Gotham (2014) s05e02 Episode Script


1 Previously on Gotham Gotham falls, we rise.
GORDON: After the bridges blew, the city was up for grabs.
Gangs are carving up territory.
(screams) We are running out of food.
(shouting) Ammunition.
We are surrounded by hostile forces.
Say hello to Butch.
(screams) Put out the word.
100,000 rounds of ammunition to whoever kills Jim Gordon.
(siren wails) NURSE: You want to cure her? (whispering): You have to go to the witch.
And where do I find this witch? You have to help us.
My brothers and sisters, they're killing us.
GORDON: His name is Will Thomas.
Parents died in a home invasion a few weeks after the bridges came down.
Guys that broke in took him to some sort of factory where he was held alongside dozens of other stolen kids, all chained together.
Who are these guys? Call themselves The Soothsayers.
- You ever heard of them? - No.
But who can keep track these days? - Which district? - Granton.
Near the water, he said.
Had them digging some sort of tunnel.
Will broke free from his restraints last night and walked nine miles through the Dark Zone to find us.
What kind of tunnel? Unclear.
There's an abandoned waterworks by the old dock in Granton.
Detective Gordon? My friends.
You'll save them, won't you? I'll look into it.
The Soothsayers won't be happy I escaped.
They'll punish the others for it.
Please, Mr.
I promised them I'd bring help.
I know it's a sad story and emotions are high, but need I remind you that every two-bit criminal out there is looking to kill you to claim Penguin's bounty? So you're saying we do nothing? No, I'm saying the second you step outside that door, someone's gonna take a shot at you, and if it's not you that's getting hit, it's gonna be the schmo standing next to you, which is most likely gonna be me.
There's a call from the mainland.
MAN: All of us here believe that if peace is to be sustained on the island, confrontations must be avoided.
We have kids in danger out there.
We're their only hope for rescue.
Your dedication to your job is admirable, Captain, but you lack perspective.
Travel into harm's way, and you may save a few lives, but you'd also be jeopardizing thousands of others should you be killed.
The collective opinion over here is that you stand down and keep those within your Green Zone safe.
I don't need opinions, I need supplies.
When can I expect them? Until Gotham airspace can be declared safe again, we cannot sacrifice any more pilots, whether they're ours or Wayne Enterprises'.
So you can save a few lives for thousands, but I can't? Mr.
Gordon BULLOCK: Jim.
I need five men and transport for 20 kids or more.
We only have a few squad cars and that rust bucket transporter.
That'll have to do.
How are we on ammo? Well, we got what we got from Penguin, and we got a box of shotgun shells and a box of nine mils.
What did the bureaucrats on the mainland say? Do nothing, protect the Green Zone.
Four shells each.
Half a mag each.
Boy said The Soothsayers are here.
That means we have to pass through Sirens territory, but it's only three or four miles from then on.
Three or four miles into the Dark Zone? God only knows what's out there.
Barbara's been stockpiling vehicles and everything else as payment to enter her club.
- It's worth a shot.
- She's gonna be thrilled to see you after what happened with Tabitha.
We're gonna need housing for those kids when we get back.
- Yep.
- If we get back.
(dog barking in distance) (gate creaks) (insects trilling) (water dripping) (footsteps approaching) (panting) MAN: Let him go.
- Are you with her? - Who? The witch.
I'm not with the witch.
I just came here for her help.
Come for her magic, have you? So did others from our district.
And look at them now.
They came for help, too, and she took their souls.
But she'll never kill again.
We have her this time.
You captured her? She's locked in the storeroom back there.
We stripped it clean before we locked her in.
The plants, you see.
She talks to them.
Makes them do things.
So we took her light, water; put salt on the floor.
She's helpless now.
I need to talk to her.
We sent for more of us.
When they come, we burn her.
My brother is missing.
I know this witch took him.
I need to find out what she did with him.
Please, let me talk to her.
Five minutes is all I need, and then you can do whatever you want.
Your brother's dead.
She'll kill you, too.
Five minutes.
In there.
Hello, Ivy.
Love is a burning thing And it makes A fiery ring Bound by wild desire I fell into a ring of fire I fell into Barbara.
This place is busy, despite things.
What's that? And the flames went higher It's a big fat prize, Jim, begging to be taken.
So, what brings you crawling out into the open tonight? Come to join the party? One last hoorah before someone wastes you? I'm here to ask a favor.
(laughs) A favor, right.
Is this after you stood by and did nothing while my best friend on this Earth was stabbed through the heart? - I put him down.
- You restored his limp.
- He should be dead! - Barbara.
Everybody out! - Now! - (music stops) I said move! Planning revenge? Well, someone has to do something about that freak.
