Gotham (2014) s04e06 Episode Script

Hog Day Afternoon

1 - Previously on "Gotham" - We will bust Penguin one day, I promise you.
Harvey, we cannot let this slide.
You find someone with the license, they walk.
Falcone, I need to know that you are not on some fool's errand to rebuild your father's empire.
An example needs to be made.
SOFIA: You may think you have everything, but there is one thing you don't have: the Falcone name.
GORDON: Was that your plan? Get close to Penguin.
Gain his confidence.
What then? NYGMA: I used to be smart, brilliant, and now that's gone.
MAN: Never seen nothing like him before.
(roaring) Who are you? MAN (on recording): Solomon Grundy.
You know Grundy? We're the very best of friends.
NYGMA: With your muscles, we can make money.
- We'd like to put our hat in the ring.
- Go get the doc.
(indistinct shouting) MAN: Come on! (grunting) (indistinct, overlapping shouting) (audience groaning) Hey! (audience cheering) (bones crack, man grunts) Good as new.
Lee Thompkins.
Oh my.
(laughing) Now, what is a girl like you doing in a place like this? I heard a rumor you were frozen.
Should've known it was too good to be true.
Oh, you're not still mad at me, are you? Mad at you for what? Killing Kristen Kringle? Or framing Jim for murder so he would be in prison when I lost our child? No.
I'm over all that.
Let's be friends.
I'm sensing sarcasm.
(pours drink) Just as sharp as ever.
Actually, funny that you mention that.
Good-bye, Ed.
- Wait.
- (groans) Holy hell.
Butch Gilzean? What have you done to him? Nothing, believe it or not.
And he goes by "Grundy" now.
Hey, why don't you hang over there, big fella? Make sure that wall doesn't wander off.
(growls): Mm.
I have no idea what happened to him, but he's freakishly strong, can't remember anything about his past life, and he seems to love me, so, big improvement.
But, I, on the other hand I'm, uh I'm really hoping to get back to who I was.
When I was on ice, my head got a little scrambled.
Why should I care? Okay, I came here with Grundy, gonna fight, make some money to get me smart again.
But you Dr.
Leslie Thompkins you can fix me.
You want me to fix you? Oh, you really are dumb.
Okay, okay.
You're here for some reason.
I don't pretend to know what that is, but if you help me, I will help you.
I know you're not really smart right now, so just try to understand this.
I will never help you.
- I was raised to be a gentleman.
- (thunder rumbles) SOFIA: But you're also practical.
We were seen at dinner, as we have been the past three nights.
All of Gotham knows you have the support of the Falcone family.
And I'm fairly certain no one's watching us now.
I (thunder rumbles) I just I just like to know where I stand.
This isn't easy for me.
To have someone I can trust.
A real friend.
You can trust me.
Let's have lunch tomorrow, just us.
Till then.
(door opens, rain falling) (door closes) Have a nice dinner? How long have you been here? Long enough.
It's time you tell me what you're planning.
This again? Ever since you've come to Gotham, all you've done is make Oswald stronger.
- (drink pouring) - It's time I know your end game.
And if I refuse? I'll put you on a train home.
I want to make you a promise.
In a matter of days, I'll have Cobblepot in the palm of my hand.
If I fail, I'll stay, I'll go, whatever you want.
(distant sirens, rolling thunder) Look, the count's good.
Oh, now, go on.
Get out of here.
- I'll see you next month.
- Yeah.
(growling) Someone down there? (low, rolling thunder) (door creaks open) (mewing) (chuckles) Freakin' cats.
(mewing) MALE VOICE: Oink.
What the? (indistinct radio chatter, siren blaring) Hey.
It really one of ours? Seems so.
He was in the uniform, but the killer took his badge.
No one recognizes him? Well, that part we have not figured out yet.
Let me show you.
(camera snapping) Good God.
Freaky, huh? Let's find out who this guy is.
(distant siren blaring) Here we go.
Dave Metzger.
You know him? Seen him around.
Not to speak ill of the dead, but he was a grade A bastard.
- He have enemies on the force? - No.
