positively.
Max and I would be honored if we could all do the interview together.
If we appeared as one family.
Really, Mom?
Yes, I think it's a marvelous idea.
You don't know how to be alone.
You just started being a mom, and you already wanna be a wife again?
You'd think there'd be some meds for that.
Do what you want. I couldn't care less.
[He still excuses himself politely and is excused similarly.]
Maybe we're moving a little too quickly.
Let's give them a little time to process, Emiliano, please.
If your kids need more time, I'll give it to them.
But I know exactly where this relationship is headed.
I hope you do, too.
Where are my horses?
Atticus and Lady D should have been here hours ago!
Barbarita, they should be their way. With your dad.
Don't just guess, Dora! Call again.
They should've been here half an hour ago!
Mr. Rosas, what a pleasure, please come in. (Thank you.)
I'll call them, Barbarita.
Thank you, Dora!
How are things in the capital? I hope not the usual chaos.
No worries, everything's fine. Ready for the interview?
(Ready.) Where are your parents?
My mom can't stand the smell of horses. Dad
He should be here soon.
What horse smell?
I'm bringing my thoroughbreds, to make the photos more glamorous.
Sounds good.
If you like, we can start the interview. Who better to start with?
Yes, I think we can begin your interview.
We'll do the photos after.
How was it, growing up a Fuenmayor?
It's been wonderful.
My parents are so successful, but I've managed to stay involved.
That's the Fuenmayor motto: family first.
Has it been hard for you, now that your father's moved to Mexico City?
Change his? No, it's just temporary.
In fact, it's a blessing. The shopping and such.
Don't be stupid, Dora!
I thought they were on their way.
Men! I told him to take the helicopter
But he wanted to try his new Lamborghini.
Where were we?
I said 12. It's 12:05.
I'll believe you're my son when you learn not to waste my time.
Let's start. Time is money.
It's not a family portrait, Maximiliano. We're businessmen.
That's better.
That's enough. Thanks.
What time's the interview? I've also got better things to do.
Don't worry, there won't be one.
Gloria, come here, please.
When Alvaro comes, give him this.
It contains all the information he needs for the interview.
Of course, sir.
See you later.
Yeah, great job.
Most astonishing is that you've done it without a man beside you.
Where do you get your strength?
No man by her side? There've actually been several.
In fact, a real estate tycoon's about to join our family.
Why don't you tell him, Mom?
How nice.
Please don't do this right now.
We can start with the photos, to help everyone relax.
Good idea, Alvaro.
You guys represent the best Acapulco has to offer.
A handsome, happy, united family.
All three of you look great.
You know, I don't wanna tell you how to do your job
But I think you're a little off.
I think you need a panorama to get the whole family.
What? How else will my stepfathers fit?
Why don't you marry Emiliano now, so you'll disappear from my life again?
I have to make a call.
It's okay, don't worry.
I'm sorry, he's not coming.
Of course he is. He knows how important it is to me.
I spoke with his secretary. He's still in the capital.
Why don't you take the photos without the horse?
You look so nice, Barbarita.
Don't even think about pressing that button.
I don't care how hot it is, we're waiting for him. Is that clear?
Your father and the horses aren't coming.
He said that --
The shoot will take place here.
Dora, please offer them refreshment while my daughter and I get ready.
The reason I know your father isn't coming
Is because I asked him not to.
What right did you have?
He's my dad!
I know, and I don't expect you to understand.
But it was painful enough to know your father traded me for a man.
I didn't need photographic evidence.
It's just a midlife crisis! He's 50.
Your dad's not coming back.
It's just like his stupid Lamborghini! He'll get bored, like he always does.
Sweetie, why don't you change out of your polo outfit?
You can wear one of my new designs.
Sir, they're asking for you.
Tell them I'm busy.
Santiago Ochoa?
We have an embargo order for you.
Come on, it's Saturday. Let's get everything out.
Does my house look like a supermarket to you?
What the hell are you doing?
Give me your phone.
Dad, what's going on?
Don't bother me right now. Make sure they don't break anything.
He never answers when I need him!
Don't you know who my father-in-law is?!
When this gets cleared up, you'll all be out of a job!
We need a lawyer, Santiago. Call Ocavio.
What does it look like I'm doing? Checking the time?
Excuse me! Bring that back right now. Just wait.
