Gossip Girl: Acapulco (2013) s01e22 Episode Script

El fantasma de Max

Fede, I've made a decision.
Yeah, I know. That's why I called.
I've been thinking a lot about this.
Max, you're his son. You're a Zaga.
You have what it takes to be a great leader.
It means a lot to me that you've accepted his wishes.
And I'd like to add, Max, that I'm here for you.
You can count on me for anything, anytime.
Alright, let's stop before this gets anymore emotional. That wouldn't be very Zaga of us.
Why don't you and I celebrate tonight?
What? Were you two playing Doctor?
Look, just send her a text.
Fede, she's been a great friend to me.
Is that what you want, Maxie? A home, a wife, a dog?
You know, your father worked best when he was alone.
Please, don't say anything.
[You could have just let her sleep, Max. Doubly rude!]
Looks like Max made his choice. But careful. Now that you're a big fish, you can't forget about the sharks in the sea.
What's going on?
Why aren't you paying attention?
I'm uploading the photos to my laptop. He looks good, doesn't he?
He's such a dork.
But a handsome dork.
Why don't you come help me? I'm trying to make peace with my dad
I'm organizing his records by level of success, but I'm not sure who's more well-known
Your question worries me. But your dad's tastes worry me more.
Vanessa, help me! I'm so bored, seriously.
Then why don't you do something else?
Because Eric's on a date with his boyfriend, and I'm not ready to accept that I'm no longer Jenny the designer.
Instead I'm Jenny the loser, who's probably expelled from Harold's by now.
Hey, you don't know that.
No, but I'm about to. I have a meeting with the principal, and my dad's coming with me.
Everything'll turn out okay, you'll see.
It can't turn out any other way, or it's back to Argentina for me.
That won't happen, I promise you.
One person who'd be happy about it is Nico. I was really awful to him.
Alright, relax and don't think about that stuff.
Just get ready for your meeting and prepare a great apology speech so they'll let you back in.
I have to go. Got a date with my Doc.
Ooh, a check-up for your heart?
Have fun. I love you!
Me, too!
Thanks so much for coming, Sof. Without any warning, sorry.
You have no idea. Federico's a total mess.
Don't worry. You know you can count on me.
But who are all these people, anyway?
Members of the Zaga board of directors.
Isn't it a little weird that Max isn't here?
Isn't this brunch supposed to be welcoming him?
Well, you can't really call Federico a great host. But it's the thought that counts, right?
Yeah, but it just seems a little out of place. Like, his dad just died
I said the same thing, but Federico insisted that he wanted Max to meet the board in a less tense environment.
So he could feel more at home, you know?
Poor Max.
He left in the middle of the night to deal with a work emergency. Can you imagine?
In the middle of the night? And may I ask what happened before that?
First, stop making that face. It's giving you wrinkles, and now I just want to inject you with botox.
Second, nothing happened. We were just resting. Sleeping on the bed
Ok, but 'work emergency' doesn't really sound like Max, don't you think?
Yeah, I know. I'm suprised, too. But he's making an effort, and I'm really proud of him.
That's good.
What's up?
They just told me about it. I came as fast as I could.
Don't worry, it's all impromptu. Federico organized it, after all.
That's Federico now, and he's bringing Max. I'll see you in a bit.
Is she okay?
Yeah, she's just a little concerned with the event.
Attention, everyone. Max and Federico are on their way. Thank you all for your patience.
Where's Max?
Calm down, woman. He's in the office, but I don't know if he should come.
We partied hard last night
Relax, just say he's doing some paperwork.
He went out with you last night? He said he had to work.
I know the Zagas like to make people wait, but it's been awhile. Where's the guest of honor?
As I was just telling Ms. Fuenmayor, Maximiliano is having to deal with some paperwork. Patience.
Ricardo Montalvo is president of the board.
And how much longer will Max be?
He's hard at work at the office. You know how time flies when you're working.
Of course. I just have some papers for him to sign before I present them to the board.
Sure. (So you can see him.)
Hey, Sof? What do you think about studying together?
Studying? Since when? I thought that wasn't your thing.
Don't be like that. But can you help me out? I don't know where to start.
Well, opening the books would be a good start, Nico.
I'm serious, please. I have to pass this exam, and I'm kind of nervous.
Max, did your daddy never teach you not to mix business with pleasure?
Hope the sharks aren't too hungry, because your empire's under attack.
I don't know how I expected anything else from you, Maximiliano.
I see you're still living up to your reputation.
