Gotham (2014) s04e03 Episode Script

They Who Hide Behind Masks

1 - Previously on "Gotham" - You know you can't commit a crime in Gotham without a license from Penguin.
OSWALD: Tell your families Oswald Cobblepot keeps them safe, not the GCPD.
BULLOCK: We'd need an army to take on Penguin.
I am not giving the city over to Penguin.
I don't care what the commissioner says.
Makes me miss Falcone.
I'm done with this business.
I'm out.
I've got a place down south I can go to.
We need an army.
He's got one.
BULLOCK: You show your face to Falcone, he will kill you.
BARBARA: An opportunity awaits you.
Why do you want this so bad? I'm sick of not being taken seriously.
With you and Barbara, the three of us could give all those creeps a run for their money.
You were the one time I let love weaken me.
- No! - OSWALD: And I want you around as a constant reminder to never make that mistake again.
RA'S AL GHUL: I'm the one you seek.
I am Ra's al Ghul.
BRUCE: I have to be ready for when Ra's al Ghul returns.
ALFRED: You need to find your true north and let that guide you.
(horse whinnies) It is you.
At last.
(gasps) (panting) I was no more.
And now you live.
How can this be? The power is in the water.
It has given you life and a destiny.
You must find your heir, as I found you.
Find him.
Be free.
(clanking) (ship horn blowing) Alfred, you read? Loud and clear, Master Bruce.
Looks like the rumors around town are true.
Penguin's bringing in a big shipment.
Whatever it is, it must be valuable.
He's got four armed men loading it onto a truck.
I'm gonna go down for a closer look.
How did I know you were gonna say that, then? I'm wearing bulletproof armor, remember? Yes.
Lucius Fox's armor was bulletproof.
My mask is not.
Don't get shot in the face? Got it.
Do I detect a note of sarcasm, Master Bruce? Hold on.
I just picked up a thief heading toward the truck.
Thieves stealing from thieves is a victimless crime, Master Bruce.
You just walk away now.
They're walking into a trap.
Master Bruce, I'm all for you protecting the innocent, but I won't have you risking your life over a thief.
Now walk away.
Master Bruce? Master Bruce? (gun cocks) STEVEDORE: The hell are you supposed to be? (guns cocking) Must be real stupid trying to steal from Penguin.
Bad idea.
(grunting) MAN: Hold him! (grunting) Let's get out of here! Come on.
In the truck! (engine starts, tires screech) Damn it.
(panting) (gulls squawking) (horse snorts) Hola, señor.
Can I help you? James Gordon.
I'm here to see Carmine Falcone.
He's not expecting me.
Come with me, please.
You're a long way from home.
Came down to see you, Carmine.
Heard you retired down here.
Sorry for not calling ahead.
No, you're not.
It's quite the spread you have here.
I think we're past the point of small talk, Jim.
Just tell me why you're here.
Morning, Daddy.
- FALCONE: How was Artemus? - SOFIA: He's feisty, as usual, but I whipped him into shape.
Who's this? FALCONE: James Gordon.
Jim, meet my only daughter, Sofia.
What are you doing here, James? Go ahead, Jim.
I have no secrets from my children.
Penguin has taken over the city.
The GCPD has turned its back on Gotham.
There are families that are still loyal to you.
I need your help to knock him off his perch.
Sure this isn't about you, Jim? Your loss of power in Gotham? This is bigger than me.
You have fight, kid.
I've always admired that in you.
But I can't do what you ask.
Why? Because I'm dying.
Doctors don't know why.
Maybe old age.
They seem to think the air is better down here for me, give me more time.
I'm not one to argue with doctors.
Or time.
So, you see, I can't go back with you.
I'll go back.
You're not ready for Gotham.
There was a time in my life when I would have done anything for the city.
Those days are gone.
I'm sorry, Jim.
You're on your own.
You sure you know what you're doing? (wincing) You're mad because I didn't listen to you, Alfred.
You're damn bloody right I am, yeah.
You're right.
- I let my guard down.
- (laughs softly) It won't happen again.
All right, there we go.
Might leave a little bit of a scar.
Thanks, Alfred.
All right.
Oh, no, wh-where do you think you're going? To the docks.
I'm sure there's a manifest on the freighter.
