Gotham (2014) s03e10 Episode Script

Time Bomb

- Previously on Gotham - Oh, no.
Help me, help me! Somebody help! OSWALD: They think she might've fallen asleep at the wheel.
(gasps) Her brake lines were cut! Which leaves one conclusion: murder.
- And I know who did it.
- (crowd gasps) - Hold on, Butch.
- (engine revs) IVY: I might be in trouble.
I stole a necklace.
BRUCE: Why is this necklace so important? What makes someone kill for it? - What is it? - IVY: A key.
SELINA: We need to go somewhere.
BRUCE: Go to my house.
You two are a couple now? - No.
- Yes.
My engagement announcement is coming out in The Gazette tomorrow, and it will feature Mario's name, his family name.
GORDON: You mean Falcone? Such a beautiful space for a rehearsal dinner.
We can't thank you enough.
And did Roberto's food live up to all my hype? Are you kidding? Ugh, any more burrata, and I wouldn't fit into my wedding dress.
(chuckles) Can't believe we're getting married in two days.
FALCONE: Have you two settled on a, uh, honeymoon destination? MARIO: Uh, no.
But Lee finally agreed to take some time off of work.
With everything going on, I didn't want to leave anybody in the lurch.
I was very sorry to hear about Captain Barnes.
He's a good man.
What he did was due entirely to the virus.
What's truly frightening is that nobody knew.
Nobody could see it.
There aren't any symptoms? Well, looking back now, there were signs.
Increased strength, emotional instability Nothing he couldn't hide.
The lab analyzing Alice Tetch's blood has developed a test to see if someone's infected.
You're kidding? When? They just finished.
It's a step toward finding a cure.
(quiet laugh) How are we? Good? FALCONE: Wonderful, Roberto.
We can't wait for tomorrow night.
Oh, your rehearsal dinner's gonna be fantastico.
We're gonna take care of everything.
It's a privilege to serve you again, Don Falcone.
Don Falcone, please.
We'll pull your car around.
Ah, okay.
Wonderful evening, Roberto.
ROBERTO: You betcha.
I love you.
I love you too.
(engine starts) (siren wailing, indistinct conversations) You don't understand anything, okay? My friend got blown up.
And I want to know what happened? Can you explain that to me? (indistinct chatter) We need to talk.
Is everyone okay? A few first degree burns, but that's it.
They're lucky.
Any idea who might've done this? I've made my share of enemies over the years.
Could be anyone.
Why come after you now? My oldest son is getting married.
When better to settle an old score and hurt me and my family? Maybe.
Or maybe someone thinks you're coming out of retirement? I'm not.
Doesn't mean I'm gonna stand by after something like this.
The captain of police was just indicted for murder and sent to Arkham.
The last thing I need is you and your men tearing up Gotham looking for revenge.
I didn't start this.
I'll get to the bottom of it.
You have my word.
I'll give you one day.
(indistinct radio chatter) OSWALD: As members of the Five Families, you are well aware that with the tragic downfall of Captain Barnes, people are frightened.
They will be looking to us for stability.
To feel safe.
So how does a 50% increase on protection fees sound? (laughter) BARBARA: Sounds a little steep to me.
What do we have here? Little family reunion? - My invitation get lost in the mail? - No.
This meeting is for grown-ups, so I'm gonna have to ask you to leave.
Quick question.
(guns cocking) Is it, "How do I commit suicide?" Because that answer is coming.
Tabitha and Butch are missing.
Where are they? I have no idea.
I have not seen Butch since his little summer stock revival of the Red Hood Gang.
Let's cut the crap, shall we? Tabitha has been helping Butch hide since your little victory celebration.
They're an item now.
She's supposed to check in every night, and she hasn't.
She's not answering her phone and no one has seen her.
And you think I took them? Obviously.
(laughs) How about this? You lower your gun and beg my forgiveness for this gross insubordination, (sighs) and I might let you walk out of here alive.
(wheels squeaking) (speaks Russian) My apologies.
They must've run off somewhere without telling me.
(chuckles) Love makes people do crazy things, doesn't it? (guns holstering) We have a history, you and I.
But if you ever point a gun at me again, Olga will be cleaning your brains off the floor.
She's a real whiz with stains.
Bye, Pengy.
Everyone out.
