Gotham (2014) s04e12 Episode Script

Pieces of a Broken Mirror

1 Previously on "Gotham" GORDON: I'm assuming the captaincy of Gotham Central.
BULLOCK: You just better hope you can pay up when your bill's due.
And it'll come due.
ALFRED: Let me know how I can help you.
BRUCE: Stop trying to be my father.
(BOTH GRUNTING) Master Bruce, I'm so sorry.
Alfred, you're fired.
This is your turf now.
(CHEERING) You're new leader of the Narrows.
I am in control! (LAUGHING) You're in love with Lee Thompkins, you pathetic loser.
Shut up! Where are they? OWNER: That's powerful stuff.
It can get in your DNA.
TABITHA: You're gonna remember me, Butch.
I'm sorry.
I tried.
What the hell happened to me? (GUNSHOT) GORDON: It was you.
You sent this monster to my city.
BULLOCK: Heard you got the Pyg.
Turned out well.
You didn't even need me.
They, uh they believe in you.
Don't let 'em down.
How can I help you, Captain Gordon? I assure you this is a respectable establishment.
I'm not here to shut you down.
- I'm looking for someone.
- We are trusted for our discretion.
Was he here? Who did he spend the night with? He specifically requested Tallulah and Pip.
That's him.
That's Bullock.
If he comes back, please tell him to call me.
(TRAIN RATTLING ON TRACKS) (CAR ALARM BLARING) (LOCK RATTLING) It was an old Chinese guy's place, filled with rare drugs and stuff.
He split town.
The place is empty now.
Where are the drugs? You said there'd be drugs.
Holy crap.
What the? Don't touch it, dude.
You just woke it up.
(SQUISHING) MAN: Hey, Tiffany.
Who's the stiff at the counter? New customer.
Nice guy, polite.
Leave him alone, okay? Hey, new guy.
Do I know you? ALFRED: No, mate.
Most definitely not.
Not from around here, huh? And what gave you that idea? Here you are, miss.
Thank you very much.
Keep the change.
That stiff's shoes are worth more than my car.
(DOOR OPENS, BELLS JINGLE) (DOOR CLOSES) THOMPKINS: I understand times are tough.
I understand.
You need to make a living.
But it's time to stop punishing each other for the situation the city has put you in.
Instead of stealing from those hurting as much as you, this community needs to start protecting one another.
We do what we do to survive.
- Yeah! - Quiet down.
And is that all you want? All of you? Just to survive every day? One day at a time? Listen, Doc, down here, it's every man for himself.
That's the way it's always been.
(MURMURING IN ASSENT) How many of you have kids? I've been running a clinic down here for the last nine months.
And I have been treating your kids for things like TB, hepatitis, pertussis, pneumonia diseases that don't belong in a modern city.
But there are no functioning hospitals down here.
And the doctors are too afraid to visit.
You're not stealing from the rich.
You're stealing from each other.
You are fighting each other.
And you are living in a prison of your own construction.
Well, hello, beautiful.
What's your name? Ivy.
My name was Ivy.
Well, Ivy, what's a nice girl like you doing in a place like this? (YELLING) (CHOKING) Shh Huh.
That's a hell of a thing.
Let's go.
(DOOR CLOSES) Extraordinary.
MAN: Hey.
Little lord fuddy-duddy.
- It's Fauntleroy.
- What? Little Lord Fauntleroy by Frances Hodgson Burnett.
- A tad saccharin for my tastes but - Shut up.
Wallet, watch, jewelry.
Absolutely not.
I mean, you're a big man, but you're out of shape.
And what? You're what? You're three beers in already? (GRUNTING) That's enough! Get out of here.
Not who I was expecting to see here.
Is Bruce with you? No.
What are you doing here? Well it's not too bad down here, really.
I mean, you can rent a lovely space, for what? Next to nothing, if you root around and you're patient.
You live here? Nearby.
It's a long story.
Give me the chance to prove to you that I can turn the Narrows into a place where you don't have to steal from one another to live.
(ALL CHEERING) Yeah! Yeah.
Let's go.
Come on.
Go, go, go, go.
(COUGHING) All right, everyone, move away from the building! - (SIREN WAILING) - GORDON: There's your mom.
Go ahead.
- Mommy! - WOMAN: Oh! - That's the last one.
Building's clear.
- Thank you.
- Oxygen, please.
- Over here, over here.
GORDON: Listen up.
We need to set up a perimeter.
Then start interviewing witnesses.
Let's go.
ALFRED: Well, they seem on it.
Appears like you've turned around the GCPD, Captain Gordon.
