Gotham (2014) s05e06 Episode Script


1 - Previously on Gotham - Everybody, raise your glasses to the killer of Jeremiah Valeska.
- A lead on a guy selling RPGs.
- Get out of here, Barbara.
Eduardo? Nice shot, right? Tell me what you did! I put a chip in your brain.
Better talk, now.
A contract came along.
A contract from who? Walker wants Ed Nygma taken out now.
Walker was behind this? She's been controlling Nygma the whole time? Ouch.
Stitches still sore, huh? I told you I had to let Selina thrust the knife into my flesh at least once.
You know Jim Gordon.
You know this city.
Find him.
And kill him.
Your chances of survival are astronomically low, James.
Continuing to run is ill-advised.
Hope you're well rested, Edward.
We have a lot of work ahead of us.
Edward? Edward, what is it? Is someone down there, boy? Cash and jewels aplenty Sparkle in the sky Five and ten and 20 Time to say bye-bye Ooh, pretty, pretty.
I'll call you Charlotte.
Ooh, you're a handsome devil.
What's your name? Oswald Cobblepot.
But I'm guessing you already knew that.
Stop! Penguin.
Didn't think you'd miss a couple things.
Couple things go missing all the time.
How did you know about this place? All of the thieves I used are dead.
Yep, yep.
Was on a job.
Someone got there first.
Followed them back here.
Saw you.
Bang, bang.
Then you know what is in store.
I do hope whatever you came here for was worth your life.
The Russifer Diamond.
Not Russifer.
What's in your other hand? Wait, how did you Bye-bye.
Who the hell was that? Oh, God Oh! Oh, God.
It happened again, didn't it? What did I do? You tried to kill me.
Is that all? I need answers, Ed.
I know Walker gave the orders to destroy Haven and the supply helicopter.
What is she planning next? I don't know.
Jim, I don't remember anything once I go under.
You're bleeding.
You have to let me go.
I'm not responsible for this.
That chip in your head could be evidence.
So unless you want me to rip it out, - you're coming with me.
- Okay.
There you are.
So, go on, then.
How'd it go with Selina? Oh, dear.
Well, I am sorry, Master Bruce, but perhaps it's for the best.
That's not why I called you here.
You see this? Yeah, I know, right? Looks like Captain Gordon's finally getting the help this city so desperately needs.
Is he? What the people desperately need is food and medicine.
Not just more guns.
What is it? No, it's just this unit.
Their motto is "Born of Blood.
" You know them? Yeah, by reputation only.
They're a horrible bunch of bastards.
They specialize in military coups, assassinations.
They're certainly not the vanguard for humanitarian relief.
Excuse me.
When's the supply shipment gonna be here? Supplies? These people are desperate for food, clean water, medicine.
Oh, yeah.
It's on its way.
Where's Captain Gordon? We lost sight of Gordon.
But don't worry.
Eduardo's out there looking for him right now.
Unless you know where we might find him? Logically, he'd come here.
Unless there's some reason he can't.
Tell you what, kiddo.
I'm gonna find you and your friend a quiet place in the back where you can wait for Gordon.
Ah, don't you worry about it, mate.
We'll just catch up with him later.
I insist.
We need to find Jim.
So the government is behind Haven and the supply helicopter, and they did it with a chip in this one's head? Is that really the craziest thing you've ever heard, Barbara? Bruce hit me up on the radio a little while ago, looking for you.
Said things are amiss in the GCPD.
I'll reach out, see if we can meet up somewhere safe.
Can you pull in some of your people, see if they can help? No.
I need them guarding my territory.
- But you have me.
- And me.
I don't trust you.
With or without that chip in your head.
They used me as a pawn to murder innocent people.
They messed with my brain.
The thing that I want is revenge.
How do I know that chip can't be reactivated? Well, when you found me at Strange's lab, he was fixing it after a car battery mishap I-It's safe to say that I think you shorted it out.
Let me look at that.
- What? - Your neck.
That's gonna need stitches.
I have a first aid kit.
I need to keep moving.
Just name your fee.
Can't I just want to help? Not you, not usually.
Friend of mine just tried to kill me.
I don't want anyone else waiting for an excuse - to stab me in the back.
- I gave you Gerry the Jerkwad, and I'm letting you hide out in my club.
If I wanted to betray you, I would have done it earlier.
So, where's that first aid kit? Gonna make myself useful.
What's it gonna take for you to trust me? After everything you've done, I honestly don't know.
I'd listen to her, Jim.
I hear trust is in short supply.
You forget your PSYOPS training, Jim? Lesson one: when a person is in trouble, they go to a familiar place.
Your ex-fiancée's bar was just a stone's throw away, so it's nice to finally meet you, Barbara.
Screw you.
It seems you've lost your tail.
You mean the psychopath you ordered to kill me? You had your chance.
