Grace (2021) s01e02 Episode Script

Looking Good Dead

Those were the news headlines.
Now it's time for the shipping forecast issued by the Met office on behalf of the Maritime and Coast Guard Agency at 3:00 AM on Thursday the 24th of September.
There are warnings of gales, in Viking.
Thames, Dover, White, Portland, Plymouth.
Love you.
Bye kids! Showers, rain later, could occasionally pour later.
North four to six, occasionally seven metre, showers, good.
Hold the doors, hold the doors! Meet Claudio Fruselli, 49, economically inactive.
He's a former teacher, did a bit of tea leaves and astrological charts for pin money.
He missed a family lunch on Sunday, his cousin came by today.
Didn't get a reply, but said heard music blaring at top volume.
So that's why he called it in.
Did neighbours not say anything about the music? No, got back from Tenerife two hours ago and the other side is empty.
Smoker bored of chem-sex family favourites.
GBL, GHB, Methadone, Meth.
You back on the flight roster then? You mean if the upstairs are giving me enough rope? Yeah, for now.
Wasn't there a bloke found cuffed to his bed a couple of weeks ago in Lewis? Wasn't that a suspected GBL overdose? Yeah, you're right.
Do you reckon they could be connected? If there is something going on here, it's better to be across it sooner rather than later.
It was adultery, Mr.
Adultery, it was just the once.
I'm assured it's less the frequency with which you transgressed your marital vows and more that it was with your wife's sister.
Yeah, all the same, I deserve something.
It was four years.
I'm entitled.
But surely it's too early to be talking about insolvency.
Look I have a very large order from Jarvis coming in that should put us comfortably, but a letter of intent? No, not as such, but I'm seeing Paul Jarvis this weekend and I would hope to be able to show you that letter by the end of next week the latest.
Yes, of course.
Bye now.
Hey, man, all good? Yeah.
All back up and running.
Overheating, swapped the fan out.
You all right? Yeah, yeah, yeah, just cashflow, you know.
If people would pay what they owe in time.
Tell me about it.
Meanwhile Sophie is spending like there's no tomorrow.
I swear it's gonna be the death of me.
Could always say no.
Think I haven't tried? Anyway, thanks for coming out, yeah.
Hello, Bryce Right Promotional Merchandise, Zack Bryce speaking.
How did it go with Mr.
Fletcher? I know we're acting for him, but I hope he doesn't get a penny out of her.
Good-looking, though.
I mean, not Martin good-looking, but he's got an arrogant thing going on.
Oh, Martin, would you mind if I left half an hour early? I've got to take my cat to the vet.
Of course, could you be in for eight prompt, though, I wanna finish the case papers for council on Paul Murray, yeah? Sure.
What? Asphyxia? When the body hangs in the down position, the muscles around the lungs interfere with breathing, it's how most victims of crucifixion went.
We're still waiting on tox, but it does seem likely, GBL or some sort of chem-sex drug could have played a part.
So what are we saying? Some sort of sex game gone wrong? Well he must have had someone with him.
I mean, you can't string yourself up like that, can you? I wouldn't rule it out.
I mean, some of these auto-erotic types, I'm telling you, they can give Houdini a run for his money.
But likely an accident, wouldn't you say? Overdose, possibly, but he, what about some kind of seizure, kicked over the steps, passed out, misadventure either way.
If someone was with him, I mean surely, they would have cut him down.
I mean, even if they didn't wanna get involved, they could have just, I don't know, called an ambulance and left the door open.
There was a GBL overdose in Lewis, a week before last.
Welcome to the South Coast.
Anything suspicious? Not that we could find.
Mind you, off the top of my head, I can think of three killers who have used this scene as their hunting ground and that's just in the last five years.
Okay, well, keep me across it.
And Roy, the judge on the Hussein case is sending out the jury tomorrow, so, fingers crossed.
So, Lager frenzy? - I can't tonight.
- Why? What are you doing? Are you washing your hair? How are you, man? Walking myself.
You don't have to worry about me.
Yeah, I know that.
But if I don't, then who will? Give Ari my love, and say hi to the kids.
Yeah, I just went through a tunnel.
Yeah, incredible, yeah, mate, yeah.
Oh, oh, I'm just coming in to Preston Park now.
So, I'll be in touch.
Cup of choo-choo's on me.
Yeah, watch out, mate.
Yeah, you are, as always, a groovy cat.
A gentleman, a scholar and an acrobat.
Hey! Hey, hey, hello, excuse me, you! Daddy's home! Hi, babe.
Daddy! Oh! Here we go.
Score from there! And he thought to himself, what a great adventure he'd had.
And then, winkly-wonkly worm, wriggled through the mud, all the way home.
The end.
How many of them have you had? Just the one.
But it's gone straight to where it goes.
And you know it always gets me in the mood.
But, maybe just, dial it back on Saturday night though, at Paul Jarvis' drinks-do.
What, don't drink at a drinks-do? I need to make a good impression.
And you're saying I won't? He is an important client, Soph, I need a big order, the business needs it.
Really, please.
Okay, okay.
Did you see any of the links I sent? I, I, I haven't had a chance.
Just, work stuff, you know.
Dubai, they've got some good deals.
Don't be too long.
Bertie? Bertie! Bertie! Bertie, come on, where are you? Bertie, Bertie, come on boy, come on.
Bertie, there you are, come on.
What is that? Hello, it's Janie's phone.
Sorry, Mr.
Broom, I can't get a hold of her.
