Gotham (2014) s03e04 Episode Script

New Day Rising

- Previously on Gotham - Listen to the watch.
with your heartbeat.
Stand upon the back of the chair.
So you could get him to do anything you wanted? I want you to find my sister.
Her condition, some poison in her blood.
I announce my candidacy for mayor.
(crowd cheering) ALFRED: Hugo Strange made another you.
- He's gone.
- BRUCE: He cut his hair.
To look more like you.
Does Alfred know you have his car? Would you like to go for a ride? JERVIS: The ticking synchronizes with your heartbeat.
Deep down, you want to die, Jim.
Step off the ledge.
Stop! (door opens) You don't understand.
My-my brother will find out I'm here, and he'll come for me.
Nothing will stop him.
This is the brother that took you to Strange to try and fix you? What? No.
Jervis kept me a prisoner most of my life, and when I finally managed to escape, I ran as far away from him as I could.
Mm-hmm, and landed in Gotham.
It seemed like a good place to hide.
Until Strange found me and locked me in Indian Hill.
I'll admit, not the best luck for you or your future landlord.
That was an accident.
The infecting part or the lighting him on fire part? I'm not a monster! But if you want to see one, just wait until my brother comes for me.
You don't know what he's capable of.
This isn't over.
For either of us.
(faint carnival music playing) It's perfect! Oh, my sister used to love amusement parks.
The rides, the food, the tents with amazing acts.
That's why I became a performer.
Are you a family man? Yes.
I am a family man.
The day I lost her was the saddest of my life.
The only thing that got me through, that kept me sane, was the hope of one day being together again.
And if all goes well, that day is today.
Of course, a reunion like this needs to be a private affair.
You understand.
It's Election Day in Gotham, with former mayor Aubrey James and former criminal kingpin Oswald Cobblepot running toe to toe GILZEAN: Why don't you take care of it.
Appreciate it.
Thank you.
OSWALD: I must say, you are looking quite the dapper fellow.
(chuckles) I had to guess on the jacket size.
- I hope it fits.
- Perfectly.
I cannot thank you enough.
It's just a suit.
No, if it weren't for you, I would still be falling asleep to the screams of the insane.
It becomes almost a white noise after a while, doesn't it? It does.
I do believe, Oswald, Arkham has made us both stronger.
I couldn't agree more.
Which is why I had our release certificates framed.
A reminder of past struggles and new beginnings.
If I didn't know better, I'd accuse you of being a sentimentalist.
(both laugh) You all set, boss? Busy day today.
Who were those people you were speaking with? Don't worry about it.
Come now, Butch.
Play nice.
We're all on the same team here.
Right? My team.
(giggles) Yeah.
Whatever you say.
You keep your nose out of my business.
NYGMA: Yeah.
Whatever you say.
(sighs) Why is it that every time something hits the fan around here, I inevitably find you at the center of it? I was just working a job.
Her brother asked me to find her.
You're some sort of P.
now? Is that it? I'm whatever pays the bills.
What do we know about this girl's blood? Not much.
She claims infecting the landlord was an accident.
Have Thompkins draw some samples, see if she can find out what we're dealing with here.
And pick up the brother for questioning.
Any idea where we might find him? No.
But when I do, I'll let you know.
We have some unfinished business.
Not anymore.
This is an active investigation.
You go anywhere near him, I'll have you arrested.
For what? No law against two private citizens having a chat.
I'll come by later to pick up my check.
I bet I'd make a kick-ass P.
Get out.
Have you had this condition since birth? Tell me about it.
If a person comes into contact with my blood, it changes them.
It affects every person differently.
My brother believes it brings out a person's true nature.
Is your brother infected? Is that why you're so terrified of him? Jervis isn't infected.
He believes we're connected.
Two sides of the same coin.
My way is the blood, and his, the mind.
It goes way beyond that.
He preys on fear, anger, regret.
And if he gets in your mind you're doomed.
MAN (over megaphone): Vote for Oswald Cobblepot, your next mayor of Gotham! Vote for Cobblepot.
Here you go.
Cobblepot for mayor.
And Make Gotham Safe Again! (walk signal ticking) Vote for Oswald Cobblepot, your next mayor of Gotham! (walk signal continues ticking) JERVIS: You are so very tired of life, aren't you? Do you hear my watch ticking? (watch ticking) Hard road for you, Jim Gordon.
Listen closer.
(amplified heartbeat) You are so very tired of life, aren't you? Now you can rest, Jim.
(ticking and heartbeat slows) (truck horn blaring) Hey, pal! You got a death wish or something? ALFRED: Right, yes.
Well, will do.
Thank you very much.
