Gotham (2014) s04e05 Episode Script

The Blade's Path

1 - Previously on "Gotham" - Where are you, Ed? What's green and red and goes round and round? Zebra with a gaping hole.
Your brilliant mind is as damaged as the rest of your body.
(chuckles): I guess she was right.
You're not smart! We'd need an army to take on Penguin.
Makes me miss Falcone.
SOFIA: You came looking for a gangster.
That's exactly what you found.
I'm a Falcone.
I need to know what you're going to do.
You want the city back from Penguin, I'll give that to you.
Did you really think I wouldn't figure it out? The two of you have been whispering like teenagers for weeks.
You never deserved her in the first pl BARBARA: Yes, I killed him.
I am sorry.
There's a legend about this knife.
The man that killed my grandfather can't have this.
I promise.
That's Ra's al Ghul.
RA'S AL GHUL: That knife is the key to everything.
Give me the knife and I will release the boy.
- Bruce, hand me the knife.
- I can't.
(screams) (siren wailing) DRIVER: So, who's the vegetable? ORDERLY: Ah, used to be a gangster.
Name's, uh, Gilzean.
Maybe Gold? Took a slug in the noodle.
Been in a coma six months.
So, hospital brass wants to free up some beds? Yeah, say take him upstate.
(both laughing) Rest in peace, Butch Gilzean.
Cyrus Gold.
(laughs) Whoever the hell you are.
(both laughing) Hey, Harvey.
Has anyone contacted you about Ra's al Ghul? No.
I just heard from Judge Bam Bam's clerk.
- His trial got pushed off the docket.
- And? And I want to make sure him being minister of a foreign country doesn't let him weasel out of this.
He killed a boy.
That's above my pay grade, pal.
I just, uh, bust the bad guys.
Do you? These are release forms.
Of my collars.
Let me guess, each one of them has a license from Penguin, right? Jim, I am stuck between a rock and a hard place.
Every mook you bust with a license, the commissioner orders me to let him go.
What am I supposed to do? - Your job! - I am doing my job! HARPER: Gordon, got a call from the judge's clerk; it's about Ra's al Ghul.
I'm doing my job.
Master Bruce.
No sleep? Again? Once more, about that boy's death Don't say it's not my fault.
It is my fault.
Alex is dead because I hesitated.
Well, perhaps you did, but that doesn't make you his murderer, does it? Ra's killed that innocent little boy, and he's gonna pay for it.
You really think locking him up in Blackgate will stop him? He still wants this dagger.
Stop going on about the bloody dagger, will you? Just so we can just get some breakfast.
- Please.
- I think I finally found something in Dr.
Winthrop's notes.
There's a description on the handle that Dr.
Winthrop was able to decipher.
Says the knife is intended for the one who has bathed in the healing waters.
Well, assuming that's not me, that must be our boy Ra's.
But that doesn't have to mean it's for him to use.
Perhaps it's to be used against him.
I see.
You clearly don't.
What you're suggesting is that knife and that knife alone is the only thing capable of doing him in.
If Ra's al Ghul believes this knife will kill him, that could explain why he wants it so badly.
So he can destroy it.
Before someone fulfills the prophecy.
Master Bruce, I know that you feel bad about Alex.
We all do.
But at this point, you must remember your vow.
No killing.
No killing.
Taking a life, never mind how justified, will lead you down a darker path than you could ever possibly imagine.
I know.
I've been down it.
You understand me, Master Bruce? I understand.
Let's get yourself ready.
Chop, chop.
WOMAN: Such a tragedy.
He was only a child and always so lovely.
A heinous crime perpetrated against such an innocent boy.
WOMAN: And his grandfather, murdered just the day before.
MAN: I know, I know.
ALFRED: I'll just be a moment, Master Bruce.
Diplomatic immunity? You are joking, aren't you? The Nanda Parbat embassy filed papers to have him extradited.
Could happen this week.
- That monster killed a child.
- I know.
I was there.
Look I am telling you this as a courtesy.
- Oh.