(phone ringing) Are you checking up on me? What? No.
Barbara Kean was just here.
She's looking for them.
So? So are you finished yet? We've talked about this.
I need to work through my grief, my way.
Of course.
And I support you.
Any chance you could work through it a smidge faster? I am swamped today.
(dial tone drones) (exhales) Sorry you had to hear that.
He can just be so self-centered.
What were we talking about? (muffled): I'm gonna kill you! Oh, right, how I found you.
(laughs) - (wheels squeaking) - Well it wasn't hard.
The next time you want to disappear, consider taking a sabbatical from your favorite restaurant.
Your love of Gusto's eggplant parmesan isn't exactly a state secret.
- (groaning) - Come here.
That, with a healthy amount of Midazolam in your food to knock you out, 100 bucks to your delivery boy, who by the way, I get the feeling hasn't been being tipped very well, Butch.
(muffled yelling) I'm sorry, what was that? (muffled yelling) You're gonna regret this.
You touch one hair on her head, I swear I'll kill you.
Save your strength, big guy.
You're gonna need it.
You tell Penguin he's a coward! If he wants me dead, he should come here and do it like a man.
(machine powers up) This has nothing to do with Penguin.
And you are the coward.
Killing an innocent woman.
What? Who? Isabella.
She was my everything, and you took her from me.
What in the hell are you talking about? I was hoping you'd be difficult.
(electricity zaps, Butch groans) (groans) (laughs) (indistinct conversations) Hey.
You okay? Stomach.
If being acting captain is such of a strain, why do it? I'm the senior guy around here.
- What about Tuttle? - Tuttle? Guy shot a cat last week.
On purpose? Does it matter? Look, I might not have always seen eye-to-eye with Barnes, but he was a good captain.
Least I can do is keep his seat warm until they find some kind of cure for this virus.
LUCIUS: Detective Gordon.
Car bomb used a mercury switch with military-grade plastic.
That's kind of high-end for a mob hit.
That's not all.
The explosive was laced with some sort of accelerant.
Made the explosion burn at ten times the heat of standard C-4.
Whoever set this bomb didn't want anything left behind.
BULLOCK: Only one guy I know with that level of expertise.
Ex-military nut job.
Goes by the name of "Fuse".
(siren wailing) (gun cocking) - This is our guy.
- Not for nothing, but ensuring Don Falcone's safety is not why I wear the badge.
- Well, it's not just about him.
- You mean Lee.
If you're worried, you could tell her not to marry the son of a former crime boss.
GCPD! Dead but still warm.
Whoever did this must've just left.
So whoever hired Fuse to plant the bomb doesn't want any loose ends? Looks like he was on his way out of town.
Must've figured his employers weren't that forgiving.
Guy can pack, I'll give him that much.
Once a soldier, always a soldier.
Bed sheets aren't tucked in.
Times, locations, surveillance photos.
This doesn't make any sense.
What? Carmine's not the target.
(phone chimes) (engine revving) (engine revs loudly) (people yelling, woman screams) (tires screech) (engine revs, tires peel out) - Down! - (gunfire) (people screaming) What the hell's going on? Carmine's not the target.
You are.
ALFRED: There you are.
Thank you very much, Master Bruce.
What is this? That is a Pennyworth signature frittata.
It's a crustless quiche.
It's eggs, miss.
Just Just eat it, will you? Where's your mate, anyway? Conservatory.
Girl loves it there.
Well, she's hardly what you call a girl, - is she? - Yeah.
Well, thanks for the crustless egg thing, but I got errands to run.
Uh no, sorry, miss.
No one is to leave the house, until we find exactly who is following you.
It's been days, I can't take it anymore.
I'm sorry, what is it exactly that you object to? Is it the gourmet food or the king-sized, double bed with the Egyptian linen? Would you tell the help here that I can come and go as I please, please? Alfred's right.
It's not safe for you to be in Gotham alone.
(scoffs) I've been in Gotham, alone, my whole life.
I can take care of myself.
Nothing's changed.
You've made that clear.
What's that supposed to mean? Nothing.
Those men were willing to kill for this key.
We need to know why.
I'll be in the study.
There's more books I haven't gone through.
There has to be a reference to the key somewhere.
And have you stopped to consider that maybe it's just an old key? No.
