Gotham (2014) s05e05 Episode Script

Pena Dura

1 Previously on Gotham Where's Jeremiah? [GASPING] BRUCE: Selina, she's not herself, Alfred.
She's desperate for revenge.
You can't save her from herself.
NYGMA: This time, woke up on a rooftop.
No idea how I got there or what happened during the preceding hours.
GORDON: In Haven, as long as we survive, hope survives in Gotham.
You've been promising me help for weeks.
WALKER: I'm working on getting you help.
GORDON: I promise I won't stop until I find those responsible.
I've got a lead on a guy selling RPGs.
Oh, oh, please don't hurt me.
I just want to know what you saw.
You had some kind of a rocket.
And you shot it at that building.
[FILM PROJECTOR CLICKING] Raise your hands, Mr.
I'm sorry, Steve, they made me do it.
All right, be quiet, you.
Miss Zant, we're sorry to interrupt your breakfast, but you'll come with us, quickly.
You may lower your hands now, Mr.
Turn around.
There a problem, Officer? We know you sold the RPG that took out Haven.
So? So I want to know who bought it.
Or what? You gonna arrest me? Who said anything about arresting you? I want a name.
What do you say, boys? [GUNS COCKING] Should we show this lawman how we feel about uninvited guests? Now, who told you I sold that RPG? [GRUNTING] [GUNSHOT] Eduardo? Nice shot, right? SOLDIER: Lower your weapon now.
EDUARDO: Delta Force, stand down.
What are you doing here? Come on.
The last time I saw you, you were running through sniper fire, plucking my sorry ass from a burning truck.
Least I could do was pay you back.
I had that guy right where I wanted him.
I'm glad you're here.
Yeah, me, too.
We hated each other in boot.
Jim disapproved of my ops tempo.
[CHUCKLES]: Yeah, 'cause you only had one speed: too fast.
Took me a while to realize he wasn't afraid to get his hands dirty.
Just being careful.
- Yeah.
- Well, Jim's taught me a thing or two - about being careful.
- [LAUGHS SOFTLY] So what's the mission plan? Well, we are the help Secretary Walker promised.
Our goal is to make this hellhole safe again.
So it took the murder of hundreds of innocent civilians to get the government to act? We're here to eliminate all criminal threats.
We're gonna blanket the city with flash sweeps.
Well, what about the people that are still trapped here? - They need relief now.
- Hey, I'm with you, but my mandate's clear: first we restore order, then we take the next steps.
We got something, sir.
Captain Gordon, this is my second, Sergeant Angel Vallelunga.
Our arms dealer kept track of his buyers.
"Edward Nygma.
Two RPG.
" Nygma.
Yeah, that name's on my list.
Think he's our bomber? Only one way to find out.
All right, you and I will get Nygma.
Harvey, I need you to set up a command center with the soldiers at GCPD.
- I'll grab some guys.
- Yeah.
Hey, look, hey, Jim.
I'm not as fast as I used to be, but I still got some fight in me.
I'm not a desk jockey.
I'm a street guy.
What you are is the best cop that I know.
We're going after Nygma.
He's ten steps ahead.
This thing goes sideways, you're gonna have to take over.
I need your help, buddy.
I got it.
Oh, there you are, Master Bruce.
There's been a break in the Haven bombing.
Seems that Gordon and Bullock have got a rather strong lead, apparently.
What's the matter with you? I can't find Selina.
I've looked all over the Green Zone.
Somehow, I think Miss Kyle is perfectly capable of looking after herself, Master Bruce.
Except that she's not herself.
You saw what she did to Jeremiah.
I did.
Listen, come here.
Jeremiah Valeska deserved to die.
Jeremiah made Selina a murderer.
Just like Ra's made me a murderer.
Ra's goaded you into stabbing him, Master Bruce.
He used you as an instrument.
You're no murderer.
But Selina is.
You're not the same.
She did what she did with open eyes, and you got to learn to respect that, son.
You're wrong about her, Alfred.
And I'm gonna go find her.
[OVER RECORDER]: I'm standing in a dumpster.
My head hurts.
[FAST-FORWARDS] It's happened again.