You're disgusting.
Being the guest of honor at any events makes you the focus of everyone's stares.
But if it's a surprise, you run the risk of the stares being doubly scrutinous. Cheers, Max!
What is all this?
I didn't know you'd be here.
We noticed.
When we found out your father left you with half the shares, we thought it was for some reason we were unaware of.
But it looks like he made a terrible mistake.
Gentlemen, let's proceed to the conference room.
How could you, Max?
You organized this, didn't you?
No. Clearly I wasn't cut out for hosting business parties.
It was your uncle, and you should appreciate the gesture.
Seriously, what's wrong with you? Stop messing with my life.
True villains know a victory is best celebrated in silence. Because announcing your glory to the world can awaken reprisals.
Hey, stranger.
What's up, stranger? I was started to wonder if the pizza made you sick or something.
No. What're you doing?
Studying. Math.
You're in high school?
Yeah. Why?
Don't tell me you're creeped out because I'm younger.
(No.) Good, then.
Are you scared or something?
Keep studying. I wouldn't want to distract you.
Thanks, Dad. Really. I don't know how you did it.
Honey, you heard the headmistress. This can never happen again. Ever.
You're on thin ice. She told you a hundred times.
So, sweetheart, I beg you. Don't mess up again, because our luck'll run out.
No, Dad, don't worry. I promise it'll never happen again. If it does, you can send me to a psych ward.
I don't know how I got her to meet us on Saturday. I think I sounded so desperate on the phone that she took pity on me.
That, or she's really a big fan. You're recording that greatest hits album, right?
No, I'm not. I haven't rehearsed enough
You haven't rehearsed at all? Not even your signature move?
What're you talking about?
Dad, you know exactly what I'm talking about.
Don't pretend. It was something like this.
You know what you look like? (What?)
An epileptic doberman.
Alright, you do it.
(No.) Please, just once!
Alright, but just once.
First, we need cushions in case you faint. Sorry, but that's just the effect I have.
You're building it up too much.
Just what I needed. It's always with a guitar.
Guitar and hips, that's it.
The last notes. Concert lights.
So what was it you were telling me? Great story.
Can you give me a second, Cari? I'll find you later.
Bye, gorgeous.
You're my only family. How could you do that to me?
You did it to yourself. What're telling me for?
I was right. You're not ready.
You have a whole life in another country. A company. Why'd you have to come here and mess up mine?
In Juno, Alaska. My dear brother sent me there to freeze to death as owner of some ice boxes.
What did I do? I got to work without complaint.
I brought up the company. We grew immensely.
And how does he repay me? By giving his company to a kid who can't keep his fly zipped for 24 hours.
At least I can last more than five minutes.
I'll give you that one, that's good.
But the Zaga empire belongs to me.
No. No way. You can't do that, my dad left me the company.
The business is mine. So if you want a spot on the board, you need to start cooperating.
Or I'll make sure you're stuck in Alaska with the eskimos.
There's a tiny clause annexed to your contract to secure your inheritance: morality.
Yeah. Emiliano knew exactly who his son was.
And since he knew you wouldn't behave yourself, the board has the power to replace you.
And who might they replace me with?
With his younger brother. Meaning me.
What's up? How's studying?
Not well. After everything that's happened with Max, I can't concentrate.
What's going on, have you heard from him? Is he okay?
I doubt it, since he was drunk with his harem. I don't think he's gonna pass the exam.
I don't think he cares, though.
You're right. If he doesn't care, neither do I. Wanna study with me?
I called the girls. They can make us margaritas.
Thanks, I'd love to. But I think I'd better stay with my mom.
In case she needs anything. But we'll talk later, okay? Love you!
I didn't ask for anything!
Go away!
Relax, it's just me.
And what brings you here?
Come to see my ruin?
What happened? What was that all about, Max?
Are you okay?
I know I have a quick wit, but eight whiskeys fry the brain a little.
Then maybe you should stop drinking!
And do what instead?
Watch my ass of an uncle take everything from me?
I told you, golden boy. All that about the inheritance and the majority shares?
I don't get it, Max. What are you talking about?
My dad had a trick up his sleeve.
He's still teaching me lessons from beyond the grave.
What's wrong with you? How could you show up like that?
Federico lied to me.
He set me up.
Federico? But he was sober.
He knows very well that if you give me women and alcohol, I can't control myself.
Well, that sounds like it was your fault.
It's time for you to grow up, Max.
Are you on his side?
No, of course not! But you can't blame someone else because you went and messed up.