But there was a lot of traffic on the one-way, so.
Oh, thanks.
Get an appeal out to ramblers, dog-walkers, see if they noticed anyone suspicious nearby in the past couple of days.
Also, missing persons in the local area.
If not, broaden that out to include the whole of Sussex.
Morning Joe.
It's not very nice, I'm afraid.
A dismembered torso, female, multiple stab wounds.
The head is absent, all four limbs have been severed.
One arm and both legs in the bag along with the torso, that was wrapped in a duvet cover.
Age? That's one for the pathologist.
Educated guess.
Um, well, anything from late teens to, I don't know, the 40's would be pushing it.
Time of death? Oh, that definitely is above my pay grade.
So what about the missing arm? Oh, anyone's guess, animal predation, foxes maybe.
Why take her head? To conceal her identity maybe? Well, if that was the case, they would have taken her hands as well.
Why didn't they? Why dump here where she was bound to be discovered? Why not just bury her? Because whoever did this wanted her to be found.
Look, I thought if I found an address I might be able to return it.
A data stick you found on a train.
What is it that they say about a road to hell? Did you open up any attachments you didn't recognise? No, no, I just, plugged it in and I don't know, the machine shut down.
Just like that? You been on any websites you shouldn't have? I'm not talking Common or Garden Smart, I'm talking off the map.
Heebie dragons, dark websites.
No, man, why would I? All people do.
You buy any gear? Not judging.
Do I look like a stoner? Anyway, I wouldn't know how to get on this.
Good, because you go poking around in there, you're liable to end up on a watch list or a register.
I'm serious, mate.
You open that door, you don't know what kind of demons you're gonna look through.
Just let me know when you've fixed it, Chris.
I will, mate.
So fingerprints from the hand came back negative for previous.
We've sent off a request for priority DNA, if she's on the database we should get a result later today.
Mispers? In Brighton we've got two missing women that match the general description of the body, county wide another three.
How does that fit with the time frame? Well, first impressions on the scene from the pathologist put the time of death within past 24 hours.
So what are we looking at? Domestic homicide? Well the perp often makes an attempt of concealment, right, usually out of guilt, remorse, shame.
So I think Roy is right, I mean whoever did this, intended for us to find her.
Got a trainee solicitor, who didn't turn up for work today.
She had an important meeting this morning.
She never showed.
She's 23 years old, so she's inside the margin.
It's Janie Stretton.
Chris, I just wanted to say thanks, you got it back up and running.
Not exactly, the triggers broom-job, mate, your hard drive's been bricked, so I stuck you in a new one.
Also, I've installed some weapons grade AV software.
Anyway, I'm gonna take the memory stick back to base for a full going over.
Right, um, probably best just to bin it, though, wouldn't you say? I'd like to know what we're dealing with, just in case it's something new.
Don't take it personally.
No, no.
Sure, well, thanks again.
Ta-ta, mate.
Janie's been with us a couple of months.
She's a law student at Bristol.
Taking a year out to get some experience.
This isn't in character for her? No, not at all.
Boyfriend? No, no I don't think so.
There was someone, I think.
Oh, really? Well, only recently.
How recent? A month maybe.
And she didn't mention a name or when she saw him last? No, she's quite private about her personal life.
Police 101, how may I help you? Hello? If you can't speak, just press five.
You're probably looking at the body of a woman with blonde hair.
20's or early 30's, no sign of sexual assault on the victim.
34 stab wounds, long, thin blades, the letter type possibly.
One curiosity, this was found inside of what remains of her oesophagus.
What's that? Some sort of stag beetle, maybe? Could be native.
It's nothing I recognise, I'm afraid.
Oh, it's a horrible-looking thing, isn't it? It was dead? Oh, yes.
So you're saying someone put it there? It certainly looks that way.
We don't let the press have a word of this, all right? This stays between us and the murderer.
I'll see if there are any other victims in the UK where a beetle was found at the scene.
Anything further on misper's? One's been found, one's been ruled out by distinguishing features.
And what about this missing solicitor? She left work early to go to the vet apparently, but the receptionist says, there was no appointment and she never came by.
Her letting agent's meeting us at the flat first thing.
Okay then, well, unless anything else comes in, I'll see you all at the 8:30 briefing.
Roy! Any more on your fetish guy and the GBL overdose in Lewis? Banking and credit card history say they were both members of the same gym chain, Pulse Rate.
But at different times.
No connection beyond that? Not so far, no.
Maybe let it ride then.
No need to spread yourself too thinly.
Um, I hear on the wire, there's a detective chief superintendency coming up.
Hampshire, change of scene, rank.
Might do you good.
Is it the aftershave? Hampshire? Just trying to be a friend.
You nearly caused a mistrial, by taking evidence to a medium.
You might still have cost us a conviction, the chief is worried.
Everyone had a lot of sympathy for you after Sandy.
That was six years.
Any good will that bought, the jury comes in not guilty, I'm just saying, word is, you better start looking for somewhere new to lay your hat.
Hear this advice.
Last night you accessed a website you were unauthorised to visit.
Today, you tried to access it again.
We do not appreciate uninvited guests.
If you inform the police about what you saw or if you ever try to access the site again, what is about to happen to your computer will happen to your wife, Sophie, to your son, Felix and to your daughter, Jessica.
So take a good look and have a hard think.
Your friends at the Scarab Corporation International.
No, no, no.
Stop, no, no, no.
Stop, stop, please.
Go back, go back.