It's Saturday, 12:16 a.
My fingernails are full of dirt.
Have I been digging? - - [FAST-FORWARDS] I think it's Sunday.
I can't find my watch.
And it's dark outside, my feet are wet.
There's mud everywhere.
God! It doesn't make any sense! You're not a murderer, Ed.
Except Kristen Kringle.
And Officer Dougherty.
But all those people and children.
How could you do it? Why?! [PANTING] It doesn't matter why.
What matters is that it was you who killed them.
Not me.
[EXHALES] [DOOR THUDS] Edward Nygma, you're under arrest for the attack at Haven and the murder of hundreds of innocent people.
No, Jim, I can explain.
Explain? You son of a bitch.
You actually did it? - On your knees, now.
- No! I didn't.
I can prove it, I just, I need I need a little bit of time.
Say the word, Jim.
You know me, Jim.
The people that I have hurt, they hurt me first.
I didn't know a single person in Haven.
I'm innocent.
It's your call, buddy.
He basically confessed.
We bring him in.
He stands trial.
Yeah, I don't think so.
[STEADY BEEPING] Your friend is standing on a pressure-plated IED.
One of several throughout the rooms.
Twitch, and you'll repaint the room with your organs.
Don't do it, Jim.
This little doohickey monitors my heartbeat.
It increases by ten? Boom.
Decreases by ten? Boom.
You try to walk out of here, and a special forces sniper will put a bullet in your head.
No, they won't.
This thing can detonate his bomb from a mile away.
Or am I bluffing? Once words gets out that you're responsible for Haven, you'll have a target on your back.
I'll take my chances.
- [WHISPERS]: I think he's bluffing.
- No, no.
He doesn't bluff.
I don't want anyone here - if this thing detonates.
- You heard the man.
Tell Sergeant Vallelunga to stand down.
- Yes, sir.
- Nygma walks.
A wristband that monitors his heart rate.
Welcome to Gotham.
So what we do? Well, the way I see it, now we're all tied up.
I just got to save your life one more time, then I'm back in the lead.
Seriously, the hell are we gonna do? Well, he pulled a book to set the booby trap.
I think I can make it.
Assuming the vibrations don't trigger the IED, what then? Then we just got to figure out what sort of puzzle he wants us to solve.
Puzzle? There's always a puzzle with Nygma.
You ready? [BEEPING CONTINUES] [MOUTHS] [EXHALES] [PANTING] Chess Strategy: Knight Moves Nimbly in the Dark.
I'm gonna wring this nerd's neck.
In chess, knights move in an "L.
" Two spaces straight, then one at a 90-degree angle.
Butterfly Collecting with Conviction.
Or Chess Strategy: Knight's Gambit: Escaping Checkmate.
[BEEPS] You okay? You left the Army for this city? It grows on you.
Harvey, come in.
BULLOCK [OVER RADIO]: Jim, you nab Nygma? No.
Put the word out: Nygma's wanted for murder and the attack on Haven.
[GUNSHOTS] BRUCE: I'm looking for Selina.
BARBARA: Follow me.
Everybody, raise your glasses to the killer of Jeremiah Valeska.
[CHEERING] [ROCK MUSIC PLAYING] CROWD [CHANTING]: The freak is dead! The freak is dead! The freak is dead! The freak is dead! MAN [OVER RADIO]: Citizens of Gotham, this is a special bulletin from the police department.
We have identified the person who fired a rocket-propelled grenade that decimated Haven.
Be on the lookout for a tall, skinny man who goes by the name of Ed Nygma.
He was last seen wearing a green suit and eyeglasses.
Ed Nygma.
The monster of Haven.
- Let's go get him! - ALL: Yeah! - Let's kill him! - [CHEERING] Kill him! ALL [CHANTING]: Kill him! Kill him! Kill him! Kill him! Kill him! Excellent.
200 bullets, as promised.
Go have fun.
And there's more where that came from if you keep up the good work.
Off you go.
Cobblepot, sir.
- It's - What? What? "Edward Nygma is the monster res responsible for killing the innocents at Haven.