It could have been like old times, buddy.
You, me, together, making the world a better place.
By murdering civilians? Civilians? This hellhole is infested with criminals and terrorists.
Sometimes you just have to clean house, you know? I won't let you.
It's not your call, Jim.
I'm not dead yet.
James Gordon, I've been ordered to kill you.
Well, looks like you haven't lost that tail after all.
If I die, you'll never get the evidence! Stand down.
I have evidence that you and Walker are behind Haven.
If I die, it gets out to the entire country.
It's time to make a deal.
You don't have any evidence.
Is that a risk you're willing to take? It is.
Nygma, kill them both.
Bad time? What do you want? Depends.
What did they want? Oh.
A shot at me.
I killed Jeremiah Valeska.
So the rumors are true.
And now, every scumbag in town wants to take me down to make a name for themselves.
So I got to find a new squat.
How about, in exchange for helping me find someone, I let you crash in my citadel? It's seen better days, but - then again, right? - Who? A miscreant I caught in the act of stealing from me.
She was going to replace the stolen item with an exact replica, except the replica was a bomb.
Ring any bells? White hair, feathered collar, kind of of resembles a goth chicken? You do know her.
She goes by the name Magpie.
What'd she steal? The Russifer Diamond.
What makes you think I would help you after you killed Tabitha in cold blood? Because you believe in an eye for an eye.
Hard as it may be to swallow, Tabitha made her bed when she killed my mother.
Tell you what.
I will help you if I get to keep the diamond.
What? Not a chance.
Ha, ha, ha.
Then you'll never find her.
And every person in Gotham will think it's okay to steal from Penguin.
Is that what you want? You know me too well.
- What happened? - I want every soldier in the field looking for Jim Gordon.
Sir, we maxed out the holding cells.
We may need to keep men here to control the overflow.
Ethan, Sumiko.
We're moving to phase two.
What in the hell's going on? Listen up.
I am not here to play nice.
I am not here to hold anyone's hand.
I am here on a simple mission.
Any questions about the nature of that mission? Are you insane? You can't just execute people.
Do not question me.
This is the mission.
If you don't like it, you'll be locked up, you'll remain locked up, until we purge the criminal element from the streets of Gotham.
Sir, Secretary Walker's on the radio.
We've moved on to phase two, but we've lost track of Gordon and Nygma.
I think Gordon found a way to fry the chip.
We can't have Nygma in the wind with all that evidence in his head.
Just trust me.
Once we find them Don't bother.
I have an idea that will bring Jim Gordon and Nygma to us.
Thanks for getting everyone here.
And for the Wayne R and D.
Are you sure about including Barbara Kean and Ed Nygma? War makes for strange bedfellows.
It's good to have a friend nearby, Bruce.
Ow! Would you be careful? If you'll stop moving, this will go a lot faster.
Well, if you would be more careful, I wouldn't potato all the long legs from the hidden spoon.
What just happened? I believe the chip is installed against his speech center.
Do it again.
The human brain is not a plaything, Ms.
Please don't habituate the curtain rod.
And ah.
How does that feel? Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers.
Oh, God.
Thank you, Lucius.
So what exactly are we looking for? Anything tying Walker or Eduardo to the destruction of Haven.
Why would Walker kill all those people? That's what we have to find out.
Oh, yes.
It appears the chip retains an audio log of every verbal communication with Nygma while he was under.
There's some damage, but if the command to attack Haven is still here, I can trace it back to the computer from which it originated.
It has to be Walker.
They won't be able to sweep this under the rug anymore.
Are you out there, Jim? What do you want? We have someone here who wants to say hello.
J-Jim? What's happening? Lee? We found the Queen of the Narrows in a run-down hidey-hole on the north side.
Tell me, how many ex-fiancées do you have, anyway? Leave her out of this.
She's not involved.
Ah, but she's a criminal, and all criminals in Gotham are now under a death sentence.
But what happens next is up to you.
A trade, perhaps.
Lee Thompkins for Ed Nygma.
Bring Nygma to the GCPD now.
No, we meet at Haven.
I want you to see the carnage you've caused.
Always so emotional.
That's not how wars are won, Jim.
Those are my terms.
Take it or leave it.
I'll play your game.
What are you doing? He's never gonna let you walk out of there.
I don't recall volunteering as a trading chit! He doesn't want Ed.
He wants the chip.
So I'll give him the chip.
Bruce, do you have any contacts in the mainland press? Several.
What would it take to broadcast the information from the chip - to the mainland? - A transmitter, which I have, and a very large antenna, which I do not.
I know where there's an antenna in the Green Zone, but you're not gonna like it.
The roof of the GCPD.
- Harvey.
- Where the hell have you been? You've been gone for months.
I don't know.
I can't remember anything.
What happened to me? I don't know.
We're gonna figure it out.
I promise.