Whatever's in that crate must be important if the thief was willing to steal it from the Penguin.
I want to know what it is.
Right, so being shot wasn't enough, was it? You got to let this slide, Master B.
There's more to this, Alfred.
I can feel it.
This is my chance to investigate a real crime, stop it before it becomes something bigger.
But just don't go charging around in broad daylight with that bloody mask on.
It'd be like having a socking great bull's-eye on your back, all right? So how do you suggest I get onto the ship? There are other kinds of masks you can wear, Master Bruce.
(shuddering) (grunts) (laughter) BARBARA: As you can see, the scatter pattern is tighter than most.
You won't find a superior weapon anywhere in Gotham.
I'll take two dozen.
You can pay out front.
MAN: Right this way, sir.
Thank you, everyone, for coming.
Tabitha planning on coming to work? I am paying her half the profits.
Don't you mean a third? That depends.
Where's my crate? I ran into some trouble.
- Did Penguin's men see you? - No.
I wore a mask like you said.
I know you're pissed.
I'm not mad.
I misjudged you.
I was wrong to cut you in on my new business.
You're clearly not ready.
You're serious? I can get the damn thing.
I'll do it myself.
But if you do want to redeem yourself, you can do the floors.
Mop's in the closet.
You can mop your own damn floors.
OSWALD: Another excellent night of business, Victor.
Except for the part where a couple of thieves - tried to rob your shipment.
- What?! Relax, boss.
My men stopped them before they could get their hands on anything.
You see what I'm dealing with, Ed? (chuckles) That shipment is full of black market items I am auctioning off tonight to Gotham's elite.
I stand to make a killing.
I cannot do that without the items.
Where are they? At the warehouse.
Take me.
I want to be sure it is all accounted for, and once I do, bring everything back here for safekeeping.
(panting) (door closes) (water dripping) No.
No! (gasps) This cannot be happening! ZSASZ: I don't know.
Kind of opens up the room.
Whoever did this, I want them found.
I want them dead! And I want Ed back here today! Where are you, Ed? (gasps) Oh, he's up! - He's up, he's up! - Where am I? Who is how did I get here? I brought you here.
You're in my home.
What do you think? NYGMA: What? I'm sorry.
Who who are you? You don't remember? Hilltop Elementary? Mrs.
Macher's class? I was third row closest to the window.
Eddie, it's me, Myrtle Jenkins.
(Myrtle chuckles) Um, I followed your rise to becoming the Riddler.
I've read every article, all the police reports.
I guess you could say I'm your number one fan.
Um, I'm I should get going.
Whoop, that's gonna be tough.
(grunts) (panting) Why am I tied up? You're not.
Your muscles have atrophied from being on ice.
Okay? But don't worry.
These warming lamps should help thaw you out.
Ice? Yeah.
- The last thing I remember - Yeah.
was being frozen by the river.
How long was I on ice? Five months.
(gasps) I know.
Since then, Penguin opened a club called the Iceberg Lounge.
You were its centerpiece.
NYGMA: That little freak.
He put me on display like some caged animal.
And I will nurse you back to health so you can reclaim your throne as Gotham's greatest villain! (laughs) Oop, ah, caveat.
With me as your sidekick, of course.
(Myrtle laughs) Doesn't that sound wonderful, my love? (scoffs) You lost, kid? My Uncle Al works on your ship.
My aunt hasn't heard from him in a few days and she's worried.
There are a few men below deck.
I'm pretty damn sure none of their old ladies are looking for them.
Listen, I told my aunt I'd find him.
Can I just take a quick look? I'll be in and out in a few minutes, I promise.
Go ahead.
Thank you.
(door creaks, closes) You think you're real smart giving us the slip.
- I don't know what you're talking about.
- Ah, save it.
Somebody tried to steal from this ship last night.
Did this to my face.
Tell me who you are working for.
I assure you, I'm just here looking for my uncle.
I took a wrong turn.
Here's a little advice.
If you're gonna play the part of a street kid, learn how to talk like one.
(American accent): Hey, Andy! Get over here.
What did I tell you about bothering me at work? Sorry, fellas.
(normal voice): You're right, though.
The boy's acting does need some work, doesn't it? (men grunting) You see, improvisation, Master Bruce, is a very important weapon in any actor's tool kit.
