Gotham (2014) s05e03 Episode Script

Penguin, Our Hero

1 Previously on Gotham It's a miracle.
How do you feel? Different.
- His name is Will Thomas.
- Detective Gordon? My friends you'll save them.
Say hello to Butch.
BARBARA [ECHOING]: No! Gordon comes with me.
I'll take his head, and you can have the rest of him.
This what got you all hot and bothered? Crazy bi Not all square yet, though.
You're gonna help me do what we all know needs doing.
- What's that? - Kill Penguin.
- You made it.
- Show me what you got.
LUCIUS: 250 apartments.
Once the kids we've liberated moved in, word got out pretty fast that there was a safe place to live in the city.
[GRUNTS] You wanted to know where the Street Demonz base was.
Where is everybody? Holy crap.
What about that? Penguin did this.
CHOIR: Oh, Penguin Our hero He knows No fear-o He brings us joy And cheer-o Oh, Penguin Our king Oh, Penguin Our Penguin He's brave and clever And kind With a strong Resourceful mind He rules our land all day In the most magnificent way Oh, Penguin Oh, Penguin, oh, Penguin Our king, oh, Penguin, our king Oh, Penguin Production is steady, Mr.
Our stores contain 512 loaves of bread, 2,001 liters of filtered water, 400,232 bullets, - and - [MOANS] [SINGING SPUTTERS, STOPS] Penn, why is my countertenor out cold? I-I'm sorry, Mr.
Uh everyone was working through the night in the bullet factory.
We've been, uh, shorthanded, since people started defecting.
Defecting? You've been holding out on me, Penn.
A thousand apologies.
I-I simply couldn't stand seeing you upset while you were recovering.
Just tell me everything! [EXCLAIMS] Rumor is they've fled to a place called Haven, in Jim Gordon's sector.
My subjects are fleeing to Jim Gordon? After he shot me?! What about the bounty on Gordon's head? We've had trouble finding takers.
The gangs are too disorganized, and-and ordinary people, well they love him, sir.
They should love me.
Without me, this entire island would sink into chaos! It's not just us.
People from every territory are fleeing to Haven.
[LAUGHS] Finally.
[GRUNTING] [WHIMPERS] Ha! The Street Demonz! [CHUCKLES] To what do I owe this honor? You hit our stronghold and killed our men.
Not just us.
You hit the Lo Boyz and the Undead, too.
Did I, now? You tagged the scenes with graffiti that said "Penguin was here.
" You dolt.
If I wanted to start a gang war, you'd all be dead.
I wouldn't leave a few and sign my name.
Someone wanted you to attack me.
- That's a good point.
- Mm-hmm.
We didn't really think this through.
Well, there will be plenty of time for thinking when my men are ripping out your fingernails.
Chain him up.
Wait! No! Tighten our borders.
No one in or out, or it's your head.
[CHUCKLES] [DOG WHINES] That's right, Edward.
It's Mr.
Penn's head! It's his head! You're a good dog, aren't you? [GRUNTS] [COUGHS] BULLOCK: Word of this place is spreading like a bad case of the clap.
We got refugees coming in from every territory in Gotham.
Can you blame 'em? You saw what it was like out there.
People being starved and terrorized, used by the gangs as slave labor.
You think those same gangs aren't gonna want 'em back? Sooner or later, they're gonna come looking for us.
Let 'em.
Hey, I get it, but after our excursion through nightmareville last week, we hardly have any ammo left sorry and we barely have any food.
Okay, all right.
This is the only safe place left in Gotham.
I'm not turning people away.
I was afraid you were gonna say that.
- Hey, how you feeling? How, is uh - I'm fine.
You getting any sleep? You've been going full tilt for months.
carrying the weight of everyone.
Share the load.
We can't have you fall apart.
I'm okay.
Please tell me some good news.
Water purification system repurposed from Wayne Enterprises tech.
I know it's a drop in the bucket, but every bit helps.
That's the last can of beans! - I ain't had my rations yet! - Think I have? - [CHATTER CONTINUES] - Hey, break it up.
