Gotham (2014) s04e02 Episode Script

The Fear Reaper

Previously on "Gotham" BRUCE: I found this when I was in the city.
GORDON: Penguin's licenses.
Apparently crime is legal now.
I got a license.
(grunts) GORDON: I am not giving the city over to Penguin.
I don't care what the commissioner says.
Oswald Cobblepot keeps your friends safe.
Not the GCPD.
- Is Barbara around? - No.
- (screams) - TABITHA: And she's not coming back.
I want more.
(whip cracks) Jonathan Crane's father created a toxin that makes people - see their greatest fear.
- (screams) Jonathan, you're going with these men.
MERTON: Now, you're gonna take your daddy's notebooks and make as much of that fear juice as I say.
(screams) (whimpers) - (glass cracking) - Oh, no.
Gotham Police! You're under arrest! - GRADY: Crane? - SCARECROW: Jonathan Crane isn't here anymore.
It's just the Scarecrow.
(screams) (siren chirps) (thunder rumbles) GORDON: This is where Merton said they would be.
Let's go, everybody.
- Stay sharp.
- (gun cocks) There's no one here.
They're long gone by now.
This place smells like death.
Reminds me there's a Thai joint not far away, if you want to grab something to eat after.
- Very funny.
- It's the toxin.
And they made more of it.
BULLOCK: Looky here.
An asylum uniform.
That's Crane's number, right? (thunder rumbles) (gasping) He's coming! Who? Scarecrow! ALFRED: Right, thank you very much, Officer.
(phone dialing) Alfred, you need to explain this was just a misunderstanding.
Worry not, Master Bruce, we have Wayne Enterprises' most talented and expensive lawyer on the case.
He'll have you out in a jiffy.
How'd they nick you, anyway? I fell through the skylight.
These thieves must have triggered an alarm.
The police were so quick to respond.
I wasn't expecting that, Alfred.
Yeah, well, you could have broke your bloody neck.
I had them red-handed.
- If I could've only - Only what? Only taken on an entire crew twice your size? Perhaps, yes.
GORDON: Well, here's something you don't see every day.
Bruce Wayne behind bars.
There's been a terrible mistake, Detective Gordon.
You see, I fell in from the roof into a robbery in progress.
- I wasn't breaking in.
- Is that so? Why were you up on the roof? I was looking for Selina Kyle.
(chuckles softly) I see.
Uh, we will, of course, have our lawyer post bail, Detective Gordon.
I hardly think that's necessary.
(clears throat) We'll talk more about this, Bruce.
But not tonight.
Thank you, Detective.
(mouths) Thank you.
(Grady shouting) (shrieks) (screams) (lock buzzes) (indistinct chatter) GUARD: Locking 'em up.
Everybody in bed.
Everybody in bed.
(metallic scraping) (gasps) Covering your dirty footprints, Warden? It's too late, I'm afraid.
Your dirty deeds have stained you.
- How did you get in here? - Come on.
You don't spend three years in this hellish place - without picking up a thing or two.
- (blade bangs) Jonathan? That's right.
I'm not the same frightened boy you threw in a cell.
No treatments, no therapy.
Just some ice baths and some (imitates buzzing) electric shocks, once in a while.
You know, you could just leave.
I wouldn't tell anyone.
I don't want to leave, Warden.
(phone rings) - Oh! - Now, are you paying attention?! Yeah.
I cured myself.
You see, I feared the scarecrow.
- And now we are one.
- Jonathan please, if you'll just You're not listening to me, Warden! Jonathan Crane is no more.
Call me by my true name.
(distorted): The Scarecrow.
(moans) (screaming) (indistinct chatter) LUCIUS: Rough night, Bruce? Get into a fight? ALFRED: No, he fell through a skylight.
He was on the rooftops, looking for Selina Kyle.
Bloody teenagers, eh? Ooh.
But your clothes looks more like concrete and stone residue, though.
What were you doing before that? Rock climbing.
- Rock climbing.
- Yes, we were rock climbing.
Alfred's been teaching me.
At the rock faces in the s-south gardens.
Taken to it like a duck to water, he has.
But we've got to plod on, Mr.
Of course.
Sorry to have kept you.
Be careful on those rocks, Bruce.