No cop would do this to another cop, but he was the candyman.
Penguin's bagman.
He was the one delivering payoffs to cops in the precinct.
- I mean, that-that's the rumor.
- Yeah.
So someone killed him to send a message.
(helicopter passing overhead) - Where you going? - To see Penguin.
Maybe he knows why someone wanted to kill his employee.
Don't go stirring the pot! Enjoy your lunch, Mr.
I need to talk to you.
If it takes less than three minutes, I'm all ears.
A cop was murdered last night.
Dave Metzger? A bagman on your payroll.
Oh, and you think I might know something.
Well, sadly, this is the first I'm hearing his name.
A general does not need to know every foot soldier.
You don't need to know him.
I think someone is trying to send you a message.
What sort of message? The killer placed a severed pig's head over Metzger's own.
Not a very clear message.
Could have all sorts of meanings.
Metzger may have been dirty, but he was still a cop.
Someone killed him and is using his death to make a point.
If that is in relation to you, I need to know.
(laughs) Jim, if someone had a problem with me, I would know about it, and I would deal with it.
I guess you're always one step ahead, Oswald.
It's why I'm alive.
But I would like to help.
- Mr.
Penn! - Right here, Mr.
Do we have anything that could assist Detective Gordon in doing his job? As a matter of fact, sir, a few days ago, Mr.
Wally Clarke applied for a burglary permit.
The Pork Barrel.
It's a butcher on Third Street.
They specialize in offering - the whole - Thanks for the lead.
Enjoy your lunch, Oswald.
- (sniffs) - Don't thank me, Jim.
Thank the licensing system you hate so much.
Now, be sure to let me know if I need to get more involved.
Till then, I'm rooting for you, Jim! (opera plays with man singing in foreign language) (man sings along with recording) (singing continues) (man on recording holding final note) (man on recording laughs) Ah, have a seat, Wally.
You know how much trouble you're in? Huh? You know what we do to cop killers? - Just told him, I didn't kill nobody, - (handcuffs tighten) specifically not no cop.
Oh, so you didn't lure Dave Metzger into that alley, split open his skull, and stick a pig's head on him?! (laughing): What?! Are you crazy? It's funny, because we searched the Dumpster behind your apartment.
Guess what we found.
BULLOCK: Whoa-ho! Look at that.
Porky don't have no head.
GORDON: What do you want to bet that head was on the dead cop we found? BULLOCK: Screw it! I have enough.
I don't need a confession.
I'm charging you with the murder of Dave Metzger! Wait! No.
It wasn't me.
It must have been the Prof.
Who? The Professor.
That's what I called him because he-he talked all fancy.
He was the one who got me to rob the butcher's.
We need a name, a description.
We did it all over the phone.
The whole deal.
I-I dropped the heads under the Midtown Bridge.
The money was there.
I never met the guy, never got no name.
What do you mean, "heads"? As in more than one? How many did this guy want? It was there was four.
You'd think he could've told me that he only needed the heads.
But, no, I had to drag 'em to my house, chop the heads Hey, shut up! You know what this means? Yeah.
It means there's three more victims out there.
How many bagmen did Penguin have on the GCPD? Wild guess, I'd say four.
The only one I knew was Metzger.
Yeah, well, the people who got paid by those bagmen, they'll know who they are.
They're not gonna talk.
We'll make 'em.
Hey! Don't leave me back here with this thing! Hey! (chains rattle) I found out She's not coming.
- What? - Sofia.
Your lunch date.
It's not a date.
She called.
She's not coming.
Did she say why? Something came up.
I don't know.
I wasn't listening.
- And I knew - And I knew (bread crunches) It's just gonna go to waste.
Only you I want you to follow her.
Find out who she's with.
You think she's two-timing you? She and I are not Lover boy (exhales) This lunch was her idea.
Now she cancels all of a sudden? I want to know why.
That's all.
So attentive Not like other guys Now, Victor! (cheering and applause) Today, we have ourselves a treat.
Our beloved Hammer will take on a new challenger.
Just in from Grundy come from swamp.