Quite a mess.
Thought you might need help.
Thank you.
We need to find the source of the blast.
Alfred, I do want to talk to you, but I have to deal with this first.
Well, you have my number.
Call me.
All right.
Let's go.
GORDON: I'll ask you one more time.
Why were you here? It was a wine and cheese mixer.
(CHUCKLES) Laugh all you want.
They were trying to kill you.
This is the Narrows, bud.
That's every day around here.
MAN: Yeah, just another beautiful day in the Narrows, Captain.
Get him out of here.
What you got? Well, seems like a piece of a toy plane, and yet, if I'm not mistaken, it's covered in plastic explosive residue.
There's also the remnants of what seem like a trigger wire.
Whoever built it takes pride in their work and has considerable talent, historical knowledge even.
Look at the detail.
Pretty elaborate.
I can think of easier ways to kill a room full of criminals than with a toy plane.
Perhaps it was intended to fly to someone specific and not destroy the whole room.
Like an assassination attempt? If so, who was the target? NYGMA: Whoever this was needs to be made an example of.
I mean, can't they tell you were trying to help? - Maybe it wasn't one of them.
- Oh, of course it was.
I just think that maybe the best thing for the Narrows is to burn it to the ground, start over.
Well, that would certainly suit everyone, wouldn't it? I'm just saying, someone tried to blow you to bits, and I bet they're gonna try it again.
So I'm gonna find them, and when I do, (DOOR CLOSES) Grundy's gonna pull 'em apart, limb by limb.
Isn't that right, big fella? Hey, Grundy? You okay? Okay.
(GUNSHOT) Butch Gilzean.
- MAN: There he is.
- (APPLAUSE) That was so brave, sir.
It's Alfred, please.
It's the good stuff.
Our manager hides it in his drawer.
- Thank you.
- On the house.
Uh What you did out there running into a burning building well, I wouldn't have done it.
No hard feelings, eh? No.
Good man.
MAN: Cheers.
What happened there? Uh, I fell.
No big deal.
(TIRES SCREECH) (TRAIN HORN BLOWS) There are a few places in the city that collect and sell antique toys, but only this one also manufactures its own.
(DOOR CHIMES) (HORSE NEIGHS) (MECHANICAL LAUGHTER) Um, can I help you gentlemen? Yes.
We were wondering if you recognized this plane.
One of yours? - Where did you find it? - Yours or not? It's a pine and lead 1944 Mustang replica.
We have these, yes, but it's been altered.
To carry a bomb, yeah.
How many people work here? - Uh, just me and my father.
- And where is he? Upstairs.
Go get him.
Got a hunch you'd like to share? No, just a bad feeling.
(RHYTHMIC CLINKING) - Of course, I'd happily be wrong.
- Yeah.
Who buys these things? I'm not sure any of it's for sale.
I don't see price tags on anything.
Any word from Harvey? Not yet.
Think he'll return to the GCPD? - (WHIRRING) - To be honest, - I'm not sure.
- Um Gordon, get down! MALE VOICE: Seek and destroy.
Seek and destroy.
Seek and destroy.
Seek and destroy.
Seek and destroy.
LUCIUS: You have got to be kidding me.
Seek and destr MAN: Wait, wait, no, no, wait, wait, you got to let him go, please.
- He's my father.
- (TIRES SQUEALING) I can't let you hurt him.
I swear to God, I had no idea what my father was up to.
- (CUCKOO CLOCK BIRD SOUNDING) - There's a machine gun built into the wooden hand of this nutcracker here.
Excuse me if I find that hard to believe.
I didn't know, okay? My father he hates to be disturbed.
He also built a bomb that almost blew up a building this morning.
We need to know why.
- Who was the target? - I don't know.
LUCIUS: Has anyone suspicious been here recently, asking for specialty toys? No.
No one comes in here.
This is just his workshop.
He mostly works at night.
He, he boxes the things he makes and ships them.
What? Like, three days ago, I-I thought I heard him talking to someone behind his door.
His voice was low, like he didn't want me to hear him.
- Did you hear a name? - I heard my father repeat something, like-like he was confirming a name.
He said, "The Doc.
" The Doc? Who's that? I have no idea.
(SIREN WAILING) Hey, can you deal with this? I'm gonna talk to somebody who might know who The Doc is.
(PHONE RINGING) (PHONE BEEPS OFF) We have the son in the back.
- Father's on the run.
- (ENGINE STARTS) This place is killing you.
- (CAR HORN HONKS) - WOMAN: Honey, the taxi is here.
(MAN AND WOMAN SPEAKING INDISTINCTLY) Come on, let's go, let's go.