It's a dangerous sport.
We will, Mr.
We will.
(moans) Did you know my father was a genius? He wanted to end fear.
For my sake.
Because he loved me.
So, tell me: what do you fear, Warden? Something from your childhood, maybe? (roaring) (screaming) Face your fears.
Face your fears, and defeat them.
(clown shrieks) (groans) (clown hissing) (distorted): What? No.
(gunshots) Brothers and sisters.
Look at you.
Prisoners, all of you.
My father would have freed you.
But he was killed.
Murdered by the GCPD.
Men who couldn't understand.
(yelling) But they will.
For you will be my army.
(all yelling) And those men who killed my father shall truly know fear.
(screams) (screaming) (indistinct chatter) James Gordon? James Gordon? There you are.
Play nice.
I see you've caught one of them.
What about the other fellow? I have no idea who you're talking about.
Jonathan Crane? People share with me because they trust me to get things done.
Unlike you.
So, this boy who created this lethal toxin which almost killed me where is he? - Whereabouts unknown, for now.
- (chuckles) Why am I not surprised? I mean, really, the only thing the GCPD knows how to do well is fail.
What is a penguin a bird or a mammal? Bird.
It is a bird.
Like a chicken? (laughter) REPORTER: Get a shot of that, will you? Time and time again, the GCPD expose themselves for what they truly are: an outdated, ineffectual and corrupt institution.
How much longer must our citizens suffer their incompetence? This, coming from a man who takes money from criminals in exchange for a license allowing them to victimize innocent people.
And it is working.
Jim, why can't you see that I am not here to destroy your beloved GCPD, but to save it.
And, through that, Gotham.
Your licenses are illegal and I will arrest anyone I find who is issued one.
So sure your Boy Scout morality can protect this city, Jim? (chuckles) How well has that worked in the past? Should I list the victims of your antiquated righteousness? Instead, let me make you a deal.
Find this Jonathan Crane and lock him up within 24 hours or admit to me, your subordinates, and the people of Gotham that you failed, and allow me to clean this city up! (chuckles) (quietly): Good for you, Jim.
Game on.
(crickets chirping) What are you doing here? Have I taught you nothing? I could've slit your throat before you even saw me.
I found this on the door this morning.
"An Opportunity Awaits.
" Someone left this inside last night.
(door creaks) Thank you for coming, ladies.
No way.
I saw you die.
(scoffs) That so? This is Gotham.
- Check for a pulse next time.
- TABITHA: I will.
Right after I slit your throat.
SELINA: So, what happened to you? Long story.
Right now, all you need to know is that I'm back.
And like the card says, an opportunity awaits you.
A new beginning.
You sure you want to get this close? Please hear me out.
Not a day goes by where I don't think about what I did.
If I could take it back, trust me, I would.
I wouldn't mind a do-over myself.
Perhaps I'll finish the job this time.
I was jealous.
I was stupid.
I am sorry.
Kill me if you don't believe me.
(grunts) SELINA: So, is this your place now? This is our place.
Another club? In Gotham? How original.
It's not a club.
(whirring) (whirring) Penguin's taking over.
Like it or not, every criminal in the city is gonna go to him for a license to mug, steal, or blow stuff up.
Those criminals are gonna need supplies, and that is where we come in.
Not only will we be able to facilitate these lowlives, but we'll also find out what they're planning and how it's going down.
But I will not go forward without you both.
This is our way back on top.
What you took from me, I will never be able to get back.
Just feel lucky I don't burn this place to the ground.
(door opens) (door closes) This will be good for all of us.
Please talk to her.
(footsteps approaching) (door closes) I don't want to hear it, Alfred.
I'm going back out there.
I'm not gonna let this trail go cold.
Far be it from me to stop you, Master Bruce.
You're not coming? No, sir.
And why not? Because, as last night proved, you are simply not ready.
Yeah, you can chuck a punch, you can block one.
You're quick on your toes, I'll give you that.
What if they got guns, Master Bruce? Out there, Alfred, I feel more alive than I've ever felt before.
Do you understand that? And that is precisely why I am not stopping you, sir.
But you'll excuse me if I don't want to stand by and watch you get shot.
(door opens, slams) (siren wailing in distance) Hey.
