Gossip Girl: Acapulco (2013) s01e08 Episode Script

El debut

Good morning, Acapulco!
Today's the day 5th form gets dolled up to celebrate the debutante ball.
It's a super exclusive event held for the high class boys and girls who're coming of age.
But what's the protocol for this rite of passage?
After your outfit, the next most important thing is your date.
And I've just heard there's been some changes to the guest list.
I've made some great decisions in my life, but trading Nico out for Poncho Diaz-Navarro? Was the best.
I know! Cheers to that.
I can already imagine you entering with him.
They're going to die when they see me walk in on his arm.
Have you seen him lately?
No, no one has. Hasn't he spent the last 3 or 4 years travelling the world?
I know! I love how unpredictable he is. Nothing like Nico.
And that's good?
Ok, I guess it is. The less like Nico, the better.
Exactly. Besides, how can think about him when my date for the event is
Him! I know! I bet he'll be the hottest guy at the party.
The party? Try Acapulco. Or, better yet, the world.
Oh, man, it's getting late! (So?)
I have to get ready. Daniel's taking me to a surprise location.
Don't go!
Why not? What should I wear?
I don't know, I've never mingled with commoners.
C'mon! Help me.
Something casual, since that's all he can be.
You're so intense! Shorts and a t-shirt.
Finish your breakfast.
And you talk to your boyfriend. I hate that you're not coming today.
I hate that you're parroting my grandmother's words ahead of time.
Nico De la Vega! How can you not be going to the debutante ball?
Jenny Parra! Always so well-informed.
Everyone's going, and you're going to be a loner?
There's nothing for me there.
Hey, if what you need's a date, I --
Did you think she'd miss it?
One moment.
We've got guests.
Sorry, I've gotta go.
But you're coming, right?
We'll talk later, Jen.
So, where were we?
Nowhere. Your friend Pancho - Poncho? Was telling us about his best breakfast ever.
Where was that?
It was at Bursh Khalifa.
Sure it wasn't Burj Al Arab?
Yes, exactly.
May I come in?
You already did.
Who were you talking to? A boy?
Something like that.
So handsome! You have no idea.
Careful. Those are the most dangerous.
You don't even know him, Mom.
What do you think of this?
It's modern?
(Yes, modern.) Modern?
Yeah, it's like - like a Garza
I don't know why I ask you. You clearly know nothing about fashion.
Speaking of which, have you given any thought to a makeover? To change your look?
If you want to win my dad over, maybe you should look as hot as when you first met.
Sounds good. I like the idea.
Let's go to the island!
Right now? (Uh huh!)
Let's go shopping!
Just Let's get back early because I have some schoolwork pending.
This looks fine, right?
Almost too fine.
I don't know, what if the plan is bungee jumping?
Of course he'd take her bunjee jumping. Or to that place where they tie you up and spin you.
Fine, I'll just wear the shorts.
Yeah, I think that's for the best.
These kids!
Nothing you haven't seen before.
How are you?
How was your flight?
You're still in your underwear!
A pleasure to see you, Ceci.
Barbi, you're always so well-dressed.
Not like my granddaughter. And she's the only one!
She dresses like a beggar.
Enough, Granny! They're shorts, I didn't invent them.
As long as you don't present yourself like this today --
Of course she is.
Come, Mom. Let's go to the living room.
Why'd you tell her?
What is this, a homeless shelter?
I brought your Algebra book back. (Thanks!)
Let me introduce you to Poncho Navarro.
You want something to drink?
Oh, you'd love to stay?
What do you think, kid?
You may've been in Galas once, but you still belong in a supermaket catalog.
Never change. See you later.
Wait, I'll walk you out.
Just making sure he doesn't steal anything.
I know the way. See ya!
So are you officially living here or
It's not that you like me, right?
No, man. You can relax.
Hey, I'm relaxed. Seriously, though, how's it going with your dad?
The same. He can't look even look at me. I'd rather not talk about him.
What'd you rather talk about? Your friend over there?
The one who supposedly traveled the world, but doesn't even know Dubai?
I feel bad for him.
Not everyone memorizes the names of locations like you.
Why do you like that interloper so much?
I'm joking. Shall we go for predrinks?
You're the worst. Stop it.
+1000 to Nico's twitter: "You don't know a good thing until it's gone."