Break it up! Break it up.
For all the new people here everyone is welcome in Haven, but there are rules.
And one of them is we leave the fighting outside.
Government already thinks we don't deserve help.
We have to show otherwise.
Gangs want to tear themselves apart outside, that's their business.
In here, in Haven we help each other survive.
Your speech worked.
For now.
What happens when they find out the government abandoned them? Sorry.
For what? Jim, you're holding this place together.
You're giving these people hope.
Hope can only go so far.
Not to put more on your plate, but the kid whose friends you saved from the slavers his bunkmates say he's been having nightmares.
Last night he fell off his bed half-asleep, broke his arm.
Maybe you can talk to him.
You don't feel like joining the other kids? We can't even begin to imagine what you've been through.
But it's over.
You're safe now.
I promise I will never let anyone hurt you ever again.
Okay? I got something for you.
From my rations.
Little pineapple.
Hang in there.
I'll come check on you later, okay? [GORDON SIGHS] [INDISTINCT CONVERSATIONS] Selina? One second.
What are you doing out of bed? The doctor said you need rest.
Does it look like I need rest? No, but Look, whatever Ivy's root did to me I've never felt better.
So now I have to find the freak who shot me.
I've been looking for Jeremiah since the bridges blew.
I haven't found a thing.
Right, but there have never been refugees in the Green Zone before.
These people come from all over Gotham, Bruce.
Someone has to know something.
I want to find Jeremiah just as much as you do.
But even if we find him, he's had months to fortify himself.
We can't go after him alone.
You scared, Bruce? [QUIETLY]: Of course I'm scared.
Jeremiah shot you to get to me.
He almost killed you.
I won't lose you.
I'm not yours to lose.
You can't stop me from going after Jeremiah.
But I am asking you for help.
We take him down, we do it right.
We bring him back here, and he stands trial for turning Gotham into a madhouse.
[CHUCKLES SOFTLY] What? I was hoping I could count on you.
I heard rumors about Jeremiah in the Dark Zone, but who knows if they're true.
SELINA: The Dark Zone? On the other end of the island.
It's chaos, ruled by those who've lost their minds since the bridges went down.
They said Jeremiah is there, gathering followers.
Sounds like a lead.
You can't go there.
You'll die.
We fought Jeremiah before.
You don't understand.
If you go to the Dark Zone, Jeremiah is the least of your worries.
Everyone there is insane.
Look at what they did to my friend.
Penn, where the Penguin, my hero He having no fear-o - Stop.
- He bringing joy and cheer-o.
Stop! Where is my staff? Where is Mr.
Penn? Um, they're having to, um defected to Haven.
And my guards didn't stop them? My guards, too? Edward? Edward! Edward! They took my dog? Rumors say pup went willingly.
Lies! You're in luck, my friend.
Jim Gordon is luring people from every territory in Gotham including yours.
As our interests are now aligned, I have decided that you may live.
He's been dead since yesterday.
Contact the Lo Boyz and the Undead.
You have men, vehicles and gas.
I have the bullets.
It's time we paid a visit to this Haven right after I put on some clothes.
Jim! Border guards just radioed.
Penguin broke through the barricades.
Street Demonz, other gangs rolling with him.
They're heading for Haven.
We can beat them there.
Load up! What the hell are we gonna do? We don't have more than a dozen bullets between us.
You're right.
We get in a firefight and we're dead.
Okay, I'm gonna need you to go get some help.
I'm not sure we got any friends left.
I'm hoping we still have one.
So, this is the Dark Zone.
They should call it the Dull Zone.
Place is dead.
[CHUCKLES] What? You seem yourself again.
I'm glad.
Wait, I know this block.
Used to be the posh part of town.
Everyone with money got out.
You didn't.
I had a reason to stay.
MAN: Oh, God! Help me, please.
- Wait.
Wait, wait.
- Come on.
Oh, God.
Get down.
[PEOPLE CACKLING] Now we know who carved "kill" into that guy's chest.