Well, that was the impound yard from downtown.
It appears the Rolls was towed only this morning, Master Bruce.
This doesn't make any sense.
- Why would he leave? - Well, he cut his hair to look more like you, if that's even possible.
You think he went to the city to pretend to be me.
- Yeah, absolutely.
Bloody yes.
- So where would he go? Take in a show, do a little bit of shopping, have a facial? I mean, where do pain-resistant clones of multibillionaire teenagers normally go? - Alfred.
- Well, I don't know.
The car was found at 11th and Dillon, wasn't it? That's in the Narrows.
So I suppose we should be thankful there's anything left to tow.
What in the dickens was he doing down there in the first place? Selina.
11th and Dillon is near her apartment.
Sorry, again, for the way I acted when you came by yesterday.
Any word on your friend Ivy? No.
(chuckles) I even braved a beat-down from Sonny to see if she was growing magic mushrooms for him again.
- Magic what? - Mushrooms.
Sonny Gilzean.
Pounded you to within an inch of your life.
Sonny, right.
Well, this is it.
Time to earn a living.
- You work here? - No.
I rob here.
- What? - (sighs) The Bang Bang Room is a betting parlor.
Should be flush today with the mayor's race.
Meet me around back in five minutes.
MAN: Yeah! (laughs) Pay up! (music playing, lively chatter) Hey, that guy at the end of the bar said you're buying the place a round.
(scoffs) What? Mm-hmm.
Oh, and your mom sucks.
Or something.
Really? Hey, wise guy! Here's your drink! (crowd clamoring) Get him off me! That's enough! (door opens) Who the hell are you? Sorry.
My first day.
Uh can you help me find the cherries? No? Probably behind the bar.
Uh, I'll go check.
Hey, Squirrel, what's the odds of a person getting out of here in one piece? Not good, boss.
My beloved mother always believed in me.
Even when I doubted myself, she held firm.
Seeing all of your bright faces reminds me that there is nothing you cannot do if you put your mind to it.
And when I am mayor, I believe no I know that together, we will Make Gotham Safe Again! (crowd cheering) Excuse me.
Are you on the election board? Yeah.
I work for Mr.
He just wanted me to confirm what Butch gave you.
May I? Thank you.
It's all there.
Thank you.
Follow him for the rest of the day.
Don't let him leave your sight.
(Barbara gasps) Well, look who's back.
I saw you last night.
You didn't even say hi.
- I need to find Jervis Tetch.
- Oh, you mean "The Great Jervis Tetch, Hypnotist Extraordinaire"? You believe it actually says that on his business card? Number's been disconnected.
Where is he? I don't know.
Magic shop, bunny farm Someplace where everyone wears top hats and drinks tea? - (giggles) - Barbara.
You know, I'm not sure I like this new thing of you storming in here every time you need something.
It's almost like we're married.
Scary thought.
I need a favor.
Oh Then you must be monumentally screwed.
What happened? Did he hypnotize you? Make you bark like a dog? He's dangerous, Barbara.
Don't say I didn't warn you.
He came in here earlier.
Said he wanted to hire some muscle.
- Muscle? - Yeah.
For some performance he's planning.
Said he needed them to have flair.
What'd you tell him? It's Gotham, baby.
We've all got flair.
- (Barbara laughing) - GORDON: Always a help.
Ugh! (bell dings) (grunting) (screams) (laughs) (man speaks foreign language) JERVIS: Excellent! Deever and Dumfree, I presume.
The Terrible Tweeds.
Your reputation precedes you.
And you are? Jervis Tetch.
I have a job that might suit your particular skills.
My sister's been taken by the GCPD.
I need to get her back.
You want to break someone out of the GCPD? Not "someone.
" My sister.
I assumed men like yourselves understood the bond of family.
What's in it for us? Does he ever speak? (grumbles) Regardless, if you'll do the courtesy of listening to me, I think you'll find - I can be quite persuasive.
- (watch ticking) (amplified heartbeat) BOOKIE: Place is packed to the gills.
It's running two to one, for Penguin.
Sounds like you're busy.
Maybe I should go, huh? No.
This won't take long.
I hate people with sticky fingers.
Okay, wait.
W-What do you what do you need? Huh? Money? Information? I could be useful.
Oh, you will be.
You'll send a message.
But maybe I don't got to do this.
I mean, maybe you learned your lesson.
Yeah, totally.
I (snickers) You're screwing with me, aren't you? Yeah.
Do it.
(knock on door) (panting) (grunts) Bruce? (groans) (yells) Let's go.
And although some have criticized Mr.