Well, they're both identical.
Apart from the paint job.
Copris lunaris, also known as a dung beetle or Scarab, indigenous to Southern Europe and North-Africa.
Are they found here at all? Typically not outside of a zoo.
But if you went to Luxor, the Valley of the Kings, you'd find scarabs covered everywhere.
They were significant in funeral rites in antiquity.
They'd be put in a tomb to ensure eternal resurrection.
Excuse me, professor.
Looks like we may have ID on the field remains.
Hers? Yeah, keys were on the coffee table.
So she didn't drive to meet the killer then.
Anything from the neighbours? Blind eye avenue, student digs, short lets.
So nobody saw anything, not her, not whoever she was with? No, somebody mentioned a black car with tinted windows but that could just as easily be dealers.
Student, wasn't she? Yeah.
This is more like a show home than a student's digs.
Any sign of forced entry? No, nothing.
The killer's attempted to clean up by dusting a fresh duvet over the bed.
But there's blood on the wall and on the mirror over the bed.
Arterial spray most likely.
Wait, there's more.
Whatever floats your boat, right.
Well, there's enough here to float the Ark Royal.
There was a mobile under the bed, it's been bagged and dusted.
There's a laptop too.
Well, get them to John Rye in digital forensics.
Contacts, last calls, social media, anything and everything he can get from them.
Oh, and there's a cat somewhere.
Someone make sure it's looked after.
Who's their next of kin? How was your drive? It's an awful road, don't know why they can't just make it a motorway.
Janie's always spending when she comes down here.
I'm sorry about the boxes and well, everything.
I'm letting the place go, needs must really.
Recession, couple of bad investments.
Would have broken my wife's heart, you know, small mercies.
This is just too big now it's just me.
And with Janie away.
You said on the phone you had news.
Hi Bella, what can I do you for? Anything you can get off these.
Calls, contacts, social media.
I'm not exactly slack.
- It's the body at Hob's Dyke.
- I'll see what I can do.
As soon as you can.
Joolz, got a job for you.
Hello? Hello, is anyone there? Is that the Bryce residence? Yes.
Are you Mrs.
Sophie Bryce? Yes, who is this? I've put some photographs of Janie together, you asked for.
I'd appreciate them back.
Of course, thank you, Mr.
Look, I'm sorry to have to ask you this, but is there anyone you could think of who might have had any reason to harm your daughter? No, no one.
She was so caring.
Did Janie have a boyfriend? Um, Justin would be the last I met.
Justin Remington.
He's something in London, hedge management.
They met at university.
Nice boy, but Janie doesn't want anything serious while she's building her career.
Didn't want.
Can I see her? I'd like to see her, please.
Stretton, do all these things belong to your daughter? Oh, yes.
Little jackal was Janie.
She was particularly fond of anything with a butterfly on it.
She even had one, a tattoo of one here, on her left arm.
Can I take something that she might have worn recently? Um, well, um, yes.
The silver ring's probably the best bet.
She used to wear it all the time at home.
You'll let me know, will you? When I can see her? Hey, daddy's girl, wanna go splitsies? You got your own work.
Andy and me can take the laptop, if you don't mind, Andy.
Or the mobi, dealers choice.
I know what you're doing, in-cell scum.
Says the low-tier Becky.
Papa John Rye got his eye on you.
Do you think he visualises scenarios? Exchanges? Porking you? I got that reference.
You're disgusting.
You really wanna go down that road again? Harry Frame? Do you wanna get busted, is that what this is? Some sort of death wish? 'Cause look, I'm your friend, yeah? And if I don't get it, well God knows what upstairs are gonna think of this.
It's just insurance.
I've got something in my back pocket, I don't need to use it, but I feel better knowing it's there.
You know who talks like that? Who? Addicts.
Oh, come on, this is not that.
Isn't it? No.
All right, well, give it back.
And if that's not what this is, then give it back to him.
You can't do it.
I could.
I absolutely, I choose not to.
I choose, it is a choice.
You know what, you keep telling yourself that.
And then, you can tell disciplinary once they put you out on your ass.
She wasn't his first.
What? Fruselli, the gimp.
Either he's got a curious interest in scarab beetles or someone left a calling card.
I was at the PM, there was no beetle inside the suit or on the body.
I went back, it was on the mouse pad.
Painted white, it was identical to the one recovered from Janie Stretton's remains.
And we were right about why the killer left her where he did.
It was for the same reason the music was left blaring in Fruselli's flat.
He wanted him to be found.
Only the neighbours were away, so there was no one to complain about the music.
Yeah, and this time he made absolutely sure that Janie was found.
He's showing off.
He doesn't wanna be ignored certainly.
We need to go back to the first GBL overdose in Lewis.
See if there are any scarabs left there.
Sorry, I was just rustled.
Look, it was probably just a cold caller who got cut off.
Double glazing or insurance and nothing to worry about.
If you're sure.
Yeah, of course.
Well, let's better get tea on.
Hello, this is Janie's phone.
I can't take your call right now, so leave me a message.
Janie, it's Verity.
Broom was expecting you in at 8:00 o'clock this morning, can you give me a call? And then at 11:30 we have.
Janie, Claire, I've got something for you.
Can you give me a call, please.
Sorry, traffic was a bitch.
Present company, obviously, Ma'am.
The additional man power, DS Norman Potting.
He'll be with us for the duration.
Stormin' Norman, good to be on the team.
Norman, do you know John Rye from digital forensics? Indeed, yeah, Robocop we call him.