I'll get you some breakfast, miss.
You know, some of these plants would do much better in direct sunlight.
Could you turn off the alarm so I can put them outside? Well, maybe later.
I'd rather not you be walking around the grounds on your own.
Can you smell this? Beg your pardon? Right here.
Oh, what is that? Just a mix of clove, fenugreek and yarrow root oils.
It's lovely.
It is, isn't it? - Yeah.
- Now, I need you to tell me something, okay? Anything.
How do you turn off the alarm? This doesn't make any sense.
Do you know anyone who might want you dead? You can't be serious.
- Everyone has enemies.
- No, Detective.
- They don't.
- Regardless, you need to limit your exposure.
Lay low for a while, until I can find out who's behind this.
How do you propose I do that? I'm picking up our wedding rings this afternoon.
Lee and I are getting married tomorrow.
You want me to cancel the wedding.
I just want to keep you safe.
I'd bet you'd love that.
I run home to Lee, tell her we need to hide until Detective Gordon can - save the day? - This is not a time for ego.
Oh, you're talking to me about ego? How do I even know you're gonna be able to find him? Or that you'll even try? You need to trust me.
Whoever is behind this is gonna keep coming until they get the job done.
If that's true, it doesn't matter where we go or what we do.
As long as I got a target on my back, Lee isn't safe.
- Hey.
- Yeah? Keep an eye on Mario.
Don't let him leave.
What are you doing? I'm keeping an eye on Mario.
Don't look at him.
What the hell's going on? I don't know, something doesn't fit.
I need to talk to Carmine.
Maybe once he knows Mario is the target, something will jog his memory.
Just Just keep it I yeah.
(softly): I got it.
(door closes) Hello, comrade.
Comrade is not a Russian word.
Oh, shut up, of course it is.
You shouldn't be here.
I know Penguin's out for a few hours.
I just want to talk.
I don't know anything.
Listen, I grew up in a place like this.
A large staff of people always coming and going.
You can't help but overhear things.
- Is handsome ring.
- (gasps) It is.
And very expensive.
I bet it would look just fabulous on you.
(chuckles) (grunting) Mr.
Penguin, he treat me nice.
I have warm feeling for him.
But the other one Nygma? (scoffs) Don't know why Mr.
Penguin likes him so much.
He could do better.
You mean likes, likes? Wow.
Okay, we should definitely revisit that another time.
But what about Nygma? Does he say anything about my missing friend? Mm.
I don't know, but I hear Mr.
Nygma talking about special delivery, but nothing come to the house but bill.
"Stocks & Bondage"? - (buzzing) - (laughing) (groaning) - (gasping) - (laughing) (muffled yelling) - Mm.
- (sighs) How many times do I have to tell you? I have never even heard of this woman.
- (yelps) - Well, then I suppose I should put my attention elsewhere.
No, no! Leave her out of this! Afraid I can't do that.
She is an integral part of your penance.
It was such a pleasant surprise when I discovered that the two of you were together.
(laughs) You know, after the initial gag reflex.
You know, I bet this gal doesn't even exist.
I mean, come on.
Who would fall in love with a freak show like you? Oh, wait.
(laughing): Let me guess.
I bet she's got a certificate, too, huh? (laughing) - (buzzing) - (groaning) (groaning continues) (muffled): What do you want? (groaning) (muffled): Tell me what you want.
Tell me what you want.
I want to break Butch's heart before I end his life.
You know, kind of a eye-for-an-eye thing.
But in this case, I'll take a hand.
(door opens) (sniffing) Is that vinegar? Vinegar and baking soda.
Takes tarnish off anything.
Selina, that key is hundreds of years old! I'm not an idiot, you know.
Maybe there's something on the key that you can't see, because a hundred years of crap is covering it up? Why did you tell Ivy we weren't a couple? Why did you tell her we were? Is that a trick question? Why can't we just be us? Can you take that key out now? It's making me nervous.
(scoffs) Hmm.
There's an engraving on it.
Like a bird or something.
Not just a bird.
An owl.
Uh, and? Alfred! If you're right, merely possessing this key could be seen as breaking your agreement with the people that the woman in the owl mask represents.
Which is why we need to contact them.
They have to understand Ivy didn't know what she was stealing.