(ENGINE STARTS, CAB DOORS CLOSE) WOMAN (ON TV): freeway, the truck overturned, spilling its load of gasoline into Gotham's Nature Park.
The GCPD is warning all citizens to remain clear of the MAN: causing gas to leak into the water supply, which then ignited, setting fire to the resident's kitchen, which set off a 24-acre blaze.
- Wayne Enterprises can't - (UPBEAT MUSIC PLAYS ON TV) BARBARA: Now there's no reason to ever be alone in this city again.
The Sirens club is back with a passion.
TABITHA: Ladies drink for free whilst men don't.
You'll like it.
It's nice.
I know you.
All of you.
And I'm pretty sure I hated you.
(LAUGHING) You're funny, Alfred.
I honestly haven't laughed this much in a very long time.
I'm glad I'm able to amuse you, Miss Gale.
- (LAUGHS) Your accent I love it.
- (DOG BARKING) - Where are you from? - A charming place called Whitechapel in the East End of London.
Go back often? No.
Sadly, no.
Well, perhaps you should.
Why did you leave? Well, I was in the military.
I was very proud to serve my country.
Not so proud of some of the things we have to do, though.
And when I left, I found myself, um lost.
- You know, it was a tough transition.
- Mm.
Then I met this man.
He changed my life brought me to America, gave me a job.
And where is that man now? He's dead.
And I miss him.
I miss him very much.
(VEHICLE APPROACHING) (HORN HONKS, TIRES SQUEAL) Is that your boyfriend? - (TRUCK DOOR CLOSES) - Hey, you didn't call me back.
I was heading to the diner to pick you up.
Uh, that wasn't necessary.
Alfred was kind enough to walk me home.
Thank you, sir.
I hate to think of Tiff alone on these streets after dark.
(SCOFFS) (SCREAMS) (DOG WHIMPERS) Drop the act, sunshine.
I've seen her face! That was your idea, was it? Wear her hair down, cover the bruising? (LAUGHING): Oh, my, what a little tattletale she's been.
- What am I to do with her? - TIFFANY: Stop it! Don't make things worse.
- I can handle it! - (CLINKS) Listen to me.
Listen to me.
You stay away from him.
He's dangerous.
Let me walk you home.
I'll be fine.
Oh, Tiffany, what did I tell you about talking to strange men? It's time to go.
We have so much to discuss.
(ROONEY SIGHS) You be careful.
(TIRES SCREECHING) (DOG WHINES) (SIGHS) There was a fatality at the bomb site.
Young man found in a room below the impact site.
And, well, perhaps I should just show you.
- Of course.
- Yeah.
(CLEARS THROAT) The cause of death was ingested poison.
See the discoloration around the mouth? LUCIUS: So the poison entered directly into the bloodstream.
But, see, that's not what's unusual.
There seems to be something emanating from within the victim's body.
The time of death was several hours ago, but this foreign organic material is not only alive, but growing.
- LUCIUS: Seems like moss.
- CORONER: Toxicodendron radicans.
Poison ivy? It's microscopic at first, but multiplying, growing, living off the victim's dead tissue.
(WHISPERS): Fascinating.
("A FIFTH OF BEETHOVEN" PLAYING) BARBARA: So, the commercial worked.
- We're back and busier than ever.
- Good.
'Cause that's the last time you're getting me on camera.
Who's that? TABITHA: Who's who? (GLASS SHATTERS) (GROANS) Selina.
Will you tell those brats over there to keep it down? SELINA: Why me? Because you're a partner now, and also, the one paying is a friend of yours.
What's up? Champagne? - No.
- Why? They don't card you here and even if they did (WHISPERS): this is Gotham.
By "they," you mean me.
This is my place, too.
Really? Yeah.
So, you want to tell your little brat pack here to reel it in a little? Or should I call your keeper? Go ahead, call Alfred.
He won't answer.
Why? 'Cause I fired him.
It was time to move on, you know what I'm saying? (SCOFFS): Oh.
You sure about that? - I'm not buying it.
- Not buying what? This.
Firing Alfred? What are you trying to prove? - MAN: Man, I saw her first! - MAN 2: The lady was speaking with me.
Hey, hey.
(GRUNTS) Silly boys.
I'm really not sure what got into them.
You should leave.
Well, that's awfully rude.
But you always were.
Who is that woman? She seems to know you.
Who cares? Redheads.
They're all crazy, am I right? Ivy.
(LIVELY DANCE MUSIC PLAYING) I like what you've done with the place.
Thank you.