John Cyber man Rye.
I'm in, hi John.
John? Mid-day yesterday, we have.
Janie, it's Claire again.
I'm worried you might not have gotten my last message.
It was for tonight.
You've got this Claire's number presumably? It was registered to a business, by the name of FGX-247 Limited.
We also pulled a message off Janie's phone Tuesday morning, from Ant.
Just said, tonight, 7:30.
Janie replied kiss, kiss.
PAYG sim, paid for on a clone credit card, no longer in service.
This FGX-247, has anyone heard of it? Only FGX I've ever heard of is off the menu of an escort service.
You'd know about one, Norman.
Yeah, well I should do, five years on Vice.
Yeah, got all the acronyms down, Pat.
FGX, DFK, DP, ATM, which doesn't involve a cash point.
And of course, MSOG, multiple shots on go.
You should go on Mastermind.
No, they turned me down.
FGX, Norman.
Yeah, it's sometimes referred to as FG, it's an umbrella term, it means full girlfriend experience.
Chris, it's Zack, I'm sorry to keep bothering you.
Any word on that laptop? Sorry, mate, I've not had a chance.
Got in last night and the whole place has been turned over.
Oh, mate, they take much? Enough, just cheap bits and bobs.
Half the stuff they nicked was in for repair.
Drunkies probably.
I mean, look at it, it's gonna take me a week to clear this up.
What about that memory stick? Do you know what, I've not even had a look.
Yep, that's gone too, sorry, pal.
Right, I'll get onto your laptop as soon as I can but I wouldn't hold your breath.
Is that FGX-247? Yes, it is, what can I do for you? Am I speaking to Claire? Who's calling? You left a message for Janie Stretton Wednesday afternoon.
Who are you? Detective Superintendent Grace, East-Sussex CID.
Claire? I think we got cut off.
Janie Stretton, she got a message on Tuesday from someone called Ant.
Is he one of yours? Anton, his name is.
Anton what? Your guess.
Look on a first date, we phone the girls after ten minutes.
They have a safe word they can use if they're not happy.
This was her fourth date with him, I didn't have any reason to be worried.
How many girls have you got in your books? About 30 and ten guys.
You wouldn't happen to have a Claudio Fruselli by any chance, would you, 50's? Never heard of him.
And this Anton, has he seen anyone else on your books? No.
Just Janie.
I can let you have his mobile, if you like.
We always take a number for them.
Oh, well, I'm sure it's safeguarding measures like that, that ensure that none of your workers end up in a bin bag, dismembered on Hob's Dyke.
That was her? Yeah.
That was her.
Norman, you'll need to draught in help, but could you organise a troll through CCTV of likely date spots in the Brighton area on Tuesday.
Janie Stretton went out on her fourth date with this guy, Anton, or whatever his real name is.
They must have been picked up somewhere.
Specials and PCSO's to take the photos we have of her to every restaurant, bar, pub in Brighton and Hove area.
Same end, yeah.
And oh yeah, John, I asked John to take a look at a mobile belonging to Claudio Fruselli.
Who we found dead on Tuesday.
Yeah, um, Mr.
Fruselli was active on a number of hook-up sites used by the gay community.
He agreed to meet someone calling themselves Lancer, previous Friday.
The last activity we've got from him, is just after 7:00 that evening.
After that, nothing.
Right, where are we with tropical insect breeders? I found one in Reigate, that sounds interesting.
He had a request to supply a scarab beetle just over ten days ago.
And this one, we like to call, the roach room, for obvious reasons.
We supply a lot of these to the pharmaceutical industry, for tests.
Did you know that if you cut off a cockroaches head it can live for up to 15 days? There you go, Copris Lunaris.
DC Boutwood tells me that someone bought one from you recently.
Only sale I've had in recent months for the Lunaris.
Not much call for them really.
Just the occasional collector.
Who was the customer? Funny bloke.
Aussie, maybe? Rang about a month ago, asked if I had any in stock.
Said he wanted 50 of them.
50? Yeah, he was quite specific.
They had to be Copris Lunaris.
Live or dead? Dead.
So you've met him? No, he phoned up.
Sent a mini cab and the driver paid cash.
Sorry, excuse me.
Bella, what have you got? I've just seen Janie's ex.
He's pretty broken up, they were only together 15 months at Uni, but he was crazy about her.
Anything there? Well, he's alibied for the 24 hours leading up to the discovery of the body.
He hasn't spoken to her in a year.
Did he say why they split up? He didn't wanna speak ill, but to quote him exactly, "She got into stuff I couldn't deal with.
" What kind of stuff? Oh, brilliant Joolz, well done.
A web-cam girl? In addition to the escort work? All the ex knows is that she got into it at Uni.
To supplement her income and pay off her student loan.
The whole sugar daddy thing.
And are we releasing that information, that she was a sex worker? I've asked family liaison to take the temperature with her father.
Anything more on Anton? The number we got from the escort service was the same untraceable pay-as-you-go as John Rye pulled from her mobile.
And the account he used to pay them, that was a burner too.
And the other scarab beetle you found at Fruselli's, is that definitely the same? Yeah, I'm also pretty certain that Fruselli had a laptop stolen.
There was a table in front of where he was found hanged, it was dusted with speed apart from the area that was a perfect fit for a 13 inch laptop.
Well, you know as well as anyone, serial killers tend to have a type.
These two couldn't be more different.
They're connected.
I'm sure of it.
