Gotham (2014) s03e09 Episode Script

The Executioner

- Previously on Gotham - Watch out! (screams) SELINA: Ivy's missing.
She'll turn up somewhere.
It was a long way down into water.
MARV: What's your name? My name's Ivy.
- Who the hell are you? - Not yet.
This is too fun.
ISABELLA: He loves me and I love him.
OSWALD: I am telling you one last time, let Ed go.
- No.
- Very well.
Don't say I didn't warn you.
Oh, no.
(screaming): Somebody help! I want to rejoin the GCPD.
Welcome back, Detective.
Captain, I'm so glad you came.
I came to congratulate you.
ALICE: If a person comes into contact with my blood, it changes them.
BARNES: You and I are gonna make a difference in this city.
We're gonna clean it up.
(screaming) Sentence served.
(groaning) Who did this? Barnes.
(indistinct chatter) CAMPOS: So, seems anyone could have gotten access to that bathroom, not just the guests.
Suspect pool's wide open.
All right, start with statements from everyone at the party.
Someone saw Symon go into that bathroom.
I still can't believe it.
I'm sorry things went down this way.
Don't apologize; you were right.
Did you give your statement already? I'm afraid I wasn't very helpful.
Till about an hour ago, I couldn't pick Symon out of a crowd.
Did you talk to Barnes at the party? A little.
We had a drink.
Symon died around 10:30.
The attack happened just before.
What time did you talk with Barnes? 9:00.
What is this about? - (sighs) Nothing.
- Nothing? Really? I can't talk about it.
Lee, I cannot talk about it.
Jim, I hope you know what you're doing.
Me, too.
Barnes? No.
No, no, no, no, no.
I asked Symon who attacked him, and he said Barnes.
Symon was a psychopath who gave face transplants to the mob using stolen faces.
Hardly a credible witness.
And this guy, Barnes? If he so much as jaywalked, - he would write himself a ticket.
- I know.
"And now you're saying he went to Lee Thompkin" engagement party, and out of nowhere, busted some guy's face and chucked him through a wall? - I know, Harvey.
- What's the motive? - I don't know, maybe he He saw Symon, he got pissed he was released, and he lost control.
So, you're saying that a man with a spotless 20-year career, just went ape.
Is-is that your theory? Something's been off about him recently.
You yourself said he nearly beat Tetch to death.
And what's with him insisting on running point - in the Paulie Pennies case? - Look, I don't know, but that does not make him a killer.
So where is he now? Home.
He spent the better part of yesterday chasing down Symon, maybe he's tired.
That doesn't mean he's guilty.
The last thing I want is for Barnes to be guilty.
I look up to the man.
But if there is even a chance then we have to know.
And something doesn't feel right.
Okay, okay, okay.
I'm gonna help you.
But just so you know, I'm doing it to prove he's innocent, not guilty.
That's fine.
All right, so I'll go back to the scene, see if forensics can pull some prints from the bathroom.
Barnes's should already be on file.
I know how to do my job.
I hope I'm wrong.
Me, too.
(sirens wailing in distance) (grunting) (foghorn blowing) It starts as a whisper.
You have to strain to hear it.
(muffled whimpering) And then it grows louder and louder, till it becomes a roar.
It's everything you can do to just shut it out.
And just like that you suddenly realize it's your voice.
The one you've been denying.
Telling you who you are.
What you have to do.
And then you stop fighting.
And this calm comes over you.
(muffled groaning) (whimpering and groaning continue) Sex trafficking.
I've kept files on all three of you for years.
Waiting for the proof we needed while you sneered at the law.
Not tonight.
Tonight, I am the law! And you are hereby tried.
(crunches, groaning) Found guilty.
And sentenced.
Justice is served.
So what's an antiquities dealer? I buy and sell rare and beautiful objects.
I like to think I have an eye for beauty.
Is this a bug? An Egyptian scarab.
More than 3,000 years old.
It's priceless.
Everything has a price.
What's upstairs? The bedroom.
And the vault.
Vault? It's where I keep my most valuable acquisitions.
Can I see? (chuckles) Ivy, you are very beautiful.
But we've only just met.
We haven't had time to get to know each other.
Who are you? Where do you come from? What do you do? Well, I'm from Gotham.
And I meet men.
Like you.
They give me things.
(chuckles) And what do you give them? Nothing.
I also like plants.