Wait, where is she anyhow? Oh, bloody hell.
She's gone.
How did she disable the alarm? Don't worry about that now, all right? What's the big deal? She'll be back when she's hungry.
(ringing) Wayne Manor.
VOLK: You have the necklace.
We have your friend.
We'll make exchange, no? Where and when? We're supposed to go down the manhole? That's what they said.
All right, give me the key.
I'll sort it out.
I need to speak with them personally.
Make sure they understand this was a mistake.
Very well, Master Bruce.
There's no way of asking you to stay here that doesn't end with you yelling at me, is there? No.
(steam hissing) BRUCE: Over there.
SELINA: Ivy? It's about time! My name is Bruce Wayne.
I need to speak with Kathryn.
She needs to understand I've honored our deal.
Hand over the necklace and you get your friend back.
That's the deal.
You mean the key, don't you? You're not getting it back until I talk to the people you work for.
Maybe we just kill you and take it? You think we're stupid enough to bring it with us? You really want it back? I'd listen to him.
Put the tools down, lads, aye? I need reassurances my friends are no longer in any danger.
I need to speak to the woman in the mask.
Any assurances that woman gives you are lies.
How do you know? Because the people you are talking about have no honor.
And they will betray you as they betrayed us.
You you don't work for them? No, we work to destroy them.
Who are they? They call themselves the Court of Owls.
(sirens wailing) They're after Mario? Yes.
Where is he? GCPD.
He's safe for now.
But I can't help him if you don't tell me what's going on.
You think I'm holding something back? A military grade explosion.
The clean up.
A sword-wielding assassin in broad daylight.
This doesn't feel like a mob grudge.
What else is there? Could Mario be mixed up in something? Is that what you came to ask me? I'm working the evidence I have.
I understand why you'd want to believe the man who's marrying Lee must be mixed up in something.
But my son is the most decent person I've ever known.
He's not like us.
(phone buzzes) That just tells me there's something you don't know.
(opens phone, beeps) BULLOCK: Jim, Mario's gone.
You were supposed to keep him there.
I know, I tried, but he said he didn't trust you or the GCPD to take care of this, so he was going to.
Whatever the hell that means.
(beeps) What is it? Mario just walked out of the GCPD.
I think he's gonna try to finish this himself.
How? I have a pretty good idea.
(footsteps) Can I help you? I hope so.
I had something that was supposed to be delivered to me.
Could you check your records? Sure.
Let me check the safe.
Uh, what was the last name? - Nygma.
- Oh! That item was already delivered.
(chuckles) Well, I guess as long as I'm already here, I should pick up something for the weekend.
Right? Hmm.
Well, this looks fun.
Could I ask a favor - of you? - Uh, - Todd.
- Todd.
Could you show me how this works? (exhales) We're not really supposed to (clears throat) I won't tell if you don't.
It's pretty basic, really.
Um, you just put your arms through here, and then your head through here.
And you bring it up And then oh! Hey! Do you like role-play, Todd? (whimpers) Good.
I will play the beautiful, coquettish bank robber who needs to get into that safe, and you get to play the lucky young shopkeeper who gives her the combination.
Okay? My friend was taken by this man, Nygma.
I need to know where she is.
If I find her, I could come back here and personally thank you.
(moaning) Give Mommy the combination.
Uh, nine to 25, 72.
(exhales) (clicking) Nygma, you sick bastard.
Hey! (whimpers) Y-You can't just leave me here! H-H-Hello? (exhales) NYGMA: (gasps) Oh, goodie.
- You're finally awake.
- (grunts) The show continues.
(imitates fanfare) Ta-da! I designed it myself.
You want to see how it works? Okay! I love a captive audience.
So, we'll set the timer for, say - 55 seconds.
- (clock ticking) Now, when the timer hits zero, the spring-loaded blade is released.
For the fun part.
You can stop the blade from being released if you click this little button.
But if you do, it will send a fatal jolt of electricity to zap Butch.
It's a simple test, really.
Stop the blade from falling and kill Butch, or (timer dinging) (mechanisms whirring) Mm.
The choice (grunts) my dear, is yours.
Will we hear the zap of heartbreak? Or the sound of one hand clapping? (laughs) My name is Volk.
(clicking) My brother, Jacob, and that's Dmitry.