The mental asylum's under siege.
The lunatics are running riot.
The guards called it in before they bolted for the hills.
- Crane? - He made more toxins, right? What happens when you dose a hundred nutjobs? All right, listen up! There's a riot at the asylum! I need as many of you as can come! Who's with me? Good luck with that.
You really think Penguin is gonna make this go away?! He's just getting rich off the same lowlives you guys used to hate as much as me! Ah, forget it.
Not one of you is fit to wear the badge.
This badge gets us spat on and shot at every day! For what? What difference have we made out there? - OFFICER: Yeah, he's right.
- OFFICER 2: That's what I'm saying.
Let's go, Harvey.
Come on.
Don't do this.
I told you, one day, that you would say, "Now or never.
" And I would say, "Never.
" Well, today is that day.
If I go with you, I lose them.
And then who's gonna be the new captain, huh? Because it's damn well gonna be someone Penguin chooses.
So I am sorry, partner, but you are on your own on this one.
(thunder rumbles) - (snarling) - (gun cocks) (shrieking) GCPD! GCPD.
(indistinct shouting) (cackling) I'm not scared of you anymore! You see, I am you! (laughs) (groans) (cackling) (gun cocks) (snarls) Ah.
It's you.
(shouts) (wails) You came.
- (feedback over P.
) - CRANE: Brothers and sisters, the enemy is here.
(lock buzzes) (shouting) Crap.
(lock buzzing) Tonight, Detective, you will pay for what you've done.
Tonight, you will know fear.
(shouting) (gun cocks) (gun clicks) - (shouting) - Get him.
Keep going, keep going.
(gunshots) (filtered breathing) All right, Mr.
Cop, let's have some real fun.
(thunder rumbles) (gasps) (chuckles) My, my! Well, come on in, I guess.
Word was you were dead.
(chuckles) Imagine my surprise when I hear you've popped back up, alive, and gone and opened a brand-new business.
(laughs) - Ooh.
- We're not open yet.
- Looks pretty open to me.
- (gun clicks) Yeah, I'd say it's open.
Hot damn, it's like Christmas.
Which is upsetting, because this was definitely something you would want to run by me first.
Is it, now? Oh, yes, absolutely.
All enterprises pertaining to the criminal underworld shall, from this time forth, be approved, monitored, - and taxed by me.
- Hmm.
My apologies.
I'm still waiting for my partners to come aboard.
IVY: Who? Tabitha? Selina? - Perhaps.
- Well, good luck with that.
Slippery characters, the both of them.
Also, people can often carry grudges after you shoot their boyfriends.
I could talk to them, if you want.
I distinctly remember saying you could come if you kept your mouth shut.
You will need an operating license, obviously.
Then pay a weapon tax.
- Weapon tax? - And then, perhaps your little store can open.
Well, you don't ask for much now, do you? I am not asking for enough.
Let me be absolutely clear, Miss Kean.
I will be keeping a very close eye on you.
The first rumor I hear about you and your little partners making moves to contest me, and Victor (gun cocks) (clicks tongue) will end you with your own merchandise.
Couldn't have been cheap.
I'm sorry? You lost your money on The Sirens Club, then went missing.
Rumor was you were dead.
And now you're back with a brand-new fancy place.
Who paid for it? (Oswald laughs) You really think I won't find out who it is? (laughing) Ah.
I'm gonna take this.
(door opens) (door closes) (door creaks open) (thunder rumbles) (thunder rumbles) Crane? (sighs) (snarls) Do you believe in fate? I didn't before today, but you, sir, have made me a believer.
Of all the police in Gotham, it was you.
You came.
(air hisses) Jonathan.
What happened to you? Well, first you killed my father.
Your father was insane.
He was trying to kill you.
He tried to help me, help all mankind.
- He was a murderer.
- He was a pioneer! A genius! He taught me we can live our entire lives imprisoned by our fears, or we can embrace them.
(gas hissing) (coughs) (distorted): You should know that better than anyone.
You should know that better than anyone.
What will you see, I wonder? What scares you the most? (chuckles) CRANE: What will you see, I wonder? One of your victims, perhaps? One of your victims? What haunts you the most? (snarls) (woman screaming in distance) (glass shatters) (screaming continues) Lee? (gasping) I just I just was God, no.