Should we go? BARBARA: There's a knife being sold at your auction tonight.
I was thinking you might be kind enough to sell it to me ahead of time.
And why is this knife so important to you? It's not.
I have a client who's interested.
Gave me a ton of cash, so I was hoping to get it for a lower price and make a profit.
That start with the attempted five-finger discount last night? I have no idea what you're talking about.
Of course you don't.
I'll triple the opening price.
It'll probably go for less at auction.
(giggles) My dear, wherever you disappeared to these last few months has not made you a better liar.
(chuckles) It's clear that this isn't about profit, but about your mysterious benefactor.
He is your client, is-is he not? (chuckles) Reveal his identity to me and you have a deal.
(laughs) Wow.
He's really got his hooks into you.
(laughs) See you tonight, I guess.
Don't forget to bring your checkbook.
Always a pleasure, Oswald.
BRUCE: The knife was used to embalm King Balahsi.
According to this, he ruled ancient Mesopotamia for the first century.
And what thief in Gotham would want a knife like that? That's a good question.
According to the manifest, the shipment was full of jewels and expensive art, yet our thief went for the item with the least intrinsic value.
Well, that tells me she was a gun for hire.
But who hired her? I think I just found the answer.
Alfred, look.
This drawing depicts a man being healed by water.
Look at his eyes.
His face.
Who does that remind you of? That's impossible.
I mean, this-this drawing is 2,000 years old, Master I know.
That's him.
That's Ra's al Ghul.
He wants the knife.
I struck out with Falcone.
BULLOCK (on phone): That right? Try not to sound too happy about it.
Look, if you brought back Falcone, that would mean gang wars and blood in the streets.
And I don't like it when the streets are bloody, Jim.
Well, see how you like it with Penguin.
See you tomorrow, Harvey.
(phone beeps off) SOFIA: Mind if I join you? What are you doing here? I figured you didn't know anyone in town.
I thought I'd keep you company.
Or maybe I just didn't want to drink alone.
To my dad.
I am sorry about your father.
We may have had our differences over the years, but I always respected him.
When I was a little girl, if I wanted to spend time with my father, he'd have me schedule an appointment.
Save the respect, I know who my father is.
Took him getting sick for us to finally have a real relationship.
How long have you lived down here? Since I was 13.
My father thought sending me away from Gotham would keep me safe.
I mean, there are worse places to grow up.
People are happy here, you see the sun every day.
But I wasn't alone.
I had Mario.
We took care of each other.
I know there's nothing I can say.
I am sorry for what happened to him.
You're right, there's nothing you can say.
He was infected with the virus.
You did what you had to do.
(dance music playing) There's no sign of Nygma anywhere in Gotham.
Word on the street is, it was an inside job.
Find whoever is in charge of hiring.
Kill them.
I want everyone here interrogated.
There's a traitor amongst us.
(gasping) MYRTLE: Those needles should help stimulate your muscles.
You'll have feeling back in no time.
(laughing) Just call me the Riddlette.
(laughs): I know.
What do you think? I think that rehashing someone else's idea isn't very original.
Well, it's an homage, and I thought you'd like it.
It's very nice.
(giggles) Ah this is so much fun.
If only I were the criminal mastermind you are, we would have been together sooner.
I'm sorry, I don't really follow that.
Well, it took me months to plan your escape.
I had to learn Penguin's schedule, when he came and went, devise an exit strategy.
I'm sure it would have taken you two seconds to think something up.
It is slightly impressive you were able to outwit Oswald.
Though, as you said, my plan would have taken much less time.
Oh, wait, that is a great idea.
You should tell me what your plan would have been, because a window into your master villainy would mean so much to me.
I Um (breathing unsteadily) Oh, here I am bombarding you with silly questions.
After everything you've been through, you must be exhausted.
- Yes, I must be exhausted.
- (timer bell chimes) Ooh, soup's ready.
Do you like tomato? I put little question marks in it, too.
Last one.
One, two, three.
(both sigh) Anything, my love? No! Acupuncture is therapeutic snake oil.
(gasps) I've been focused on repairing the wrong muscle.
What? Your brain.
It fires synapses that carry neurons to the rest of your body.
And if we can stimulate it, perhaps your other muscles will follow.
- Logical.