Do you think they know anything about Jeremiah? Let's find someone else to ask.
Let's go before they see us.
[CHUCKLES] Kill! We're not here for you.
We're looking for Jeremiah Valeska.
Kill you.
Kill Jeremiah.
I don't think this guy is much of a talker, Bruce.
What do you want to do? Easy.
Find the schoolyard's biggest bully [SHOUTS] and kick his teeth in.
[GRUNTS] The chicky-chick is mine.
Mine eyes have seen the glory Of the coming of the Lord He is trampling out the vintage Where the grapes of wrath are stored Everyone inside.
Let's go.
Get inside.
[SCREAMS] What's going on, Captain Gordon? Inside, go.
Hold your fire.
Hold your fire.
Well, if it isn't my old friend Mr.
Penn and the Gertrud Kapelput Memorial Choir.
Oh, it is so nice to see some familiar faces! You shouldn't have come here, Oswald.
Oh, well, perhaps you shouldn't have stolen my people or my dog.
Every refugee is here of their own free will and under the protection of the GCPD.
Edward! Edward! Come here! Right now! I will make this very simple, Jim.
You return our people and Edward and an apology or we will destroy this little commune of yours and salt the earth on which it stands.
The answer is no.
Now turn around unless you want a bloodbath.
Let me explain something, Jim.
I heard about your little excursion through the territories.
So, whatever ammo you stole from me, I'm betting you used it up, which means you're bluffing.
You want to test us, Oswald? I'm sure my men could use the target practice.
Slice and dice, little chicky.
You look soft.
You look like 300 pounds of ugly.
[LAUGHS] Kill and kill.
Where's Jeremiah? [SHOUTS] - Where is Jeremiah? - Jeremiah? [GROANS] Tell me where Jeremiah is or my face is going to be the last thing you ever see.
Old Town North, okay? We don't mess with him.
Old Town North? You wouldn't lie to me, would you? It's the truth.
Selina, he's had enough.
He's had enough when I say he's had enough.
[SELINA GRUNTS] What the hell? You won.
It's over.
SELINA: Old Town North.
See? That was easy.
What are we waiting for? You said they'll be out of bullets.
He's bluffing, you idiot.
How do you know? I know Jim Gordon.
But if you require a demonstration, three of you, march.
But, uh, they have guns.
[CHUCKLES] So do I and mine is most certainly loaded.
On my mark.
Make them count.
Well, Jim, it seems you are out of ammo, after all.
Now, if you don't want your men to die in a hail of bullets, you know what to do.
On the count of three.
- One, two - All right.
All right.
Put them down.
Put them down.
Selina, what was that back there? They had to know I was serious.
You didn't have to hurt him like that.
He was trying to kill me, Bruce, just like Jeremiah tried to kill me.
So as far as I'm concerned he got off easy.
Whose side are you on, Bruce? Yours.
Then let's do what we came here to do.
Looks like we're close.
When I see him, I'm gonna tear his throat out.
BRUCE: Selina.
Welcome, pilgrims, to The Church of Jeremiah Valeska.
The only place where you faithful pilgrims can become your very best selves.
[QUIETLY]: Who the hell is that? I don't know.
I bet she knows where Jeremiah is, though.
Stay here.
I'm gonna get a closer look.
We do this together, Selina.
That was the deal.
Funny, I don't remember saying that.
Now, I know you've come from far and wide to meet the man himself.
But first, he requires a show of faith.
Don't be shy.
Jeremiah awaits.
Who is ready? [GASPS] Lovely.
Jeremiah will be so happy.
But remember: he wants only the most faithful followers.
And you all have a chance to prove yourself, right up those stairs.
And the rest of you, get out! Selina.
I want to meet Jeremiah.
You don't look like one of Jeremiah's worshipers.
I have witnessed his work firsthand.
I will never forget it.
Then right this way.
[SPEAKING INDISTINCTLY] You're gonna regret this.
[LAUGHS] Strong words, for someone who is out of options.