" [STRAINED]: Ed, what have you done? I saw him go that way! He's over there! Get him! Come on! [OVERLAPPING SHOUTING] ANGEL [OVER RADIO]: Bang Zero-One.
This is Bird Zero-Two.
What's your status, Angel? ANGEL: We cleared 13th to 36th Street, west of Broadway.
Gonna keep pushing uptown.
That's progress.
Still no Nygma.
My boys will scoop him up by nightfall.
Now tell me about this Scarecrow.
Well, he has chemical weapons.
Your guys will need gas masks.
But taking him down would be a big win.
Well, that's why we're here.
[SINGSONGY]: Time to wake up.
[GASPING] Who are you? I'm the woman who's gonna carry out your execution.
It's only fair you die slow and painful to pay for JoJo.
Who's JoJo? JoJo was in Haven when you blew it up.
[LAUGHING] This is a joke, right? 300 people died in Haven.
[SCOFFS] We don't care about people.
- MAN: Yeah! - [LAUGHTER] Look at how happy JoJo was.
[CRYING]: He always had a smile on his face.
You anthropomorphizing nincompoop.
Dogs can't smile.
- [SCREAMING] - [WHOOPING] [SHOUTS] I'm going to fix you, Ed.
What the hell? Floor it! [WHOOPING] Yeah! [WHOOPING] Yeah! Yeah! I'm going to fix you, Ed.
Did I say stop? I'm sorry, Ma.
Ma, can't we just beat him to death? [ENGINE STALLING] It's not starting.
Anything but electrocution.
Please don't let me die this way.
Oh, thank God the fuel line's clogged.
Unclog the line.
[LAUGHS] We got it, we got it.
Come on.
- [LAUGHING] - Please.
Shoot me, stab me, anything but another jolt.
Hit it.
Oh, no! [GASPING] [SCREAMING] GRETEL: Put it out! Boys! Oh, my Lord! Help him! Help him! [YELPING] Who's gonna fix who, Oswald? HENCHMAN: The Army's invading the city, locking everyone up.
- They're coming this way.
- Please.
An invasion is tanks, infantry.
These are scouts.
What about Nygma? HENCHMAN: Nobody's seen him, but we got feelers out.
Well, you tell your "feelers" that the first man to bring me Nygma is the one who gets to live.
Now! [SIGHS] [LAUGHS] I am surrounded by morons, Edward.
If I didn't have an empire to run, I would go get Nygma myself.
[CHUCKLES] [GASPS] Hello, Oswald.
We have a great deal to talk about.
But first, did you name your dog after me? BULLOCK: Jim, Harper just radioed.
She saw Nygma going into City Hall.
He's going to Penguin.
EDUARDO: Cobblepot's at the top of my list from Walker.
Sounds like a twofer.
GORDON: Penguin's sitting on all the ammo in Gotham.
He's better defended, better manned than anyone else.
We need shock and awe.
Shock and awe is my default.
You ready? You know what, take Harvey on this one.
I'll keep things locked down here.
Let's saddle up.
[ROCK MUSIC PLAYING] Man, you're killing my buzz.
I know you, and this isn't you.
- You know me? - Yes.
Maybe better than you know yourself.
Let me tell you something.
That night that your parents were murdered, I was in that alley on the fire escape.
And I watched that guy shoot your father and shoot your mother.
And through it all, I did nothing.
[LAUGHS] I didn't call for help, I didn't [CRYING]: I didn't scream for the guy to stop.
It wasn't your fault.
You were just a scared kid.
You were the scared kid.
We are not the same, Bruce.
I didn't do anything because I wasn't willing to risk my neck for someone else because I didn't care.
That's who I was and that's who I am.
When I want to go, I know what you'll say What did you do to me, Oswald? What are you talking about? Oh, please.
You did something to me.
You You are the reason that I killed those people.
How could you? You have made me into some murderous puppet.
For weeks, I've been waking up in strange places, not knowing how I got there or what I did.
Driving myself mad, thinking I had gone mad.
And now I know that it was all your doing.
Of everything that you have put me through, this this is the most cruel.
I don't know what you're talking about.
I did not make you do anything.
Then what is "I'll fix you"? What did that mean? You didn't fix me.