And you thought the GBL in Lewis was connected too.
I did, yeah.
But having looked into it, I've ruled it out.
There was no scarab beetle found at the scene.
Unless there was anything else? Have you thought any more about Hampshire? I'll bear it in mind.
Hey, girlfriend.
How about you refill us cocktails.
Squivel, Dave.
Seriously, what's with you and the boss man? I mean even Andy noticed he was a bit handsy earlier.
I didn't say that.
Oh, Joolz, good work, oh your skills make me so horny.
He's like a 100.
Yeah, enough of the neck rub, okay.
See ya.
See ya.
Sure, sure, yeah, yeah, I'm on the train.
I'm absolu-lu,.
Yeah, you know it.
So, how's it shaping up, that little lady? Is she? Is she? Yeah, I bet she is.
Wow, yeah, yeah.
You all right, mate? Yeah.
Ah, sorry, Roy, I'm not being shown anything at all.
They're not coming through today.
They don't always, you know.
If you wanna leave it with me.
Sure, yeah, if there's anything, just let me know.
What is it? Work or personal? The top brass think that a move to Hampshire might be a good idea.
What do you think? Maybe they're right.
Change of scenery, fresh start, get away from the past.
What do you feel? I met Sandy in Brighton.
We fell in love here, we got married here.
I lost her here.
Hampshire feels like letting go, giving up.
And I'm not ready.
If I knew, if I knew for certain, she was gone, I would walk away, close the door.
It's irrational, I know.
But I keep thinking if I move, she won't be able to find a way home.
It's funny, in this crime scene, I, I caught her perfume in the air.
It was like she just stepped out of the room.
It was a violent death.
She had blue hair, purple hair.
There's something with her arm, her left arm.
She had a mark on her wrist, somewhere here.
Um, a birth mark.
No, no a tattoo, small.
And she wore a bracelet.
A butterfly maybe.
He's got it.
Who's got it? The man.
Which man? Where? There's a blue room.
Sorry, it's gone, it was so strong and then.
You need to be very careful.
There's death close at hand and water.
It ends by water.
Babe? Hey, what is it? Sweep the bars, pubs, clubs, still come up blank.
Nobody at FGX-247 is going to admit knowing Janie, but I have found out she was registered at another escort agency.
So, I'm just gonna work my way through the client list.
Where are we with our beetle dealer? I've spoken to every mini cab firm in the Reigate area, so far there's no sign of the driver who picked up the scarab beetle.
Sorry, I've got a fellow in a phone box, says he thinks he witnessed Janie Stretton's murder.
Zack? Who's this? Zack, my name is Roy, Roy Grace.
I'm the senior investigating officer in charge of the Janie Stretton murder inquiry.
Zack we need to talk.
If you saw what you say you saw.
I did.
All right, I saw it all.
All right, well we need to meet, Zack.
We need to meet face to face, do you understand? We can't do this over the telephone.
I can't.
They'll know, they'll find out, I have a family to think of.
Well I'll meet you anywhere, Zack, wherever you say.
Where would you feel safe? I didn't think it was real, you know.
That's why I took a screen grab.
I thought it must have been a film, but.
You can't do that with special effects.
The way she.
It was too real.
The sounds and.
You did the right thing.
But that's it, the worst is over.
I should have come to you sooner.
But, I was afraid.
Who wouldn't be? You had your wife, your kids to think about.
But we've got it now, okay.
I promise you, we won't let anything happen to them.
You just go about your daily life as normal and leave everything else to us, all right? The man on the train, do you think you'd recognise him if you saw him again? This is the right train? Definitely, the 18:10 fast, yeah.
That's him.
Are you sure? Absolutely.
Reginald Morris D'Eath, convicted sex offender, some time pimp, procurer of underaged girls, and pandering chief to anyone who thinks they can use the UK as their own private knocking shop.
Lately, he's been the producer and provider of bespoke violent pornography.
He came off a three stretch at Parkhurst last summer.
So D'Eath leaves the memory stick on a train, Mr.
Bryce finds it, sticks it in his laptop, turns out it's his golden ticket to a page of the dark web, streaming the murder of Janie Stretton, just like that.
Not quite, Ma'am.
Whatever programme is on the thumb drive does all the heavy lifting.
Instals a bespoke, anonymous, virtual, private network, that will locate and gain entry to the correct address.
You tried using the URL on the screenshot presumably? Yeah, we have Ma'am.
But as far as I understand it, their software allows anonymous browsing by rooting connection through a chain of different computers, encrypting data in the process.
But without whatever else is on this thumb drive, we can't find the site, never mind get in.
It's like a homing beacon and a key to the door in one.
That's why Mr.
Bryce couldn't access the site the second time he tried.
Although it appears someone picked up on his attempt.
Snuff films? A snuff channel, Scarab Corporation International.
That's why we've been finding beetles at the crime scenes.
Not so much proof of life as proof of death.
He's asserting his authorship.
Authorship? How many of these films are there? Well, the insect wrangler said he'd sold 50 scarab beetles.
Do we think D'Eath is behind it? That he's graduated from torture porn to actual murder? Well, it certainly seems to be his niche.
And, you know, even if it isn't, at the very least he should be able to tell us where he got hold of that thumb drive.
D'Eath! Anything? He could just be not answering.
Norman, we'll try the back, make sure he doesn't leave by the front.
Hello! Reginald D'Eath! East Sussex Police.
Reggie, we just wanna talk to you.
It's safe to come out.