What's with the stupid mask? I like you.
You remind me of my sister in Kiev.
Dmitry is an initiate.
The mask ensures his silence until he proves himself - and becomes a full member.
- Of what? Who are you? We are called the Whisper Gang.
Gotham's most notorious smugglers.
We used to number in the hundreds until the Court saw our growing strength, and they offered us a partnership, only to betray us.
Many escaped back to Ukraine but a few of us stayed back, hoping to find a way to enact revenge.
And we did.
The key.
Well, what does it open? A safe.
Is is in one of the Court's buildings here.
Inside, there is a a device, that we believe can destroy them.
What, like, some kind of weapon? Well, honestly, we don't know.
We captured a member, but even he didn't know what's inside the safe, only that the Court fears it falling - into the hands of their enemies.
- SELINA: Wait, Wouldn't they know you stole it? They're probably waiting for you - to show up there.
- No.
Because originally, the safe had two keys.
The Court still has one of them, and the second was thought lost.
Until I found it.
You mean we did.
The Court of Owls killed my parents.
I stood down because I thought there was no way to defeat them.
What are you proposing? If what you're saying is true, and there is something in that safe, then that's no longer the case.
(door opens, bells jingle) (indistinct chatter) GORDON: Mario? You really think this is a good idea? Using yourself as bait? If those guys are out there, Lee isn't safe.
They're pros.
You're gonna get killed.
What do you care? Why would someone want to kill you? I have no idea.
Because it seems to me, an operation like this doesn't happen for no reason, and putting yourself in the crosshairs feels a lot like someone protecting a secret.
I want to protect Lee.
That's it.
(horns beeping in distance) We're sitting ducks in here.
We need to get away from bystanders.
- They're here.
- What? Get down! (screaming) (grunts) (gun clicks) WOMAN: No, no! (yells) MAN: No! No, please! - (shouts) - (shrieks) You could've killed her.
Who sent you? Why are you coming after me?! (strained): You know why.
(crunching) - (head thumps) - (grunts) (sirens wailing in distance) (panting) (grunting) GILZEAN: Ed, come on.
Come on, let's talk about this, huh? Come on, Ed.
You don't have to do this.
Come on, let's talk about this.
Come on! Listen! I told you, I've never heard of anyone named Isabelle! Isabella! Why is that so difficult? Also, I'm not the one you should be pleading with.
Your life is in her hand.
(chuckles) What difference does it make? You're gonna kill me one way or the other, right? Good point.
(laughs) New deal.
If she loves you enough to sacrifice her hand Twinsies In exchange for your life.
I swear on the memory of my beloved Isabella, I will set you both free.
(clicking) (clock ticking) Tabby.
Baby, come on.
(exhales) We can get out of here, we can I like you, Butch.
I really do.
But to be completely honest, I'm not exactly in a "love" place right now.
(laughs) (chuckles) Sorry, big fella.
I wish I could say that I was surprised, but I knew that she was going to say that.
(whispers): It's why I made the offer.
Any final words? I would keep it brief.
The last few weeks have been the best of my life.
And it's okay you don't love me.
'Cause I love you.
And for a guy like me? That's that's enough.
And you.
You're damn right I killed her.
I killed the woman you loved, You know what she said to me? Right before I put a bullet in her brain? You know what she told me? She said she wished she would have been with a real man.
Hey, Butch.
Yeah? You're sweet.
(dings) (clicking) No! No! Untie me! Please, untie me! She's got to get to a hospital! Quick! Unh! You said that you put a bullet in her head.
Isabella died in a car crash.
The brake lines were cut.
I don't care! I told you I never heard of her! You you really didn't kill her? No! Untie me! She's got to get to a hospital, come on! (gun cocks) I'd put that hand on some ice.
(horns honking) Neither of you recognize him? No.
Has he said anything? Not a peep.
Hey, I ran your guy's prints.
They're not in the system, which, considering he's a pro, wasn't that hard to believe.
Yeah, still, now that we have him, we should work him, find out who's behind this.
You better act quick.
Call came in.
They're transferring him to a federal facility upstate.
What? No, no, no, no.
We can't let this guy leave.
What can I do? My hands are tied.
The Feds want him, they get him.
The question is why? Maybe somebody wants him out of this precinct.
Away from us.