- Yeah.
- What do you suggest? - Well in anticipation of our partnership, I have been working on a few riddles.
(gasps) Yes.
(giggles) That's exactly what I need.
It's gonna make me feel like myself again.
- Fire away.
- Okay, here goes.
What's black and white and red all over? Easy.
Zebra, with a gaping hole.
- Next.
- Um, no, it's actually a newspaper.
That's ridiculous.
There's nothing red on a newspaper.
- Well, it makes sense if you know - Next! Oh, um I have a face and two hands, but no arms or legs.
- What am I? - Deformed baby.
Come on.
Surely you can do better than this.
Uh, the answer is a clock.
Hands Oh, my.
I think something is wrong with your brain, Ed.
There is nothing wrong with my brain.
The problem is your riddles.
Bring me a riddle that is worthy of my name! (sighs curtly) (seagulls squawking) GORDON: Next time I'll know to pack a swimsuit.
SOFIA: You actually own one? Yeah, I got a nice two-piece.
He comes with a sense of humor.
Do you ever think about walking away from it all? Gotham? Sometimes.
But I can't.
Why not? It's in my blood.
My father spent his entire life fighting for the city.
Never took the easy way out.
Neither can I.
What? Give 'em to me.
I don't really think they're your size.
Come on.
- That, too? - Mm-hmm.
- What are you doing? - Come on.
You can't be serious.
Just a little water, Jim.
I can't remember the last time I just stood still.
All right, Master Bruce, let's go over the plan again.
It's simple.
I show up at the auction and buy the knife.
Should be easy enough; I am a billionaire.
And a very public one at that.
Turning up at the Penguin's black market auction's certainly going to raise a few eyebrows, isn't it? You're the one that said that bidding on it was the smarter play.
That I did, but I didn't mean as going as yourself, did I? What do think the idea was of going down to the docks, pretending to be someone else? I was trying to teach you a lesson.
Now, if you're going to continue down this vigilante path, Master Bruce, you've got to learn how to assume other roles.
Play the role that you were born to play.
That of a privileged, somewhat pedantic teenager with deeper pockets than anybody else in this city.
You mean behave like a spoiled brat.
It goes against everything that your beautiful parents tried to ingrain in you.
But yes sir.
Bruce Wayne billionaire brat.
$250,000! AUCTIONEER: $250,000 going once, twice sold to Mr.
Bruce Wayne.
Ha-ha! That's what I'm talkin' about.
I love art.
I love it, yeah! I'm gonna put it in my, uh, in my bathroom.
(crowd murmuring) ALFRED: Steady on, Master Bruce.
Let's not overplay our hand, shall we? I must admit, this is fun.
And try to exercise a modicum of financial restraint.
Technically, you are the richest man in the room, but let's not try and buy absolutely everything, shall we? True, but if I only bid on the knife everyone's been trying to steal from Penguin, it might draw his suspicion.
If I go on a spending spree, recklessly throwing my money around, he won't think twice.
When'd you think of that? Improvisation, Alfred.
It's a weapon in any actor's tool kit.
Oh, heads up.
Here we go.
Oswald, my friend! Bruce Wayne, what a lovely surprise.
You certainly are getting out quite a lot these days, aren't you? The way I see it, everyone else in this town is having fun.
- Why shouldn't I? - I agree! You and your insanely large bank account are more than welcome here.
(both laugh) Barbara Kean.
I thought she died.
Unfortunately, nobody stays dead in this town.
Excuse me.
You do realize, don't you, Master Bruce, that if you actually win, Ra's al Ghul will come after the knife.
Let him.
AUCTIONEER: The next item up for auction is an embalming knife from the tomb of King Balahsi of Sumeria.
Opening bid will begin at $50,000.
BARBARA: A hundred thousand dollars.
What does she want with it? I have no idea.
Stay focused.
$100,000 to Ms.
- Do I hear one - One hundred thousand - and one dollar.
- (laughter) Actually, Mr.
Wayne, the bidding amounts are in $50,000 - $200,000.
- Fine.
We have $200,000.
Two hundred thousand and one dollar.
(laughter) BARBARA: Mr.
How about you let someone else have some fun? Oh! Sure.
No problem.
I'm sorry about that.
- $300,000.
- Very well.