I've always been able to get them to grow for me.
Lately, I've been using them to make perfume.
Plants are so much more powerful than people imagine.
They can poison you, heal you, make you fall in love.
I made this from a strain of cananga odorata.
(inhales) (exhales) (distorted, echoing): Now, open the vault.
(keypad beeping) COMPUTERIZED WOMAN'S VOICE: Access granted.
(grunts) (gasps) Did they send you? You lying schlampe! Did they? (yowls) (wheezing) Come back here! You hear me? I'll find you! (birds chirping) - Everything okay? - Fine.
You've been checking your watch all morning.
- You expecting - A call from Isabella.
She's at her librarian conference.
Probably just busy.
Most likely.
I can imagine librarian conferences can be hectic affairs.
- Not so much.
- Well, I'm sure she'll call soon.
(phone ringing) (clears throat) Hello.
This is Edward Nygma.
Why? Very well.
That was the GCPD.
They want to see me.
Wouldn't say why.
Oh? You don't think that something happened No! (both chuckle nervously) (gasps) (exhales) (whispering indistinctly) The officer said Isabella blew through a red light and crashed into a train.
They think she might've fallen asleep at the wheel.
Yours was the last number in her phone.
I am so, so sorry, Ed.
Did she suffer? No.
Anything you need, Ed, anything at all, I am here for you.
SELINA: Breakfast! (clicking tongue) (cat meows) IVY: Still collecting strays? (chuckles) Lady, you got two seconds to get out of here before I gut you like a fish.
You really don't recognize me? Selina, it's me.
Ivy? Hey, you got anything to eat around here? I'm starving.
(cat mewing) (phone ringing) Yeah.
Jim, I'm outside the scene.
Forensics found tons of prints inside the bathroom where Symon was attacked.
Barnes? That just means he was in there.
- It puts him at the scene.
- BULLOCK: Listen, I've been thinking.
You got to tell Barnes what Symon said.
Give him the right to defend himself.
I will.
When I'm ready.
(door opens) Help you? Captain.
I was, uh, looking for the Paulie Pennies file.
Thinking the cases might be related.
Fill me in.
Nothing hard yet, but we'll get there.
I was reading through some of the witness statements.
The couple from the alley They say when they found Symon, he was still alive.
You were first on the scene.
- Did he say anything to you? - No.
He didn't ID the killer? No.
'Cause one of the witnesses seems to think that you were talking to him.
He tried, sure.
But he couldn't speak.
He died almost right away.
Well, for what it's worth, I called an old C.
of mine with deep ties to the mob.
He says that once I collared Symon, the higher-ups got jumpy.
You're saying the mob had him killed? He was giving these guys new faces.
He's probably the only one who can ID them.
- That's a lot to protect.
- Makes sense.
My C.
also had a name.
Mid-level enforcer, goes by "Sugar," works out of the East End.
- Says he actually did the killing.
- I'll have a team pick him up.
I'd rather you kept this between us.
Mob still has their fingers in most of these guys' pockets.
You never know who you can trust.
So, you ready to ride with the old man? Sure.
Just let me run it by my, uh, partner.
Why bother him? We'll be there and back before you know it.
GORDON: So where are we headed? Sugar works out of an old foundry at 133rd and 6th.
Oh, that reminds me.
It's Harvey.
Leave a message.
I'm with Barnes, heading to 133rd and 6th.
Get there.
(siren whoops, whistle blows) You never know what's gonna go down.
(tires squealing) I have to say, Jim, I'm disappointed with you.
Oh, yeah? How's that? Lead detective for a high-profile murder, and you don't collect statements from everyone present? Me.
(sighs) Well, let's do it now.
And for the record, I waive my right to counsel.
- Captain - Ask your questions, Gordon.
(siren blaring) Did you see Symon at the party? Yes.
- Did you talk to him? - No, I did not.
Did you see him go into the bathroom before he was attacked? Unfortunately, no.
Were you ever in it? Yes.
Before it was a crime scene, obviously.
So, Detective, am I in the clear? For now.
(chuckles) (engine revving) This city's a cesspool.
Don't you ever want to do something about it? I thought I was.
What, as a cop? I would think that you, of all people, would find that limiting.
Not anymore.
Came back to the GCPD to do things right.
Like you.
- Like me? - Last year, at Galavan's, when we were attacked, you told me the law shows you where the line is.