(audience laughs) CHERRY: Rules are simple.
Last man standing wins.
Besides that, anything goes! (cheering, whooping) (whoops loudly) WOMAN: Yeah! - Fight! - (cheering) - (grunting) - (crowd gasping) (shouts) (cheering) (laughs) What are you doing?! Fight! Grundy fight now? Yes! Now! (shouts) - (audience gasping) - (grunting) (audience cheering) (gasping, cheering) AUDIENCE: Grundy! Grundy! Grundy! Grundy! Grundy! Grundy! Grundy! Grundy! Grundy! NYGMA: Yes! Yes! Yes! Grundy Ed's best friend! (laughs) AUDIENCE: Grundy! Grundy! Grundy! Grundy! Looks like I got a new cash cow.
Take good care of him, Doc.
And clean up what's left of Hammer.
BULLOCK: We're not looking to bust nobody.
We just want the name of the bagman.
Who delivers Penguin's money? Don't know what you're talking about, man.
- Wish I could help.
- Oh, yeah? Hey, hey.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
I know a couple of other guys we can talk to who aren't such douche nozzles.
OFFICER: Seems like you should be looking for whoever killed Dave Metzger, instead of shaking down other cops.
We're trying to save other cops.
More lives are on the line here.
Or you're using a cop getting killed to go on a fishing expedition.
(sniffs) Smells like I.
to me.
(grunts) Hold on! Hey, hey! Just say you're not helping.
We get it, okay? Get off me.
BULLOCK: We're trying to stop cops from getting killed.
How can none of you nitwits see that? You're asking a cop to snitch on another cop.
It ain't gonna happen.
- (chuckles) - Fine.
We'll do it your way.
Yeah, yeah.
(groaning) Come on.
Geez! - (detective groans) - (whoops) - Gonna be a hot one today, huh? - Oh, yeah.
(grunts) It's got to be 90 out here.
A lot hotter in there.
Probably 100.
DETECTIVE: Let me out, you bastards! You know what, Jim, I think we forgot to get lunch.
Think we got time? I could go for a burger.
All right, Culpepper! We're gonna be back in a couple hours.
Bullock! Let me out! - (thumping) - I'm warning you! Bullock! Bullock? Bullock! Okay! (pounding) (panting) Chris Whitlock.
Makes deliveries for the West Side.
- But don't say I told you.
- Where can we find him? He's supposed to be in court all day.
BULLOCK: My contact on the South Side said their bagman's Jenny Butler.
Trying to reach her.
I just want to find this guy Whitlock, hope he gives us the last name.
Should be getting out of court soon.
You ever think you'd be running around, trying to save cops on Penguin's payroll? Bad cops.
They deserve to be prosecuted and stripped of their badges, not butchered.
(woman screaming) WOMAN: Call the police! (screaming) (indistinct police radio chatter) Hundred thousand people in a square mile, and, of course, nobody saw nothing.
Or is willing to admit it.
(siren wailing) Butler got off duty last night.
Not seen since she clocked out.
Whitlock was due in court at 9:00.
Never showed.
So, they were both abducted, taken somewhere, killed, then brought to pose in front of this building.
- Probably for us to find.
- That's a hell of a lot of work.
The killer believes his message is important.
What, that he's got to rid the city of dirty cops? Specifically, the ones who work for Penguin.
No wonder these guys look on edge.
Where are we on our fourth bagman? - We need an I.
- I'm working on it.
(saxophone playing nearby) (saxophone resumes playing) Good afternoon, sir.
Detective James Gordon.
You been playing here all morning? On and off, you know? Guy's got to take a break every now and then.
Yeah, sure.
You see anything? Anything out of the usual? Sorry, uh, Detective, I ain't seen nothing since the war.
- Right.
- Right.
- All right.
Have a good one.
- Yeah.
(keys jangle) (clicks tongue) Aw, man.
Aw, man.
Really? Let's try this again.
Did you see anything? An old van.
"Filippelli Plumbing" on the side.
Parked up the street a good part of the morning.
Guy just sitting there.
