Gotham (2014) s05e01 Episode Script

Year Zero

1 Previously on Gotham RA'S AL GHUL: I saw a vision of a cataclysmic event.
(gunshot) BRUCE: We will create a legacy in this city.
I think you could be so strong.
He sees it, too.
BULLOCK: Jeremiah escaped.
He's got Bruce.
JEROME: I have bombs planted around the city.
I know seeing is believing, and I do want you to believe me, so HARLAN: Now, the governor's declared the city off-limits until the situation can be evaluated.
In two hours, this city's gonna be a battleground.
Well, I'm not leaving.
RA'S AL GHUL: Gotham is soon to be each man for himself, a more savage place.
- (grunts) - What should I do with you? OSWALD: You took away the one person I loved, so I took the one person you love.
Out of this crucible of blood will rise the dark knight that your city needs.
Gotham falls.
We rise.
(horns honking) (sirens wailing) - We'll meet again - (gunshots) Don't know where Don't know when But I know we'll meet again Some sunny day (record skips, music stops) (sirens wailing) Fire on my command! (guns clicking) For Gotham.
MAN (over radio): Listen, Gordon.
Your people decided to ignore evacuation orders GORDON: No, no, no, no, no.
It is clear you don't understand.
MAN: What's to understand, Mr.
Gordon? I'm afraid you are not making your GORDON: For the last time, after the bridges blew and the government declared Gotham off-limits, the city was up for grabs.
Given over to criminals and murderers.
Now, territory is controlled by whoever has enough power to hold it.
(scoffs) I mean, we have Penguin in City Hall, for God's sakes.
He raided the armory and stockpiled weapons, then repurposed a factory to manufacture ammunition.
(gunshot) It's made him unassailable.
Barbara and the Sirens control an area around their club.
It's the only place in Gotham not suffering for food, or booze.
Barbara trades mainly in information.
Just be gone by midnight.
It's women only, but men can buy windows of time.
It's two minutes past pumpkin time, sweetheart.
- Wait.
- GORDON: Word is (grunting) she enforces her rule with an iron hand.
To the west is Jonathan Crane, the Scarecrow.
(grunting and groaning) (growls) (man whimpering, pleading indistinctly) (all cheering) (screaming) Victor Fries is further north and warring with Firefly.
And to date, there have been no confirmed sightings of Jeremiah Valeska.
Then there's us.
GCPD controls a ten-block area around the precinct, where we feed and protect 150 civilians.
That number could grow as who knows how many others are trapped around the city.
These are people who couldn't get out when the city was abandoned.
The poor, the sick, whole families.
The government has a duty.
You have a duty to help them.
MAN: Mr.
Gordon Captain Gordon.
We've been over this time and time again.
No one is allowed in or out of Gotham.
People we are protecting are not criminals.
And anyone who stayed after the evacuation order is no longer the government's responsibility.
We are surrounded by hostile forces.
We are running out of food, ammunition.
There are children here.
You have to evacuate them.
A committee is being formed regarding the situation in Gotham.
(quietly): Committee.
At least let us resupply ourselves.
We understand the situation.
You don't understand.
If you did, you would do something.
Just say we're on our own.
(radio static warbling and crackling) DOCTOR: Paralysis aside, we need to operate before her spine collapses upon itself.
In truth, she should have been evacuated.
ALFRED: Yeah, well, we tried to get her out the night that everything went to hell.
And then they blew the bloody bridges.
BRUCE: Can you operate here? I don't think we have a choice.
Selena? (shuddering breaths) - The doctor wants to operate.
- Fine.
I'm gonna be here the whole time.
(angry shouting) Enough! You cops are getting fat while the rest of us are starving! That's right.
While the rest of us are starving! - You hungry? Yeah? - (clamoring continues) - The cops get more! - I got something you can chew on! Harvey! May I? May I? Everyone.
Sir? Everyone gets the same share, - police and civilians alike.
- (others jeering) If we start handing out more, the supplies will not last.
You're lying.
He's lying! The cops get more.
- You shut up! - GORDON: That's enough! (clamoring quiets) You don't like the rules, leave.