Let's go.
It's gonna be okay.
Eduardo just arrived.
He brought backup, like we expected.
- Time to move.
- Copy that.
Let's go.
Jim! Who are these people? I'm gonna get you out of here, Lee.
I'm not sure that's true, Jim.
It seems you forgot to bring someone.
It's hard to make a swap when you have nothing to trade.
We both know this is really what you want.
Proof that you and Walker are responsible for the destruction of Haven and the murder of hundreds of innocent people.
Now let her go.
Let me guess, you made a copy so you can do this little bit of theatrics for me.
I expected more from you, Jim.
Three soldiers against one man without a gun.
You sure you brought enough help? I don't need any help.
Is that why you sent Nygma to do your dirty work? So he could pick up your slack like I used to? Still dining out on pulling me from that burning truck.
I carried more than my fair share.
I was always the first man in.
Your recklessness got people killed.
I don't know what the hell you're talking about.
Ramirez? No.
Their deaths were not on me.
Put a bullet in my mouth and shut me up.
Not a bullet.
But I am gonna shut your mouth.
Once and for all.
Come try.
- You sure this is the place? - Yep.
This is the place.
Stop her! Ouchie.
You're quick.
I know you? - Doubt it.
- Uh-huh.
You killed Jeremiah.
You're famous.
Not so scary.
I could be famous.
You want a shot at me, too? Unfortunately, you won't have the opportunity.
This is my workshop where I make my boom-booms.
Anything here, boom, boom.
Then more boom and more boom, then the whole room - Boom, boom.
We get it.
- You're bluffing.
Ooh! No, no! Whoops! That watch must have been an original, but other stuff in there, boom, boom.
Good luck.
We tie our shoelaces together, then we lasso the keys off the desk.
And then what, Roy Rogers, huh? They surrender in awe? No harebrained scheme is gonna get us out of this.
Hello! Hope you don't mind, I borrowed some cop stuff from the garage.
Oh, boy, you can put your guns down.
Kevlar in this thing is designed to withstand a blast that can tear down a building twice this size.
What is that? Is it not obvious? It's a bomb! Okay.
Let's play a game.
- Clear out.
- Ah, ah, ah, ah.
If anyone leaves this building, this thing blows.
You gomers messed with the wrong super genius, and now it's time for a little payback.
Nygma, you're a son of a bitch! Oh, not now, Bullock.
The body count at Haven wasn't big enough for you, huh? Shut up! What's your game? The only way to deactivate this bomb is to put a four-digit code on the keypad there.
What's the code? The pallid beach mouse can give birth every four weeks.
Assuming we start with two mice, and that the size of an average litter is 12 mice, and that they are equally split male to female, how many pallid beach mice would we have at the end of one year? The answer to that question is the code.
Oh, I almost forgot.
You have two minutes.
After that, everyone in here goes splat.
Except for me, of course.
I'm in position.
Plug the recorder to the transmitter.
Next, you'll connect the transmitter to the radio.
There should be a black box at the base of the antenna.
Let me know when you get it open.
Nygma's bomb ploy won't last forever.
We just have to wait for the exhaust fans to come to a complete stop before you can use the gas.
What are you doing? You want to take responsibility for people dying? Look around.
This is all on you.
What the hell does that mean? Walker spent months trying to convince her superiors that Gotham was overrun by criminals.
We were this close to being sent in when you set up Haven.
The fact that one man was able to safely house and rescue hundreds of innocent civilians showed the military higher-ups that the criminal element of Gotham must not be so big and scary after all.
They were ready to send in relief, so it had to come down.
Why? What the hell does she want? They were innocent people, children.
They were an acceptable loss for the mission.
What mission, damn it? That's enough.
Take her out back and shoot her.
He doesn't need to see this.
It's my gift to you, a small mercy.
You never should have brought her into this, Eduardo.
Can we speed things along, please, Mr.
Fox? The exhaust fans have to wind down before they can change directions.
If you throw the canisters in now, the gas will blow outside.
Bruce, status? One second.
I'm here.
The box is open.
Two dark green wires right in front.
Attach those to the transmitter.
The message will send.
It's done.
One minute left.
Everybody hear that? One minute before this thing explodes.
I know the answer.
Uh Nope, don't think you do, Bullock.
My high school zoology class is still rattling around up here.
High school was a long time ago, so let's just take the full minute, shall we? Really think about it.
I don't need to.
The pallid beach mouse is extinct.
It disappeared in 1959.
The number you'll have at the end of the year is zero.
The number is zero.
Trust me on this.
I got in trouble.
I had to write an essay about it.
I swear to God.
Oh, dear.
I got a math problem for you.
Count these bullets.
Yes! You want to know why Ramirez and the rest didn't make it out? After your tour of duty was up, we were caught behind enemy lines, taken to the darkest hell on Earth Peña Duro.