You broke me! W-W-Wait.
I said that to you the night the bridges blew.
I-I Think I wouldn't remember? No, Ed, I saved your life! That's it! What are you talking about? You had been stabbed, I paid Hugo Strange to save your life.
I bet he did something to you when he was patching you up.
You paid Hugo Strange to save me? Why? What was I supposed to do? Let you die? After Butch, you were my only friend.
You shot Butch! Which is why I needed you! [SHOUTS] [EXHALES] Edward Nygma, if I wanted you to suffer, I would never do it in some backhanded way.
If you and I are ever at odds again, you will know, without a doubt, that I am your enemy.
I promise you that [CRYING]: as a friend.
[GRUNTS] [PANTING] What a mess.
I might have killed you, Oswald.
And if that day comes I swear to you I will stare you in the eye as I stab you in the heart.
[LAUGHS SOFTLY] [SNIFFLES] Look on the bright side.
If Hugo Strange did do something to you, it means you are not responsible for Haven.
Where is he? [RUMBLING] Sir, GCPD and the Army have blown the gates.
Stay here.
You'll be safe.
[QUIETLY]: Grab Nygma.
They want him, not me.
He's gone.
Now, last time we were in a standoff, you ran out of bullets.
[LAUGHS] I hope you're better prepared.
We don't want to take your territory, Oswald.
But you have to put down your weapons and hand over Ed Nygma.
Or, if you and your friends aren't out by the time I count to three, I will mow you all down! We good? Yep.
Go ahead.
[LAUGHS] Harvey, you're not thinking clearly.
Maybe call your boss, see what he thinks.
I don't have to call anyone.
Go ahead.
One [PANTING] How's that for better prepared? Where's Ed Nygma? The whole of Gotham is looking for you.
I need information, your specialty.
I am going to cut your face into a jigsaw puzzle and watch you try and put it back together again.
Barbara Barbara! Am I dumb? In all the years of plotting and the betrayals between us, have you ever ever known me to do something as idiotically brutal as shoot a rocket into a building full of innocent people? I did not kill those people in Haven.
Not exactly.
There's more going on here.
I'm waiting.
The night the bridges fell, I was hurt.
Oswald took me to Hugo Strange.
And he did something to my brain.
And that's your excuse for murdering hundreds of people? I'm saying that Strange, or somebody, can control me.
They killed those people.
Okay, let's say, by some miracle, I believe you.
Why the hell should I help you? Because who's working with Strange? Who would force me to kill all of those people? Information is your lifeblood.
You help me, and I will give you the best intel you've ever had.
I don't know where Strange is.
But I can tell you where you'll find his Igors.
- [PUNCH LANDS] - [GRUNTS] Where is Edward Nygma? You're protecting a mass murderer.
Don't look to me for sympathy.
But not with that meathead around.
[LAUGHS] You know, they say you can judge a man by his friends.
This from a man who has no friends.
Nygma's a patsy.
He is not a mass murderer.
Puzzles, games, perhaps the odd killing here and there, but hundreds of people? No.
That's not him.
You know this.
So who set him up? [LAUGHS] Jim, you want information, I want to go home.
- Eduardo's not gonna go for that.
- Oh, I'm sorry.
I thought you were in charge.
Even if I were to let you go, sooner or later, the Army's gonna come for you.
Things are changing in Gotham.
I'll take my chances.
Now, do you want Nygma or not? I know where Nygma's going.
I trust you know what you're doing.
We do what we have to do, right? Gentlemen.
Come in.
You're late.
The last body you procured for me was gangrenous.
Completely unsuitable.
Oh, my.
Hello, Professor.
Let's skip the part where you deny making me into a killing machine.
Tell me how you took control of my alter ego.
I don't follow.
You did something to access the Ed Nygma side of my personality.
But you're Ed Nygma.
I'm also the Riddler! Tell me what you did! Why did you make me kill all those people in Haven? You did that? How interesting.
I had no idea.
You really expect me to believe that? Mr.
Nygma, I don't know anything about your alter egos.
But I will confess that when I was sewing up your knife wound, I may have tinkered a little with your grey matter.