He has an army.
It would be suicide.
Look around, Jim.
We're all slowly dying.
Just some of us get to choose how.
I'm sorry about what happened to Tabitha.
Things got out of control.
I'm just trying to keep this city from falling apart.
You're too late.
So, this favor? I need transportation.
- Trucks, maybe.
- Where are you going? - It's a police matter.
- (scoffs) You know, they should really write that on your tombstone.
(chuckles) They're downstairs in the basement lot.
Knock yourself out.
Drive right into this nightmare you created.
You won't last the night.
Here he comes, Gotham.
Your judge, your jailer, your most hated son! Have at him! Rip him to shreds! (door closes) No one deserves to die more than he.
BULLOCK: All right, we're entering the Dark Zone.
Everybody, stay sharp.
This place was a cesspit before the rest of the world turned its back on us.
I wonder what's left here now.
I doubt many stayed up here.
This whole grid never regained power.
(glass breaking) (shouting) Damn it! You were saying, Jim? (shouts) It's a freaking arrow, Jim.
It's a freaking arrow! Welcome to the badlands.
(grunts) Come on.
- Come on, come on.
- (groans softly) - Get up! - (groans) Hey! Hey, hey, hey.
Leave him alone.
Causing trouble again, Gabriel? We need water and food.
Some of us haven't slept in two days.
You know, you could've woken me when that sneaky rat left in the night.
But you didn't, and now, he's out there, and he's causing all kinds of problems for us.
(exhales) The smoke.
You should take it.
It'll give you energy.
Inhale enough and it'll let you see the future.
You fail to see the importance of our work here, Gabriel.
But you see, once this tunnel is complete, we will have exclusive access to the mainland.
People will be forced to do business with us.
Food, booze, guns, smoke.
All will come from the tunnel.
We've been digging for over a month.
We've only gotten a hundred feet.
It's too narrow.
The roof is leaking.
Once we hit the river, it'll flood - and kill anyone inside.
- So negative! Gabriel.
I had such high hopes for you.
That one day you would wear the mask and share in our good fortune.
Never mind.
MAN: Sykes.
Man, you got to come out front.
Who was on watch?! GORDON: Put your weapons down.
Is that James Gordon? The James Gordon? It's our lucky day, fellas.
Kill this one, and we're bullet rich! In Penguin's graces we will be.
(guns clicking) I said put 'em down.
Give us the kids you're holding captive.
We'll leave.
Kids? I don't know what you're talking about.
What are the cattle prods for? Fun.
Stay here.
He moves, kill him.
It's okay.
It's all right.
I'm a cop.
Will's alive? He found you and sent you to rescue us, didn't he? He did.
Will made it! He's alive! - (cheering) - We need the keys.
There are trucks outside.
We'll drive you to the Green Zone, find you a new home.
Thank you.
God bless you.
Okay, guys.
We're gonna get out of here.
Gonna help us get out.
One at a time.
Yeah, we're gonna be okay.
Why would anyone be a cop in a world like this? Well, the Halloween shop was all out of gas masks, so it was either this or sexy nurse.
You know what? My guess is these cops ain't got enough ammo to shoot a duck.
Penguin gave us a boatload.
Penguin wants your boss skinned.
Let's take 'em, boys.
Come on! Go! Go! (gunfire) (Bullock yells) (gunfire continues) Hey! Go! (child screams) You okay? Come on.
- Take cover! Go! Go! - (whimpers) - The alley! Go! Go! - Come on! (yelling) (gasps softly) Bruce? (sighs) Thank God.
You have to help me.
I didn't kill those men out there in the vines, - you have to believe me.
- You'll forgive me if I find it hard to do so.
It wasn't me.
- It was the park.
- The park? The trees, the plants, the roots underground They're speaking to one another.
When those men came to kill me (panting) the plants came to my protection.
Then maybe we can help each other.
I have a friend who was shot.
The bullet severed her spinal cord.
The doctors can't seem to help her.
But a woman at the hospital said that you might be able to.
Normally, I would say no.
But this park ever since we were cut off from the rest of the world, it's been behaving differently.
There are things growing here I have never seen before.
- (knocking) - MAN: You okay in there? Our friends are on their way.
Time's running out for you, witch! There's a seed.
It's growing under the oaks.
It's said to have magical qualities.
When digested, it heads for damaged tissue and bone, healing them.
If I help you find it will you protect me from those men out there? (gasps) (chains rattle) Yes! Yes! Yes, it worked! No more sleepwalking for me.
(sighs) Good morning.
(zipper opens) (sighs) See, it was just some random stupid thing brought on by stress.
(urinating) It's all in your head.