Though it was hardly a challenge after what that crazy bird passed for as taste.
What brings you here, my love? Actually, you know, I'm so proud to say that I seem to maintain a very good relationship with all my exes.
- You - Leave me off that list.
What can I do you for, Jimmy? The Doc.
You know him? Oh The Doc.
I believe he was the target of an assassination attempt - in the Narrows this morning.
- Do you, now? And you want to protect The Doc? I want to know who wanted to kill him and why.
You know him or not? Oh, I know The Doc.
Dangerous character.
Someone like that, you might want to shoot first, then ask questions later.
Something you're good at.
- Where is he? - With Ed Nygma.
They're partners.
- Where? - The Narrows, place called Cherry's.
Careful, Jim.
Sometimes we search for things we don't wish to find.
(PHONE RINGS) Harper, what's up? I'm at a murder scene in the Narrows.
I'm busy.
Can you handle it? You're gonna want to check this out in person.
I have the suspect in custody.
Alfred Pennyworth.
HARPER: Beaten to death.
Local girl.
Garbage collectors found her about an hour ago.
She lived with her boyfriend, who was at work all night.
He told us that him and Pennyworth got into it earlier.
Says that he was trying to keep him separate from his girlfriend.
Says that he made advances towards the victim.
According to him, Pennyworth got rough.
Rough? - That doesn't sound like him.
- Come on.
You and I both have seen Alfred lose his temper.
There's more.
This was found next to the body.
It's an SAS signet ring.
Impressions of it on the victim's face.
My God.
Give us a minute.
Is this yours? Yes, but I-I - You hit this girl? - No.
How can you even ask that? It was the boyfriend.
I mean, he beat her before, now he's gone and bloody killed her.
- He says you were fighting with him.
- Because he beat her! - I swear, he's a liar.
- All right, calm down.
You're in enough trouble as it is.
The last thing you need to do is lose your temper.
Who was this girl to you? She was a friend.
Just a friend.
What, you just met her? Well, I know you find this hard to believe, Gordon, but we connected.
She was a beautiful, kind soul.
Her murderer's name is Rooney, right? - Gil Rooney.
- He has an alibi.
I swear to God, I am I'm gonna kill that son of a bitch.
Calm down.
Take a breath.
Go with Harper to the precinct, make a statement, and I'll find you later, yeah? And you're gonna arrest Rooney as well, yeah? - He will make a statement, yes.
- HARPER: Cap? Got a witness who saw Pennyworth and the boyfriend getting into it.
- She saw the whole thing.
- All right.
Take Alfred back to the precinct.
I'll come by after my last stop.
Where is he? Damn it.
Butch? Oh, my God, it worked.
It hurt, I'll tell you that.
What happened to you? And who turned you into this thing? I don't remember much.
I remember Barbara shooting me in the head.
Something in that swamp brought me back.
I'm a monster.
(EXHALES) (SETS GUN ONTO TABLE) I came here be Butch, tell me.
I came here because the one thing that is still very clear in this thick head of mine is my feelings for you.
(SOFTLY): I still love you, Tabby.
Good-bye, Tabby.
- Thank you for waiting! - (CROWD CHEERING) It's worth it.
You'll see.
Believe in her passion and your champion she'll be.
Bombs can't stop her! Nor bullets, too! 'Cause she's here to speak out and fight for you! CROWD: Yeah! Ready to battle? - Ready to rock? - Yeah! People of the Narrows, here's The Doc! (INDISTINCT SHOUTS) CROWD (CHANTING): Doc! Doc! Doc! Doc! Doc! Doc! Doc! Doc! Doc! Doc! Doc! Doc! Doc! Doc! Doc! Doc! Doc! (CHANTING): Doc! Doc! Doc! Doc! Doc! Doc! This morning someone tried to kill me.
MAN: What? Maybe it was someone from the outside.
- Maybe it was one of you.
- WOMAN: No, no way.
You know what, I don't know, and I don't care.
But what I do know is that someone did not like what I was saying.
Now, why would the idea of a united Narrows scare people? I'll tell you why! Because a united Narrows is a strong Narrows.
- (CHEERING) - And guess what.
CROWD: What? They should be scared.
CROWD: Yeah! Magnificent, isn't she? - It's been forever, right? - I should bust you right now.
Oh, come on, Jim, don't be grumpy.
Your ex has my full support.
She's really gonna change things around here.
Someone hired Griffin Krank to kill her this morning.
You really think they won't do it again? - Krank? - A toymaker, - but also an assassin.
- (LAUGHS) That is so Gotham.
THOMPKINS: Because together, we have the power to change our lives.