Cobblepot for running a campaign based largely on name-calling and fear-mongering (knock on door) His simple message of - "Make Gotham Safe Again" has - (TV clicks off) Can you believe Penguin might win this thing? Whole city's going to hell in a handbasket.
(groans, inhales sharply) You okay? Fine.
I assume you didn't come here to ask about my health.
I need to speak with Alice Tetch.
Five minutes, that's all I'm asking.
She's scheduled to be moved to a facility upstate.
I'm sure she'll have plenty of time then.
This can't wait.
What's going on? You can talk to me, son.
Her brother.
I had a run-in with him last night.
Think he may have done something to me.
Like what? I don't know.
I'm having thoughts.
(sighs) Look you've caught some bad breaks.
I don't know what happened when you went to see her, but I can take a pretty good guess.
But at some point, you're gonna have to make peace with the decisions you've made.
And what if I can't? Take it from me, you don't want to wake up one day and realize that 20 years has gone by.
(sighs) We're keeping Alice in interrogation.
Five minutes.
(door opens) What was that back there? - What? - You.
Remind me to give props to Alfred on his training.
I did not think you had that in you.
(panting): Me neither.
You okay? You? A little lightheaded.
- Oh You need a hospital.
- No.
No hospitals.
- Are those scars? - Nothing, they're nothing.
You're not Bruce.
Selina, just - You're not Bruce.
- Just-just listen - What the hell are you?! - I won't hurt you.
Just let me Just let me explain.
I assume you know Butch is paying campaign officials to buy the election? You don't approve? (both chuckle) My dear Ed, this is Gotham.
This is how things are done.
And in theory, I support that.
But, Oswald, Do you see how these people are cheering for you? Yes, they do seem very excited.
You can win this on your own.
Why risk it? There is no upside.
I want this, Ed.
I want this like I've never wanted anything.
I know.
Which is why you need to call off Butch.
Penguin? Hello, there.
I wanted to thank you for getting rid of all the monsters.
(chuckles softly) Do you see? People look at me differently now.
For the first time in my life, I feel wanted.
Nice doing business with you.
And how do you feel now? I feel like I've misjudged someone who was supposed to be my friend.
I am your friend.
I can't be bought, but I can be stolen with a glance.
I'm worthless to one, but priceless to two.
- What am I? - I don't care.
I do not need a stupid riddle right now.
I know what I want.
I want to be mayor.
Stay out of it, Ed.
I'm warning you.
I need to find your brother.
You turn me in, and now you want my help.
I was hoping we could help each other.
He's still in your head, isn't he? GORDON: How do I stop it? ALICE: I don't know.
Most of the time, once the trance is broken, that's it.
You should've been fine the moment you stepped off the ledge.
Then why is it still happening? Jervis has tapped into something you're struggling with.
Something a part of you would do anything not to face.
Then give me something to fight this until I find him.
There's usually a trigger that brings on the hypnotic state.
What's the last thing you remember? He pulled out his watch.
Asked if I could hear it ticking.
That's it, then.
His watch.
Anything resembling the ticking will trigger the impulse.
He's made you a prisoner in your own skin.
He did it to you.
When we were kids.
At first, he did it to control me.
Keep me with him.
But then he started putting other thoughts in my head.
Thoughts a Thoughts a brother should never have.
That's why I wanted to kill him.
I won't go back to him.
Not ever.
(carnival music playing) (calling whistle) (clown horn honking, whistle blows) Yeah! (laughs) Everybody! Come on! Huh? JERVIS (recorded): Ladies and gentlemen! It is with great excitement that we welcome you to our show.
It's him.
He's come for me.
Getting you out of here.
To wrestling's most notorious family, here to entertain and amaze! The Terrible Tweeds.
Let the show begin! (screaming) (screaming, clamoring) (yells) Harvey, look out behind you! Hello, sis.
We both know you can't kill me.
Not until I remove that nagging little impulse I planted.
Turn around, hands in the air.
(watch ticking) (amplified heartbeat) GORDON: Alice, go.
Good-bye, Mr.
ALICE: No! I doubt I'll be seeing you again.
ALICE: Get off me! Let go! (screams) Mr.
Gordon! Ugh.
It really doesn't hurt? No.
Whatever they did to me at Indian Hill, I don't feel pain.
So why'd they make a Bruce Wayne look-alike anyhow? I don't know.
I didn't even know I looked like him until a few days ago.
I went to his house thinking he might have some answers about who I am.
He didn't.
So you ran off and pretended to be him.
Why? You'll laugh.
I doubt it.
Neither of you has a sense of humor.
When you came to see him the other night, I was watching from the hall.
I saw the way you looked at him.
No one's ever looked at me like that.