We just want some help with our inquiries.
Roy! Get up here! We need some air.
What did they say? They said that we've done the right thing.
But that they'd take care of it now, we're not to worry.
Are you sure we should go tonight? They know who he is and they're gonna bring him in, they said we're just to carry on as normal.
All the same.
Look, I can't just call Paul Jarvis and bail out now.
Soph, really, I can't afford to piss him off.
I need to make good on a big order that he's promised me, okay, I just gotta do that.
Calm down.
We'll go.
We'll go, okay.
Look, we'll have a good time.
I'll smile and look good and you'll get your order, okay.
Neighbour clocked a blue four-by-four outside the house last night and took down the reg.
Yeah, it's registered to a company called Bornholt International Limited, Brighton PO box.
Odds are that's just an accommodation address.
You know, my dad used to spray the potato crop with sulfuric acid, kills off the shoots, makes harvesting much easier.
So if we're looking for someone with enough sulfuric acid to fill a bath we should be looking for potato farmers? Or whoever supplies them.
Yeah, I'll go check out the whole silos who use in bulk sulfuric acid in the area, right? Sir, I've spoken to the babysitter.
The Bryces are out, she doesn't know when they're gonna be back.
Uniform have promised me a unit on the scene as soon as possible.
Fine, tell it park up discreetly.
Out of view of the house, but obvious to anyone who fancies their chances.
We'll talk to them first thing.
I've just had a call from a bar manager that I spoke to yesterday, Sapphire Bar.
He reckons he's got footage of Janie Stretton.
Recordings normally get deleted after 72 hours but, as I said, we've had an issue with dealers.
It's her.
No question.
Who's the man? Never seen him before.
What sort of guy wears shades indoors? The same sort that makes sure he's got his back to the CCTV cameras in almost every shot.
The sort that doesn't wanna be recognised.
Hey, everything all right? Yeah, fine Mrs.
Bryce, the children were no trouble.
Go on then, crab your coat, I'll run you home.
Hey, hey, I can drive.
No, you can't, you're at least two drinks over the limit.
It's all right, after everything you've been carrying around you needed to relax.
But it's done now, right? You got your order.
Be good.
Hey, I love you.
You only say that when you're blooded.
No I don't.
Yeah, you do.
It's all right at least I know you mean it.
Morrison, I'm so sorry to call so late, it's Zack Bryce.
Um, Mandy did some babysitting for Sophie and me tonight, I just wanted to make sure she was home.
About a quarter to two.
Okay, thanks, I'm sorry to trouble you.
Police? Yeah, um, could you check if there's been road traffic accidents involving a Sophie Bryce? You haven't? You sure? Are you sure you haven't admitted any patients by the name of Sophie Bryce? Bryce, B-R-Y.
Sophie, my wife, something's happened, I know it.
She, um, she took my car.
- Burned out? - There was no one in it.
Then where is she? You said we'd be safe.
I came forward, I identified the guy on the train, you said you knew who he was.
We do.
Have you arrested him? No.
Well, why not? If he's involved, then- He's dead, Mr.
What? What? How? It's under investigation.
This is Danny Brown and Warren Dolish, from family liaison.
If you're agreeable they'll stay with you in the house and make sure you and the children have round the clock protection.
Norman Potting, East Sussex CID.
I wanna speak to whoever's in charge.
Yeah, go through mate.
Oh, well done! It's her favourite, she wears it all the time.
What is it you need it for? DNA? Look, you said you wouldn't let anything happen and now she's missing.
We will do everything we can to find Sophie and bring her home, Mr.
You have my word.
Big old place you got here, Mr.
? Smith, Carl Smith.
What can I do for you, officer? I'm looking into all local suppliers of dangerous chemicals and I believe you supply machine parts and agricultural chemicals? That's right.
You haven't lost any sulfuric acid in recent days? None gone missing or mislaid? Thousand litre drums of sulfuric, it's not exactly the sort of thing that one can sneak out under a coat.
Yeah, I suppose not, no.
You don't mind if I have a look around here? As long as you don't mind a chaperone.
Health and safety.
Uh, isn't everything.
It's political correctness gone mad.
What happened? After Reggie D'Eath you should have had the Bryces under protection.
I did.
There was a patrol car parked outside, but they were called out to an RTA and they missed the car leaving.
Not that it would have made any difference, they weren't under house arrest.
Do you think whoever is behind these films has taken her? Almost certainly.
Well, they must know we have an active interest in the Bryces.
They don't care.
Whoever's behind this, you cross them and you peril.
They will take revenge.
Reggie D'Eath loses the thumb drive and he's drowned in a bath of acid.
It's payback.
Bryce finds the drive, witnesses the murder of Janie Stretton and he's warned there will be severe consequences if he talks to the police or if he reveals anything about what he's seen to anyone.
Bryce, not his wife.
She was driving his car.
So you think they were after him.
I think it's immaterial, him, her, the kids.
The threat was to the whole family.
And they must know that we are going to come after them with everything we've got.
Of course they do.
Maybe that's part of the thrill.
But it also worries me.
Because they are not going to want to keep hold of Mrs.
Bryce for any longer than is necessary.
Any resources you need Roy, they are yours.
You find them you get her out alive.
You're watching ITV News Meridian, with me, thank you to John for the headlines in the South-East.
Police are investigating the murder of a man found dead at his home in Notting Dale.
He's been officially identified as Reginald Morris D'Eath.
Detectives believe someone may have relevant information to help.