Hey, I'm talking to you!
Hey, it's me.
Forget it. The De la Vega are out.
I'll tell you about it later. Don't worry, I've got the perfect replacement.
Alvaro Rosas! It's been years. How are you?
Great, but surprised.
You traded rock for a hotel?
Please, sit.
We all change at one time or another.
When I last saw you, you were in culture.
Now you're doing celebrity lifestyles?
It's more fun.
I came personally because I know you.
I knew if I told you on the phone, you'd refuse.
You have to say yes! Definitely.
Exactly. You have to say yes.
We think you and your family should be included in the spread.
Is that a joke?
We know it's short notice --
It's just Parra, Fuenmayor, Zaga? One is not like the others.
Mostly due to the amount in the checking account.
But they're not 90s musical icons like you.
The public recognizes you and your wife.
No, I was just a backup singer.
A beautiful one, though.
Thank you, but no. We have nothing in common with that magazine.
C'mon, Dad.
No, really. I'd rather not, thanks.
Dad, you don't get it! Don't you see how important this is for me? For us?
We have to do it!
Do anyone know how long these drastic mood swings last?
They're kids, you have to understand. Can I use the restroom?
Marcelo, I know you don't care to be in the magazine, but
It'd really benefit the hotel.
You're serious?
You're going to need a lot of help.
This isn't some deserted beach. It's Acapulco.
I don't know
If you don't do it, I will.
Fine, fine.
Tell Jenny to get ready for the interview. Maybe she'll forgive me.
May I?
I know I'm a long way from mother of the year, but
I really am trying.
Really? By leaving us to be with a new husband?
I know I haven't made you two my first priority in the past.
It seemed like I only had time for my marriages, but --
It didn't just 'seem' that way, Mom.
That's the way it's always been.
The worst part is it always ends in divorce.
Are you going to marry him?
You must think I'm an idiot for getting excited over something so --
I'm sorry, I didn't mean it.
Yes, you did! I heard you perfectly.
No, I don't think you're an idiot, Jen.
I just worry. I don't want you losing yourself in that world.
That's all.
I want to have fun. What's wrong with that?
Nothing! Just don't become one of them.
Trust me, you're much more interested that those pampered kids.
I'm not going to be corrupted by some photos in
The most important magazine in Mexico!!!
If you're this excited, I'm happy for you.
I need some help.
What should I wear? Is there an expert here?
I love the one you're wearing. I'm no expert, but I mean it.
Ok, wish me luck!
Good luck!
Wait, Jen's going to interview alone?
She's the only one who wants to.
Marcelo still needs to convince Daniel.
Well, good luck with that.
No, Emiliano and I have a casual relationship.
We made it public because I didn't feel comfortable hiding it from you.
I'm sorry, Mom.
I publicly embarrassed you again.
An interview with the lovely Jenny Parra.
Tell me, Jenny. How does it feel to have a dad like yours?
Parra family! Are you ready?
And pose!
This is more embarrassing than when you put me in a ballerina suit.
Smile and enjoy it, because it's the best day of your life.
I feel your pain, son. I'm with you in this.
And your father? I thought he was with you.
No, he had to go check on the progress of a new hotel.
The Zaga family motto: business first.
Of course they exist!
If you want to believe in mermaids, feel free.
[hilarious but untranslatable name pun follows]
What is that bitch, Jenny, doing here?
What're you doing here?
I don't know, I think someone's messing with my family.
You're such a goof. I'm glad you came!
I know, I think you're the only one.
Since when does Daniel Parra care what the rich kids think?
Since he started dating one.
You know this is just for the families, right?
Of course she had to be here.
Remember, this was your idea.
Alicia, I didn't know you were back from Argentina.
Why would you? We're not friends.
[Introductions like nothing rude happened.]
I'll leave you to it. See you soon.
How's the hotel coming?
Very well.
Just finishing up some details.
And what furniture did you end up choosing?
One of the ones we looked at.
Excuse me? Liliana showed you furniture?
Yeah. She came to the hotel, showed me a great catalogue. We looked --
Of course. How blind am I? Liliana's been helping you this whole time.
She was one of the reasons I didn't want us to settle down in Acapulco.
There's nothing going on between Liliana and me.