- I'm just saying - Say it walking, putz.
(scattered shouts) - MEN: Come on! - MAN: You look well fed! Come on.
Let's go.
OFFICER: Hey, come on, listen up.
Move it out of here.
Move it.
(door closes) GORDON: So, how we doing? LUCIUS: Well, we got a month of food left.
Less if refugees keep coming.
What'd the Department of Douchebaggery say? Same as always.
Not sending any help.
Not letting anyone leave.
I had to try.
I swear to God, I am never paying taxes again.
And if people ask? Tell 'em sooner or later, the government will do the right thing.
Rebuild the bridges, take back the city.
Just have to be patient.
And the truth? We're on our own.
The truth is we have no idea what might happen.
And our job is to keep ourselves and everyone else alive.
We're down to our last rounds of ammo.
What if Penguin or someone else decides to make a move? We're sitting ducks here, man.
(birds squawking, buoy bell clanging) (snores, moans) (wings fluttering, pigeons cooing) (gasps, grunts) (sofa creaking) (siren whooping, engine revving) (gasps) (sighs) - (dog growling) - (gasps) (barking) NYGMA: Okay.
Where was I? Happened again.
This time, woke up on a rooftop.
Same thing.
No idea how I got there or what happened during the preceding hours.
Show yourself.
I know it's you inside there, Ed.
Show yourself.
Idiot Ed still won't appear.
But I know it's him controlling me when I'm sleeping.
Why? What is he doing? You know, you could get someone else to turn on the spotlight.
I like doing it.
Because it reminds people that even in darkness, there is light.
And it reminds me.
We're low on supplies.
Government won't evac, won't send in help.
It doesn't make sense.
I imagine, from where they sit, it's pretty easy to ignore people's suffering.
I gave Lucius permission to raid the Wayne Enterprises R & D lab for whatever he could scavenge.
He's working on night vision goggles for your men.
- It's not much.
- Everything helps.
Bruce, we stayed because people here still here need protection.
That hasn't changed.
I should go.
The doctor's worried Selina's condition is getting worse.
They're going to operate.
Let me know how it goes.
Are you sorry you stayed? No.
You? Hell no.
Cobblepot offers a thousand rounds of freshly minted nine-millimeter stock for a thousand pounds of grade-A steak.
Hmm, so what we're hearing is true.
Cupboard's a bit bare in Penguinland? Absolutely not.
Cobblepot just had a hankering for red meat.
(scoffs) Please.
Ozzie wants to get fat on rib eye while his minions starve.
TABITHA: I have a question.
Why hasn't your boss left his citadel since the bridges blew? He scared I'm gonna stick him in the throat? BARBARA: Tabby's still raw from when Penguin murdered Butch right in front of her, so it'll have to be 2,000 rounds.
Barbara, we're not giving that bastard anything.
We're trading for something we need.
Honey, no one is asking you to forget what happened, but how do we protect the women who come in here every day looking for safety? We need this.
Penguin's time will come.
I promise.
(scoffs) He's gonna regret giving me this.
Better make it 3,000 rounds.
(indistinct radio chatter) OFFICER: Something's out there.
- There.
See? The shadow moved.
- (second officer laughs) It's just a shadow, man.
Something's out there.
See? (growls) (screaming) Hey, you okay? (screaming continues) You okay? Would you like me to make it stop? (whimpering): Yes.
Open this door.
(grunting) No, no, no! Don't open the gate! (alarm buzzing) (groaning) Split up.
Take what we came for.
Kill whoever stands in your way.
Show these fools the face of fear.
(others shouting) These here are the weak points.
Reinforce all barriers that front Penguin's territory.
I want to be ready.
(electrical buzzing and whirring) HARPER: What the hell? (quiet, indistinct chatter) Find Lucius.
Tell him to meet me at the generator.
(machine beeping) Lights are out everywhere.
Well, don't you worry, Master Bruce.
Clinic's got its own backup generator.
(clanking, electrical buzzing) You see? Everything's shipshape and Bristol fashion.
Something's wrong.
Men in the basement.