Three hundred $300,000 and one cent.
(laughter) $500,000.
Now back off, you little brat.
Wow, Ms.
That's a lot of money.
For someone like you.
- $2 million! - (attendees gasping) BARBARA: Two Sold to Mr.
Bruce Wayne.
- (laughs) - (applause) (laughs) Congratulations, Bruce.
Thank you.
(laughing): I do love seeing that woman lose.
But a little piece of friendly advice.
Barbara Kean does not give up easily.
She'll be coming for that knife.
I would just, uh, keep a close eye on it if I were you.
Well, there's a new wrinkle, isn't it? What's green and red and goes round and round? (both chuckle) Someone's obsessed with the color red.
(laughs) The answer, obviously, isn't "newspaper.
" You're stalling.
(laughs) No.
- You don't know the answer.
- Of course I do.
No, you don't, Ed.
(gasps) - Mm-hmm.
- Your brilliant mind is as damaged as the rest of your body.
Actually, my body is feeling fine.
Frog in a blender.
BRUCE: Selina? Why are you sitting in the dark by yourself? I was expecting someone else.
- Like who? - Doesn't matter.
What are you doing here? Heard about Penguin's auction.
So Barbara sent you for the knife.
Figured, what, because we're friends, I'd just hand it over? Something like that.
- Why is it so important to her? - How should I know? She was supposed to get it for some client.
Said he was a pretty dangerous guy.
And that if you were smart, you'd hand it over and save yourself the trouble.
So you're here to protect me, is that it? The knife can't possibly mean that much to you, Bruce.
I don't know.
Like you said, I spent $2 million on it, I think I'll keep it.
Why are you acting like this? Me? What about you? Are you really Barbara Kean's errand girl now? I'm her partner.
But if I don't give her this knife back, she won't ever see me as an equal.
So I'm asking you to do me a solid.
I'm sorry, Selina.
You should go.
(scoffs) Morning, Harv.
Jim, hey.
This is Detective Harper.
She just transferred over from the 3-5.
- Jim Gordon.
- Nice to meet you, Detective.
- Heard a lot of good things.
- From who? It's good to have you in the fold, Harper.
ALVAREZ: Gordon.
You got a visitor.
BULLOCK: Hot damn.
Fox in the henhouse.
No offense, Harper.
HARPER: None taken.
But you got the wrong idiom, Captain.
No, I don't.
Be right back.
What are you doing here? I came to help you.
Oh, yeah? How's that? Penguin.
Oh, I know you didn't directly ask me, but I find men tend to have trouble seeing the simple solution even when it's presented to them.
You shouldn't have come back here.
Oh, Jim.
(exhales) I don't need your permission.
Or my father's.
I'm a Falcone.
This city is my birthright.
My father might not think I'm ready, but I am.
Is that so? What do you think I've been doing down south the past ten years? You knew you were coming back from the moment I left your father's house.
Everything that's happened was what? You sizing me up? No.
Not everything.
But I had to get to know you if we're gonna work together.
We're not.
Don't be sore, Jim.
You came looking for a gangster, that's exactly what you found.
We can do great things together, you and I.
I'll be in touch.
You? You were the one who stole from me? MYRTLE: Some good it did.
The ice broke his brain.
What are you talking about? What's green and red and goes round and round? Frog in a blender.
Ed couldn't even get that.
It does seem unlike Ed to keep this rube alive.
Sound the word: I want him found.
And her? A lot of people have been trying to steal from me lately.
An example needs to be made.
Have fun, Victor.
(cocks) Love your dress.
Thank you.
I made it.
- (gunshot) - (wings flapping) (exhales) (panting) (grunting) Excellent technique, Barbara.
I'm impressed.
- I had a good teacher.
- (chuckles) I wish you'd have called ahead.
- (grunting) - (bones crunching) Does that mean you don't have the knife? No, Bruce Wayne has it.
Really? How interesting.
You're not angry? No, not at all.
You see, Barbara, when I bathed you in the Lazarus Pit, I did it in the knowledge that you would become a competent ally of mine.
And so far, you've done an admirable job.
I'm glad you feel that way.
And I wouldn't worry about that knife.
Didn't seem all that special to me.
Oh, but you couldn't be more wrong.
You see, that knife is the key to everything.
Well, not everything.