(man groaning) There's nothing there.
(laughs) (sighs) (man groaning) (zipper closes) (gasps) Who the hell are you? What? Are you serious? Very.
You don't remember? - No.
- Oh.
Name's Tank.
You're part of the Street Demonz gang? Yeah.
You know that.
Why should I? What are you doing here? You brought me here.
- I brought you here? - Last night.
Did I, uh hit you, et cetera? Any idea why? You wanted information, and I wouldn't give it to you.
I'm gonna guess you gave it to me.
I can't remember.
We're gonna have to do this all again, aren't we? Guess so.
SYKES: Gordon, where are you? We need to hide.
Follow me.
(door creaks closed) It's not safe out there.
We've got to get out of the daylight.
We're sitting ducks.
How are they holding up? We'll be fine.
Jim, we're not alone.
Someone lit that candle.
In the old west, settlers used to leave a candle burning to lead others to safety.
Maybe there's still good people left in Gotham.
All right, fine.
We'll take a look around.
Stay here.
If you see something, shout.
Radio check.
Ah, forget it.
We're out of range of the precinct's antenna.
Look, if those other trucks made it back to safety, maybe they'll send someone back here to get us, huh? Maybe.
Until then, I'll take the next floor, you do the basement.
Check out the basement in a creepy hotel by myself? Sure.
What could go wrong, right? (sighs) Let's get settled.
(floorboards creaking) (door creaks) (creaking nearby) Hello? Is somebody there? GCPD.
Come out, now.
Whoa, whoa.
It's okay.
It's all right.
(fire crackling) Oh, my God.
Not good.
Oh, God.
This This is not good.
(shouts) Jim! (grunts) Fine.
I'll tell you.
You wanted to know where the Street Demonz base was.
That's it? And you wanted to be sure the boss would be there.
- Emmanuel Vasquez? - Yeah.
How did I seem? Was I confident, flamboyant, charisma for days? Or a little more conservative, kind of repressed, a little nerdy? You seemed stiff, man of few words.
In a daze, actually.
Okay, let's go.
Where? To where you told me to go.
To the Street Demonz' base.
To Vasquez.
I want to know why I went there.
- Oh, no! - Push her back inside.
Lock the door.
Stay calm.
Okay? Her name is Ivy.
She's a witch, and will burn for what she's done.
I take full responsibility for her.
If she's done what you say, she will pay for her crimes, but You are so utterly naive.
You didn't have to kill them.
I wanted to.
Why are you here? I'm here for my friend.
Our friend.
Selina's the one that's hurt? She's paralyzed and has lost the will to live.
That bitch destroyed the last of the Lazarus Water.
Let her suffer.
I don't believe you mean that.
You've known each other for a long time.
You grew up on the streets together.
You know, I wasn't lying when I said this park is changing.
I'm feeding the earth with these wretched creatures.
It consumes them, and then it flourishes.
I think I shall plant your body in the ground, Bruce.
What will grow from you, I wonder? Those men you killed were right.
You are a witch.
A murderous, callous witch.
You trying to bait me, boy? I wouldn't waste my breath.
I can see there's no good left in you.
If you were trying to help this park flourish, it would be full of beauty and color.
Instead it smells of death.
It's a work in progress.
It's a nightmare.
If I do help you, you'll leave me alone? Follow me.
It's okay.
I'm Jim.
What's your name? I-I can't remember.
Where are your parents? Dead.
When the lights went out in the city, a gang came, they murdered them.
I ran.
- She found me.
- Who? The ghost.
She was kind at first.
But she can be very cruel.
BULLOCK: Jim! We're not alone.
There's a crazy woman.
She's killing people.
The ghost.
We got to go.
- She hates strangers.
- There's no such thing as ghosts.
We'll protect you from whoever she is.
- You can't.
- Why? Who is she? She makes me call her Mother.
- We got to go.
- He's not lying! Come on, Jim.
Hey! Hey! Come on! Kid! (pounding on door) Hey, kid! The lights will make you dizzy.
And then you'll fall asleep.
You won't feel a thing.
(groaning) Jim, I don't feel so good.
(grunts) (door rattling) BOY: You can't fight it.
Give in to it.
BULLOCK: Jim! (grunts) - Who are you? - I'm the only mother that boy knows.
You're a crazy bitch who kills people, takes their stuff and burns their bodies.
I'm protecting him.
When I found him, he was barely alive.
Those animals out there, they would have killed him or worse.
I taught him how to survive.
(both grunting) Hey! Where is everybody? - Beats me.
- Come on.
Oh, boy.
TANK: Holy crap.
That's Vasquez.
Did you do this? Honestly, I don't remember.