She very kindly came by the hotel when she saw me fretting over the --
Sure. She's such a good samaritan, isn't she?
Thank God the neighbors are still in Rome.
What would they have thought of this circus?
Don't worry, I'm sure your father's fixing this misunderstanding.
They probably confused us with the De la Verras.
You know Leticia's got a gambling problem.
Do you really believe that?
With all due respect, how blind can you be?
Don't take that tone with me.
I'm your mother.
[I am very angry, so I must exert my dominance over the maids like the pathetic man I am.]
Looks like the lawyers are handling everything.
So we have no choice but to wait and go about our business.
Don't make that face! We need to be in the magazine.
They even took my bed! You really want us to fake it for a photoshoot?
Like nothing happened?
I told you it was a mistake! If we don't go, people will talk.
What do you want, son? You want people to talk?
No. So, c'mon, let's go. Look sharp!
Where, tell me?
I'm not arguing about this.
This isn't a discussion. I researched it!
You still haven't said where.
The internet.
So, do you love having me as a brother?
Whatever happens, Max? You and I will never be family.
Too bad. I was hoping you'd heard of the word incest?
Can you set your Bertolucci-esque fantasies aside for a second? This is serious.
What is Jenny the lapdog doing here?
You know you're talking about my sister, right?
Please put a bell on your surfer boy.
I swear, he's so invisible that I sometimes forget you've brought him along.
Looks like someone important's arrived.
The multimillionaire Emiliano Zaga. Sound familiar?
Isn't he the hotel magnate?
That's right.
Why don't you ask him to do business?
Our hotel's not his type. His partnership's not mine.
Plus, you'd have to deal with his girlfriend, and you can't stand her.
Doesn't surprise me at all. She's always after more money.
That's Max's dad? (Yeah, that's him.)
You'll never guess what I found!
Alicia, you're in there, too.
Let me take a picture of you all.
Just take it, so we can move on.
Wow, the trio together again, years later.
We were never a trio.
You knew each other?
'Knew' each other, to say the least.
They dated.
How long will this take? I don't have much time.
We'll use the ocean as the backdrop. Get ready, and I'll call the photographer.
Why didn't you tell me you knew Marcelo?
Now's not the time, really.
You saw that Emiliano was upset, right?
We'll talk after, ok?
Stop! Come on, dear, they're waiting for us.
The photo's incomplete without us, I think.
I apologize to everyone. You know how women are, we have to wait all day for them.
Captain, I'm sorry, but your family can't be in the picture.
What do you mean? We ARE the photo.
There were some changes, and your family is no longer included.
If space is the problem, we can remove some of the hangers-on.
I second that motion!
Ladies show themselves off better in silence.
Don't make this more difficult. Step back, please.
We're going to have serious problems, Alvaro. I mean it.
There's nothing better to do on a Sunday morning
Than read the latest lies concocted by the most powerful families in the country.
[The article about Max is about how he's a failure and his dad hates him, basically.]
Too bad not even Photoshop can fix the imperfections in their lives.
You've already read it several times.
You can never read something too many times - especially when it's about you.
I wish I had the horses. I would've looked like a princess.
You already are a princess, and a beautiful one.
What's wrong?
Nothing. Just thinking about my parents.
You wanna talk about it?
No, I know about the divorce. I'm over it.
Well, what do we have here?
Thank you, Daniel. That's enough.
Oh, so it's out?
Respect the chef.
He looks like a hippie rocker, but he spoils us rotten.
Sometimes I have to be like, 'Dad! Don't buy us so much!'
It's summers in Acapulco and winters in Argentina. Awesome.
Our lineage is European. Italian.
Anyone would be proud to be a Parra.
Of course, anyone.
Not everyone can be!
I didn't know you owned enough Louis Vuitton to feed an entire tribe of people.
You know what I should do? Sell the contents of your closet to pay off the hotel's debts.
That would be great!
This is exactly why I didn't want to do the article.
[Then why'd you let your 15 year old kid do the interview? WTF.]
You're grounded.
Jenny, why would you make up something like this?
Don't be so dramatic! I was just playing around.
Say something, Mom! Anything.
It's time to make some changes in your life.
Someone once said a lie's legs are so short that the truth always catches up.
Poor Parra. Her jetset vacation left her stranded on the beach. We'll tweet later, GOSSIP GIRL.
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