That stuck with me.
Some would say that our job, first and foremost, is to protect the citizens of this city, even if it means bending the laws.
We break the law, we're no better than the criminals.
(chuckles) Is that what you were thinking the night that Galavan was killed? The first time.
This city's at a crossroads, Gordon.
Question is Will good men fight for it? Will they do what's necessary? The decision is yours to make.
You passed our stop.
133rd and 6th? Did I say that? 136th and 3rd.
It's an honest mistake.
- Mmm.
- BRUCE: I don't believe it.
- Mmm.
- Well, I should have known.
I saw what that freak Marv could do.
How he could age people, and when he told me that the girl wearing her sweater was older, I I should have realized.
BRUCE: That's really Ivy.
Trust me.
She came, and literally ate all my food.
Immediately ate all my food.
It's her.
So why is she back here? Good question.
Ow! What was that for? For being alive and not telling me! I'm sorry.
(Selina sighs) I was just having fun.
Why did you come back? I don't have to answer your questions.
Why'd you call him anyway? 'Cause you freaked me out! Where have you been, and why are you dressed like that? Oh, it's so crazy, Selina.
When you look like this, guys just come up to you and give you stuff.
Half the time, you don't even have to steal it.
And what do you give them? Hmm.
I have ways of getting what I want.
- I'll bet.
- You do look nice.
(scoffs) SELINA: So why did you come back? And don't say it's 'cause you missed me.
It's true.
You may be ten feet tall, but you're still a crappy liar, Ivy.
What's going on? (sighs) Well, I might be in trouble.
- I knew it.
- There was this guy - What was his name? - Like I learn their names.
So I was at his place last night.
Total creep.
Anyway, I stole a necklace.
I was surprised he noticed 'cause he had so much crap.
But he caught me, and he totally freaked out.
If only Marv's power had made you smart, too.
- You steal all the time.
- Yeah, well, - I don't get caught.
- Shh.
Be-be quiet.
(clattering) I hear something.
(door quietly creaks open) We have to go.
Someone's here.
(pounding on door) Ivy, in.
Bruce! Seriously? (mutters) (door creaks open) So who is this guy again? Just follow my lead.
- (grunts) - GCPD! - Don't move! - Hey.
- Hiya, Sugar.
- What the hell is this? We're here about the gas bill.
You're delinquent.
- Huh? - Where were you last night, say about 10:00 p.
? At your mama's, like always.
Answer the question.
I was at the fights.
A dozen people saw me.
A dozen of your lying, bottom-feeding friends? The name Symon mean anything to you? - No.
- BARNES: No? Plastic surgeon? Face man for your mob buddies? Wait No.
Like I said, so whatever the hell you think I did, I didn't.
I was at the fights! People saw me! - I'm innocent, man! - BARNES: You know what? I think he's telling the truth.
He didn't kill anyone.
But you're not innocent.
(groans, thudding) BRUCE: I think we lost them.
Is that who you stole the necklace from? Uh, no.
I-I don't think so.
Then who were they? I don't know.
Maybe they work for him.
Oh, great, Ivy! Now my squat is burned, and masked weirdoes are trying to kill us.
So glad you came back.
You have to return it.
What? No way.
SELINA: Ivy, he's right.
That dumb necklace almost got us killed.
It's mine.
I worked for it.
And it's super valuable.
- How much? - Wait.
Bruce, don't.
If I buy it, you get paid, but we can still return it, and those men will have no reason to harm us.
How much? - One thousand dollars.
- Fine.
(scoffs) Idiot.
- Two thousand.
- Fine.
Five No.
Ten! Well, how much should I ask for? BRUCE: I'll get you $5,000 in cash today.
Or you can try to avoid those men on your own.
That's my offer.
(chain jangling) Now, where does this man live? (sighs) Now, just raise your chin a mite higher.
(operatic music playing) Would you excuse me for a moment? (music playing loudly) Ed.
The music! It's too loud.
I'm sorry! (music stops) Isabella always loved Vivaldi.
So you are just going to sit here.
- Yes.
- All by yourself.
Okay then.
(sighs) Apologies.
Ed, I, as much as anyone, know how hard it is to lose someone.
- (sighs) - Even if you've only known them for, like a week.
But this is not healthy behavior.
It is depressing and, if I'm being honest, a bit scary.
Less scary.
No, you're not (sighs) Ed, you need to heal.