- What have you done? - Don't touch me! Let me go! Please let me help you.
(crying): You've caused me so much pain.
(Thompkins gasping) I've suffered you long enough.
We could have been a family, had a child.
You destroy everything you touch.
I just want peace.
You can join her to show her how much you truly love her.
Don't let her die hating you.
It's what she would want.
It's the only way to show her, love her.
Cut deep.
Cut deep.
It's what she would want.
Cut deep and find peace.
Don't let her die.
- Follow her - No.
- into death.
- GORDON: She wouldn't say that.
She wouldn't want that.
She loves me.
- Cut deep and find peace.
- No.
She loves me.
She loves me.
She wouldn't want that.
She loves me.
Crane? Where are you? - Crane? - (blade clinks) How did you do it? How did you defeat the toxin? It's impossible! I overcame my fear.
Liar! You liar! You can't just stop being afraid.
(air hisses) You can only become your demon like I did.
You have a choice, Jonathan.
And whatever your father was, he didn't want this for you.
You need help.
(thunder rumbles) My father thought that I was weak.
My whole life.
Scared little Jonathan.
I can help you.
Let me help you.
But I'm not weak anymore.
And I will never go back to being that boy.
(man laughs) (car doors closing) Come on, man.
Right this way.
Down this way.
Right at the back.
(laughs) Just around the corner.
I'm telling you, man.
He leaves the back gate open.
(laughs) It's gonna be too easy.
(door creaks) Well, well.
(laughs) It seems we've caught our stalker.
- And he made it way too easy.
- (laughing) Didn't know when he was being played.
- (laughter) - Who are you, huh? Some some Boy Scout? - He's just a kid.
- (laughter) You some some kind of do-gooder? Did I date your mom and not call her back? (laughter) Why are you hassling us, kid? I don't know, guys.
His face, it seems familiar.
You famous or something? You know we got licenses for this, kid? We're all above board.
- Penguin gets his share.
- That's right.
It's within our rights to do anything we want to you.
- Anything.
- (laughter) Look what you went and did.
You've seen my stash.
And you ticked off my boys.
Now you got to die.
Wait, wait, wait.
I'm telling you, I know this kid's face.
Oh, would you shut the hell up.
Hey, I'm telling you, I've seen this dude.
Don't matter.
- No matter who he is - (gun cocks) he's got to go.
- (bones crack) - (yells) (yells) Ah, get up.
Hurry up, he's getting away.
Think you're so slick, huh? (grunts) Now, I hate to tell you I told you so, Master Bruce.
Up you get.
You got to leave.
- She said she's sorry.
- TABITHA: She chose Nygma over me and Butch.
So, Nygma's a Popsicle now.
Let's give her a chance.
- Why do you want this so bad? - Because I'm sick and tired of not being taken seriously.
Of all those selfish guys out there who treat me like I'm stupid.
Alone, I can't do much about it.
With Barbara maybe.
But with you and Barbara? The three of us could give all those creeps a run for their money.
IVY: I want in.
- Get out.
- No, no.
Please, just hear me out.
You're a Penguin stooge.
What? I hate that freak.
Oh, please.
You guzzled down his Kool-Aid.
Beat it.
No one takes me seriously, either.
There's nothing I wouldn't do to get back at the men who've treated me like garbage.
- Nothing.
- TABITHA: Not buying it.
You're working for Penguin.
Cool down, okay? I believe her.
Thank you.
Know what? You're rude.
And you're about to get your skinny ass kicked down the block.
I won't ask again.
Get out.
(door closes) Get word to Barbara.
I'll talk business.
But I'll need something in return.
- GORDON: Crane! Crane? - CRANE: The demon is here.
The demon who haunts and tortures you is here.
The one who poisoned your minds.
Destroy him and free yourself from his tyranny! (screaming and shouting) Kill him! Water, right.
(woman screams) (man yells) Ah.
I'm so happy.
GORDON: Jonathan.
(man growls) (yells) - You could have been killed! - But I wasn't.
That's 'cause I followed you.
- I had it under control.
- How am I supposed to support you if you refuse to accept the realities of the situation? - Alfred, the realities of the situation - (knocking on door) (knocking continues) Mr.