Granny, you know I love you, and I don't want to beat around the bush
I can't go tonight because my boyfriend's not a fan of high society stuff.
I already told her she's crazy.
But I better go before I make things worse. I'm running late.
I'll go with you, Barbi.
Don't worry, I know the way. Thanks!
So you have a boyfriend?
His name is Daniel, you'll meet his. He's the best!
So I don't really feel like going without him. You understand, right?
It's fine, Liliana. There's nothing worse than not listening to your heart.
Thanks, Granny.
Are you serious?
Thanks for understanding. You're awesome.
But with one condition! I need to meet the lucky boy.
Sure, he's about to arrive!
I was just about to bring you to meet my grandmother.
The's the greatest woman in the world. You're gonna love each other.
Well, who is this tall young man?
A pleasure. I'm Daniel Parra.
Tell her! Truth time.
Well, I don't know --
Oh, you don't know?
You do know, tell her.
Don't take this the wrong way, ma'am. I have nothing against the event.
It's just I don't really see myself there. Just imagining it
Let's say it
Yes, it must leave you speechless.
I imagine it must be a very big deal to present yourself in society.
That's correct.
It just seems to be an enviroment from another era.
Well, to each their own. But it's such a pleasure to here young people's opinions.
See? Everyone's okay! Let's go.
See you in a little bit!
[Everyone ignores Ceci's daggers as they say goodbye.]
Mom, I'm gonna finish making the lists.
Parra. The trials one must experience before death.
Mom, don't exaggerate.
I have cancer, dear.
It's terminal.
How When did you go to the doctor?
It started in my pancreas.
Mom, can't we get a second opinion?
Another doctor to look at you?
There's nothing we can do. It's spread too far.
I promise I will take you to the best doctors, and you'll recover.
We have to find a solution. Because
Honey, that's life.
So many years organizing the debutante ball
And I won't see my own granddaughter debut.
I'll go to the dance, you'll see.
Life isn't always the party we hoped for, but as long as we're invited, we should keep dancing.
Man, I love this drive!
It beats out every spot in Amsterdam.
Thanks for the ride, by the way.
I'll call the shop soon and why my car's taking so long.
You don't have to lie, bro.
I know how hard it is to depend on your parents' money.
Why do you think I left?
Who told you?
Who didn't? It's the tale of the hour.
That's why I've been working on my own fortune. Now I can shut them up with my money.
I know, you did it right. But how?
It's poker, man. Three hands and you're good.
You just have to go in with a good amount of cash.
For example, that watch? Could get you out of a lot of trouble.
But it's my grandfather's.
Think about it. You could probably get half a million for it.
Nico? (Lucila! How are you?)
Good. And you? How are your parents?
Great. Everything's good.
But wow, look how you've grown.
We should get together sometime.
Coffee at my place?
There's lots to talk about.
Alright. Maybe I'll come by next week?
Who was that milf, huh?
Calm down, she's a friend of my mom's.
That's cool, she can adopt me.
So where am I taking you?
What's that about?
She's my ex.
Are you going to the debutante ball, then?
That's what I'm gonna find out. You?
I don't know anymore.
Hey, you.
What're you doing here?
I came because I wanted to see you.
(Here.) Thanks.
Sit down.
Have you been offered a drink? There's pomegranate juice.
Something to eat? They seem to want me to eat all day long.
I'm good, thanks. I just
Wanted to speak with you.
Nico, why are you doing this?
Because we planned to debut together since we were 10.
Remember how you were going to dress in pink and I was --
With that hideous hat!
We really had horrible taste.
Yeah, can you imagine?
Who are you going with?
With you.
I can cancel my date. But only because it's you.
You'd do that for me?
After the light comes the darkness. So save some of that fire, Nico, because you might need it.
If I had known you'd be so cheap, Mom, I'd have suggested the supermarket.
Jenny, don't talk to me that way. Can't you have a good time without acting like the elite?
Relax, Mom. We're just different, is all.
Yes, we are. Unfortunately for you, I'm your mother. I've experienced much more than you.
What does that mean?
It means I'd love to spend my money here, too. Who wouldn't?
But superficial things get you nowhere.
If you don't change your ways, you'll be working like a pack animal the rest of your life.
I'll take the latter option.
Look, aren't those the shoes we saw earlier?
They must be cheaper here, right?
I'd rather die than wear those shoes.
Hey, beautiful girl!
How are you?
I'm shopping with my mom.