Guy? What'd he look like? White dude.
Didn't see his face.
I took a break.
I came back.
The van was gone.
All right, thanks.
Keep the tip.
(stapling) What happened to you, Butch? Grundy.
Look at your hand.
It grew back.
How is that even possible? Look at this.
It's not even blood.
It's like swamp water.
Grundy from swamp.
I heard.
You know, you don't even have a heartbeat.
But you seem to be doing okay.
You know, Ed is not your friend.
He's just using you.
Ed Grundy friend.
Ed Grundy best friend.
He just wants you to fight so he can make money and make his brain better again.
Once he doesn't need you anymore, he's just gonna discard you or kill you.
If that's even possible.
Do you understand? Ed Grundy best friend.
NYGMA: That's right.
Best buddies.
- (grunting) - Ow.
Not to mention, your boss' biggest new attraction.
Smells like we're sticking around for a while.
Unless, of course, you were to fix the broken connection in this noodle, then we wouldn't have to stick around.
We'd be - Gone? That's the word you're looking for? - Yes, thank you.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
And, of course, I'd pay you.
(sighs) I'm patching up Grundy as long as Cherry tells me to.
That's it.
Keep your money.
CHERRY: How's my best new fighter? He gonna be ready to go again tonight, Doc? Yeah, sure.
I got to step out for a while.
I'll be back.
Just make sure you're here.
We got a deal, you know? Yeah.
I know.
(door opens) (door shuts) Hi, everyone.
I'm sorry to have kept you waiting.
I'll be right with you, okay? (woman coughing) All right, you can come on in.
Okay, have a seat right there.
I'll help you up.
One, two, three, up.
(quietly): All right.
THOMPKINS: Let's have a listen.
(chuckling) (camera shutter clicks) (clicking) Sofia Falcone.
What are you doing? - (ship's horn blowing) - BULLOCK: Yeah.
All right.
That was the mayor's office.
Press has gotten wind.
Things are gonna heat up fast.
Then we catch him fast.
All the cops who haven't called in.
So, their precincts are already looking for them, but I say we take this list to Penguin, - have him point to a name.
- No need.
Nakajima's the bagman.
How do you know? Peterson and Messengale are both hard-core Bible-thumpers.
That leaves three.
And I've heard Nakajima's dirty.
Units are already on the way to his apartment, same as the others.
I say we retrace his beat.
Concentrate our resources.
Jim, hold on.
Doesn't something about this feel weird to you? Whoever set the trap for Metzger knew where he'd be.
And the killer also knew Butler and Whitlock's schedules.
Are you saying it's one of our own? Someone who's fed up with the corruption, decided to make a stand.
But to kill them, - display their bodies that way - I know, brother, but it's something we at least have to consider.
Which means anything that we say out there (knocking) Got a lead on the plumbing van your blind man saw.
Spotted near the abandoned dairy on Commerce.
Should I get the Strike Force? No, Gordon and I'll cover it.
If we need backup, I'll give you a call.
And until then, don't say a word.
And that's an order.
You got it? Let's go.
Come on.
(engine turns off) (slow footsteps approaching) (hinges squeaking) (panting) Oink, oink little piggy.
(man roaring) (roaring continues, crowd shouting) (roars) (indistinct shouts) (growling) (grunting) (strained grunting) (crowd shouting) (groaning) (cheering, whistling) Our new champion! (cheering, shouting, whooping) CROWD (chanting): Grundy! Grundy! Grundy! Grundy! Grundy! ZSASZ: So, it turns out Sofia broke her date with you It was not a date! to have lunch with the mayor.
They went to Angelo's.
She had the lobster ravioli; he had the tagliatelle.
After they parted ways, Sofia went to the old Gotham Heritage Hotel.
I don't understand that place has been vacant for years.
If I may? A couple months ago, I'd gotten word a secret buyer had purchased the hotel at six percent over asking.
I think it's safe to assume that buyer was Ms.
But why? ZSASZ: When she got there, she met with this clown.
The zoning commissioner.
She'd have to have had his approval for the wall and gate she built.