They're stealing all the medicine.
Alfred, stay with Selina.
Of course, but you can't go down there.
It's gonna be pitch black.
Gonna need a torch or something.
Lucius gave me something better.
- Careful.
- (door closes) (door creaking) (door closes) (buzzing, crackling) (metallic scraping and clanging; grunting) I know what you're thinking, Captain.
I have so few bullets.
Do I spend one on him? Is it worth it? I already know it's not.
My other question is: Why are you here? It's not to steal the generator.
Why would I want light? Fear lives in darkness.
So what then? You came for our supplies? Exactly so.
But since I'm here, I'll also take your life.
(grunting) It's been a while since you tasted my toxin, Captain.
What are you scared of now? Not you.
(screaming) (explosive whoosh) - (frantic chatter) - Hey! Hey! - (gunfire, bullets ricocheting) - Hey! They got the beans.
(quiet, indistinct chatter) Go.
The lights are back up.
Go! Move! Go! (high-pitched whirring) (gasps) Did did you hear that? (yells) (grunting) Hello? Scag? Hey hey, guys? Scag? Hey, guys, this isn't this isn't funny.
(grunting) - (high-pitched ringing) - (screams) (grunting, gasping) Go back! Go back! (panting, frantic chatter) (clamoring) First their government abandons them, and then some freak dressed like a scarecrow steals their grub.
I'd be pissed, too.
So where are we? At current consumption, we've got a week of food.
Go to half rations.
We're already at half rations.
Cut 'em again.
- The people won't be happy.
- I haven't been happy in ten years.
At least they'll be alive.
All right, that buys us two weeks.
Then what? Jim, at this point, the bastards across the river are gonna have to - step up and help.
- Why start now? They haven't before.
For the love of God, we because we stayed to do the job they wouldn't.
Huh? And now they're just gonna sit back and watch while we starve or tear ourselves apart? Because that's what's gonna happen.
I know, Harv.
But right now, we have to tell these people something.
BRUCE: Tell them help is coming.
I'll fly in supplies.
We tried that.
We couldn't even get permission to take off.
Zero tolerance.
Nothing in or out.
BRUCE: Well, I'm not asking for permission.
It's ready.
Alfred's already radioed to have it delivered from our east bay hangar.
We can have a supply chopper here within hours.
Man, it is nice to have a billionaire around.
Even if it succeeds, the government's gonna find out.
It's a one-time solution.
Scarecrow's men didn't just take food.
They stole medicine from the clinic.
There are people in pain.
Harvey, tell the people help is on the way.
You got it.
How's Selina? She's strong.
She'll pull through.
Doc says the surgery was a success.
My spine's not gonna turn to jelly.
Still never be able to walk again, so that's a bummer.
There's limited resources here.
But there's hope once we join the mainland.
For a second there, I was worried.
Selina, I know you're in pain.
Some medicine is on its way.
You know what's funny? Jeremiah shot me to get to you.
After all the things I've done what did me in was being your friend.
I just wish Jeremiah killed me.
Doctors can't help her.
She needs the witch.
(indistinct chatter) MAN: Thank you.
How's the mood? They're hanging in there.
They love their Jim Gordon.
But if that chopper doesn't come, it'll be bad.
It'll come.
(operatic music playing) (groans) Feels good.
Missing something, though.
Put a knife on it.
- (laughing) - (door opens) Another shutdown at the factory.
A worker fell into a hydraulic press.
It appears he passed out from hunger.
Sir, I worry if we don't increase the food allowance Mr.
Penn, I feel for all of our workers.
But I cannot give what I do not have.
Overcooked! (dog pants, whines) (sighs) Edward.
(laughs) Such a good boy.
(laughing) Quality at the factory is also suffering.
- More misfires - Nonsense.
- (gunshot) - (whimpers) Our rounds are fine.
And now you've upset Edward.
- (pops) - (groans) As you see, more misfires.
- Sir, if we don't give better quality - Shut up.
Sir? - Sir? - Shh, shut up! Shut up.
Do you hear that? (exhales) You said yourself, Penguin has locked himself in City Hall - with a small army.