What about that? Penguin did this.
I think not.
Well, whoever did just started one hell of a war.
Is that human blood? (laughs softly) If Selina ingests this, it'll find its way to her wound.
Its roots will wrap around her spine, fusing the nerves and cartilage together.
It'll cure her? Maybe.
- Just maybe? - Everyone's different.
Depends on how strong she is.
One thing is for sure though the seed will alter her forever.
- How? - Some say the darker angels of our nature are unlocked and set free.
Can she live with that? Can you? I don't know if there's any other way.
Then go.
Give it to her.
What's the matter, Bruce? Don't know if you can trust me? - I don't.
- Good.
Then you're finally becoming a man.
- Where will you go? - Where I'm going is none of your business.
Best hurry.
That root will die if left out in the open for too long.
Uh Where have you guys been? You've been gone for a while.
Chasing ghosts.
They're like rats in the walls.
This whole place is their spiderweb.
Come on.
Let's go, let's go.
We got to go.
Not everyone wants your help, Jim Gordon.
Detective Gordon, your hand's bleeding.
We need to leave.
Come on.
(dog barking in distance) - How many bullets you got left? - Two.
(ignition sputtering) (engine revving) SYKES: Looky here, boys! I'll tell you what, you give me my workers back, and I'll let you and your partner go.
I'm just kidding.
Of course I'm not gonna do that.
I'm gonna kill you all! WOMAN: Wait just a minute, please.
The prize for this man's head is mine.
How is she? Not great.
I mean, she hasn't said a peep since you've been gone.
You all right? Did you find the witch? It was Ivy.
What's that? Ivy said it could help Selina.
- What, and you trust her? - What choice do I have? Listen, I want to help Selina as much as you, but Ivy is a maniacal, cold-blooded killer.
- You know that, don't you? - Give it to me.
Selina, I have doubts.
Bruce, I was willing to kill myself yesterday.
Nothing's changed since then.
So if Ivy wants to kill me, she can have at it.
What do I do, just swallow it? Yeah.
(sighs) Still here.
(chuckles) I know Ivy's lost her mind.
But after her mom and dad died, she was just sleeping on the streets.
And it was a cold winter, and she started to get really sick.
So I took her under my wing, I guess, and showed her where to get food, where to get a roof over her head.
And after some time, she started to get color in her face.
(chuckles) And I just kept checking in on her.
Almost every day.
She may look old now, but she'll always be that little girl to me.
(shuddering) - No, no, no, Selina.
- ALFRED: Doctor! - Selina.
- Doctor! Selina, stay with me.
- (whimpering) - Stay back.
Give us room.
No, Selina.
DOCTOR: She's burning up.
Pulse is low.
What happened? Oh, God, what have I done? Put it down, Knucklehead! You two clowns ain't got a single bullet between you.
I got two.
Prove it.
I won't say it again, freak.
Gordon comes with me.
I'll tell you what! I'll take his head, and you can have the rest of him! (vehicle approaching) Hi, Jim.
About our last chat I may have been a little rash.
This what got you all hot and bothered? - They need a bath.
- Crazy bi Wow.
Your last bullet, just for me, huh? Must be love.
Not all square yet though.
You're gonna help me do what we all know needs doing.
Oh, yeah? What's that? Kill Penguin.
How 'bout we table this until I can get them safely into the Green Zone, huh? Come on.
You're safe now.
Go on.
LUCIUS: You made it.
You had me worried.
All sorts of chatter out there about people hunting you down for Penguin's reward money.
Well, they'll just have to try harder.
He did have help from the unlikeliest of places.
You're welcome.
Show me what you got.
Nice place.
250 apartments.
Running water, hot and cold.
No electricity yet.
Is there a bar? LUCIUS: Once the kids we liberated moved in, word got out pretty fast that there was a safe place to live in the city.
Citizens are heading here in droves.
This place will be full by sundown.
Then we'll find another.
I just want to thank you, Captain Gordon.
My family, we've been drifting from one place to the next ever since the blackout.
You've delivered us.
Seriously? I'll see you around, killer.
We have some unfinished business, you and I.
DOCTOR: Whatever she took put her body into shock.
Her temperature skyrocketed.
Her WBC count was off the charts.
Then, two hours ago, everything stabilized.
I have no idea why.
She was still in a lot of pain, so we sedated her.
She's been sleeping for a while now.
I think it'd be best to come back in the morning.
Thank you, Doctor.
Master Bruce, I think we should, uh we should get some shut-eye.
Come on.
It's a miracle.
How do you feel? (wind blowing) Different.
Any pain? No.
Selina, I thought I'd killed you.
I'm better.
Even better than before, in fact.