[LAUGHS] First, I'm gonna make you watch while I destroy Haven.
Then, I'm gonna shoot you and leave you for dead, just like you did to me.
Sound fair? If the government liberates the city and finds out about this, you'll be at the top of their list.
Wake up, Jim.
The government has abandoned us.
The only law in Gotham is power, and that power belongs to me.
We have children here.
What happens when the gangs take them? Hmm.
They probably go back to being slaves, I guess.
My people, on the other hand, will go back to their regular lives, with their bellies full of gruel and their heads full of wonderful thoughts about their grand protector, me.
If this is about revenge against me, do your worst.
But leave the refugees out of it.
So heroic.
Almost tempting.
But I think I'm gonna stick to my original plan.
Uh, Jim's gonna die, isn't he, boy? Oh, you're a good dog, yes, you are.
That one belongs to me.
No can do.
You sacrificed one of my guys calling the cop's bluff.
So what? I said he's mine.
Oh, thank you, Mr.
Then how about we take your territory? And your bullet factory.
Penn! Penn! [PANTING] I'm sorry, Mr.
You fool! This never would have happened if you stayed with me.
Why did you leave? Everyone hated you.
You will pay for this! Hey, Penguin, you got something on your face.
Let me go! We had a deal! Shut your mouth or the next thing that comes out your mouth is a bullet.
Man, you are on fire! I take it that didn't work out the way you'd hoped.
Barbara? Barbara? Hey, you in here? - You've gotten good at that.
- [CHUCKLES] Haven't you heard, Harvey? No men in the Sirens past midnight.
Sorry to bust up ladies' night, but Jim Gordon needs your help.
Oh, perhaps it's time Golden Boy learned to save himself.
And aren't you tired of playing sidekick? See, I don't see it that way.
Me and Jim are friends.
We're fighting for the same thing.
- It seemed like you got that.
- [CHUCKLES] You know, I remember when you first partnered up.
He, the idealistic rookie.
You, the cynical veteran.
You were sane.
[LAUGHS] Now you carry his laundry.
Do you ever wonder what your life might've been like if you'd never met Jim Gordon? I'd be dead, or wishing I was.
You're delusional, Harvey.
Just like all the sad saps who think the government is just gonna sail in and save them.
And look, I know you've had your differences with Jim, but if you don't help him now, - Penguin and the other gangs - Penguin? You should've opened with that.
Let's move! It's not working.
We need to find a way to cut these bindings.
Well, I'm not helping you, Jim.
You are the reason I'm in this predicament.
You have taken everything from me.
Keep your voice down.
I kept people safe.
I protected them from chaos.
They should have loved me.
Instead, they came here, to this pigsty, to be covered in fleas and filth.
Why? What makes this place so special? Well, for one thing, it's far away from you.
Oh, that's rich, Jim.
You should be proud of yourself for that one.
[WHISPERS]: Quiet.
I think I saw someone place a stash there.
- Who is that? - A friend.
Just act normal.
I know it's a stretch.
[STIFLED LAUGH] I'm gonna get out of here, Jim.
And I'm gonna watch these animals tear this place to the ground.
So you make your way back to your territory.
Then what? Hmm? You don't think that eventually, these gangs are gonna come after you? We need to take them out.
Right here, right now.
Now, how do we pick it up? [THUDS] ECCO: I'll have to have a word with the cleaning lady.
Mind your step, pilgrims.
But first, the main attraction.
Bang, bang.
Each of you get one gun.
And one bullet.
What is this? Like I said, a show of faith.
But if you're ch-ch-ch-chicken [GASPS] Try me.
Oh, my little pilgrims.
This will make Jeremiah so happy.
Now, on the count of three.
One Two Chicken poo.
Just seeing if y'all were listening.
Three! [GUNSHOTS] Well, well, well.
You disappoint me, curls.
I had such high hopes for you.
What, with that cocky little swagger and all.
I'm just not a mindless idiot who's willing to get shot in the head for nothing.
Hear that? Curls is here to judge all of us, to judge Jeremiah and his methods.