- But the news will get out.
When it does, I need you to watch Bruce.
I'm worried about him.
And you blame me? You're his guardian, aren't you? You're supposed to protect him, and instead you've been placing him in harm's way.
ALFRED: Oh, I see.
So that's what rankles, is it? Keeping you in the dark.
Well, if I was you, I'd focus on your own job, Detective, which is keeping Ra's al Ghul behind bars, tucked up.
Just keep the news away from Bruce as long as you can.
On that, we agree, Detective.
The boy's been through enough.
(door buzzing) Thank you for coming, Barbara.
Hell of a chicken coop.
So, what's the angle? How about this? Say the word, we'll be home drinking Chianti by dinnertime.
I think I'll decline.
So why did you call me here? To say good-bye.
When I brought you back to life, I asked you to be my eyes and ears in Gotham.
You became so much more.
Save it.
What about everything you promised me? "Do as I ask and I will give you a gift beyond your imagining.
" (low rumbling) (gasping softly) (whispers): What the hell was that? You'll see.
Good-bye, Barbara.
(door closes) (water bubbling) (frogs croaking, insects trilling) (grunts) - Born on a Monday - (record playing music) Christened on a Tuesday Married on a Wednesday Took ill on Thursday Grew worse on Friday Died on Saturday - Buried on Sunday - Sweet mother of Mary.
Never seen nothing like him before.
- He's white as a picket fence.
- (grunts) Easy.
We ain't gonna hurt you.
What happened to your drawers, big fella? - (shouts) - Easy.
(grunts) No! (growls softly) We're gonna get you, you freak! Who are you? (record skips) Born on a Monday Christened on Tuesday Married on Wednesday Tool ill on Thursday Grew worse on Friday - Died on Sat - (record skips) Solomon Grundy Born on a Monday GILZEAN: Solomon Grundy.
- Solomon Grundy - Born on Monday.
Born on a Monday Solomon Grundy License compliance amongst the GCPD remains high.
The program is an unmitigated success.
Numbers, Mr.
A-According to my tabulations, 86% of crime is accounted for under Pax Penguina.
Which means that 14% of crime happens outside of my licensing system! Uh the numbers are very good, Mr.
Get Firefly.
I want examples made! Yes, that might help.
But, then, if scorching a few idiots was all it took, anyone could rule Gotham.
Thank you for your insight, Miss Falcone.
I don't recall summoning you.
I came to see if you had lunch plans tomorrow.
An invitation? After I killed your father's last remaining loyalists? (chuckles): Perhaps you overestimate the pleasure of your company.
Oswald you may think you have everything, but there is one thing you don't have.
The Falcone name.
A name that once accounted for all criminal activity in Gotham as in one hundred percent.
Now you're just rubbing it in.
I propose we have lunch somewhere public.
By doing so, you'll show Gotham that you have the support of the Falcone family.
And that should be enough to send those outlying criminal elements scurrying back under your umbrella.
Penn, item number four on my to-do list.
"Kill Sofia Falcone.
" Add a question mark, will you? Tomorrow it is.
Come on, you people have pills for everything! Insomnia, anxiety! You have to have something for me! I don't know, a pill to reverse the effect of having your brain frozen and unfrozen? That's kind of specific.
(bottle shatters) I will not be condescended to by an idiot in a lab coat! You're not even a doctor! Okay, relax, man.
Just tell me your symptoms.
Fogginess of the mind.
Decreased capacity to think ten steps ahead.
Inability to solve riddles! God.
I have got to improve my brain function.
I could take a pill or a vitamin.
I'll even consider a natural remedy.
I don't want to get your hopes up, but there is something.
What? Tell me.
A trial drug.
It claims to boost your natural cognitive abilities.
That's perfect.
Where is this? The sample drawer.
What is it called? Uh, Smartivia.
Blue pills, diamond-shaped.
I don't see them.
Try towards the back.
I don't see it.
Ah, here it is.
Ow! Oh! God! (pained grunting) A fake gun? Seriously? Ow! Wait, wait, wait, wait.