(CHEERING) Yeah! Imagine a hospital.
- Imagine schools.
- (CROWD MURMURING) - Imagine these slums torn down! - (CHEERING) The children deserve better.
Your children deserve life! (CHEERING) Yeah! (CHANTING): Doc! Doc! Doc! Jim.
I'd like to think of that as a sign of respect, not just a lack of imagination.
How long you been back? A while.
I wished you would have contacted me.
I've been busy.
I can see that.
You look great.
You look the same.
Are you here to arrest someone? Me? I'm here because someone wants you dead.
The assassin's still on the loose, as is the person who hired him.
You're not safe.
It's Gotham.
Is anyone ever safe? So you're partners with Ed, huh? Why? I'm right here.
Why not? Wouldn't have been my first choice, but the universe has funny ways.
Still here.
I'll see you around, Jim.
I'm gonna take a look around.
That's Oh, boy.
(GRUNTS) I've been trying to get to you.
(PANTING) You shouldn't be here, you're a wanted man.
Better stay cool, Limey.
I've got friends here.
- (GRUNTS) - That was for Tiffany.
- And that was for me.
- Help me! (GRUNTS) This man killed my girlfriend.
He's a maniac.
(GRUNTING) Ah, you're making this too easy.
I'll tell the cops this was self-defense.
(GROANING) Sorry it took me so long.
I was in the john.
I liked you better when you were making tea.
Harvey, what the bloody hell are you doing here? I work here.
Don't say it like that; this place has history.
I love bartending; it involves two of my favorite things: drinking and ignoring people.
Who are these jokers? (GRUNTS) He's a bloody murderer.
Then call a cop; I'm a bartender.
He's the murderer.
- I have an alibi.
- BULLOCK: Oh, yeah? Let me guess: one of these guys is your alibi? - What do you say now, pal? - No.
I'm not an alibi.
I'll call it in.
You suck at following people, by the way.
Ivy? In the flesh.
Just different flesh.
What happened to you? Something wonderful.
(CHOKING) Can you feel that? Coursing through your veins? It's my essence.
(CHOKING) Is your head swimming? Your mouth drying up? It lives within me now this power.
It'll counteract the toxin.
It took me a few tries, but it'll work.
(COUGHS) (PANTING) See? You have to trust me.
You've gone crazy.
No, I haven't.
I've been reborn.
And I will never be underestimated or ignored ever again.
You always looked after me, Selina.
Now, let me help you.
Let's make Gotham our bitch.
Please don't hurt me.
Why would I do that? - But you tried to kill Lee.
- Yeah.
Because you paid me to.
What? You paid me good money to kill The Doc.
Used your alias: The Riddler.
(LAUGHING) You want me to finish the job or not? I came to you? Paid in cash.
Said The Doc was holding you back.
She has to die, or you can't be free.
- Oh, God.
- I put myself at great risk for you.
Cops came to my workshop; I can't go back there.
- My son - Let go of him! Get down, Ed! What the hell were you thinking, going after him alone? Well, clearly I wasn't thinking.
Did he say anything about who hired him? Uh, it was him, uh, all him.
He was a lone wolf, that's what he said.
He-he was, he was afraid of what Lee was gonna do to the Narrows.
Are you sure? His son said he was talking to somebody on the phone about The Doc.
Yeah, he-he said, he said that he was calling around, trying to get support, but no one would help him, so he went it alone.
Crazy loon.
He told you all that? Obviously, I'm not much of a threat.
I'm so lucky that you came out here, Jim.
I don't know what I would have done if This is Captain Gordon.
I have a suspect down, outside Cherry's Place on State Street in the Narrows.
Send all available units.
Nice job, Ed, I guess.
I'm back.
Of all the beer halls in the city, huh? Who was it that that jerk killed? (DOOR CLOSING) A lady.
A very beautiful, kind, nice lady.
Then I drink to her.
(ENGINE STARTS) - (SIREN WAILING) - Heard the call on the radio.
Don't worry, we'll get him to talk.
How you been? Awesome.
I missed you.
Is that so? Well, I haven't missed you.
I haven't missed begging you not to do something just to watch you go ahead and do it anyway.
Haven't missed watching you bang Falcone's daughter while she uses you to get rid of Penguin.
Something's eating at you, Jim.
I don't know what it is, but you're no good at keeping secrets.
And you're not gonna feel clean until you get it off your chest.
(LAUGHS) You didn't come down here because you miss me as a cop.
You came here to confess.
You want me to be your priest.
Well, sorry, pal, I'm not interested.
So hit the bricks.
Take that with you.