I don't know anyone with that kind of pull.
Do you? GORDON: The other assassin.
You want to tell me what happened in the store? There's nothing to tell.
He came after me, I did what I needed to do.
MARIO (quietly): You called her? She deserves to know what's going on.
Either you tell her or I will.
Come on.
I think I know who sent you.
But I need to know for sure.
And we both know that you're not going to tell me.
So So, how does it feel? I don't know, maybe I could be captain.
Yell at people for not having proof, or, uh, at one of my detectives for going after a pair of assassins all by his lonesome.
Not bad.
Right? Very interesting play, by the way.
It's not every day that you get to save the man who's marrying the woman you love.
Yeah, I'm really something.
It's not too late, Jim.
Lee deserves to know how you feel.
God knows I know that life gives us enough regret.
There's no need adding to it.
- Oh, crap.
- I know it's hard.
It's just, it's something you have to Falcone.
(screaming, gagging) (coughing, spitting) Falcone, up against the wall! What are you doing? Just having a chat.
Turns out our friend here works for a former associate of mine.
So now that I know who's behind this, I can take care of it my way.
It's over.
You think you're gonna walk away? You just assaulted a suspect in police custody.
He won't be pressing charges.
I'm gonna find out what happened today.
Who's pulling the strings, and how Mario's involved.
Trust me.
If I were you, I'd let it go.
VOLK: Gather the men.
Tell them we are joining forces with the boy.
I will brief them tomorrow night myself.
MALE VOICE: Volk! Dmitry, eyes.
(grunts) We know you've been searching for the second key.
Have you found it? I'll ask you again.
Have you found the second key? Why don't you ask Dmitry, huh? Think she'll be okay? Think they can re-attach the hand? Please, she's tough as nails.
She'll be fine.
You know this is war, right? Nygma, Penguin, anyone who stands with them They're all dead.
This woman Isabella Nygma said she was a librarian, right? Well, who kills a librarian? I mean, what's the motive? I don't know.
Maybe someone had an overdue book, and things got out of hand.
Excuse me, but you just can't wa Come on! Come on! We got a hand here, people.
Hand! You cut someone's brake lines.
You know where they're going and when.
You'd know You know them.
(laughs) I know who did it.
I know who killed the librarian.
Who? The same person who's in love with Nygma - and doesn't want to share him.
- Okay.
One woman in love with that psychotic bean pole defies explanation, but two? Who said anything about a woman? (chuckles) I am tired of sitting at the kids' table.
If I'm right, we can have way more than vengeance.
We can have it all.
We don't need to go to war.
All we need to do is start one.
(laughing) There must have been some mistake.
We don't make mistakes.
I've always done whatever the Court has asked of me.
Even against my own interest.
I got you Indian Hill when Maroni refused to sell.
No one is questioning your loyalty.
If this isn't about me, Then why are you trying to kill my son? There are things you're not privy to.
That's not an answer.
It will have to do.
We both know the level of destruction I can cause.
You think we're scared of you? The car bomb was designed to look like a mob hit.
You didn't want me to find out it was you.
I have.
I don't care about your reasons.
If my son is harmed in any way, I will come after you with everything I have.
You won't win.
If my son is dead, winning won't be the point.
Gotham will burn.
This city is on the brink of chaos.
Only we can save it.
We will expect your assistance when called on.
Until then, your son is safe.
At least from us.
What aren't you telling me? A great many things.
Enjoy your dinner.
(knocking) (knocking) Hey.
Is everything okay? I was on my way to the rehearsal dinner.
Then I heard myself telling the cab driver your address.
Mario told me everything.
About today.
How you risked your own life to make sure I didn't do it for him.
I know.
He's a good man.
Tell me.
What? What you have to tell me.
I missed my chance to give you the life you deserve.
To make you happy.
But I do want that for you.
More than anything.
Why does it feel like we keep saying good-bye? Maybe it's all we have left.
Or we just haven't done it properly yet.
Good-bye, James Gordon.
MAN: Yo, Peeping Tom You lost? Lucky for you, we sell directions.
The price everything you've got.
VOICES (in his thoughts): She loves him.
She loves him.
- She loves him - You deaf? She loves him, she loves him! I said Hey, man (pained cry) She loves me! And I won't let her go.
She loves me!