- I know that.
- And I know you miss Butch.
- Do you? Because he only did it to hurt me.
That's why I have to make it right.
And how are you gonna do that and not get killed? I need you, too.
(helicopter whirring faintly in distance) (whirring grows closer) Tabby, you hear me? Is that a chopper? There it is.
This is Bruce Wayne.
I'm at the GCPD.
We can see you.
PILOT (over radio): Copy that, Mr.
We'll meet you at the rendezvous point.
PILOT: Mayday! Mayday! We've been hit! We're going down hard.
- Harvey, the chopper went down.
- PILOT: Mayday! Mayday! GORDON: Get a team together now.
PILOT: Ready for evac.
Going down.
Oh, my God.
Chopper went down in Lo Boyz territory.
I expect we'll have to fight our way in and out.
I know it's a lot to ask, but without those supplies, we're done.
Can we get some more ammo? We're running dry down here.
Be happy you got what you got, and get in.
GORDON: Alfred, I expected to see Bruce here, - wanting to come along.
- Well, you'd think, wouldn't you? I mean, his chopper, his pilots.
Maybe he thought you wouldn't allow it.
(engines starting) Just keep an eye on things while I'm gone.
(sirens whooping) (whirring, crackling) (indistinct chatter) (tires squealing) (car doors open) Hello.
The Lo Boyz, is it? (chuckles) I suspect you know who I am.
This ain't your turf, bird man.
OSWALD: Be that as it may, I'm here to claim that.
Like hell.
(sighs) (men shouting, grunting) Get it in the truck.
(tires squeal, siren whoops) Oswald! Jim.
I thought you might show up.
It is so good to see you, old friend.
How are you faring in these troubled times? Tell your men to step away from the chopper.
Mouths to feed.
And you know all about that, don't you? I hear you are up to your ears in refugees.
We're protecting children, families.
We need those supplies.
You shouldn't have shot it down, Oswald.
You think I did this? (laughs) No, no, no, no, no.
That would mean that I knew a chopper was coming, which I did not.
I mean, don't get me wrong, we're still taking everything, but I did not fire the shot.
It was an RPG.
Who else has that kind of firepower? Fair point.
But if it was me, wouldn't I just admit it? (laughing): I mean, it's not like I'm going to be arrested.
- Then who was it? - No idea.
Now, nice as it was catching up, it's time you skedaddle.
While you can.
We are, uh, kind of outgunned here, partner.
OSWALD: Listen to Harvey.
After all we have been through, do not make me kill you.
Not like this.
- (whooshing) - (men groaning) (grunting and groaning) (gasping) - You should've stayed home.
- Listen to me.
- I know you're upset about Butch.
- (grunts) He thought you were his friend! - I was his friend! - Liar! You put a knife in my mother's back.
His blood is on your hands! You really think that I expected to come here and walk away? Jim, are you just going to let her kill me like this in cold blood? Jim, listen to me.
You are not the only one keeping Gotham from the abyss.
- I am! I provide stability! - (gasps, pants) I may have pulled the trigger, but you killed Butch.
Shut up and die.
(pops, crackles) (laughing) (grunting) Now, if that was one of my bullets, I will certainly be having a word with my foreman.
Unacceptable! Say hello to Butch.
(strained grunting) BARBARA: No! (whispering): Barbara don't (screaming) - (screaming) - (gunshots) - I'm out.
- Me, too.
OSWALD: Uh-oh, Jim! Sounding a little quiet over there! What the hell do we do now? (gunfire continues in distance) (grunting and groaning) (gunfire continues in distance) (screaming) (yells in pain) I know, I shouldn't be here.
But look.
Penguin had a truck out back.
I took these.
And there's more.
I could kiss you, kid.
OSWALD: For the record, this is not how I wanted things to go.
You son of a bitch.
I will rip out your heart! Quiet.
Now, that is exactly the kind of talk that's gonna force my hand.
But for old time's sake, I will give you a chance.
Can we move past this? Say the whole Tabitha-Butch chapter is over? I am gonna feed your guts to the rats, you beaky-nosed freak! So, no.
