Gossip Girl: Acapulco (2013) s01e21 Episode Script

Bajo la tierra

Get to work, why don't you?
We're live from the scene of an accident, which has resulted in one death and two injuries, according to preliminary reports.
Isn't that car your -
A luxury Porsche with an Acapulco license plate crashed against a cargo truck going at high speeds.
The injured parties are being transported by a Red Cross helicopter.
Tell the chauffeur to have my car ready. And bring my phone.
Yes, sir.
I understand, thanks. I really appreciate this. We're on our way.
What'd they say?
That Dr. Iglesias is waiting at the hospital, and they'll be transported by helicopter.
And Mom?
She's fine. Let's go.
Max. Your dad and my mom had an accident.
Don't worry, my dad's got a lot of influence at the hospital. They'll do everything possibly to make sure they're okay.
I'm so glad you're here.
Let's go, the driver's waiting downstairs.
Don't worry. Everything will be just fine.
I just can't believe this, Grandma.
Don't worry, Sof.
I'm very sorry. We did our best.
I'm sorry, Nephew.
Save your sympathies. I know you're just here for the money.
I doubt your father even left me anything.
You'd be wasting your time hoping.
I'm here because this is a time when you need your family closest to you.
I'm not familiar with that term.
You know you're about to become one of the most powerful men in the country?
And you're only eighteen years old.
And you're writhing with jealousy, I'm sure.
I didn't come for that, Nephew.
Despite my differences with your father, I think we would've wanted me to advise you.
If that were true, he wouldn't have left me with a stepmother.
A stepmother who won't have any time for you, I don't think.
She's in high demand. See?
In a society like this one, even grieving must be done in style.
The sudden death of a public figure might grace every headline, but it's the stories of those left behind that have the power to shake up the town.
The Fuenmayors pray for you to find comfort and peace.
Just me?
No, there's a square for each family member.
They're not the only ones who did that.
And Mom?
With Grandma.
They made up?
Sof, it's her mom. May I remind you that she almost lost her daughter?
Yeah, but after what she pulled?
She's here in good faith. She learned her lesson.
No, honestly, I'm glad she's here.
How are you?
I'm okay. You?
How are you, Sof?
Good of you both to come.
I'm so sorry.
Have you seen Max? He's not answering his phone.
Yeah, Barbie went to get him. They shouldn't be too much longer.
Well, I'm gonna give my condolences to your mom.
Thanks for coming.
I'm here if you need anything.
[Nico waiting for his biffle. I am cry.]
Anything you need, whatever it may be -
Sorry to interrupt.
I'm glad to find you here. I'm so sorry for your loss.
You're a good boy. Your father raised you well.
Nico! Help me.
Why'd you bring him in this state?
Because he has to go to his dad's funeral.
He can't just stand everyone up. It's a sign of respect.
Respect that some people didn't show my father in his final days.
Step by step, Max. Like at the wedding, okay?
He's too messed up. He won't make it through the service.
Max, what do you need?
What were you guys talking about, huh?
Excuse him, sirs. He's a little drunk. You understand.
I'm his uncle, Federico Zaga.
Of course, Emiliano's brother. My deepest sympathies.
Thank you so much. It's been quite a blow for the family.
I heard you had a meeting without me.
I'm Maximiliano Zaga! Until my father's will is read, you all work for me.
You show me respect, understand?
Maximiliano, what you need is rest.
Go to hell.
Watch your tone with Mr. Torruco. Please.
Don't meet up again without telling me, got it?
It won't happen again. Right, gentlemen?
Max, all these people are here to support you, okay?
What're you doing here, huh?
It's fine. He's just had a little too much to drink, that's all.
You heard me perfectly, you piece of trash. Why'd you come?
You think my dad would want you here?
What's going on, Max? Did I do something to you?
My dad's dead thanks to yours.
Why would you say that?
Max, what's wrong with you? You can't take it out on Daniel. He's just here to support us.
Open your eyes! His family destroyed ours.
I think it's best you leave, Daniel.
Grandma, no! Why?
Max is drunk. He's just talking nonsense.
Max is Emiliano's son. We need to be understanding of that.
You're right, ma'am. I should go.
(No. Why should you?) Let him go. It's better this way.
Excuse me.
Max, I know you're upset, but we're here for you.
Don't touch me, slut.
We're born alone and we die alone, but friends and family are a consolation prize not included in the will.