I just need to know.
- Do these work? - No, dummy.
They're sugar pills.
And I'm calling the police.
(groans) (alarm blaring) Go on, do it, do it (groans, pants) (siren approaching) (low growl) (panting) - (growls) - Oh! Butch.
You know Grundy? Butch I have never had an issue with you.
Barbara Kean she is the problem.
You and Tabitha are innocent bystanders.
Wow, you don't get much sun.
No Man talk too much.
(sirens wailing in distance) - Collins, deal with this, will you? - Yep.
Bruce is gone.
- What? - You've got to get me into Blackgate.
What are you talking about? When we got back from the wake, he said he was gonna go straight to bed, but he must've snuck out between then and now.
My concern is that he's taken the knife and he's gonna try and kill Ra's al Ghul.
You're serious? Yes, I'm bloody serious.
We've got to go to Blackgate now.
And then you can tell me the many ways I've failed the child, all right? - Oh, I will.
- Listen to me.
The boy is on the verge of doing something that there's no coming back from.
He needs our help.
Let's go.
(dogs barking) Yeah, it's about time.
Shift ended five minutes ago.
Come on.
(lock clacks) (beep) (soft whooshing) (sheathes knife) You weak foolish boy.
You're still not ready.
(coughs) My name is Bruce Wayne.
Stop him.
Stop him.
Master al Ghul.
Take him below.
What? What are you doing? We got your call, but I checked the logs - Bruce Wayne hasn't been here.
- With all due respect, I don't think he'd come as a regular visitor.
He's a billionaire, after all.
I think what Mr.
Pennyworth is trying to say is Bruce Wayne could have paid someone to get him in here.
No offense.
We just want to look around.
Whatever you want.
But you came all the way here for nothing.
And we're gonna need your weapons.
Standard procedure.
Of course.
(clears throat) (clears throat) - Finished? - That's absolutely it.
Unless you want to check my undercrackers.
This way.
(whispers): Undercrackers? (lock buzzes, latch clicks) They're here.
(sirens wailing) (car horns honking in distance) (groans) (pained gasps) Sugar pills, my foot.
That dream was horrible.
Oh, God! Oh, you're real.
(gasping) Oh You know Grundy? What? No.
No, who's Grundy? Solomon Grundy.
Born on Monday.
Your hand! How I'm sorry.
What happened to you? Grundy not know.
Okay, let me get this straight.
You don't remember who you are or how you got here? (laughs) I'm sorry.
Grundy I don't know you.
Best of luck, though.
Hope you get the skin thing figured out.
(groans) Ow! Ow, ow, ow, ow, ow! You know Grundy.
You help Grundy.
Be Grundy friend.
I'm attempting to be civil but I can't help you.
Why? I just can't, all right? - Why? - Because Why?! Because I can't even help myself! Ow.
You don't know who you are.
Well, that makes two of us.
I used to be smart brilliant and now that's gone.
I can't even rob a pharmacy! So you want me to help you? I can't.
Well, I am feeling a pit peckish.
We are closed.
Last I saw you was at my tenth birthday.
You bought me ruby earrings.
Said it would be a fitting gift for the daughter of the king of Gotham.
Sofia Falcone.
I heard you had returned to Gotham.
What can I do for you? I was wondering how you were faring under Penguin's rule.
The Szabo family is quite content under Oswald Cobblepot's licensing system.
But even if we were not, we would be wise enough not to say anything.
Because I've invited him to your restaurant for lunch, and I want it to be a lunch he'll never forget.
RA'S AL GHUL: Bruce.
BRUCE: Where am I? Beneath Blackgate Penitentiary.
Alfred Pennyworth and Jim Gordon are upstairs in the company, unbeknownst to them, of my men.
Let them go.
They have nothing to do with this.
Still playing the white knight, Bruce.
You replaced the guards before I got here.
I'm sure your friends can fend for themselves.
You applied for diplomatic immunity, knowing I'd hear about it and come for you.
I wanted the knife, but not for the reason you think.