Did he force you? Did he put a gun to your head?
Get out of my suite.
I'd rather be left alone. This single malt tastes bitter when I'm angry.
Max, you can't push away everyone that loves you.
Stop being so sentimental.
Get out already!
You know what? Your dad believed in you, Max. And your friends did, too.
[I have no comments. Only pain.]
That's right, we're triggering the morality clause. I told you the kid wouldn't last two seconds.
Yeah, I'm taking care of that. The board of directors is convening to announce the news.
Yeah, same. I already bought the tickets, so I'll keep you informed.
See you soon.
[World War II questions]
[World War II answers]
That's alright, Dora. I'll find her. Is she in her room?
No, she's by the pool. Come right this way.
Which US president was married to Jacqueline Lee Bouvier?
John F. Kennedy. God save Queen Jackie.
What's up?
Hey, Nico. What're you doing here?
According to my schedule, you and I are studying Tomorrow.
Yeah, but I'm not here for that. Can I talk to you?
Girls, I see snacks and margaritas on this list, but there's only punch on the table. Fix it, please?
Is everything okay?
Yeah. Well, no. It's Max.
I went to see him. He's in bad shape.
Barbie, I think it's serious. He won't listen to me, he's drunk out of mind.
Like that's new.
C'mon, he might do something stupid. He won't stop drinking. His uncle's taking his inheritance.
Yeah. He says he was set up, and now his uncle's taking over the company.
Max sets himself up.
Damn Federico! Why do I have to do everything around here?
Well, let's go.
No. Federico's a shark. I'm the only one of us who can handle that kind of predator.
Study. You need to.
Sit down, please.
Maximiliano, glad you could be here. Though I'm sure it cost you some effort.
As you know, your father was always very cautious in business matters.
The hotel chain, and its employees, were one of the aspects he cared most for.
Save the speech, okay? Just get to the point.
I understand.
Thank you, Ricardo.
By this method, we inform Mr. Maximiliano Zaga, that on the date of blah blah blah
I'll get to the point, like you say.
Has had his presidency and shares revoked indefinitely due to immoral conduct that might reflect poorly on the hotel chain and affect its stock.
If that's all, I'll be on my way.
No, no, no.
You need to sign it, then that'll be all.
The most powerful signatures in history often mark the end of an era or an empire. And the start of a new one, full of gossip.
[I feel too sad to even enjoy Mauricio's pants :(]
I never tire of looking at the ocean, either.
Yeah. It's the only place where I really feel at peace.
I don't know where to start.
Which do you want first?
The good news, or the really good news?
Really good. No, just good!
Alright. I got offered the position of manager at the Mexico City branch.
I'll get to run the boutique!
You're leaving?
When did this happen? Why didn't you tell me?
It was something I was hoping for. Got finalized a few days ago.
But with the funeral and everything, I couldn't tell you before.
I'm sorry, Eric.
Aren't you even a little happy for me?
Look at it this way: you won't be dating a salesman anymore.
You'll be dating a manager.
I am really happy for you.
So what was the really good news?
I thought you'd never ask.
What's that?
The keys to my apartment in the capital.
So you can come visit me whenever you want.
[That couch only has one arm rest! That's kinda rude, couch.]
While we might travel light sometimes, we always carry the heaviest baggage inside us.
One way.
I love the view here.
The most beautiful place in the world with the best company, at the perfect moment.
Thank you.
No, thank you for being here.
Truth is, I'm not great on dates. I just talk about medecine and bore people.
Why would it?
I don't know. Right now, I'm focusing on how much sugar you're drinking.
Well, then I'll have to leave because you're calling me fat.
No, I say it because it causes hypertension, diabetes -
You're doing it again.
Sorry, you just make me nervous.
Let's change the subject. I have a surprise for you.
Good. I love surprises.
Moderato? I hate Moderato.
I'm just kidding! I love it! Daniel's a big fan, too. He'll die when he finds out.
Do you still have feelings for Daniel?
Yes. He's been my best friend my whole life.
I said it because I remembered a story. One time, Jenny and he stole some staff shirts
So they could sneak into the back and take photos with them.
Well, I can get tickets for them, too. I can do that for you, and much more.
Miss? Miss!
Mr. Maximiliano's not here.
(What?) He left a few hours ago.
He didn't say where?
No, Miss. But he had luggage. I think he went to the airport.
Thank you.
[No way she doesn't have a picture of him.]
How are you?
I know Emiliano's death was a shock. But we'll be alright, you'll see.