That's him, isn't it? They said he was dead, they didn't say he was murdered.
Well, thanks for your assistance on that.
I was surprised to find you open on a Sunday.
Business never sleeps, sergeant.
No, I suppose not.
I'll remember that one.
Monthly standing order on Reggie D'Eath's bank account to a company called SCI Cinema.
Thousand pounds a month.
Scarab Corporation International presumably.
Where are they based? Belize.
Of course they are.
How many subscribers can they have at a grand a month? I mean, they wouldn't need many.
Say they have 100 worldwide, that's 100,000 a month.
A 1000 subscribers gives you a million.
Do you really think there are that many people wanna watch people being killed? Well how many true crime shows are on the TV? Documentaries, books.
It's like Norman's FGX, full girlfriend experience, only this is the full serial killer experience.
So they do what the customer doesn't dare to.
Yeah, they take all the risk, live out your fantasy while you sit down, safe, respectable, watching people have their lives snuffed out.
You don't even have to get out of your chair.
Zack, just do exactly what they tell you.
Otherwise it will be Felix's turn next, then Jessica's.
Please, do what they tell you, please don't tell the police anything else, they will know.
These people know everything.
Just do what they tell you.
Incident room.
This is Adam Davies from Southern Resourcing Centre I have a gentleman named Seiler, calling about a blue four-by-four DS Grace has put a marker on.
He thinks they're dealing drugs.
Good evening, this is DC Boutwood, Mr.
Seiler? The man is outside my apartment again.
Can you read out the vehicle registration for me please, Sir? Nick! Come on, now! Get your coat, you're pulled.
Zack? Where is she? Is Sophie okay? You said you wouldn't hurt her if I did exactly what you wanted.
Just keep driving.
Roy, it's Nick.
Report of the blue four-by-four seen outside Reginald D'Eath's house, now parked outside 138 Fresh Mount Road.
Me and E.
are on route.
On my way.
This is golf, tango, Juliet, echo.
We need uniform backup in the vicinity of Fresh Mount Road.
The incident is at number 138, I don't want anyone there to see or hear the car until I say so.
Seiler? Yes.
Is the car still there? Yes, I can still see the car.
We're a couple of minutes away.
You want me outside now? No, please, stay inside.
Uniform delta, zebra, bravo, we are approaching Fresh Mount Road, eta 30 seconds.
Okay, there it is.
Uniform delta, zebra, bravo, please intercept.
Police, out of the vehicle! Emma Jane! Emma Jane! Emma Jane! Look at me! Just look at me.
Call an ambulance! Move! Okay, you're okay, you're gonna be fine.
Nick, talk to me.
What's going on? E.
's down.
He ran her down.
How bad? Nick, how bad? It's bad, ambulance is on it's way.
Okay, hang tight, I'm gonna be there in two- There's a parking area just ahead.
Pull in and turn your engine off.
We're assuming that couple are the Bryces, aren't we? Yes, Ma'am, we believe that these promised double killings do refer to the Bryces.
And where did this come from? A view of a clone copy we made of material on a laptop Roy recovered from the four-by-four last night.
This clip was being sent out to over a thousand customers of the Scarab Corporation worldwide.
So that's what the driver was doing? Yes, Ma'am, he was piggybacked on to an unprotected router.
SOCO have confirmed the indentations in the white powder on Claudio Fruselli's table were left by the laptop that I pulled out of the car last night.
It was used to record his murder and the placement of the scarab by the killer.
And Janie Stretton.
Yeah, um, John and his team haven't recovered the files yet, but we think that's a likely scenario.
And where are we at with the driver of the four-by-four? He's out of the game, Ma'am, possible brain injury, there's no ID on him, there's nothing on his clothes or in the car to say who he is.
But he's got a tattoo in Cyrillic.
"Any mission, any time, any place.
" It's the motto of the Spetznaz, Russian special forces.
Oh, the hits just keep coming.
Russian special forces? Great.
You've got your work, I want photographs of the Bryces out there.
News, print, TV, social media, every outlet you can think of.
And shake down every informant you've got.
I think you should step down.
You were in a car crash last night.
I'm fine.
We have until 9:15 until the Bryce's murder is broadcast on the internet.
You don't have time to get anybody else up to speed, I'm all you've got.
If these people want to kill the Bryces, they don't have to wait til 9:15.
They could already be dead.
They promised live and that's what I'm banking on.
Um, E.
's out of theatre.
They're keeping her in an induced coma for the minute, medics aren't hopeful.
Her parents are on the way.
All right, there's a time to feel it, but this is not it.
Okay, you wanna do right by E.
you get the job done.
We find the Bryces and we find who did this to one of our own.
Hey, wakey-wakey boy.
Don't you dare touch him! Shh! Here, clean yourselves up.
Gotta look your best dead.
I'm so sorry, Zack.
It's all right, it's all right.
We're gonna be all right.
I need you to drop everything and help me out, there are two lives at stake.
The forensic image files are on a server under job number 340.
What am I looking for? Postal addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, anything that could give us a clue where a couple called Mr.
and Mrs.
Bryce might be.
Where's the original? It's on my desk, you shouldn't need it, thanks.
Credit card activity has given us garage at where Zack Bryce filled up.
Just after 8:00 pm.
Here, CCTV's just been uploaded.
Can you go any closer to the back of that car that follows him out? And E.
mentioned a car with tinted windows parked on Janie Stretton's street.
There, zoom in on the sticker on the rear window.
The name of the gym Mr.