I wanted to know how it felt.
You should have your eyes checked.
I didn't look at him like anything.
All I mean is that I've never had a friend.
I've never had anyone.
You have no idea what it's like to spend your whole life alone.
You're actually better off.
People are overrated.
You don't believe that.
My mom left before I could ride a bike.
Never knew my dad.
I had two friends.
One ended up barbecued, and the other's at the bottom of the river.
What about Bruce Wayne? Forget about him.
He's even more screwed-up than you.
You're more normal than you think.
You're up.
What's going on? Barnes told me what happened during the attack.
Nothing happened.
I heard the tape from the interrogation room with Alice.
Listen to me Whatever Jervis is doing to you You need to uncuff me.
I can't do that.
I don't know what I would do if something happened to you.
You'd be fine.
Do you really believe that? You seemed to have moved on okay.
Yes, I moved on, Jim.
What choice did I have? I went through the most painful period of my life alone.
I cried myself to sleep every night.
And like an idiot, I would wake up thinking, hoping that the next day, you would show up at my door.
But you never did.
Mario was there for me when I needed someone.
He was there as I tried to put myself back together.
But I'm the one who doesn't care.
After everything that's happened, you really have nothing to say to me? The past is the past.
There's nothing I can do to change that.
Alice told me that her brother preys on anger and regret.
I really don't want that to be all that's left of us.
You mean all that's left of me.
Barnes asked me to put you on a 48-hour suicide watch.
I've already signed off on it.
I know that we can't change the past, but there's a difference between moving on and letting go.
(door opens, closes) Most of you guys have been with me for a while.
You know me.
And I know Gotham like the back of my hand.
(laughter) Penguin, when he's mayor, boys, I promise you, we are gonna run this city, huh? - MAN: To Butch! - ALL: To Butch! (cheering) I What? I lost track of the guy in the glasses.
Nygma? That skinny loon gave you the slip?! (phone ringing, vibrating) - (phone beeps) - Yeah? No.
No, no, that's not possible.
Let's go! We got to go, guys! Come on! Two of your brothers are dead.
The other two escaped with Alice and Jervis.
And I need to know where they're taking her.
(sniffs) Jervis gains a sister and you lose two brothers? That don't seem too fair.
Hmm? I bet you were close growing up, huh? Wrestling around the house, driving your mom crazy.
Five little kids all dreaming of stardom.
(sobbing softly) Yeah, I'm a fan.
My dad used to always take me down to the rassling matches at the Garden.
I also happen to know most luchadores request to be buried in their masks as a sign of honor (lighter clicks open) and respect.
I really, really hope that wasn't the case with your brothers.
(whimpers) This freak Jervis did something to my friend, and I need him to undo it.
Where are they taking her? Okay, okay, I'll tell you! JERVIS: Well? You like it? I know you were surprised to see me last night and I want you to know that I forgive you.
For everything.
But I want you to understand consequences if you ever leave me again.
I need you to understand how important you are to me.
Now you might feel a little prick.
(needle injecting) (screaming) BULLOCK: Your escorts agreed to take a long lunch.
- You know where they took Alice? - Yeah.
But it's only a matter of time until Barnes finds out and sends in the cavalry.
How'd you find me? Lee.
- Lee? - Yeah.
She also told me if you check out on my watch, it's my head.
Guess you're gonna have to trust me.
Remember to chisel that into my tombstone.
Let's go.
Thanks, Francisco.
(gate slides open) (footsteps approaching) Took you long enough.
Where's Selina? She's not at her squat.
- If you did anything - She's fine.
- Where is she? - She left a little while ago.
I don't know where she went.
I take you in and this is the thanks I get? You run around with Selina, pretending to be me? Is that why you're angry? Because I was pretending to be you or that I spent the day with Selina? For someone who has everything, you have no idea what you actually want.
Or maybe you're just too scared to take it.
At least I know who I am.
Cool your boots, Master Bruce.
Let's all just take a breath, shall we? Don't worry.
You won't be seeing me anymore.
Neither will she.
I don't know why I was created, but I know I don't belong in Gotham.
Say good-bye to Selina for me.
And thank her for the kiss.
What are you going to use that for? Oh, I imagine I'll mix it into some public drinking fountain.
Create a few dozen monsters.
(chuckles) Please, Jervis.
- I'll do whatever you want.
- You will now.
Because you know the price other people will pay if you don't.
I don't know what I would ever do if I lost you.
That connection.
It keeps me sane.
It always has.
(gun cocks) Tetch? - Jervis? - (chuckles) Don't move! Mr.
I can't say I'm entirely surprised.
So stubborn.
- Let her go now.
- You know I can't do that.