Have you heard of it? Prison? I didn't know.
No one did, 'cause it's where we were left to die by our government.
I was the only one that survived.
Walker Walker, she found me in that place.
She pulled me out.
She gave me a new purpose.
She made you her killer.
No, no, Jim.
She's the killer.
And you have no idea.
Lee? You and your stupid revenge.
The diamond isn't even worth anything in Gotham anyway.
Unless The diamond is worth something on the mainland.
And I bet you have way more where that came from.
You're leaving Gotham.
Congratulations, you're a genius.
Why? "Alexander the Great "then looked upon his land "and wept.
For there was nothing left to conquer.
" I've done all I can in Gotham.
Some things twice.
There's nothing left for me here anymore.
I want in.
I can't even walk around the city without some lowlife trying to take me out.
Just so he can up his cred.
I don't want to be the person who killed Jeremiah Valeska.
I just want to be myself.
And I can't do that in Gotham anymore.
My heart weeps for you.
But no.
What if I could get us out of here? You do that, I will cut you in.
Ten percent, and I won't murder you - once we reach the mainland.
- Deal.
Selina, wait! She said, "Anything in the room could be a bomb.
" Not the room itself.
- Did you know that the whole time? - Just thought of it.
We should hurry before she gets away with all our stuff.
Don't worry.
She won't get far.
Alvarez, take Lee to my office.
Be right there.
I got to be honest with you, man.
I don't know how many more of these close calls this old heart can take.
We were able to transmit the audio logs, but until I hear back from my contacts, I won't know if they received them.
Well, if they did, probably have a lot of questions.
We'll spend the night and help out.
Alfred can go back to the apartment and grab what you can? Certainly, Master Bruce.
Thanks, Bruce.
The next time I get a short straw, I'm just gonna walk into traffic.
Where has Lee been this whole time? I don't know.
I'm not gonna wait around to watch their touching reunion.
What is happening here? I don't know where to start.
When I didn't hear from you, I'd hoped you'd gotten out of Gotham.
The last thing that I remember is Jeremiah destroying the bridges.
That was over three months ago.
Three months? Oh, my God.
You don't remember anything? I'm trying, and Right before the bridges came down, you said you were leaving the city.
- Why didn't you? - I don't know, Jim.
None of this is making any sense.
We're still cut off.
There's no help.
It's been hard.
Actually, that's not true.
It's been hell.
People needed hope, so I put on a brave face.
Pretended I knew what to do.
But you know me, Lee.
I'm just a cop.
And now I'm really lost.
Hey, it's okay.
We're here now.
We'll just try to put the pieces back together again.
Maybe we can help each other.
Let's start with my memory.
I went back to the Narrows.
I saw Ed.
We fought.
We Oh.
He stabbed me.
- What? - Wait, let me remember.
I stabbed him.
There was so much blood.
Then I was somewhere A hospital, maybe? Eduardo.
So much potential, but not quite up to the task.
How? We've been burned.
The press have recordings of me instructing Nygma to take down Haven.
I thought I might accomplish my task without setting foot in this foul city, but that's not to be.
You won't die yet, my warrior.
There is so much more for you to do.
Professor Strange will have you fixed up in no time.
Jim Gordon.
Don't worry about Gordon.
Nygma was never alone.
There was a second operative.
You okay? You cold? The hospitals were all out of commission.
Just the one clinic in the green zone.
Lee? Time to die, Jim Gordon.
Ah Wanted: one butler.
Military background a plus.
References required.
Yes, Mr.
I have a job for you.
Well, you weren't lying when you said she wouldn't get far.
Pretty crown's booby-trapped.
Ouch, indeed.
I couldn't have you coming back here and making off with all of my belongings.
Our belongings.
Cut my wings, let me go? Bang, bang.
What the hell? The buckshot in her gut wasn't enough punishment? Just a little reminder of what happens when people try to steal from me.
Good to know.
So Lee has a chip, too? I don't know how, but it seems that way.
Walker must have been holding onto her as some sort of plan B this whole time.
Three months? That's a hell of a long game she's playing.
Which means she probably has other tricks up her sleeve.
- Welcome back.
- Oh, hell.
This is gonna keep happening.
What's wrong with me? The good news is, I think I can actually answer that.
I need to talk to you.
Now is not a good time, Barbara.
Don't you remember the good time we had the other night? - Over there? - Say what? You need to leave now.
I'm pregnant.
Good to see you, Lee.
Long time.
Congratulations? You.
You're supposed to be dead, mate.
Sorry to disappoint.
You hurt my boy and I will bite your face off.
Ah Bruce will be along shortly.
In the meantime This place is in desperate need of some good, old-fashioned butlering.
How did you even find a way off the bloody island anyway? How? One if by land, two if by sea, three if by digging a tunnel under the river.
But enough questions.
Today is the big day.