Fruselli belonged to.
Pulse Rate, about half a dozen branches.
Call them, ask them if they have a member called Anton or someone who drives a car with that registration number.
And get the index out to all the units.
Boss, Pulse Rate Gym in Kemp Town has a member called Anton Coff, South-African according to the receptionist.
He also checks out with the vehicle index, they have a list of all the member's cars which work with the car park entry fob.
Home address? Bevern, but it's bogus, car's registered to Bornholt International Limited.
The same as the four-by-four parked outside Reggie D'Eath's place, wasn't it? The one from last night? Boss, uniform got eyes, he's entered Civil Square car park.
Right, close it down.
Get SOCO and surveillance over there now.
Got some good prints Roy, and he'll never know we were inside.
I'll get the test results back to you asap.
That's great, thank you Joe.
Okay, let's get this car park opened.
We might have a problem.
Just spoken to John Rye, one of his team, a civilian called Andy Gilney, he's an uber tech head, he's gone missing.
John had asked him to work on a clone from the laptop on the server, he said all the clone files had been deleted and the laptop from four-by-four, it's gone.
Oh, shit! What part of don't ever come here do you not understand? I've been trying to call you for the past hour.
I was on my way here.
Then why didn't you answer your phone? Because you told me never to bring it here.
I think the cops tailed me in town, I left the car in the car park, but when I went back it was closed down.
Cops everywhere, bomb scare they're saying, but there's nothing on the internet or the news.
We have an issue, Andy.
One of our associates is in a coma.
He had a laptop with him, the police have it.
We need it back.
Yeah, I know, I've got it.
And the clone that your friend made.
Where? In a safe place, my insurance.
No one will find it in a thousand years.
Look, I set up your systems, I managed your IT, found Bryce for you, tracked down Reggie D'Eath, I've done everything you asked and more.
Now I need to get off the grid and disappear.
I need money.
Of course, no question, we look after our own.
So, you're going to tell us where it is and then we're gonna help you disappear.
Anton was printed just over a year ago after a brawl at the Escape nightclub in Brighton.
His real name is Hans van der Vjeet.
A former Recce, South African Special Forces, no fixed abode.
But I ran an international search on his full set, came up with a link to this charmer.
Carl Nash, ex-army, ended up with intelligence in Bosnia.
Eventually he was court-martialed, for filming the execution of prisoners and selling to footage to the international snuff movie market.
Are you serious? He's been off the grid for years.
Don't look like Anton's coming back for his motor.
Left a couple of bodies in the city, but either he made his tail or the bomb scare spooked him.
Hey, I know him, Smith.
Nash, Carl Nash.
Smith he calls himself.
He's one of the acid suppliers I spoke to got a big place out at Port Slade.
We've got a trace on Andy Gilney's phone.
It's headed towards Port Slade.
There's no laptop and that's not all.
Andy left his phone in the car, if the police are on to him.
I know what it means.
Roman, tell the boys we're winding up UK operations.
Be ready to kick off in 15.
Yes, boss.
We should never have gone for the Bryces.
We didn't have a choice.
Maybe if Bryce had left it alone, but he didn't.
So fetch them out, okay, two for the road, and then we're gone.
If, if things don't work out.
Don't say that, they'll find us.
The police will find us.
But if they don't, I just want you to know, I love you.
Oh my God.
It's okay, it is.
- Oh, my God.
- It's okay, it's all gonna be okay.
Right, we're going live.
Please, please don't do this.
I'm gonna enjoy this.
Police, put your guns down! Glen, wait! No! Don't move! With me! I'm all right, I'm all right.
Nick, you stay with him.
Officer's down, urgent medical assistance required.
See to the Bryces.
You're all right.
It's all right.
Don't shoot! Don't shoot! You shoot me, they shoot you.
Well, maybe that's how I want it.
Death for entertainment? Is that where we are now? You can't see us pass you by.
That's what we've always been! Blood in the sand.
Blood in the sand.
Oh, no you don't.
You're gonna live.
Do you understand me? You're gonna live and you're gonna spend the rest of your days inside.
Stand clear, boss.
Don't shoot, he's unarmed.
Hold your fire.
The firearms officer, is he? He's fine, bullet went straight through.
He'll be back playing prop forward for East Sussex before you know it.
Tell Ari I'm fine, yeah.
I don't want her or the kids to be worried about me.
Listen, I'll bring her to the hospital myself.
SOCO found remains, John Rye's techie from digital forensics, Andy Gilney in an acid drum.
One of ours was working for them.
Can't wait to tell the chief constable.
We also found a human scull in the office, female.
And an arm in formaldehyde.
Both boxed up, ready to go to a customer in the Far East.
Janie Stretton? She had a tattoo just above her left wrist, a butterfly.
Same as was on Nash's bracelet, which I think belonged to her.
She liked butterflies.
Some sort of trophy? I think these days they call them collectables.
We also found the remaining scarab beetles in the office.
Four missing from the original 50.
And the Bryce's would have made six.
Oh, yeah, they were just getting started.
Any news on E.
? She's a fighter, she's holding on.
Well that's something.
All this, such horror, maybe the chief was right.
About Hampshire.
Alcoholics Anonymous call that the geographical cure.
I'm not sure it would suit, you're Brighton all the way through.
Oh, and in case you didn't hear, the jury came back on the Hussein case, guilty.
Thundery showers could occasionally pour.
Irish sea cyclonic, becoming more prone to severe thunder showers.

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