What's the plan, boss? Cover me.
GORDON: Oswald! I want to make a deal.
(chuckling): A deal, Jim? We split whatever's in the chopper 50-50 and you let Barbara go.
He does not get to limp out of here alive! - (grunts) - Shh! I got a deal for you, Jim.
She dies, I take everything, and you go home and reflect long and hard on my generosity.
And if I say no? What happens when the government finds out you murdered the only cops left in Gotham? (laughing): Nothing.
Jim, as far as I can tell, you have nothing to offer, and you're out of ammo.
(shrieking) Not anymore.
Truth is, I was never gonna make that deal.
I need all those supplies.
Load up! (screams) (dogs barking) MAN: We got it.
Here we go, people.
- Heads up.
- WOMAN: Finally, here we are.
BULLOCK: You think Penguin's gonna pull through? Cockroaches are hard to kill.
But at least he'll be out of commission for a while.
You had him dead to rights.
You could've put him down for good.
Yeah, shot a man without warning.
Three months ago, I would've lost my badge for that.
Three months ago, we weren't fighting for our survival.
You think it didn't cross my mind? I know what we're up against, Harvey.
No one is coming to help.
Then why didn't you do us all a favor and put that murdering son of a bitch in a hole? You want rules for this game? I'll tell you.
I'll make it simple, okay? You win or you die.
Next time, shoot to kill.
Everything all right? No, but we're alive, so that's something.
What's up? The-the medicine's just been taken to the clinic.
I need to check on Selina.
Yeah, sure.
I'll get you a ride.
- Hey! Let me know how she is.
- All right.
And, Bruce? Next time you want to help, just ask.
You've earned a place here.
WOMAN (over radio): Captain Gordon? Hello? Captain Gordon, come in.
(radio static warbling and crackling) Captain Gordon, do you read me? Hello? Come in.
This is James Gordon.
Who am I speaking to? A friend who wants you to know you have allies across the river.
We will find a way to help you.
And who are you? (radio crackling) (muttering, humming) - (grunts) - (cat meowing nearby) (gasps) - Get out of here! - (gasps, whimpers) Really? A dumpster? (panting) (sighs): Okay.
(shouts) What are you doing to me?! Show yourself! What is happening to me? I promise if it's the last thing I do I will kill him! (Oswald screaming) Aah! My leg! He shot my leg! I just fixed this! Mr.
Cobblepot, if you could hold still, I Put out the word.
100,000 rounds of ammunition to whoever kills Jim Gordon.
I want his head.
(screaming) (wheels squeaking) (door creaks shut) (gasps, grunts) (grunts) (Selina screaming, sobbing) No! No! - Selina.
- DOCTOR: Help! Let me go! - Selina.
- Let me go! Selina (crying): You can't do this.
(crying continues) I have no reason to I can't (gasping) You should've just let me do it.
Let her do what? What happened? She was trying to kill herself.
I'll get restraints for when she wakes.
(door creaks open) I told you, you want to cure her, you have to go to the witch.
And where do I find this witch? (birds squawking) - Thank you so much.
- No problem.
Thank you very much.
Saint Jim of Gotham.
All right.
Every new refugee who comes in, I want questioned.
I need information on Jeremiah Valeska.
I haven't heard that clown's name in three months.
Why now? Just call it a hunch.
Well, rather than a week of food, we've got six weeks.
It's not a lot.
Yeah, but it's better than we were.
Don't give up hope.
MAN: Captain Gordon! Captain Gordon! What's going on? MAN: I was on duty at the Thompson Street barricade.
(panting): He just appeared.
He said he needed to see you.
What happened, son? Where'd you come from? (whispers): Past the train station.
BULLOCK: That's on the other side of town.
This kid must've made it through half a dozen sectors to get here.
My brothers and sisters.
They're killing us.
Who is? You have to help us.
Whoa, whoa.
Get him to the clinic.
(gasps, coughs) I know you're all asking, why are we still here when our own government won't help us? It's simple.
We're supposed to be giving these people hope.
Hope that if they're in danger, someone will come.
We will come.
Suit up!