His death makes me feel like the black widow.
Add all of that to the younger Zaga's insults?
Don't listen to Max. He was an ass, a drunk one.
Which is his natural state lately.
Why do you say that?
He showed up drunk to meet with the board.
How shocking!
I can just imagine Ricardo Montalvo's face.
The president of the board? Let me tell you, he almost passed out.
He even said Max's dad was wrong to leave him in charge, in front of everyone.
What? You mean they already read the will?
Yes, Mom! Weren't you there?
No one informed me.
Where's Max?
Well, well. The princess of Acapulco to the rescue.
Federico, I know exactly what you did.
So where's Max?
Max left. He's dealing with some post-traumatic stress, you know?
Federico, I know you set him up so you could take the company.
Not at all, darling.
He was vulnerable. You knew that.
What do you care?
Trading the uncle for the nephew?
You know, it's kind of kinky. I like it.
Although that's not very Fuenmayor of you.
Well, who am I to judge?
Federico, enough. Where is Max?
Your persistence makes me think you'd do anything to find him.
You don't surprise me at all.
You know what might do you some good? A tour. You know I own this whole place, right?
You should be going after men, not boys.
Fine. I'll make a deal with you, so long as you tell me how to find him.
Now I'm surprised. I don't make deals lightly, you know?
Let me think on it, figure out what to do. Just have your phone handy.
I'll call you in a bit.
You make me sick.
I can't say the same.
Not at all.
The waters are stormy, and when it passes we'll see who swam to shore and who drowned in their sorrows.
What's wrong, Barbie?
Sof, I need your help, please. It's Max.
What happened to him?
He's gone. He disappeared, and that ass Federico won't tell me where he is.
Calm down, don't worry. He's probably out, drinking away his problems. He'll turn up.
No, this is different. Federico took everything from him.
I really need your support. I need my friend more than ever.
Of course, Barbie. Don't worry. My mom probably knows something.
Why don't we ask her?
What's up, Parra? You busy?
Honestly, yes. Exams really make me tense.
I can't fail, my future depends on it.
That girl's got me too distracted.
Who? Oh, right. That girl from Mexico City trying to jump your bones.
No, she's not!
Of course she is. Like a she-wolf.
You jealous?
Me? No.
But you are a little. (Not at all!)
Aren't things going well with your doctor?
Actually, yes. It's going very well, and I wanted to show you the photos I took with the camera he gave me.
But you know what? I don't want to anymore. Your attitude killed my joy.
(Go study.) Yeah, I have a lot to study. And I'm sure they're terrible!
Love and worry are codependent emotions. You can't have one without the other.
I didn't plan the visit, or else I would've brought you something. I know this is a hard time.
No worries. Forgive my dreadful appearance. How can I help you, dear?
It's about Max.
And Federico.
What about them?
Federico set Max up so he'd look bad in front of the board. Now he owns the company.
Yes, Emiliano left a clause stating that if Max didn't change his lifestyle -
What lifestyle is that?
You know, Mom. Parties, alcohol, women.
He'd have to change his DNA.
The point is that if they caught Max doing anything shady, Federico would get the whole inheritance.
What did Max do?
Just that. Party, alcohol, women.
And Federico fixed it so that everyone on the board would see him.
So he's lost everything.
Wait. That's not possible!
As a partner, there must be something you can do.
I can make a few calls. They'll see this is just a misunderstanding, nothing more.
What do we do about Max? I'm worried something might happen to him.
Leave that to me.
Love is a mysterious force that sometimes takes the shape of a key, or a cover.
Or even the savior of millionaires.
But life always goes on, hoping for the best.
Trying to make a family.
[I can't shake the feeling that Marcelo's singing this song, which makes it really weird.]
While success unites us more than anything, forgiveness is where we find love blossoming again.
I opened the book. Now will you help me?
Come in.
Someone left this for you.
Thanks, Ana! You're the best.
[Sorry, guys. Another musical guest.]
[He woke up thinking of me! That's so sweet.]
Eric, I'm so glad you came! It's gonna be awesome, you'll see.
Yeah, it will. Thanks for inviting me!
I thought you were inviting Daniel?
Nah, I don't think he'll come.
Thanks for the ticket, this is great.
Daniel, so glad you could make it!
Doug invited you.
Yeah? Thanks, Doug! (No problem.)
[Actually, it's best as a Jenny/Eric song. BIFFLES.]
Hey, Jenny! I'll see you in a second, guys.
[NS! NS! NS!]
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