It's been ages since I first held this dagger.
It was given to me moments after I was bathed in the Lazarus Pit.
Submerged in the waters (gasps) suspended between life and death, I saw a vision of you my heir.
You're insane.
I'm not your heir.
I don't even understand what that means.
It means that you are the only one who can end my suffering.
You want me to kill you? Set me free.
Well, thanks for the snack, big guy.
It's been an emotional day.
I got to go.
- No.
- Oh.
Not this again.
Come on! God I've told you, I'm better off on my own, and you are, too.
So let go! Let go! MAN: Hey, freak.
Ha, I knew we'd find you.
And it looks like you got a friend.
(chuckles) I assure you, we are not friends.
MAN: Get 'em.
Both of 'em.
No! No! (grunting, screaming) Grundy! (screaming) - (screaming) - Hot hot! Grundy friend, help! Don't leave, no.
Hot hot - (steam hissing) - (sighing) Grundy friend not dumb.
Grundy friend smart.
Well, I guess yeah, you're right.
Water beats fire.
(laughs) That was smart.
(chuckles) Oh, boy (grunts) (straining): I can't breathe.
(horn honks, siren wails) Oswald.
They said this is their best table.
Interesting choice.
Are you sure it's not too intimate? The point was to get the word out that the Falcones support me.
Don't worry, people will talk.
I chose this place because I heard your mother was Hungarian.
I thought you might like a taste of home.
I can assure you, Oswald, I'm not here to poison you.
(coughing) The chef likes to go heavy on the paprika, doesn't he? (coughing) How is the food, otherwise? Serviceable.
Well, I'm stuffed.
Thank you so much for meeting me, Miss Falcone.
(louder): And thank you to your family for their support.
You can't leave until you've tried the goulash.
If it's anything like the chicken paprika, - I'll pass.
- It's the house specialty.
(sighs) My mother made goulash.
Brought the recipe from Budapest.
Handed down through her family for 300 years.
I doubt this will hold a candle.
- I'm leaving! - SOFIA: Oswald? Oswald? It took me forever to find his mother's recipe.
Did you follow it exactly? I followed the recipe to a T.
The little man didn't like? Honestly, I don't know.
GORDON: How long have you worked here? Two years, thereabouts.
I was in Blackgate for a time.
We must not have overlapped.
Here? As a guard? As a prisoner.
Oh, yeah.
Heard about that.
Is there a reason why you're not taking us through maximum security? Prisoners are in the yard this time of day.
Been some changes since you were here.
" That's funny.
I know another J.
McCloskey who works here.
My cousin.
Gets confusing sometimes.
All right, let's go.
- Through this door.
- ALFRED: I got to say, mate, I really love what you've done with the old place.
However, I've got a question for you.
Yeah? Where are the real guards? (grunting) (gunshots) Where is Bruce Wayne? Ra's al Ghul has plans for the boy.
Where is he?! (laughs) You'll never find him.
Oh, you underestimate my resolve, pal.
Well, at least we know Bruce is here.
Well, we've walked the floor.
Where could he be? There's the yard, the tower but they're too public.
There's a sub-basement, accessible by the service elevator.
Which way? (car horns honking in distance) (door opens) (scoffs) Who did I tell you specifically not to let in here?! Uh, Miss Falcone is here to see you, sir.
I'm sorry, Oswald.
I'm not sure what upset you, but I Enough! Did you think I would really believe this was all some coincidence? That goulash tasted exactly like my mother used to make! You can't fault me for the restaurant's authenticity.
You're buttering me up.
But for what? Is it so hard to believe that someone would want to do something nice for you? There was only one person in my whole life who ever did things for me without wanting something in return.
And that was my mother.
Then I envy you.
My father never helped anyone unless it benefited him.
And eventually it drove away everyone who loved him.
I'll decide what to do with you later.
Oswald, I only want to help you.
Oh, you want to help? Try leaving.
(sniffles) Your foot.
It's just the weather.
(exhales) What are you doing? - Don't.
- It's okay.
I won't judge.