Hello, Liliana.
How lovely. Great hairstyle, Alicia.
I did it myself. I was inspired by yours in Galas, remember?
Oh, yes! Well done, it looks divine.
Thank you. You're always so gracious.
Are you ready for this afternoon?
At 3pm, ok? (I'll be there.)
Thank you so much for letting her come.
A lot of parents didn't sign the permission slip, due to school and
I didn't receive a permission slip.
Yes, you did, Mom. You just don't remember because you've been busy with the hotel.
But of course she got it and signed it. Duh, Mom.
I didn't sign it, and I'm not ok with you going.
I'm sorry, I didn't know. But let me explain. The event is -
Liliana, I don't need an explanation. I know exactly what this is.
Parties full of rich boys and girls showing off their designer clothes and accessories.
No, thank you.
We'll be off, Liliana. Jenny's spending the rest of the day in her room.
Poor Jenny. She has yet to understand that neither money nor acceptance grows on trees.
[Marcelo sings more than Rufus ever did. Can we get an album out of him?]
So it's true what they say?
A tree born crooked will never grow straight.
Cecilia Lopez-Haro. I'd say it's a pleasure, but I'm not a hypocrite.
Yet somehow you're still in the same place you started from.
Same to you. Although seeing you proves the truth of that old saying
Money can't buy happiness.
I heard your son will accompany my granddaughter to the debutante ball that I organize.
Really? I didn't know. Not all of us like sticking our nose in other people's business.
Well, now you know.
Personally, I don't see why my granddaughter should have her societal debut
With some nobody who's nothing but a little adventure to her.
Don't you get tired of controlling everyone's lives all the time?
I'm willing to give you incentive, so you can pay off all those debts.
And especially so you can hire a gardener.
With one condition: that your son not take my daughter to the dance today.
I didn't take your money before, when I most needed it.
What makes you think I'd take it now?
I'm sure that, like her mother, she'll trade this little romance for her inheritance.
Feel it in your hands. Imagine all that you could buy with the money!
I kept the tags.
You had no reason to, since you're not going out.
Whatever, Mom. I'll return it after.
And when exactly did you get it?
Did you come back just to torture me?
Look, Jenny, I know it's not easy having me back.
We're all very tense over the hotel.
But I don't want to worry about losing you for acting like your mother instead of your friend.
Fine. So let me go, Mom, and I promise I'll make everything up to you when I get back.
You don't need to rush your life. You're still underage.
You have to ask us before making plans, not after.
Dad rented a movie, and we're ordering pizza.
Yeah, that's a super plan!
Hey, can Daniel be the DJ?
Daniel's not here.
I see. He can do whatever he wants, but I can't.
You know what, Jenny? I don't need to give you explanations.
Change, and come down to eat.
I don't want pizza!
Then stay in your room alone!
Desperation helps us achieve the impossible.
Just ask Jenny Parra about her escape act.
Good luck with that, Parrita! Let's hope this mischief results in some great stories.
Look at them. They're like tiny pieces of carbon, it's amazing.
Don't you think, Sof?
Yeah, they are.
If you had something more exciting in mind, you could've told us.
Vanessa helped us organize this.
Thank you.
You don't have to thank me.
Daniel was just shocked no one'd ever brought you to free turtles before.
I'm sorry, Daniel.
This was a great idea, really.
I'm just not enjoying myself because I can't stop thinking about my grandma.
I just found out she has cancer.
I'm really sorry.
Poor thing. Imagine how scared she must be.
We can go visit her, if you want. Spend some time with her.
No, I think It's better if we go to her event.
Do you mind?
Not at all. Let's go.
Thank you.
You're the best.
Well, I'll help with whatever I can.
Thank you, Vanessa. This was incredible.
You convinced your parents? Great!
How can I help?
Eric'll tell you what to do. I have to go check on sound. Something's wrong, as usual.
Here's the list.
But it's not how I remember it.
There've been lots of changes. This? No way!
They're one change, for example.
What's that about?!
That's just how things are.
You should take this opportunity to find another guy.
Maybe someone your age?
Someone who gets you. That you can be yourself with, you know?
What, are you're so cool you know who you'll be taking when it's your turn?
Yeah, but I can't tell you who.
If you don't have anyone, I know someone who thinks you're super hot.
And the name starts with
What's up? How are you?
I'm so mad I don't get to escort the most beautiful woman here.