And healing is about moving on.
No doubt you're right.
Of course I'm right.
I'll go to where she was taken from me and say good-bye.
Isabelle would want you to be happy.
(chuckles) Of course.
BARNES: That's good.
That's far enough.
(grunting) I know what you're thinking, Jim.
You're thinking, "Why would Captain Nathaniel Barnes, "Mr.
By-the-book, blow a hole "in this unarmed scumbag? Could it be that he actually killed Symon, too?" You see, I know that you've been investigating me, Jim.
- Did you kill Symon? - Is that what he told you? I know he said something to you before he died.
Yes, he did.
Probably the truest words that bastard ever uttered.
And Paulie Pennies? He chopped up bodies for murderers.
You gonna tell me he didn't deserve it? That's for the law to decide.
Open your eyes, Jim.
I am the law.
What happened to you? How did you become this? This is who I've always been.
I just needed something to unlock it.
What are you talking about? You're just gonna say that I'm sick.
Well, I'm not.
I have never been so clear, so strong in my life.
Alice Tetch's virus.
The files on your desk.
You're infected.
Oh, you are a detective after all.
Don't you see? This means you're innocent.
We c we-we can get you help.
Can we just skip the part where you try to get me to give myself up? This isn't you.
This is the virus.
No! I'm not insane.
And you are not seeing the big picture.
You're gonna frame me for Sugar's murder.
That's up to you.
I deal in absolutes.
Black and white.
Innocence and guilt.
Gotham, the people of this city, need men like me, men who can see what needs to be done and have the courage to do it.
You have it within you to be one of those men.
You want me to join you? - Be a part of this? - Oh, don't be so high and mighty.
You shot Galavan in cold blood.
And every day I wish I hadn't! Thought I didn't have a choice, but I did.
I lost my freedom.
I lost Lee.
I'd give anything to take it all back.
I didn't say it was easy, Jim.
I said it was right.
Day after day, criminals thumbing their nose at the law.
Well, today, I draw a line in the sand.
Only question is where do you stand? Against you.
(sighs) Well, I'm disappointed.
Good-bye, Jim.
MAN: Hey, Sugar! I got a Whoa! - (racks shotgun) - (whimpering) - (gunshot) - (grunting) The time I knew you feels like a dream.
And now I'm awake.
I wish I'd gone on sleeping.
I will never forget you, my love.
Good-bye, Isabella.
We are four blocks from her apartment.
- (jangling) - Spare some change, sir? (coins clinking) I'm sorry, you weren't, perchance, in this area at 11:00 p.
last night? Uh-huh.
So d You saw the accident? Haven't seen nothin' for 20 years.
But I heard it.
Girl screaming, "Help! Help!" - Then bang! - I'm sorry, she was screaming before the crash? Well, she were dead after.
But you d you definitely heard screaming? Yep.
(jangling) (clink) (jangling) How odd.
I'll give him the necklace and explain there's no need for further violence.
Maybe I shouldn't be here.
I kind of hit him over the head with a vase.
'Course you did.
Door's open.
I did not do that.
We really got to go.
- Bruce.
- It was the men that came after us.
He was killed by the same weapon.
- I thought they worked for him.
- Oh, looks like you were wrong again, Ivy.
- (chain jangling) - Can we leave now? Why is this necklace so important? What'd make someone kill for it? Who cares?! Are you crazy? That's worth $5,000.
BRUCE: What is it? A key.
We should really go, Bruce.
Oh, my God.
You two are a couple now? - No.
- Yes.
We're not? I'm not talking about this right now.
We need to go somewhere right now.
And my place is toast, thanks to this dimwit.
We'll go to my house.
You just had to come back.
(sighs) (indistinct chatter) Alvarez, hey, - what is all this? - Barnes called in.
Gordon went loco.
Shot an unarmed suspect, then tried taking out Barnes, too.
No, no, no, no.
This is not right.
Harvey, if I was you, I'd find your partner, have him come in quiet.
Otherwise, he's going down.
(phone ringing) Jim? Hey.
Where the hell are you? Half the precinct's looking for you.
Barnes killed Symon and Paulie Pennies.
And he just murdered someone right in front of me! What? (stammers) I was gone for, like, an hour.
He's infected with Alice Tetch's blood.
He's lost his mind.
He's trying to kill me.
- Oh, sweet gentle virgin - I need your help, Harvey.