- Bad time? - No.
Not at all.
Please come in.
Forgive me.
I should have called, but Well, I just couldn't stop thinking about our last chat.
Wayne Enterprises were developing a durable material for military uniforms when I worked there.
(briefcase beeps) It is a thin Kevlar weave with reinforced forearm protection.
The gloves have a faceted grip design to help you cling to any surface.
The whole uniform is extremely lightweight, and actually, bulletproof to impacts from 10 feet or more.
You know, for rock climbing.
Oh, and long distance radio communicators.
In case you two wish to talk to each other whilst climbing rock.
Well, I will not keep you.
I just didn't want to see you get hurt again, Mr.
Thank you, Mr.
I feel safer already.
(door opens) Ladies.
Thank you for returning.
- I'm glad - Not so fast.
I'll be needing proof of your sincerity.
Selina said you would need something from me.
You can have anything you like.
I'll take your hand.
- My what? - Both Butch and I lost a hand due to Penguin's Machiavellian war games.
I believe it's your turn.
- You didn't say anything about this.
- Quiet.
- Tabitha, I assure you - No more words.
Penguin cut off Butch's hand, Nygma mine.
Now I take yours.
If this is the only way I can get you to trust me so be it.
I'll trust you.
For now.
- I'll start Monday.
- (door opens) (exhales) (door closes) OSWALD: Where is he? We had a deal, Detective Gordon.
That you would apprehend Jonathan Crane.
You made a demand in front of your cronies in an attempt to undermine me and this department.
There was no deal.
I spoke for all of the citizens of Gotham when I said that the GCPD can no longer keep us safe.
How many of you are sick of risking your lives every day just to see criminals escape? How many times has this very building become a war zone? MAN: What you say about that? OSWALD: I say it is time to start anew.
To police ourselves.
(camera clicks) I will triple the wage of any cop here who wants to work for me in insuring the safety of this city's people.
The future is now.
Follow me into it.
GORDON: Police yourselves.
He just wants to pay you to look the other way.
Would you blame him if they did? - I've got nothing to say to you.
- Hey, hey, hey.
This is a war, not one battle.
If I would have went with you, I would have lost them.
And we need them to win this war.
Now you don't have to say nothing, but I'm buying you a drink.
- (door bell jingles) - (squeaks) Oh, no.
Not you.
You never paid for the last stuff I gave you.
You make me smell perfume, make me giddy cheap trick.
Out! Out! I'm done with perfumes.
I'm here for the good stuff.
Don't know what you're talking about.
I'm closing up.
Word is you have potions here.
Ancient, mystical potions made by shamans all over the world.
Who told you that? I'm done playing nice.
I need a change, a big one.
I need strength, power.
- No.
- Where are they? My safe.
Under the register.
Combination? It's open.
(groans) Which ones make me stronger? That's dangerous stuff.
It's too powerful for you.
It can get in your blood, your DNA.
OWNER: No! Don't! No! - No! You must stop! - (glass breaks) (groans) (panting) You let me walk into that nightmare alone.
Yeah, well, I figured it would take more than a couple of loonies to take you out.
Besides, I figured you and me taking on Penguin and the entire criminal underground by ourselves wasn't the best idea.
So what? You want to sit here, do nothing, get drunk? Is that your plan? Unless you got a better one.
What makes you think those cops back there were wrong? Are we really making a difference? One worth risking our lives over? We'd need an army to take on Penguin.
Makes me miss Falcone.
I mean, I know he's a vicious bastard but he was, he was fair.
He ran the criminals of this city with an iron fist.
There was, th-there was, there was honor.
- No, no, no, no, no.
- What? Do not mess with Falcone.
You killed his son, remember? Italians do not forget that crap.
He must hate what Penguin's doing as much as we do.
You show your face to Falcone, he will kill you.
Well Like you said, we need an army.
He's got one.
(siren wailing in distance) ALFRED (in earpiece): Ooh, that's a lovely leap, Master Bruce; positively gazelle-like.
BRUCE: It's so lightweight, it's like I'm wearing nothing at all.
(grunts) (groans) ALFRED: Yeah, well, let's not get ahead of ourselves.
Remember to keep your face covered at all times.