But if you let me leave with my dear sister, my dear Alice then I'll free you from that nasty little impulse.
Maybe you can live a long, happy Well, a long life.
Let her go and you live.
That's the deal.
One question.
(ticking) Do you hear that? (ticking continues) Jim! JERVIS: We both know what you really want.
I saw it in your eyes the first time we met.
(echoing): You want to be free.
Free from the pain.
And you can be.
Stop fighting and let go.
(amplified heartbeat) GORDON: The past is the past.
(heartbeat slows) There's nothing I can do to change that.
THOMPKINS: There's a difference between moving on and letting go.
No! Well, well, Mr.
Gordon breaks my spell! (Jervis laughs) I daresay it's time we bid this foul city our good-bye.
- ALICE: No! - Alice! I'll never go with you! Why do you say such things?! We belong together.
You know that.
I love you.
- You're insane! - No, no! (screaming) - No! - (squishing thud) (crying): No! You killed her! You want to explain yourself? I was following a lead.
You were following some misguided notion about friendship.
James Gordon is gonna get you killed one day, you get that? Maybe.
But until that day, I will never turn my back on him.
MAN (over TV): The night that all of Gotham has been waiting for.
The final results should be coming in shortly.
This is it.
The moment I've been waiting for.
GILZEAN: You! You, you ruined everything! OSWALD: Butch, release him this instant! What is going on?! I'll tell you what's going on.
He just cost you the election.
He went to every district official and took the money back.
Said you wanted to run a clean election.
Tell me this is not true.
I'm afraid Butch is right.
For once.
- (growls) - Why? After everything I've done for you.
Everything we could've done together.
You betrayed me.
Butch! (crowd gasping) Give me one reason why I shouldn't let Butch kill you where you stand.
Well, there are about 30 witnesses I don't care! (crowd cheering over TV) And there's that.
WOMAN (over TV): In what can only be viewed as a seismic shift even by Gotham standards, former underworld kingpin Oswald Cobblepot has won the mayor's office by a landslide.
(crowd cheering) (shushing) momentum based largely on his outspoken criticism I still won.
Of how city officials and the GCPD mishandled They really want me as mayor.
I can't be bought, but I can be stolen with one glance.
I'm worthless to one, but priceless to two.
CROWD (over TV, chanting): Cobblepot! Cobblepot! (laughs) They love me.
If you would've bought the election, you would've never known.
But now you do.
(laughs) Feels good, doesn't it? How did you know I would win? I believe in you, Oswald.
Even when you don't believe in yourself.
(sniffles) You.
You never believed I could win this election on my own.
I think maybe you're not cut out for this after all.
What?! You got to be kidding me.
- This guy - Don't worry.
I still need someone to crack skulls.
(sniffles, laughs) Come, Ed.
We have plans to make.
(laughs) (Nygma chuckles) You think we'll ever see him again? Well, that I very much doubt, Master Bruce.
I reckon he's gonna try and get as far away from Gotham as he possibly can.
I still wonder why Hugo Strange made him.
Long lonely nights in the laboratory, but wanted someone to talk to.
Or some other nefarious reason.
There is one thing.
Yes, Master Bruce? Do you think Selina really kissed him? - Aw, bloody hell.
- I mean, you've had training in interrogation, right? You can tell when someone's lying.
No, I'm not gonna have this conversation.
And if she did kiss him, do you think she thought he was me? Good night, Master Bruce.
I bet she thought he was me.
You're here late.
Tweeds really did a number on this place.
Guess I'm medical examiner-slash-medic.
Slash-resident therapist.
I wanted to thank you for telling Bullock where to find me.
Heard about what happened with Alice.
You okay? - Yeah.
- No.
I mean are you okay? (sighs) Whatever Jervis did to me it's over now.
I'm glad.
Guess I should get going.
There's something I need to tell you.
Something I should have told you the moment I saw you back in Gotham.
Everything you said today I'm sorry about that.
Don't You were right.
And after everything that happened today This is harder than I thought.
What is it, Jim? I'm happy for you.
You are? Trying to be.
Maybe we can start there.
I think we can do that.
Bruce Wayne? No.
But you could be.
In fact, you could be so much more.
Who are you? You might think of us as your parents.
We've been looking for you for a long time.
(door closes) It is with a humble heart that I accept the trust placed in me by this great city to become your mayor.
The people have spoken, and I have heard their call.
(crowd cheers) And as my first act as mayor, I would like to introduce you to my chief of staff, Mr.
Edward Nygma! (crowd cheering) (cheering continues) (indistinct police radio chatter) (siren wailing in distance) (quiet crackling) (gasps) No.