- Okay, where are you? - The old foundry.
(gunshot) BULLOCK: Jim? Jim? J Harvey, what's going on? - They said Jim killed someone? - It's a lie.
It's Barnes.
It's Barnes.
He's infected with the Alice Tetch virus.
Oh, my God.
He was there when she died.
Yeah, and I figure we got, like, ten minutes before those trigger-happy kill-bots find Jim and take him out.
Harvey, you have to tell them.
Come on, they're not gonna believe me.
But they will believe the medical examiner.
- What are you asking me to do? - I need you to trust Jim.
Because right now, you and I are all he has.
(rattling) (footsteps approaching) (groaning) - (shotgun racks) - Stop! Sorry, Jim.
End of the line.
(grunting) Just as I suspected.
The brake lines are cut! How is it that not one single ignoramus from the GCPD noticed that the brake lines were cut? I don't know.
Someone paid 'em off.
The question is, who? Who has that kind of money and influence? You don't know.
But I do.
BARNES: End of the line.
No more running.
(sirens wailing in distance) (short chuckle) Just in time.
In a few moments, your brothers in arms are gonna come up those stairs and find your dead body, and they'll believe me when I tell them that Jim Gordon is a killer.
It's a shame, really.
Could've made a great team.
Doesn't have to be this way.
You need help.
Are those really gonna be your last words? (sirens approaching) Nothing to say to Lee? (tires screeching outside) (sirens stop) Go to hell.
BULLOCK (on megaphone): Captain Barnes! This is Detective Bullock.
You're under arrest.
Throw down your weapons and come out with your hands up.
We know you killed Symon.
We know you killed Paulie Pennies.
We know you killed the suspects in the East End.
You're infected with the Tetch virus.
The M.
has proof.
Now, we don't want any bloodshed, Cap.
It's up to you.
Thompkins and Bullock.
They lied for you.
They turned the whole damn GCPD against me! (grunting) We're going in.
Come on! (both grunting) Don't.
You're under arrest.
Drop it.
Don't make me do this.
I'm not making you do anything.
Stand down, Jim.
Let me go.
If the cops want to hunt me, fine.
But you let me go.
I won't do that.
You would condemn this city when I would save it.
You've got it all wrong.
You're just the same as I am.
I just have the guts to admit it.
And I'll decide who I am.
Stand down.
Then it is you that is guilty.
(gunshots) (grunts) Jim, you okay? Yeah.
I'm okay.
Holy cow.
Don't get any ideas.
Okay, Mom.
Tomorrow we'll look into what this all means.
Who those men in masks were.
For now, I'll have Alfred make up beds for you both.
There's food in the kitchen if you're hungry.
I could eat.
I hope I didn't mess things up with your boyfriend.
I told you, he's not my boyfriend.
- (cats yowl) - (glass breaks) (indistinct conversations) What happened? Are you okay? Yeah.
I'm fine.
And Barnes? He's alive.
Bullock told me what you did.
- It was nothing.
- No.
You could've done nothing.
You didn't.
I suppose I did fabricate a blood test stating that my superior had a psychosis-inducing virus.
And I'm glad I did.
Me, too.
I suppose I better get going.
Lee? Thank you.
NYGMA: Oswald! Oswald.
I need to speak with you.
Yes, but I have to show you something first.
- This is important.
- So is this.
I was not compassionate this morning, and I regret that.
What you are going through is terrible.
So You put me in your painting.
The artist went off a photograph, but I think it's an excellent likeness.
Isabella was murdered.
What? I went to the intersection where she died.
It is four blocks from her apartment.
Who falls asleep four blocks from their home? No one.
Also, a very fragrant homeless man said that he heard her scream before the crash, so definitely not asleep.
Now, if she were awake, why didn't she brake? - Why are there no skid marks? - E-Ed, you are exhausted, you are, you are emotional Her brake lines were cut! Which leaves one conclusion.
- No.
- Yes.
And I know who did it.
Who? Butch.
- Butch? - In retaliation.
For exposing him as the leader of the Red Hood gang.
That makes perfect sense.
I swear to you, Ed, we will find him and make him pay for what he has done.
Thank you.
I knew I could count on you.
I feel like this office is cursed.
You think Barnes'll be all right? I don't know.
I'm sorry I doubted you.
You didn't.
Not when it mattered.
This never happens.