Sorry about that. Another time?
No worries, sexy. We can always try again.
Sorry, I'm speechless. You look great.
I've always liked you, but now?
Do you wake up looking this good every morning?
Nico? Are you listening?
Don't worry, I'll check on it.
That's how I like to see you!
The most beautiful girl I've seen in the last 20 years of hosting.
You look like a princess!
Granny, you're gonna make me cry.
Careful you don't ruin your makeup!
Why don't you go greet your friends while I get your frog a drink?
Come with me for a bit.
I'll be right with you. Don't start the shots without me!
I like your lipstick.
And everything else, but that goes without saying.
Hi. Now bye, Max.
Why do you insist on driving me crazy?
You were born crazy, don't blame it on me.
Tell me something. If you and I always have such a good time
Why didn't we come here together?
Because, thank God, I'm not that desperate.
Life has given me another opportunity to be happy with the love of my life.
Have you thought about what'll happen when the love of your life finds out you're not a virgin?
Thankfully, I don't need to give anyone explanations.
And based on how I look? He won't need any, either.
Sorry for interrupting, but the presentation's about to start.
And you're not with the right partner. Your boyfriend.
Who is also your best friend.
And that's how Max lost something no one knew he had: his heart. [Offscreen, apparently.]
Thanks. Cheers!
I hope you know this feeling of not belonging never goes away.
I'm sorry?
I'm referring to you.
In a party like this, you'll always confuse your dessert fork with your dinner one.
And as time passes, you'll feel more and more like tourist.
You may be right, ma'am, but trust me that I don't lose sleep over it.
I'm sure my granddaughter thinks you're gallant.
Those youthful romances always are.
But once the novelty wears off, all that'll be left is your low class.
Sorry to contradict you, but I don't feel the same.
And I'm sure she cares about me more than she does appearances.
Look at that girl. I bet her dress cost more than your car.
And what's with their parents?
You didn't see this sort of thing when we were young.
Or maybe it just wasn't seen in our circle.
Marcelo, I still think it's a bad idea for our kids to grow up here.
Look at Jenny. Since she left Buenos Aires, she doesn't respect or listen to me.
She's just been mad since you split up the family.
I split us up?
Are you referring to how you took my kids away and left me no authority?
I didn't mean to say that.
It was you who wasted all our savings setting up your little business.
And one night you packed your things up with three tickets in hand.
I remember it being four, but then you canceled yours.
And, yes, Alicia. If my bank account left you any doubt
Music wasn't paying the bills anymore. We couldn't live off of tours.
Wait in the car.
Why don't you do us a favor and leave?
I've done my duty.
I'll leave you two alone.
Are you ready to meet all of high society?
But first I need to talk to you.
What's wrong?
[Abort, Daniel. Mission abort!]
Sof, your grandma was really rude to me.
I think she's the snobbiest, most hypocritical woman I've ever met.
[Houston, we have a problem.]
Snobby? You realize that's my grandma you're talking about, right?
Sof, I'm sorry, but she's a manipulator!
I know she's your grandma so you don't want to see it, but
You should've heard what she just said to me!
What's wrong with you? Are you drunk?
Of course not! But it wouldn't surprise me if she accused me of that.
Or that she made up the
Don't even say it.
It was obviously a mistake to invite you.
Don't touch me.
Enjoy your show.
OK, I'll see you later.
Yeah, once she leaves!
Where does your escort think he's going?
We just had a fight.
So you don't have a partner?
I don't know. No. I don't care.
I know who'll be your escort.
Hey, now. I came for the black sheep of the family, not you.
There's nothing for me here!
If you're saying that because of the grandmother?
Then I insist you get out of this car and go do what you came to do.
Do what, make a fool of myself?
She's your girlfriend, right?
What you have is more real and meaningful than Cecilia's obsession with selling her to the highest bidder.
You're right. Wise words.
Alright, I'm going.
I love you.
Me, too.
Mrs. Ceci, I'd like to congratulate you.
This party shines brighter than the moon.
Always so polite, Poncho.
Speaking of which, how does my granddaughter look to you?
The role call's beginning! Let's go.
That was all?
8 years waiting for this moment, and it was over in a flash!
If only it had lasted longer.
That's the nicest thing you've ever said to me.
In order to work in the media and earn her Master's out of the country.
What do you think about making today the day?
You're sure about this?