(chuckles quietly) She's making alliances with politicians, building a fortress.
All the while she's pretending to be my friend she's been planning a war.
(whimpers) (exhales) (takes deep breath) Victor, we will be having a chat with Ms.
Just so we're clear is this a chat-chat or a shovel-in-the-trunk kind of chat? Get the shovel.
(door opens) (indistinct chatter) Mmm, mmm.
I think I should rent an apartment with all this money we're making.
Do you have any openings in your building? You know, Ed, what you should be doing with your winnings is finding yourself a neurologist, which I am not.
It has to be you.
You know me, Lee.
You know what this coconut's truly capable of.
Which is why my answer is no.
I know about your clinic.
I'm guessing that Cherry lets you keep that as long as you work these fights.
That's the deal that you have, right? So? So I'm guessing that that means something to you, which makes you vulnerable to to, um to, um Blackmail? - Yes.
- Threats? Yes, both of those.
All right, so, let's hear it.
What's your brilliant scheme? - What? - You said you wanted to force me to help you.
So what is your threat? Hit me.
If you don't help me, I am going to do something to that - clinic.
- (sputtering laugh) - Oh, my God, you really aren't smart.
- Oh! (huffs) (train whistle blowing in distance) (door closes) (whispers): Jim.
(muffled grunting) BULLOCK: Nakajima? Hang tight, buddy, we're gonna get you out of here.
(grunting, gasping) (grunting) Grenade! Run! Harvey? Harvey? Detective James Gordon.
I hope you don't mind if I say I'm tickled pink to meet you! I would shake your hand if it were possible.
I'm a big fan.
Big, big fan.
My biggest fan is a pig.
Tell me where Harvey Bullock is.
(groans): Oh.
That dirty pig.
Why do you waste your time with him? He's holding you back.
Or can you not see that? Oh.
Never you fret.
He's still alive.
For the time being, anyway.
But you, Detective, you you are safe as safe can be.
You a cop? (laughing, snorting) What? What makes you think that? The things you knew the routes and schedules of the cops you killed.
If I were a policeman, you could what? Reason with me? Hmm? Appeal to what we have in common? (chuckles) Well, Jim may I call you Jim? Jim, that's exactly what I was going to do.
We have nothing in common.
I beg to differ, mon frère.
You and I both see all too well the corruption, the filth inside the GCPD.
You and I know that Gotham cannot survive unless the cancer is cut out.
We both share the same mission.
Only I do it with a little bit more flair.
Killing Penguin's bagmen won't change anything.
But it will for them.
It will quite a bit.
But in the larger scope, you're right.
Which is why it doesn't stop there.
Not until I've butchered every single swine on Penguin's payroll.
That could be half the department.
I never said it would be pretty.
Oh, it's the same old story.
No one wants to see how the sausage is made, but once it is made (chomping) Mmm.
Isn't it delicious? Bite? You're delusional.
You're not doing this for Gotham, you're doing it for your own demented reasons.
My reasons are as real as they come, Jim.
I have suffered profound loss at the hands of the greedy pigs in power.
Then tell me.
Let me help make it right without all this.
BULLOCK: Jim! Oops.
Got to go.
BULLOCK: Jim, where are you?! Never you fear, Detective.
You and I, we'll meet anon.
Don't you touch him! Harvey! BULLOCK: Jim! Backup's coming! Harvey! You heard Gordon, you freak.
Backup's on the way.
You got one chance to run.
Lies from a liar.
They would have been here by now.
Besides, we both know, Captain Bullock, - you deserve this.
- (Gordon screams) (groans) GORDON: Harvey! Ooh, I do hate to cut and run.
(Bullock grunts) - Oopsy-daisy.
- Hold on, partner.
(choking) Hold on, buddy.
Hold on.
You're gonna be all right.
- Jim.
- You're gonna be all right.
- I promise you.
- (approaching sirens wailing) You're gonna be all right.
Hold on.
Hold on, buddy.
- Hold on, pal.
- (sirens wailing) (coughing) I can't miss any more work.
- They'll fire me.
- It's okay.