Maximiliano, I'm going to ask you to behave like a gentleman.
I know you lost your father, Max. But we're your family. You know that.
Liliana, look around you, alright? I've lost everything.
I don't have any family.
Son, take this boy home.
Let's go, Max.
[Nothing feels right when I'm left here on my own]
What's up, Dad?
Back so soon?
Yeah. Max kicked me out before it started.
According to him, my father killed his.
What? Why would he say that?
I don't know, I don't get it. Can you explain?
The boy's upset, probably drunk.
Cecilia's here?
I keep forgetting you know her from before.
Long before.
Dad, on an unrelated note, don't you think you should give your condolences?
What's up, Jen?
What's wrong with you?
I've been waiting for you all night!
Tone it down, okay?
Do you know what time it is?
It's noon! Didn't it occur to you to answer one of my many calls or texts?
Or could you've maybe looked at your screen and thought, "Hey, I should answer because she's my partner!"
(Okay, Mom!) I'm your partner, Katia!
Alright! Tone it down, please.
Your screeching is giving me a headache.
And where were you that was so important?
I went with a guy, okay? One thing led to another, and I ended up spending the night.
It was great. You should've come.
I kept calling you, Katia!
Turn on your phone, see for yourself!
Jenny, you sound like my Aunt Elena. Please.
Katia, you said you were going to find a client today.
And I'll find one. If not today, Monday. And if not then Besides, you don't have your parents' permission.
Do you not see how much I'm risking? I left home, I left school. My parents hate me, and I'm penniless!
Do you understand that, or don't you?
Jenny, relax! Okay? Drink some whiskey, take some sleeping pills, I mean -
[Look at your life, Jenny. Look at your choices.]
Hello? Yes, may I speak to Mr. Palacios, please? Thank you.
Mr. Palacios? Hi, I'm Jenny Parra.
I'd like to meet with you, please. Alone. It's urgent.
Your father's lawyer has something for you.
I think that after what happened earlier, it's important for you to see it.
Preferably sober.
You were probably arguing.
About Parra's dad, obviously.
Your lover.
Please! Don't make things up, Max. And stop drinking.
Or else he was distracted.
Wondering how this woman he loved enough to make his wife could be sleeping with some nobody.
The night before the wedding, too.
I don't know where this is coming from, Max.
This is in the past. Your father and I had already discussed it and made things clear.
I know you're speaking out of anger
And I want to offer you my sincerest apology for my part in your pain.
Just remember that I loved your father, and I see you as my son.
You can quit the theatrics.
As soon as the money is divided up
You and I will never see each other again.
(Hey!) How are you?
(Good.) Sit down, please.
This place is amazing. I've never seen it before.
It's my favorite place in Acapulco. In fact, this has been my table for years.
(Oh, really?) Yes. And I brought you a present.
For me? (For you.)
What for?
Open it.
It's a camera. (Yeah.)
No! Are you crazy? I can't accept this.
Of course you can. I want you to have it.
No, it's too much. You have no reason to give me this.
I'm embarrassed.
I think it's far worse that people can't see the world through your eyes. So keep it and enjoy it.
(But it's -) But nothing.
Keep it! The store has a no return policy.
This is so exciting!
[This is why you call from your own phone.]
Jenny? It's Sandra, from Mr. Palacios' office.
Hi! It's Katia. This is my phone.
Oh, sorry. I must have gotten the numbers mixed up.
No worries. I'm about to see her, should I take a message?
Yes. Just that Mr. Palacios was pleased with today's meeting and would like to set up another tomorrow.
Alright. No problem, I'll tell her.
[You must set fire to the clothes! Never forget.]
Hey, doll.
Hey. Where's Max?
Why so cold?
I remember you used to be friendlier.
Okay. I can tell the drugs are starting to addle your brain.
That may be true, but my memory's intact. And you know what I remember?
I remember the beautiful, magical moment that was your first kiss. With me.
You know, you never forget your first kiss.
You know I could have you arrested for less than that?
Arrested? Oh, no. Can you imagine? A Zaga molesting a minor.
Or, better yet, a minor molesting a Zaga. What a scandal.
Because I'm not interested, thanks.
Does Max know you were hoping to be his aunt?
Max, you have to eat something.
No meal's going to fix his drunken state.
What're you doing here?
I wanna be with you. To help you.
Why do you keep insisting?
Because I love you, Max.
Despite my pride, I love you.