- Would you just - I put a chip in your brain.
It allows you to be able to be controlled remotely.
I knew it.
But I don't control you.
I gave control to others.
Who? I will write it down.
That way, if I'm ever confronted, I can honestly say that I never told you.
[SIGHS] [THUDS] Not to worry.
You're experiencing a simple neural cutout.
I am mystified as to how you've become aware you're being controlled.
I suppose we're just going to have to open you up and take a look under the hood.
Won't we? Jim.
Sorry, kid, it's just me.
You all right? Yeah, I'm just, uh, just looking for Jim.
It's nothing.
I saw soldiers downstairs.
Yeah, the Army's finally gotten off their asses and decided to help.
Jim's out with them now.
Are you sure you're all right? [DISTANT GUNFIRE] I don't know.
I see people losing their will to do good.
People I love.
What if we don't make it out of this? I'm not gonna lie, kid.
These past few months, I've wondered the same thing.
And when I don't know what to do, I come up here and I dig into these case files.
I sit my ass down and I get to work.
I used to hate this kind of paperwork; now it's the only thing that keeps me going.
Why? Because the little things mater.
Act by act, deed by deed, it means something.
Even if no one notices or cares.
Thanks, Harvey.
You're welcome, kid.
If you really want to do an old man a favor, you can scrounge me up a cup of joe because I, uh Kid's fast.
[DRILL WHIRS] I apologize for the discomfort.
The neural cutout inhibits muscular function, but not pain receptors.
A simple reboot of the chip should be all that is required.
- Although, the sound may be - [DRILL WHIRRING] uh, somewhat unpleasant.
Not to mention the smell.
[CHUCKLES] It seems a powerful electrical charge overloaded your chip, but I've gotten everything updated.
I will pass the good news along to your handler.
[GUN COCKS] Care to expand on that? I was merely helping a man who needed medical attention.
Yeah, not buying it.
His eyes are open.
I gave him a biomedical anesthesia.
Wake him up now.
Do it.
Oh, very well.
[SCREAMS] Oh! I told you this wasn't me! He put a chip in my brain.
And someone's been controlling it this whole time.
And then he drilled in my head! - Better talk now.
- [NYGMA SIGHS] I am a scientist.
A contract came along; I developed a tool.
"A tool"? How dare you? A contract from who? Please escort the professor out, thank you.
What the hell is going on? Sorry, pal, but this part of the op is need-to-know.
I couldn't say anything until we had the suspect in custody, but Walker wants Ed Nygma taken out now.
Walker was behind this? She's been controlling Nygma the whole time? [SCOFFS] You know I hate this spook crap.
I don't ask questions; I follow orders.
She's responsible for Haven? I don't understand, why Jim, stop right there, trust me.
Walker wants you to put a bullet in his brain.
Call it proof of loyalty.
It's what she needs from you before she can move forward with final relief plans.
Hey, come on.
Look at him.
He's a loon.
A cop-killer.
Tell me the truth.
Did Walker destroy Haven? Did you know? - Tell me.
- Jim, ours is not to reason why.
And this is your chance to be a part of this mission.
So please.
You pull the trigger on him, or I pull the trigger on you.
After all this, you'd kill me for some bureaucrat? Mission comes first.
You taught me that.
What's your answer? Looks like I saved your life one too many times.
- Maybe so.
- [GRUNTS] [EDUARDO GRUNTS] You know Jim Gordon.
You know this city.
Find him.
And kill him.
Wake up.
Wake up.
Oh! Stitches still sore, huh? Never would have happened if you wore that armor I prepared.
That bullet is making you sentimental.
Give her a shake, huh? Hmm.
Better? I told you I had to let Selina thrust the knife into my flesh at least once.
Verisimilitude trumps precaution, you see.
I get it.
Selina Kyle and Bruce Wayne needed to think you were dead, boss.
[GASPS] I take it you have news? All systems go.
- Well, then lead the way.
- Oh! Doctor.
I'm hearing good things.
The bandages are ready to come off.
Your assistant thought you'd like to see the results.
Indeed, I would.
[LAUGHS] Oh, you two look beautiful.
Oh I love family reunions, don't you?