When I was a child, I broke my ankle while playing with my cousins.
I was desperate.
Crying in pain.
My father told me to put ice on it.
Toughen up, stop with the tears.
But my mother went with me to the hospital.
And on the way, she told me that cold actually increases the pain.
What's needed is warmth.
My mother.
She used to sing.
(humming) RA'S AL GHUL: This may be hard for you to understand.
But I have walked this earth for centuries.
Waiting for you, Bruce.
Only you can kill me.
And only with that dagger.
That is my curse.
That is the meaning of my vision.
I don't believe you.
Believe me.
This is just another manipulation.
My true form.
Every moment of my life is agony.
End my suffering.
Whatever your curse is, you deserve it for what you've done.
You're angry, Bruce.
I understand.
But unless you strike me down with that blade, you will never be free.
No! I won't.
Then allow me to tell you what will happen if you don't kill me.
I will disappear and let you live your life.
You will follow the path of light.
Grow into a fine man.
Become a husband.
A father.
There may be a day when you forget I ever existed.
But then I will return.
And I will kill everyone you love.
Just as you watched your parents die, just as you watched me slice your friend's throat, I will slaughter your wife and children before your very eyes, and there will be nothing you can do about it.
(shouts) - Die.
- (dagger slices) (yells) Yes.
(panting) (crackling) MAN (over speaker): Attention, all inmates.
The prison is on official lockdown.
(continues indistinctly) Are you going to arrest me? For what? For murder.
I don't know what I just saw in there.
But as far as I'm concerned, Ra's al Ghul's men broke into Blackgate and he escaped.
I betrayed myself and my parents' memory.
I took a life.
I did exactly what Ra's said I would.
Just because you know you're capable of doing something doesn't mean it has to happen again.
Bruce, you and I have known each other a long time.
Since the night your parents were murdered.
Now, you may not feel like you're that kid anymore, but I know that you are.
One who believes in doing good.
In fighting for what's right.
Who will do anything to keep the people he loves safe.
Nothing that happened today changes that.
What are you doing? You said it yourself.
It's over.
- Can't let you do that, Master Bruce.
- Alfred.
Listen, we started this vigilante caper to prepare for Ra's' return, didn't we? But it's become so much bigger than that.
I see that now.
I mean, I was wrong and you were right.
You can make a difference.
I'm not the hero Gotham needs.
I made that decision the moment I killed Ra's al Ghul.
I took the dark path.
Yes, you did.
And it's gonna be a long, bumpy journey back.
But I believe in you, Master Bruce.
I always have, and I I always will.
Now, I understand that you don't feel worthy now.
But when you do, this this will be waiting for you.
As will I, sir.
(car horns honking) (rock music playing in distance) NYGMA: Those guys that attacked us didn't even have five bucks between 'em.
(scoffs) We need a new plan.
What? Truth.
Grundy friend know Grundy? You deserve to know.
You and I were the very best of friends.
And then something happened to you.
And I just didn't recognize you.
But what is important is that, with your muscles, we can make money.
And with money, we can make me smart again.
And then we'll figure out what happened to you.
Just trust me.
Okay? Grundy, come on.
("I Wanna Be Your Dog" by The Stooges playing) So messed up, I want you here (people shouting, whooping) In my room I want you here And now I wanna - Be your dog - Yeah, come on! Now I wanna Be your dog Now I wanna Be your dog (wrestler yelling) (shouts) What is this, a knitting circle? Let's see some blood! Hey, I'm looking for the person in charge here.
You're looking at her.
What do you want, squirt? Well, if there's money to be had, we'd like to put our hat in the ring.
(laughs) And who are you? I'm hey.
I'm this fine gentleman's manager.
Trust me, he's a monster.
Well, more grist for the mill.
CROWD: Seven, eight We'll get you patched up.
Then we'll talk.
Go get the doc.
All right, one, two, three.
Now I wanna Hey, Doc.
Cherry wants you to come look at some new guy.
THOMPKINS: I'll be right there.
Now I wanna Be your dog Well, come on