Well, I'll leave you two to discuss this issue.
Chin up, Nephew.
Max, I know you're having a rough time.
I know you're not yourself right now.
But that's why I want to be here for you, to comfort you. I want to support you.
Don't you understand? You and I aren't dating.
No, you've made that pretty clear.
Relationships don't exist until there's a Facebook update with a ton of likes.
I ditched you at the airport. What part of that don't you get?
The part where you always do that to the people you care about. You push them away.
You said your speech at the wedding was for me.
I was drunk.
Okay, Max, fine. I just want to know how you are. How you're feeling.
I feel like I'm suffocating.
Come in.
Hey, don't get up! I just wanted to bring you this.
Thank you so much. They're beautiful.
Sof, do you need anything? Is there something I can help with?
No, I'm fine. Worried about my mom and Max, but fine.
I'm worried about you.
We weren't that close, but he was on his way to becoming my family.
I know. You must be exhausted.
And despite everything that's happened, you're still worried about me.
Here's your water. (Thanks.) Do you want anything else?
No. I was just telling Daniel I'm good.
Did you eat already?
(I offered, but -) I'm not hungry.
You can't stop eating, Sof.
There's too much going on to even think about food.
Well, I've just thought for you. And I think a Pizza a la Danielo will do you good.
No, are you crazy? You've already told me it's hard to make.
No problem. I'll bring it to you.
Wouldn't you rather I go to you?
Sure, if you want. I'll see you there, then?
Yeah, it's better that way. Then I can get out of here.
Thanks, Danny. (You're welcome, Sof.)
Hey, don't you wanna sleep?
I am a little tired.
So sleep for a bit.
A half hour? (Sounds good.)
I don't know where I left my phone, but can you call me in half an hour and wake me up?
Of course. You know you can always count on me.
And that camera?
A gift from Ignacio.
Ah, a gift from the good doctor to his favorite patient. How nice.
It's great. I can't believe it! You're making pizza.
How rude. I thought you'd forgotten how. You better share.
No. You're going out with your doctor, aren't you?
So what? You can still give some.
Pose for the camera, Chef.
No, quit taking photos! I don't wanna pose.
You don't know how to pose, there's a difference.
You're right, I don't know.
Alright. I'll have to take them in flagrante.
Sure, whatever you want.
I hope I find your good side one day, but I don't think you have one.
Thanks. So sweet.
You're welcome.
So, tell me. What are we celebrating?
It's not like that, Vanessa. It's casual. She's been stressed, not eating, so I offered to make a pizza.
Who are you fooling? You're so getting back together.
There's nothing casual about her coming over, or you cooking.
No way. Besides, Nico's all over her.
They go everywhere together now. They're attached at the hip.
Nico's her lapdog.
That doesn't mean she's into him. Look at us, we go everywhere together. And you're my lapdog.
[Did Nico do that on purpose? Sneaky, sneaky.]
Sorry. (Hello.) Do you know if the kitchen is closed?
Is the restaurant still open?
I don't know. There's no waiter or chef, so it seems kinda obvious.
I thought rudeness was only common in the capital, but I guess not.
No, sorry. I didn't mean to be rude, I'm just -
It's fine. That's what happens when I don't eat on the plane.
No, wait! Why don't you stay here and eat with me?
I mean, I got ditched, but the food's already prepared. It be a shame to let it go to waste, don't you think?
Aw, she stood you up after you cooked with so much love?
Not that kind of love, but it did take all afternoon.
And may I know what you made? I'm not a top chef or anything, but I'm very picky about food.
You're getting your revenge.
How so?
I'll tell you what it is, you'll feign disgust and storm off -
Oh, come on. Tell me what it is! I'll eat it.
I'm not forcing you, am I?
I'm starving.
And thirsty.
Sit down, please. (You sure?) Yes.
Thanks, stranger. Even if I don't try your experiments, at least I'll sleep soundly.
Perfect, stranger. I do it all so you can sleep better.
Are you really not going to tell me what you cooked?
So you expect me to stay here with a stranger, in the middle of the night, with no idea what I'm eating?
Basically, yes.
Pour yourself a glass, because I don't plan to drink alone.
Has anyone ever told you you're a little bossy?
That's better.
What happened?
He left me a letter.
What's it say?
We don't know. He won't read it.
You have to read it, Max.
No, thanks.
You know it can't be worse than what went down today.