More than ever.
Looks like you never know how things are gonna turn out.
I mean, you were practically her chauffeur.
Max, I know what you think of me, but --
No, no. Don't get it twisted. I don't think of you.
Why weren't you up there?
Because I have no reason to be here. And neither do you!
Let's go.
You're crazy if you think I'm going now.
Jenny, you snuck out of the house!
Do you think it's cute to rebel or something?
What great advice. Let's just put a pin in it.
And I'll take it into account when you become Someone.
Seriously. If I were you, I'd get out of here before our parents come and get you.
I'm not going anywhere. And you'll be sorry if you tell Mom and Dad where I am.
Do what you want.
Thank you for everything, Suzanna. It turned out perfectly.
Better than ever.
Thanks for trusting me with it. See you tomorrow for breakfast?
[Relevant goodbyes and hellos. How the plot plunges forward.]
You came!
Only for a few minutes.
Everything looks great.
Thanks for your contribution, Emiliano.
It's an honor, Ceci. Anything for the Lopez-Haros.
Hey, Dad.
And which brave girl chose you as an escort?
Marilu Cornejo. A wonderful girl.
And her family's in the mining business.
I'd love to meet her.
I'll take you now.
Actually, I have a meeting in 20 minutes. See you at breakfast tomorrow.
I'll leave you.
[He didn't even kiss his son goodbye! I'm dying. Metaphorically.]
Like when she's going to do something really cool.
Which is rarely, to be honest.
Scorned much?
Jenny? Why would she be?
He's talking nonsense.. Just nervous because he likes you.
Good evening, Liliana. Have you seen my daughter?
Hello, Alicia. I haven't seen her, but if you give me a minute, I can
Why? So you can go coddle her?
I don't understand your obsession with destroying my family.
I'm the hostess of this event: Cecilia Lopez-Haro.
And you are?
A mother worried about raising her daughter properly.
Please lower your voice. We'll help you find your daughter.
Hey, isn't that your mom?
Mom, I'll take care of this.
I'm not going to lower my voice, and I don't care about your stupid event
Or what these pretentious kids think.
Jenny, your mom!
Want me to call security, Liliana?
No, of course not!
Then please escort me to the exit, ma'am.
No, it's
Jenny, let's go.
How dare you interrupt my event to air private issues?
Before we leave, I'd like to return your check to you.
And I'll repeat what I said this morning: I didn't take your money years ago, and I won't now.
Let's go!
What money was he talking about?
No, nothing. Daniel asked me for a loan.
I suppose that hurt his father's pride.
But don't say anything to the boy. He must be so embarrassed.
Poor thing.
[It's toooo laaaaateeeee to apologiiiizeeee.]
[I said it's toooo laaaate]
I love you more than ever.
Me too, my love.
You know, you've changed a lot.
You think so?
Yeah, definitely.
You didn't call me once to see what I'd wear, or if I knew how to get there.
What, so you're calling me clingy?
Of course not. I don't know. You seem
So are you going to tell me who your date was?
Poncho. But you never know how things are gonna turn out.
Poncho Diaz-Navarro?
How strange. I was with him all morning and he never said anything.
Max always says he doesn't trust him. Must be because of stuff like this.
Max is Max. And it'd be better if you stopped telling him everything that goes on between us.
In fact, it'd be fine if you stopped seeing him altogether
And then we could spend all our time like this.
Don't tell me you chickened out!
Laugh all you want.
Beer? Or do you need something stronger?
Because your face right now?
Don't mock me, please.
Alright, tell me. I promise not to judge.
You were right, let's leave it at that.
This time, and how many more?
Stand down!
Why do you do this to yourself?
I don't get it. You're a decent guy. Intelligent, handsome.
You even kind of dress like Luis Miguel in concert.
What's the need, Danny?
I didn't choose this, Vane.
That's my point.
You critize Jenny for trying to fit in, but you're doing the exact same thing.
It's the ugly truth, and you know it.
'And you know it.'
And since when do you cook?
I bet it tastes awful.
Hey, don't be cruel! I'm learning.
And you missed something.
You did not!
Love and peace, c'mon. We can fix this.
Let me clean you up, come here.
When life is uncertain, some begin with dessert.
Tell me who you're with, and I'll tell you who you are.
Whoever you are, you don't know what you've gotten yourself into. XOXO, GOSSIP GIRL.
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