What a fitting reminder.
To outsiders, Jeremiah's methods may look like madness, but we believers know: his methods will be our salvation.
Now, I need to have a word with our friend.
The rest of you get straight A's.
Please proceed and be reborn.
[HUMMING] - [BLOWS LANDING] - [MEN GRUNTING] What's the matter? Don't you want to meet Jeremiah? I do.
I'm just not willing to play your little psychotic game.
[LAUGHS] But, baby, it's so fun.
If it's so fun, why don't you play? Don't you get it? I have.
The bullet's still inside.
Rattling around this old noggin of mine.
Boy, do I feel it when the nights get cold.
I was willing to look death in the face, to allow the old me to die.
It's the gift Jeremiah's brother Jerome gave him.
And the gift he wants for all his followers.
Don't you want to experience this gift for yourself? I know I want you to.
You know me.
There isn't a single part of Bruce Wayne's life that we don't know about.
His joys, his disappointments, his desires.
But just like Bruce wasn't ready to embrace his true self, looks like you aren't either.
But one thing Jeremiah did teach me is I [HISSING]: hate having a gun pointed at my face.
[GUNSHOT] Oh, puddin', aren't you delicious.
[GUN CLICKING] Don't call me puddin'.
There you go, Selina.
I knew you had it in you.
All it took was a little kick in the pants.
Where's Jeremiah? Selina, drop the gun.
Oh-oh, your boyfriend's worried.
But I still don't think you have what it takes.
Yeah? Well, let's see what happens when someone deserves to get shot in the head.
Selina, stop! [SHOUTS] [SHOUTS] [SCREAMS] Wait.
You're bleeding.
If you know what's good for you, you will let me go.
We need to get you patched up.
What are you doing? I have been doing it your way.
I'm gonna do it my way.
Selina! Selina! Ha, ha, look at those biceps.
Whoa, I need him to build barricades.
Nah, homie.
This guy's got cage match written all over him.
I'll give you two of mine in exchange.
How about this.
Drop your guns, and I won't shoot you.
How the hell did he get free? Don't matter.
He's bluffing again.
OSWALD: I'm afraid he's not.
Neither am I.
Come on out, boys.
Yes, Edward, I killed the bad men.
Penguin shot the gang leader.
[INDISTINCT CHATTER] REFUGEES [CHANTING]: Penguin! Penguin! Penguin! Penguin! Penguin! Penguin! Penguin! Penguin! Penguin! Penguin! Penguin! Penguin! Penguin! Penguin! Penguin! You'd said we'd be safe here.
We were better off where we came from.
Give it a rest, he saved us! [OVERLAPPING CHATTER] All right, listen up.
- Listen to me.
- For what? Listen to me! I know today was a hard day.
And I can't say there won't be others.
But we won.
We got Penguin's guns, his ammunition.
We survived.
And as long as we survive, hope survives in Gotham.
I think that's worth fighting for.
So do I.
There's work to be done, wounded to be cared for, food, water to be doled out.
Tomorrow's another day.
Go to.
Captain, we've got Penguin outside.
All right, give me a minute.
That was a brave thing you did there.
We wouldn't have escaped without you.
You saved me and my friends.
I wanted to help.
I can't be everywhere at once.
I'm gonna need people I can trust watching over this place.
Maybe you could be my deputy here in Haven.
WILL: Thanks.
Because, honestly, I'm allergic to pineapple.
Go get 'em, Deputy.
Jim, is this really necessary? I did just save, I don't know, hundreds of people.
After endangering them to begin with.
Forgive me if I wanted to play it safe.
Still, I do hope that there are no hard feelings.
You did the right thing today, Oswald.
You're free to go, just don't make me regret it.
Jim! Harvey.
- Hi, Pengy.
- Jim! - GORDON: Hold your fire.
- Bye, Pengy.
- Barbara, no.
- Get out of the way! Now! Outside of the Green Zone, he's fair game, but not here.
Last chance.
Move now or you get my first bullet.
I'm not moving.