I'm gonna put you on strong antibiotics, okay? (woman coughs) Come on.
(baby crying) Oswald.
I didn't know you were coming over.
I thought I'd surprise you.
I'm sorry I had to cancel our lunch yesterday.
It was unavoidable.
You have to let me make it up to you.
How about now? I was actually on my way out.
Where to? This is going to sound strange, but I can't tell you.
Not yet.
I-I want it to be a surprise.
The thing is cat's out of the bag.
I don't understand.
I know what you're doing! The old Heritage Hotel.
The fortress from which you're going to attack me.
What? No.
Oh, so you weren't pretending to be my friend while building your power base? (laughing) I should have known.
But, you know, your father's blood definitely runs through your veins.
Luckily, not for long.
Oswald, you're making a mistake.
I'm your friend.
We'll see, won't we? Now, let's go see what you're building.
I can't wait! (indistinct chatter) Barkeep, another grasshopper.
Those won't help.
- All right, give me your money.
- What? The money you made well, that he made give it to me.
I don't make any promises, but I'll see what I can do.
I just got to know.
Why did you change your mind? Is it my charisma? Close.
You asked what I was doing in a place like this.
I don't want to be here.
I don't want to be anywhere near Gotham.
I left.
But I couldn't stay away because of the Tetch virus.
It hit the Narrows harder than anywhere else.
So? So? It was my fault.
Jim tried to stop the virus and I didn't let him.
I was infected, but nonetheless, I was there.
I don't have a choice.
I have to be here.
If you wanted to blackmail me, by the way, what you should have done was taken advantage of Grundy being popular, threatened to take him away, and then Cherry, afraid of losing her star, would have forced me to help you.
Come by the clinic tomorrow.
We'll get started.
Hi, pretty lady.
Ed's gonna be smart again.
Ed's gonna be smart? Ed's gonna be very smart.
It's okay, Charlie.
I want you to know I forgive you.
(children yelling and laughing) ZSASZ: Uh, boss.
OSWALD: What is this? What's happening? (chuckles) Kids.
You started an orphanage? I wanted to surprise you next week when everything was finished.
I - I - WOMAN: Children.
Back inside, please! Oswald, I want you to know I understand the pressure you face.
Your very survival depends on seeing everyone as a potential threat.
And I watched my father bear that weight for years.
I don't want you to end up like him.
Sofia, please forgive me.
How can I? (chuckles) When I've already forgiven you? But you do owe me one thing.
How do you feel about mac and cheese? I love it.
(train whistle blows) (monitor beeping rhythmically) GORDON: Hey.
(exhaling): You gave me quite the scare back there.
How are you feeling? I've had better days.
Doc says you're gonna be okay.
That shows what he knows.
Pyg? Son of a bitch.
He could have killed me, but he cut me just deep enough to make you choose to go after him or save my worthless hide.
It wasn't a choice.
Either way, I owe you.
So pay it back now.
Tell me the truth.
How long you been taking money from Penguin? You knew Metzger was the bagman.
You knew Nakajima was dirty.
The Pyg says all this stuff about you deserving to be killed.
I don't know why I didn't see it before.
Maybe I didn't want to.
I just need to know how long.
We talking years? No.
Just since this license crap started.
The commissioner ordered us to comply.
Then Metzger started showing up with these envelopes stuffed full of cash.
I didn't do nothing I wouldn't have done anyway.
You got to understand, Jim.
The bills I got, the debts I got.
It stops.
It stops now.
(sniffles) TV REPORTER: has the city on high alert.
Gotham finds itself gripped by terror at the hands of a ritualistic cop killer, being called Professor Pyg.
He is still at large after evading the police.
The GCPD are urging people to remain calm and to report any suspicious activity to GCPD's Central Command.
(crickets chirping) PYG: Two mother pigs lived in a pen.
They each had four piglets.
And that made ten.
All the piglets loved to play.
And they rolled and they rolled in the mud, all day.
At night, with their mothers, crawled up in a heap, they screamed and they screamed until they went to sleep.
And sleep well for tomorrow the axe shall fall.