Honestly, I don't wanna read about how he knew I wasn't responsible enough to run his company.
How he left Federico as my guardian because I don't have anyone else.
At least you have a goodbye from him. You know he's gone. I don't have even that, Max.
C'mon, take advantage of that.
Son, I've always been hard on you.
But my goal was to prepare you for this day, to help you mature. To mold you into a man.
Military school took care of that.
So that now that I'm gone, the thousands who work with the Zaga empire will feel at ease having you as
The majority shareholder of the hotel chain!
You're joking, right?
Of course not.
I don't believe you.
He left me 51% of the company.
Of course! He knew your worth, Max.
That fucking idiot.
That's really true.
You're a business owner, Max!
I don't even want to imagine the other partners' faces.
No, this isn't for me.
What's wrong with you? This is the opportunity of a lifetime. Why are you getting this way?
His need to come across as the generous soul he never was?
He was probably scared of rotting in Hell, and this was his way of avoiding it.
Max, wait!
In the beautiful port of Acapulco, fortune is hard won and easily lost.
Especially when family members can be confused with vultures. Those without dead bodies might just eat the live ones.
Bad news.
Katia, why'd you wanna meet here?
What are you doing with my dresses? Katia, leave them alone.
Katia, no! Wait, okay?
You know what, Jenny? I never thought you'd be a thief.
But I was an idiot! I was crazy. You wanted to keep the dresses, the contacts, everything!
Katia, I never meant to steal anything -
You know what makes me angriest? You think you're some prodigy, some genius or saint.
A week ago, you were just a scholarship student!
It was my idea, Jenny! I did the fashion show and photoshoot, brought the models. They were my contacts!
Okay, Katia! I get it, you're right. Just give me the dresses, and we'll fix this.
We have more designs, okay? But not contacts.
Katia, give me back my dresses.
These dresses are as much mine as they are yours.
And guess what? Now they're no one's.
What's wrong with you? That's my future! My dresses
Why'd you do this? You're crazy! I hate you!
No, Jenny, you did this to yourself!
And you have five minutes to get your things out of my house!
Or do you want me to burn the rest, too?
Thank you. (Not a problem.)
I got your messages, I just haven't had time to get back to you.
No, don't worry. I just wanted to let you know that I'm here, whatever you need.
Thank you.
And if you want me to keep my distance, I can do that, too.
I can't imagine what you must be feeling.
Guilt. That's exactly what I feel.
So much guilt.
Of all the things going through your mind right now, guilt should be the last thing you feel.
Oh, really? I had just become a married woman, and I was already wondering how I'd ask for a divorce.
Alright, it's okay.
Want me to take you home? Let's go.
No, I don't want anyone to see us together. Much less today.
You're right. I understand.
Be that as it may, remember you can always count on me.
I know.
I'm glad.
[At least Nico called, too. No underhanded scheming! Success.]
I didn't believe it at all, but You think so?
I don't think so.
Did you like it?
I loved it. It really was good. I can't believe you made it.
See? And I can make even better meals, I swear.
Just one second.
Daniel! I'm sorry, I fell asleep.
It's fine, don't worry about it.
No, I really am sorry. And embarrassed. I was just so tired.
Really, Sof. Don't worry about.
Where are you? Should I still head over?
Yeah, you can come over. In fact, I was just eating with a friend, and we were -
Oh! Then don't worry. I'll just see you tomorrow at school.
And I'm sorry for standing you up.
Did the call cut out?
More like she hung up.
[It's okay, bb. Now some of us can get the NS we were waiting for. Yes/yes?]
You're really growing on me, stranger.
You're growing on me even more, stranger.
I'd open up another bottle, but I've gotta get up early tomorrow.
Oh, you'd open up another bottle? Despite being, as you claim, super healthy and active?
I am. You just bring out the worst in me.
Of course. Blame the beautiful girl.
No, you did not just say that. What a drag!
Give me a kiss, and I'll stop being one.
[That was fast?!?!?]
Sorry, I was just passing through. Anyway, I don't wanna interrupt. Just keep going.
Have a good night!
Who was that?
[Literally the scene I've been waiting this whole show for.]
My dad loved me.
Come here.
They say that, in this life, you die several times before you're reborn.
Crises may be frightening, but they serve to usher in a new era.
[Yes, Jenny. I still love you, and so does your daddy.]
That's the law of life, I tell you. XOXO, GOSSIP GIRL.
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